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1. Complete the sentences with a/an.

Paul goes to university every day. In his backpack there is ..... book, ..... pencil case, ..... apple
and ..... egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Some days he also buys ..... ice-cream for dessert. Today
he has ..... English exam. The exam is not very difficult. He writes ..... short story about .....
adventurer. The story begins like this: “It is ..... special day for Oliver. At ten o´clock in the
morning he gets on ..... plane. His destination is Australia...”

2. Completa con a/an, the o -.

a. ______________most of _____________ stories people tell about _________ Irish are not
b. ______________beef we had for dinner last night was excellent.
c. Everyone has problems in ________________ life.
d. I don't know much about _______________ life of Napoleon.
e. My grandmother had _____________ long life.
f. Yes, my name is ___________ Simpson, but I'm not ____________ Simpson you're looking
g. _____________ people wear jewellery to look more attractive.
h. _______________ jewellery Diana wearing today is beautiful.
i. Mary is wearing ____________ gold ring today. It is made of ___________ gold.
j. _______ word to __________ wise is _________ sufficient.