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Guest Lecture on Rule of Law

- By Divya and Vinay

The college auditorium was abuzz with much excitement as the students were eagerly waiting for the
guest lecture to begin hosted by the Law Department of Delhi Metropolitan Education, which was an
addition to the Justice V.R Krishna Iyer lecture series, on 06-08-18. The guest lecture was delivered by
Professor Dr. Christopher Lingle, who is a far-famed International Public Policy Expert, on the topic
“LEGISLATION & PUBLIC POLICY versus THE RULE OF LAW”, in association with Centre for Civil Society
and South Asia Students for liberty. The event started with lighting of the lamp the esteemed guest and
the head of the department and director officiating, Professor Dr. Bhavesh Gupta.

In his talk Professor Dr. Christopher Lingle primarily emphasized on why young lawyers need to have an
interest in economics, rule of law and democracy. He begin by stating that he feels a deep responsibility
to try give things from his life around the world as by that means he feels connected with the youth and
would be a part of the future. He stated how judges and legislations can use “efficiency “to guide rulings
and statutes.

Taking about Rule of law he said Rule of law is rule of just conduct evolved from human actions and
there should be no privileges in a state having Rule of Law as having privileges for an individual or a class
would violate the same. It has three aspects, first, that “life” should be protected by law. Second,
liberty means the possibility of evaluating how the community values an individual and the last, property
for a lawyer is not limited to land.

Citing the example of how we would’ve differed in making our laws had we got our independence in
nineties, he tried explaining that the legislation we have is based upon temporary majority passions of
the moment.

And lastly speaking on length about democracy he stressed on the concept that democracy is an
instrument to justice, not an instrument to create privileges, and as political power expands it loses its
credibility. We really need to see political power is dangerous. Quoting Winston Churchill-every
legislated Act put ways for corruption, he spoke how democracy in current scenario is providing
privilege to one on the verge of another and how large groups are gaining and small groups are losing
which is a complete infringement of Rule of Law.

. The lecture was received with admiration by the students and they also found the slides
appropriate. The event ended with a question answer round followed by a vote of thanks by the
head of department.