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Actividad de aprendizaje 2

Evidencia 2: Workshop “Products and services”

La lectura es una de las habilidades más utilizadas en el mundo, pero a la vez es la

menos motivante, dado que en ocasiones hay textos muy extensos y con vocabulario
complejo que dificulta su comprensión y le resta interés al texto; afortunadamente
existen nuevos métodos que facilitan obtener la información necesaria y con ello
aumentar el léxico personal.

En este orden de ideas y con la finalidad de cumplir con el propósito de esta evidencia,
consulte el material complementario denominado Integration of products and

Luego de esta consulta, resuelva el siguiente taller sobre comprensión lectora:

1. Find the main idea of paragraphs 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and write them in a

paragraphs one. changes in economic designs paragraphs two growth in the

economy, paragraphs nine statistical analysis of export, paragraphs ten an
economic emergency of the companies, paragraphs eleven export globally,
paragraphs twelve export distribution and

2. Write a summary of ten lines from the text.

It talks about export strategies, traditional policy tools which allow us to make a
balance at the business level.
Regarding the economy depending on the sector to which it belongs, since there is an
emblematic initiative with European missions referring to the union markets. Given
the above mentioned we can give by reference that we can add some sophisticated
business services to advanced easy to replicate for some competitive competition
term, taking into account the strategic notes of EPSC integration of products and
services in some terms are better in search of disruptive innovations looking for new
ideas trying to import new skills and entrepreneurial talents by acquiring new

3. Choose a paragraph and translate it with your own words.

There are three factors that combine to reshape the foundations of the modern
economy. First, digital revolution
dramatically increases the reach, flexibility and agility of companies, large and small,
creating new economizers, such as "multinational microenterprises": technology-
intensive companies that are born globally. Second, international competition attracts
millions of new workers and consumers to what is increasingly a "race to the top" rather
than a "race to the bottom", and emerging countries become champions of innovation;
engineering ingenuity and the acquisition of skills. Third, cultural and structural trends
change the nature of socio-economic interactions. offered by the services of a single
click or the perfect interoperability between products and electronic devices.

4. Choose ten words from the text and organize them alphabetically. Look for the
meaning of each word.

balance: Periodic examination of a company's accounts

cultural: set of spiritual and material, intellectual distinctive features
economy: is the social science that studies: The extraction, production, exchange,
distribution and consumption of goods and services
emergency : it is an out of control situation that is presented by the impact of a disaster
Flexibility: Ability to adapt easily to different circumstances
Innovation: the company came out ahead thanks to the innovation capacity of its managers
Looking: Block action.
Multinationals: A multinational or international company is one that was created and registered
in a country
Products: it is an eligible, viable and repeatable option that the offer makes available to the
demand, to satisfy a need or meet a desire through its use or consumption
Preferences: allows to point out the advantage or primacy that something or someone has over
another thing or person

5. Match the term with the corresponding meaning.

a Client d Things created by projects.

b Solution e A series of tasks to be done in a specified sequence.
c Engagement a A customer.
d Project b Products and services that solve a client’s problem.
e Deliverable c An agreement between client-service provider.

Desarrolle esta evidencia con la herramienta de su preferencia y envíe el archivo al

instructor a través de la plataforma virtual de aprendizaje.