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Admissions The University  MSc in

Our admissions policy supports equality of opportunity.
We are focused on building a student community from
The International Hellenic University (IHU) is the first
Greek public University where programmes are taught Hospitality &
various backgrounds and national origin.
exclusively in English. It is located in Thessaloniki, a
vibrant student metropolis. Tourism
To be considered for a Master’s programme, candidates
are required to have:
We are focused on attracting leading academics and
outstanding students from Europe and across the world. Management
The IHU offers full-scholarships to exceptional
prospective students. 
▶▶A good university degree from a recognised University

▶▶An English language certificate with a good score (IELTS

or TOEFL or Proficiency) Where to find us

School of Economics, Business Administration &

Ideal Career Path Legal Studies

The programme is designed for those who are aiming International Hellenic University Campus
for a career in travel, tourism or related industries. The 14th km Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania
57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki
programme supports students and professionals who
aim for careers in:
T +30 2310 807520
• Tourism business F +30 2310 474520
• Government agencies E admissions@ihu.edu.gr
• Travel agencies
• Real estate
• Event management
• Museums/Heritage centers www.econ.ihu.edu.gr
 MSc in

Hospitality &

The Programme Programme Structure Consulting Project (optional)

During the last part of the taught terms, students participate
The MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management The Core Courses in a consulting project relevant to their interests. In groups,
programme provides expertise in tourism with a ▶▶Ηοspitality and Tourism Operating Systems students study an actual problem of a particular tourism
practical orientation related to management and ▶▶Tourism Management firm or organisation. Following analysis of the problem,
strategic issues in the fast-evolving tourism sector the students prepare and present concrete and practical
▶▶Financial Management for Tourism Development
at the national and international level. solutions.
▶▶Services Marketing
Greece provides the ideal place to study Hospitality ▶▶Tools for Business Analysis
▶▶Social Media and Digital Technologies in Tourism
and Tourism and more specifically, Thessaloniki,
which is a student metropolis and has been at the ▶▶Environmental Management/Special Interest Tourism Duration of the Programme
crossroads of many different cultures. ▶▶Human Resources Management in Tourism 2 years part-time (PT) from November to April.
Teaching takes place on weekday afternoons.
The Elective Courses (choice of four, indicative list)
▶▶Tourism Policy Analysis Strategic Partnerships with the Hospitality
▶▶Project Financing in Tourism and Tourism Industry
Take the Lead and Shape ▶▶Tourism Product Development
▶▶Cultural Heritage Tourism As part of the MSc, students will have the opportunity to
the Future of Tourism! ▶▶Destination and Event Development attend the “Integrating Seminars” Series which include
▶▶Visitor Attraction Management talks by Managers from well-known companies related to
hospitality and tourism management issues. Also, students
▶▶Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
will participate in fieldtrips which include sessions with
▶▶Project Management the Directors of Luxury Hotels and Museums and fascinating
▶▶An elective course from another IHU programme guided tours. Graduates will be able to meet face-to-face
with employers to discuss internships, as well as full-time
The Dissertation and part-time employment opportunities.
As part of the MSc programme, students submit a 10,000-
word individual project on a subject related to their studies
and career. The topic is chosen by the student with input
and advice from a faculty member, who acts a supervisor, Under the auspices of
(Greek Tourism Confederation)
working closely with the student.