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Former T-ara member Hwa-young confirms

speculations but wants to move on

Han Yeji, Asia News Network (The Korea Herald), Seoul, South Korea | Entertainment | Tue,
August 28 2012, 5:27 PM

Girl group T-ara has recently been surrounded by a bullying scandal, as speculations ran rampant
that one member, Ryu Hwa-young, 19, was bullied by her groupmates.

On Tuesday, she confirmed on Twitter that there was, in fact, a dispute between the members
and herself over differences of opinion, but also expressed that she wants to move on.

Hwa-young wrote she did not feel good reading that fellow member Eun-jung’s was abruptly cut
from the drama “Five Fingers.” Hwa-young also said her heart broke when she read made-up
stories and exaggerated media claims that exacerbated the situation.

Because of her fond memories with the other members, Hwa-young said she wishes to forget the
past and wants all the girls to be able to wish each other luck on future endeavors. She ended by
apologizing to fans for worrying them.

When the scandal first broke, T-ara’s agency Core Entertainments refuted the bullying claims.
However, the aftermath of the scandal left the girl group in a critical situation. Member Eun-
jung, who was scheduled to lead in a new SBS drama “Five Fingers,” was asked to leave after
fans called for her to step down from the role.

Hwa-young reportedly wrote the Twitter posts because she felt saddened by Eun-jung’s forced
exit from the drama.