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Course, Grade, Semester grade 10 semester 2

Unit/Module 10 Cycle 4 week 1

Teacher: Ahmed Abdelwahed Mohamed Salim

Date Taught:

Learning Outcomes

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in various texts.

Lesson Objectives
By the end of the lesson SS will be able to:
1. Use some new vocabulary about wind turbine to make a small presentation.
2. Make a debate about the advantages and the disadvantages of a wind turbine.
3. Make a poster about the advantages of a wind turbine.

THEME: Alternative Energy

Textbook & Resource Materials

Upstream unit 5 Reading Extra reading

Learning Activity 1 – Warm-up/Lead in Brain storming 10 minutes

The teacher presents some pictures of pollution and asks some questions and the SS look at them and discuss
in groups.
1. What is common among all of these pictures?
2. What are sources of pollution?
3. Do you have any of these in your country?
4. How can we avoid pollution? Give innovative ideas to do so.
5. Where do we get our energy from? Which one is used in your country?
6. Which of these are renewable and which of these is not renewable?

Learning Activity 2 – Presentation/Encounter group work : Paper slips 10 minutes

The teacher divides his class into groups of five.
The teacher gives the SS two sets of slips to every group. One set is for the new vocabulary and the other set
is for the definitions.
The SS have to match the word slips with the definitions slips.
The teacher monitors and checks if they are working. He doesn’t give answers.
The teacher then discusses with them and gets their answers.
(Fossil fuels, renewable energy, emit, greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change, wind power,
alternative energy, coastline, arrays, wind turbines, rotor blades, spin)

Learning Activity 3 – Presentation/Encounter: Game: Swatter 10 minutes

The teacher presents the new vocabulary again with the use of pictures and videos which he has already
prepared a head of time.
The teacher invites 5 students to play the game to get to know the new vocabulary more.
One to call the words two students to point to the pictures, one to be the judge and the fifth to keep scores.
The caller say the name of the picture. The two students run to point to the pictures and the judge says which
one did it first and the last one to keep the scores.
Learning Activities – Practice (more controlled to free) skimming 10 minutes “Read and answer”.
The teacher asks the students to read and match the paragraphs with the given title.
Learning Activities – Practice (more controlled to free) 20 minutes “debate it”.
The teacher divides the class into two big groups. The first group read intensively about the wind
turbine form the given article. Then the teacher gives the other group another small article about
the disadvantages of the wind turbine. He asks every group to read. Then they debate for 5
minutes. Every student from each team should say a sentence

Evidence of Learning – Production A poster 15 minutes

The teacher divides the SS into three groups. He asks them to make posters. One about the advantages and
one about the disadvantages, the third one is about the history of the wind turbines. Then they make a gallery
walk to make their presentations. The teacher monitors and gives feedback.
Homework 3 minutes
The teacher ask the students to write a paragraph of 100 words about the history of wind turbines in Egypt.

Students’ Reflection on Lesson / Feedback 2

The teacher gives sticky notes and asks the students to answer some questions.
1. Did you like the lesson today?
2. Did you gain more information about wind turbines?
3. What do you want to know more about wind turbines?

Notes for the teacher – Before Teaching

Evaluation Criteria

The teacher ask the students to write a paragraph of 100 words about the history of wind turbines in Egypt.

Notes for the teacher – After Teaching

Teacher Notes and Reflections

Three samples of Student Work (Exceeds expectations, proficient, needs work)