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jFCcst SlrCtion.


[800 co^k%,\ 1867.

W. Ward, Printer.
ASSAMESE is the language usually spoken by the entire popu-
laiion of the Brahmaputra Valley, and in most cases it is the only

medium of intercourse with the bordering Hill Tribes. There is

nothing to show that the Assamese race and their language have

not existed in this Valley from time immemorial; and it is surpri-

sing that, during the change of ruJers, the oppression and misrule

to which they have been subjected, there are so few traces of any
materia] change in their language. The A horns, a branch of the

great Shan or Tai race, conquered Assam at an early period, and

governed it for many hundred years, until it passed into the hands

of the present Government; bat scarcely a trace of their language

is found in the present dialect of the Assamese. The Burmese,

the Mohammedans, and powerful Cachari Tribes have in turn waged
war upon Assam without affecting the language. This may serve to

show the love of a people for their owq tongue, and that if we would
confer upon them the blessings of science and the true Keligion,
the m3st direct and successful moJium is their own vernacular.

Unfortunately au impression has prevailed that Assamese and

Bengali are identical or nearly so. Hence all the Schools, Courts,

and odicial business of every kin 1 are conducted in Bengali. This

his greatly retarded the cause of education and general progress
among the masses They have no inclination to abandon their own
for a foreign dialect. The higher classes, seeing their own language
ignored, strive to obtain a sufficient knowledge of Bengali to fill

Government offices; but they never feel at home (in the language.
In the family and social circle, nothing but the vernacular is spoken.
Were Governmetit nowr »o abandon the country, Assamese would
supersede all other dialects simply because it is the language of
the masses.
That eminent linguist Max Muller tells us, that ''there is hardly
a language that in some sense may not be called a mixed language.
No nation or Tribe was ever so completely isolated as not to ad-
mit a certain number of foreign words." Again, "it matters not
how many words may be derived in common from another language.
it does not prove the identity of any two dialects. It is to tlic
grammar that we must look, to decide their identity.

Now in reo^ard to the supposed identity of Assamese and Bengali,

let it be borne in mind that wherever Hinduism goes, it takes its

sacred language, the Sanscrit, along wifh it. In all the dialects ot

India, spoken by Hindoos, religious and scientific terms are mostly

of Sanscrit origin, modified more or less by the peculiarities of

each dialect. But the grammars of these dialects are different;

hence they are distinct languages, notwithstanding they have many

words in common. So in the case before us. Both Assamese and
Bengali borrow largely from the Sanscrit, but the grammars are

quite different, as will be readily seen by comparing them together.

It might as well be said that French and Italian are one language,
because both are sprung from the Latin, a? that . Bengali and As-

samese are one, because they borrow in common from the Sanscrit.
After thirty years familiar acquaintance with the people, 1 am
fully persuaded that it is a mistake to ignore their language. It

ought rather to be cultivated, if suitable encouragement were ^iven,

the educated Assamese would soon supply vernacular Schor)l Books,

and a new im;)ulse in favor of education would manifest itself amorjg

the masses. In no other way can education ever be popularized
among them.
In regard to the present work, it is the first Dictionary of the
language ever published, and has necessarily been a difficult taj-k.

In the fourteen thousand words here cr>llected, will be found many

in daily use by the people, th^t no BengKli scholar will understand.
Many of the.se words have been written as they dropped from the
lips of the people. While I hive thus endeavore.l to give the spo-
ken language, 1 have also inserted the m.)re common Sanscrit words
that are used in the Pnthis, and therefore known to the people.
These words are also used in our School Books, and Scripture Trans^
lations. But it should be borne in mind that they are often used
in Assamese, with a modified meaning, and a different pronuncia-
tion. A few words are used with a slight difference of form and pro-

nunciation. These have been placed together as one word, and

coupled by a bracket. Knglish definitions hav^J been sim'jilified and
varied as much as space will allow, for tliL' sake of those who are
learning English. As the iRnguage has hitherto had no standard,
:md has been used vaguely, I am aware that this first edition, like

all other first attempts of the kind, must be left more or less im-

fierfecl. No word however has been allowed to pass without care-

ful examination; and when doubts have existed, the oide&t and best
lulornied of the people have been consulted.

I am greatly imlebted to the Kev. Dr. Rrown, for a valuable

list of words, and definitions pirtly given, all in the vernacular.

The Kev. Mr. Whiting also printed a list of words as far as the

letter if, without definitions.

The system of Orthography adopted in this work, is that ofJotlu-

rrtin liorna^ a learned Assamese Pundit, which it is believed much

lietter corresponds with the actual pronunciation of the people than
any other system met with. (Sec "Introduction to Brown's Gram-
Nintical Notices," Page \\. )

Suggestions Irom every quarter for the improvement of the work

wdl be thankfully received, and borne iu mind in the revision for

a second Edition.

For the liberal contributions received, I beg to return many thanks.

Should health and means permit, a second Volume^ the corresponding
English and Assamese, will follow.
.M. Brunson.
Nowgong, Aug. ItJih 1807.

?rsT ^^ ^sn^ ^^ ^rsfj <^i5i, «iic^to^t^ -s^i, ^i ;qT^i j%cpff^ ^^ri

fwrc^s 5nf3[ ^i3TT^ ^5T^ c^rr^tc^ "^w^ ^t ^ijsr

i ctpts ^?t^
gfSTM CTt-^n t^rCS I <^C^^ ^tC^TH ^Ul TRJCc^ vi)t CTR Bit ^r^, 5T 51

^5^ csT^f ^f^c^i I css'f^m^T ^mi <rnrf^ mf^^ '^^rf^? vfj^^jfi

^rt%^ ; f<s^ ji:7( 'srf^ ^T5fc^ cm ^sl ^^?r5 ^^Frft 'si^lwi ^t^rt?"

^5iT5 ^,%2^; i;?rtf^ ^t^^ ^:^i ^j ^^^ \ "^1^ ^rwr^ ^^vrs

W?T ^^. "sfj ^^Tl% ^lUTOi ^c^rc^i fir^c^tt ^T^f® ^t1^ f^f-iT

fsif-^^T^ ^f^ft- ^5tf<C ^^3 fw^^ I^C'-^I f^'^f^, ^^tt%

I '^iTi:

^T-ff ^:t I vilt If:^ £tTt 0' f^5 ^^^ 9f5T, f^^ ^Tffel ^^1
5^*r5 ^f^^ c^^r^s^ f^f^^rt^ ttw^ sttst >iic^ ttc^ ^m ^Tc^,

^t ClfTl^ ^^,^^ f^fsTC^ f^S '.STtf^ ^t^Tl ^:55T ^fe c=I|C^

vilC^:^, I

'^itCz^^^ 'sni^ ^c^r^ ^ta^i isifs t%i( ^tf^rr; f^^ ^fz<n ^vs[
^^1 t5C5 ^t ^C^^ ^TSIt^ Jit CWf^ ^Jtft C^rr^ yi^^6 |f^5i 5Ttf^

^lTf?r, 'siT^ :fl5C5T wz^ ^Tm« ^35r ^srr^ ^?Pcmc^ siRr^f^ b?: stH
^^CvTl ^%^ 5n;§i-5 ^r^5fT^ ^1% £JC?TS(R? I ^C^^ tSTrfs?
<:?rri:Tf ^5fiT?n f^i^^^ t^ ^jc^, ^r^ ^rc^^ ^^r5T?n ceil-

ed s ^M-Tf® ^1^1 f^RJ^«T ^^ ^R ^TC^ ^^C5?tC^ ^^^t^^ I

f^f^Ql5 ^^."tnii ^t^ic^ -ijt gfvTsi ^f%KT^ ^siT^ ^ftcc^i trrf^ I


Ji^Tt t^z^% ^r^ ^rc^^ ^^^ -s^^ -.^ c^i^t^, TT? ^'if fsi'^i

t^C^; TTCTI :^C^ ^^iTT^ ^Cn^ cTlfVfC?!, ^5RT ^C5{^ 5R1 C^TTC^
twm f75t^ ^^1 ^rsT; (TSS t?T3f« ^ijif vS^TT^, *ff315 ^^C^ i;]1
'sr (or a) ^ t oi ( ai )

^1 1 a (a ) ^ C 1 6

t f i ^ c> ou
^ *.
u ^'\ \ ong

, vij c e

^ k \5 d Z b

< kh I? dh ^ bh
^ g ST m 1

^ gh ^ t ? T y
^ ^ ng ^ th ^ ««o

5 S((:h) W d <PT 1

m i K dh ? w
^ n ^ n f s. h

* t *f P ^ h

% th ^ ph

ap kr, ^ kt. U gn» ^ ngk, ^ ns. ^ nj,

4 nt, * nth, ^ nd,

f tn. IT tm. :5 tr,

3? tru. 15 ddh, ^ dm. ^ dbh. ^ dw, ^ nt.

3 ntr, ^ ntu. ^ nth. ^ nd. ^ ndr, gp ndru.

^ ndh, ^ nb. ^ nm. "^ ns, ^ pt, ^ pn.
^ Pl> 'Jf bd. ^ bhru, ^ mp, ^ mb. ^ mbh.
^Ip, ^ St, t sth, % sk, ^ St, 3 str.

^ stu, ^ sth, 1? sn. ^ sp, ^ 3W, ^ sm.

55 sru, ^ ru> ^ hu, :^ dru, ^ hm.

'«[, The first vowel in the Alphabet. In Assamese ihc sound

fluctuates between long and short o, as in the two syllables of
the word morrow* It is inherent in every consonant; but the

mark { ^) placed underneath suppresses the vowel sound. Native

writers denote the long sound of ^, by a circuninex, as ^^
black; i^ a buffalo. Before a vowel ^ l)ccoines 3:^. As i trr^f's

it is equivalent to un, no, not.

^ ^sjft, inteij. Wi5fT5 IRI STTS, a particle expressing surprise.

^\5i, 5. ^sf, OT<^, 4ri, a share, division, piece.

^\fr\, s. BTfff, ^^n ^tXtf^, a partner, a sharer.

^9A \, a "^1441, 3f^ ^R Wl^r^i, f^\^y dumb, having an

impediment in the speech; 5. a dunce, a stupid fellow.
^7|P1, a. ^'9 tr^ V^, f5^ fwiri; vilV f#5?l Wft, marked, tattooc !;

5. a hill tribe of Assam.

^fr^n ^, n, ?rran ^4f^^ l, ^^. *T^, of diverse colours, striped

^*f?!iS^, a. ^T5 fro, ^*bf1, ft^lfW ^^W f5^, marked, stripe ?.


^^, a. GI(\T\, "^^t enough, sufficient.

^sniTPSn, s. ».^l C<^, <tfTr<Tt19, 3W ^TT, ^M1 1%^ ^% the act of

putting in order, n^.endinT, repairing.

^, a. sfSl, Mt1!?lt?? CPT'tr ^?TI, a term used in counting by fou::i.

^, intcrj. Of ^ srrs, an exclamation of anger or indignation.

^!^?1, a. ^^ ^f^, stringj, fibrous.

^o^, a, tt^f ct^rjTT sr^i, ^srrf^r ^^?n, not pruned, not trmimci'.

W^., a. C^r^l f%TI 5|«n, ra^ ^T^ JH'^f^u MnMMhfi'iIr, without

di?gust or aversion.
2 ^5[^1

^5T^^, a. ^pft^ WlC^I^I, C*liJ,5i, not cruel or unfeeling, not harsh,

insipid or disagreeable to the ear, mild, soft,

ssi^f^, a. tr^ C^n^rsn, ^, fl>«^, \^^, soft, easy to do, rK>t


^5i^e^^, G. (M^ ^l'?!^?], ^t%^1, ^515[, free from awy thing that
occasions anxiety, at euse, without an enemy.

^^•irf7(^, a. ^^^ ^C^?fJ, t^ ^S^ Cs^U C^rt^^, unsj)eakable,

beyond expression.
^sr^^tl, s. ^ 5^?n ^<^, ^TOTt", ^;^^, improper talJk., obscene lan-
guage, misconduct, injustice.
^^-sf^, s. ^«f^ ^Tt^r^^l, ^^, sincerity, frankness-, honesty.

^sr^-s^f^, a. 'F{^v[, c^;§rl, C«ft^, ^sr^ft^r, without hypocrisy, sincere,

frank, honest, open-hearted.

Nivj<j»*»s^^, a. ^-sfl, T^y ^T^yTl, not agitated, quiet, unmoved,

^51^^7(1, a, firwl, ^^ft^ 5R, f^"^fil<nc^, unmerciful, unpitying, hard-

N6j<Mr, s. ^<i4i|, fff%<n, a bad action, wickedness.

^Sf^lfkj, a. ^^[^v\\, (.7^7^ ^r^ ClJt^ C^C^t^l, fit for nothi»g^

worthless, useless.

<6|<l»ci, a. ^1^<ri, ^<»c^>ir4<ll, C^l5^, srtis, single, alone, only.

-^<I>yi^ , s. f^cm^, ^^^TSJ^ C^K^^^, ^, purity, immaculateness.

^^Pri1%, «. C5^ 7^9n, f^T^, ^T^ ^^<n, spotless, untarnished,

without blemish, stainless.

NiJ<t»c1>ir4y1, a. v\<i\ ^^f^<rl, alone.

^I^^c^, ad. cnsr 7\-^ C^rrc^t^tt^, separately, singly, by one's self.

^<>eiJ W , s. ^3T^^, ^^^ W^^, a misfortune, adversity, evil.

^ST^^rrr, ad. ^^, ^^^^, f^rf^l^, T^5'^» ^^r^tt^, suddenly,

abruptly, unexpectedly.

sti[^f^ ^^j 5. ^n'V ^t^^'T;, ^t^^ *X^^j>

ancestors, forefathers, pro-


^5[^lj, a. -^^^I^^, ^si^nn", ^5i^:i, useless, without cause.

^I^^, a. 5«^ C^-sft^l, ^f^^tc^ ^^c^, difficult, perplexing, intricate.

-i|<Ml^ci1, a. 'S^TM ??t5I^ C^^ C^^^l, ^^t^J5^, unserviceable,

useless, worthless.

^5(^t^, a. ^^ ^<it^, C^^TI, vfic^^,_ without cause or reason^,

fruitless; in vain.
"smmy s. ^3jftl5 ^5^, "^^ ^^> ''1" improper work or action,

wickedness, wrong.

^5r^:s'j "stf^, a. "^rwi, ?^ "^Tsi ^flr^ ^?ri, c^c^ ^t^?^ ^if C5Ti.

C*fp5n, worthless, useless, stupid.

^5Wtc^, a. ^s:?^, 5grn?i *^ C^KXPsn, ^P^fsns C^vn, premature,

out of season.

^^[ai f^^T, s.

-^^I^l^ ST^, AMH^Jii^iLS fV^T C5T^, prenlature

death, early or accidental death.

^srf^rs^, a. ^£f^m, STJmC ^t^s^, unpublished, unpromulgated.

^«rf^r/, a. «n*iJ f^, ^>n^, '«I'«rrrr^, without renown, infamouf.

crWrir, «. "^, ^nr =ll^f*5l, fj?, genuine, real, unalloyed, pure.

^^f^, a. 'Si^^j ^>f, C^TT^, sincere, honest, guileless.

^AV 4 I , s. CB:^ ^TI, CS^9 a boy under the age of puberty.

•BT^inft, s. ^ms^J cymrfi^, crc^Fft, a girl under the age of


*J<»«1#I, a. ^TT, ^^, deficient, wanting, insufficient.

«^|4l#l, a. ^«iri, f^ arrftin, ^TR ^fwi, of low caste, unprivi-

leged, untitled, ignoble.

"SHf^, a. csTftc-pfft, C^csnrrf^i, ^arfsnifrs, want of order, irregularity.

^srftPTSfT, a. TWT^f C^lCffll'sn, %*f^T^ ^ITRl, unthankful, ungrateful.

^fap^n, s. f^?1, Vttfy5, /^1I4«, hardhearted ness, unmercifulness.

^jftRTl, 5. 4j^.4Jr, ^BHiTST, inaction, improper action, irrcligion.

^CTlif, a. <^ ^I^ftnn, ^, dispassionate, placid, tranquil; i. the

restraint of anger, dispassionateness, calmness.

"Wlf^, s. F««r srrt, 'awnrtT, the absence of distress, fatigue or diffi-

culty, well being.

'^lStl*\, ad. jrjx^n, ^ ^of, F«#r c^nc^TTTt^, with facility, easily.

^««f(^, s. ^TS^rS, SK^ ^«rrfiR C*?yW, ^JnTF^m, a childish whim,

fancy, caprice.

^<?s, a. csfic^^, Btsf sT^nn, ^resn frfj^, JrtVr^ ^r^Fi, whole,

unbroken, undivided, continuous.
^<^5^, 5. ^TO, ^<Ta*I*1 «r^, ^••rrsi, the non removal of a difficulty

or evil, whole, unbroken, non refutation, continuity.

^•^WT, a. <m Csnc^rnsn U^tP-l, C^nctrrsn, not fit for food, forbidden

food, not eatable.

^<m^, s. to CWTO5 «^, the payment of an unjust demand.

4 ^sf

^srf^rs^, 5. c^i^^^^ ^^ ^f«f <rc^t^, the act of separating the

several clusters of a bunch of fruit.

^^5, s. "^^^t CoiC^^Tl, f^ ^^^> ^ ^^^^ untidy sjovenly


^f^j^, a. f^rc^T^sn, ^"^f 5r^?T^, ^p, not lean, fat, fleshy.

^oif^f^, a. ^Tf<r oT^, having- fruit in clusters.

^5rf^i"*T, s. ^^^i:^, C'Jnc^®^, every thing, the world ; a. whole, entire.

^<lft, a. '^:jt c^Ciil^l, ^Rmf^, ®rr^r4-^r?nri, unwasting, im-

perishable, undecaying, everlasting.

^•5rrt ^5R7t", a. ^rftrrtc^, ^iv^^l, unfailing, inexhaustable.

^<fr5, a. TETl ^ri?n, -^f^ C^tC^T^; 'snt^ ^tS^, undamaged, unbroken,
unbruised. 5. sun-dried rice.

^•Jira, s. A^A C^r5lTl%, <l^\r<, a virgin.

^<jTr, a. ^5I^?f, 3^r%1^, C^t^r^, unable, insufficient, impotent.

"^•iTr^, s. ^<r^, a letter of the alphabet, a type.

^<JifT, s. ^f^i^, ^5iwn, W^t^, disrepute, dishonor.

^C^rjm, a. wft C^m C^l, C<rsn ^^^, unforgiving, implacable.

'SiC^rrtl^, 5. l>\*{}^ ^\'^J] 1%C5T^, a complete army, consisting of 109,

3^)0 foot, 65,640 horse, 21,870 chariots, and 21,870 elephants.

^5f|%, a. [•iA\^^, Tf^'^ destitute of a refuge, without remedy, lost

to all hope of final happiness,

^fff^ 9f|%, 5. ^SRt^T^ ^1^, helper of the helpless.

'^'it^, ^ a. ^ICc^^n, ^f^ C^n^T^, 1^^^» <5if*isj|, uncounted, incal-

^^RJ, 5 culable, innumerable, countless.

^5^, a. f^ m^[^<i\, ^si^i^Tl, C^W<1 ^J5=n, without conception

hint or suspicion.

'Sj^TOT, a. ®H C^t^si^, ^5f^ 'src^fT^, impassable, impenetrable,

impracticable, beyond conception.

5tSR ^^, unlawful cohabitation, incest.

'^^R ^sf^, a. ^^Ftc? t^Trr, ?T^ ^, ^ 1% ^^, this way and that
way, wavering, unsettled, unsteady, this and that.

^9t^, s. '^st^T ^tt, ^RVf ^^5R, a species of sandal wood.

^^rJTfi a. 9f|7f CTTlc^l^iJI, j^<5,^if%, not proud, not arrogant,
^sff^ fl. ^'s^, NijJ^^r^, #n§i ^^, ill-formed, mis-shapen, ugly.

^^IT5, a. f^<s: ^ 1%^!^ C^n^SRl, not despicable, irreproachable.

^?f:>f, a. ^fl ^r^, ^ If, ^ ^fg^, ^Ton^f^, very deep, pro-

found, fathomless.

^^ f<f^, «• ^^ *n^i first or last, sooner or later.

'Sisn ^sn, 5. ^9fi% ^f^, ^ cif^ ^r^. ^^ S^srrsn, hindraace.

obstruction, the act of hedging up a way.

^^snn ^f^, s. vijc^ 7^Z^ ^ ^it^ y^t ^<ri, emulation,

rivalry, evasion, subterfuge.

^SR, fl. ^^ ^itf^¥l, r»I>W»*ii bad, useless, worthless.

not discipled, not obeying a priest, or the rules of the

Hindoo religion.

WW^lf^ , a. ^*n5n^ ^TTRT, ^m^rrffl", ungrateful, unthankful.

^C«r;5^, a. CT CW-tn ^^, 3n<rn5 WIC^I^II, unseen, unheard of,

not under the cognizance of the senses.

^ftr» 5. ^, ^stf^, ^ryi'W, 7|tiF, fire; any violent passion or emotion,

as kaui ogni, prem ogni, krudh ogni.
^fif ^P^i *• ftff^lffi^. ^ 'WWt^, a. spark of fire.

^5rfipy*nt, s. T^ <rw, ^^n^ ••tpr irc^r ^, ar^, irascibility,

quick tempered, hasty.

^tr^TSCi s. ^BrfipFTT, ^Rl^M, ^¥, a fiery dart, a thunderbolt.

^r»J^T 5. C^IV4 ^^ «(r5» ^^TT^, ;rc^» a sacrificial pit, a fiery

furnace, hell.

'B^ftt^^ s- *tj5l^ Jff<3TC? sm^^ 5^ 71 fiPl, the southeastern point

of the compass.

wftrwT^, 5. '9rtj, ^*f, the heat of fire.

wfifTI^, a. ^f*J< r^fwi, <lf r^, Sj, like fire, fiery, high tempered,


^lftrl^<n, s. :s[t^ f«f7l Tl ^«f, a flame, a tongue of fire, a


^^TTTS, a. ^TBRI,
^J^, unknown.
^'TTTf^, ^ a. f^rs 7^ *ff??m CJ^rc^mi, destitute of relations,
^•snrrfr, ) not related to.


5. sfTW fl^,
fe^^, ^ ?^5R1, ignorant, want oi

^^mf^, \
a. t^fl^ ^51^ ^ ^^, f^^ilf, ^-tf JH^, ignorant,
^•fTinR, ^ unlearned.
6 ^515

^^, s. '^?f, <^^ ^t^rrf^, "^, the point, the top, head, front, peak

or pinnacle, a preliminaryj a. first, preliminary.

^Wf^, a. £f^» ^^ ^r^0^» fii'st irr place, first in order of prece-

dence whether in a good or bad sense; s. a leader.

"ST^lij, a. m^ ^5if?nn, -pff^t^ ^5Tf9f?rl, unacceptable, unvvortiiy to

be received or believed.

>4|5jj'i;W, s. riwl?!, C^C^"r5rl ^<?ri, ^(^1, the non occurrence of an event,

the non accumulation of property; a. unusual, not happening.

^^n^, a. "^j ^5lf%^, sn^, Tf^, ^5<r[^T^, very great, monstrous,

enormous, frightful.

^f%^, s. f5R ^T^, 1^^j%^1 ^ c^?fl, without antipathy or disgust,

without abhorrence or aversion,

"^CTIt^, a. fx^, <^ ^ff ^ft"l%<r!, not gloomy, cheerful, lively.

^(.irJlf^, ) s. "51?; ^[^f^R^, ^f'ff 1T11% f^CT^, without a house or

"Srsrf^, * fixed habitation, a class of wandering mendicants.
"^^rr^, a. •5rt7( C^tC^T"^, 91^ C^tCri'^sn, inodorous, destitute of smell.
^ST^, s. ^\<1T!, 9t^R1 RhjIi a numerical figure, the science of


Wf%i;, a. f^^ #jrl, ^^t^ Iwl, marked, paged.

^sr^, s. 9ftlf, 9fMrf^, ^5T ^rrf^ C^T^, a sprout, a seed bud, a germ.

^^3^, s. ^fsrT'PT, cTt'sf^'v, ^t^t^, an elephant goad, an iron hook

used in driving elephants.

^5r^» s. ^nr =«f^ ^tfW" *1Kci< ^t'it, a member of the body, a limb,a part.

^^ 2^'SJW, s. -^tS ^ ^rrfpf ^^ ^5 ^«^ 7[7Kvn ^^r, the body

and its members, the whole body.

^ST^^, a. ^ftj, vii^^ 7(ttf^<r!, f<rc^mi, ^tf^ f^f^ Clit^l, having
nothing, stripped of every thing, emaciated, dilapidated.

^fsf<>t^, 5. £tf%^, fw^ TTi ^f^ST ^1% ^n5 Ccfl^, a promise,

agreement, engagement.
^ftit^r^, s. 5n ^jT C^^l W^„ a distortion of the body.
^=51^^, a. ^ J^ft", ^^ ^"Jfl C^^5 ^si^^'tlf, without a royal umbrella,

i. €. without a king or ruler.

^otjql^i s. -^V^ CW^, ^ ^^f^' ^t^ ^t^' vertigo, giddiness.

^si^f^i;, a. v6|<»Ji(li, ^l£>f4i, astonishing, surprising, sudden.

W5K\-, s, ^^^5 ^5|iit;Rj, ^t^rf^, C^cTl, incredulity, disregard.

^IF^, G. 5T^ ^ ^^Rl; ^, "^iri^, immovable, torpid, fixed.

IK^I, a, ?^ T^ftc^ 5^^, 5ff5r, wealthy, rich, opulent, affluent.

^5[^^ 3^51^, 5. ^n^l7p<r, ^jjTn c^iw^n, ^sn^i csi^i jt^^i, not to

be found, without trace or vestige.

'^rf^Tf, a. fsfw^ ml 1*^1, f^^, f^^T^, not pierced, faultless,


vRfs^, s. f5^ C^IC^l^l, ^I5«l*il ^r^ Tl TT^^, without sign or ves-

tige, a afrange place or person.

^rf^JTTfip, 5. f^Alf^ C^iL^r^i a stranger.

•ftifp^W, 5. f^ ^ ^Tf •f ^»^. carelessness, iiMJifiercnce, without

^tST^i «. TX"^ ^ v;^l. f^lS^I, ^"5 <in^ ^tt7f5l, unconscious,

void of reflection, senseless, inauiiunte.

^rC5Tf ^TL^^f, a. ^ 55^, fsfvf^ csHCrTVl, C-CTJ C3^C^?1, undivided,


^X5^1, i. '^Tr^f T[ ^Rl^ 5( ^^i, c^rn. without exertion, inac-

tion, trifling.

^st, a. f9f^ CWI^4I« unconquerable, invincible.

^rVfTT, s. 7¥ TT^f a large serpent, (the boa constrictor.)
'SniCffi, a. NflCVI ^ W^t ^BniWI, CfTltsf^, stupid, ignorant, s. a dunce.

^nri^, a. WS^ ^vn, ^I^U ^rtftm, without endeavor, at ea*e.

"^WSC^* ad. ^smc^t ^^Z9y ^STOr, easily, with facility, without effort.

wn ^W^, a. CTTSf 71 HA'il ^>f^ C^TTCITl^, f^^firft, not subject

to the infirmities of age or death, immortal.

^SRTI, a. f^^I^f, 5?1R1, foolish.

^SurrHrS, a. Csrrc^lWl. f^f^f^nt^ C*r3n, ^W^ C*1T^, obtained with-

out asking, unrequestcd, unsought.

^snrTT, a. carr^fW, iri^ ^ Csnc^Wl, unproduced, unborn, having

no caste.

^STfrnsfen, «. ^rrs v«^, ^m^ *m C^^l C^mi. C^. unlike the

original, deteriorated, of bad origin, bad.

^smVS ^W^ 5. £i>n^ Ji^, C=m:^^ C^*l«1 ^np, a chief enemy, an
enemy that has no equal.
^^T^, a. srrs f5i mtr^ ^I I, fe^ «nft?1, without caste, belonging

to another caste.

^snn^, a, ^i^ .^^ ^f^R", f^:^^ ^T. devoid of reason, irrational,

the name of an ancient notoriously wicked brahmin;
applied also to persons notoriolisjy wicked.

^fij-jfjif , s. c^rrtm^fi c3rrc*rr^i, ^^ ^f^ c^m^t^, the doing of a

thing regardless of consequences, a rash imprudent action.

'srfk^rrnf'T, a. ^f^c^^^ ^^^5 "o*^ inquisitive, rash, imprudent.

"srm^ -Eft^f^, ) s. m[k srr^^, ^srlfe, fefs--, a quarrelsome litigious

"^^^UlT, ^ person; a. discordant.

^;ilp*r, s. fw^ C^TClft^l, C^i^ ^srfer,, not in tatters, indigestion.

^5r^1%r, a. ^llTc?, ^^^T, ^f^T, illogical, inconsistent improbable.
^"^T, a. w^ C^^^, ten thousand.

^STC^^tJ, fl. ^'pfT:^, ^^f5^, C*J,I^<1, unworthy, unfit, incompetent.

^oTClfts, s. 7p5^ 1t^, ^ST^isr^f, r<^J~i C^TTC^n^, without subsistence,
or competence.

^STCSrr^fJl, 5. t%Qf Qitrr, ^i'^liT Qt^ ^^, name of a sacred city.

^^fln, .f. ^nir!^, W^ XlVa C^"^, ^^ Ciri^, the hands joined

together with the palms upward ; as much as can be held
with the hands so joined.

^"^lf^<M, 5. <*ff^ "51^, ^'^ z] fyrCcnC^ 5T;gr;, an edifice of brick or stone.

-^SlW, a. ^^^, 7^ C^ C^rtC^t^, ^?: Y''^ C^rsn?

not deficient,

full measure,
Ni^^<l>, a. f%fe^, ^sr^^-s^, ^^rfTTS^, not exact, uncertain.

n6jC'<> f^&^, a. ^T^ 1S^ C^lCii,!^!, ^^^, not in order, not exact,

nothing in place, nothing in readiness.

'^sn^fi^.?!, a. iii^f5T<r!, ^^t^<n, ^€?t1%<n, one sided, aslant.

^ctec^, s. f^^ C^^ t^C5, C^^ t^Cl?, the whole inside of

the mouth and throat.

^•S, s. -^1^, f^, f^^: an egg.

^•3^:^^, s. '^^j '^rr^^ ^J fk 1 < ^f^, a testicle.

^STT, pron. Wr^, ^^1^, ^C^5^, ^^T, so much, so many, so great.

^r5^, ad. tsn^ 51^, :5CTif<r^, f^^^, so many, so great, so much.

^oii^, ad. ^V^^y tSTt^T, R^g^, ^^, so many, so much,

^TS-sf , a. <i<i^<> ^'i, ":5;c:5 ^Ti^ ^^rl, obstreperous, audacious, impudent.

^©TJ-sftf^, s. ^srf^^^ ^^^ ^ctU^ C^6 ^^R1, audacity, impudence,


<5l^in^, fld ^5117, ^^^ 5ii[l^, ^if^ ^ ^5^5^^, SO much or so little.

^rs^ c^m^, a. ^T^rfei* f-^R^pf^, ^jc^ stc^ «Tin, f^r5!n,

wasted away, emaciated, thin, gaum.

^» ^ >; , 5. -A{1 »<^ f^^«>rT^, ^TR
, ^ C^rsT^, impassal)lt:ness, without

the means of getting through a difficulty, irremediableness.

W3?T, a. isf^ c^ ic^ l

-ftl l, ^«mr, <Tm^ foj^, bottomless, in Hindoo
cosmography the first of the infernal spheres or worlds.

'ST^^i^l, a- ^^fi%, weak, feeble.

^STft, ad. ^srtW, ^PiJi^, very, exceedingly.

^srfs '5:5r<i', ad. fest in^7» *af5^, very little, fcry few.

'gfft^ lt. a. «r?nR, yf^rj, ^r^? ^, large bodied, gigantic, huge.

"^fts^, 5. ^^srfen", ?T\TR, fJTsn "SWI, 'BII^ ^nWI, transgression,

the passing a prescribed boundary, disobedience.

^"5^, ftd. ^f>f^:^, ^(\y.9, J:^t^,g»'eatly, exceedingly, excessively.

'StTt^, a. CBTTsn, tJJ CirT^, past, gone, by-gone.

^srf^sf^, *. ^srWft, SpTtft, ^Tftff%, a guest, a stranger.

"^fisf^ C^l^i >. ^rwft cn^, hospitality.

'*JlNfi*l't, a. 3nr?^» 7?r^, ?nBJ5!^, much, excessive •, a^. exceedingly,

^rf^'inr, «• ^pft, ^rt^ C<^ 5»n, dysentery, violent purging.

'BTjieTT, a. ^;;n ^f^ cm^^lj ^BHJ^nr, uuequalled, unsurpassed.

^rST^, ad. ^fis^r^, 4<^*, very, excessive, much.

^r5n5r3r, 5. ^SRItt'.^snjfx. ^'^rf^, violence, oppression, lawlessness.
^5J:5if3r,a. ^SRTI^ 'Sfijfi ^rcitSlt'Oppressive, overbearing, dissolute.

^JTOT, a. ^r5 %55I, ^TTStV BTW, very good, excellent.

^n, arf. ^ra, *ii^ ^TT^ here, in this place.

^fffirf^. a. firf^ff^ arc^rni, (n^^ftr ^«t5??rr5n. unsatisfied.

'Bivrs, co/»;..3rT^, ^a^fV^^, *fn53, t<t t^, also, and, moreover.

^Q(7r, ad, ^c^R, fy5 c^fcrt^, vflft^, now, a short time,

^^rf^, ad. ^^9^ WTCJtr?, a little before, previous.

^^fw"?*, ad. f^ ^[9[ift^, a little afterwards, bye and bye.

^«r^S^, 5. 'ZTi^^ ft'W, 7<r, ^, t^^ t^'^t calamity, distress.

'^ruRt, ad. JT^^I, mt^l, t%51, otherwise, or, else.

'SJ^, a, f^ ^1%, r<C5%!, ^fW ^W, unsteady, tremulous.

"^^y s. Mf5 C^IR C>P^ <R^ ^R, the last of the four Veds.

^«n1% *f^rTf^, a. ftfCET *J7C5T, length and breadth.

^lfvr.%, *. Rf^ ^rftfel, ^!*ff^ SfrrfsT, without a fixed abode, a

stranger, a guest.

10 ^fV

^srf^'^, a. 5^c^^ ^^^^, unsteady, giddy, volatile.

^f^^ ^srf^, a. oTt^ f^ ^rfttWI, C^V^I cmcij.1^1, disarranged^

•not in order.

^iWt, a. ^^^, ^T^' f^J^, ^^T^ ^ '^^1, unfailing, inexhanstible.

"^wm, a, ^srfetfel, fsrfwl, not given in marriage, ungiven.

^^T^, s. ^^71, 'SrfsR^S ^9r?P1, ^n^R ^1 ^^ ^r^'^l, the rwt sub-

duing an enemy, not subjecting taming or resirai»ing>

a. unsubdued.
'SltffXTi:^, > 5. c^i'V(<n, cj^tt: ^i^, disappearance) a." hidden, out

^^r^, ^ of sight.

^?rTf5^» ad. ^§C^, f^^^?, certainly, doubtless, of course.

^Ftfrr, a. irl^ "i^T^, FT^r^c^ C*^IC^1^I, not benevolent, not liberal.

^^1%, s. ^ ^srrf? ipi fpf^^rtcT Cifgirl^ srlTl'^ ^^, the mother of

the inferior godd.

"^m, ad. ^rr1%, ^snf®:^ 1%^, to day.

^'trJlf^, ac?. ^3rrt^tc=TC^, ^tms, «il1%?rtt«7C^, to this day, as yet, still.

^TfjT?f>f, fid. ^fe-^ -s^RI, «ilf5<m:?: •5^'^, from to-day.

^fj^, o. C^CTT<ri, ^*f1cT, ^?fj, unseen; s. fate, destiny.

c^^r-in, invisible.
^rfjrrr, a. ^^, ^*j:,"5,

^siffe?, a. -^fer ^T^, £t^?r, ^-sW, »ilC^, without a second,

unrivaled, having no equal.

'sr^^, a. ^mw^, ^C^ '5flX15 C^iX^l^l, supernatural, marvelous.

^5f2, arf. ^P=l, ^C'<f;^?f, ^T^, beneath, below, down.

^^S "s^^^, 5. ^?f?c^ -sf^, JT^C^ ^f5r^» a falling, falling into hell.

^vnsT, a. f7[5, 'HP\*i, C^C^, -5^11%^, vile, ba^e, mean, wicked.

^^, s. ^5cT5 vS^, the lower lip.

wickedness, irreligion, sin.

^^Rsr, s. -s^^^, ^^m^, ciffPT,

=3T5f^, fl. ^^, "s^^r^, ^^^rf^, wicked, ungodly, sinful.

^5!fT[j, a. f^cFt: C^, C<rc^, very vile, low, contemptible.

^5ifV^, a. ^i^, t^^, ^cei;, more, abundant, much.

'^srf^:^, ad. 5RT^, ^^^, 7[^;wt^, abundantly, plentifully.
^srf^^, conj. fe^^Tf:?, ^^^ItfW, "^^TJ, moreover, in addition to.

^STiWt-^, s. ^f^-s^, ?fTrj%, f^ff^Jl^, 2i^, lord, owner, possessor,

^srf^f^stf?;, s. 9r^t%, ^ra^ '^fsf^rfx, a proprietor^ the head of a
Hindoo religious establishment.

"^rfV^Tf^.r^r, 5. ^r^tf^^ f^rf%%f^, wife of the above.

^SilRI 11

^srfVc^f^Zl, s. ^ C^^Tl, a guardian deity.

^^if5^» 5. <r5 ciRrn, ^ ^srrfjf W^ fif^r^frz? C?aTI, an inferior
deity, a demi-god.
^5r|>R, a. ^^ C^T^n, ^1^1 SRI, ^5?r C^r^. subject 10, dependent,
^srfifi^, 5. SJ^, sr^ ^in, ^z*^, M^lf^, l^rd, sovereign, king, owner.
^srfWJI, 5. -^"S ^^51^ ^snc^fc? ^IRl fiy^, a preliminary ceremony
on festive occasions.

^«rf>r^r^, 5. ^r^^r^B?, Lord of th5 world, Kinc of kinas.

W^, ad. ^fr^f T^sn^ JW?7, silt Sr^83, at present, now, lately.

'src^^i^, 5- ^ci^d cirrsn, a^r^st^r drrsn, descent, the going to hell,

'^or\*inf^, a. i«ili^ GfiPSl], descending, sinking.

^5n:5ftt^W, 5. T^\t9^ C5l^1, a downcast look, a looking down.

^src^rt^^, s. ^91"3r ^^, the lower part.
^srorfg^, a. t^ ^, vir^, downcast, of sad countenance, bashful.
^sni^frs, a. C^nnsfWl, Tag[f5, unwashed, unclean.
"WA^tWl, s. •PTOi ^fSJU* TiR 49^1, impatience, not restraining

one's self.

^VTIR, 5. *fin, ^^ WT^crrcn, reading, repeating a lesson, study.

^5naT<^, 5. f^-ftnny, ^evi, ^fC^insn ff^^, a teacher, an instructor.

^w^iT, 5. ^>ai, ^^, ^% a chapter, division, section,

^ff, 5. ^n^, ^R, WWT, bailed rice, food in general.

^BRlf, a. ^Hifftsr, ^rW Of 6, without body; kam deu, the Indian Cupid.

^R5, o. ^5r? sn^, ^C»W» JT^ffwW <51, f^rST, 'SR^ ^;ctt JF?*^, eter-
nal, endless; f. the name of a fabulous Herpent with a

thousand heads on which the world is supposed to rest.

^^n ^T?T, 1. «C^8, »;irt^T^, eternal ages, eternity.

^5R^^, ad. ^7[ ^TTC^, *n5T, W^a^W, afterwards, succeeding.

^5R<^^r^, fl.
^ CSTTOT^n. fR?<1TrfV, not guilty, faultless.
C^IC^I^I^^, incessant, perpetual, constant
^5r;jT5, o. "^X^t '•fnS'^M

W^^%, a. ^T^r^Tl, <^m ^TPTsn, ci!^ (RTC-tTmi, fluent, glib, ready

of speech.

^SRvf^, a. ^*M^, C7«n, f^^, ftrpsT, to no purpose, fruitless, in vain.

^5RJT, 5. ^, 'srf^, 7t>, fire.

^5R1, ;iarf. ^TSTS t^l^sr^l, 5^f3?n, brought; s. one anna.

A*(l^l«-*ll, ad. 7»^l« C^rtC^fTsn, f^*ir-« ^?R1, (RC^-^TI, not fully/'

informed, doing any thing ignorautly or at venture.

12 ^f^
'^T^n^T^, s. c^ ^l>i<, Irf^ ^^n^T^ ^^, improper conduct, not
according to rule.
^TRtHfc, a. ftfi; ^;Fi<r ^JT^RI, ^^"i5Tf^, lawless, contrary to usage.
^sj^qT, a- ^f^^Vl c-^lc^l-J^I^ f^rt^t, unprotected, orphan, helpless,

'^^sf^^, ad. -Rrt^^t^, ^fW^.^, liejplessly, forlornly.

^3RtTf<:, s. ^]Tf^ ^ ^^1, ^jz'^vi], ^5f1, disrespect, inattention,

incivility, impoliteness, irreverence.

^TS^f^, a. "^'ifw ^Rftfen, without beginning, from eternity.

^SRtft" 'SfTS^, 5. ^^3^5^
J^' ^f^ ^TtET, the creation of the universe;

a Hindoo shaster that treats of the creation.

^5R1 f^, 5. f^^ ^srn^, the act of taking away and bringing back.
^'{ 1 U (3?, s. <^<^ C^TC^t^, -^C ^, a drought, want of rain.

.'^I^i?^, a. ^lijR*;, ^f^T^T^ ^^f^irl, without an owner master

or leader, unclaimed.

^5Rt<rt^, s. '«*fft7r5T c»(ic^l^il, ease, facility, readiness.

v!>i^',<ilC^, ad. 5i^;§f, viic^, T^ ^^^it^, ^^fCST, easily, with facility,

without difficulty.

^Rrl%, a. C^ C^r^i, ^ ^Vh injured, damaged, destroyed.

''SRIl'ir^, 5 ^?7ij^ C^CeT^I, ^^t^^, unnecessary, needless. •

^"^TiTi^, s. Wli^^ C^C«5rT^, ^i;, cTUsn^, abstinence from food, fasting.

^SRKTf^, a. cTC"5rfR<r!, ^'S'T^PT, abstaining from food.

^f^TFt, a. fl^TTl ^^, ^^^<:, uncertain, doubtful, unsettled.

>6ir^&|, s. ^1 ^n^, 5>( c^;grr^, ^^1%, disrelish, aversion, reluctance.

'^hRfi;, s. f^f^^ WZ'^ ^ ^, ^j%1%5, immorality, injustice.

'ssrfej, a. TTfTi^ ^51^, •5i(.^K'"ii!i ^'^^, temporary, transitory,


^RrWxi, a. T^fwS CTlC^P^I^ not despised, not censured.

^f^pW?, a. "R^l W:^^ C§fT^ C^Cirt^l^ not despicable, not

censurable, irreproachable.

^rf^rf%3, a. ^T?fl%3, ^C^ «t^, wakeful, watchful, sleepless.

^fe il, a. f^ ^tt» f?[Tr^, 1%f5:f^C^ WlUl^iil, irregular, without

rule or order.

^rfert^, a. 1%f^ C^C^:!^, f^ ^^^Tlt not regulated, not deter-

mined, indefinite.

^P^'Sfer, a. ^^:^ ^^ ^ntfwi, t^ 4^ C^lt^^l, unspeakable,

unutterable, indescribable.
^ 13

^;r?f%, a. ^f^TiTT, f^7f% ;T7P^1, ^^ fe^ ^r^^l, without order,

unsettled, unregulated.

^'f^*r?', s. ^77T, ^ ^^fwl. boldness, courage, fearlessness.

^^T^, a ^5r^I%T, ^STST^f^i?!, ^*f^TT, undesired, ominous, evil.

^'fi^iD<5»lfV, a. ^<^^f^, ^f^ ^^"^nn, occasioning evil to another.

'5JCT, prefix. ^«^?f f^CR, used only in composition, it usually con-

veys the idea of following, agreeing, according to.

WJJ^?7, a. 7^^, 3iT^i^, coinciding, acting in concert with, assisting.

'sr^I^sr, s. ;5s^, ^c^^ «1T1 PIL^Tt??, succession, order, a Fcrics.

^^oFCSI, ad. o5»C5I uFC^, orderly, successively.

^^•»rj^, nd. JrVi^, SC^S ^TC«T, JFirrCSI, perpetually, continually.

^MT, a. «ft55 C9[Wi, ^51 CWfT^n ^Tl. gone after another.

WJj^srJR, 1 5. <^5 -^^5 CWmi, ^r^ Cirr«n, a following after, the

^ST^^ifS", j act of a woman burning her^'clf on the funeral pile

of her husband, a follower, a Suttee.

^^, s. 2t7Tff, f;y*n, w\V\, mercy, grace, favour.

^BT^^I", s. ^BTTWHIl, W<r«ri, an attendant, a page.
^JJ|T5, fl. ^4r^ ^ «^^ ^«lCWTSf7, improper, unfit, unsuitable.

^5r^[>5T*t, s. cn^, f^FF. repentance, regret, remorse.

^^-(^^rf?, a. §*f^Tf< C^ICITT^, 3Fmt cmui*l1, unprofuable, not


^njs^, a. ^^ipg, ^rf% T5^, I^^i's^, unequalled, unsurpassed,


^^*fT^ *• ^'W^ «^^n C<fr^ 3^, a substance iu which medicine

is taken.

^r;g|je^ *. 'ar^TH^, Spn^ CBTT^, ^ TSI an inference, experimental

^r^rre, 1 fl. ^^n?, fr53, ^f^, STCTT^T^T, deranged, intoxicated,

^njirrrf^T, j beside one's self.

^•pifr* i. frfs, ^ILW*1, "^rnBl, consent, permission, direction.

^SPJSTR, S' '^iJFT Csn^nrr? fjn?^ ^^n, src^ 5f^ ^^1, an inference,
a hypothesis, a supposition, a guess.

^snjsrTfir^, a, src^^ W#n, •f^n, «^ ^^, probable, inferable,


^^-pf, a. JITOJ, v^^rr, f^i%^, f%i^i, resembling, corresponding,

similar, a little less, inferior.
"14 w^
"^^^iTiM* 5. i%5^, ^Sf f^Fl?", ^prrsn, "^Sf Ti^, search, investiga-
tion, enquiry, scrutiny.

^^^CT, ad. f^fu^^t^, ^TC?r, according to, like.

"^^JTi^, 5. ^t^^ -^fTl ^STTc^ f^, the nasal character (\).

"^C^r^, a. |%i§,^, ^^, ^^, many, much, abundant.
^csrl^l, a. CrTRr.^ Cfft^T^f^ ^^, brought, causing lobe brought.
'^sp?, 5. sr^, (?Wy ^^ -s^Tl, an end, a limit, death.
"ST^S^^, s. 5R, n6|^4, f5^, fkfT^, the heart, mind, the inner part.

"^J^S^^, 5. 1%Z"^ "SR, f^i;^ C<rr^tf%, a zenana, an inner apartment.

^ra<i», a. ^17}^, silc<i"tirl, ;§fiT ^Ifl, deadly, mortalj s. Jom, the
fabulous king of death.

^^<>lc^, s. (TPT ^rtc=r, 5i^7r ^1i?T, the end, the time of death.
"ST^^, 5. 5R, ^115^, Tt^, f^^^, C^Wi^, the mind; a. distant, differ-

ent, unlike.

^^<i, ad. N^l^t^'i, CTiTfi:, "^^-i:, -s^n^tc?, subsequently, afterwards.

"ST^TI ^^f%, a. <1^^1 '^t'lTR, fSf^it^, R«^^ C^T^, mutually

separated, disunited.

^sr^f^^Tj, 5. -4||<J>1>{, ^f-jR, the sky, the firmament.

'sr^ft-'Pf, s. TTW^^cT c^tslft (rsrrsil f%?fr^f^1 5rT#, a headland, a cape.
"^ST^^l^^ a. 5R ^TUKtn, knowing the heart.
"^si^^riiT, s. ^ifJi^, ^^ri"^ C^^srl, a disappearance, a vanishing.

"^r^fxs, a.
^^1, C^Ciff^rit?? ^^r^, ^^^^, disappeared, vanished.
"^n^^ s. vi>f%, ^i7(^ -^cni^l^, an ear-ornament.

^I%sr, a. (Tpf, last, ulterior.

^kC^^jI^ fen, s. Fi^ F^l ^;§f ^if^ H^t? ^^^, C£l~5fen, funeral
obsequies, offerings to the manes of deceased ancestors.

"51^, i a. ^f^, ^5l^?i1, fV0ft^, blind, sightless.

A^<>k, 5, ^"^i^, -pfo;^ ^i^f^>¥li darkness, gloom; a. dark.

^^f ^, 5 viic^ C^CF<n drM ^1^. ^^1^ ^ ^fr5, a dark deep

well or pit.

^^SraF^Tl, a. Ni>^^<i>, C^tfC^cfl, ^^, blind.

^^Jjffi 7if%, s. ^«flt, ^1%, ^, ^?T, frg, a means, way or chance

of doing a thing, a crevice, a flaw in one's conduct,
^sr^, 5. '^srT^T^, ^t^ ^# C-^TT^ 3^, boiled rice, food in general.

^^^^^, s. ftfwt^ ^'5ft^5 subsistence, maintenance, a living.

^9f \.>

^5m*^1, s. ^S f5fti% C^mrfJI^ ^iSr, a gotless, the Hindoo Ceo^.

^S £fi^*I, s. C^'T^n er^rvT St^'W ^TJ *!^l' " H»»fit>o ceremony
on giving a child boiled rice for the t»r.-'t lime.

^ST^, pron. "«niT, -s^, f^#T, (XC?.?r, another, dilTercnl, other.

^SRT^n, «. f%JT ^S, TOTT^*, C^C5^sr, the contrary, the revenue.

^si^jft', 5. ^it C^tC^mi, ^5f^, WJTCT^, injustice, wrong.

'^'K, firey?/. ^*T»l^, ^STJ^I ^ <:<n. contrary to, to take from, bad.

"^9^^, 5. ^^fTST, ^nw^^, a mean action, improper conduct.

'^*f5FT^, 5. ^Tf^, C^ ^fV, f^^'^, injury, detriment, h)ss.

^*PFrf?", a. ^Tf3( ^Brfm, ^r^$*lfV, injurious, detritnenlal.

^*f««rT, a. f7CTr>f, ^<^9rT, CT;«f fjr< ^C1 ^r^, inimical, !


liurtful, producing disease.

^*f^3, s. ^[^R ^Tl, ^sr^^T5 inPT, murder a tragical or sudden death.

"^^VK^, S' ^^» TJ^1^» disgrace, di^thonor, infamy.

^oftf, 5. ^rrs^T^, "TJ;^, ^*fvr, a wrong road, an cul cusirst.

^vf CWJTI, *. ^"i f*13il5 CSTS "^1% an , apparition, a ghost, hobgoblin.

^*<mf, *. f55T^5 CMVf\ fTOt "'[••rjTft, ^9[%, a false accusation, libel.

'srvfTrnf, I 5. T.if fif^^l, a faUc accuser, a defunier.

^*ff^, ^. ^r^f5, ^r^, impure, unclean, unholy.

^vf^lf » «. 'ftl^F^W •«f45 ^^, *R T^ ^^^^, prodigality, waslc-

fulncM, profu;tc expenditure.

^«rffW» S' ^5ITn»Tl» f^^t tff^t di.'^honor, indiiMiliv, insult, al>u.><c.

^*ffv^J, '<• ^«!FT^ SHR, an untimely death

^*nn*f, 5. -ir?fc, C?f i^, ifJ CUTsa V^^r, a fault, guilt, sin.

"cr^frrlV, «. wf^, «l?rf<^ rrf*f, guilty, criminal, faulty, sinful.

^'«>fr^5^, 5. ^fs^rrf^, r^r^^\ JJTRI, a stranger; a. unacquainted.
^*Tf«rfr5, o. ^5;^S<7, C«^<r C»T'«f ^(tpiH, ^^CT, unlimited, niea-
surelcs.s, immoderate, e.\cessive.
^fft^TT, 5. f^ CSTTC^TTl, ^W<Pr, not clear, not transparent,
unclean, Tague.

''5I«t^«f, a. fe-^^j, ^sr^^^ ^«t, preternatural, strange, distorted.

v5j*ra[%l, a. ^'^^, ^*rf'37, 5^, unlearned, ignorant.

^*f^^, s. >eit<p fa[?1, C«Tt^^ ^^^ t^nn, a plundering, a purlowung.
^*n^» *. ^rr*tF, ^i{3r«i, a hindrance, a misfortune, a calamity,

an accident, an evil.
'3['5>n%^, a. -pft^ ^fe C^t^n, ^^^tf^, unable to read, ignorant.

'^^"Ha, a. ^'.ifr^fj, ^<?rfsr5Tl, unfit for, unworthy of, incapable.

^'Sfr:^, a. 'sti^ ^r^l%?l, ^f^sn, shor«Iess, boundless.

^*fT^l?, a- '^"t^^ ^! f^t^ r.»ll(.<l^l, unskilled, incompetent.

K5[<pfri?f^, a. viiu^ ^lTr ^ft^ C^r^^i 37j%f^, incapacitated, en-

feebled, weak.

^-sTi^^^i «• C'^TT^ ^i\r\ TT ^cl, "^r^n ^ 5[^!, not cherishing, not

maintaining, disobedient.

^f«i", cory. ^t^, ^T^S, ^^1%, and, also, moreover.

a. '^ ^i^f^^, without offspring, childless.

^*j5ffer, a. "^l^fer C^TC^toTI, srtTU- <?ff^ -^ ci^n, not worthy of

reverence or re.spect.

^«^, a. "SPT^^, ^iTf'Sffen, not full, incomplete, unaccomplished,


^.^^, a. ^TC^rc?! ^IRI, ^[^U ^'"C^ C^C^Tsn, '^srflf ^3^, unheard

of, unprecedented, excellent, uncommon, remarkable.

^src^'^JTl, s. ^^ Cl^r^l^ X'^ qT^, ^PTI, expectation, waiting for, hope.

^STC^f^n, 5. ^5j]:'s^1%, ^^f c<Tiji, ^^^ Til>f^, ^^^, a female

denii-god; the fabled dancers and courtezans of heaven.

^SJ^Ttt, a. £t^i7[ c^C^l^sn, G{ Of'Sri, %^^f ^^^» 'sr^"^', unpub-

lished, secret, unrevealed, hidden.

^srSi^Tf, 5. f^f^fir, ij:<t»iiW, ^oTT'^^iTt- ^fpf C^Ti:^t^, well-being, safety.

'^tfsn^, s. £lsl"^ ?n ft^T^ C^tC^I^I, without proof, of doubtful


^2j5rTf^, I a- ^tf<r ^r^ C^J.lC^i^l, ^sr^^-ct, without proof, untrue,

^St^rt^U', ) improbable.

"^^¥1^, s, F»5r TTSr fell, vili;^, ^=7, without effort, easej ad. easily.

^EtC<rtl'i^, 5. ^gTij^ c^TPC^^,"^?!^, without necessity; a. unnecessary.

^2rtf^? «• f^rflfV, ^STCFT^, without life, inanimate.

^£tf%, s. fgfR; TTl^fwi, C5C^ C^TiX^t^, want of love.

^srf^i"?, a. i[^ c^'t\ ^T^f^l, ^«t^ C^C^fT^, unamiable, not beloved.

^STC^fff^, a- ^5^, £t^t^ C^tir5:t^1, unrevealed, not made known.

^^-.cnl ^^?T, a^. ^^^ ^^ft, C^C^P^I C^^f^, dashing to and
fro, throwing this way and that.

'51^^, a. 'Si^f^^tri, -it^^, without trace^ knowledge, or intimation.

^«I75ni, s ^^C^^,, ^51^,^, disregard, conterwpl,
or prof;fne language.
^sr?^, 5. HWT. ^^, f^T^, scurrilous

(TTTO^T^I, ^^'Tsn, "^ C^C^^.

under control.
.5i<i^, 5. Wf^ not

unsubjugatcd, insubordinate.

^^^, o. c^?n <r»5, ^^U, ^:^9f^, worthless, unsubstantial, unreal,

^m^, a. f^wrs, C^t^, f^^^I^T niuie, speechless, unable to reply.

^m^, 5. C7*n 5113, ^"SN sms, ^^b»{, obscene language, obscenity.
^STiTT^, a. 551^ C ^IUIA I, ^STtS^f^, 1%*f^. pathless, a wrong way,

an evil course of conduct.

^SRlvrr, «. ^t>n ^"3pn, ^l^ ^ITR ^^Wsn, ir^, stubborn, disobedient.

^raK, a. ^sr^r^, vac^^, '^l^, ^l^*, causeless, to no purpose.

^T*r'5^, fl. 75? ^"fir^T^^W^j^'Tfrol, incompetent, having no

skill at work, worthless, useless.

^«rfe??^, s. WM CW^ in^f^TI, the absence of trouble or evil.

^sfTOT. s. ^SRjft, BT^Jtv UlSU ^Jf^wn, injustice, wrong.

union, connection of parts, continuity

^r^fifi, a. ^ m^j sryr'T cmc^l^l, unknown, invisible.

^trfV, a. WV ^ ^'S^ f^'^ffT5» C^^l^f^, unlawful, illegal.

'Slf^m^l, 5. ^ cmi^l^ll, ^W?^, impcrishableness, indestructibility.

^srf^T^rf^, a. ^annr, '^••n^, «l5r« IffVnn, indestructible, imperishable.

*lR<ir^4 J. f%?lC^fCinwi»r^,wrf^J>, an unmarried man, a bachelor.

^^rf^r^rfei* «• f%?n ^ ^c^rm on^tf^, wrfti frort^i, a maid,
a spin!>ter, a virgin.

wf^c75^, a- ftc^^^ ^ ?PT1» inconsiderate, thoughtless, careless.

'otItc^^^, i' f<L<>H] ^ ^R1, ^fir 7tf¥ C^5T«ri, want of consid-

eration, discrimination or investigation.

^sr^TSTC^, ad. fe^, ^5ff%C^^. ^iftf^^. quickly, without delay.

^f?rc*i»i, a, ^STC^B?, ^ift^, like, similar ; .«. similarity, resemblance.

4l{^>jt5r, 5. ^srrsrRr ^itf^yi, f^rfwCTT^i without cessation or rest,

^r<^l*l, s. f%Ti^^rr^,^5rJT>tlTT,^<^S'«n, unbelief, incredulity, distrust.

3rt7rTrf%, «. "^si^i-^tf^, ^ftu^^^^ri, incredulous, unbelieving, unfaithful.

^srf^^, 5.^SRif^rR, ^ vT^n, C^rtC^rrsn, absence, non-existence.

"OT*, o. Z9 fJT^T^ ^ ^^, '^Tcrrvr, stupid, inconsiderate; s. stupidity.

"^it^Ti^, a. ^5rJW3, ^^ ^^» '^srerft, unwilling, dogged, obstinate.
'S^Z\K. a, ftc^5f, ^5F«?n, dull, foolish, stupid, ignorant.

18 S5Tf%

"^^JQ^, a- "^SW^, ^fTTTiT, latent, invisible, imperceptible.

'^51^7^^^, a. ^cTt^cT ^ ^^1, out of use, obsolete.

^SRT?!, «. ^f^ C^^^TTsiI ^T?^^^, uufliminisiiable, undecliiiablti.

"^m^y a. ;^1^P?f, ^ ?!r^, Mk C^mi, efficacious, effectual, infallible.

^8irl%1^, a. fjj% ^ f^R^T^ ^«ff^ feT, without occuj)ation or

means of living.

^^, 5. ^ ^tf^Ul, the absence of fear; a. secure, fearless.

^^'v^^, 5. "fetif 5(tT, ^m^T ^^41, filthy obscene conversation.

''S^^^fen, a. ^Ti^TOI, W C^ftTl^ J( 5R1, not discipled.

^^e», -) «. ^f^fe, ^sr^^^l, 5^^^^ C2|"5T ^fe? ^ ??<^1, not

^JTS^T, ) devoted to, destitute of piety, irreligious.

^STS^IT, a. <rr5 C^TC«fT^1, not eaten; s. forbidden food.

^^?R, a. 7{ ^9n f^f^^, <^^ C^tC^^, ^it <i|^l, unbroken,

whole, entire, unexpended, perpetual.

'Sl^j, a. C^, ^1%:^, ^sfli^l^j, evil, bad, common, of low rarik.

"SJ^S, s. ^fsT, Wf^3T, c^C^^^, lack, destitution, want, defi-

ciency, failure.

^^917, s. WW^il, ^<fTyRl, ?^%t«?, ill-fortune, adversity.

^^lv&;W, a. ^^"fel, 'ST'^lt:?, ^C®t^, unfit, unworthy.

^1%^tC, s. ^T<[1 ?P<[5T, sr^^Tl%^ ^^i% StT^ ST^I, an incantation

to injure or destroy.

^STf^^Tf?", s. -^^1 ^^S[ ^Tin, ^^^fsr, ^iTtf^, a person who de-

stroys by incantation.

^1%Sfi^, 5. 7f^^ ^!2f cm <?^1 ^1%, ^f?m ^'>5^, ^I^, a treasury

of words and their meanings, a dictionary.

^1%^, «. C^Ccn^r C^C^t^l, ^C^, not separated, alike.

'Slf^gtl^? ^- ^^^> ^^ ^51, UXlt'^'WJi scope, design, object, inten-

tion; the moral of a fable.

'Sil^irt^, s. ^^rt^-s^^rr^ ^^ ^1% sRI^, ^si^r^t^, "^^1%, pride, self-

esteem, the sullen resentment of an affront.

'Slf^^tr, 5. ^f^?rt^, ^^ ^1, inclination, earnest desire, taste, relish.

^f%cTW, s. ^yj, C^^t^, ^siTTl, 5R c;m^, a wish, desire, lust.

^fe^TR, a. ^^1 <Kj't^, desirous, covetou?, sensual.

^1%f7i:e^, ^
s. 7nf% ^^1, st^^ ^sn? f^c;§T";;§;^ ^^1, ^©1 *^^1,
wfe^^, j the induction into a kingly or priestly office; installation.

^f%^, «. ^^rf%^ft, 5R C^Sft^l, '^V^H, wished for, desired.

tiihV^ , a. C7OTSt C^IC^l^l, vilC^, alike, s. oneness, similarity, identity.

^rej^T, a. ^r^4^, 5rr§f, 1%5T, inward, internal, within.

^srsir^fS, s. '=5ri^t%, ^^rfVnj, a guest, a visitor.

^rSTPT, 5. 7T;fi^^T^57r^.Tl,7TT§5,^l*9r^1, habit, custom, practice. study.

^ yj I r>I, «. ^^J 1>1 ^4" ^lC<Sl4U studious, practicing.

'^'^Twf, s. ?r^, "^fk^ (XWf ^r^^, abundance, prosperity, plenty.

3^1^57, 5. W^n, ^'5>fTf, 3r^, disaster, calamity, an evil omen.

^5W?rf*rjn, «. ^^ffen, "^r^TSr^l SR^, hurtful, injurious, calamitous.

tsrann, 1- sriFl f^» TJT, ^TTT, free from illusion, real, perfect.

^nnrT^f^", s. TJ^T T^' ^^» * place of true happiness, heaven.

^ir?1 ^•r, 5. ^5 "JJ-^r, *f^ ^••f» true happiness.

'^^^, a. C^i%jrT6 ^ 5Tn, fsrfaff?, ^fl5>fR fe^m, undying, im-

mortal, permanent; s. the name of a dictionary.

^w?^, 5. »i«ri^ nsvi** ^f^. ^«R^ *f<r5T ^5n^, ^fi, ^?^^i »"^-

mortality, eternal life; a. eternal, unending.

^sirr^l, 5. ^f^ c^lfl MT?, the name of a tree and its fruit.

^^^jTBfSt 5. ^^fir, ^?>SJT -T^T, the residence of Indra.

^nnR%f, 1 s. irWft^, T^ ^n. disrespect, incivility, dishonor.

^^^raferl^, 5. '•mllfC, ^WTOT, disrespect; a. dishonorable, mean.

^Wl, 5. ClTT^f CTW Bt^ vfl-gisf, 5^ ^^ffTT^r ^t>r, edge of the new mooll.
^srsrrs, a. ^RTtp, srTfs^ c^H'flr?!, silent, speechless.

^snili^, 5. ^rsrwVl, srW ^^4* ar vr, dishonor, want of respect.

^Wt^, a irt^ *rPnr ^BrcirtSfT, not worthy of respect or regard.

^^••l5» *• f^ "^^t ^''^ tr^^fsTT^ TSfVS, not human ; a term of abuse.

^sWTf%, 5. >«nifljo, l^^M m\W^U not consenting to, dissentient.

'BRrTTWI, s. ^«rT« ^, CWPf lljp f^lV, day of the new moon, change
of the moon.

^wrf?", 5. iDfinf 9tSW •TfTi a species of tree.

^srfwi. 5. ^srf^, ^Tf, nectar, the water of life.

wfspPT. a. fe <:^!(.^1'*I1, t7r<Pn f^^fV, discordant, at variance, differing.

"^^Tiiciw, 5. fsr?T C^nc^T^n, f^rfirsn, C^tll^rnsn, disagreement, disun-
ion, discord, the not obtaining.

^zv^, i. ^n^, ^m fW^ ^ ;pf^ f^ ^9i c^Ft^, such a thing,

such an one, a certain one.

^TSjf^, 5. ^i-^S, ^;^r!%, ^•Sl1%f, violence, wickedness, mischief.

20 ^^
nst^;^ a. ^f^, not stupid, wise.
a. "^ f^i'sfi ^^f%?r1, ^<f>l<W, fsf^l, destitute of root or

ngcT^, 3 origin, without foundation, grouudless, false.

^ijcTj, a. Pr^^ft:fVjri,'^^^[5fT,^n5^3?T, priceless, invaluable, excellent.

^STC^tt^^, 5. ^-iT'^l, ^'STSI, non-liberation, non-removal.

^nn^, «. cpfi^r^ "^r^r^, ^r^^tf^, ^f%c7n^F ^1 ^i^, nectar, food

of the gods, the five sweets, viz. honey, sugar, milk, curda

and gheej any thing supremely excellent.

^fV^i s, ^V^'K 5f5 '^t^ ^r^ "Jlf^^ ^rsT, name ol a tree and its fruit.

••^f^r^, s. -s^t^ 'siV^, O^X^ fe^ypl, an oblong drinking vessel.

^ft^, s. r.lfr3TTf^, Tf<»fT^ «il<5 ;?rt5I, cue of the names of Doorga.

^ijrf^, s. Tii^ ci9n, f^ ^^ ^i^T^ sn^^ iithr ciitwi^, f£ff«rrl[

F^l ^ ^^ng'f^ ^, the three days in the month of Ahar

believed by the Hindoos to be unclean.

"'5ITR, s. 9ff%, "sm^ ^^ ^T^ TfR'sr ^i%, motion, the sun's course
north or south of the equator.

^^•ftHRP, a. ^f^l;, ^Ct]% ^ ^"^l, ^vithout a keeper or master.

^^f^j~5, a. ^ ^•^Tl, %'^^i not preserved, not kept or restrained.

^^^, 5. ^rf^, ^^^ l!t^"R, a forest, a wilderness, a thicket,

'^^l, a. =^fi C'-dl'^l, ^C^5Tt^ ^•iTl, suspended, hangedj s, the act

of suspending or hanging.

^^•pgf^, a. ^W\ ^fl:K-"5n, ^^:g, without a king or ruler; $. an


^<lfe?J , V «, £t^ ^i^.?n ^, ^^^^, ^^?RJ, -fel^, without inhab-

^5r^;§t, ) itanls, without subjects, a desolate place.

'^fe s. TI3F, t^^, an enemy.

"^T^"^ ^fV, 5. ^f?f ^jf^ 5fCl, "fewi f^f^, emulation, rivalry.
"^ft^JRI, 5. wf*«I^U ^t^f religious offerings.

'^f^f^*!'! a. ^^i^if^, f^fs ^sii^l, not conformed to rule or custom.

'Si^f^, s. 'Slfil^l, ^tcl C^tC^t^l* fsr-JI, disrelish, disgust, aversion.

^RJ^, 5. ^ifj? 3Fit?f/t, ^;§r, ^^1 ?fS", the dawn, the sun, Aurora, the
sun's charioteer ; a. the red or purple color of the dawn.

^^C^Tiff?, s. t£Tl5^. ^ca C?^ f?<3l ^5it, f^cst «t^^1, the dawn.

"5I^Wi%, s. ^^1 ftc^^, ^fJi% ^1C^ ^f^^ ^tsfjtf s^t^T, the name
of a star j in mythology the wife of Bohistho muni who
is said to have been turned into a star.


^IC^iMf, a. fk^r^U ^^ ^Pi^. »^^ diseased, healihy.

5- -^S}:^ ^*fMf, ^mi ^^^ t*»e act of presenting an oblation.


^snri, 5* '^'^"f^ *^^ f^C^^i a sacrificial vessel.

^^il, ^ a. ^^1, <^1^ ^^'1 ^RT>f^'» respect, honor, worship.

^^;i, ^U-^"^^ ^:», earnings, gain; a. acquired.

^B!I, s. ^rs';r,

^^TC**^, s. ^$^f<^^^, "^^^ ^T5, obtained by one's own labour.

'«?-§;r, 5- *rri ?^I^ ^^ %!!. Nif^^'f^, name of one of the sons of
Pandoo, famous in the story of the Alahabharat j name of a tree.

^^, 5. ^^ ^2^, «"r>f, 'WTSSI^. 5HiI. wealth, meaning, purport.

^5*1 ill, s. £<T<i'si*, fiiC^Jfir, Bjrm «?1, a prayer, a petition, a request,
isr^fe, a. ;53fTfiT» ft^ft. poor, needy, destitute.
^^^tiT, 5. ^^ f<S5:^, ^^ ^^1, the iuvesiigation of a meaning.
'Slvf^Tar, a. >ffi?, 55f^, rich, wealthy.

^5fT5, ad. ficnnz, ^5?3, namely, that is to say.

^^ftil?, 5. ^HJ «^, another meaning.

^r«f, a. ^p(, £t:«f^r^tf?, sr»lft?T?, rich; «. a pctitionftr, a beggar.

^C^. ad. ^KC^. fsifsfC?, C^5C?^, about, for the sake ©f.

'c:>f, a. ^:x], «lT?f'«ir^, J^snc-^, *fl«5TiT, half, a moiety.

'BiVfj^, 5. C9'A^ "SfUf^-oifiT, a half moou, a crescent.

^^ ^TFa 1. ?«tf ?Tf^, irrftjjl, midnight, half the night.

WTT, «. ^Hfl ir<^. «T»J1. half of the body, a wife.

^Clfif, a. '8JtC«fff, >£JfX^, '«rr?.'5, half, the half of any thing.

Sl'fA, 5. cm<n U^U «T3rt fifitl, ^^»i^ ^n, ^54 it «4l, the ast
of making over, surrendering, or dedicating an oblation.

^^H\, % 1. f#f?I, ^iT^fst C^r«ll, given, dedicated,

^^\ i

^r«f5, a. ^9iA Tfj'i, CJllWt^t, idem.

^«P<hf, a. if^ C^iS, a hundred million.
^W, 5. CTt^ f^Cfli the hemorrhoids or piles.

'Bflf, a^x. CST'jfj, ^*t^^, implying liability, subjection,

^^f ^5", «• f^f^ Sft^, a kind of pulse.

^STfT-ifj, a. ^5k:?^<, f^T^JT, ^:^^« innumerable, countless, many, much.
^Jfif^", a. ^^rfsTST. ^<, »flC^ ^ IRl, sii:^!^:^, stupid, lazy, good
for nothing.

^BWVr?, 1- ^r»^^, '^^ Jff^ ^tft ^5^, a jewel, an ornament.

22 ^^
'sr^ff^T, a. ^fyrr, ^?r^r^ f^[% ^W\, ^cumi ^tCTt^l, adorned,*
ornamented, decorated.
^STrT-pf, a. 1a^^, f<I»5 iilC<?ftsTi^, a few, >a little, a small quantity.

^^Trr-si" ^sr^l^'J^, a. l^.\ "^^^j ^5Trr[M<n, a very {q\s^ a very little.

^akTcnnCT, ad. (TTT^ ^TiLcT, f^ '^^i'^'^, soon, shortly, in a little while.

^Bfrfpf 5f^-3ll, «. '^frrf'ff TfTc^C^, ^«<rr^, timid, fearful.

'SlcT-pff^, \ a. ^rri'pf ^<Pi3 s^^], Tfts f7f<ri irns:, short lived, a term
^"TT^^, \ of abuse.

"^^^V'i'^, a. ^L^f^HiTr, irt^r^TTl, few, a little.

"SIctSI, ad. ^>iii, "^2^, ^15", under the protection of, by tlie

assistance of.

^STiT^, a, ^5:t?5T, c=r^^^ C^C^t^, f«t^, fixed, stable, unchangeable.

^cTtF, ». r}t« ;5f$^^ll'., ^^t?^, <:^<?.1, unprofitable, useless, in vain.

^mai ?f=r?1, a. Qi^^tjit ^<1, ^r^'^ '^f^^, fel?^:, crazy, delirious,

out of one's wits, beside one's self.

WC5i«4l, a. ^3i»v<n^, f^^^, ^C^^ "^U^^P, innumerable, very manvi

^?5T- :r??r, ad. t^.Trftc^ f>l<?*co^ri, this way and that way, to and fro.

'srcrTlf^^, ad. •5cit5ci cJ;tC^I^1, ^^f?il, unpopular, not current, not

according to common usage.

^Cclt ^C^'t, a. ^f?|?, ^.^Tl"^, R^T, going this way and that

way, confi^d.

^.f3!^» 5. ^"^ 5f|1, n4j !<>•< 5:f^, an incarnation, assuming a form,

^ff^'^ a. ^^TI'^ C^t^l, ^S^iTpsn, incarnate, descended as a deity

to assume an earthly form.
^?^^, s. ^ flnn, ^TiT^ -s^f^i, -^^ attention, care, regard.

^s^^, 5. 1%^'R, ^1^1%, "RTTtsr, rest, leisure, opportunity, spare time.

^FTfiTf, 5. ^^3, vS^ ^l"^, 3=I^f%, extinction, end, decline.

^?1%^, fl. ^^^TiTf, <,t Jm, ^tl% <2r^. left, remaining.

"^^C^, 5. <rrf^Q|^, ^511%^, a residue, remainder, remnant, surplus.

^?^^3T, ad. -s^^, ^^<5T. finally, at last, last of all.

^I'lTr a. -TOTT, ^^-5^, f^ ^^, certain ; ad. certainly, to be sure.

^S^, s. TfTn, ?r1%, lT?c=r, condition, situation, state, plight.

'STsTl^cTl, 5. corfl ^^1, ^cTTt: ^^1, "STiTi^ '^X\i disregard of authority,

contempt, disrespect.
^5^^, a. ^T^, the eighth.
^H?I^', -*irf. ^^f -^51 1^, ftf^ "fe^lTf, the eighth of a lunar day.
^^^1, a, '<"?^n5f^, C5^ C^^i reduced lo llie last extremity. ,

^Si^Hf, s. ^fk^^ ^rr^ ^l^, the eight principal members of ilio

body on wliich the Hindoos make religious marks, viz. the

two liands, the eyes, the breast, the forthead, ilie throat

and the middle of tne back.

"^srdrsr S^I^, «• W^l'S ^R1» fjnr^r 1% *R1, prostration, touching
the ground with eight parts of the man, viz. the hands,

feet, thighs, breast, eyes, head, words and mind.

3:^, interj. V'^ C^V^ STTT, C^fW ^^, ^1^ ^it, an exclamation of
distress, sorrow or regret.
^[^'x'orj, ) a. ^5?:?;'«f, "^^T^R, fr^, unnumbered, innumerable,
'Sl^'v'^fn, J many.

^'if^i *. ^^*Ti ^'TS^, weakness, want of power; a. powerless, weak.

^>T»3, a. J{'Jfi5 C^'C^A^U vifum, 'SJilite, inconsistent, iucougruous.

'^^f5u), a. •«[h'5 C^rsil, 'CIC3^>5 «istl, unclean, impure.

^1», a. JI3» c^i^TC^l'sn, c^91, U^V, bad, mean, evil.

Vi*I¥, 8. ^^9\,c^Z^'^UW^'S,'^^^f9V\• without trace or intimation.

^^I-^tS, s. ^r?Pn»I, ^-^VS S ^T, unbelief, incredulity, distrust.

^W-^tfij, a. "^rr^^rtf^. f3?^l>Hll4f*i incredulous, unbelieving, Oiith-

less, treacherous.

^*\Qt a. ^t^, UHJ\f9i ftftr» Dol virtuous, uDchattej s. a licen-

tious woman.
>B|Ji>5J, a. ft^, ^Jff^pvf, untrue, false, feigned.

^*»v5J^rif, 5. fii5f^?l, >Si C^lJFi^), a liarj a. untruthful.

'^>i^^, o. fr^^, CTWfSf, displeatsed, dissatisfieii.

^'R'Wf'i?1» o, ^fsf?!, Ff-ofT. sad, sorrowful, displeased.

^«r»!U^JPT, 5. cm^, C<9t<, fTK,W, sorrow, sadness, grief, displeasure.

^r»lW, a. Ty^T^ ClTT^fT C^HC^mi, ^1(1^^, ^^if^?!, ^rnfV, wild,

barbarous, savage, uncivilized.

^^^^^, «• ^^ C^tsjl, f^fV C*rrc^i^U incomplete, unfulHIIed,

^^^55, a- ^^ C»(f^4l, ^ft ^l5f^"Ji'3ptT^, improbable, inconsistent,

unreasonable, strange, odd, uncommon, extraordinary.
'SPT^^, 5. 'Srsj-tts, ^^7 ^ 5T» a neglect, an affront, an indignity,
'5IJ1^5, a. ^nT'i, ^t?*il7?f, reluctant, averse, unconsenting.

%i7\^\-, 5. ^5r:s(T, ^xi(i], Ti^ii ;(?p^l^ a dishonor, an indignity,

an affroDt, incivility.
24 ^
^^^Rilt, a. TT^;? CITrCc7t^^ ^?J C^T^t'te? ^'^^^, ^B^fj^l, with-

out a priest or religious teacher, uridiscipled.

K5i7iriT>1, s. 'i\^ c^TCs^t"5rl, ^«1^r^ ^ 51^1; ingratitude, unthankfulnes.«.

^^cnthf, «• T^i^ C^TCcTi^', ^<1^T^ ^ Sj^n, ungrateful, unthankful.

^Jiir;^-, s. JTJ^^i, C^W^ «T^1, impatience, non-endurance.

^^^|VJ?, «• ^f^^ CJ{T^^% C'<|^'^;:( ^^1, unendurable, unbearable.

^J^t<I7T5, a. c^ CTf-slI, ^CJft^^, fi(cT?f, not present, behind one's back.

'ST^tit^, 5. ^^T?^, fftf^ 5T 9|^1, disregard, disesteem.

^JJt^, a. ^^T^, ^^il, ^^tfH", unrighteous, immoral, bad.

'^Jit^T, a. cm'^V, W%Jf f^r^J, impossible, impracticable.

^Tftfj^ 5. "^sr^-i', ^1 /Tlfs, '^fV-^ , unhappiness, discomfort, restlessness.

^7it?, a. Tjt^ ^!tf^?l% fi^7|S5?I, unsubstantial, worthless.

^5IT<^^, a f^Ti^cT, 'Si^of^, ^ji^, fruitless, in vain, ineflfectual.

^JlTl['<rU, a. "STJT f^f^?', 33?cT[ ^ 51^.1, ^t^^ C^IC^mi, "Ot vigilant,

careless, unwary.

"^f^Mf <i. f^fV CJT*C5I^1, 'Si^T'^^Tfi "^£{51 if^^, unaccomplished,

uncompleted, unsubstantiated.

'^sjT^f ) «• '^^^i ^I^^ C^ti;^'!^l, "^^t^T CPR, unequaled, unparal-

^sr^sr, / leled; s, the country of -Assam.

'^>ivj'$, s. ^^cT, '^i^^^, out of season; a. untimely, inopportune.

^>iSJ^, s. 7rsi% ^ cn?ri, 'P'^f^ ^ 9t^, the want of connection, or

agreement; want of relation to; without fitness cr propriety.

^^^f, X (i- ^r?ri\w, ^^^T, ^sjosft^, incompetent, unable, incapable.

Mi3i5|l?t, a. ^5^iF, 'ilril ^m, uneven, undulating.

"^pffij^, 1 a. '^T^"i55" (Htf^iin, belonging to Assam, Assamese.

^f^, ^ a. ^C^W, ^TBfi^, ^<lf^1^, unbounded, unlimited, endlesa.

^f'T^, a- ^^5, "51151^ ^ ^§1^, impolite, unpolished, vulgar, rude.

^^"or, s. F'^r, C<J*Cri>l, suffering, affliction, distress.

"^"^T^H, a. ^5iwf%1> "^t^lTI; unhappy, sad, uncomfortable.

^351%, G. ^«tlT5, "5^1, ^if^, ceremonially impure, unclean.
^^^, a. ^c^ ^it^, #llj fpRH, ^-s^^ «r^, incorrect, inaccurate, alloy-
ed, insincere.

^^, «, "^51^1?!^, f^m, unpropitious, bad, evil.

^jpl, 5. f<r<rt^, f^\Tl, <f5f ^-^r CWf^tZ C^t^^l, malice, hate, envy.
'3;^, s. IWTJ WT^?!i a fabulous race of demons or evil spirits;

fig. a very wicked person,

^^f^, «. C^r<W^C7:<n, 5JC^I"51, ^T«=irfVf, ugly, ill-favored, unsightly,

NftiC>ii«> 5. vijR*<f ^5^, C^^ ^ ^^1, a species of flower, free from griet.

^C^^5^, 5. ^CjftWr, C?rf^r<rt«7 cr<n, the want of elegance or beauty.

^C^^l, a, C^Wl C^m^T^I, 'ST^^f^, crr<rTt?=f CZ?1, ill-favored, ugly,

inelegant, uncomely.

^T:Tr?lW, a. GWsiV^ 3Ti^f^, C*1C<*1, tasteless, insipid.

'BTCSFft^, s. ^^VSn wr^ srrnr ]f551,

the ceremouial uncleanness of
birth and death.
^w'Hwi, a. <5i^f^ C^TSII, 5^1 «!«t1, unclean, impure, ('ceremonially
^r?I, 5. sn^ carpsn, 7?n, the sotting, of the heavenly, bodies.

^TffiffVi ^ »• ^iT STTT c«t^t *frj, the fabled western mountains

W?JT5T, i behind which the sun sets.

^U, 5. Jfl. ^rft ^f? ^ fy^fT m, a weajwn, an edge tool,

a missile, arms.

^5:3 'rar, s. ^}^ ^iW%«n, arms, weapons of war, armor oflensivo

and defensive.
^TsrW^, s. WM^ CVT7, the blow of a weapon.

^srrrfTi a- ^f^«J» ^^*f f'ffel, transitory, temporary, fleeting.

^^, 8. ^J, a bone.

>5lf\4, a. Wfir?, ^^Ji'T. »J?5^, unstable, wavering, unsettled.

^TJ^n, 5. ^sr5>fi, ^VMJ, Cl[^1, distrust, disregard, the treating any

thing with contempt as incredible.

'srgj, 5. ^^ *fTf^, 5^ cn, C^rs^, a tear.

^55-5, a. ^^^, srrgj^ ;n^, unheard of.

^gj-pfTS, s. 5^ C»n ec»rr«n,5^ *fl1^ C^mi, shedding teare, weeping.

'^T?, s. rfrri, a horse.

^STTJ^T, s. ^1?.4 sfs, a species of tree; the Ahant.

^5PJC^>f, s. c^m 7i% r^nn »^, the oflcring of a horse in sacrifice,

mkfk, s. \fk, *ilil^5 ^^n^^ 2t^ ^^13, a mare; in Hindoo

mythology the first of the twenty seven stellar mansions.

^srf^ fsrr^, s. CHUA C^, CJfSn Itc^tT!, the fabulous physician3

of heaven; twin gods said to be begotten of Hurjyo tlie

sun, and his wife Honjoya in the shape of a mare.

26 ^5rrt

^5r?:, interj. ^pFf, ^< C?lif^ "S^T^, an exclamation of pain or


^Sf^Tt^, s. ^, ^oTTCs^J^IIt:^ ^^'jf^ ^51^1 5R1, pride, self esteem,

egotism, self-conceit.

^5>,ipiR, «• ^ff?", i<5iJ4rl%, feic?, ?f|vf proud, haughty, scornful,

disdainful, self conceited.

^51^51, s. ®Fl% 1%(7PT, ^t^ "^rfel ^l(.«2.i5T^ ^^^, the Assamese race.

-o^^h"^, «f/. JiTft^, *9r|%<R ^=(ft1%5l, continually, day and night,

without cessation.

^ST^l? s. ^^STtf^ 5]^, coming, approach.

^5r5l C©t^1, 5. 9f5Rl ^fiR, coming and going.

^srft, 5. Tl^f^ yrt«T, a serpent, a snake.
'^srfi^'NTi^, a. ^«f^T^ ^ ^"^TJl, 1%\^1 ^ ^^'. uot injurious, harm-

less, inoffensive.

^srf^Mfl, 5. 1^'s^<5T^, harmlessness.

^f^, a. fe^Sf, 7^:5; "^s, against, inimical, opposed to.

'^rftc^p^, s. ^"s^f-^ C<p^, 'snnir^, opium, the poppy, said to have

sprung from the venom that fell from Maha-Deu's serpents.

'^f^JL^F^, s. ^ifK^ C^, the hood of a serpent.

^5n:^*^;^sf, ad. wf^ srsi^C^, ^ ys^:^, very zealously, by

every means.

^li^THfl, ad, fw^ XlTly feR ^CTJ%^, by day and by night.

^siC^'tc^h^n, a. C^lCcilWl, "few if^^ ^tf%?]1, simple, foolish, shal-

low in intellect, aimless, haphazard.

^1 ^-^^ 7:^-5 C^n^ -^rXc? ^^^ «i)^ ^C<^ f^«5r, (T) the proper

sound of this vowel is that of a in father^ but it is often shortened

and has the sound of a in America^ especially when unaccented,

as in the word ^^tt", all. It never has the broad sound of a in

hall, so common in Bengali. When joined to a consonant it is express-

ed by the symbol, (1) placed on the right hand. As a prefix, it is

equivalent to even to, up to.

^^, .'^. srri%, srf^, C5c^^ srn:, ^ -sc^^ ^ ^^^i^ c^^, mother,
a term of affection, the small pox.

'^{fi, inierj. Tfv^ STT^i; ^^^t^ ^ '^i\t f^t^, an exclamation

of suffering or of sudden alarm.
^;>8 27

^t^^r^, 5. ^r^i^ tuf^, s[lt^, ^^R, ^rssrtS, a queen, a king's


•5:1^ (.W%T], s. ^C^IT Sl«^r<l<Ji'5 frcTTZl, address of any respect-,

able woman among tlie A horns.
^T?^f^, 5. f®C<l^f^ ST^CSTC^ srs*, a term of affection used in addressing

aJT^C^e, s ^snr flf, ^^ C^rt^T fwylf^, C^^ GT -^^ srtr, a term

used in addressing the daughters of the king, also the

daughters of all respectable people, affectionate address.

^ l^Ck^i l, s. mSJ C^Ti^^ f^^nn, ^^, a resjiectable woman.

^srr^f^, s. ^laffw, yjr, vU^rfii^, a part, a particular ijuarter or side.

"^n^f^ *fTST, *. ^TtT3 <^ vflf^ ^TPr, the wild pan.

-sTi^i', .«. c9r^c^. c#:^, C9W^ ^rs c=n cm^, «-«m, a snarl, a
tangle, an involvement in difficulty.

^r^ ^*f5, a, or^l C*l5l, f^'^n vri srr^, a term of abuac.

^50^ JT ^T^, 5. JTT^ fi[^fi?r, c#T^ C*fT^, C7C?r»rf9f, a medley, coufu-

sion, disorder.

^STT^fST 9T^f^, a. F^ C^rrrS ^fvi 'snfw CSf^ afi»J vUTI, reciwi^

to and fro with hair disheveled as in distress, or when

half a»leep.

^'1"S1ti ^T%r«T, a. ^rrf^ ^<1^ »«ft irfrf5» ipi, oftifj s$p^, wander-
ing about in a distracted manner, insane.
srr^f^i^, a. ^^ TT^ C^T^, snarled, tangled, confused.
"a;rS^1, *. T^i^ TfTl, 6*3 C^*^, the act of snarling or tan-
gling; a. confused, tangled.

^6, prefix. CZJT^, ft^, 6C"Brr, ^TT^, ttS, WT5IT5 JUT, evil, base,

bad, contrary to, the left; iHUrj. an exclamation of surprise.

^8^, 4. ^^rfV?! ^5, fwrsfiin, a species of wild yam, an evil

disposed person, base born.

srreifi, s. 'sns^, f^ifitr ^?fir «r^, cb«i fir ^W, the act of

leaning against any thing.

srr^^, 5. >fT^ CBTTST ^p^n, ^rcsrrsn, the melting or refining of metals.

"57T6<5ft^, 5. Cl^ ^5, C^in firnj, bad seed, base origin.

^S^^n, «. C??1 ^^iH, €C5TTi ^^, evil communication, contradiction.

^S^^f^, a, AWJl^ ^ ^I3T?r5 ^«n 5^831, contradictory or oa-

reasonable in speech, disagreeing, adverse.

28 ^^
"SllS^fen, CL 51^ fs^ f^<rl, ^^ ^RT|% 5TT1, '^^C^rTl ^^^, turning
away the ear, heedless, inattentive.

^T^^^, s. ^^ ^t, ^?f ^ <?t^l ^^, -Awood of an inferior quality,

soft sappy wood.

^^S^T^, 5. ^^6 ^"^ ^6 5CT1, ^5IiK:»rTClfT5r, ^^, the turning a

deaf ear, turning a\/ay from what is spoken, pretending
not to hear.

^^^t«?, s. C^<I1 ^Trf, ^\<^, an unpropitious time, an embrace^

a. ill-omened, inauspicious.

^tS*^?!, a. ^R<rl ^'^, "RFtf^ ^r, obstinate, stubborn, refusing

to work, dogged.
^S^^r^l, 5. CSfTSTI <^«4r^, the washing and rinsing of any thing.

^€^'f^<n, o. Jll?f^<rl, vi5<iif^<nj, ^«i r^<I l, not level, aslant, lopsided.

"STT^ir^^, 5. T5I^, ^ ^ c^*?n C^T^I, misfortune, mishap.

^t«^f^, s. Fsn ^^fUf^, ^??" C^t^it^ C^^C^T-psn ^ft", C9fC<^R, a place

where filth and refuse are thrown.

^t^s^ 6^511, 5. ^(fen -pffern? ^srfc^ ^in, wi«=t t^i?T^ 5:m, the act

of ministering in sickness.

^^fB", 5. ^'PtT^ #Tf5, the selvedge of cloth.

^«\^, 5. -s^if^ sTcrmi, -mf^ ^^^frrf^ ciJt<pTf^ c^rsn the act

of paddling, rinsing or moving any thing to and fro in water.

^>S^5f%, s. Z,"^ Tf «ftf^, '^, a deep place in the channel of a river.

'^rrsijf^.^n, a. ^?TR?n W^4?1, ^^t^'^fj^rl, not perpendicular, aslant.

'^^^ ^5rr^f^, 5.

^M W^,
VJI ^tTf f^^Tif, ^f^ ^1%, contention,
strife, emulation, rivalry.

^>e^r?7, 5. ^«TPT«7, the left side, the wrong side.

"STT^S^pM S[^, 5. ^!r<^lci 5rcl» C^ ^^1« ^ side blow, a slap, a shove.

^!<j<lf, j ^,^ C^^sn ^^•h'^, a species of tree in great repute

among the Ahoms.

'^^^fen, a. ^sr^ ^C^^fen, ^sr^ferl, pertaining to. an un-
lucky day, aslant.
"^€^1^, s. ^r:^?^, ^^f^f^, a wrong way, an evil course of conduct.

^S^t^? s. c^<n^t^, ^f^. a prohibited or unlucky day.

^ts^tS, s. vS^lfit^, ^5 ^T5 ^f^, the manner or method of

doing any thing, gesticulation.

^t«2r^^, s, ^ F-^r ^Vr^ srrli f^rrj^ t"^ ^T, an unnntmal or very

painful death.

'5rTs^f5", V. ^EPsrrJT ^R1, 5^-5 ^^rt^r ttc^ m^ <1Ti, to practice, to

learn, to commit to memory.

^Tg c Ti ^ i, s. :r"5 «rTf%^t?T f^i, '^'•r^ ^c^mi, TKf4?i ^n, the

act of practicing or of committing to memory ; a. com-

mitted to memory, practiced, learned.

wis^, 5. <^f^ «ft5, ^r^c <^rf^^T5f -f^rsr *m ^ift"^ C5:<^ 5T^,

the lower portion of a roof, the eaves of a house.

^^Tfen, «. ^«^f^. C^TCT^^fWI, vfl^iTn, left handed, out of

the way, al one side.

^r«n *. "^«Bn, the act of leaning against.

^S^r:5, «. trs^rs. C^rc^Trrra, the left side, the left hand.

WTacirsn, s. ^jor^n, WT«^;t, ^^r^R^n, contempt, disregard of

authority, neglect.

wTSClT^n. «. ^e«nt c^nwi, We^, the act of placing one

thing against another in a leaning position.

"^r^f*, V, ^rsf^, f^fftcT ^Xfw, to lean against, to lean or rest on.

"^S^jf^T^n, a. Wf %.T^ C^CT C*rmi, a measure of size, as much

as can be claFped by both arras.

^65', «. ^m C^rr^rrs "^^ fw ^dfrsn irrft, a piece of land sur-

rounded by a furrow for ploughing.

^S5% *. <l^ ^ Ofpsn, the act of washing the mouth ; a. washed.

^^Wl, I. WT«in, f*fftc^ ^wfw ^r^i CBVrfir ^rvi, leaning against.

"^T^T <iT«?, 5. C*t^ fCVrsn, ^TTmC wft^?J& ^ri. griping pain, colic.

^'^'T^f^, I «. ^JJl<i*iri, Clfrar irri frfVf, the disappearance or last

"^^f^, i change of the moon.

^1 ^Ti» s, C^TS csrfi'l Vf^^n, W or^, the act of opening the mouth,

^T^, J. ^T5. f^, C?<1, f5^fir?1, Vr^ C«TT^, ^nr, a mark, point,
iiae, crack, a numerical figure.
'ait^f^ ^rfir» 5' ^T^^^ ^tfti an instrument for marking lines.
^l<i»<l<P, a. 'A<9\<<9], t(m\ <T^fsr?n, striped, variegated, spotted.

"^il^^^iol, 5. TTt^ sr^, CTTCirrsn C^C^r^n, ^^ »I3?, the breaking off of

friendly intercourse, an enemy.
^1<kI, a- ^^^1, srrs ^^ ^^ C^r^i^, having an impediment in

the speech^ tongue tied.

:30 <lfe

^|<;.rj| , s. f^fk^ "^rs^ '^'^y t^»e act of perceiving or understanding;

a. perceived, understood.

•#r^sTj3n, a. ^R^ ci<tci C^X'^iV^,^ <P5'5 ^^ "tT'^TT^ ^R;:, not

plentiful, scarce, hankering after, greedy.

^'Tt^, V. ^t^ Hf, f^^ Pf, fs^i'V, to rule, to mark, to stripe.

^1^f^, 5. "Il^fu, ^;9f cwt^ C^rpsn ^tR, a liooked instrument used

to seize and draw vith.
'^i(.<>l^ <1C<I>T^, } «• C<*C^T-C1 ctc<3>kl, cf^ cti%» crooked, curved,
"^'K^^TTIi 5 bent, turned.

^tC^K'jflSil, o. vi|^i%<ri, ^ <>RC^ C^C~4T51, of one word, obstinate,

self-willed, head-strong, determined.

^C<5T^T^, s. Wt ^rSTC^f, ^7^ ^^, a double armful, as much as

can be clasped by both arms; with "SlTR to embrace, to clasj).

"^^75, s. C^^Ti, N^t^, ^1^ C^Ivn. a mark, a point, a line, a crack.

^^752=1, 5. ^'PlX^ "STi^, f^^R ^?f ^^the end or flowered border

of a cloth.

^^t5^, ^. 'ilT^f^Hn *ilRin^ <?T^R, an Eria cloth worn single.

^5, s. ^^f^ ^Jgrl, colored thread.

^ l^-^l% i
s. ^?nj; ^j^^ fpnn ^-s^, a cloth with a flowered border.

^^T^S"^* s. "ST-iT 5f2^, '^ij^iiw ^n, causing the mouth to be rinsed.

^T5^f%, ^
s. WT^ ^^fjl, ^T5 C<lC5ll^i>Jl '^, a tree the root oi

'^75W.c, 5 which is used in coloring yellow.

^15ilr, V. '^Z'^C^ ^^^r^l, ^I ^RS^, to scratch, to comb.

-aTlTJR f^i^^, V. ^C^r:^ ^^]1% •5i'-ifTi%i^ ^TC^TTI, to scratch, to
lacerate, to use every means to, obtain a livelihood.

^^Ft^, s. f^^, ^-^r^ "511, a mark, a scratch.

^^1^1, 5. "^^ ^RS^, ^^< C^fCcTT^, the act of combing the

hair, scratching.

v^ilbtfyf, s. ^-?.1%, Ft ^rrs^ C§rr<r, a double handful.

^iCSfT?-, 5. C51T'^ ^if^ ^^, a short sudden pull, a twitch.

^C^^ "RfClTR, s. ^T^R, ^t€5iTTl ^hfR, pulling back and

forth, scuffling, scrambling to obtain.

^TGgim, a. c57iC^ ^5?R -ij^rrt ^sri, ^?jR^ ^5rr55r, "^^[^ ^r^,

jerked, twitched, pulled suddenly, intricate, difficult.

^T^itT, 5. 5-5^^ ^1^, an upper floor, a platform, a scaflfolding.'

^t^, s. ^tl '^^irT, rf:f?f J^fCl ^^5 gum? any sticky substance.
"i^lft?^, s. 7??^ ^f^iJCT Jl|%^ ^5T, a species of planta'm having see.ls.

^srrt, 5. ®T^, ^S5il ^^5ra[ «*R ^rrfi), the knee; conslrncied wiili ^if^
or ^rtf^, to kneel.

"^rr^^srf^TII, ) n. "^T^t 'i'rt^, ^'<Ai:. knee deep, reaching to the knee.

"iTt^l, s. src^ **rT? C^ I ^ <l I "5n<r5^, srsfc? a musquito curtain.

^'Tt ^1, s. ^KH ^tCT C»l^l, 'SUt *nf4 ^1, the going about
on ihe hands and knee?, creeping, kneeling.

repeatedly touch the ground with the knees when cniering

the presence of the king.

^tV C9X^j s. ^T^ srtft??rci^T^ ^^z^, touching the ground with joined
knees as a token of rc^^pect.

^it TjJ, 5. '^h^T fH»n, the knee pan.

^Tt C«Tr«I1, 5. <1^ vf^l, ^1^ ^1, the act of kneeling.

^^. 5. c*f^^ snft", ^^, ^JTPT \^, the entrails, the end of a ihre-iil.

^JltlS^^Tf^, a. ftf*f5I, 55^t^^, ^U^Tfir, ^W Or^l, penurious,

miserly, grasping.

<rT3r, o- f^^, ^Tc?:i^, ^X'^, fti^ii:^, reniored,aeparnto, di»tinct, apart.

^iCS^'SircS, ad. C<^C^ C*fC^,fi5i;c^ fsZCr.-^TO ^TCif , pri? atcly, secretly.

^r^f^, 5. Wt irTTfsr VIVI <f3r, vUl^-^nr c*n^l <r,<r. a fire brand.

^^, i. rf^, 4lF, C^^CUJI, ^^ fr^f^l* a hcnd, a crook, an wl)

siructiun or derangement in machinery.

^CTT^^, 5. ^f^ C^sr, lunacy, epilepsy.

^irfen, a. ^\S^ C?TC<f *f^ '^p. iiHintic, epdeptic.

<T5-, i. ST^^ ^nfirC '^jf'W, ^, C*f^^^. ^rs, a muscle, a ihi. »..

of a spider's web, the fibres of wood, the secrets of the heart.

"iT'JT, >. ^sr^l^ l%'«fT, the name of a sacred tree.

^l^*n^, s. pR, vm\ ^ir>f4 ^T» the fibrous or coarac part of anyihin^r.
^r1%<n, a. cl^^ 5w^ f^^is^ csrw, c^i^sn c^^^j, haviipj th-
smell of raw meat.

"^^TIt^i, s. ^1^1%, W^ ^5131 Jf5, implements, edged tools, weapons,

munitions of war.
^TT^^'TI, s. ^1, ^T^l, iS^m\f desire, wish, expectation, hope.
^STR.^, i. WTC^C^^l, f%^ TtTT^ caric^^^, audacious, having
neither antipathy nor aversion.
32 ^<r
^T^, a. fk-^ TTt^ Jrft'f^, <t\^Xv\ c^, without disgust fear or

aversion, unpalatable.

>5rr<P Ht^i pron. $'^<» ]^^, this an^ that.

Ni{l<liW, s. fTT-ilT RC^R, the name of a shrub.

^rf, a mine, a quarry, origin, source.

^t^JTf^, 5. ^^, ?rc^C^ ^R1 ^ "^^ri, attraction, the act of drawing;

with ^f%, to attract, to draw, to influence.

^^^CT^, a. C#y^, ^C^t5f f^5^ ^^, not come to the age of rea-

son, young, immature.

^5rr^f% <T^^, s. % PI, ^^-.(SlTl <?5, ^t^^ CSfT^t^, this and tliat,

tilings of no value.

^T^flf, o. ^ ^fu^ J,6i»Jl, not knowing how to weave or spin.

"STT^;^, a. m'^r^ C^rsn, ^f^^lR<II, vfi^ ^tX covered with

rubbish, knee deep.

^T^t^, s. ^if^fz, ^?r, shape, figure, form, appearance.

^;loi5*I, 5. i4'J5l^, wf^'srj, <rr?r'?5^ ^|tr<>vil Jisft", a famine, dearth-
^ilo|*i, 5. ^^, 9f?fJr, ^-s^f^, the sky, space, firmament, above.

"^'.^m ^r1%, 5. ^rl% ^ferl -^tft ^T^PTS ^rc^rsn "^if^, a lantern

suspended on high by the Hindoos in October and
November, a beacon.
^i<5»i*l 5[!3c7, s. ^1^1^ ^SRm, C^rtC^^ N6Jl<Iil>l, the circle of the heavens.

^T<iiTR, a. ^t^Tfj *it^, N6]i<l>|3^"^, aerial, celestial.

^^fyi '>r^, 5. -^^f ?r^, ^rw\ ^f^ ^^r^rs «r^i ^^r, the milky
way ; the heavenly Ganges of Hindoo mythology.
^"i^rrpl ^T^, s. -^^f ?-|f7r, ^'^^ <^fTl C^mi ^T^, a voice or
sound from heaven, or from above.
^l(.<Pk^C<^t5, a. ctc^C"^1, c^C^iTl, C^#1 C^1%, crooked, bent, curved.
'snx^X fid. -sf^T!^, ^^?T<f, ^^^, again, a second time, once more.

5^^1, a seizure, an invasion; with ^fc, to capture , to seize.

^^sTif^^, s. ^-st, 51^", ^STT^"^, ^fz, shape, form, appearance.

grasping, miserly, avaricious.

^^rgfl, a. ^>\:h} \>\, ^cTJ, ^c<tT^^^ ^^, unpracticed, unskilled,

unaccustomed to.

^k;^, s.
^^Jk ^v, ^5 ^^r^ c4^ *^.
whim; a.
^f^ ^^^
cliiUlish, silly,
^ ^"^ %
caprice, a childish

^STT'ilir, s. ^•»f7^, ^"j a letter of the alphabet, type.

^K^, 5. 9frR ^rsRi, ^15 1%^ ^ ^^Ji*i ^Ri, 5ri<R cirr^i, the

act of learning and practicing music and dancing.

^t^T?!^, «. ^<r^ ^^, "^n? T^, marked, written, wrinkled, aged.

^T«f«T, s. ^X%fk Jfl^, ^rs ^^1 ^T^, a kitchen, a cooking place.

'srT'^n, s. C5t^, ^KR *r5i ^r?; "p^ <c^i^i -^ ^ ^«ini a support
on which a cooking vessel is placed while over the fire.

"^IMr^fTjin, «. ^^r^ ^C^ 5,^^ 5f^t^ ^n ^ C^^rsil, seated or

stationed about like the three supports on which a cooking

vessel is placed.

^lf<r, 5. ^.^ f r«[?" ^^, ^P5T^ ^P?, ^ftill^ ^^y a knot, a bunch
of plantains, a bundle of sprouted paddy for iransplantiij".

'Srrf^nn, i-. ^ri'Vf ^^, i\lii Vf^, bearing fruit in clusters, knotty.
^anc^TW, 5. ftrvJn, ^«m;5n ^rc, fW«T, hate, iU win, a grudge.
^It<, 5. 991 Vt^, parched corn.
^snt-ftfTI csn^, 5. ^«t'^flfw, a spcciet of venomous snake.
WTt'^f 2TT^, 5. ^It<r? f^, a Bwecl-racat composed of parched corn
and treacle.

"TT-tfJl^, 5. r^^^, tft^Pl, a story, a description, a relation.

^<f, 5. 2r«rir, «^^. TTlt, rjr, ^<jrs, firsts prior, chief, the first
part, the front, the point or end of any thing ; with ^Tf^^ to
meet, to welcome, to accompany a short distance
at parting
^w^, 0. ^r<m:5 5F^, C5,4f5 ^^ ^^^ f^^^ ^fT^FT^ 55^,
to present before, to introduce, to place at the head, to
present as a religious offering, to vow.

^«rf5^fi-. V. ^^rc^^^, wnf^inn, to obstruct or hedge up a way.

'^^C5^r5n, X 5. ^sr f*f^ ^, 'an^ dtw^ srsf^r^r ^:sr, a shoulder,
^3rr?rc5^, ] a fore leg.

^^rfen, rt. ^sTTc^rcir c^*^, ^ c^sn ^pbtt ^sncsrc? (xi^, prior,

before the proper time.

;jrep. 5rT<n^, r^, Sfiintns, ^r;;^15, before, in tjie presence
^^C5» 3 of, at the top, at first.

^^f^, a. t^^i:^ C^^, the first.

^^!^ <rKf^^ 5. Sf^^c^ Ct^rr^l <t^f^, the first and strongest ley.


34 ^t^
^^^r^^, s. -pflcf^^ ^^, ^ cT^ri, expectation, anticipation, about
to be, arrived, come.

^?f«rrT5, -) a. ^sr ^si^, -yf^^, ^?n f^f^, ^sn^^^^l^, first anJ

^STT^rf^, ) ia^l' preceding and succeeding, serving, ministering.

'Sn^f^^, 5. C-sTi^r^ ^rp5=T, ^ ^T^r, C^l W-X^, "sn^ ctrstc^, the first part,

top, the right side, the front side.

growth, progress, advancement; a. advanced, groun, gone to

meet another, exceeding the proper measure.

^5f ^^, V. ^^ ^xt ^ft^ c^rsn ^ ^5Ri, ^9f ^5f <r:i, to go

to meet or accompany a person a abort distance.
^l-Jf ^Tf¥i «^- ^9Pr^1, ^^5:rf^, ^^i^, to grow, to increase, to go to

meet or accompany another ; ad. first of all, in advance.

^9r ^^, 5. 2t^ ^:?f, m ^1% TOW ^.^, ^i?f <?R c^i-^m^.i

^^, the first partj with ^1%, to present as a religiou:^

offering, to vow.

'^rr^fsi, s. THa^ ^Ttn, "^JTI ^Tts, the Veds; a large class of writing*

treating of the ceremonial part of the Hindoo religion.

'^ST 51^? s. ^f^lfl, the liver, sometimes used for the heart.

^st^^T, s. ^T^ 6^1-^1, an arrival, a coming or going, an occurrence.

^9r^<n, «. W? ^T5C^n% ;jf^ C^rt^ C§fT<r, a measure, -as high a&

one can reach standing up.

"SlT^t^lT, 5 (J\\ '^rj, the right hand.

"srr^R, s. -^ff^tsrst^ ^^, W^ ^^1, more than sufficient, excess.

^•JTrf^, «. •rft' t^ i><r*^l<r C^TSI^, super-abundant.

^^rrfc?, s. T^fpR 'STisr, c^^rs c^^n, ?r5^ ^s^^ ^^r, -^ff^rai, the
source of a river, an after crop, fruit out of seasoii.

^9rTf% t%5n, s. ^5r f^?n, ^^tt^ ^^ll ^^^r^, disappointment-,

a. broken off, disappointed, hopeless,

^tf^ 1%T, 5. ^§7!fV<r ^Sf sfF, ^-pff^, a medicinal tree,

"srtfsnn %p, s. t^'^c? ^-i9f ^f^Ql^^ ^r^l, a high bank projecting

into the river, a promontory.

^^1, s. WTC^C? (TSTi^l, 'oiT^ ^1, ^^1, the act of going

forward, advancing, taking the lead, ascending a stream.

'«rt^^, 5. c^ft 5f^^ ^?f% 5f^, ^T?f^, the act of surrounding:

a. surrounded, enclosed, enccmpassed about.
CFTC^^rsn, the act of chewing the cud, mastication.
^rrc^r, ad, <Jc/, Sf^csr, ^csrc<r, ^Jml^, at first, before, forward.

^tsf, ad. ^TC?fC?, CITC^, C^rsn ^rc=fl5, previously, formerly.

^rc^I^I*!, 5. St5T<rl, ^W^ ^^ 5fn, a boatman statioued on the

prow of a boat.

"5ir?fJ1, s. "^XiW^t f^fk, ^^, command, order, direction.

^T^fjr^, a. ^5T, ^r^iR. 15rTf*nn under, subject to, dependent.

'srr^f^., a. ^lOlf^, eager, desirous, zealous.

^Mlvil*, 5. 7t\ ^Tif C«^C^r«n» C^fH «W, a blow, a knock, an injury.

^CSm, a, "^^ frc'T^, eleven.

^ItUW, 5. c^i|ii< 2J^ sm^, ^r^ srt^, the eighth month, corres-
ponding to part of November and December.

^ i{. VIIM >lU a. ^\IH\4 JTl^ C^TTI, born made or produced io the

month of Aghun,
'ftll^l^ , s. ^^, ^^5, ^pn, scent, smell, fragrance.

^irnrtil, 5. ^ «W ^illftT, sUftlf •PJT, a coal of fire, a fishing net.

WTwf^» 5' ^fTl[l%l[ ^r^TT^, t ring for the toe or finger.

wT9f!^ s. vsn^rT!^ ^nf?^ cvtr^^ 'W i^ ^w, ^srt^ ^isr fryHr^,

the branch stems ef a cluster of fruit, a spark of fire.

vsnw TTW, a. TfUi ^JT^ snWT, ^Pff^T^ ifC^ C^fTBH Z] C^Vm, awk-
ward, at work, stupid, incoherent.

^arrWT^I, a. ^rifsin. ^Tsi »if^ ftR, without power of procreation.

^BTTW^'C, 5. ftrec^ CJpsn, ^C«it C5mi, 5T<t^, a long jacket, a long
native garroenL

^IWl^r< s. ^\•^lW^, ^T^< fW 'WTfir. the act of stretching and y awning.


'BlTftf ^JW, s. ^WSCK '^i ^< ^^

t^:^ ^5^, a distor-
tion of the face or body, contortion, grimace.

^BTt^, > 5. 1015 «fiR ^<1. Wrql^ <^^»nf?t cr^r, a fin-er,

OTrfi^, » a finger's width in measure.

a- ^iTTe^. f>7^^ r'<r: ^5n, enough, sufficient, no more.

^srr^^. »

vertigo, giddiness.
^T^^, 5. ^si^^t, ^^ -Pi^S^l,
^C^l^l, Ofr^, ^TT^^ f^TSJ ^J. f^f^» a bramin-
^055^, 5. ^5
ical custom of washing the mouth and touching the eight
principal parts of the body.

36 ^sm:5l

^sm^f^T, ad. ^T, ^si^^Ti:, ^'l^t^j suddenly, unexpectedly.

'STT^^^, 5. 2r^T^, ^T^K, fk^> C^^:^^-, conduct, behaviour, habit,

'^srt^^i, 5. "^^if^, ^lt»^»l ^^^1, a s\v?tch, a stick, habit, practice.

^!^4I ^5TR, V. ctc^Fi dc^f5, Tlc^i 5T W^\, to throw back and

forth with violence, to throw any thing down in anger.

^^T, a. ^5r\3, ^FSfj, f^^^ 5R1, astonishing, surprising,


^sTTUC^psr!, 5. "R^TPsn, St^CTTsrl, the causing to do, or to be done.

^^l*!, a. "sriFfXT, wonderful, miraculous, astonishing.

^\bv\, a. ^^T^T?, TTI^, ^^'s^, f^T^^ difficult, without means of

doing, genuine, original, true.

^1F5T f^5^, «. 55? "^ C^ C^V^y difficult, intricate.

NiJl!>c2_^-], a. ^ill^i^tt^l, f^lf^ ^'?i^, unfamiliar, unacquainted with.

M\b\h RFiT, 5. ^51^ RE>li, ^^ ^f^ ^IJTi^ tossing in distress.

^sity^, a. 3T^r^ ^ ^^^' "^^^^ ^^r^j» friendless, alone, solitary.

^51^, 5. '^Rt;^ CPR, the country of Assam.

^l£>iiJl'l%, S' <r'i^<C 3i»IJlf>i4 CK^rf^ cnT*5i^, a crooked staff used

by travelling mendicants.
"^ !&!<[, s. ^F^T^, 2t<^'^, c^^^T^, c5cT3 c^m^t c^trsn ^smr ^^
C^psrl ^^, conduct, usage, practice, pickled fruit.

^lt>l< <i'-]t, ?;. f<?n>rf ^TTt -s^, C5=i^^T^ C-^rmi, to slip and fall.

^n^T^ S(^, 5. iil<jrrc^tc7 C^^rc^ :nf^ ^if^-a'^il, a slap, a side blow,

a shove, the dashing of any thing down violently.

^^ifc, 5. ^r^^f^f coiui^i c^^'fii, ^^ -^s^ ^^n (oii), ^yr^

JTtf^, "^15^^ ^f^, a twig, a switch, three and a half; v. to

strike, to switch, to throw down, to toss aside, to practice.

^i>k4<pf^, 5. 'PftfTT ^S^^1, •fe?ci<!jr^<tJl, fst^Qj -PiTl, a driving rain.

^Ti^Tsfj, 5. (jyf ^5fjT«T^, ^s^^TW, a teacher of the Veds, a phi-

losopher, a prophet.

^Ifswlt, s. ^STTiWf^, ^?: ITTc^ C^Tsn •^r^TT f^l^^ ^, a wart.

^l^r^?!, ) a. ^t^fen, C?rf^ CftTPsn, ^? ^ ^^1, unexpended, laid

Wt5C^, J up, put aside not to be touched.

instead of, so far from; as in the phrase, Instead of giving

to you, I have not enough for myself. So far from speaking

to him, 1 have not even seen him.
sim|)le, artless, undesigning, without duplicity.
rsriW, a, at¥1, C^'^,
^BTWiT. ad, IR^iT '^^^ ^^^TSTTT *fTl, from one's birth.

^TW^^ ^U ^ l 1> «. ai^r iJC^mi n ^C<-nsr, unwholesome, pro-

ducing or increasing disease.

^S»f<, 5. 3rr?f^, ^?m ^"C^nsn, ^^ ^Tl,m^f*<;l ^TI, leisure, the

act of finishing or completing; witli ^<, to make bare, to

denude, to lay waste to complete.

^lf< TTS^, s. ^".-qri T^Jl ^tfen f?r^, ^fif?n ^^, a time of

leisure, or the absence of pressing uork.

^T^jinn. cifi. ^^ff^Tl, 7^ rrf^ CSTtoa^l. at leisure, unoccupied,


^l5>U t ^ l. ."».
^r»f> ^Rlt %«nf ^TTT. the act of finishing up, the

niaking empty or bare.

^?BnifVW<rf«?, 5. Wl«fTTf»T, 3iy?n «T€ ^R1, C^irrrf«T, pretending or

feigning ignorance, craftiness, cunning, sublilty.

'wniWI. a. ^srsvn, foolish, dull, stupid.

'aniWTt^, «. Wt^TPf irtn#, »ilC^ ^ 1R1 ^^ ^CJ vW, the feign-

ing ignorance of work,

^nwftr, 5. Tfif ft^ f^criAl, a foolish woman; a. dull, stupid.

^JJIU, ad. ^T^^*1C*, reaching to the knee.

wnrtT, s. f7<rj frc^, a species of tree.

^8mrT^ ftarr^, *• <rcWCT C^rrsn, c^ irnj, anger, peevishness,

the uttering of angry words, crossness.

^ntftr, ad. vnt fjR, *il^, to day.

^fttlda 7F\fv[f ad. vfi^ ^yW, now a days, the present time.

^iC^i^^ l, 5. T^nPPf^ 7n:*f^, Sff^rsmr. a paternal great grandfather.

^RTCW!^, a, U(.m<, C9^< C*H3 C^lC^l'ail, not according to


^srrcvt<1, } measure, disproportionate, unmeasured.

^Brrosi^, a. 7pf4Tt^ ^1^ difficult to do.

^TcSfRif^, 5. ^rf%^ ^tfe *rf5Rtf3, a great grandson.

"SflCHH^J^ 3n^, 5. ^K^si ^nyr?" fe^m, ^rcm ^ftiir^, a maternal
' great grandmother.

^><1, i?. f^ fJOrmi 'rr^ *fr5i% :tT5 ^trrlTr. a vegetable or meat curry.

WT^, s. ^;^t^ 7^. ^n^ C-if rsn, ^ C^rsi"!, C^ll^ ?W, a girting,

tightening or compressing; with •*rft, to draw tight, to

girt; with Sftft, to thicken, to coagulate, to congeal.

38 ^sn^

^l"?o, 1 a. 's^fRtfi^^, ^50", 5r^r1%<r, difficult to obtain, scarce,

^'I'^Qi?!, J deficient.

^srf^Trf, s. ^i^srr^, -jitt, sn;^^ st^rt^^ c<it^, ^iirrri c^rr^i, ^^n^,

a guess, a surmise, an intimation, conception.

W^f^^?rt^, «• ^^CeTTvH ^t;^1;1, Fd^,. having abundance, wealthy.

^T^, s. ^"^T^, C-i^^ ^T^ ^1%? 9JR, flour, meal.
^^"r, a. TT^, Ti^^cnl, 5i^<^, all, the whole.

^t"^^^?!, a. fVR%, f^T^T^t^TTl, weak, enfeebled by disease.

^iTicT, 5. ^g-sf^ ^T^, a platform, a scaffolding.
"^t^^, s. ffe^"^ ^^^T^, a call, a scream, a cry; with ^fif^, to call,

to cry out, &c.

"^srrf^, 5. C^^ft^, ^Ii^ft\ ^r?r, a bundle, a portion, a division.

^tf^ %rcl^ O' ^TR 5f^, compressed, tightened, closely bound j 5. the

act of compressing, tightening &c.

"^^ '<rfV, r. ^^tf^ Sff^ ?n ^TfW, to tighten, to compress,

^srff^ -i^f^, V. ^¥ ^ ^^1, ^is CTf-srl^l, to express by signs, to


^fe=l, a. y^i^i:, flfrTl C^::^t^, hard, tough, firm, compact.

^^. a. -F.TOTi, <?'!

^^ C^TC^I^, •irJTl?, even, full, entire,

wanting nothing.

very high, disproportionately high, out of reach.

^TK^n ^^t^, s. "^^ %-5<Q ^^1, "^^gRlRl, ^^ ^Cl, display, show,

^srrc^ c^rft", a. ^t^ fe^, ^r^ ^ ^i^i, tt;§! ^^^n, without

imperfection, faultless.

^t, cr. >sj1c^|^1, w^ ^^1, eight.

^^^r^<Jl, a. ^srt^ 5f%?n, eight cornered, octagonal,

'^rt^'^lft^ 5. ^srr^ tX'<f "Jn^ >^^^j a medicine composed of eight


^^n^, «• n^ '^\% forty eight,

^^f^, a. 'il^ft ^C^, thirty eight.

feast for the bridegroom at the house of the bride, on the

eighth day after marriage.
"^^ ^TJ^, a. ftf^ ^f% ^tt^i seventy eight.

^nW$, a. fi;R ^1% ^snt, si.xty eight.

^rr^2?r, a. F^f^ ^i^, fifty eight.

WTC^ <^^, ad, C ^rt <ll^l C^ferRI, STTTP Jiin:?, now and then,

occasionally, some limes.

^1"S^^. 5. f<rTT<1', ferrf^, IfC^C^^^I, show, display, ostentation, prido.

''smi^, s. C»TI^T«T ^:f^^ ^P^^ <rj?r, the otto or distilled oil of roses &.c.

^snr^TT, s. ^-stlf, 14.^< ^-cfi^ ;n^f^, a remediless evil, calamity.

>fiJlA*1!>, s. jqf^^f 7[^t\^, the custard apple.

^"51, s. rr*f, C5tl>llt<i ^T^ fy^f C41I<5i4 ^Tr'<J^* a respectful title,

addressed to priests and to elderly men.

WTTTt "51^, a. f<ijr«T, f^C5^, 1t^ C^TTI, driven to desperation,


^srmf^, a. ferw f^^ft", cfT-cj csn^srn, ^i^r c^i:*rr«ii, m

variance, out of favour, disliked.

«I!4I« *1TW, nd. "551 ^fl", above and below.

^Tt%, ml. ^srf^Plt, ^^itv, very, e.xcccdinj{ly, greatly.

^ifs^ ^ff^fl, 5. 4(fft ffwrw*:, f^nr sr'!\^, St7, pride, haogli-

tiness, self-conceit.

wr^i^. a. '«m:*rW C*ftl, ^smsrarfr. Hclfish, voracious.

^rr55, ^- f*f f^» UcS^n ^ C*f ;^, distressed, distracted, frightened.

^^f«T, V. trfr 'BTTft^ C^rnn, >S^f?T, to retch, to gag, to heave

AS M'hen about to vomit.

^STT^fffPfrl, a. ^ifl CTTftrn, weighing or worth eight annas.

^«rr5fflin C«i5, s. ^ *p irn, ^W^vr^ ^1, display, show, parade.

WTt5. V. B^F5^ TCTT^R. T^T C^?.t^t resi)cclful address of u

co-religionist or brother disciple.

^rcrm crrvr, 5. ^ ^ffTfirP, 'snirf ^rr^^, any demonstratioo of

aflfcction and respect.
^srrcrW, 5. ^^m Ctm, Wl^ ^SRTT ^^, a rupee in weight.

^5rrC5> f*ra5i, 5. sr^^ *ffts^, '«rTC«<t VCif>, CS^tr CPf«^t^, affec-

tionate expressions of sympathy in suffering, condolence.

WTT, o. ^^\, f^, '^rrc^ft^, self, one's self.

^5frvf3F5, a. ^*[fq[ ^TTI, f=TCW 7F^, done by one's self.

^srm, s. 1%^, JtR, spirit, self, the soul.

'Aii^nrivft, 5. ^smi-sn^ tttt, ^srr^jf^ sr^, "snin ^rsn, self-murder,

suicide, self destruction.

(l-«lVlir^, s. ^^nc'sf!^ ^Tf^, one who commits suicide.

40 "^W
^tflR, independeni, not subject to another.
^Tt^fV^, a. -^151,

^1%<r, o. ^C^^, fe» belonging to one's self.

s. C5rJ(K, ^snft^, respect, ripverence, love.

"^-9^, a. ^5n^^, ^^ Tp, decrepit, palsied, old.

^^'iTfiTin, s. ^1% \5T^^, ^f^n?, C-FT'i^, large, stout, corpulent.

^Qtl^fk, C^n:*fT^, ^, beyond one's dqnli.

^Qfl^,^, a. '/Tt^PT

deep, unfathomable.

^W-S ^J"^S, s ^^ff^ *^^, ^^T^R: clTCsf^. ^C¥l <P<5?I<P, ances-

tors; an old Ahoin term.

^'?r, )
s. ^r'<1, vjq^Tc?, ^T^rsT^, a moiety, a half.

^"iW^^"iWl, a- 5< ^"^r 7f?jTC^ C^r^., 1^ 15f?nn, alternate good and

bad fortune, ill-fated.

^.^^KTfsT, 5. vii<prv5<rl ^"^ f^, C^]*}^ RC'i^, a disease in which

tiie pain is confined to one side of the head.

^l^-^rRTII, a. ^^ ^TfV, ^^t^, a part of any thing, one half.

'^^'^nm, s. ^^i-Pi" "irRf^ 1% "5^ ^-®1, food slightly seasoned

with an alkali.

WiW ^<PT, s. 7^ ZT^, middle-age.

^'i^f<5yr>i?l, «. ^i^fen, Tsr ^PT<n, middle-aged.

^;? 51^1, 5. ^F 5rr^<n, ^t ^^PJ^I, ^^^T^ ^^ ^^ vij^T?f, one

eighth of a rupee, Iwo annas.

^'M<i, s. y.^i"^, 5Tifjli;,C^C^T^, ?r^, 3TT^1, respect, honor, veneration,

. esteem; a. cheap, low-priced.

^I^T<iR?, «. STRrr.^, "STiTT^ <jr4<<l CliT^nr, estimable, honorable,

worthy of respect.
xiilVr4 TT^^, 5. CFC^, C<^^, ^f%^, love attended with respect.

^if^l^, v. W\Wf^ ^5T7n, STtC^TT^?: ^^r ^It ^^, to go to meet

and bring any one on the way with welcomes and demon-

strations of respect,

^^jf, 5. fsTTTJR, ^if€, C^*i^6^rr5 ^^fPt", f^, an original from

which a copy is to be made, a specimen, a pattern, a sign.

^^5in, s. ^W ^5<I^ cm\^], middle-aged.

^F1, 5. ^ii^fl, ginger.

^STlTfl^, s. fec7, ^Tf% 7^ 5[^, a complete payment or fulfilment of

an obligation.
^BmrtSTU, s. CJIIVnr ^Fixrif, a court of justice.

^Hrr^jl^. 5. ^f?1l5 n ^^U ^% unproductive or uncultiva-

ted land.

^srrfW, a. Sf^rrr, ^Jf, %?', ^^, ^f^, initial, prior, first; $. com.
menceraent, beginning, first cause.

xsnf^f ^sn?, 5. *^r*f^, ^l^ ^f<» first and last, beginning and end.

^mfF ^n5, fl. £fl%f^, ^^rrfw, et cetera, and so forth, &.c.

^Ti'lRJ. 5. ^WT, C^f^, the soil?*

^^srrfSr CJTS, «• ^r^t?^ f^^» Narayon, Vishnoo.

^rrf^ ^tf^T, s, C55rrc^ Cf^ '^rrfW' csrr^, the first settlers of a coun-

try, aborigines.

gl i wfe, 5. ^lJf<i^, C^f^', a part, some. ^

^mar^, s. ^fm, ^^xHs* fVfr^t a command, law, precept, ordinance.

^rtcsn^. \ «• C^T^^ ^Cfl «W, ^<T7T?[ ^fn^d VT^, subject toi

^9f\W^, } dependent on.

^rCJrPFj, a. t^CPfr^, '«ll«?!Cifl>l, CIIWI •^itft^l, faultless, innocent.

^JtlfJl» o. ^srrfir ^r^» ^f ^tf^t from first to last; s. the begin-

ning and the end.

^Bmny^f, 5. gtvfW ^^1 »nW, ^IctW ^W? ^TTTV, the first funeral

ceremony; giving the funeral cake preparatory to the

principal shradh.

'^llifjl Stf^pf^, 5. ^rf^rC5 C^Tsn Stnyrs, GTi^ original and unform-

ed matter, called in Hindoo mythology the f«MiiaI(? nriiicit)Ie

from which the world is said to have sprun;:

'STTCim^fTi. ad, ^rtfir? <f^ ^i^tw, ^runi *fT ^fi^, 3ff;rc^,

from first to last, from beginning to end.

WT>ff5T, s. vsu)s ^5RI, ^^^ ^^m, eight annas, a half rupee.

^srrvrf^rftin, * a. "^rwf^t^r c^rnsn, ^n^ ^«rf^, obtainable for

^srnff^l^lf I eight annas.

^^, a. ^^, ^^nif^rf^, one half, a part.

"^Kl ^rrfV, ad. T^JiK^, ^ ^BTXM", half and half, equal shares.

"srmi ^, a. wp, fs^^rtW, ^^fN^1, f^, ^^trf^ ?s^, base, shame-

less, wicked; cut half through.
^^fT-WI, ) a. ^^fm f*f^^ ^snfV, ^\irX^ ^•»;^1, coarse

^^^fT**^, ' rice flour-, a. half jiounded, coarse.

"^i^Rrfiir, s. '^TTTf-'R C-tK.ril'^l , ^f^, ^^"^i loss, waste of one half.

4^ ^^
^^1 C^\V., «• -ilt^St*^^ C^^W, ^^1, '5n'<n fwl, half burnt, half

roasted or cooked.

^^ sr^l, a. tf^t 51^, half dead.

phosphorescent light supposed by the natives to be an evil

spirit; bustling about, moving to and fro like the above light.

^^rlTi s. ^^ 5:f^1 -5^1:3, f*1?T5", ^^f ^^Tt^^, that which holds,

supports or sustains; the breast from which the child is

nourished, a seat.

a sucking child, stinted in nourishment from the breast.

^^Tt^ ^, 5. ^^f%^ '^T'^^ "^^^ •51^ ^<n, the circumstance of

crows feeding each other, supposed to be ominous of the
coming of a guest, or of some other event.

^5fTf?[, s. <<&1^4 ^iTl 1?^ ^rrft C9|"t^1 f^ferl, a coil of any soft

substance to support the bottom of earthern vessels,

^^^rtf^ *tn, s.CSr^ «^, the act of coiling.

^^fPTTR, a. :^ F< C<^^, ^<|>iir^, jaded, spent, wearied.

^5rrR, a. Tjif^f^nn, ^^r^t^r, half, half shares.

^317]%^, s. '^f^, 7T<r^, r<«,<, ^1, abundance, excess, overplus.

^^rtft" 1W1, s. 7^s^ ^ift^ 1WI, '^tfV cTC^f^sn, the hiring, letting

or working anything at half shares.

'^rrfV^^lT, s. St^S^S^, ^Ix^T^, lordship, sovereignty, government.

'SIT^ff^, a. ^1^<rt^ ^tcT, ^ltir^<>, recent, modern, relating to

the present time.

=^iC5f^, s. "^szK^j a part.

^srrc^^, s. ^lTfC7i^, ^ C^t^sn, half a seer, two puas.

wr^5!ff^?1, a, ^ifCTffel, ^"iFC^T^ 5C^, half a seer.

^snioi, s. ^, ^^sr^, ^vrn^, a chapter, the end.

^^, a. ^7U, t%^, -5^^, other, another, different.

^^<U, a. 'srrsT f^, "^m ^^, another day or time, a different


^^T^, s. ^,-^, ^ ^^, joy, pleasure, delight, happiness.

^5rRl%5, a. ^fjt%, «^{cTf%i?, ^t^% joyful, happy, delighted.

^1*^ ^1^1, a. ;(;§t;^ ^"^^i^ C^^-^n ^"^lil, "^if^-it^, unknown,
unheard of, unseen, ignorant of, unacquainted with.
^1^Tf^, ) a. 7^. 3^, ^srtTTf^, deteriorated, corrupted,

sight, with Tpf?, to spoil, to

^S^rf^, depravedf hateful to the
waste, to put out of favour.

WT^, » 5. Jj^ 3r5Pr5 IR^ *f^1 'sn^ *1^M4 ll^^^lt^^, the in-

^srpJTSf, i terval from one hirth to another.

^srrc^T^ fVRl, 5. -^^5 fir^, ''TR f^, an after day, hereafter.

^TT:3r TTTC^, a. ¥C5 TOS 7^ C^^TSH, successful in acquiring wealth.

''IT^ft^, ff. f%TT^, ^nw^, inward, internal, within.

a swinging or oscillating motion, bending down wiih fruit,

the agitation or investigation of a subject.

^ 1 ^

^ , 5. vfj^^ f^, ^"lir Tf% ^ *f^5 ^^^nr, darkness, gloom,

night; a, (/ark, gloomy.

^*f, 5. ^njri, ^R^^Vf ^lC*f^, TTjC Vl»J^^4 ^Tr*f^, grandfather, a

respectful term used in addressing elderly men.

WT«lt^, a. ^Tl fm l, ^trt C^nc^mi, t*R15 C^!C^I«n, not full grown,

unripe, immature.

^•pf5, a, t%^fV, 'wrr^. ugly, ill favoured.

^rns, a rarity, a curiosity, used as a term of abuse.

^^ff^t '• 'Qini'f a reply in defence, an objection, a remonstrance.

^«Tif» s. f5r*flf, VM, f^^ffr, calamity, misfortune, evil, accident.

WT*fJfT^, *. irrt, f^f, a fn'If- 'TU imperfection with JfTf^ to escape


^rr^^fWI, a. 'srr^fc^f C»n^» onfortunatc.

"TT^^nr^, 5. Trc*fV, ^i^rrv, ^r^ TTI ^"^^r 'rCTI'f^, father, a

respectful term used in addressing elderly men.

^*f1, 5. jr; ?tt), address of a small child, a term used by the
A horns in addressing an uncle's wife.
^<TR, a. see ^vft^-, boundless.

^rr*fTfiT, 5. s^Wj W<r, f^^m tt^, arfxal. misfortune, adversity.

^*n^, 5. ^*f^rT^, vfl*fTi^, ^5^ *rTt%, assistance, petal of a flower.

slightly, eye service, passing time in mere pretence of work.

^f*f, 5. ^^ CM^II*!^ 'ICTf^l^. a term used in addressing the

daughters of any respectable person.

44 ^^
^rpfvf^, a. ?^ ^tfrs ^«7, f^*^, skillful, accomplished, serviceable

a familiar address to a father^ sometimes used to a child.

^<^, prvn. STt", f^C€f, ^fsT, ^sft^ ^5T«7 Crft^^ 5^51 tt^, fsTC^, ^I<r°N

1 myself, thou thyself, used in respectful address to superiors-

^^^?r, «. CTff^f^cT ^1^, "s^l^^ ^^, '^^j not to be seeu

or found, wanting.

^^^f^fTTl, a. ^!'i?I^<rl, G{\Z^ I ^ 1 <^ C^fT^I , scarce, difficult to obtain.

^sn^*^^, a. fVrs?, ^t^?, 31^1%, one's own, peculiar, proper.
^srrc^rr^ ^^it^, vron. ^<r\, rcw, ^sttc^ti^ t^u;^, ^c^ c^^i, of
one's own accord, spontaneously.

^srtC^rr^f^, pron. C^n^, CilviM, fJTSi<;, one's self, your or his own.
'^^ a. ^STtC^fT^, 1^, one's own, familiar, trustworthy, confidential-

"SfT^-l^^, a. ^f^J\ 1/^ f^nrlj ^t^T^l, a flood, an inundation.

Wt^ftl^, a. ^5c=r (r§?T^1, overflowed, inundated.

Wi^p^, i s. ^^STi"^ 371^1^ ^f^^rl ^^tT^ "ST-if^ fwi, the mouth of a

^<pf^5 f native blacksmith's bellows.

Wt^f%, a. <r^ ^f^, *i<&(.<?1i(.i; -iR C^Tt^ ^^1, bustling, sprightly,

active, lively.

>6ii<pH, s. -^U'fepl'^n^, ^t5t^ 5[51, a side blow, a slap; with •Jri^,

to slip and fall; with ^f^, to toss aside, to slap.

^tf^?^, .<• "^1^ ^?; ^^i '^Itc^^, opium, said to have sprung
from venom that dropped from the mouths of the serpents
that encircle the head of Hoda Hiwo, hence the name
^ Rc<j-'W, as applied to opium.

Wt^, s. <^\\'^^ 9f^, ^t1%^^ 5f5, the poppy plant.

^^Fsn, a. ^rrf^ C'^rrsn, ^IR^I, addicted to the use of opium;
s. an opium eater,
^snw, a. '^ST^^^, ^, ^gj'^jj^, hidden, secret, concealed.
^^^R, s. ^s<pra ^^ ^f^ Ci>l(.<i»l4'l, the shell of a nit.

^1^^, a, ^^^, mR^I, unbored, unpierced.

Wi^1^, 5. ^1^ ^5;:§n srtf^, a poppy field.

^i<i^<' «• ^<l>s<, ^^c=f, out of season, untimely.

^l<^2»f^?1, a. vai-qaidx!) c^l^l, produced out of season.

^ii<^'3|l, a, t:^ ^f^ -^ ^^, -^i^ 7{ c^^T^, one who does not work
or who has not been put to work.
^srtZT, »• ^fz^ ^irfen Bftfij, the Dam2 of a hill tribe in norlherii

^TT^, 5. B^^^, ^lITiPR, ^i<^, a covering, a veil, the act of

screenincr or coverintj.

WT^ fe^, a. ^^IwJ ^f^n^m srri%^fe^PT, promiscuous barbarous

tribes spoken of collectively.
'A|I^4i«5n, 5. viJSItfOTi ^^ ^^h ^ child two or three years of a^^o.

WT^iC, a. ZVZ c^TT^fn, ^>l^J,®rr5» iu<lepen(ient, uncivilized.

^STT^fk *nn, *• ^tfts ^rc^ C^ft ^^, the act of shutting in or

surrounding on all sides.

trash, a collection of unspecified worthless things.

^JTOT, 5. £rc?llR, ^^, JT^OT 51^ necessity, expediency,

a. necessary, expedient.

^BrRT\. a. silC^I ^ »^, stupid, worthless, idiotic.

"Qrr^TVT, a. 9IT1 ^ ?,I ffl chddish, belonging to childhood.

^U \ ^ 5^, a. ^C^ 5J 1R1, vflCVl ?Fm^ «rT3I 5[ ^t, stupid, good

for nothing, useless.

isrl^t^ f?^, s. ?=nTT?r ITI Trtt^rc^, from youth to old age.

WIZI^, s. ^i^rr^, f^snR, srsi, an invitation, a call.

^rj%>^, a. 1%^ CS^.X^rsn, ^ftrttTn, unmarried, applied to l>oth sexes.

"^tf^n, S' ^rj ^fVi a red powder, which the Hindoos throw at

each other at tlic Fdkua or Doul Jdtru.

"^fTOI^, «. 2f^^, ^srfif^J^, a revelation, an unfolding, a devcl-

^ I ««•<, a. ^^^,^^111, ignorant, dull of conipi- m nMun.
^srr^^, s. ^5rn:*fl^?' sn^ i:^:^ ^tn, the maintaining of one's proper
dignity or slate.

WT7ft -BTzfj, J. -ftr^^tK, ^ C^nc^fT^rrt^ :r51, ^n»N ^^, talking

incoherently or wildly.

WTC<I1R, 5. SfC^rsn, f^c^rrnr, f^Rf^, the representation of a cir-

cumstance, making a thing known, a petition.

^nc^r«T, 5. Ui^fv, ^ fec4tf!l, the afternoon.

WTCTflf, a. sm^ C^n:^I"5n, ^TWR, ^^i%«n, ignorant, senseless, stupid.

^fTj, a. CZ^, U45P1, cj^^S^ii, concealed, covered, with ??r^, to
enclose, to cover.
46 'STtTT

^1^5^(515, ) a. ^*l<P^i1, ^^^5r^, W^ C^\LiK\^\, without a gooroo,

^l>»<I>ri<n' ^ undi.scipled, (a term of abuse.)

^^^TT, a. ^^^^ ^r»in, ^^fsi^ ^ W^i not a worshipper, ignorant

of the mode of worship.

'SiT^iir!, a. ^T^i% ^^TfiicTl, %V§i ^ft1%?rl, ill formed, ugly, unsightly.

^W^l, a. #tii ^i^fwi, fs^'^fm C^TC^Tsrl, ^n-^f^, without mixture
or alloy, offensive to the sight, ugly, deformed.

^T«^, s. ^»^^, ^STR, <rT^ 5rf^ ^srrfrr ^sr^r^t^, an ornament, a

jewel, attire.

^^1, s. «t^5 t%^, sunshine, splendor, brightness, glossiness.

^^fc7 ^«tc?, a. ^^tc^ c^ C^T^1, good or bad.

>4ir^|5T, s. ^151 5rr;fl, ^fsr^l, an introduction, a preface, a preamble.

^^1, a. ^ ;§R1, ^5rf^f%, ^ c^ CfV^y ignorant of, unacquaint-

ed with.
n6||v»^6|1 5r<ri, s. J]<Tr^ srrl, ^"^ 1WI, ^Tt% fwi, the act of deceiv.

ing, counterfeiting or pretending.

^sm:^^, C^r^ ^ «t^, ^fi^, without hunger, satiety.


^^, 5. (f^ RTC'W, ^T^, >it«, the mango, a disease of the bowels,

^srtST <M'c2.P^5 s. '^srTsi'Jfft, ^^rttlf^, a kind of pickle made of mustard

and green mangoes.
^lij^, 5. ^-^ "^f^ ^^ 5T^^, ^rrt" ^tfr^ f%5Tl, the fleshy portion

of the breast of beasts, the crop or first stomach of a fowl.

>4ili|vil, s. *1^ ^:t ^TfflT Mf^ ''T^'^"'*

the dried pulp of the mango
prepared as an article of food.
^sniR feR, a. ^>\i^\7[ Btvs, SR 5nf^ ^-^j I^<M'^T ^"^j of a sad
countenance, sorrowful, disconsolate.
^6llJ].||, 5. ^^ ^Ts 5ft^R ^T^, a species of paddy, winter rice.

^srnrJR, 5. ^f^l, ^^^, C^m^, aversion, satiety, disgust.

'sit^lR^, V. ^iij^Niii, c^^^ <^5Tr^, ^f^i, 1^% c<Tr^, -to

cloy, to satiate, to disgust.

'jsrm^, s. -fel^ ?J^1, 5^51, 5rTl% ^>R1, a call, an invitation, a wel-

come, courtesy.
>411iirii., 5. si^Jl, ferf^, called, invited, welcomed.
'3Tt5T C^ft^f^, 5. vuf^Sf c«it^ *f«J. a species of silk worm.
^IW4^, 5. C^TSf ^^, ^nd^, the dysentery.
^ISI^i 5. ^5W<n fjp, ^f^^ ^P^f the name of a tree and its fruit.

'^n^PSTfVr, s* JifzVf 9rf^ ^rr^ ^SV^ M^, a species of tree, and fruit,

(phyllanthus emblica.)

^5r^, 5. C^ ^^ ^ C<i^1 f^, C«f^ C^?=^, the colic.

^f^, pron. ^f3[ >l^(.^lf^, si^, we; used occasionally for the


^rrfSR, 5. srrf^ C^-ei ^ f*t*r^ ^trsl, f^^.T^l, a surveyor, a

supervisor, an investigator.

^siTf^^, V, ^Iilf^^^l, ^if^ C^rsn* Hs^fe* ^^, to cloy, satiate,


wr^, a. C^K^ f^C^^ srT^ Z\ ^W9 T^f^l, such an one, such

a person place or thing.

^tir. 5. TTf-of Ji^riT 'TT??, ^tC^f^^ 3^ftf«il^^ ^TlTjl, a frieud's mother,

the wife of a father's friend.

Niil^iiMAI, s. ^"f^f^^^ WS] f^OT^, ^^^ ^^» * species of vine, used

in medicine.

^rrcn^, 5. i^ii, ^?p«T, ^if, (Wrrf^T, enjoyment, pleasure^ festivity ^

with ^rfV, to enjoy.

'srrCJTTfir, a. ^ ^^\v\t JJ^^m, ^I^i gratifying, enlivening, pleasurable,

jovial, pleasant to the taste.

C^rr^. the period of a ruler's administration^ the gains

of an office.

^TCsrW C^lfl, 5. Jjf^m c^ifl, an acid fruit.

TJIiWnPITf I^, 5. f5<1TfT5C 4^ ^rf^*f^, an under officer in a regiment

of native soldiers.

^csrmc^n^l, a. ?ni ^JT'^t fr5<}^. ^«kW, fragrant, sweet scented»


^iUl«l, 5. f^fT^tm?- ^fflr ^m i aia^ W^ ^flft, a shristadar of a

court of justice and his officers.

^c?rr^^, V. sR srrfr, f^^ «^^, ^rr»! ar'^;;«n, to look disappoint-

ed, downcast, sad, melancholy or dejected.

3rnr, 5. ^^, vs<pja^i, 9rr9, gain, profit, receipts.

"mjns, a. ^, ^5T t^ vt^, ^itJTpiI^, subject to.

^nrrj^, a. ^sr, ft^ty, ^f^rrf^ CirT<, breadth, dimension.

^t?f3, 5, T(f^ vW f^5CTi"51, a woman who bas a living husband.
48 ^1^
^^, s. c^, fe, f^irrtf?, sn^ ^T.fi <if^, 'srtr:^^ :n5( ^rrji^t?

'^'iTl, pride, affectation of former greatness, style.

STTJ, an exclamation of pain, pleasure, or desire.

^.? T^cT, s. -^jm, ^rf^ sc^TT^i, "feTT^i cm^^^ snn ^it^, the
small pox; a terra used in addressing a company of women'
^STTcrl, 5. *rrnT, ^^ cT^T^ ^t«^ ^^ ^rj^, a nurse, a waiting maid.
"^^i^STTS, s. ^"5l<7i;, ^STCl CSfrsT? f^1 f^Rf f^, familiar com-
munication, friendly intercourse.
^i^i*1, 5. 2r<rt^, -sif^ir, "^^r, labor, effort, fatigue.

^5n"^5f, 5. Wi:^ ^31^, ^'Tfen, armor, arms.

'^5n?C^, 5. C?:§rrf?T ^R, RJfrs[ «jf«r, a Hindoo treatise on medicine.
^i^^, 5. ^;^, i%i^{^ :^lcTf, ^«r C^mi ^rrr, a period of life, age,
a life time; interj. An exclamation of pain or suffering.
^l<J^^k, a. "Rifflff%, _xj>^u<p t%R<11 i| I
i^^, long-lived, of long duration.
^t<r, interj. ^-i[ ?p^1 sn^, ?-^ C^^iT?: ^ ^ C-^FT^ stTJ, an
exclamation denoting affection distress or fear.

^!(.^I5?^, 5. ^^, C^iTCTjI^I, ^CTtTT^, 1%^ ^^, provision, prepara-

tion, arrangement, (as for a journey or any undertaking.)

^5rrc?ft, interj, ^ ^ %^ C^V^ "S^, f^^ 5R1 :5rT^, an exclama-
tion of terror or surprise.

^<, s. ^l«sr, Trr<?f^, C^, ^^7 a screen, a shade, with ^f^, to

screen, with <r. i

D , to clear new land for cultivation.

'STt^ ^^, 5. ^^ fWiTI ^^"^j l5T^fi{ ^*1"^j a cloth screen, a


^rr^Il^, s. ^fT-^rt^, f^CW^ «f:a, C9fi5^, a written petition, a request.

"^^ft, s. fif9\ <^, 7^^ C^^l, the waving of a lamp before an

idol, a wave offering.

^^f^, 5. fh"?:!'^: C-^rr^l ^^ cT5t<[ C^t^ HCTI^, a disease peculiar

to nursing infants.
'^t<f^ 's^'^R, s. ^q; fprf^, W^ ^i^f^. ancient, very old.
^i^.%» I'. ^Icn'5>it^ c^^tft; c^^rmi^ Tlf^f C-^iTsn, to slightly put to-
gether preparatory, to completion.
^srT^, o. ^517^ cipi^ ccTT^, ^srr^ ^r^n, Arabic, Arabian.
'^^C^^, s. ^iT^^, c<?:, Fi^f^; a wall, fence, partition.

^^^, s. ^^^, <9r<<^5i 5f^, a beginning, a commencement.

^t^S, s. Jj'^T^, f5?^1, ^f^, a noise, a scream, a lumuli.

^^I^Rl, 5. ^-pftJRI, v£|^f9f fp^g^, «SJ^, «k«Rl, worship, adoration,

with ?^l%, to worship, lo adore, to honor.

^?:T^}^, <J- ^Tf>R1 ^f^^^ CSTstJ, wortliy of reverence and worsliip.

^5rr^T«l, 5. -ilTT^T, ^^ M?rl% sf^^r^ST ^Tf% fw?! f^nsm C^rf , a tether.

^rft[, s. vijf^^ srTt>, ^^ ^^, ^«R[1, >8CcTtC5ir^, a species of scalc-

!cs3 fish, a het, a wager; v. to suspend, to liang.

^^^r^» 5. 9n ^ ^m, ^ C^fK^n^l, CSTCT^ wwfe, the act of
stretching or straightening the body when weary from
long confinement in one position,

^srtft?!, s. 5?l>l*ir^ CS^rt C35I fir crc^psil ^my a torch, a llambeau.

^nfir^in, a, ^^*f ^W, f^rft C*TT^ C^rc^rsn, hump- backed, crooked.

^RTfic ^Cl, 5. ?P«ri^Wl, ^f^iTpsift^ f^nnr, a bet, a wager, a stoke.
'cn^, conj. ^5lf^, ^1% vt^, 'ttllt*!, and, also, again, furthermore.

^T^^IIT, ad, "^m^l^, 'CnWft, •J^, J^TT?, 7^;^, ai^'ain, a second

time^ yet again, once more.

Wt^FC^fir, 5. CJn^ ?^, ^TtC^, *i?^I^i i*>c past year, again.

^arr^p C^filtsT, s. ^sr^r ^e^t^r, W^ ^3^, afterwards, next year.

'>«nar, 5. fVns^ StPl, f^rs^l ^fwrit the prolonging of a musical note
in singing or chanting.

^TC^^?]5^, 5. silf^ Z^, WC^ ^Wi a jungle plant used as a nicdi

cine in eruptive diseases.

^t^^T^, s. f^r*»u«l^l MT^? 51^, rice cleaned from the husk

by simply drying previous lo being pounded out.

'Sllt^^finn, 5. fi\v\X<9 fkfTfm ^fPir M^, rice but partiaJly boiled

before being cleaned from the hu^k.

*«llt4lill, o. ^^ 2^, ft]5^ :t^, ^flr]^» dry, inferior.

WWr«rR, s. ^WR W f^OTl, a sort of umbrella or screen used

only by the king.

^lUl^M >f^» s. T9T^ ^IC4I«(I«1 ifTli ibc king's umbrella bearer.

^rrc<n^. a. f^^^, crr^ ^vf^, f^^f^, healthy, in health.

'«m:^T*R, 5. vrr*R ^^, ^••n, ^^^ ^RTIi the act of appointing

or placing in ofiice.

^tCTT^, 5. ^, 5^1, «<tT5 ^, the act of mounting upon, getting

into a vehicle, ascending or climbing.

"^r^i 5. tf^, Jftcstt^j a mirror, a looking glass.

50 ^srrsr

^SR, 5. TT^-^, ^^]^^, earnings, savings, accumulation of any thing.

^STTgfi, 5. 9f^, ^ir^, ^srrf^ ^9r, a likeness, pattern.

^fsT ^flT, «?. 2^^^^ ^^ ^^1» to aoquire by one's own labour.

•3111%%, a. ^3i;§fl, TT^, acquired, gained, accumulated.

^srrf^, a. ?fJTf%, 1^^5, 1%C^|%, wise, skillful, versed in any science.

^srrfC s. ^9r, ^srml, ^F1, f^f^, ^r^^, a pattern, an example, a

likeness, a picture.

^nt^, a. Tf^^t ^W ^9f, two and a half,

^rfc?, 5. -^-^ -^U, ff^^ Wtf^ ^TTt^ C^^ ^lt^, the tenon of
a post, a spur, a sharp point.

^STTrf^f, a. 1^?r^, C^Cc=T^, apart, distant, distinct.

^5rtc^?fi%<Tl, «. WT5fi;?1, f^^TS ^i\W\, distinct, uncommon, separate.

'^tc^'»n, «. ^?T^, fSt^T^, unaccordant, separate, distinct.

^5rt^t:'>ftWl, s. C^CcTC^frsn, ^n ^^C^nsrl, the act of separating; a.


'srr^f^, s. ^n^l, -s^nrril^, counsel, a plot, with ^f^, to plan, to plot.

>5K|c1vSi1cT, i. C^ C^T^I ^t€ 5f f% Cl^rsrl, ^fiTS ^^^ ^ts, ^ts^f^l

^Q, hearing or seeing while pretending not to hear or see.

"^NlsiTl, s. ^5T^^ ^i^ 1%^, the uvula.

>ojlcn\s|, s. cit^ ^PT, "^vn ^T*r, lac, leaves impregnated with lac.

^srtc^^Rl, s. -s^f^^^^, Tft^, e^^l, f^tf<(»4, C^g^, an attendant, a

servant, the act of serving or waiting upon, «

^srtcTf^, s. ^tCWK, W^ C^tC^T^, ^^?f^, not symmetrical, ill favored.

^tc^'s^^^t^, ) s. c^-^^srrm, '^ifkmJl, ^^ ^^, service, attendance,

^tcT?'5l^^, * respect, with ^•^, to serve, to attend upon.

^srfcW, 5. ^1^^, 51^^, protection, refuge.

^rTc15[ f?!cw, AT. «fc^ <p^i^ ^r^f^ ??^1, C?f5T ^?[1, not punctual, not

exact in time, late.

NiJMl^, s. ^Tl% ^c?i, ^M"0 sr^ ^f^^ a pin.

^lci<, a. ^^ ^^, ^r^:cTl ^^, ¥^^, decrepit, palsied, aged.

^IciJif^, s. ^si^^rs C^ ^TCSlT^ 5f5), f^^Tf^, a sudden pain in

the bowels supposed to be caused by an evil spirit.

soft, delicate, tenderly nourished, petted, indulged.

^iw5f, a. fm, C^T^T^r, Tt"^ C^TC^fTSTto, ^m^"^^ tender, delicate,

easily injured or broken by handling.

^51^, 5. TT?, f^Rfr^ ^rM, <ip51 ^1^, a house, habitation, abode.

wr?^, a. ^f^, ^T^ C^r^^l ttc^r^l, a decrepit old woman.

^S'TO', 5. ^crm, ^i^tc^ t^l C^C^rsn, 5R*TTf5=I, laziness, indolence,
idleness, sloth.

^srm^^sr, s. ^^ 7i;;f^, ^c^st *^cit, ^ ^^^, the treating a

person with great respect and love.

'AJiftllt ^Rf?:, 5. ^l*lSi ^sf, ^T^'^, uni'killful, untidy,

^srmr^, 5. 'Sl^n^, fsl^ CTIC^T^ ms, a bonleshapcd gourd.

^mrt^T^Tl^, 5. "^m^A ^rft, C^Wsrft C^TCcTT^, waste or death

from utter neglect.

^ \
V{\ 1 m^. s. "^^ SRI, ^1V^ C^rc^l^, unskillfuU ill-favored,


^T^rmiS, ) ad. «*PC3, ^pn;, f^9T^3, ^t^PTS, in empty space,

WpSTT^CT, ) resting on nothing, out of reach.
^rrmf^, «. viisfif^, ^^^, ftffkvuc^ arf<^ g{Mt\ frorPsi, un-

sightly, a woman who is hateful in the eyes of her husband.

^T«TT^, s. ^^t^ sr^. *iJ9n^, soot

^rT«TT*f, s. T^^ ^m,^fC«tT*nJ«R, C5C^ ^«rrf%'C? ^^, conversation,

intercourse, discourse^ familiarity ns friends.

wT9rr*fT^, 5. ^^ Tm ^nfsf ^^ iri, ^e«fp5, c5:t«i, «nf*i{<^ •(

SHTI, absence of artifice, stratagem or cunning.

^IflilPf, fl- IW^P^n^R^tTlj^^^fft, social, chatty, affable, familiar.

'*ll«!MliJ, a. 4C^ ^3R1, ^*fT5, ignorant of work, useless.

^|cih(.T, 5. e^RXT, irrf^ ^Wt ^rrmitCS, above, unsupported,

in empty space.
^BTtBTlC^, a. fsj^ifV, ftjist, ?rniv, separate, distinct, dirtWent.

^Tf«f, 5. <^5ir. ^it, "^Xm 5r[^, a path, a road, a highway.

^I%w^, 5. jrnrfe ^<i, cvmrc^rflT, ^Twrnrnftr vri, the act of
hugging, embracing, or clasping.
'srr^. s.
^, ^^ 5Tf<, a tuberous root, the gums of the teeth.

up, completely destroyed, applied to persons as well as plants

^^kfii-^rc^r-ftf, s. C59f, ^, cT-ifT, ^ns, a stealthy watching, laying in

wait to injure or destroy.

^snc^rcw ^sTTc^Tcw, ad. fsrsicsr t^^rcsr, ^m^ ^2^r5c^, ^i^c^ ttttc^,

not dose at hand, outwardly.
53 ^>i1

^rrCc^irr^'?T, od. ^r^^^ ^f^ ^r^l^ CJ^rtrj, idly, to no purpose.

^t5=f5rt^^t«^, s. -pff^iyN^ ^^5T, domostic strife^ family jars.

supporter, one's own friends and relations.

Nsrtt^ilTr^, s. ^^ri^Tt^ fwr^, ^^rr^t^rs ^^ ^<r c^rnsn, ^sn^i^^^^trtf^,

alone, forsaken, desolate.

^IWI, s. -s^^:^ tI%, f^f%, 5lfel, light, brightness, brilliancy,

^STtCcTT^^^, 5. fjf^-sft^ ^^n, C^T^I, the act of looking at, seeing.

^rtCcTt^^, s. f^^5^, ^R CM^I, fel^ ?R1, ^5n«1^ ^^1, an inves-

tigation, a view.

Ni> llCci]^lM"^, «• f^rl%5^^, 1%^ ^^1, ^^^1%<n, a term of abuse.

^^nilcnt^cTWli «• ^c^^^l, ^^ C^C^^^ C5T^, tender, delicate,

tenderly brought up.

^^^^, s. ^ ^Crl ^^^, c^l*»rt%<n, ^^tfsicnl, gfuglW?, c1^, necessity,

expediency^ a. necessary, indispensable, expedient.

^5rfT, s. ^^1, ct^ft^, ^, SR^ desire, thirst, intention, mind.

^rt^^, s. 51^, ^rȣn^, fST, intention, object, scope, aim, mind.

^^°N^, 5. ^STTR^W, a blessing.

^t^T^T, a. f^1, f^%, Cci^*>(.J1v*»^, weak, feeble.

^5rr7i^<ri, a. ^T^, f^R3, 1>>f^, weak feeble, lean.

Nj^iie*, a. 5R5rgr1,"5f%,iM^^, W^T'Jr, devoted, attached, enamonred.

Wt^\^, s. W<^t, ^^, ^^7^ ^ft^ C^^^^ ^^^U'^^ doubt,

hesitation, incertitude.

^^iT^, s. 5f% "^tffr ^^ ^^5 a seat, a throne, a seat of any kind.

^t^a, a. G\-^, ^V^V^, ^5^ ^^1^ near, at hand, approaching.

^TPtsj^t^, 5. ^srtc^l^ ^•f«=^5 ^^ ^Tc?^ <^^ ^«^» the close of life,

the time of death.

^^-srt^Fi, ad. ^t^r ^^^, ^tf^^ ^C^?, C^ferC^^ around, on every side.

^I5i^t1>f, s. ^*f •^^, y5f f$:7T, 5T^1'< ^T^^l, one who does not perform
the ceremony of sliradh for his ancestors.

^^IcnTI^t, s. c§f^ ^T«=l1, Cl1%^ '^H^^X^ <WI '5f<«tTi% ^rrfc the pin
of a foot pestle for pounding out paddy.
'srW, s. ^1^1, ^^1, ^^ff-iDI, ct^^, ^r^<rt^, hope, wish, expec-
tation, longing, trust.

^5rrjiTf%, a. ^Tftf^, fe^^l, ^arg^, K\^^, restless, discomposed,

tossing about in pain.

^^'tft ^t^tft, fi. ^5nj«»r ^Tnf%, ^^ C^C^n^, restless, inujmet,

uneasy, tossing about.

^11^5111%, a. "^iTnt^ *il-^^ ?Tf%, expectant, eager to obtain.

^srwr-Kfl?!, «. WT"»ri'5lf5^, flf^ ^fWI, triangular, trigonal.

"^r^l"^[5K^^, a. CM\^]^K^r^ W^ 4^ ^smrr^ ^^n, a few wordd more.

^srW^jfinn, ^RiT5, 'Si^^ffS^, sincere, guileless, witliout iiypocrisy.

^f^, a. Mf^ ^f^, eighty.

^\f^^W, s. ZT^ fwrn, ^STTf^.T, a blessing, a benediction.

'srnjf^, a. ^^[T^ PfC^ SJTVI, ff^:5Tf^, an:^5, dialwlical, barbarons.

'^vfj\ ^PTi,
5. f^5i srsi, ^t ^s^, crr^^ c^ncri^l c^t^i, the

^snt^T sr51, ( act of denying, contradicting, refusing to acknowledge.

WK^t^lT^, s, ^^^f ^T>f1, ^^, ^'^, ati excuse, liiiulranco or reason

for not doing work.

-siTC^-Sl, 5. 'STC^rW, sec WC^-BI.

sir^TT^, J. ^tTT4- JTUR", i^^r^^f^r, irsftl^, hastening to ^*llow

demonstrations of love and respect,

^ir**, s. ^w, 2*n, ^IR ^WW, Mioying, trusting, confiding in.

a term applied to Gud, and to individual

^^5RFt5=T, 5. ^?jrw, CblWl^f*( , <J^, W15T?, a suic siroke or slap.

the dashing of a wave.

^fliif, i 5. Mft C5V^, o^v^w c^msii, ^fs c5:^, v«n ^ <»f<i,

WTTllR, I ^rs CTTTWlir »!^, taste, savour, intellectual relish.

wmT f^Tf^, ' "SCtWJ. ^FTliri", treating with honor and respect.

^2^^, 5. ^nw f^rc^iJ!, j^rfV, f^pfV. ^^ifif, f^^iTft, ^'t' 5Tf^

wnj'fi "S^ff'TT vW ^7^, a state or condition of life, a her-

mitage or religious retreat.

^srTjft* o. ^3Fnr, ^wftrr, ^1<H>| t^j] sn^, pertaining to the above.
^srr^t, s. Jm"?", ^<jr^ ^TR, ^RT^W, a refuge, a shelter.
^ I
r^«, fl. "^n^ ^Pir, ^M»il ?Fft ^paPI, secured, sheltered, protected.
^k«k, 5 ^sr^l C3fWI, coming and going, going back and forth.

.^k\5fV|5ri ^T^^r«l?1, a. WS] *fT!, ^1^-5^ f^fZT ^^, remotely related.

^kl\, s. ^«f^, <f3, JWT*?, ^^^>&ll , leisure, cessation from,
with *nc, to complete, to tinisli, to draw to a close.

'**kl<, ^'. C'jrrsn ^^, cgrnR^r^ 5?rj, vfj^ irr?,^ ^[isr, food of all kinds,

a Hindoo month corresponding to parts of June and July.

54 t
^t^tft", «. <tS3l, "^ntl"^, greedy, gluUonous.
^t^T^^, a. ^^T^ ^X^Ji C^t^l, ^[%'<f (M\^, produced in or be-

longing to the month of Ahaf, a species of insect.

'^ft^^ 5. '^'^^ ^t^, ^^F5^ ^^ Slt^, the Hindoo month, correspond-

ing to the last half of September and first half of October.

'^f^fen, «• "^tfe^^ C^^ ^ <J*f^^ produced in, or belonging

to the above month.

^oTl^, s. •^t5[ S:ft7^, ^oTc^j-sf c^, a species of paddy grown on high

land, inferior in quality.

^t^^te=T, s. C^mXA, ^T's^, ^Nf^, a time of perplexity or trouble.

^^"5, a. t^I^ ^^1,51^, called, invited.

c^l%, s. (^y^y ^J^ ??^1, a burnt offering, a sacrifice.

^5rr^f?f, s. SR orr^^mi ^^^ ^ sr^, ^rl ^^, ^t^ ^^1. ^" incanta-

tion, a charm, wiih ^f^, to charm, to bewitch &.c.

^t^ferl, o- ^S9fr^<rl, viii?|%?n, <>U,yl, on one side, aslant, bent.

^sm:^!^, 5. ^rf^^ ?m5f^, f^fi^^ ^s^^ ^r^, fj^rnf^c ^«^ c^c^
\5teT, any elevated seat, the elephant's neck on which the
driver sits, a steersman's seat on the stern of a boat, a

natural seat formed by the branches of a tree.

^oTTC^T^ 5nf^, V. ^n;^Tl%f^ ^^1, to sit cross-legged.

^n:^l%1X, V. ^m^ 51^1, ^ dm ^^ ^^1, to sit with the feet

drawn up and crossed.

NijlC^tST, 5. ^^\fji,^c^t%c3pi, descended from I ndra, the Ahom race.

^nT:i§:T^, ^^rf^, 5. ^fm ^^ ^f^, a species of plum.

^srrc^'t, intcrj. TTtnt^j^ Rri'Jr^ '^W siiJl, a word used in calling to

a person at a distance.

^Tf%^, a. fPTJ^fel, fpfC^ f^C^, ^^1^ flaily, diurnal.

^t^r^T, s. f^i[5^, 5T'51, an invitation, a call.

"^t^W, 5. ^, ^p(% v|^, joy, gladness, delight, mirth, festivity.

^T^Ti%l», a. -^ C^rr^l, ^fjf^, ^^, glad, joyful, mirthful.

^., ^, ^-^^^ cn$n; c^t^ <rK:c^ t<^T^ ^t^ 1^1%%!^ ^t ^C-ff (MM,
(f^ t,) These two vowels are used indiscriminately to express the

sound of i, in piquc^ pin, yitij. The Assamese language knows no

distinction between them except what is produced by accent, to
which the Sanscrit and Bengali distinction of lon^ and short denoted
by thofic two characters have no rercrcnco. Hence for all practical

l)urposcs the first character only nce<l be retained. ^, is often

used as an emphatic affix, equivalent to even, indeed. It 13 some-

times used for he, it, this, that, this one. It is used in speaking of
an inferior, and in pointing out the nearest of two things.

^t, interj. ^, ^ifC^^n C^C»n ^t\ f^^iT^ ^ C^f^f^ srt^, a parti-

cle expressing disgust, scorn, surprise, sorrow or anger.

the making a wry face, distortion of the features.

^3fTI, 5. "JT^ C^ ^rrfir f^nn f^^ f^cm, a jungle reed.

^^tfs r*l*iri, a^A ^^ f'^**'"*

^^'I^ fwf^, ^r^ fWT^, from
side to side, this way and that way.

^I>3, 5. ^vn ^m ^w, fwi^, 55 0^^^ ^ ^f<^«^ ^Tf? 3Ffcv5

^r^:r, a signal, a hint, a wink, a nod, xviih 4ff^, lo beckon dtc.
^, in/fT/. CT^n C^rrsn Cl ^^f^i^i, ^^ sfTT, a panicle expressive
of pain, surprise, anger or sorrow.

^, 5. SR, ?rr?P1, 55S1SR1, wish, desire, will, choice, inclination.

^l:yCT, ^
ad. ^ ^f, jt;^ Cirf^C^, spontaneously, according
"^1^015, S lo ihe will or desire.

t5T^ ft^T^, J. 5Tfe ^, JRTS ^TPT C^ff^Ril if^, tossing about in

pain, restlessness, inquietude.

^c>I*j<r<», m/. '5m:*n^irc5rc4",'«m:*fT^l «lT*tf^, voluntarily; «. voluntary.

^, a. tvfrs^ ^^ f^^n f^*nT3 fjfTn, brought over, carried for-

ward in accounts.
t^, $. ^^, T^n srrf^, a brick.
ttrsfft^, a. PTT^ vnf^v, t^T^ f^f^^\ Z^, the name of a bird; 5,

reddish like brick.

^fe, a. sjitffif, ssnsr^ ^r^ jw 3r^, c^^rt^r irrs, this one, this littic
one, expressing aflection.

fe^ ftc^, pro/I. viitc^r4 CT^c^fsfl, -pf^-^P^, tc?r fjfc?, fc?i, to

this and that, to each other.
tc^, pron. t, s^^c^, «5T5 <if*H.l>1, this, this one, tlie nearest of
two, ihis fellow or inferior thing.

"^T^, a. 'srm, <t^,inirRj, f^, other, diflbrcnt, ordinary, low, mean.

tf^, ad. Jpsn^, ^^51^, >8^ vf^l, the end, (in is.

tpjf^, s. f^T=^, ^^C?[^1, ^snf, detraction, reviling, contempt.

50 tt:«n

^fi;<rj^, ad. j\fsTi\fi f^l^Ci;, just now, quickly, at this moment.

^felC^T, ad. ^mLZ, ^T^ 5Tt§!C^, ^f^ ^C?, meanwhile, during
this time. ,^

^f *, <j l^ , ad. (ilf^f?"^ <rc^^r5, ^f^-^TjC^, just now, this very instant.

^flT^PI, s. 1%^^^, ^•^t^j ^<!TR, a. relation, a history, a narra-

tive, a story.

^lilfWy ad. ^Tc^ ^Tf^ ^f%, et cetera, and so forth.

^tfsT^, ad. »ijfen, «i)^ ^T^TJ, now, at this time.

^tfwf^ ftfpfj%, ad, ^<ptCvf f^iCc?, ^C*tIC^ f^C-si-Tc^, this side

and that side.

^ijsn i%^^i, s. ^t fWt" ^?^, Iwr^ w^, ^5 ^f^ ^^, a

lament, a dirge, lamentation, wailing.

^^, s. ^^5 (75it^, the moon.

^*p, 5. vfi^p, STlfB^S ^V5 tr\ Q^ W^, a ground rat.

t^, s. di^^i;?^ ^f^*fl%, ^^^fe *:r5^'5, the Hindoo god said

to preside over the atmosphere, and to whom the other

gods are subordinate.

^^¥tci, s. 54l<rT5T^, ^r^ ^n f^Tl, the net of illusion, jugglery,

^^f^i;, s. ^T?R^ ^, ^f^^ ^^, the son of Rawan, the king of

l.onka or Ceylon, a species of snake.

^^^W, s. ¥,9RK f^^ ^^i^ ^C^t^ vii^ ^^1^ ^5[, name of the

king who founded the shrine of Juggernath.

^^^?1, s. ^irtST, legerdemain, jugglery.

^^?TTcn1%, s. ^511 ^T^ ^l5n"fel ^i^ ^W<, a species of flower.

f'jVjlp, s. ^^^ ^tWl^ Indra's wife.

^^<r5rg, s. ^^^ ^;i, csrat'^nj, Indra's bow, the rainbow.

^^^R, 5. ^ti\<\~ ^^.^, the throne of Indra.

^^^I'^ *• '^f^'^^ "^srSf, ct^i.^.!, the organs of sensation and perception.

^1%<I WSR, s. <Pt5I ^f^ ^l%<r^ ^^ ^?:1:, self denial, self control.

^f^? C5rT^, 5. ^i1%<r^ TTJI t^ ^<^5i ^f1, evil propensity, concu-

piscence, evil desire.

^<fferl, «• ^^fl-^i; ?J^, ^^ ^1%<rl, on this side (of a river or

road) belonging to this party or army.

^^?!, s. (il^^^, ^i)^ ftf^, this bide, the nearesst side.

tf^^, ) ad. ^'fL'^LS, Sit Ws^, ^% ^]v], this direction, this way.
^ 57

^^(%nn, ad. v£i^ ^iWI, t*rfcn, ^f?nr1, on this side, of this party.

^it fj{^\t, ad. TtTC^ TIC^ ^^1 C^rsn, ^T^ P?^"^, again and
again, constantly coming and going,
^r^, ad. vij^ C^i%, vfit" ^I^, this time, this once.

tsrm, ad. ^^irr^, v<lt ^if^nsrR, so little or so muclj.

tiT-^ PTST-sr, 5. ^^^?r fe5i?^ ^Rl, ^\WS ^-^r ^^^^^l, turning this way
and that way, with ^f^, to avert the face from shame &,c.

^rs, ad. li)* ^I^, in this place, here. v

^C?, pron. ^c?, vij^^vil, ^, this one, (this irery person emphatic.)
t^fl, 5. f^\^, 7\^ ^TS, ^^, i^^'^i^^ fc^l, envy, malice,
spite, ill will.

^^TtfF, 5. iijrrrfs, ?nF yrr, irss^ f<IC7PT, cardamons.

XT5 ^flf^V, the fViAi, or hilsa fish.

. fSl?, 7^, ^5^nf, desired, wished for, cherished, beloved.

i-u ... , .». *^^^1ST, ^tf^'S ^T?r, ^TC*fR ^^TST, a favorite or cherished

work, work according to one's desire,

tfe ff i?^ J. ^lT:*fT^ snp, f^ st^^, one's own chosen religious teacher.

^^ CITTSI, s. ^STTC^^T^ C^fSl, ^ ClfflTl, the god of special choice

and worship.
t*Din^^ , a. fSrfr^rTl^, ftJTTft, ti vW, intimate, friendly, attached.

t^>, 5. *fvi vn, t^^ ^BTI^ ^C1, worship, homage, adoration.

t^, inurj. w-tf <r3r c3i»r^ ^rfir^ «rT3, ^uIVs sri jtt^, ti^, a

particle expressing anger, «corn, disgust.

t^imr, 5. mR, IJ^l or-^n St^II^, witness, evidence, an eye witness.

^t^n^, s. ^T^ <J^ WT C^m, *lFfTf»Ii, the north east point of the

compass, one of the names of Iloda liiwo or Moha^ Deo.

^^kk, 5. ^ift^ ^stn Sf^fTJl ^T1, CQPRl, a proclamation, a notice.

^'5I^I"< ^51, s. «i^f^ 9fs^ C^i^T^ *n, a written proclamation c^c.

^tf3r, 5. C^fr^T^ ^\^4 ^1 BFU, an instrument for ironing cloth.
^^, 5. 2?R -ffTTR 1\^f ^, Si^, God, the supreme being. Lord.
^^, 5. c^fiir, cvll»f||^, ^mm Sjf^f%, a jroddcss, original un-

formed matter.
^J^lTRr, a. t^^ ^mfro, divine, godlike.

^, s. ?^I^ci4 fen, ^, the beam of a plough.

^, a. vi)^, ^;rr^, this, present.

'^^'PT^T, 5. f®^?( ^j?T, ^^^ ^tcT, the present time, the present state.

^t^, pron. ^fwr^^ ^^ 5I^c?, these, they, (spoken of inferiors.)
t^CSTt^, s. ^? ^,'irs, WTJTMi'^j vfj^^Xf^^ the present life, this world
or state of existence. 7
^sj.ccii<p ^T^CcTt^, s. 5Q,<p1oi 'Pt4<i>i5i, here and hereafter, this world
and the next,

^, ^;, ^^ ^^ ffr^^^v^, <j-^^ c^^ c^ •ercvf ^^ ^U9f -fe^r,

( ) '^^fr^ 5^ ^TT?^ f^fsfS^t These two vowels when joined

to consonants are represented by the symbols ( )
placed under

the letter. They are indiscriminately used in Assamese to represent the

sound of u in rule or 00 in poor. Hence tiie first character only need

be retained. ^, is used interjectively, to express surprise, and in

calling or replying to a person at a distance.

^^1, ^ ad. tro, ^<I»I<»^, "33^, without cause, needlessly.

^>4|1^, intcrj. ^i^ft^ srT^, 1%I^ SRI srt^, (R CifiTt^ G^^Tt, a particle

expressing surprise, or astonishment.

^^if^r^, 5. ^9r9ff%, TSr, ^S^m^'n, a full understanding or certain

knowledge of an affair.

^^, 1 s. Z^n C'5ri<P vfif^^f, the termite or white ant.

S^]%^1, 5. ^^ snl^ (TJl^il C%^, ^^ ^j^si, a heap of earth thrown

up by white ants.

^'5<K, s. ^^ ^Ri-Tl, a nest of white ants.

^5" ^l<-.r:, s. see ^tf^rfl.

^^5ftV^, s. c^ '51C<»!^I, a griping of the bowels.

^^^51^, s. ^tfz ^i[\< C<n«n, retching as when about to vomit.

the act of divulging a secret, of making a hidden matter

public, stirring up an old difficulty.

^^rdWl» 5. c^t^f ^t^ C<rr^1, ^51 C^t^f «^^ C^X^y the breaking
forth afresh of an old disease or pain.

^-.^;^. s. TTi'srs 9ri C^.^, ^r^'^^^ff^ ^"JT^ C^tC^rt^l, a burning

sensation of the body, a stifling suffocating sensation.

\5<^i, s. ^^C^^pff, c^^ c^<^ ^j¥ 9t^, excess, surplus, remainder.

^^^, s. viittsc ^^^^ ^^T^, a species of eagle.
^sn 59

^C^ C^mi, 5, T^ C^^rrsn, Wi^rsn, GSS^^, the doing any-

thing hastily, rashly, or without regard to consequences.

t^, a. ^^ ^.5 CS[ru.T5n ^*i^ ^tf^, plain, colorless, unorna-

§^fl", V. ^'^r^ C^r^n, to break forth afresh (as of a disease.)

§ft, «. ftsf, -iJ^r^» a call, a cry, with STlf^, to call, to cry aloud.

^f^^rrt, V. ftfW^^, f^f^rt sm, to call out to a person at a


^{%5T, 5. c^m^ ^f^?"^ r^C5 2tf^f^i% ^f^:^, an attorney, an

agent, a pleader in a court, a mooktear.

^ ^S>ai l, 5. ^m C^rsn crr^ tJ^I^ CJO^I, ^iV<r!. a relapse into

disease from a convalescent state.

^f f«1?T^, V. S^fg ^^ail l, il<^ <1^ ir*1«lt C*tC«Tmi, to spit out, to

eject from the mouth.

^, fl. C^fTsn, ^«n^, ^^"5 C^r«n, said, spoken, related.

^f%=. S' C^rsn ??«tl» a saying, expression, sentence.

%<r5n ^'^fkj s. ^w ft^nr, mutual abuse, disputation.

^<r^. a. ^c?Jn sf5 ?r^ ^^^] "tff, ^iFR trt, ^irm; 5. a dry,
barren place, quick tempered.
^••rJr :rT<r9r, a^/. ^ii^vi«^, ^fC<in, quickly, expeditiously.
^^<a, s. C^^rl5 sr^^ ^, snfj[ «OTr»in, ^TW? Cl^mi, a swelling,
enlargomeni. inflation; a. swollen, inflated, enlarged.

^<r^<n, a. SR^1, C^5if fkf^f^ ^nr <sr?1, audacious, inconsider-

ate, rash.

^••fri[, ) s. ^i[, f^^i!, the breatb, respiration.

^•^^, J s. S^r^n, <TTt^ 1% ftcwmi, the act of boiling; a. boiled,

f as rice boiled in the husk preparatory to
^^J^l, pounding out.

^•^^, » a. frs] 7^15 «rr*f sisn, U^nn. C%fW\, heated, swollen,

§^, / mouldy, mildewed.
^4fsrTsr?n, a. ^-^Ti^T^, csm CTC^stsh, C^^ft^rnsr, full face. haFiig

high cheek bones.

^^T^, s. ^9fR, cl^fl t%C»pi, ^S^Prt^ <:<f^ TT^ ^^, eructation,

the act of belching wind from the stomach.

S^R W, 5. ^sr^, ^fir^^, heaving a sigh, the expression of a

determination to punish or revenge.
GO ^51

^infk, V. ^^ftTT 5rc1. to eructate, to belch up wind.

^?fri??r9l?f, s. fz7:fk, 'J^nX'^ ^f^, consternation, perplexity, trouble.

^?r, a. ^fr, C^T^, f^*^5^ 'iT^^, 5;ery, very much, very great,

passionate, pungent.

^^^1%, a. ^9fJ5^, ^r, ^^ ^.^f%, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.

^'?tTf>f, s. ^5^ ^1%> CM^ "^Hf a good understanding, a quick perception.

^^t1%, s. << 7nt%, ^Rl^ ^li-^l fw<n,ferT^, torture, torment, agony.

^^IcTl, s. ^^rfl, 1^^ '^'^^ CTtcnl, the act of eradicating or uprooting.

^, s. 1^1 C^^i ;5i^, "Rmf^ f tf^'^ ^i"^!^, a reel for winding thread.'

^Sjli^-i , t'. ^Ri] t3ni:3'^'^, ^Ti%,to uproot, to eradicate, to overthrow.

Ijjfi^lt^ V. vSiil^ '^^ Ciju^l^il, to wind thread on a reel.

^55, s. ^T^^, ^^ "5^, ^^yiT^ '^, f^\^\W, a festival, a holiday, a

joyful occasion.

^£>'i>i5^ V. 5i7( ^C^rsn, ^t^ ^C^^, to persuade, to encourage, to

influence, to embolden.

fe'^^, s. ST^'n'TTC^ ^R '<:C^I^^1, the act of persuading by flattery.-

^^, a. ^<i^, ^r^I, ^ft ^^fW C^T^, ruined, devastated, laid waste.

^TFJM^:. s. ^^TT^ ^CTfJT^r, •sr^JT^, 5f^^^, hurry, bustle, restlessness.

^5^, ) s. ^17!>sf, w:'^, ^n?r ^^^, a gift, an offering, with :^,

fe^^f i to offer in sacrifice, to dedicate.

^^^, 5. ^r^'^fwi, CirlT^lS fWl, alms giving, off'aring as a sac-

rifice; a. given^ offered.

^5^, 5. ^^^, ^Tl^^ ^^j% fen, tbe bringing to a close, com-

pletion, full payment of a debt or obligation,

^^-sft^i?, a. ^ii^^rirr^, ^"R^^ f<^15 ClT^p intoxication with joy,


felJcT!, a. %ct!X iWl, «^f^^ WW), elevated, lifted up, prominent.

^M^^srtf^, V. <^ ^on ^R ^ CWiV^, to go away in anger and

refuse to listen.

^Fl^, s. f^, ^ <rf^ ^n CSit^^ ?r^, a sudden start, a shudder.

^T^, 5. ^Q,^, ^TTS, C^ri'^, utterance, pronunciation.

\5c?ic.i^^1, s. ^[cT 5i"^l, ^•sT^t^'T ^T^ "Rin, an upward force or pres-
sure, a sudden spring or bound.

S&lf^, V. "^CcTC^ «S*1T^ ^Tf^j, Wif^> to lift upward, to raise.

^^r^, s. ^T5t^, ^WJt?f, 5j^ W^, zeal, enterprise, readiness, for-

wardness, eagerness to engage in an undertaking.

^ 01

^ifk, a. ^15Mf^, ^^icT, i:^ m, zealous, eager, enterprrsing.

^5pin, s. ^Cl^psn, fs^Tt^ S!^\^ ^:|T51 a flatterer, a sycopbaiit.

^5r*f, ct. JRTOTI, ^^, C5C^, very many, very much, the whole.

^5m^^, 5. C^^fk ^'"Wl, ^^r^ C"l:^f^rt ^^, suppresseti cry-

ing, sobbing.

^f^, a. ^n%^ «<f3C ^^TT C«1tC^, up country, up stream.

^«rwu^}, a. ^vfw ^IC*1 ^^ Vf^l, with face turned up stream.

^lff%|, a. ^9f^, ^m ^^^, upward, belonging to an up country.

^w^y s. ••rrf^ c^rt^ '^, ^"rait^ c-^tif^, ^^fi{ ^^ ^f^w,

mellowing or stirring up ground for seed, the reviving.

or agitating an old affair; a. mellowed, agitated.

^fk ^, s. ••rtft^ C^T^, <ir5 «f Wf^ ^, the using of harsh

angry words or speech, a sudden rising of anger.

t^fn Pm, a. #^, ?[rfTT^ irs >ec^:^, prominent front teeth.

t9]^, V. ^r?^t«T Carmi, WW ^, to go up stream, to advance.

S«I M 4 , 8. snc^ «W1, Wfsrfys, wakefulness, watchfulness, vigilance.

^5n^, s. ^«fk ^, ir¥^ smir ejfT Vfr ^iri^ cwnsn.^ an upland

country, upstream, the moving of fish in shoals up stream.

^^, 5. 5^ C-^rnsn, ant^ ^ finn, sudden P.ight or dispersion

from fear, the breaking out of disease afresh.

^14 <(^, r. 9K9 B^ <T^ %^, "S^ fw?!, to startle or disperse;

a. startled, frightened, broken out afresh as of disease.

'^wrfir, r.
-f^ f^i, sf«^ iptn ^f^rt ffTi, ^m^ -^[^rri-, to

pulverize Qr mellow the soil, to expose or make public.

"S^j <*• tw, CVI^TSl, ^W, easy to do or to understand.

^^?^> 5. ^T^ cwrw, 6*f?^ ^, the act of ascending or caus-

ing to ascend.
^^fif, s. ^*fif, Bf5R ^rr^rfers -tPWl C<ran, a mis-step, a mistake.
oSf5T, «. fif^^PT, ^tfi, l^jf^T, luminous, clear, bright, transparent.
^^, 5. if^ ^f^?f, ^^, a camel.
^J^, a. fo^ !(.<(.< ^vnr fipjn ^J^l, ^*f^i3f1 ^^TI, C-iff^ ^5^, iron-

ical, abusive.

^^, 5. "S'^rJri, *fTf^ 'S^rrs ^(^ ^»T^, the being sustained or

carried on the surface of a fluid ; a. floating, buoyant.

^^*jf^, 5. ^fitykRr, ^'sf^S'Sff^, ^5rR<rr^^;, dispute, emulation,

strife, rivalry.

C2 %v5

^^?T^, s. ^T^<>rtf^^5r?ri^ "5^9 ^tTm-jj i 4 ^^5 a flood, an inundation;

Jig. a person who wanders about like drift wood, without
any fixed liabitation; a, ovei^flowed, inundated, laboring

under some heavy calamity.

^i&, V. ^-s^rf^, '5^ftR3 ^f^ C§ir5n, to float, to drift, to move on the
surface of a fluid.

^^rft; Tts^, to float and sink alternately, to wander about

without fixed abode.

^^1^^, V. ^^1^ ]%, ^s*5TWft: fw, to cause to float, to carry away

by the force of a current,

^^1, a. ^srcn-s^ ^"H^, 5rn§i ^<r, prominent, slightly elevated.

^^^'^, v. ^^ -^ ^^ c^-psn, ^f^rt^ c^^^sn, -^^\u^ ^w^ ^?:i^ to

make one's self prominent, to boast, to brag.

^Wt^^iV^ O' ^<t ^T*T^, <Tc? TTsf, undulating, uneven.

Z^^, s.'^'ly^^^nlX W^n, ^"fe "=51^, growth, increase, elevation, a
rising up, ascension.

^^, 5. ^t^fSc^ ^SIW ffR^c? f^,9 the purchasing on credit.

%in, s, ^), ^S's^R^ Cirrsn, ^U. C^V^, ^ W^, growth, ascent,

awaking from sleep, rising, standing up.

^^tC^l^l, a. ^C^ ZIV^ ^1 ^^, alternate rising up and sitting down.

^"S, V. ^1 Wlf^, ^^"^^^ C§rr^, to rise, to grow, to wake from
sleep, to mount, to ascend.

^^ "^m, s. :^TR Clfmi, ^rw^ TXC^r^, a springing up, growth.

^T<F^, a. ^f^:^1ci, ,<^ ^, ^f^?trf ^f^;, annoying, disagreeable,

troublesome, difficult.

vST^tT, s. ^^T<[, ^5^, ^JR^i^^ overthrow, destruction, ruin.

^^^, V. %zr,vi\-^\, "l^c^t^, urge a person to any course good or bad.

v5i«^-^1, 5. Sf^ ^fk"^, ^:sT^«^, wa •ji^l^-?n, a small ground animal

a. restless, unstable, excitable,

^^^"sff^, 5. Q^iW^,, c^l^l, vgcci ^11,

1 a production, result, consequence,

fruit, development.
sB^*^, a. li^, vSlc^T^^ "51^, produced, arisen from, with ^f"^, to

produce, to beget, to bear.

^^^J^it^, s. ^»r^^^ ^r^, ^R^^ "5r^t?[ f^^? a calamity, a portent.
^^"^TTR^ V' ^^tfk, ^1^1% ^f^, to waste, to ravage, to turn upside down
§^, a. ^rfl5 ^5t5fi CJ^* 2t^^> best, chief, super-excellent.
^:5^, 5. ^7?^, ^fijSU, ]%*< r^, ^<rr^, ^il^f^, an answer, a defence,

a reply, the northern point of the compass. ,

^T^ ^Fi^, 5.^5r^^?r,"v5r<*ij^ ^ic=T,^9f"??f,the coming time, hereafter.

^f s:^r5^, s. w:'iS^^^^^, ttctii^^, ^rc^ ?rn:^ ^r^ w^, a dia-

logue, a conversation.

^-4^1 r<^^, s. ^-s^fep VR ^srrf^ ?firr^ ^ ^T?f, an inheritance, a

title, a right in a patrimonial estate, a government, a privi-
lege, a possession.

^T^fV^f^i '. ti^ffOT *R "^rTfir^ 5tTTf^ C^psn, an heir, a successor.

^Z^l?^, s. T^Ti^ M^ -S^X^ ^[CW" "^tt^ srf^ ^T\ ^^, the sun's

paih north of the equator.

%-^^, 5. -gisfnc ^rViii^* cirmi ^r*rt-, vtrnnr «t5r, ^vrf^r, a

cloih worn over the left shoulder and under the right
arm so as to leave the latter exposed, the sacred thread of

the Kayosth caste, a person skilled in argument.

^T^. n. ^«115 «*fT^ vSvpH ^sr^, boiled, ruffled, agitated, heated.

^t1%, v. «p!S^C^r«n, ^^ ^*n5 Svrm >m, to boil, to melt, to

bubble up.

^Jt^, 5. ^P'fl, rR. "^ff vn. an offering, oblation, gift, with ^rf^,

to present as an oblation, to sacrifice.

^TTT?, s. %W, "ce §58.

^Tr*f, 5. "^ll^l q5T^» SR^%M^, warmth, heat, ardor, zeal.

^fli^t a. §^, -stT^r C*>rr«n, %>mi C*fTWl, rescued, croesed over,
e.\tricatcd from a difflculty.

^37?^^, 5. §9fvf<*f, ^TTT. lT^r«T, ecstasy, enthusiasm, distraction;

a. delighted, excited, overjoyed.

^^vfvfvf, 5. "ftrffTjnr, "inrc^nr* ^TVS V^I, ^TTS^T, excitement,

hurry, bustle.

^^'T*R, s. 75^ ^f^^'^^, ^5T^^, £W^, introducing a subject for

conversation, discussion.

S'JrrsT, 5. ^o<3c<p1^I, 3T*r5 «^f^ ^r^, boiling or bubbling up.

^, s. <rrf^ sri5 ^r c^rrsn w^, an otter.

^iRS, 5. SfvT, -STIR, a fluid, water.

^^t, r. ^y^t, ^zc=rit, ^^ ^rf, to exhort, to animate, to

incite, to urge forward
64 %C^

^Pf^, a. -^TPn, 'sp^, eTlV^, ^litfelj base, naked, empty _, itripped,

open, uncovered, let loose.

^TW- ^fel^ «• "^f^^fell. ^f5R C^tCy5:r^1, "^^j free, independent.

Swr^>j1 i
o- ^^^ C^^l^ W<r<rj^, let loose to wander about without
a keeper, unowned; unprotected, stripped of every thincr.

^'i^, a. "^.IT?, ^^^, ^^fSTT, ^?ffw<rl, independent, uncontrolable,


^Tf#t^, 5. ^^'s^^^'t^ ^^^ ^ C^5f, J;jj^-<t9f, the asthma,

^7(% s. £t^^tJT, ^CcTt^l, the coming into view, rise, appearance,

applied to the rising of the heavenly bodies, and to the

introduction of knowledge.

^^f^ffk, ) s. i^^j ^Lv\\^^] '^i'^, the fabled eastern mountains

^^t<J i(> g1, 1 o^er which the sun rises.

^^^, 5. C^i the belly, the bowels.

MlT, 5. #t^ ;r ^^1 "?f^, ^^f^<ri, cattle whose second teeth have
not grown.

^?ft*t^f^, a- ^^^1%<n, R^t^ ^^^<r1 common to all, having no

separate owner, any thing dons or shared in common.
^Iff^j o. ^^^fWill, "S^^-sitB^ll, C^'',;sn, simple, open, candid, frank,

guileless, unreserved.

^^jJI, s. <i]^^ ^»1t:<[ ^^<^ f^^, 7f\7ft?:i5 f«jl?» Crr^, religious

abstraction, misanthropy, retirement from the world, as-


%Tif?i^, ;)
s. C^zf^,, "^^Icnl ^«^T, ^Tf1% ^1%^^, a religious men-

^tl%^, 5 dicant, a recluse, a celibate.

^K^^> ^' f^^t^j ^'^"^Ij «TiT^Wl, an example an illustration, a


^ffT, a. "^WWi ^^^f^, irt^f^ CT1X'5;T^% bare, open, uncovered, naked.

W%nt, V. ^WWf^ Fr^f«^ ^^, '^f^ ^'fk> to bare, to uncover, to

expose, to open.

^f^, a. ^^v[t C^'sn £|<t*ir*lsi', risen, come into notice, come into

vogue, newly introduced.

%-f?iir-rffii, s. CSl^Hl"^, ^22=T^rr, confusion, disorder, tumult.

^"^ff^, 5. %j]f%, W^f% elevation, ascent.

^^rt^, s. ^TfU, see ^^^.

^Ch^, 5. ^^TCrrT^, ^1%2n^» <^\<*{, an object, view, motive, reason.
=^^ 05

^^r^. s. 5'«rj1, ^tlF, 3n^, ^*ff ^ ^*^^ *tTl cnsnl, rescue, deliv-

erance, salvation, purification from ceremonial uncleanness.

if^ni, f S's^<[7:?ICTP=Tl»5Te=^^,<Jelivered, rescued, saved, extricated.

^^^, a- ^r^ ^. "^rrs <511^^ C^T^, be.side one's self with

anger, furious, raving, distracted with passion.

^fC'Sf^ a. ^^fri^^, ^Jl^ei, ^3«7, troubled, perplexed, anxious.

^•BtfiT, 5. ^tfs^, ^^T. wickedness, outrage.

^^^, 5. vSCcTTBTl, ^«ff%, Bran, the coming into existence, production.

^wrs, n- 'T^, ^PftprtsT KK\i ^^ CKV^, ready to undertake, about

to do, commenced, engagc<l, ready.

^Sm^, s. ^ff^J^f ^TOT?^, ^CifTl^, effort, exertion, labor.

% Jfrpr, .'. ^fiT5l, ^fi( ^ifti a grove, a park, a flower garden.

^?rn^^«^, s. ^^ C5r^1, srtft, a gardener.

^Cflrn^, «• ^\A\A, W^y *l3PTt«f, SM^, endeavour, exertion, labor,

effort, zeal, fervor.

^C^rrtf^t, a. ^l/Tlfk, ^5rft, jflr, active, industrious, energetic.

%^Sy ad. ^nro^l CSTTC^^, ^«f, 10 no purpose, futile.

^>lf^yl, a. %>n*R 'WT^ \$lw<, very large, t. e. large as an Mf//<rt«

or earthen support for a cooking vessel.

%'<X^, s. 'Srt^ ^[ft, BT«T C<^U ^l', from top to bottom, all the
particulars, a full understanding of the merits of a case.

^^T^, r. ^<t^t=W ^ft c^l'otl, <f*n^, to mount, to ascend as a bird.

^<lt^, ft. f^r^, fro^, fsT^fll*1, f?nr5, out of breath from sudden
fright or running.

^*<rT^, 5. ftf^ ^^ ^9^^ N5f5T?[ dt^, ^^ T^wyr^ Wires snfe^

5R?1 5^1, a cooking place or support for a cooking vessel.

^iT".^, 5. ^srrsf iff% C^ cyrwi, ^l^ C^^TT f%5T^ ^ V^, the doing
any thing at random without understanding or investigation.

^>rtT, 5. v5^i< see ^^jjr^, deliverance, salvation.

^5fT?:*n511, 5. f^ f^ 7f^^ ^*1«I44 i^^rfj^ ^-sf^rr^ ^y^, the returning

favor for favor, the reciprocation of a kindness.
^^ItX, V. ^^fi^ ^R, f^^tfi, to deliver, to extricate, to save.

^?f^, s. 8«T5"?5i CSVsTif the act of ascending, or causing to ascend.

^SfC^, ad. ^sft'^CT. ^t^r^f.lf r'^7'", ^^^JTT, iu coininoii. com-

mon to all
60 ^<pf

^C^ffe^f, ad. srtCS? srti:i), <PtC<M ^^r C^IC^rr^^^, STti;©^^, at random,

as a bullet aside from the mark, or as irrelevant speech.

^j affix, f^, ^s^ '^^y f^5 ^^^>^one less than, less.

^^f^5, a. 4^f^ ^ twenty nine; i. e. one less than thirty.

^TPT, a. ^^ 7^ ^^, f^i^(t^, ninety-nine.

^^, a. ^STc^-ff ^^ C^TSIl, ^5^t^ 7^^ -5^1, a little deficient; s. defi-

ciency, listening to hear the conversation of otliers.

^^, V. 7^\7{ 'i^Wf^ Qt^l, 3Tt^ ts^T iir<^, 5R ^?^, to listen to catch
what is said at a distance.

^f^, s. ^ff^ ^il^P^^"?, a reel for winding silk.

^f%^t£|Tf^, a. ?rf^Tf, TftlTi^, f^^l^^, poor, mean, insignificant.

^f^T^f^» «. ^STc^'sT ^si^'pf, ^^1^<rl ~5''Aliy very lillle, lukewarm, tepid.

^fet^, V. ^^ CrTT^l, ^^ CSimi ^Rl, to wind thread, to fre-

quently go and come.

^f^T^Icil, s. 3|^cTff^ ^g^ 3T5^1^ a reel for thread.

^^^, s. ^^W, "^y ^, a spring, a fountain.

^^1%?n9^, V. ^c^^^i?? ^?^i<[ ^ ^fi^^^, to obtain a clue to a

matter from a word, hint or intimation.

^^, a. vii^ ^5j «il^f4", nineteen.

^'ti^^ ^KCdl^l, G. ^^?t7fc^ ^cT^, ^^t^ ;r5f ^^ ^^, quarrel-

some, contentious, litigious.

^f%, s. ^f%, ^7^"^ ^5(^'^f5, an ear ornament worn by men.

^srf^, 5. f^f^, <r^1, increase, prosperity, elevation, exaltation.

^^T^, a. ^fln^ll, '^^f^, ^TT?^, deranged, insane, intoxicated.

^*f, prefix. ^*t^?f fe^^, ^5rr^ ^«rR ^-^n; crt^ccn ir^^ ^^ gf^^i

^f^^l^?^ ^^^» ^^i^h ^^^^ '^^''^ ^^ vicinity, resemblance.

§«^^, 5. ^^^ ^q|l, *J<g:t^ ^'^1, ^^^1 ^^1, a proverb, an adage,

a common saying.

^^^^, s. ^^1^^, -^*rr1>f ?^, a side dish, any thing added, as

vegetables or sauces, to a meal.

^^^f^T^, 5. 5i^t ^r§^, f^ ^m, -il^^ft^, assistance, help, aid, benefit.

^-^7^ m.tMA, ft^^f^, f^l^^, beneficial, advanta-

^^^^TR, a.

geous, helpful, useful.

^-sWsr, s. ^^^:^, <5fetc=I ^f5l, a beginning, an attempt.
^^^fTJ, a. ^tt% C<^mi, sn-^ritlJ C^rt^l, %^^ff^, arrived, present.
^^f^r^', s. -KC^i^ ;ft^, f?ft" f^<n?, an inferior gooroo or teacher.
^^ 67

^*nJi «• *^5, 5*t]5f<^, full, even measure.

^*f5jp, s. ^3*flT, ^5T<F^Ti; ^-s^if ^^, calamity, sudden evil.

^*t5i^, s. <5^5fT^ ^^, the attire, furniture &c. used at poojas.

^*tf5 *1"^, a- ''^^ t^i: *1Tl, "^fV^, full and running over, abundant.

^<tf%, V. Sff^, V^, .to bear, to give birth to, to be.

^*ff^fir<Pl, 5. C^fT^^ ^*fT^, S^^> f®f^^, livelihood, support.

^^ferj, a. fsfz^tif %*lft", yielding maintenance or support.

^*ff^l, 5. ^fFlf»^, the epiglottis, the uvula.

^<^^, a. ^ftr, ClfT«rJ, f^frif fit, proper, qualified.

^*1~i;^, 5. ^ji^ST, ^r¥^, ir"^5T, ?t;», production, savings, profit.

^^i^^m, 5. l5T*f, C^TWI^, r^Rl, C^r^, heat, distress, mental suffering.

^*lf^*t, s. 7\i: T>*f, in^l^, vr^fsi 57*ff^, an island.

^*tC^i^» *. ^ f^pKT^ ^rflfi a demigod, an evil spirit, an apparition.

^*rCJr^, s. PT'orn. «frR fwri, instruction, advice, teaching.

%*tC^^^, 5. ^«fCir»l fifQlSl, f^<r! ^^, fJ^-fllT^, an instructor, a

teacher, a preacher.

^•^3^* s. f3rj%ft, Wjfir, *l*Ult ^Uy5R, calamity, oppression.

^*f jf^, a. ^<1'5« ^
VC^TCI, '•Rift 'SII^^R ^cim, calamitous,

ruinous, oppressive, tyrannical.

^•s^RTRf 5. 21^R fw^f^, the inveatiture of the sacred thread.

^*RW, s. ^srr^ ;n^, %«^Jn ^nr, a surname, a nickname.

^ffJTS, a. %*ffT«, wrft C«fr5n, arrived, present.

^'^fft'W, 5. cziff ^JiJTsf, a portion of the Veds.

^^^m, s. £f5Tf %«f^^, fTV ^^, an exordium, a tale, a story.


^*t*fl%, 5, 7[f^ fVff^oiV, VjOii? cvrmi t% one who practices

whoredom, a pimp, a panderer.
^^*tr^, 5. ^^f^ f^ff, ^^, a kept mistress, a concubine.

^ff^t 5. ^r^, 5{*t|a[ TTtft, a garden, a flower garden, a grove.

^*f^fT, s, cn.*iU, T5, a religious or voluntary fast.

^<^<tf*i, fl. frlCVIt^ fw?^f f^^r^rfi, one who observes a voluntary

or religious fast.

'^^*ffe5, s. ®9fj ^ii, ^I5ft, the sacred thread.

^•Kf^, a. c^^ ^TRt^ CcTT^, invested with the sacred thread.

^*(fWl, s. J^rsTPU fwn, ft^^ fwi ^rrf%, an inferior art or

science, such as sleight of hand, dancing, basket work &c.

^'^C^, s. ^ftll<J(.<1f ^snt^, one of the inferior Veds.
^^fC^T^f, 5. f%^t (T^i-Jf, ^"^t C^t^r^ worldly, enjoyment, gratification.

^•s^fsrl, s. "^5=?^, fvj^l^j «f^¥^, a comparison, simile, metaphor.

^"s^firffg-, 5. ^1^, C5lnM<n srt^, a w(i\ nurse, a foster mother.

^-sflx, G. vS'st^^, ^^, *l5^, '^TT^ ^Tf^C?:, above, former, besides.

^-sff^ ;gi^, 5. 5^"^ ^§r^, £l"5t5R; ^^, a former "birth.

^*ff^ *t^^> 's^^^, ancestors, progenitors, forefathers.

'^'^^J^^, "^TPf
^'5f^^, a. 7\-^-^ 7{ q1^, '^srt^^rf^, not belonging to, not con-
nected with or related to.

^-pfrT^rj, i 5. f^^, ^|*^V|M, C^^Trftt^ C5T^i, an indication, an

^-s^^M, } inference, a deduction, a glance, a clue.

^'5^"^.5<l1, if. fers^l ^Tl, ^r5Rl» ^5in ^S^, contempt of an order,


^^f^^, .?. f^f?!?'?; 5Th«, ^rfs^ ^T;^, a small profit or yield.

^^^r^TI^, s. fsr^l CSfJT sr;fr1, ^^fel, ^1%f%^, jesting, raillery, ridicule.

^"^Wt^, 5. Ci[Tfr ^fff ^P^ C^l^, TT^T ^^^ c?^ ^^, alleviation,

abatement of pain or distress.

^«>f7i^, 5. ^^^ Tf^, an inseparable preposition.

^^^fSTT^, a. ^s^-pf Tft^, C^^ ^snfF ^fsTCl^t^, alleviated, abated.

^'sffes, a. ^t^ C^Tsri, ^1% C^^rtWl, ^•^Dll?^ arrived, present, at hand.
^^^"PT, s. ^r<l^l>1, C-^rf^, ^'ffc'I^, a jest, ridicule, a smile.

^-pfl^, s. C^i^m, '^jk, 1%^ TtTTlt C^C^I W^^ f^JX ^t, means
or way of doing, help, an expedient, device.

^sft^ -pft^, «• '^^ ^^, ^T^ «^^i. TO^n^, reversing j turning upside

down, involved in difficulty, perplexed.

^•fft<l7t^, s. ^f%^:PT, f|v5t^, f?^^, ^fil ^^^H:, a narrative, a history,

a fable, fiction.

^<^^, 5. -ifW ^sr^, ^£t^^ ^t9f, ^j%, ^3rr^l% "^^^ a subordinate

part, a subdivision.

S^^TTf^, 5. fWl: Tjirrw^ ^1^, ^n^^ ^^, a title, an attribute, any

light food.

^-s^ltSR, s. ?i^, ^©It, ^^ cTt^ CsThSTlj gain J savings, accumula-

tion of property,

^^ftt^^, a. '=5rrfli%, C^l^l, accumulated, gained, amassed.

^^Tt^^l, s. 'SlllStljl, f^(^1, 9tf^?rr^l% ^-^1, ff^lw, abuse, reproach.
^^TPfT^, s. ^STTt^l^, C7f^^, cn^r^, ^^5^7(1 ^ttT!, a worshipper, an
attendant, a servant.
^^fiJRl, s. '3rr5t*<f^, Bt^rn, JT^J^tI, supplication, prayer, service.

^*fi^, s. ^|>ll ^R1, ^l^yfl, hope, expeclation, service, worship.

^*rTf%;, 5. C<»\m^ '^T^ fe^i^, a cartilage.

^<lTn^, s. JjTrf ^ci ^5iTl%, JTI^TRT ^1^1"^, ^*TTf51- WT, any light
food, as fruit vegetables &.c.

§^T1 ^^pf3"» i-'- IsS^^i f^f^t^, ^5ijR *f7n, ^fWT C^S *f^, to bound
as a ball, to spring, to hop about as parched corn.

^n?f srtR, V. ^5n5T^ sr^, e^f^r^ ^cirr^ sri, ^m sr^i, to

wrench one's self away from the grasp of another.

^frp, s. "^^^ "^raf^ >;^1 crr^r frow, a scab or scurff, daudruflT.

^f^^^l, 5. pf^f \5t9T \5TS1 ^f^ C?rf^ C^rsn, examining the hair of

the head hair by hair.

^^1, a. ^«r^ c«lI^I, ^5R1, obstinate, uncontrollable, disregardful.

^?nw, o. C751 ^9tl, r^:il«srn5, '5;^5T, obscene, shameless in speech.

^^, a. ^5^, ItRPT, ^J[TW ^Rl, ^ltr*?II Ctir^n, made desolate, laid

waste, with 55f^, lo lay waste, to destroy.

^Tf^, a. ^59T^ C*f^ VTI, ^«1^*f ^^55 *fi1, prostrate, prone, with

t^, to lie prostrate on the face.

^7f5To3:% s. ^^S^ft^ ^ ^8r^, €C^TC"5T«^, vf^^'^*, nrasiratinn.

turning upside down, somerset.

' r
-2 1
'•• H^ C<TW1, <IT<rT C-^rrsrii ^"^ *f?l, to turn lopsy lurvy,

to pour forth, as a multitude of people, or as a running stream.

^9, a. ti^ c^Pi^ ^Tifii •arrfw^ <:«rT<r^?35 fvm c^n^, to ^^, the
beam of a plough or the handlo of an adze or hoe ^^c.
if set too stccf) is thus called.

^W, S. ^5r5\, ^<l*J, 9!f3f ^^Ht obscenuy, iiminnsic language.

^Hf%, r. ^^, ^f^, %5tT5 CSfsn, to turn back, lo return, to re.
trace one's steps.

^«<r, a. wf SW^, ^C5rl, both, two as distinct from others.

^i^CJ, ad. kfLijk<l iTW.'S, WCin ^prc^, mutually, on both sides.

tW^], s. ^^rsil, ^^ ^RI, the act of uprooting or overthrowing;

a. uprooted, eradicated, overihrown.

^fi?, 5. ^J^ C^T^ VtfD^ STT, the ends of a piece of ploughed land.
^^1, a. <r^^1, f^i[inj cWlt^I^^I, coarse, rough, uneven.

^f%, V. n^^ <^ Hf^ 5T^ csm, ^^ to ^5^, src^^ ^iin ^ ^Ti
to creel as the frame of a house, to decide upon, to purpose.
70 §r;C
^iWi, «• ^^t^^ ^5f^ ^1, c^t^f^t^ C^tr^t^l ^, C^^ 5:^:1. coarse

(applied to thread or work^) stubborn.

^f%g1 ^T^, s. "^f^^ siH, -^r^ ^ srj;;^ -^ ^^-^j an uncivil answer,

defiant or disrespectful speech.

^^5^j%» .'J.
^R^:, f^^'^i ^spi^s-irj, abundant like an unfailing stream.

fesr, a- "^c?^ ^"sf, warm, rroderatcly heated, tepid.

^5r5^t%<rl, a- ^t^^^l, ^T^Cc'TlC^, belonging to all in common.
v^^T^^, s. "^^ f^^T"^, ]%^1, desire, concern, warmth ; with a negative,
lukewarmness, indifference, listlessness.

^^fk fw, V. ^^^ i;^V^ ^•^n, -5-^^^ ^R^? ^it fwti, to impart
warmth, to place eggs under a fowl for hatching.

^, s. wyfj, •sTO'i^, PI^"^ ^h§?Tt, one of the names of Doorga.

v5ill<p|^, s. 1^^ 5r^TCF.<r5 ^ft^ff^ ^fsr, Hi wo, the husband of Doorga.
^^^, s. ^sr, ^|^<t»l(H, ^s?, an intimation, an inference, a guess.

^t^(^, 5. ^^T^f^^ S^^^^a^ 311^:5 <?r^ f^5^ ^5^, a rocky island

near Gowhatty on which stands a shrine of Hoda Hiwo.
^^^^, V. ^5lt%<rl, ^^fk C^V^^f to cause to give warmth, to set
a fowl on eoras.

^9f, 5. TT-s^ ^tflfT '*^l'<^'^ ^5^ ¥^, a reptile, creeping things.

^^ST, s. -f^l ^f^f^ CMVS'^ ^'h^T ^t-^r, %R ^^1 ^^1^ ^nsj ^1^^
<T^, (he portion of any thing above the ground, as of a

post, tree or wall, whatever flies, ability to fly.

^i%1, a. ^fc^ '^^V., -ffe •iTR ^1^5 fledged, able to fly, old enough
to provide for itself, applied to a bird or child,

^^^tf^, s. C^^ ^W"'W\, mf^^ "pft^ C^TTsrl, nausea, sickness.

^^^ s. TFlf^ -ntf^ ^Tf^3 ^il^ ^fk^ C^ft^, a bed-bug.

^^^, s. CF6II "^y l?'5^p|, scorched, a burnt liquid.

^^1%, s. ^W^ '5Ti^1%j a species of bean.

§:^it, s. ^^>rft, b^^l"?, ^^t^'j^ <r^ ^^^, to sweep away, to

scatter, to disperse, to waste.

a wooden mortar for pounding rice.

for the above.

^7m ^fk> s. ^^T^ra -f^] srtR, ^"^^^ a pestle
^^, V. GH^^tC^ ^1 f^ C^^, to fly, to soar in the air, as a bird.

^ft^1£if^, a. ^m Tfupor, f^^ff^^, poor, ordinary, destitute,

§f^^;ri^, 5. ^f^ki ?n>, a species of tree.

-^^ 4 1

^ftpfcT, 5. -KtfsnJ C^^ vii|7r<f ^^, a species of grass.

^i%5ft^, s. Frrf v<l^, wild rice.

^f^*ff^, r. F^^ WC^ ^1^ ^ ^, ^rr^p^ ^r'^^P?!, lo wander

about without fixed place or habitation.
^^, s. ^r^»^, ij!^, srr^, tlie thigh.

^^rsnt, r. Tini^ Z^n ^fi^ CHl^l, ^^ f?trl, to blow away, (o

scatter or sweep away as by a tempest.

^J?^, 5. f^^;^ ^srtsf flR, r<^^ ^^^tfr, tlie day previous to the

Ihhno festivals.

^^•jrf^, 3 5. 7?;-5^ 5t?T ^ -^Tifsr *W, leakage, the dropping of

^^•^ri, 3 water through the roof; a. leaky.

^^^, a. fi[^, ^Ttl^l «^^, t^STT^STTS, cheerless, sad, lonely,

^^rfsr, .<f.
f%^]?, ^*lC^l>i» CTPP, sorrow, grief, sadness, depression.

^^fjT, s. r^uiii^ ^grr^f^^r fs^fes f«7i ^*nt jn? ^rti* n loud

trilling sound uttered by women in concert as a blessing
on any joyful occasion, as a marriage or the birth of a child.
^5rf«^*r3H, 5. ftW5m ^ ^W1, T^, *fr551 sR, a rambler, an idler,

^y a, «<, ^-PPT, bigh, lofty.

StTI"5, 5. S^ITrt'^ ^T5 Wn 'RTlf'T, fjyt^ C^T^I, the lifled arm,

either in solemn asseveration or as an act of merit by a devotee*

^-n, a. il<?Cvll *T^ C^r^ snft, ^?F^, <*il«1, a fertile or rich soil.

^TjiT, $. ^TT5 t'PT V4»^l Jl&fi^, T<5rj[ C^sr, a pocket handkerchief,

the hair of the breast.

%?n5f^, a. 7^9i^y fZT^y ^W, naked, unclothed, bare.

^?l>g5:5T, ) .*. 'snflll 71 f^WI BJ»1, ^ffU^ ^^, transgression, dis-

^5S:1, obedience, the passing a limit or boundary, trespass.

^?rf^, a. Tif^ *jl«ifi?, ^^ft, to turn back, to return, to retrace

one's 8lej)s, with fif, to give back, with ^TPf^, to come

back again, with «5R, to do the same thing over again.

S^rwt^, V. "SWS T^ «TCMT^, ^<*^5«ll, B^fts'sn* to amuse, to

entice, to gull, to inveigle, to deceive with false promises.

^ST^^Tsn, s. "^^tC^ :r ^m ^Tmi, ^C^rsil, ^f<^^^, deceiv.

ing or putting off with false promises ; a. deceived, &c.

^?=r^5nc=^, 5. ^^C^^ <r^r.<nn ^!?n, bustle, hurry, joyful haste.

^5T^ 5nifr«T, s. -^^flS ^T^

at^m, ^
srrc^ sR ^^, exultation.

ecstasy, rapture,
72 %^,1

^.^, a. s^i'^X^ ^n» ^5Tc^*f ^^1, ^^f^ fel, lifted up, elevated,
transported with delight.

^^TTs, V. iT SRI, filFl ^m, ^-pf^^l ^^ to disregard, to disbelieve,

to treat as unworthy of belief or confidence.

bold, audacious, ra^h, impertinent, insolent.

^cTt^, s. Q^^'.^ Tf^l, ^r?p*f, a lifting up, joy.

^^rrft, f. v8«^"^tc^ ^1% ^f^, ^srr^f^^ c^rn^n, to lift up, to rejoice;

a. joyful, elated,

^ferfs", I'. ^fk, '^fk^ <^*fk, £|^^

Tn§! ^^fk> to bring out, to expose,
to make public, disclose.
^, s. «iiR5f ^^, a species of coarse grass used as thatch.
^s=f^6jf^, 5. ^ '^*^f C-^r^f^, a patch of uloo grass.
^^f"^ C^TTST, s. vflR5:r f^tc^ ^Tfpf, a species of venomous snake.

^cji^^fcT^, s. C^^^ ^tST ^t^ ^ ^Tl, ^tfetc^ ^^^ f^l^ wasting

time in mere pretence of doing, staring about and doing
nothing watching for opportunity to escape.
^cTl%fwl, s. "^^^ cs^lx^l: ^C^T'sn ^Sfi1%, the sprouts of the uloo grass.

^^c^^mr, ) s. ^^1%^^1%, ^ri^vilci^, ^^T^iTsi, hubbub, tumult, con-

^r^ii^fcTiTj J fusion, liurly burly.

^c^-sfri^, s. ^-sf^ -s^-^i ^^) ^, ^^^^ ^'^, ^f^?i i;^, the

falling of a meteor, a meteor or falling star.

^Wt^I, s. ^p^, ^R7f, exultation, joy, rapture, ecstatic pleasure.

Wtl^^, «. ^]^f%5, ^R%, ^f^W, py^u\, glad, enraptured.

^i'^, s. ^^ >ilf%'<", a species of tree.

^^cTl, 1 a. -51^, c^mi, Ciff^ ^i^), suppurated, rotted or

^s1% C^i^l, ( sloughed off.

^, iiitcrj. Tf«$r C^n^l ^^j ^^4^ ^1^, ^1^^\5 511^, an exclama-

tion expressive of pain, surprise, disappointment.

^Jfsrt^, intcrj. TM C^V^ "SlT^, ^^ C^TT^I ^\15, a particle express-

ing intense pain, suffering.

^j, s. 21T5I, *I^1 (Tpn, ^^C^ltft" ^tc?, the davvn^ the early morn-
ing, twilight.

^^gftsl, s.
<J^^ C®t^1, C<rj% Gl] ^^ts C^^ Cirt^l^ the setting
out on a journey in the early morning.

^Hr s. f^^^, the breath J respiration.

^t 73

^^rr^CT, ad. -afc^^^ |%C41<i(.i» C^^CS, ill a breath, iii a moment.

^^1, 5. -cfrfe^ t^CSfrsn, f^f^l Sf P, the act of boiling, the

rice of boiled paddy; a. boiled.

^f)l^1, 5. ^?"f5f<'5f1, ^f^'< ^^rr^, an insect resetnblin(T tlie cricket.

^f^s^, a. -s^rTT^ SR, Ikini, H'^, shallow, flighty, pliable, fickle.

^, 5.
^^, f*f^f^ -TfiT, ^^U. ^ ^1 Sj^n^, a spring or source,
the facts or merits of a case,

vi^i'Vfn, s. ®?f^ *rTf^? ^5j^ sc^mi, srr^5 ^^t^ c^rrsn, the spring.

ing up of water, the rising of aquatic animaU to the surface

of the water to breathe.

^f^, 5. f«t^f^? ^^ 9^ ^f?", a place of springing water, a spring.

^^^^j^f^, a. fi{JV^ ^'$3 ^ ^f^^^CHT^V " '^'^nse of suffocation, a

choking stifling sensation.

^ C^TT^n, 5. ^ fJnn, ^ C^rrsn, the tborough investigation of a

matter, the springing up of water.


^^T'TT^i^n, 5. ZK^ f^fbT^ "^1 *nf5[C? fJTCJft^n TTV, greens of

sorts boiled together without seasoning.

^, |J, a), ^, ^^ 5rf< ^STT'^r^ 'SRfsnin ^mUS gflt ^ 5C«T, these four

com|)ounds of ^, r, »!, /, and ^, i, used in the Sanscrit and Bengali,

are seldom used in writing Assamese.

^, vij^f ^-t^, ^JT cfsf^ csrrt "tfrc^i s^t ^<t fm.'^ ( c ), ^btt^

^vrr^ ^flT ^tf5PC«l 4^r^ 4c it, thb vowel is pronounced like e

in men; in composition it is expressed by the symbol ( C )

on the left side of the letter. In composition with a noun it gen-
erally means one.

n , interj. ^ c^ >&l*iC^l>l ^STTfif SpIH^ ^^, an exclamation express-

ing displeasure regret or disgust.

y£f, pron. '^i'tTS ^T^Ht^* this, the one nearest.

^^ w:^, ad. ^^ C^^C^j JJCiC*, therefore, for this cause.

vi)tc^, . pron. m-imrs c^f^rrt finn ^ ^^"^^ ^^"'* panicuiar

'A'^j 3 person or thing pointed out.

lil^ f^t5"CT, ad. ssit ^?C^, ^^ C^C^P, for this reason, therefore,

vfl^^n^, a. ^9j[\^, ^^ 'Wt^, so much, so maijy, so long.

74 ^^
vfi^tCcTiWI, ad. s£\i7(^^, ^t<[ f^f^, thus, in like manner.

^^ C^^^, ad. <AC^i^, ^^ ^^t:^, for this cause, wherefore.

vfl , interj. C^T^ C^ffC^r^l ^ti;, ^^; 4> C^^K 'mf^, ct^tt, a
particle exj)ressing satisfaction at having retaliated or return-

ed like for like.

^5, pron. v£it ;§^, ^<rjtC5 <?I^ ¥JT, he or she, (honorific.)

4^^, a. C^XiS^, (M\, ^t^^ C^^ ^^ C^T^, not hard or tense,

fresh, soft, immature; s. a polypus of the nose.

4^8^ ^rtf^^, s. Tt^, W ^ ^^ "yfTf^ra:, milk, sweet milk.

^S'sn 5^, s. '5^T'»fi; f^fwHl T?1J, an unbaked earthern vessel.

4^^ cFRsrrf^i, s. 5ft^^ ^ fen c^c^^ c^t^tf^, ^rfsrr1%, a

girl that has not reached the age of puberty.

4«'»It'5f1%<n, .s. ^sT?^ 'S'ff^ C^Ii-sri^, C^'^'s^l^PWl, slack twisted.

^S^ ^, 5. ^^ft^ C%1 ^^, f^f^T^ <?«1'Tft TJ1?1» cotton

thread that has not been boiled.

4^1^, s. Niil<lJM, <rtT?cT C^^^1, wf^^^rj, dearth, scarcity, famine.

4^t", V, t^, 5ft\ ^f^, TTSTt"^ ^f%, to complete, to bring to a close.

4^^fT, 5. ca^ '<^^A f^^'jjf^, flour, meal.

4^^, 5. "fe^, ^^, a loud cry, a scream, with ^|%, to cry out.

4c^t^, a. 'T^^ ^n, ^ C«tCcTt^, finished, completed, done.

^)5\, s. efrf^f ?f5l ^^, "#1^, ^"^tcT, gum, any adhesive substance.

4^4fe^ a. oTtf?f ?C^1, CUC^^SIC^, glutinous, adhesive, gummy.

^.)S\t, V. ^^c^C^rt^i, ^Ct^r fwl, to glue or join by a viscous


4^, inter, c^^fkx 'SlXHj C^lft^ ^ n6|vj1*IJ4 5[T^, a particle express-

ing distress, suffering, disgust or disrepect,

v£i^, a. vii^, one, one of two, single ; article, a, an.

^.^C^§ff%<rl, 3 C^fl'SIl, peculiar, singular, sickening, nauseous.

^:^^ ) s. j\7^ ^, ^t^C^R, half a seer, or one pound.

«i|<pfi<]|, a. ^TtC^rferl, ^^ '^t\ ^"Vi balf a seer in measure.

»fl^^f^<11, a. >ii^j%<i1, C^fen, ^I?fi^, separate, aside, aslant, oblique.

lil^:?, a. ^T?^ c^<5f, c^t^ •dftt: <it^% together, in one place.

^^^ferl, ^ a. vii^ ^Q]f?[ '^^^^ ^5rf^^t? C^, of one word, truth-

<i}C^^r^^ * fulj keeping one's promise.

^H^fJt§, a. j\7?[^?^ )ezj Pt't ^t^, looking steadily in one direction.

^^f^l, a. «i)fe^, r<JC*? I"^, single, not one of a pair.

^^ Si^\'^, a- ^f^<r, (il^^^, one kinJ, one sort, one way or manner.
^^ ^fen, a. vil^Pi^^l, vi)5f%<n, on one side, out of the way.
vfj^, ad. ^^':r\^f-^^n, fk^t ^ "st cw<mrt C^PSI ^VS, alone, single,
a word often used as a threat lo express determination, as

srtf^ ^^1, I vfili certainly strike you.

vij^^rr^t?, 5. vijc^ C^rsn, ^Z^ Sfrs C^rsn, of one form or shape,

of one caste or religion.

vfl^r-sffel, a. «i!^[fT?n vfl^rrfwi, ^iFf9l?1, C^mi ^«n C^r^, on one

side, out of the way, of one word.
vij^rfif, ^ o. ^1^ t^rfwi, fw^ ^rs C^lC^l^l, ^^ WtS, undivided,
v<):^V^lfst, \ agreeing, of the same material.

'i|<Pn5i^^i^, 5. fjci^^R, ^t^t^ fr^T^, disregard of the ceremonial

ruled of caste,

^flirs^r, a. ^*f^^ 4^ Tj3r, a cloth having one embroidered end.

<fl^Tf5, a. ^HC¥K, ^fl'pl, one step, one degree.

«fl^fTC5^, a, CW, *iVC3rf%in, ^STPT^ C^TTC^fT^, peculiar, uncommon.

C4X^ WS^, ignorant of weaving or spinning, a suspended

triangular bamboo frame used as a shelf.

vfl^sT^, 5. JiTpfstin, f5[9fsf, one sided, not horizontal^ separate.

vfl^iPT, a. "snd?. eleven.

^xi^flrf^, a. 5Bpc '•TCT? ^^n <i;f ci^mi fw^c, fWr frow, the
eleventh day of the moon.

>il^T5^ar, a. ^rft ^fft ^C^^, ninety one.

^^TS, ^
a. iKiirlt, s^^FTf^, »i|^iR, 'ftlfw't, tending to one
vil^f%^, \ result, excessive.

^*1« ^5^> ) *• ^«T? *fl^ r^f^yi CH^i a devout worshii)er

vil^T^ ^<P3, i
^ of God.
vil^FT^ ^ife, 5. vnc^ ^C^C^ CJW ^^1, supreme regard or worship.
vfj^pj SR, 5. vii^ 3R, ^^ fvs, the whole mind, fixedness of mind.
vij^r-pf, s. ct:5 -sff^ ^rr^T ^ flr^ fi^, a bundle of five whole or
ten split rattans.

^^ftWI, «. ^^^ ^R ^^f^r:^ WJS\ ^vfc^ sfrs C^irtt f*W, envel-

oped in one cloth wound round and round the body.

76 >s\Z'^

Jl^^, ) s. ^^p, ^^^ C'Ot^ ^1 '^fkl ^^ "^t, a small bundle.

vH^f^, > a lighted wisp or bundle of sticks.

^^f^, «• ^K, ^'S^ ^^1^ twenty, a, score.

vH^:t%^, a. (iiu^ ^f%?n, ^'^ ;g?!T^ of the same caste.

v<lU^, ^. C^Cc?^ ^ ^"t", ^f^, f^fel, the same, alike.

vHC^^, a. JT^ItJ^, ^^^ Wl, i5^r^r<r, even, uniform, level, one

expanse or sheet, as of water.
^Z75 ^w^^:^, a ^z:^' Of^, J\Z^ ci^Jf, "fef^, one, united, mingled.
^i:^ t%i;, fl. v<i:7P si^r, Jl^t^ ^tS, unanimous, fixed in purpose.

vili:^^, a. W^?I^iX?n, ^^1, one, only one.

<ili:^^, ad. cT^ 5^ ^ ^^Tt^, l%5 fJ0, ^l'^ C^V^ <it<^,

fixedly, steadfastly.

«ilT:^{:^, ad. <C^^::i;, a?fr5, quickly, speedily, in a moment.

^U^ W^, a. ^Z^ ^^, ^U^^t^, alike, as before, of the same price.

^£(U^ ^9f, a. ^Z^ 5TC^, J\U5 ^f^, joined, uniied, in the same place.

«ilC^ 3Tf%, 5. cn9f<[ STT^j^, an associate, a companion.

vilC*>ik, s. y£\^ ^^, J\z^ 7^0^,, a word, a sentence, the same word.

«ilt^5, a. <i)^f^ lii^, twenty one.
»i|t^<n ;§f^, .<?. ^fvf^ v<if< viif^;^ ^^ ItT, a fever that returns every

other day, a tertian fever.

^Z:^, a. C^X^, ^rfC-sfl, f^lJ, even one, one thing, with ^t^,
not any thing, nothing, not even one.
*iiC^1 <ilU^, a. C^TC^I C^rc>[], iii:^r^i, some, certain persons or things.
vilC^t^, s. ^^^ ^l-s^C^C"^ C?^\m] ^^ ^^T^ ^^it C^Tl^, as much of
any thing as can be taken in the end of a shoulder cloth.

^C^51, 5. Ji^ii], ^Cs^lc^, an armful.

^C^f^, a. C^K'^K^^ ^^, some.
^.C^^mn, a. ^Wifs<!), JiwT^n^, aside, apart from.
^i:^?T^Tfi7, s.^t^ c^r^t^ ^ti-s
^J^ c^^itrf^, c^ ^^ ^mf,
as much cloth as can be woven at once before winding
it on the cylinder of the loom.
^<r?(, ) a. JiFl, (ij^ft^ ^ ^'5^, one, applied to any thing spread
^<rr^, * out or extended.
vil-^C^^, 5. ^?f^ C^i%, 1%C^^, a moment, a very short space of time.
'^ffen, a. ^z-i^m ^C-^tWlT^ C<rm ^, slow paced.
^Z*^, ad. ^<rtT, j[|^ "^ft^, here, in this place.
^^ 77

>£|'<*f, s. ^'^f% t^ "^ST^I, >il?f^, the going and returning once.

^ilC-^r^^^, 5. ^<rf??T, ^^ ^rttc^r, here, to this place, hither.

vi}sr?rvrl, 5. i\x»r^^?fC^ ^^^I -s^f^sr:^, a vessel full up to the neck.

vfi^tT^, a. ^srr^fr^, S^T^J?:, T^, abundant, plentiful.

*ilftrfV, V. •9rf^ ?rtX ^^1 ^sir^, to remain in excess after eating.

mouthful, a small quantity, a little.

^?f;T, s. ^^ ^T^, ^"Hf^T?!, one part, one strand of a rope.

<il':5tl^, «• '^.'^, ^^> f^"c. o"® thing, an integer.

vfi^T^, a. Ji^lW^, "srrcTT?, eleven.

^t^RTl, a. vij^i^?!^ ^^ CBJfflF, pointed by culling only on one side.

C^ru<<fr9l, to feign diiiiiclination in purchasing or eating.

vil^luajflfl, a. "^'^^ ^J%^j >8"9I1 8 5fT» confused, snarled, tangled.

vilf WfV 5. '^\fTrS ^^Jk fwVU the act of stretching and yawning.
vil57T<r, 5. ^tTT^, *teil charcoal.

^.C^^isn, a. villfT^ f^f^, ^irnn C^rr^, coal-black, half burnt.

*fl5f«^. «. vU5T^*^W, ^a5^ 91^4 TW ^*9t ^tfT5, a roof with one

side only, any thing made of one piece of board, j»lanting.

jj^tsr, 5. JJT^^f, ^«M, vflc?f«» C^r«n, t thickness, layer, fold,

grown or produced in the same reason, a stage of disease.

*il5Tf?. 4. f r^T ^rr^lft, a switch, a twig.

vaf5^^, 5. vii^r^R, si|^^, a little, the smallest possible quantity.

iil^ft^n, a- vij^fx?l» vfl5^ «l^, one cornered, on one side.

»^C5r^, 5. JiC^K^r, NiJ^ BTsf, a pan. a piece, a portion.

iil»^, a. srr^^ ^^, one person.

sijlJT^, 5. ^C7f^ ftt«T inn, one discharge, one shot.

<i)irr^, 5. Jif^ 5nt, TTSRi, a species of bird; a. not come to

years of discretion.

^fllTit, 5. ^srrsiT^, vufT^ 5t15, *fl5P iTR ^T^, a species of tree, one

cold season.

^ZSf^] C^CSfTI, a. czwr? wn C^C^I C^d^Pf, C^^^ CW^^7[i cross,

snappish, surly, petulant.

^iK^^T^, s. F^, ^^r^T, two, a pair, a brace, a couple.

vn^i%in a. vU^ ^<i>I^ei C^fpsn, vij^^rp^, one rupee in price or weight.

iil^, a. .il^, v<JC«fI^, one article, a, an.

78 vflifl

vii'^Tc?, s. ^3rt^t5T, ^^fK 'S\'Wi one floor or story of a house.

vilfe, a. ^j)^ 7\:^ ^1 5R-5T cn9f1 ^TZ, one, a little or beloved one.
vflf^ <pft5 ^]^, a. ^^1% \!)|<p<, ^5ic?«TS[t^, a cowrie's worth, a very little,

v£iWl%, 5. ^^ 3Ffi; c^tx-s^T^I, a small" bundle.

^£]^]%, s. .iic^t-s^ri, f%^5Tt^, a drop, a small quantity of any liquid.

^.^r®i<4l, «. v£|\5fin<n, t^.^trf ?[<51, having only one branch or stem.

^'^SV^, «^2:. viiTl \FM, ^^. used in connection with the names of
things that are long and round, as a tree, a bamboo, a rattan.

^I?f^<n^ a» ^5jJ,%<n, 'il^fi;^!, vii^TCc^ ^1% r.^T^1, aslant, oblique.

v<]i?t5?, s. <i|^irr, ^iic^^flTf, in one qtiarter, in one direction.

<sf5, ad. ^T^, ^^5^1, so much, so many.

^f%<R, ad, ^5TT1%^, ^.f%irtt", C^itUZ, just now, in a moment.

viliWl, ad. <ilt C^l^TS, 3^P^"[%, now, at present.

vQU^^, Gfi. ^5[T7(, ^^T, ^^fk<n, SO much, so many, so abundant.

vilC^^C^, ) ad. Jit C^'^, Jit ^r^C^, ^T^ ^C3, therefore, for

^ir5(7?, • this cause.

«i]:5'ftrf5^, ad. JiLi;^, ^U, ^t <^fR^1^, so much, so large.

vgottlTT, s.'^^Rtl^'^ ^ C^^5n, W3T1, waste, misfortune, calamity.

state of helplessness, suffering from neglect.

^^ttcTC^^rrc?, i S. CQtC<?^l C^C<?1%, ^515^5!^, -^^^ ^^ ^5111% C^tC^Fl

v^^TT^^C^^pT, ) 5rr]% fwl, throwing any thing down with violence.

^^f^R, a. <<r^R^5=Tc^ i;?T CSft^, chin deep, up to the chin.

vil'^feri, a. J1^|%51, ^Tf% ^ ^^, acquitted from a claim, paid in full-

vXl^T!, s. ^1^1, ^1W%, ginger.

^^TT^f^, s. J\^'< ^5, C5rBn\^|x ^'5, a species of tree.

^ttt%j, a. -il^ 51^, vii^ 'pfl^, one end or side.

'ilf^rai, a. J\fw^ «r^, "R^rf^l, ^h^rST, existing for a day, transient.

^IITlt^tc?, s. «i)'5^% ^ii^-si", of one thickness or fold.

«il'<R?1, a. ^^tC«=T ^^ ^^, vi|tli%.i| ^1, having a straight edge

like a chisel or adze, ground or beveled on one side.

<il5d1, a. ^5f1, ^?<!^, <il^tcT, half, a part.

^5fr<5^, a. ^t5Cl ^1, see ^Sfl ^.

vii5fH^, a. <r^lwl, '^l^«f?^ <=it1, half-pounded or pulverised, coarse.

v«|?fi^, a. J\^ 5^M4iJM, ^1%^^, ^n? ^l<s<, the size^of a grain of

paddy, a small amount.
vfl>ft^lV, s. '^Vrt^^rtfsf', ^tpT«=T ^^, ^iif'^f^ ^tf^, the waste or
loss of one half of any thing.

vfl^^f^, «. ^S^'^ '^'^P^j CSWferi, half-ripe.

Jl^rnrn, a. ST^ sm, f^^rr^ ^5^, half dead, almost exhausted.

jj^irf^ 5. ^M-n^, ^53 C^^ cmwl, ^^ ^-drs *R1, the ignisfaluus;
a. agitated, frightened, tossed about like the ignisfatuus.

vi}'<fT?, s. ^fVrr^, f^"?!!?", '^^If^, the breast, a stream.

vii'<fR^f^, a. f*f?rr6i5?ii, ^5r?.^f*nr:^ ^ri^r^ c^rrc^fT^n, s>tinted

in growth for want of proper nourishment from the breast.

^^fV, s. ^viTfV, filferl, a wisp of straw or other soft material

used to set earthcrn vessels on.

vilirtTtft, a- ^T^t^nf^, ^^ ^<r* overcome with fatigue, exhausted.
ifl^M^JfT^, V, ^SiWX^t ^rfir5l ^IBf^l, to feign disregard or aversion.

JITTT^, s. ^snwt^f zfr inv, ^nf ^?T CWT^, a grandmother, ( aii

Ahom term,) a measure, up to the waist in height.

vilfj^'Sft, ad. Jj^ TjrTC^ a\f TPtCW, 'Slt^PTStw, this wiy rin<l that

way, thus and thus.

.i);j«n, ad. ^cs^^il, vi|^ f=rf5^, such, like, likewise.

vi3c;r, ad. Jit ^*f, vij^ 'R', in like manner, thus.
j^r,:^.^_ nrl. ^i^, fr^ IP^* ^^JHT"' .
«>''--^'-^ irli^niit difn.MiItv

' xpense or cause, gratis.

^(.W5*(J. ad. ^\ A^b\A, viit f^f^w i, J|t fbjT, of this sort kind
or shape, thus, such like.

«i)C^tv, ad. vii^ wiXy v£j^ ^^C<t, thuf, so, like, in this manner.

vilC^CJ, ad. sii^ JWHT, vflcsr ^9T3, meanwhile, at this or that time.

^C^TCTC^, nd. t f^T, ^t ^*r, C^ ^<^, this and that, thus and thus.
"ii^R, ftf^ TT--^^ *fftirR, f?R TH rrftf 5rf?
^sf^ ^-msr, the
fourth part of a day or night, three hours.

^'^Tk^, a. vii^nr af«TI ^>, ^f^c ^*rr^, sATf^nn, of three hours

duration, belonging to this side.

Jl*f5T, s. vii^ ?fs^ jrrft «tM^ vil'STsf. a minute, iii<j -i\iiet!i part
of an hour.
sfl*fl%?1, a. viiTTR: *n^pr5 «W, v^C^fsT tt^ fTf?r ?fsn, a time or turn
in rotation, having one lot or turn.
vil*n?, 5. vii^, ^c^^, ^Tf?- ^sr^ Jj-^^r, a foot, a leg, a fourth part.
^*tT^, «. !;? ^snt^ ^rtf^ vT^ ^t^ 'iitTf^, one side of a river &c.
80 ^Tl

vil^ift:, .'i- •S\7{\f7[, a row, a line.

^*fti^, 5. ^-s^f^t^, ^?f ^1 l!Tri^ ^^ ^^ '!^Tf^, help, the interstices

of a net a flower leaf or peta,!.

^il^^ 5f^, s. ^-s^^T^ "^^ri, wUi^o ^ ^^j mere pretence of doing.

vilf«tS?n, a. dj^ 5rw, fj^ ^tC^, ^.C?? ^TCc=T, fixed in purpose,
determined, firm, resolute.

vilfMC^, cf- ^fe^, ^.ciitCc^, this way, this direction.

vfl^{%?n:, a. ^^f^l, ^T^7, one side of, oblique^ apart.

<il5jstrT, a. F^f^, ^^<r^, one half.

^C<?Tl. ) o. "fesn^, "^r^^i, a very little.

vil^r^, s. Tf^^, ^1%^, ^^, a nest full, a swarm, a multitude.

^sf^^, «• ^^ Sf^^"^} '^^ "51^, of one size, sort or kind, alike.

'i|'^f«^?n, a. ^I'^'m C'^rrsTI, ^Z'^f^ ^^ f^nn, placed in dye once

only, half-colored.

«ilC^|%, 0. >i|'5R, *ilt^, once, one time.

vilC^JWl, a. iiit<[cTl ?R1, v£iC^f% C^t^I, during part of the day,
belonging to a part of a day.

^«f4[, s. ^^ W/^, vf]^ C^^, JiZ^f^ 'SRI, .ij'Sf^, one foot, a load.

vi|^4?1, a- ^C^fwl? ^wfc^T ^TO "s^Tl, one footed, bringing

one load.
vilViir^l, s. fe^ Jf^ cn"^ CFi^5rtfi=T, 5lc^f^, a very young child.

'^^fii; 5lf<^, belonging to one end, an even measure.

iHV^, pron. ^C?, '^'?\~S 'i^^^ TSiit, this, this person or thing.

i£\l<^f, pron. ^C?t, ^^lr^Ti:iTt, emphatic the of above.

vi]i:<rc<r, pron. ^irtl"^ I^^, with this,

^^TT, s. <iif^ finri, ii,<t-.r^, ^1 ^^1, liberation, release, escape.

vil^l, s. (ilft- c^n^ ^, ^Jt^r ^n, 5IcTTf?f ^ C^t«n, the castor

oil plant, a term of assent, yes; a. left, abandoned, deserted.

vfl<[l^, V. <^^<i ^^"^ ^^T% C^TTsn, ^^lf^> ^Ttf^, to leave, to loosen, to

break away, to fall off as leaves or fruit.

^Tt€, s. ^^, lii^l^, ^^151^, a noise, a tumult.

^"^ ^^t^, s. ^f^5f 3i^ ^Tf5", a species of bird.

deserted, abandoned, covered with rubbish.

^c^ 81

vUTtf?^, «. ^ "^ -ilf^Vf, a species of grass.

viitT[, 5. *f^, J)^«fn5 •iff^ "JJTI lT?n C'^fT^, ^57Tf^, the silk worm
that feeds on the castor oil plant ; v. to leave, to abandon.

^fen, a. dlft C*fT^ ^ Cirr^irT^ "Jjn ^^ ^*f^, relating to the

eri'poluy the silk obtained from the eri-polu.

j\-^isnf, V. ^?Pi% 7^j)y <C5T^1, ^^^> to separate, to part, to

loosen, to strip off, to put a stop to, to bring to an end.

vil^ritsfT^^f^, a. ^WR ^T^fen fyf^, ^r^f^f, a woman that is

negligent in adorning herself, indolent.

vij^rr^rfen, «. fSt^^fC^ ^^r^i ^ni^ ^ ^^n, separate, distinct, different,

unfit for, unsuited to.

>ij9rrf^, o. ^ij?f^, OffVmr sr «lCllt«ll, unsightly, ugly.

^^\f5, s, tsTlf^, ^«rf€ ^W, SlTJ^n f^C^W, cardamons.

vij^TO, 5. 'BTPPrm, ^^srr? iw, soot.

vil9rTT:*f^, fl. ^tr^r, 'PtrRr, ^R^TfS^, low, common, worthless, mean.

<iJ5nT, 5 'oilci*!;, "^Ivi IR WI(.IH*I1, Cf^,'^*fTf9T, laziness, indo-

lence, inactivity, sloth.

^C5T2RT:*fC5W, a. vflc^ Jww ^ vW, fsrf^"^ 3T^T cmc^liil, without

relations or friends, a term of abuse.

^C9f¥^, a. vil«Ttiy ^Ff%?n, V*'«n 44r*<yi, sooty, smoky dark.

viJCPn?^, a- 'i^^fl, Z^l^ ^ ^W1, idle, lazy, indolent, slothful.

vil^t^, a. J{ifm v^fr *rtT« C^r^, 4*nit»I ^Stl, eating only once

a day, sufficient for one meal.

vfl'n, 5. ?P5nr ^snf^, ^r^ ^IWI ^n, ^^rpn, a bunch of fruit, a cook-

ing place, hope, expectation.

vil^m, s. vfi^l^ C<rT^»n, C^rvr ^T» one meal.
^TR, i. ^f^ '9^, vflC^TR, ^STPn vf^, one word, having hope.
^TT^f^nn, a. ^^n^[fVnn, c*f^ ^^ ^ ?<n, ^Rj*ffe?i, without
guile or hypocrisy, sincere.

vil^iT5?1, ad. Jinx's ^PTI, vij^T5 CSTT^f, vfi5J3 VT^, done with one
hand, one cubit in measure, having only one hand.

vflft, a. vii^, this, this one, (poetic.)

^Z'^, ad. ^tT!T^, wpij, here, io this place.

vilC^^rsn, a. >6|l^I^ 5jT?r5 C^.r^n, born or produced in the month

of Ahar.

^IXl^y pr. trfe, ^t ^^c?, ^Tg l fritci , this, to this, to this place.

82 ^

of water over the sides of a boat or bank.

^, ^^^ ^-^^R ^'^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ l^<r ( t )

•*ttc«^ c^^, T^tsrt^

5[tlf, sounded like oi, in going. When connected with a consonant

it is expressed by the mark (t) preceeding it. It is also an

exclamation used in calling to an inferior.

v^^n^, interj. ^W^ ^1 «^^1 C&l^ir^<> ^5T -^1%^^ ^!Xl5, an ex-

clamation of wonder or surprise, a term used in fondling

or caressing.

^Wi» ad. ra^t^ftf^^ft, t'^pK^ ImKvi "^^t^f^ ^^1, ^f^m

^QlVS cTTIM ^^^9 mutually discordant, disunited, hostile.

»^^?^, s. ^"5 ^f%i Indra's elephant.

^5f%, s. srr^ Cii^R 2j5Ct^ ^rw, the river Trrawaddy.

^W, s. W^, fe^f^, C^W, 5if|5rl, state, grandeur, glory, wealth.

^WJ^^, «. ^'^^7 STStf^'* glorious, majestic, great, grand.

<^f^, «• ^^^tc^"^^ ^rn Cci!<»4'j pertaining to this life, pertaining

to the present world.

•e, ^^^, ^^^ c^M" ^c^ >ii^ ^-st "j^:-^, ( ci ) c^^^ ^^?: c^^^i;

;&i^ ^c^ ^T^ ^^t^, 0511 "§^1 It^, this vowel is pronounced nearly
like u in 6w//; with a consonant it is expressed by the mark ( C 1) the

(l) being placed on the left side of the letter and the (l) on the right.

It is used as a conjunctive affix meaning, too, also ; s. a file, a rasp.

'S'^n^^^, 5. f^TTf^ ^<^1, ^ <^^1, egotism, vaunting, boasting.

vS^Tftf^:, a. 3?^'^ft<Tl, f^^ ^^^t^3T, abundant, much, many.

<^, interj. Tjc^^fl STTS, ^ C^T^I, C>il^<l, an expression of assent
and approval^ yes.

^^, s. ^S<pl^c1^ ^R^, the noise made in retching or vomiting.

^%, s. ^^, a lip.

C^TT^RI ^^, struck dumb by disappointment or shame,

sg^, s. x^, :^igf, "^TT^ C^rt^, the end of a thread, a clue.
"S^, interj. :^t^ 7^, 5^^ Tl ?R C<rmi, ;§r^ C^^^rt^, a prohibitive
or negative particle, a stifled groan or sound of distress;
sometimes equivalent to the expression come on, hasten &c.
^2P^ ^^5, a particle ex-
<?C^t<r^, intcrj. ^l^t^ srrs, ^ ^^, ^t^
pressing unwillingness negation or prohibition.

^TF^'siP^, 5. ^^?Rr^?f, c<^^ <^c^^, tif^ ^srrf^ c<mi, sickness

of the stomach, nausea.

•STpf^r, 5. -^1%^ C*fT^, ?FT^^^53 or^ C*fT^, a louse.

^e^rrl^, s. tTl% ^rft^ C-^rnsn, a retching or heaving with nausea.

^^1, STC^r^, C^l ^:l%. the stirring up of fillh, a

^ewn^, s.

term of abuse.

€^r^Tc5K^1, 5. ^rW ^*f cm ^tffff m, f^<iM1, excessively

abusive language, scurrility.

^lu^i^vsnrTut^, s. <r,-^^ 3R c^rcifrsn, ^snir^^, ^f-^M, satiety,

eating to the full, cloyed.

«C^fT?n, «. 3j^r^ -^Rl ^€TS^ ^^, ejected from the mouth.

«<, a. Q<^?r, W, f«m CVT-^r, high, elevated, lofty, tall; «. height.

'S'^r M*f^, a. ^en^^n, ^5rJWT;;r, uneven, undulating, hilly.

^S••ml6•^}^, 5. ^jftTTTTf^ ^^, ^^ ^3ft, strife, quarrel, dispute.

<Q<r5T, s. srfl^, ^^, filth, dirt.

sQC^rm, 5. ifT^ c^r^ Frfi»6^ Tnf^, an instrument used for stirring

or turning grain when threshing or drying.

'QC'^rf^nnt, V. €Z^KS{^ ^^I ?j1l^a^, to open out, to 8tir up, as

grain on a threshing floor.

>8C<ftn, rt. C^lwnn, ••r^rnnn, d^ Orsl, if TW, uneven, not level.

<QStftK^, a. V^fps, ^IA9, TR^i plentiful, abundant.

^QKsri^, 5. T«, 1%c^53n, ^onsf ^r<, ^fs^ n ^jjIttb c^ttt^ ^i

understanding, consideration, sense of propriety.

»e^, a. ^^, C^m, OT, near, at hand, close to.

«e5^^^, a- €V^^ «r^, ^«fl <ir^, 1^^^' neighboring, adjacent.

<55^ F^f^^, s. SrfmfJT, ^T? ^5T5 i»W STt^^, a neighbor.

«!5^r^^[X, a. 5!9fp5Tfsr, c?<n C^rf"^, near to each other, adjacent.

^5fwi, fl. ^i^?l1, 5^T5 vf^, ^Wpiin, near, neighboring, related.
<ew, s. ^rnirg, ?f?( CJrr^R^Tfe^ ^n^n^T ^^, wealth of all kinds
except gold and silver.

««R, s. csrT<r, WT5 -sftWST, weight, measure.

'6«<l5t, s. ^nrf^r ^fr, zm cnrif^, things in general.
^CSR. 5. c^ry?r, CSf J?1, ^T*flT5, a complaint, an objection, a murmur.
«5?Tr^ft, a. CSfi^^i^f^ft, ^^r^Tft, mutually complaining.
84 «8<t

^eiJl, s. fyi«^ f^WJtS ^ f^"^ ^i^H -pft'jf^, a teacher of art or science. *

<8irt1%, 5. sSirt^ f^CTTlSl, f^-^tjf^t^, wife of the above.

^S®rt1%, a. C<^\1m, relating to the office or work of an uja; s,

an exorcist.
'Q^y s. Ti'^^ *frf^ T^§f Cij.1^1 ^^1, a spout or drain for conducting
water out of a house.

^8^^tir5t<Pl, s. f^f^nr srTlf, C?fC^:^R >8^U ^ term of abuse.

^^1c^ <r4/^H, s. 5rf5 5f^ ^ ^tcT, a large fish net.

vSC^, fl. ^sr^tPf?, eighteen.

sulkiness, pouting, sullenness, moroseness.

untempered, soft, half roasted.

^S^rrft:, 5. ^f^f^t^, vRII^ Wl], a master, an owner, a ruler.

^^m, 5. Cv^ ^t1% ^^1 >ilfe ^f^-^ ^Trf, a tree the bark of which
is used for making ropes.

^f^<lCl«i CltlTl ^^7 a beginning, a commencement.

"€^^^, 5. ^^^, tT^<[, abundance, plenty.

>eC'*rrc^1, a. csiz^ ^srt?[^5( ^^1, ^ ^scc^ni^T^, cloudy, dark, lower-

ing, overcast, of a downcast look.
vsiT^ccT^sn, a. c^Tc^ i?tf% ^^, ^rm vswic-vri^i, <r^ ^c-^r <?r^,

overhung with clouds, having an angry expression of coun-

tenance, clouded.
vS-pff^, V. -pftfsrs ^ ^F^, to float on the surface of a fluid.

^^^s s. CWT^ ^fw" '^T^ "^"^ TJC^ t^ ^, a measure heaped up.

«<^ ^1X?1, «• ^^min, GTt^ ^ ^^ ^-s^^ T|fer1, heaped up,
copious, abundant.

'S^nsfl, a. ;§f^, c^:^5rl, ^-pf^ ^^, born, begotten, produced.

^-s^flTl f^, s. 1?;^ f^, a birth day.

<e^c;§yl^, s. ;§i^C5Tt^1, ^j%i^^, S^q ^^1, the act of begetting,

bringing forth; a. begotten, born.

^^U:i a. ^'^ ^^, ^8<r, high, above, lofty 5 s. height.

^"^^fl^ferl, a. ^5t^ ^fe^^, ^^f^f^, ^t^ C^T^I, over and above,

chief, principal ; s. one who acts a conspicuous part, a spy.
^«i"^f5^, 5. e\^]^ 5it^^, a prominent person, a leader.
«9 86

€^T1 ^'^fk, o. ^c^ 5<^T5 f^c^, cfl5l (ifti one above the other,
in close succession, pressed together, packed, jammed.
<j^f»Sf, ». %^f5:, ^S?, '^T^TT^ ^?", to swell, to inflate, to be putfed up.

>e^pTI, s. ^^fx CSfP^, f^fef^ *f.TI, the act of springing or bound-

ing ofT to a distance, separating and falling oif.

^^Wf*f^*n, s. vijf^ <r^, C^t^f fe^W, a cutaneous disease.

>e^nTCf ?^, 5. fivf?^ C^3f "^fer 5fFI, CFS <T51, ^T?c7, W^"^
^P^, shamelessness, indecent behaviour.
N8t>.S(.*iI^^, 5, s?i^ld*ifu, ^Colvsl'iJ f^ ^rrc^ ^5Ri, repeated orders and
counter orders concerning the same thing.

inverted, turned upside down, turned back,

^v, 5. >s\, *, the sacred syllable A. U. M. denoting the hiudoo
trinity, which is never to be repeated in the hearing of
one who does not wear the sacred thread.
«3r^, 5. Ctf^n, ^«r, C^rf^r, C^f«T, play, sport, frolic, fun.

^jsr^rr?, v. t^ ^RT^, C"«r«TT^, to entertain another by play, to amuse.

C^, 5. (TPT, f>mi b^^^l, T^fl W *«fiw, end, boundary, lermioa-

tion, a species of flower.

^T C«l^t, s, sm ClFT^, W^ ^[ifw^ ^Z^^ ^^' copulation, sexual


«Tf^» «• ^< ^V1 ^of?! a veil, a covering for the face.

^^f^nrt, fl. <wfaw WT?, like a veil.

^^^n::^, «u/. C^n^ ^c^, ^I^? i|*(.41lC>5, the whole way or distance.

«^ (Mt^ «. CVrc^ ^^rnr ^ C«ll^l, ^r^ ^, ascertaining the

cause of any thing.

>6TT>in» '. **IU**^, CirTVTI, *r4^t*l ^Cl, an attempt, a beginning.

-ec^S, aiL »lif I^, f^?i;T, always, continually, at all times.

>8C5f?s^, ad. csnc^ f^t fWC«^, the whole day, all day long.
^C^rrfs, ad' C^TC^ Wfl^ the whole night, all night long.

<S5T, s. vijf%\f ?P5J5 ^n^r, a species of yam.

«^?r, s. ^f^ if^, CTJl, falling at the feet, prostration, worship.

«?pi^fi(, s. fii^^, ^9fji ^^;^ ^Tc^ c^c^m^ ftr^ ^^1 ^, the

legal fee of a messenger sent to deliver an official order.

^W C^rTsn, s. Cf\t[ ^rl, Sl^n^ ^R1, worship, prostration, touching

the foot of a superior in token of homage or respect.
SG ^
^^'^'^^fm^, a. ^^15t^^, ^Tlrrf^l^ f^?1, cT^<it^^, upside down
topsy turvy, turned back, disordered, confused.

>S5#T^, V. ^C^t^t^, «^fF<il^, to turn ,|pack, to give back any thing.

^rffir, V. C\?m ^ C^IG^ -^WS Wtf^f ^^J15 ^i^, C^rt cTtf^f ^f1, to
hang to suspend from some thing above, to depend upon.
^vTl, s. firfFf ^^.^T^, a kinr' of sugar in balls.

vS^T^, V. ^11%^ t^, £t=^5T t^, ^i;'s^ C^i^, to come out, to ap-

pear, to become visible, to be known or exposed.

>SC5TtWl, 5. ^iif C^^, gf^t^ C^T^, appearance, publicity, visibility.

^CcTt^T^, V, ^(.^T^Xt, ff^r^", ^#?ri^. W^ft ^Rl, ^1 fw<n, to over-

turn, overthrow, subvert, to turn back, to do a second time.

^Cc^T^JC^tC^itST, a. c^^\«f^\, ^^f^ C¥T^t^ <rrt c;§iT^, swaying to

and fro, oscillating.

•SCcTt^ a. ^SWt^ -pf^l, ^5r5l, pendent, hanging down, suspended.

^CctM^, v. tJc^cT ^1% c^mi, ^P=ftcn ^^f^ -pf^tt^ »IC^^, to

suspend, to attach to something above so as to hang down.

<Su«iUl<kil=T, s. vtci^di ^ <^f^ ^'^'^'5
ing by the feet and hands with head downwards.
'^'tUS ^fk^ wrf^f Q^, hang-

'S^t^, 5. ^iV-Wft"^ ^ftf^r^C <rT^, the bag or udder of animals.

vQ^rirT^^i^^ s, f^^rj ^^im, fw-^ ^U^, length and breadth.

'S\f^^j ^XfsZri T^-^ fjTfTl ^ txf^S^ llVZ, this vowel is generally

considered as a compound of o and u, but the sound in Assamese
is that of long o in more. Joined to a consonant it is expressed by

the symbol ( C \ ), the ( c ) on the left hand and the (^ ) on the right.

^S^, interj. ^<^'4<> f%i%^^1 'StlTi, a word used in calling dogs.

^ (ft^1, s. ^ 'Jfi?^ 9ff^, the fruit of the ou tree.

>^^, a. WJff^'^ 'sffl C^t^l, born of one's own body, lawfully begotten.

>&^^ ^T^, a. ^fzWI MVS, legitimately born, of natural descent.

^K<, s. ^JI«f, W^'^, GtS^ft:, medicine, a remedy, a specific.

•^Tjf^, a. ^^5j- 5=wf%<r!, medicinal, relating to the science or practice

of medicine.

^, ^^^^ SfoTsT ^-^r^, the first consonant, it has the invariable

sound of /c in king.
^Wf s. ^f^t<P C^^l, ^^, imprisonment, confinement.

^^{w, s. ^Tc^l^51®1 ^r^'^, -^f^?n^, one who is placed in arrest,

a prisoner, a captive.

^5^, 5. 5Tr^ ^f%5:f, a species of bird, the name of a tree.

^8^, V. crrc^rr^, C^l'^n, WZ't^ Iwi, speak, say, (honorific.)

^^3T, 5. f^^^ orr^Tvil^, ST<^ CfR?: ^^5' ^W^ ^t?, the name of
Khrishnu's maternal uncle, the king of Molhura.

^rrf% finn cirr^ ^^Wl, the outer side of the embankment of

a house, a muzzle to prevent calves from sucking.
^^5T^, a. »»l«n4 'Wt^, ap to the xYaisl.

^^T?^, 5. Tf^V^, fft'T^ rfl 'TTW ISTM", the loins, the waist, the middle.

5$^rrf?T, s. 44^ *^51 f*f1F1 ^ ^1 ^irrl%, a cord or ornamented

band xvorn around the waist.

^f7f^, s. finr^r sni? »«f^>f, « species of fish.

^f^r^nfl^, 5. 5lft»n irT5^ 1%IW #TT, the snout of the kankila fish.

4f%9n^«i?n, a. f<i^*ft8^ sti, «n ^i^ft?!, otwc^tw ^pcit, long

and slender like the snout of the aboTO fish, spindling.

^J^^, s. -^3^ «4^ >fR ^fW, « kind of rice.

^Itwn, 5. C^^l <»r5> ^^ '^ ''TTR ^"^^^j ^ porcupine, trim-

ming, pruning, straitening out the feathers as a bird.

<$^f5T, V. ;5*^if?I ^IH^iffllHI ^sf>, ^rf^ 'S'Rr ^, to prune, to trim,

to smooth; s. a species of grass.

^ift^ft, 5. wrcvrrcri, »rT5 CT^ Cyt^, a fish-monger, a fisherman.

ifBirt, ». <f*^ zf^RTis >Biie» ir4c ^ c-^riBit, ^<5 ctfs -^r^, to

urge forward with a goad, to force any thing into the mouth.

jjfel, n. 1^ X\ «|7F1, ip, 5T*t?, stunted, dwarfed.

i^TT, 5. Tp?T .ijf^^f, 'BP^ft, the jacklree and fruit.

^"5TI, s. C^^^<n "ij^, IRW ^5Tf^ TWl^ CsriT^, the post of a

pedal used in cleaning rice, a coin of the Cachari kings.

^Mf, s. <rnf^ t^ 'fl^, a species of gum.

^<in, s. 'F^ *l|^C< f^ f^^ffer, a quilt made of several thick-

nesses of old cloth.

'^^S^, 5. ^*<fft ^^, an ague and fever.

^*ff^, s, ^*f(, f^ C^nc^TBTI, a shaking, a trembling.

'^'tf"^, a. ^-sitf^Tj ^f^, fortunate, lucky, prosperous, happy.
83 ?P5^

^-sfic?^ 5. ^^ C^mf^C >8«^ ^5f, ^I^^, ^T^RI, 35rt5fT, the fore-

head, fate, destiny.

^^Ilcf Tp^, a. ^^9fj, F^%t«?, ^j%5f;i5r^ 9f5, unfortunate, unlucky;

s. a species of climbing plant.

^*1Tf?T, 5. ^^Ttc^ ^S'R, an ornament for the forehead.

^PTM, ^ 27. Qr^5|l[ Wf^, ^r*f, wR?: t^, Cirr^^Tf^, to tremble, to

^^fH ^f*^, ) shake^ to quiver, to be agitated.

^^rTl, a. ^'jWI, fl^ ^^ ''S[:\f^ ^U>^^\f pruned, trimmed.

^Il, a. yr^^ ^t^lfFr "R^ ^Tlj cleaned, pounded out as rice.

^^tf^, I', v^^f?", Wlf<r ^jFTt", to glue, to stick, to prune.

#^TfflT, s. "^^ <5^ ^^R ^tft^ the spindle on which muga thread

is wound.
^ferft"^ V. ^T^ SRl,3T^ 21^^ W!^, to shoot with a bow.

^fen, 5. <J»k< ^Ic=T^^, ^f^r^ f<r^^ T?^1, an ear ornament, a

joint of bamboo used as a milk jug.

vpcjt^, 5. 1% m^ ^C^, <^rr^, an agent, a doer.

;$^^f2^, a. f^C^ f^<n, CffcTl C^TUi^T^I, ^3 ^»Tc?, living, lirely,

excellent, fresh applied to fish newly caught.

^•^T^, s. ^WK ^R ^n 5rr^^, a brazier, a worker in brass.

^6^^ I, s. vi^f^ ^:^, ^tc^'^ ^r§t1, a species of grass, any thing made
of bell-metal.

<^<f)<><>'^ 5. "^^ ^cft:^ ^T5, a cackling noise as made by fowls.

^^^R?n, a. 7^)5 <^irr^, f-^, immature, not perfectly grown, dwarf-

ed, blasted, shriveled.

^^Ql^n, 5. R-m1, ^<b*{, f^5f;^, ^t1%> reproach, calumny, abuse.

^?F1, s. ^T^ ^1 ^cs^f^^ ZKff^, ^!^\^, a grandfather.
<I><^lt, 5. CW^ ^X^, ^^I^ ^9lT^ srt^, an elder brother, used also.

as a term of respect and friendship.

^^1, s. ^5m:<m, f<r<rm, C^^ ^^"^^ ^^1 ^If^ c??f1, hate, ill will,

hypocrisy, a fixed resolution.

^^Tf, s. ^U"4. '^sicT^t^, a bracelet worn by men.

5F^^, s. ^^T^^, f^ ^nr ^ ^ 5rr#, gravel, pebble, broken brick.

<I>tJfH, a. tfRJ? "fe^^T ^f'^iirl, poor, needy, necessitous, indigent.

^^, s. sn^ <i)K5f, a species of fish.

<t»t><I>:>, s. C<^(.<^i'$ iTO" <nff% ^f^lj an itching twinging sensation.

^W^f^y s. <r^^-4ri?f^, K^<^, «ft uneasiness, fretfulness, grumbling.

^^ 80

be restless, medtllesoiiie, worrying, mischievous.

^5jg?i%^, a. ^Jy^5it ^^1, ^rr^ ^t:^ ^ «t^, fretful, restless, teaz-

ing, mischievous.

^fij^^Torr^, 5. c«»rfin <r^ c^i vfrc?^ c^, ttt^ 5f^i, ^srf^ ^stc^
C'^nn, persistence, not to be put off or denieil.
7P5T1%, s. *£\7P ;gfri% fzc^, a tribe of people, the Cacluiri race.

^5TM TfiTr, 5. :OnR C^n^ ^^ "sr?", a court house.

^y^Tc^^^f^, s. ^5fMf«7 «r^, C3rP5!^Mar, the act of swaying back and

forth, swaggering or reeling to and fro.

^^Tf%, V. C9\7fV?^, to move back and forth, to sway to and fro.

^f5, V. TRt^ ^^^t^ fif 5y^, ^T^l^ ^TVI, to make frequent incisions

\n unyliiiug, to girt or draw tight.

^f^ ^Tf%, 5. tlfsr ^^, ctrc*rt^ ^rlr ^ >;5l, to draw tight, to

girt, applied often to the tying np of money in bags.

^S5, 5. »4j^>r TT^i ^ "51^ ''Jl'T,

an ediblo root of the arum class.

^^-gJl sfTy, 5. vilfw ••r^^ CfTff, the name of a cutaneous disease.

^53n 5Pf<5f , 5. vijf7>f ^ 'Pfinf? '•r^n ^r^, a species of the locust.

^f^sff^, 5. ^s^ C^'^? *5t.*r&in, the small sprouts that grow on iho
parent root, a troublesome worrying pcr.son or child.

^E>(. 5l ^ 1, s. TJCt^ Cirr^^, 7^ ^< f^nn. t^e act of beating up and

reducing to a stofi consistency, hence the bringing under

subjection by hard discipline.

9C&l^l, 5. iTF? C*f^ «W C*fTV, a worm found in the flesh and

intestines of fish.

^Jf^*T, s. ^^, f^, a tortoise, a turtle.

<»H^|, a. ^5ren C^TCTRT^T ?r?R, purple.

^ir^, 5. ^1^ C<J«TTfir, 'Wl^, an under or travelling trader, a pedlar.

^^t s. "^Hiyi cif^r^ 4^ ^^, CRI, the city of Cuttack, a soldier.

*li»>fb»<ll, a. ^T^, *y*5lt ^Rr|, C^^UlfcT, hard, restless, 'lustful.

^^^, 5. ^«n CKUCMI^I, ^^ TTTin t5T CBTPon srT^«^, an ambassador,

a nies.senger, a spokesman.

^r^f^PTI, a. f^^s^, ftf*f^, ^l"i>[^5I1, illiberal, hard, stingy, scarce.

^^ ^ri&, V. c^"!?! cm^P^ '^] Tsrf] ^ ^*nc CTT^, to spin or

weave for others.

wj^iH, a. yr^f^iTl, ^TR OTvl^T^n, not well softened or mixed.

^, a. 7^ ?I7^1,

cut, severed;
aw W^,
5. a

of abuse,
^ ^,
gash, a wound.

^^^, s. -5^ (7?^ttxt<P C^Vsi), W^^^ a^side look, a significant ghince.

W^ f5Wi, s. 7^'^^, TO5^t^ ^V; ^<^i^1^ C^t^l, a cutting, a

final separation, a positive declaration ; a. severed, final,

uttered once for all, irreversable.

^^Ti^, s. -s^^t^ ^l^t^ ?rW<, binding the hands behind the back.

^•^^ttX, s. W^] 1%^ ^^ ^^, a knife.

grain or fruit &.c. shaped like the handle of a famul knife.

^1]%, a. C<PC^1 C^C^^ C^ftC^'Tsri^ having an offensive smell.

^fe^, 5. ^^tfir, fttf^f^ ^i"5 "^rTsr ^tf^ fe^w f^c^yr^ ^t^f, a

girdle worn about the loins, a zone or division of the earth.

^f^^, 5. ^^tl% SiR", ^W^ a cord worn about the loins.

<^5 a. CW\ ^^, ^^1, C^Cl?^, disagreeable to the taste, abusive,

scurrilous, acrimonious.

^s^^^J, i?. ^SiT 5rri5, C^C^C¥C^^^, -ftf^^ 5[i^, provoking language,

spiteful angry speech.
W^, a. ^t^T, f^^JT, ^fc, hard, dry, without feeling or sympathy.

^, 5. "^;«in ^ ^tfifC^ ^Tl ^1^^, a thick soft mat for sitting &.c.

7^ C<rt^1, 5. 7^^ C'irpsri, ^iVJVJi St^s C^C^^T"?^ ^], exceeding

the proper period of gestation.

^•^1, s. ^fz^ ^^ <j5?r, a species of flower.

^fen, <?• -il^Vl 5f^, ^l¥ C^f^<n, containing a kotha or half seer.
^CT^1, 5. ^1^ ^.i%"«f, ^r^ C^r^\ a species of tree, stiff clay.

7^, 5. "st ^ 5:1^1

measure, a measure of land.

^i^, ^',W C^?-, fft Cc^TFl STT©, half a seer in

^^T<r.^, a. jy^^ ^W^ ^^1, ^f^, divided into kothas or half seers.

<r.S»t, a. ^t^, ^^^, R^l f^P'f^, hard, severe, unfeeling, difficult

*to do or to understand, illiberal.

<^K<il, 5. ^^, }%;§», ^^"?c^ 's^^'Tsn *t1% Sfl^, seed, semen, also grain
sown for transplanting.

<Pl^<jir^, s. <i»S<il ;5l^, ^S<r1 f3?^1 ^i^, a place where seed is sown
for transplanting.

<p\^ \, «. ^1^, 1^^^;, C^TTWi^r ^ ^^h <^tH ^^ *fn5, juiceless, dry^,

insipid; .s. a small wooden vessel.

^^ 91

harsh angry language or tone.

7^^ ^r^, 5. c^CSl^ ^S, C^an srir,

^:5, ad. f^R? ^^^ ^1 ^\<rj1 C^^, how much? how many?
<jr3, Of/. c^PT^ ^ft-5? C^Jrr^ f^^fi^-^^ where? in what place?

TPi;^, a. :yR^, ^5if<^, c^^T-^rfif, many, very much, some few.

^PT^j^, ad. ferr^ ^rr?i? 1^1^ '^^^tT^ how long a time?

^^-ifR, «^/- f^i^:^' ^!^C3^ ^^? how much? how abundant?

the impression or mark of a finger, used in the old Assamese

form of witnessing a deed of the sale of slaves or lands.

^rj^, ad. i^V^^ how much?
^^^1, ad. c^TCJ^W Vt^, in some place unknown or not specified.

^ryl, ad. ^TS? C^R ^P^? where? in what place?

^sf^Tnt^, ad. ^fs"^, obliquely, slantingly.

^FJ, ad. c^K^ ^r^, ( with a negative ) nowhere, in no place.

^"^t ad. ipi^]f C^ftC^TRI ^T^, in some unknown place.

^CT^, ad. C^r^c^T?", C9CS9, C«t5©, a few, somewhat.

^sc^1, ad. C<C5n, C^IC^i, C^R:^, some, a portion.
^9^, s. ^5in ^^ W^, ^r^*f^, vvfl rrft, a speaker, an eloquent

person, a great talker, an orator.

?F3;^, 5. 7P9i^ C3[r^1, <?5fT«n, conversation.

^^Jliif;^, 5. ^^ ^Ul, C^psn or^n, a conference, mutual intercourse

or consultation.

^?lf^, «• ^^ ^^f ^^ ^f^, proper to be spoken.

^^r*f, 1 ad. ^W*fC^, CT^C^R, C^TC^ 5rC3, barely, somehow,

^^fsi ^^tirf*f, ' by some means.

^9^ 5p«l5rf<T 7^], a. vc^ ^c^ JPT, escaped by the narrowest chance.
^^1, 5. ^^T^, f^^TT^, fWt, a word, a seniouco, discourse, saying,
a story, an affair, a matter.

^^t ^Rl, s. ^^:K^ ftf5j ^r^l, ftn crrwrni, laying to heart,

realizing any fact or truth.

^^n W^, V. FC?TC^ ^rc^fPTR ^^ BWrt "aRR ^ilTI ^, to find

out another's wish or plans by crafl.

^^nf^, ».^ft"f^TC^r5n,^5C^P5rl,^:^fT^, to entice, instigate or inveigle.

<5C4l^l, to obtain an open acknowledgement of a matter

previously kept secret or having do witness.
92 Ts.-^

^<?ri '^W\, s. ^fk <^1, f^?^ ^P^i, a wager, a bet, a stake.

^'^n ^K5l, s. 7^'i^ii'i^'^, C^^i^"^, conversation, familiar talk.

^^KlR, a. C'Q]"j%,^^^'^1 (T^i^, full of words, loquacious, garulous.

^^n ^^^^1, 5. ^^fjl "^^"3^(1, £|^r5 ^n, making known a decree,

publishing, proclaiming.

^^ C^t^l, s. •^^T*f^^ ^"51, <?^ ^:5l C^:r^5 conversation, con-

ference, consultation.

^r^Tj, «. C^^sn, ^e^, spoken, uttered.

^Rwt, «^- "^1% TTf®?, "^jlX ^f5, RC^5^ ^R, to talk over a matter.

^f^^, a. ??Q|1 ^d'l^l, ^[f^, talkative, garulous.

C^l^t^ ?!i^1, conversation, dialogue.

^irtf^l*, dd. c^feli^l, C^C^ ^I^'pfj, C^:^^^^, somehow, at some-

time perchance.

^^51, s. M"!^ 5f^l7 C^t^t^ vij-^rferl C^ilf, a step, a pace or gait.

7^^, } s. f^-irj viiRJf, ^f^*^;, a species of tree.

<piT«fj, a. "^[^"5, C^i C^^TI, loose, bad, abominable, fdthy.

^^foT^I, s. f^^^r^, f^^l t%^^, reproach, abuse, contempt.

^^j%, 5. ^JTl ^-i?, ^?I, the plantain tree and fruit.

^?t^T5, a. ^^, ^f^^ ^srt^^, ^srrcTffVr, ^-^^ft, lll shapen,

ugly, deformed.

^Tft^, ad. C^f%<rl^l, fft^ C^TC^I ^TCc^, rarely, seldom, scarcely ever.

^;ff5t^, s. ^^^Fi^, C^l &~S^, W^^, immorality, profligacy,

rascality, misconduct.

^W\f51i, ad. C^ferW, C^C^^l^t^, occasionally, seldom, perchance.

7^\f^, ad. r:<5fert«, <5^Tf^Cin, seldom if ever.

^, s. 'ip^ f^ <Vn ^^^^ -s^^l 5t^Tl% CTucn,

"^J, W^
the eye or

germ of a seed, that which germinates or reproduces, an atom.

<P^T^, 5. C^it^, ^^Jf, gold.

^^^1^1, a. ^"f R<n, ^f^ >j,<t»m, sharp, shrill, dry.

^P^^^T^, s. ^^C^rrsri:, ^^ sit^^^ ^^^, "^s, a loud tumultuous

sound, a buzz, the hum of a distant multitude.

^^T^ 5^1, s. (Tit^ <ra[f^ ^^"1% ^ ^f^5f:, a species of flower,

'^f^, s. ^T^ •^'^ F^, ^t^ ^^1, C^^TOl, a cracked earthen

vessel, the sound of such a vessel when struck.

^^ s[?ri, n. fz^ si^, ^^ c^mi, vn=s ^ifw ^.fi^ ^f®^ c^^^ii^
f^m^l, ^ ^5S<n, loss of the power of vegelalion or

procreation, the destruction of vitality.

^^<P, ^*f^r^ ^rfw^ C^ft^il, hlindi 5. a

^5^, a. "5^^ C^ C^<n,
person who is blind, a bundle of sugar-cane or reeds.

fe^PT, Khrishnu as a cliild ; a small bundle containing a

guava betelnut panleaf ami rice and duburi grass, bound

with thread and passed back and forth between the bride
and bridegroom at a marriage expressive of a wish that she
may have ofr:<pring.

45 •< 1^541 ^r, s. viif^ ^V^ 5(rsr, a species of paddy.

^s^T^pf^, 5. ^CT ^W ^^3n, ^ZS{ srCST C^l^ll^t ^rl, whisper-

ing in the ear.

*mvl*I>, 5. «l«(4 f^M4 SW, ear wax.

^5RT^,%, 5. ^iiflof 505 C-^r^ 5^, ^W ft>f ^<rl^, the name of a
small bird that preys on fish.

?^t^, ». viiC^ CT Cif-^I, 55^ ^tn ^r<f f^t seeing nothing,

a play of closing the eyes and striking back and forth

pretending to be blind.

^RTfX, 5. ^\iJ. C^r» SRI f%f4in C^m, ^?I ijf^lf, ^^TTI, a noose
or fasteniug to a boat or basket, a I illy.

^f^, s. f^, ^rs, ^•SC^PT^, an egg, a testicle.

^f^^fw, a. f^^[C^, »W, <^t very little, minute.

^f^T^n, *. fkC5f T?! ^^, Ci[^, ftT[» « particle, an atom, a drop.
^fef^S'^sn, 5. fi^ fz^ f^1^ ^^. drizzling, falling in fine mist.

5pf^ >fT^, s. vilfTIV ^^ >fR, a species of small grain.

^f^ t^, 5. Jif^ f>^e! «r5^ sff^, a tree bearing a poisonous fruit.

^ffinn, 5. iTrin fk^^ c^re^^n if^^ c5r«rTm, a bride.

^far^, a. <iii*i«5 ^^, ^SJ 1*4^^1, least, youngest, junior.
*r^tl^r«1, o- C^V^ **ll^r*T, the little finger.

^f^r?, V. ^s\7^ Jj^^ ^'^ ^'^W* ^f^f%S^» to rain in very

small drops, to mist.

<p^-^l, 5. ^fz^ sn^ C<fr^ F<rr^, a species of bird that preys on fish.

^7{J^, s. ^srtft, yfrsi, *ii<lf^, a young girl, a virgin, daughter,

a bride, the sign Virgo.
94 ^*n

W^WT^, s. CFi^nf^T f^\ fWii:), the giving a daughter in marriage.

-cli'JJKir^, 5. ^ ^if^T, the sign Virgo.

^^5^, s. ^;^^, ^rr, C^t^, 7^3?, a thorr^, a prickle, any thing pointed,
any cause of pain or trouble, an enemy.

^^, s. VSf^, 9r?r, C^\, the throat.

^^brtc^l, .«J. "^^1, 1%f^^ ^ric=^1, a necklace.

^^1, ) S' Vsfw^ f^[Wl (3fi";^5R sftcTl, a species of neck ornament.

^^, i

^^^^Ts, a. f^^. V^?W^ 'if^H 9r^, srf^rctc=T 1%^ M\^U coming to

the throat as life, ready to tear the body, about to expire.

^->T-<l^-aj1, a. 7^K^] ^K:tl c^T^, RJir^ SR CTf*^^^, of sad coun-

tenance, about to cry.

^^?T, 5. PfM, t%C"5t5f, a dispute, contention, quarrel.

^-^1%, s. ^^rTT 6T^, a plantain tree.

W^, s. ^-^0{, ferf'sf, weeping, load lamentation,

^'VTi<t.'i?1, 5. ff-if-C ^Q, ^r^ R^f^, RcTT'ST^, loud wailing, lamentation.

<lj»W'=WI^, ^^' W^^ ^"^l^, to cause to cry.

^^, s. 7^^, ??T^, -^ ^f5^<l1 ^"5, «lf^ ^5f, the shoulder, a

ghost or apparition, a chapter, a division.

^f1, s. CsTT^I, ^fe^ an armful, a bundle.

^% s. ^^it^, ^^^'^^j ^-si"!, a trembling, shaking, agitation.

^'^y'^fk, s. ^?r^f^, ^R?f^ ^rc^ ^r^ ^^1 t^ ^'^5 civfrfs^f^, idle

talk, prating verbosity.

^*f<pr«iTi, a- ^5^^ ^f<r^ c^m^i, <K;if c<tc'5i' c<rr^, fitted to,

made to fit, as an article of dress, a tenon and mortice.

^«f§i'5f, o. qT^^^^, ^JM ^„ ^-s^m^^fT^, tremulous, quivering.

^'^, s. 5?i, C^f^ C^5f ^r^, ^m:*^§f, hypocrisy, deceit, ill will.

^*f^C^5 5. 5^:?r7[, ^TS 5frl, an assumed form or character,

acting a feigned part.

<P'51#, \ a. f<<lfiT?n, C^'^ ^^"^ <<], hypocritical, dissembling.

^«t^, s. ^^T^'^ 5^1%, ^r^ ^i%, C^3 ^^^1, the unopened pod

of cotton and poppy plants, the name of a medicinal plant.

^*fW, s. f^i^^ ©^, the matted hair of Hoda Hiwo.

^^f^r'?!, s. '^s^ fsrf^ ^M^ *i!l%5f, a kind of fine silk gauze,

^-pff^, s. TJ^TT?, a door.

<P<^fT5, s. ^«fr^ ^^ ^'sn, the cotton plant, cotton.

^-sfT^fl^^n, s. .flfr<f ^^ 5r5, a jungle plant.

^^fP^f^. s. ^^r^^ ^^, ^^r^ 9fF5 ^rt, a place where cotton is


^^rrir, «• ^^^ ^f1, ^<1t?^ <t5l «T^, made of cotton.

7^f^, s. ^i?(^, ^?JtT, a monkey, an ape.

^fvf\, i 5. C^ruTi^, CfT^P^^, a narrow strip of cloth worn around

^srfVfy , ) the loins.

^^iWly s. ^\9t C^TtC^r^ fw^^ Wl, a large kniL» or razor-shaped


^f*f^, «. f<f^T^ ^, "W^ *iHRT ^'I, copper coloured, the name

of an ancient Sage.

^*17n, a. ^ff*<^ ^rft?n, copper coloured

^f*ft^, S' ^yf<^ 7?^ «n^ sr^, ^^ruT ^^ t^ ^m, a mytlio-

logical cow said to bestow whatever any one asks, a river

in tho Nowgong District.

^C*ft, s. <tTinr fsrf^STl ^T^Rnn 5?[rt, a wild pigeon.

^C^ft?^ «• ^iW 4*(r4VII T51, a wild creepinif plant. .

without self possession or presence of mind

^rer, s. CWr^, phlegm.

^*4^4 rt, p. ^?!ft «f^, 'TT^t^ ^«n t^ ^f^, to prate, to babble,

to be lo(iuaciou9.

Tf^, 5. ^^ir »:<^, Tl ^W5, ^JW^ snirf^, defensive armor, an

amulet or charm worn as a protection against evil.

^nfk, s. ^T^ns, f^R5, ^5^^, earnest entreaty, supplication.

4F^fr, 5. ^^ ^I^r^in ^. sfrfiT'^^^* an apparition said to resemble

a headless trunk.

^AlfA y a. f^f*f^, ^\f^, tight fisted, -stingy, miserly.

^f^, s. ^[V51 <^clli1, ^PTTT ^^1 *fr33, ^r<P 'vapra', a poet, one

who is -skilled in metrical composition, a cabbage.

^f^Tl, 5. ^m, C?rr^, ^^, a poem, poetry, verse.

<*<«T, 5. t^ ^^1 ^aifflf^l^ 55P^, an acknowledgement, agreement.

^PWfTS, 5. f^^ ^tiT, >o<r3f<Pl< 53P^ «f3r, a written acknowledge-
ment or agreement.
^^. a. TT^^, ^*^, deficient, incomplete.
96 ^^
^s?rf^, a. f^Wr^ '^ ^f1, ^r\V5 *frR3 C^x^ ^^'f^ fpr <R1, bewildered,
perplexed, confused; applied also to fish when paralyzed
by poison cast into the wat^r.

^iifel"?, V. ^"Cs ojCcv^ c^c^^l^ ^, c^iftT^ f<i<>ci c^rsri srt^^

^nif^ c^^, to wander about bewildered and perplexed^ to

paralyze fish by cnsting poison into the water.
^srtS^, 5. 7i70^]%^ ^[c?r 'pflTs f^C^, thfci drinking vessel of an ascetic.
<?qi=T, 5. -sfRsr, -sf^nsT, the lotus or water lilly.

^ifcil, 5. ?ri%I, "R^^r ^rngn, a name of Lokhmi, wife of Vishnu.

^5rf5!fvr, a. ^^ ^<[ fwr^'^ "^^T^ ^ft' "s^f^R^ a woman beauti-

ful as the lotus.

^rt^, V. ^ loots', ^-511^ ^^ ^?ClTr^, to diminish, to clean cotton.

^mW^tt, V. -^rmwrn, -^rf^f^ft, to eam, to acquire property.

^55ri"5, s. Crrr^ Wt^ ^C"^T^I, a blacksmith.

^flT, V. ^f^, 3i^R; X^, to diminish, to abate^ to lessen.

^r&ri, the act of diminishing, washing for gold, the cleaning

of cotton, gain, earnings.
"^^7!, s. t**^, ^4"^, cmWl^ C^]^, a trembling, shaking, agitation.

^^^^[iri^, a. W^ ^'^, ^T5!<r ^^^ ^n, ^^ C^t^l, trembling,

quaking, vibrating, agitated.

5^^5, s. ffff\ Kf^ fe-'?1^ ^?1 ^§r?, a compass,

^f*^"^, «. ^IM ^'1, '4^"^ ^^ c^^n, made to tremble, agitated.

^*:rr, ."?. C^'STf ^"^l^, ^^1%, 9]^!, a coarse woollen blanket.

^¥ , s. 1%R C^rf^nil 3it^^, a shell with three convolutions.

^"f^t^n, a. fzf^ C^^ti ^^, f%i%, having a npck marked with three
lines like the conch shell, a sign of beauty and of good fortune.

^T, s. ^r5, ^,:§j^^ -^rsn^ <i ^f^^^ mn ^, ^^ ^th mcti; ^r

<Tt <?"i^ <^,1, a hand, revenue whether of a king or priest,
callosity, callousness.

^^, ad. C^t^ ^T^, ^3 ^^, whence? from what place?

^5, s. 1%<J f^C^pFf, ^^ 1tc5^, a species of tree.

^^^^, 5. Cv'iX^ >ilR5j, ^ ^i^J^, a kind of salt; a. harsh, rough, hard.

7^^'"^, s. #T^ C^lWl^i^ ^RTf, ^^5f^, the noise of gnashing or

grinding the teeih together.

^ll^^t^, 5. "^iT^ i;^?^T^ ^1t^, the lines in the palms of the hands

^^ 97

<*<lt»fW , i'. ^^, ^1t^^ <2«f^ "Stsr, the thick part of the leg, the thigh.

^^flffel, «• ^5R:^^<[ ^f^TCR, ^^ '^r^^T^, up to the waist, a measure.

<^<y |, 5. vi)f^5f ^^ ^^, a species of wild grass.

T^^f^, ) s. #13 ^rc^ll^l, tns cMC^mi, ^^^, the act of gnashing

?P^51, S or grinding the teeth together as in rage or great pain.

^^^1%, 5. c|t1, a large spoon or ladle.

^^M^, V. wn CMC^t'SiT^, #r5 ^^r^C^PsiT^, to cause to gnash or
strike the teeth together.

7$Tjt\, s. vrr^, 1%^, a loan, a debt, ( Uindee.

?s^C«T^, 5. f^^r-flfsT, ^VS C^^, the joining of the palms of the
hands together as in respectful nddrcss.

^^Zj 5. 7^)5 TFJTl ^3» a saw.

^05^, s. ^TT^ "S^J^n, the palms of the hand.

^<*r«i^l, «• 'SlfV^ C^T^, ••niTRI fif5T 5rfVnn, *4l^5J|, tributary,
subject to, under tribute to a gooroo, discipled.

^<4l41, 5. viifTW ^tifj, a rude instrument of music composed of a

piece of notched bamboo and a cuwry on which it is

rapidly moved back and forth.

^jfSf s. m^ viil%if, nj^ ?rTW ^h *lftf, a species of fish, a book

that teaches how to destroy the power of mantras.

^Tir ^cttjn, the name of a river that forms the western

boundary of Kamroop, a sawyer.
T^^, s. V<1, f^Tl, a work, an action, a deed.

^?^f5T, 5. ?PT^^ ^If^ C^rmi ^rt? i\^ ^Vi fkc^, a sort of native
clothes box or basket.
^^fel, a. '>\j^ 7P^ fir^ JTsri, ^nfv^, discipled, tributary to a
priest or spiritual guide.

a streak stripe or line, the mark of a vine growing around

a tree, stripes or wrinkles on the horns of cattle.

<P^*m^, s, X\^J f5?nc, 'smpfsi^ ^n:^^ C^fmi, talking by signs,

conversation by the fingers.
^^-sfT^, 5. 5cT, ^^^ cVr^n, the hand used as a cup.

^T?r?l, s. ^T55 Ft^ ^R 5Tirl,^T^ ^f^l, callousness on the hands.

^rt^^j s.
*J^ f^ fkt^} the sweet scented oleander or rose bay.

98 "^^

W^, s. ^1^ ^t^, ^<t'<f, a work^ an action, funeral obsequies or

offerings to the manes of the dead.

;^;5SI#«ft^, s. Tm, ^t^^l, ^$^^ft5r5 f^<ri, destiny, fate, condition.

^^?r^f^^ s. 7^1M ^^ ^urm, CPftC^ife?;, one who performs the

funeral rites, a priest.

^^, 5. '^Xi "i^^Tl, ^us^l, sr^ ??f% ^\^ sr^, one who injures or

destroys others by incantations.

^5^1^, s. :§?5>firt5T!, ^rt^l a bead roil or rosary.


^^f^-sliR, «• "R^r^.. ^C^f^j C^I^Cs^^, scattered about in disorder,

mixed promiscuously together.

^^]%¥l^ «• ^^•Ti f^C'T, dry, unseasoned, juiceless, without flaror.

;^^ftri, 5. v^^l, Cv\t, gum, paste, any sticky substance.

^1%, V. ^^, to do, to act, to perG)rm.

C^>j%, i cowry.

^RTi't", s. ^»S?1 FT^f ^% ^t^tf^; (.cTt^R Oft^STRl^ ^TCTt^, the

flour of parched rice, called hdndoh; v. to cause to do.

^^rt^, a. ^^^^1j f^f'^^, fs^i, penurious, stingy, miserly.

^rf^^fen, 5. crT^^tf^ -pix^FTSTT^ -s^ft^ •^fft: ^rf^ ^"Jfi, "^r: «ft^,

a kink or twist in a rope or thread.

<t»4»^1, s. ^^^ ^*1t5;, '^fcj^jj cotton not well opened from the pod.

^^^, s. f^-s^, F<n, C^^l ^f%5!f, mercy, pity, a species of acid fruit.

^R^^TT^^, % s. f^'^IP^, TnrifkfV, f^^"^ ^^ft^, a mine of pity,

^^^i^T^, i a receptacle of mercy.

^f^Ttisfs, a. ^?rT^, f^^ftsr^, pitiful, tender hearted, merciful.

^P^TrPit'JR, 5. C^tsryrr^R, fe-^/rrf^, the ocean of mercy.

?^, s. ^t%5f -^^ft 'JlF, a species of tree.

^C^T^, «. C^TT^^ ^^jsnt" ^^1, done, caused to be done.

^^^ 7^^, C^C^l, ^^^1, harsh, rough, liard.


^^5^1W, s. C^^ C^C^^t^ ^^^ ^^1, sharp angry contention.

^^, 5. C^U^TI, F5?f ^3^, a crab, the sign Cancer.

^^%l, s. -sftfv^ f^iWf?-3» C^U^I ^1^^ cooked ricekept for after eating.

W^, s. #13 ^il^t^r^ ^fT<r^, the noise of gnashing the teeth. '

<{»<Ml'5, V. WKH^^ ^R5f ^i^ #13 CFt^T^, to gnash the teeth.

^<pf^ ;§r?r, s. tj pfi^^ -s^tc^" ^^^fk^ d^) ^i^ -s^rf^ ^tft" T>?1j I>1^^-

tions of water noured out for the dead.

^fel, «• ^^pPt^t WTO1, f^JT, dry, parched, arid, juiceless.

^5^, 5. ;5/r ^r^ viif^lf, a species of lar^e bird.

^in C^Sfi, s. ^Rif c^JFl, an acid fruit, the coronda, ( Carissa Carodas.)

^T<n, a. <Pi^^ c^^ri, ^r^i:, proper to be done, fitting.

^1, s. T^ckm, ^f^^l^, ^5.#, a doer, a master, a governor.

5. fflfk?n C^3fl f^CTi'T, a species of acid fruit.

^«?t", -sqfT^

<P^^fj!i^<n, a. ^^ <^fen, ^i^"c^^i< f^f^i f^^ ^^y carved

or shaped like the above fruit.

Wfk, 5. CJU^ ^*f^ ^5^r(.< 4(Jn ^^r?l^ ^^»r?, a goW or silver

threaded girdle.
J^t^, the ear, the sense of hear-
9^, 5.'^R, gjC^rfg?, ^«5( f^^^
iniT. the mme of a hero mejilioned in llje Alahabharat.

^5fc^:5^, «. *n^ ''^Ir ^» faJ''"g on **»<^ ®*^ hearing distance.

<P^V<r, 5. :??T^ JTHS r^ fen, ^^ ^t^» ihe ceremony of piercing the

ears of a male child observed by the brahmins

and kaisths.

-g*ri4>^r*r, ad. tm^ r*i»M^^ passing from ear to ear.

TP^r^, s, sS[9 LiffR 3?W, ihe country of Mysore.

7S^(-^, s. Tf^H, ijsrl% 3^, ^TtT^ ^fef ^^fW <r5,

^«:f> 51,^, s^sBfVf f^i{9Ri J(fk, ^<TTfJI, a species of bead.

^rc7, s. ^"n?!^,- ^t^ffiW, a side blow or slap.

^^, ^ arf. ^^^tJT, C^rwr^l ^*C, from some unknown place.

^r^ C^C^nn, ^ ac/. ftcrt ^«rfwrft, somebody from somewhere.

^, 8. ^s^, ^m, ^, a work, an action, an affair.

W^1, s. 55m ^Ttn, an overseer or agenL

^J^mi, 5. ^^ ^{fwj ^m, '^^ff ^fir, a river in Hindustan the
very sight of which is said to destroy religous merit.

^^, a. ^"iii^ catsfT, ^ifr*?I*1. ?fTfst«n, fit for work, useful.

^5W^, s. ^if^'V ^5sr^ CST<f, C^, the result of an action, reward,

^IR^, s. TpfRi, 9?^ «T?I c^m C5t^ ^?r1, the inevitable con-

sequences of an action.
^CTSTsf, s. 7pr\ c^sf, ^iV^ ^4.V< C5T^, experience of results &c.
^sjjn^, s. ^Tfij f^rf^ ^^, ^f^ dTc^^, completion of a work.
^T\]^, s. ^tC^ ft^ 5R1 Jrt«T» a plug in the bottom or side of a boat.
100 ^P«t

^, d. ^c?TC^ f^, cl*l(.4 ^^^ -sW crr^, ^T^f^ CSt^Tl, taken

away by force, snatched, plucked out, dipped out of a dish.

vk:$j<5I|, 5. vfic^m ^N<llt: C'/rmi, -^t^ fWl, a first plowing, an

iron cooking dish.

vfi^lr^T , s. 351 '^H'A ^T^r (3mi, the prow of a pleasure boat.

^^f^e^, s. ^\^ '^\^ ^:^^Ttt«^ f^, the act of carrying away.

JPC^rsn, a. ct^TC^ ^^ f^^, ^^^ ^^ C^mi, dipped out, taken

I forcibly away, once ploughed.

^Jc?, 5. ^^n, ^»ff^ ^«T, ^'^^ i^l54' ^5^, a plantain, an engine or

machine, the gills of fish, the lower part of the human jaw.

^;?f<Frt^, 5. ^^R", "if^ ^sfl ^T^^tff, a covered metal dish with

feet attached.

<pcn<pci|$, V. :tT3 <pS<it«i 5f^, ^tft<r 3t^ ^^, to utter a low

sound as of children beginning to talk, to make a rippling
sound as of water or the din and buzz of a distant multitude.
<pci<pcif>, 5. -s^-Tf^ ^?RPrT 5f^, T!XZ ^pfetvT 5f^, a rippling sound,

the cooing noise of little children when beginning to talk.

^j%, s. f^^^ ws^ ^^TT^, the tenth and last Hindoo incarnation.

^^^rf^^, 5. ^f^<[ c^9r feJi^, a disease of the leg.

35cl^, 5. f^f^^ *f^1 CST^ C5T^j "srr^t?, an insurmountable diffi.

culty, a dilemma.
<pcn^, s. CF^, STpT^, ^-sf^t^T^ ^^^ ^ ^P^^ ^^ mark, iron rust, de-
famation, abuse. ,

^3S^rf%, a. ^•swr^f, k •Ti f^, stained, blemished, stigmatized.

^^°v, s. ti)<r^ t^^ JTt^, the name of a river in the Nowgong District.

^^, c'$C<^[crf, a pinnacle, a point, a small water jar.

•<&cif^, s. ^^rWR, a garden of plantain trees.

^0^^, s. 9rf5 C^n^, 3^1^^, the cast oflTskin of a snake or other reptile.
T^vx'ii ^rl<^, s. 7^'ii -^9\ T^Ti, 5rf^T??f ^^ ^^, panting, gasping,
^^'pffen, CL. ^cTt'sffi;^ <!4N?5l, like the plantain leaf in colour.

^^, 5. "^^^ ^i)f^, 8^^ p o e. o o o ^^^ a kolpo, a period of

432000000 years, termed a day and night of Brohmo.
^^^^'^^^ s. ^^«^'1%^ ^5rf%cTl7l f^f% 7^T\ QT^ f^, ^TtR, a fabled
tree of Indra's paradise said to yield whatever fruit is

desired, a liberal person.

^7\fm, -s s. ^-pfT^, SITTS ^^, src^:^ ^vri, a sclicmc, a settled

^^'^t^, S purpose, a plan, a device.

^T'tPS, 5. ^M"^ ^T^, gjc^ ^^T^^, the end of a kolpo, the final

dissolution of the world,

^f^tr, a. f^, ^sn ^9H, f^fik, feigned, spurious, counterfeit.

^^TTT, s. ^-pf, fiT'ftrf^, Sf5^ \jt5T 5fTI, a pen, a cutting or stem of

a plant, a scion, a graft.

^f9W5rf^, r. WC^C^ ^^ ^]> C^r*ff^3 55 ^rr?: f^, to be op-

pressed with sleep or borne down with sorrow.

<^'H;)(5 ?i|
, v. 4 >»iijci|'?
, C^T<Tl^r?n^, to slumber, to sleep, to doze.

^j^TjWI, a, *^Tf^ ft<TR C^rsrrf^ ^^t^ ^, floating about like a

plant without root, wandering without fixed habitation.

^^, s. -pfTf^ *nir, "fi^, a water pot, a pitcher, a jar.

^srfTnn, o. ^n^ c?R ^il^fi, V^p^ *ff41'R» pertaining to a koluh,

the measure of a koloh.

i^, a. fifim ^^, vfln^, black, dark; s. darkncM

^»T1, a. ^W ^Tgpi, 555!!, ^^^ c^n^l ^sr^ ^^5f, deaf; f. a plantain,

a sixteenth part of the mooo's disc.

^^, 5. ^«Hv ^ t , ^f^ ^ C^mi, leguminous seeds, pulse or

vetch of kinds, exhausted with crying.

^5vrrt««rt^, 5. fxt»T inn ••rr^. ^ CM^, gunpowder; a. pungent,

piercing, passionate.

^m^jftri, a. ?W1 «ffr? fsrfssn, vfl^ ^R ^PT '^rrfif, like a plan-

tain seed, half dried applied to paddy and other ^rain.

^5TT ^f&, s. ^^ fiijl. irr^ ¥f^ yf^ ctr*ff^, a light sleep half

asleep and half awake, dozing.

**1 \\^A I, 5. ^^1 «ft5? ^^, the stems of the plantain leaf.

<p«ilQ>«i, 5, ^^ sr^ t%9r, T-BF^ f%^, the flower of the plantain

tree, the heart.

iffi^n^, 5. ^snrrfe, ^^n T^R^ snfb, stone or fossil coal.

<i»«i|ail^. s. c^l^rft s^ s. a species of pease or pulse.

^Jf«=Tmr, 5. '^\\ji ^^^ ^rsr, 5?^^ ^5T, the calf of the leg, the fruit

of the plantain tree.

<»«il<prci^i, a. <^ci|<PM<i *\ii\*{ c^l^I, reaching to the calf of the leg.

?PTO«n, a. "^m^ f^» f^^fif^, drowsy, dozy, heavy, sluggish.
^ei|jl«il» a. srl^R, soiled, dirty.
102 9^
<^ciJ 1^, 5. ^Tf?r, ^"5, welfare, prosperity, happiness.
^»U"Tf^, a. ^T^j^f%, "^r**!", prosperous, fortunate, happy.

^m, 5. 5^^ ^9f, ^^ ^?T ^iR, ^srfcT?! 'i\p, ^jT^sT, ^«n ^-

f^ 5rl^[%, C^tC^I ^^^ ^3 j%<n C^^, the so called fourth
or present age of the world, the iron age or age of vice,
which commenced 3000 years before the Christian era,

and is to continue 432000 years when the world is to be

destroyed; the calix of a flower, an unblown flower, a bud,

calamity, dissention ; a. dark colored.

^r^ffTl:, a. 6~ri ^^R?rl, ^c?7Iiri%?ri, blackish, relating to a period.
^ferr^ ^l%?Tt, a. ^RS ^C< ^fet^ ^^ fe^ ^^ C^T^, gradu-
ally recovered afier long illness.

^M<ir^5, 5. Jlf^k^ ^?rl <^>, a species of the kosu plant.

^rc^?!!^^, 5. "^^j^^ CT^, the name of a district in Nowgong.
^]%^, 5. ^1%^ 1^] T^j^^ '5^fk, a flower bud.
^msrlj s. ^^^ ^?Trf\5?f^ C5)<I, ^M ^WKi the liver.
^TW^9t, s. ^^?t%^Tc?, ^TR W^r^ C3FPJ Wi]% the fourth and last age
of the world, see <P]%.

^i^^f^nn, c/. <!»ronfe7 5tT; (r5"T5rl, relating to the KoU jug ^c.
Wcr!n, s. -^\-z KCJpf^ one of the Hindoo castes.
^C^M, 5. ^ft:?T, v£|U^ ^%, the body, complete in all its parts.

^t«=r, ad. c^X^ ^1^tc?, whither? to what place? in what direction?

'^^^, s. <5'^rf, R^TF, contention, altercation, quarrel.

^Cci"^Cnt. a. ^^cT^rfe?, ^^^^C^ ^R^, vrT^RT C^lC^rsn, un-

settled, unsteady, running this way and that, fickle, wavering.

^^<^, s. ccTl"^ ;§?T'5I^, C5T«i:, "5^^ 'SxXWt, defensive armor, a covering

for the body in battle.

^^, 5. c^Tf, ^-^r, ^f^^, f^m, pain, suftering, distress, trouble.

^3^?^, s. %-j;^ fs\v\, C^'^''Af^^ ^Cl f^^, a touchstone, a test for gold.

<{>^>iT5fJ, a. <iH<it5T ^^, difiicult to accomplish.

^PT*^R, V. "w:^ ^^5f ^i%, ^1 ^ri% c^rsn, ^^t^ ^f^i- to

earnestly strive for, to affirm in the strongest possible man-

ner, to earnestly importune, to press a suit.

^^, 5. ^^fj^, 7\-^ ^fen, a narrow waist cloth.

^^ft, s. "sri^ n^^ ^it, 9rm ^P^ft", musk, the perfume so called.

^^t s. C^^ sr^, ^isr^ sjtiT^, verdigris.

*4^4l, ^ a. ^Tf5 qT^, having a cough, expectorating.

^rt^, s. ^if%t?i, -s^^" f^^, ^srtTT f^iR ^T5:5 ^5r^1 fer, tomorrow^
^T^^» S' t><li9 ^|T<f, 'T^ft, a species of bird, a licentious woman,
a termagant.

^I^Stfi?, a. w->r ^F^ ^TI, ff^tf^T, restless, quarrelsonne, licentious,

^^«rc^f^, 5. viit%'<f C«rc^n» an acid fruit.

<PT^f^, 5. ^r5<>fiS?», a crow, a raven.

^6^, 5. C^l^ C*fR, l'> puns or I2S1> cowries.

^t^fel, a. vU^rs^?^ C^r^l» worth or obtainable for one kaun.
^5^rs, 5. ^r^f^ fsi^rrs, entreaty, earnest supplication.

^i^, s. ^s^, ^^, a thorn, a prickle, a foe, a cause of anxiety.

^l^^f^, 5. 4«^^|t^ vf^ ^i^, a place full of thorns or difficulties.

sii^^l, a. 5^1^^ ^T^, thorny, prickly,

^t^r?", 5. ^'.5 v£jf7r>f, a fish resembling' the eel.

^15 4ts, s. *frf^ ^rl%T 3^^, ^ C^Cff <:»r3n, a roaring rambling

sound as of water or of anything in rapid motion.

9n9, s. 7f9 cTtsr. a loosely platted basket.

il*^i^, 5. wrs^ls, ^rr^f%, ft^ ^F<n, the throwing alxmt the

iiands by way of entreaty or supplication.
'. i^c^Ic?, s. vfif^ f^JTcT C^PCTPWI, a kind of esculent vegetable.
C'i?<P, 5. ij^? ®^ B^l ^i% fk\'^T\f a very coar^e bamboo "comb.
^tt^r?^, 5. flJ^rflS^, fw^C«T fifiTW 3?^, 5n 3P5I, cracks in the

feet or other parts of the body like the prong** of a comb.

*<rM5m®, f. Q<K ^ff CSfJI^ %7W *fT3r ^sn 3Jlft *aft^, the day
from which china ware is made.
^;^, s. ^v{^5 ^15^ ^9f, the edge or border of a cloth.

^]^, s.* f?[5l, ftc^rsT^ ^ ^^ ^*f^, ^«^*r ^tf «f^1, a wo-

iian's shoulder cloth, mild sunshine.

gash meat or fish preparatory to roasting.

^ifsiHT^f^, 5. ''.5P 3iT<t viifw, a species of snake.

^11%?', 5. Jf^, ^.%<:T9f,%, S^^, contention, disputation, a squabble.

^i^?", 5. 1%\ <Pr^^, ^fF, the index of a pair of scales, a spur^

<pT^ri Tp^, rt. ^T?r ^^1, C®^^?rTI C5:rSil, grown, mature, virile, ai
an ox when horus are grown or a fowl when sp.irs api>car.
1C4 55t9f

^f^^rsn, a. ^ c??f1, 5:f^"^1, laid under tribute, subject to taxation.

^Irf^, 5. i^ltwr^ ^t5Tf^ ^5C3[ ^T^, the point of an ox goad.

^tlT^;, s. ^f^?rf^ 3Tt^'5 -F^^l srrf^j the beam of a native sugar mill

^^, s. ^1^, 5T^, an arrow, a dart.

^t^ ^tf^", V. 3Ff5 srclj to discharge an arrow.

%R, 5. ^t^ ^rtrrfTun, ^^1, ^t^ WTiif f^ ^epf^, an archer, a

class who in the days of the Assam Kings were appointed

to do cooley work j v. to pound out, to clean of husks.

4t¥i^, s. #TC^C^ CM'f^, 15#1rl C^^, a cross-bow, a sutia bow,

^t^, 5. feM 'K\\ KC^PT, :^ 4t^, bell-metal, a gong.

4t1x, 5. ^^T^ c-*rmi ^^r^, #T^ i%TcT^ ^TcT, ^^ ^fef, a platter

of white brass or bell-metal, a species of grass,

^?t^, 'pron. c^^ M'^'^y ^T^tX, whom? s. a crow.

^T^^f%5, 5. ^^tT5: 5TiT^ C^mt^ sr^^ C^^ ^f^t, a shaster that

teaches how to divine by the cawing of crows, divination.

<»1<P^!), s. t%i^, <r:5 ^Tfpf "^i:, a letter, an official paper or writing.

"^X^fii, s. "J^-iT^, 5n5:i% C^<ft^, a writer, a clerk, a secretary.
<M<»niVII, a. <M<»>ft ^r^ c^l, ^ CctT^, ^%^ <M<»4 li^, anything
bought or sold by written agreement, anything mentioned
in a written list.

^t^f^ ^f^:^, s. -fl-i rifs ^i-^r^ ifC^ 1%^ ^^T^ ^R^?a species of locust.
<p1<p<I, ad. c^^ STTT^, some one, (indefinite.)

^t^^^Jl, a. f^-^^lfl?, ^^r^ 511^1% t^ ^t^ C^Tc^rr^l, barren after

the first child.

^Tl%j%, fl. (T?!?^, ^f^ fit^ci, very tall and slender, spindling.
•<p1<pI, 5. ^^^f^"^ srr5, the cawing of crows.
^t^f?;, s. fiRf^, ^T^^'tc<*l<>!r«^, entreaty, supplication.

<{»1C<>R, C^n^ft^ C^C-s^^l, a goldsmith's pincers,


^•^r, 5. C^T^, ^<rf, Wtf%, ^^^, the side; a. near, close to.

^*^ft. ) or/. ^7f^, tTt%5 ^5?5 near to, bordering on, by the

^^iTif^, ) side of

^•^rf^TTl, \ a. v8'5f%<rl, ttfT^1%<r1, adjacent, proximate, bordering

<p|*ir<<n, j close upon.

'^•^rffj^ . s. ^r^ ^, ^^, ^j%, the arm pit.

^^m, s. ^5t<Tt^, paper.

<s\t 105

^Tiy, 5. ^m 5t^ vfif^^Sfl ^T^, a quality of tc.i, the congou,

^5, s. ^, ^^*f, a tortoise, a turtle.

^T CyWajfA , «. ^^f^ fr^TPJt^ ^Ttsr, 5f^rsrr<f3, foiul of dress arid

finery, elegant.

^ (><34>< , s. ^TW^fei, ^^Wl, a brownish or brindio colour.

^5Tf^, s. '^5\f4, ft^T^Tf^. a court house.

^1%, .«. ^r^ CTWI ^^rf^, ^Q ^^1 C5^^, a sickle, a l)oat rope.

^FTf^ *1Tf<, V. fvff^ ^R, to etjuip, to attire, to make ready.

^jTiijf^, s. 5fwi, a waist cloth.

^Ijfel, ft. 5R?1 C9TT^, old enough to wear a waist cloth.

<FT5fe C5^^^, 5. f3IC5^, T5 C5^^«ll, lit. one who throws oil' the
waist cloth, t.c. one who is beside liimself.

^Tir, 5. ^HT, Z^y CZ^l^, T^fUr, work, employment, personal concern.

^f^ ^^, I
5. snir^ ^irr>5l, Jl^, funeral obsequies, offerings
TfXSl if^, / made to deceased ancestors.
<pl«»irVf, a. ^Its ^sns f^*^, ^Iflt^en, skilled, accomplished, qualified.
<^\mv\, a* ^5RT1 ^^, brownish.

<?l«f*ri 5. ''^fffT, 5if»9n ^4(^al, a double handful ; a. brownish.

^r«f«TC^TO 5. ••fj ••f^ fe»i'!, a piuq)lc.

^rftf, 5. ^ <?lft<i -(^f^ fzCTTSI, f't'J^I, a woman skillful at work.

<»l-g^l, a. f^*55, 4lfS^4, ^ft^n, skillful, able, accomplished.
^I^ar, s. ^^pJ^, ^ vijf^if, gold, a species of flower.

<?li?^"i?, 5. ^^ ftiri, ^r^ ^tfr *^l< ftJT, marks of correction

in a writings a ciittiog, a clipping.

^^t^, a. ^rc^, C^t^, ^1, cutting, sharp, keen.

^l^f^, s. ^st, *l©^ «^<n, ^PTfw, the ju^'/ class, a r.iithii'r, clipping

or paring, a skillful woman.

*l(5*1 ^S«T, rt. fti<c>4 W^^i, ^f^, indolent, inactive, slow.

^1^, 5. ?|rT^, ^r^, ^r^ ••flTr, wood, timlwr.

^WKiil, 5. TFft ?P^ 'It^^i ^Tt^, a carpenter, a woodman.
^^<i»Vail, a. ^R, r<j<*i, f^(t5 ^^, hard like wood, juiceless,
unripe; s. a small wooden bowl.
^^^, 5. "^^ ^fir, Tpri ^^, hard unripe fruit, a fruit germ.
^^f^, s. ft5 ^^rtfif^ "Sj;^ 7[^ ^Z^ 15^, a small chip of wood.
55l^r5T, «. <p|^»i 5R, hard hearted, unfeeling like a piece of wood

^^, s. ^?f^, 9f^, a wood, a forest.

^•iW'sil, s. *f5l ^i^ ^TfpR ^l^l >SCctT^1 ^«7, a mushroom, n fungus.

^^1%:, «• ^^i'^'ifs, ^Wlf^R", ^T%, barren, without offspring.

^^^, a. 7^^ fvz, see ?PT^i;. ,^

^l^fen? s- '^^ C^Fl CcnT^, ^^#^^, a dealer in wood.

^^'n'^'^5 5. •iff^ fTt<n, T frt^ ^'Tlj, the act of giving wood for the

burning of a dead body.

^^T^, 5. ^^ ^f^^ *1^, ^^ C^fn^T ^^, a species of large deer.

^tf^, a measure of two cubits, a splint of bamboo, a kev.

5PlfS>6?lci, s. 5Ti"5 TT^] ©T«=T ^R5f, ?T^ U"^, a fishing net, an obstruc-
tion of split bamboo placed across a stream to catch fish.

^lB?I<^, a- *fT?n?, f^^^, "^^f?^, expert, clever, skillful, able.

T^^y s. ^^, Cl^, a portion, division, a limb, a member.

^TStf^, s. ^fen^, '^tlj'^ ^^lWf a pilot, a helmsman, a steersman.

<5>li<, s. ^^^n?, ^fi'^S, <ji^'^, entreaty, supplication.

W\llf^ CTl^, S' '^^ '^oitf^^ ^^, 5^<.5|< 2^' anything rare or

highly valued.

<^l^iC4i1%, 5. f^^ ^U^, C^^f^, entreaty, an expression of distress.

^fs 5. C$f5f ^fm srt^, ^^R?1, ^?f^^ Ciil^l, a pair of scissors,

the seventh month, corresponding to the last part of October

and the first part of November; a. aslant.

<I»ini^4l, a. ^m^ 1^.^r, cFj^^<n9r<, c=.^f^, ^]f^ f^^f^, this

way and that way, turning from side to side.

^^^"^1%, 5. 5fr^ ^r?r5j, a species of paddy.

<Pirs^l '^^•'^f a. srTJ ^9l1 ^PT^I, irritable, impatient, excitable.

^g^lTl, ad. C^U^ ^n^^, ( with a negative, ) to no one.

^C^^, ad. C^\l^'Zti:, to some one.
^^, s, ^<r^ ^ti;, a person of the kaynsth class or caste.

^^, 5. 7^, ^^5 #Tl%, F^ ^^^^ ^"s^"^ orU^^^I ^'\'i\, the ear,

the shoulder, the edge or shore, the rim of a vessel or cup.

<>M<^'i>1, a. ^t^ C5n ^^1, "R^lfj WW^, ear-cropped, a term of

reproach arising from the custom of cropping the ears of

offenders practiced by the Assam Kings.

'<^1»J<><^|, a. ^tu^ '^^P!j^i ^^"Ij ^®^^« ^"'^ ^^ hearing.

^t^ ^kT, v. 5^ fpf, "^jlTr, to listen, to hear, to attend.

4>k^r«»l, s. -sff^r ^f^^, a species of bird.

^^ 107

:^l^frT?. s. ^^nr tlsro C^rsn tn^, a discharge from the ear.

;gi «<41d^, fl. sr^l 5T?XPr ^sT^rs C^*f1 srrr^: ^f^, deafening, stunning.
^Fpl*fT1, 5. Ci^l*< Ji?fR ^T5T^ ^1^ C?rr^n, sr fwi, the taking a

burden from another's shoulder, bearing another's burden,

the giving heed, paying attention, listening.

5?T^<TT^, 5. c^V^^ ^l^TS Ccfl ^^, csr;^ fWl, the welding a strip

of iron about the eye of a hoe.

^^r^f^, s. ^IwRc^T^li ^W>f, the ceremony of piercing the ears.

^;nT3ri, *• ^TT5 ^^ ^'TC^'SII, shifting from shoulder to shoulder.

^My ffT, s. ^? fs^l snf^, a pole or bamboo for carrying burdens.

^nr^rrf^T, 8' ^1*^4 C^lRI, a disease of the ear.

:^RJT5lf^in, V. «M< ^PT13( «<f, up to the shoulder iu height or depth.

^yp[^«^f^, 5. ^T^R ^«1 •gK, the lobe of the ear.

<» t *(>14 rfgT, 5. '^Q^f^ WC^ ^, t^«si fff ^"^t hearing while
pretending not to liear.

^Wm^, a. \'5^, C53^, T5^, wide awake, alert, vigilant.

^^^rsi, 1 *• ^R^ <tl5 ^sr, the portion of the head just behind

^Jt^l^, ) the ear.

TPl^Tt, s. ftp«^ s<^ ^mi, ^P^lt, a name of Krishna.

^TfR, 5. ^srrftfW. ft^ ^<^T, opium, a rag.

Tfrf^rsrsjfj, ^
«• ^W<^^ am ^^^n^, standing ajar as a door &.c.

^f^, V. ^fk C^fn^n, addicted to the u«e of opium.

5yTf5(^, i. C»ff<r C^Cir-C «!« ^r^,.flWni3 Bmt^ C^ir<1, the feign-

ing of blindness, indistinctly seeing on account of darkness.

^^TC^ ^rc^, «• ^^ ^JC?[, f^m lir?^ ^^rcs. full to the brim, at

the exact time, with C9l>ai|, whispering, speaking in the ear.

^TC^ 3Iim;jtr^vii, ad. ^p^'Trfjl", TCpf VC^ (XV^, just sufficient, barely^

^srpi, 5- fsnr. ^Tf^, beautiful, beloved, dear, desirable; 5. a husband.

^T^, 5. ^TlfJI, '^'^ fs, a beloved wife; a. beautiful.

^iHt, s. c^rr^lt 2t^t^ C»^n5, glofji brilliance, splendor.
TFtT'i'r?", a- CTTSTsi^, ^*i>i^^, glorious, glowing with light.

^rPi^, a. c^nf^, lTf FOTS, beautiful, sparkling with gems.

-*!**! -T, ) s. dpiT5(, l7[5n*f, weeping, crying.

*l'Hf^ .!
109 ^tsrt

^sT^, s. ^-f^, ^tfef^^ S'5^ ^^, li»e shoulder.

^iT^1^, s. 5rt5 v£if^5f, a species of fish.

^-pf, ) 5. •^rfir, Crf^fR, ct^^ ^4if^^ a pen, a bunch of rattans.

^«f ^-pf^ a. -^7^ ^1%1 ^5 <?1^,- TT^ Tfytt C'TT^, striped with
different colors, variegated, distressed.

^«t (n?f^?1, 5. ^f^Vf ^^ Ci?]%<n, CFf%<n f\f^, a small reed some-

times used for making pens.

^^^, s. <pn:ni^, ^:g, ^^r, doth.

^*t^ ^fif, s. ^^, fs^f^l -^^^ wearing apparel in general.
^*:f^, a.
f ^^, ^i^m, NiM<Mfilci1, cowardly, timid, worthless.
^^^, 5.
^*J^, camphor.
<PTC^^ IT^, 5. ^^^ t:^, a tent, a tabernacle.

^Tfii?, y. -^T^^ jtT;"^ C^rmi ^R^ 9f^^ 9ff^, coffee.

^T^R, s. ^tffr, f5R]%, ^TC^, supplication, entreaty.

<Pt^r®?, 5. t^RJ^ f^^l, military drill.

'<*ll? 5- 1?^, ^"sff^, the means or way of doing anything.

^tC^, 5. ^"t^f^, ^^n?, entreaty, supplication.

<pk<!(.<p|<r»ri%, / earnest entreaty, worship.

^t^, s. ^R31, C^Tls^ «;[1%, a poem, poetry, verse.
^sr, s. ^Sj^n, 5R^ t5l, ^^, ^m^, ^^^^ ^f^^, desire, lust, work,
business, an affair, a light .blue colour.

^sr^"^!^, s, 7^ ^1^?rl ^Tf^, a species of bird.

<p1^C?^, 5. "fe^^ ^ps, the Indian Cupid, the god of love.

^t^5f^, s. ^tf^ ^T^ ^^, a fabulous cow said to grant what-

ever is desired.

^t5Rl, 5. ^|%?rt^, :^T^1, ^1, wish, desire, lust.

^ttl^^fel, a. -Re? ^RTTl, light blue.

^SRl^ 5[^, a, 7^^7[^ ^rn, ^T5I CFCiT Tf^ ^1, 5R CSTt^, love-

struck, smitten by the arrow of Cupid.

*|51-^t<J, a. f5C<rtnt5? ^1 C^t^l, lustful, libidinous.

^Tsr^-sf, s. ^317^ Cff^ ^^T^, ^t^'s^, ^^*T^5 a district in the west-

ern part of Assam ; a. pleasing, beautiful.

^JlTTT<rl, s. Gfflr, the name of a sacred shrine and hill near Gowhatty.

^Fmft, s. ^grr?!!^, ^T5I ^^; the fire of lust, lechery.

desire, beauliful, be-
^ni^fM, ^t^f*f, ^sr^^^, according to

longing to the district of Kamroop.

^T^fiT, 5. cTTsi^ ^T*t7[, ^^c=f, 'iJ^I, a coarse woollen blanket, a carpet.

^Tin>i^, a. -^^sr^t^ nfs, ^J^^<, lewd, wanton, amorous, lascivious.

^tfir, s. Tp¥Ci tt^^ 153^1, a long narrow
f\^ piece of split bamboo.

<Pil(jir^, s. iJ*?Tf^, 5R orfiO ftlT. a beautiful woman; a. fascina-

ting, lascivious.

^fwl, a. ^rSTS S=T^, 5T:sff%5rW, serviceable, useful, skillful.

TPlfsr^^r, s. T^ ^^f^ TT?, a rib.

*I^<5, a. 5T*^, ^srr^^r, ^T?^1» lascivious, lustful, wanton.

^T^f^i 5. C^^m, ^pXTT^f^, ^T?f^, a prostitute, a strumpet ; a. lascivious.

^T^, ». WlCiC^ f^r^r, ^ 5n c*f^ f^^^jt, to bite, to lacerate witit

the teeth, to ache, to pain, to twinge, to throb.

^T^ ^n, s. ^rr^f^ ^fr *frc^ ftri^ ^, *icvi^ irrfsi ^r^i, the

following after with persistent entreaty for some favour.

^ T cvK ,
s. frrjc^ C^*fTf? ^<1, <:*f^ ^^?" C^^n, a bite, a

?y|C^II^fw, } wound made by the teeth, a griping pain, twinging.

^Wl-^l, a. WICTC^ C^TC^^mi, ^5 C-tTPsn, ^3^ *f«nf«?I ^W, billen,

aching; s. a brace in a building extending from llio Ix am

to the roof, a transverse support of a boat.

^PTCUtifT^mf^, 5. c^rsn*^, 4^4^* fT^^9 comention, fighting

or devouring each other.

^rr^, 5. cif^, ^fk^, the body endued with sensibility and thought.

^nnf, 5. ^^, irrf^ f^L>\*\, one of the hiodoo castes, a person

who has a Khetrio lather and a Soodra mother.
^fl^, a, 'nf<f^, tirft^i bodily, corporeal, belonging to the body.

^^, pron. c^^ »^, whose?

^T?^, 5. ^srfm, a doer, an agent.

^TiR, s. f^fa~5, C5^, a cause, a reason.

5JfT^JT^, s. ''Jj^J^^f, ^*ft^, 7f\^^\, an effort, an exertion, pains.
^T?Tf^, a. ^T^R ^^, 5^> pains taking, assiduous.
^r<i<p<, 5. <f,^^^, f^*^ ^Rf «R1, a mechanic, a workman.
^TlX^FI, s. T^ ^TpSTT^ ^^ <^^f>f, the name of a hindoo shaster.
^TC^5, ad. C^K^^Q, (with a negative) belonging to no one.
^C^^, 5. -^m-^ '^ns >Q<f Ti^, ^^ ^-5, a castle, an amphitheater.

^^J, s. ^r®, ^, l^t^, work, business, affair.

^l%%, s. f^3-? *JJ5, ^Tf^ irri^.a son of Hiwo, the seventh month,
^I^^l, s. ^-s^f, ^T5T, exertion, effort, contrivance.
^l€m, 5. ^TT^l-n; ^^1 ;gr5, j^itt ^tpf Wl CT^i, an instrument
used in warping thread for weaving, a scoop or ladle.

to lade out from one dish to another, to take by force, to

take; when preceded by t^T, to own, to confess.

^Tc=r, 5. :^5rl", f^^, W^, time, the seasons, the time of death.
^Tci^jj, 5. ffn5C^, 3^ f<rc5T5i, order of time, in process of time.
OlcKT;^, 5. R7^<rj^, cifTfVfR^ fTfi^ ^Xl ^i^, an unpropitious time,

a time of evil omen.

^tcT5Ip, s. ^TcT '^^ ^^, >ii.<J4 5fi%, revolution of the seasons.

<p|cir^Tl, 5. "^^^f^, 7^ 3T^ <[jct1 ^f*^ viif^'<f, a small aromatic seed.

^SFFc=T TOrTt", y. f?R ^1 TTsrt: C^TC^T^I, '^?5 ^jf^^^' ^^ time.


.^T*^f^T^, a. fiiyl, Tfgft, ^^^-pf, feigned, fictitious, imaginary, forged.

^^tcTYr/, «. C^f<im«=I^t cnffi, Sfl.^^^f^", terrible, terrific, awful.


<&iyi>iip, 5. 2:)"<t^ 7^, ^:§iT5 'i:?', sr^l ^1 "^^ ^-s, a deadly enemy,
also applied to a son who has by misconduct or untimely

death disappointed the hopes of his parents.

7!^\^ ^<, s. ^^m ^T*f, lT7rr^ ^^, the black and most poisonous

species of the cobra de capello.

^t^rrnr, ''• £j^?tf^J^ ^TW^s-s^ w^^ the final and universal conflagra-

tion of the world.

^^l^t^^j s. ^r^^, ItiT "5^, death. Join the fabled regent of death.
^Tfsn, s. cSimi Tw^, ^f^, C?rimf^, Cn<^ 1%C3PT, yesterday, ink,

the goddess Kali, a kind of wind instrument.

^f^'RR, s. 5l?Tj -s^C^ fw^l^ ^^1 TfTJ, '<fT^, the buying on credit.

^1%^, s. T^tf^ C^rmtR, ^rf3 51^ WTfW^ C-ifT^, the goddess Kali

the imaginary guardian divinity of wild beasts.

^f?R, a. <i|ri.*> C^t^, of a particular time.

^f^f^, a. ^cn-pf ^c^-pf "pf^;^ t^ ^51^, a little, growing a little light,

applied to the early morning.

^rtir, s. "5^ vili%5f, a species of fish.

^^T%, s. ^^, -irR, wood, timber.

^t^^ 5. C^^, ^Kj ?Tf3, the side, edge, border.
f^ lit

^TPT, 5. n5^ C<^ ftc^T^, ^I3rr^5. far^^/nr, the city of Benares.

^l^*1"i s. irfi{ ilSf^, CfWJS r<J(.*»^, the name of a former sage, also

of a noted family.

^^, 5. 4^?^ C^W^), ^<i^t ^ cough.

^W^, ad. C^'feri, C^^^ f?^, when? on what diy?

T^^fiJf 6. f5^, V^^, 'jr;-?^', evil report, a s^ory, cause of an eviL

f?P, prun. (TftSfl STIT, interrogative: what? when doubled ( f^ — f^ )

it has the force of eith«^r —or? whether — or? which?

fvp^, ad. f^ ^51, f9 t^3l, what is the matter! what do you »ny ?

f^ ;s<, s. ^fPT, ^f^, CT^T^, fgTT, a servant, a slave, a worshipper.

t%f%f5f, .s. Ti?nil ^if^f ^^ ^«^1, a small be!!, t -•-^Mo f>r ^rnalf

bells, any tinkling ornament.

T%5f^Fl^, V. fZ9pnK\t, Jffir ^tf?^ «rr5 crrfff C^r?n «^^, to feel the

disatrreeable sensation caused by dust and {)erspiratioii.

r*i».r^t>f^, 5. tnsr'5 ^ -^fP^^, f5Vf^f^, an itching sensalion from

dust and heat.

t7F5pr5, ». 3TVI, ^^ fftrW r^C'lf. a raisin, a dried grape.

f?p^, a. ^W*f, ^5T^^, W»^, a little, a few, a small quantity.

f^C3, ad, ^rsTC^ns, shortly, in a little while, narrowly, applied to

an escape from danger.

f^RniS, a. f^5, 'SrsT^f. a very little.

f^, 5. C*rr^, an insect, n worm, a maggot.

f^^/i^^<PC^, a<i. ^5d% ^^ ^n?, very hard or very black.

f^P^f«ffBin, «. ftvf^f^in, C^^CV^?!. tearing, petulant, querulous,

f^*f, 5. C^^m ^^'l, C^'^iT, a puz/.!e, a necret, a device, a snare.

r*(^4, ^. ^rc^^ C^ 5Tsn. «^TC^t^ ^rcsrnn, the noise of a gentle

knock, a slight bite or sting; ad» slightly.

fV3T*f, 5. *S^i ^> ^tf^f « ^ionk, a volume.

f^fsp^fTT, s. '^sm^f ^5I?T*^^ ^^ <1T, ^ ^ ^cnfTf 7§^::^ ip?*, the

sound of a gentle dropping of rain or wainr, the twang of

a stringed instrument.

f^^f^f^, a. ^-^^ f«rf^C?[T^1, drizzling, falling in very small drops*

fTF^, a. >R f?f (rirrsri, purchased, bought; s. the act of buying.

ftsR, V. "^^tJ f¥, dS»^ ^f%, to buy, to purchase.

PP^, co/»/. 1;^]^, f^?C^, ^T5 ^K9, but, moreover, furlhcrinorc.
in f^f^

ki»<^ <>f fabulous beings willi horses heads on

Af s. ^$f?ft<T^, '1

a human figure, celestial choristers or musicians.

-ft^, a. ^:m^]^^i^^C^C^O '^, son^ething unseen or unknown.

f^tf^R? w. tpT, ^t^ f%5f c^C^<ri V^, ^ig^I^, this and that,

various things of little value, something or other.

f^m^ I
pron. C^l^, C^ft^l^^, -s^sn^ Tl ^\<a^ cm^, how many?
how much? how large? what price?
od. 1%^^^, why? for what reason? on what account?
f%^ c^»^G^^,

t%?IC^, C071J. ^^^, because, for.

t%^W~^?n, a. ^1^, ^fl ^ttl75?n, c^rft, hard, not friable, (as applied

to soil;) stinted in growth.

IV^, 5. "^f^, £W^, "fwf^, a ray of light, a sunbeam, refulgence.

f%^T^, 5. ^^, C5!{Tn1%, ^^^, sport, pastime, play.

1%^T^, 5. Q5 CcTT^, ^Tf^j irrf^, ^FtlX ^tfs, a savage, generally

applied to the Cachari race.

1%f^, 5. ^•»r^1 "t^tn?;. ^^ ^^^ trr^ Trf^, a species of small


f^fV^, s. Clft^t^ "^TOT "ilf^'^l", a small pointed sword, a dagger.

f^f^t^^ )
S' "^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ crown, a diadem, a tiara.

f^f^'T^I, «• '^l^i^fellj, ^fk, slender, thin, small.-

f^f^frf si-^l, 5. ^^t^ ^^ fw<rl ^ TTR ^^, a scream or loud laughter.

f^=T, 5. SIFT^ ^:n, ^ ^C^'rsil, il TT^^ ^^^ «J1% ^<r?r, the act
of singing the praises of any one, celebrating, chanting,
proclaiming, preaching; the name of a shasier written by
Shree Hungkor the founder of the Maha Puruhia sect.

f^f^, 5. t%^^ C9ft^, a singer, a proclaimer, one who reads

or chants the Kirton.

f^lir, s. ^-srirrX ^St^t^I, -^rnfl?, renown, celebrity, fame.

l^fsVl, s. ^ns^Ta f%c^7T, the name of a star.

f^fl^j fl. f^yl, €rif TO1 ^t^^ #cl, fictitious, fiilse, counterfeit.
f%m^, a. W^r[^^, •^JTflfsr^
2t=^^f^, renowned, illustrious.

l%f^Tl%, a. ^!37n ^Tl, vil^^ 51^, =^1:5^1 t§^^ deceitful, counter-

feit; s. deceiving counterfeiting, imposing upon.

t%f^^, s. f^^iTT, ^^tt^, f^<[ ^t^ CTI^^, psnuriousness, closeness.

f%f<^r«^, fl. ^^tt^Tf^, 1%^T1^, stingy, miserly, parsimonious.
f<FoT, s. f^it^f^C< sr^l, a blow given with llic elbow.

fenf^ ^"^j ad. •

pn=Ti%|^Tt^ ^^1, ^f^^ C^9R J^', rapidly

growing up tall and slim, flowing with a rippling sound.

f^frrf^Prnt", V. *fTf^^ f<i»r'^r<I»«i ypsr ^Ti. to rtow with a rippling noise.
ferr^, V. £{^^ ^rfir, f^ mf?, to beat, to strike with the elbow.

f^??TTrvTJ%, .<. ir^T srfx ^^, pugilism, striking back and forth.

f?P?Tt^*&, s. ^^^ sn® Infr, the elbow.

f^?rT^<u*n, a. ^f^^rl, 1J5 ^1, C^l, elbow shaped, angular.

f^^f s. W^ f*W **f^, f5T fwyi4 f^TStst^ ^^, a stone mortar, ao

instalment, money due at a particular time,

f^^^, ad. f^ ^fUR, f^ r^T'IC^, C^C^T?", for what reason?

^, prefix, ^fs^, C^?ri, ^^, bad, mean, contemptible.

{>6ir««1l>f, s. CW SR, 7T*1, 3?5f evil inclination, wicked desire, lust.

^^lt4W, J CW ^I5l^,
5. ^ ^T5T^, ''Bl^nnr, wickedness, evil
5^51^> i conduct, bad practices.
^^Blft, '. ?rf^, T9iV^ X^f^, <fC^^fV, a queen, a king's consort,
^^l^, 4. ^WF^IT VJTT *W f^T?^, a mist, a fog, haze.
^'srr^*^, a, ^^5rT>f^, ^^^srfsi ^*wf*r, smoky, hazy, foggy.

^ft, r. C^^'ifT^ C*I*I1, ^(15 cilclil*! ir^, to shrink, to contract,

to shrink back, turn back as in sudden fright.

^f5<n, 5. 5i«fTVt^ W9t 9^ *MfV(l an eel.

^W, s. ^SW) f*f©, a bump, a curvature of the spine, humpback.
5^«n, a. 7^9 «t^1, %^ f*fft?n, MHfJC ^^ 'H^, curved, crooketJ^
hump-backed, bowed over. -
^Wl C^^, a. C<TTC^ ftf% ct^ T?l s[©, fruil deformed by ihe
boring of insects.

^fm C^C^^, 4. ct^ »i(f3T^, ^•t cvrc^cl, a species of acid fruit.

^^1, a. *rrf^ sn^ ^^01% C?rf^ Csrrcwr^, *fTf^ f*tin, rotten, putrid,
applied to stAgnani water^ or animals thrown into the water.

^tff *m, s, WS\ ^tz^, a species of creeping plant.

^^fen »^, 5. 'sryrtMin »^, *frf^ s^-iri ®^ a slight fever

occasioned by taking cold.

^ft, s. c^PTii^ *fn5, Sf^fifji, C^it^, a young tender leaf,

^fer^, 5. t<, sr5 C5fk^ ^, sugar cane.

^f^?n, 5. «ftf^ C^T^ll ^ viJK*<, a species of plant that grows in
marshy places and from which mats arc made.

^?^r^<n^, V. ^fT^T^, ^l%<n^, to deceive, to lure, to inveigle.

^^^5 5. c^<rl ^^1 TI ^^Sl, a bad word or action.

"^<p<5^, s. ^^, ^^5t^^» CW\ ^^, -^evii doing, wickedness, vice.

^<*rif, a.
f^9 ^t^^ W^\ CcTT^j wicked, profligate, dissolute.
«^<3^ci^, s. "^VS!, '^'^iW^, "^^^i obloquy, infamy, disgrace.

^^T^> \ ^'
'^^> ^'?T©T, an evil deed, viciousness.

^<l»|;ml, s. ^^STf^ritTT, CW\ ^^1, <l^>\,

evil desire, lust.

(Xf"^, a mountain tribe of north Cachar Assam; a basket

used by hill people for carrying burdens on the back, a
small flower basket.

^r<»ci, s. "^fm ^^T^i the Indian black cuckoo.

^^?, 5. csft^f^ ^^ fe^^, C^T^ C^^^ 5:Rn -ff^, a dog, a stake

used in fastening the bottom of a partition.

<P^^^4l, 5. 915 «iJlT5:r, a species of tree.

^^Tl, s. '^f^ 1%C^i^, a gallinaceous foul, a hen, a cock.

;ap^f^^^, s. M"^]^ ^^, a temporary blindness at evening.

^^ r4<&m, a, C7(f<p{t^'^ C^C^T^I, not to be seen, found or obtained.

WRTTfe, s. TER C^fT^Tfi;, "^f^ ^n^ ^if^ ^^, frequently

bearing young, a flock of small birds.

^^1, s. ^f^ fe^R, C^^ ^^ ^f^ CIJT^I, a species of small

bird, bits of burning grass carried about by the wind.

^•4lTrf%, s. ^im, ^<rjTl%, ^TST ^, dishonor, infamy, evil report.

^9f|%, 5. Tf"^ -sW, F^ns, ^£3rr'5^^, calamity, distress, misery, the

coming to a bad end, evil conduct, wickedness.

^5rt^, s. C^<rl C"»fT^, ^^^, an offensive smell or odour, stench.

^1^355, s. <rs??r|%, 5f5^^, an itching, restlessness, uneasiness.

^^5^1%<n, a. 7[-]f^sc^ ^^T^ restless, uneasy.

^f^3 s. -grl irtTI^Tferl ^sri, ^f^^ ^ ^r?, a brush used by weavers

to size a web in the loom, a jungle plant.

^trr, a. C^, S[^, ^^^, evil, bad, abominable, ugly, deformed.

<pstl^j s. C^ WTH) "^ewVSf a low caste, a bad sort or species,

^^tlvsrV^rl, a. ^5rri%, ffp, C^<rl f^^^y base-born, inferior, bad.
^y> s. 5^7^ ^nf^^ srr®^ crr^^ tW, ( • ' ) a mark of punctuation,
^^f^, y. -^U ^^ Cltt^T^ 1^T5 ^Tort^t, a pain in the joints.
^f5 115

f^^feVl, a. •^•^rfe^i W^ ^Tsri"^ <W, quarrelsome, contentious.

jl? ^4 l, a. ^^, C^C^<1, short, dwarfed, stinted.

^^, ^T^ ^^ 9ff, a block on which bhang is cut.


^^r^, s. ^f^^ ^f^, ^rfP, ^C^T^I ^C^srrsn, a mischief maker.

a tale bearer, a
Y^> ^' ^^feli ^W^*'?n, in^ ^f%5f, ft^ ffiRTl :iTf^,

whisperer, an instrument for ruling lines, a species of fish.

^1?31I«7, 5. ^fsf^*fTTi^, fsRlfH C^T^^l, C5TTC^ Grf^ r.wl^'^1, one

who stirs up strife or is always at variance with others^

a. odious, hateful, offensive to the sight.

^^rrfir, 5. ^^if^, ^T^W^rf^T, a tale bearer, Narod-Uke.

^, 5. fsiU C'^m, ^^pt^ ^, a bit of straw, a small bit of any-

thing; a. cut into small pieces, chopped.

5^rf5^1, s. ^m fssri, f^5^^ ^T, (/*/•) the breaking in two of a

bit of straw, i. e. complete separation, sundering, parting.

^Tlf f^f ^I^r^Pin fnfk, •nw*!^ ^, to cut into small pieces;

5. a ludicrous story, a womaa without fingers, the tip end

of a plough handle.

^^ ?F9ri, s. C>iwfwi ^^. Ji ludicrous story or narrative.

^09T, a. ^5^^, ^*f&, '!?[«! •TlC^l^l, ct^, insincere, hypocritical,

disingenuous, insidious.

7^V, s. fsT^, msn Bffl, a relative, a family, a kinsman, a connexion.

?j^9ri, a. *]^^» tI^$ short.

35^15;, «. C4l1^4I ^TV, ^, gruffness, sharp retort.

7^)5, s- ^ crr^, ^MJ^ CTT^. the leprosy.

^"^f^, s. c^il^lfepf, c^rrtn, an apartment, a room.
^^, 5. ^ jp^ ^jsrs fropf, <T?^, an axe, a battle axe.
^ft, 5. ^5 ^STTfif srTf< C^rrsn ^, C«rmi ^?, a factory, a shop, a
house of merchandise.
^ft?n, a. ^^ ^f*»nn, a leper; a. leprous.
^1^, 5. 7^ ^f^nn fzf^, Tf^r m^JiJf snf^ 9^ mn, a leprous
woman, a term of abuse meaning indolent, torpid, inactive.

^•S, s. SfitT ^^ TT^, sff^, a pit, a sacrificial pit, a pool.

5P15T, 5. ^fell, <?!•<< ^W> an ^ar ring.

^njT, a. t^f*5r5, C^, ^sr^^f^, low, mean, ugly, uncomely, deforra-
edy evil, despicable.
116 ?.^

^^^, s zi^ fk^^y^i^mtzWf^^iW, false rensonin^^ unsound argument.

^^cT, 5. 'STt^^, C^r5rt1%, play, sport, pastime.

f *fy^^, s. ^5r^^ w^T^^ an evil appeara^nce, the sight of an evil omen.

"^f^, s. C^<rTt^ C5t^, CTfT^m CSrr^ilXl, C<r?mPC C5T^, imperfect

vision, an evil look or desire, a look of disfavour or aversion.
^^^t%, s. 1%^rf^ ,5rrff% -^11%, Wf^Ttf^, a female decoy elephant.

^'-^*^^ ^' ^^ ^'^> ^ 'o^'*' suppressed sound as of crying or singing,

the twang or vibrating sound of a stringed instrument,

^^J<^^T^, V. ^^^pfi', wm 5^;^ ^^ ^ C^T^, to utter a low sup-

pressed or humming sound.

^^Tt^, 5. W^^, C^<n ^r!^, a bad name, disrepute.

^f^t%, s. 5p^ f^r^, C^ "^^^5 low or perverted morals.

^1%;, s. ^-J ^^t^ ^wn, the wife of king Pandoo.

^^, s. ^p5T lilf^, a species of flower.

^^?T^rt^f%, 5. ^1^5i" ^^ ^prf, the Indian jessamine.

^'tf^n*?, s. ^1^ ^^1 ^§T^, a turner's lathe,

^^1 f^^1 1Wl ^^^ a trap, stocks for confining criminals.

^.Ht1'<, 5. ^M^ ^T^ ^^ctt^l, a turner.

^^F^1, a. ^*ffC5 t^l, ^Wt^ ^^, turned ; .<;. the act of turning.

iw^, a. ^^1%^, ^1%T, C^r?n, M^, repulsive, disgusting, hateful.

^f% s. ^I^ C^tf^'Rj, a portion of a boat between two cross beams,

a room in a boat.

^-pf, 5. ^t^, ? ^, a well, a reservoir of water.

'^'^f^fiif s. ff^ "^^^j, C^ '^^^^j evil disposition or conduct.

7^9^, s. ^f^, CZr{ C^TP^rl ^^ ^^, a joint of bamboo or any

small vessel for holding oil.

^f^^^ «. C^f^TJ, "i!^^, angry, wrathful, enraged, provoked.

^«t:5, s. ^=51]^!^ ^1 ff^ ^5, C^iTl^Rl, a wicked or undutiful son.

^»«^TT, 5. C^ ^^tC^'5 ^H^j ^" ^^^^ minded person.

^<j[>^, s. f^^l ^^, ^ifc?, abuse, obscenity, scurrillity.

^^rf^, 5. '^^^ 1^•5^^^ a wrong way, evil conduct.

^<i \*\»{'\, s. fk^iW, W^, ill fate, adversity, misfortune.

^1%^^, s. "^nil^C^ C^V^ ^m? ^5Ul5lffC^ ^R1» the act of striking a

blow with a stick or some instrument; a. struck, smitten.

^•Tfif, s. C^ ^^, ?r.Nairci^, a perverted understanding, bad advice.

^% 117

<^C^^, 5. if^TT ^fir*fl3 CTT^n, the Indian Plutus or go<l of wcnlili.

<isc^?r5rr^, 5. ^S!^'^, ^'^ ^aiI^I^, evil conduct, wickedness, vice.

^ga M rJ l,

5. ^srfr, ^f5^1, evil thoughts, wicked desires.

5psr, s. -^.*n?^ ^-sT-C ^^, "5IT^ ^^ ^T^J -pfifTl ^15^ sri:? "^^. tlio

frontal lobes of the forehead, the portion of a roof midway

between the ridge-pole and the eaves.
w;^, s. 9r^ 577, ^T^c^^ ^^r, a fragrant substance, ease, with

7KJ livng free from anxiety or trouble.

^P^rf^, 5. snwi'^ :r:fe -tW f^^ ^fVvf, the name of an insect.

^'rf&in, 5. V\'Z7[ ^^srr^ ^ITrf'< flW^, • disease in the palms of

the hands.

5551 fi, / 5. (fT^fV, CTTTl SR, WTR, evil desire, evil lin .mauons,

9SR, \ a wicked mind, an evil heart.

^^HRI, 5. RsTi^n, CW ^. 5VT, evil advice, conspiracy, intrigue.

^nrftf, 5. ir$» irfj, an evil adviser, an intriguer.

^^^m X^ ^t cSt^SR, a prince, the king's son.

W^ •^. 5. srrw rt5^ -fi^', the |»o9i midway between the ridge

pole and eaves of a liouse.

WC^f^r, 5. ^rc^^'^ C9n^ <rt afirtf«T Vfir fit ^s^, an uproar,

the tumult of a ••'••• :!n assembled on any joyful occasion.

^irpT, r. «frfT5 fsf^, 1%, to soften by soaking in water.

^jrfii^^, a. iRF, C'Jft^m, ^ffT^tui, young, tender, soft, immature.

VSTtl". *• TTI, 4fb9l4l, a small child, a potter.

^jn^PTO^, s. ^fiwn:^ t^-tn ^rm il*^, a poem written by Kalidas.
wnrf^, s. «sjU< frft. *ilf5w c^rrv, a potter's wife, a species of

insect resembling a wasp.

*VU srrft, 5. 5?F ATI Ttft, potter's clay.

*silft, s. f^ f^^TW ^ 'Hf^ .tT?n C^rrc^r^ C^l^lfc^, a virgin, a

young girl.

^^"^TT^, s. «**It!?, fvf*\f^r^i\ r^C^l^f^ ^n W3, a compass.

o;Mlf^, 5. C5rc^4J"«rT?" ^WT«f, "iif Xh»{}A C^f-^r, a firm, persons united
for trade, a division of a regiment of soldiers.
?P^, s. ?P5Ti5, ^, «il^^rtnT ^rf^» an earthern water-jar, the sign

^^*k, «. '^sr[7[, 5^ 5r<l, a potter.

^f%*fP5, 5. ^^^ f^r:^!^, one of the hells of hindoo mythology.
116 ^
<pf%^, s. "^feitri r^(.ii>\, an alligator, a crocodile.

^^^W^<ri, 5. ^if ^fer, a species of bird.

^TJJ^I^ ij. |j-i< -^W, a post of a nAtive loom.

^^, 5. -^ivT 5fTf^ ^srrffT^ TrS5T%, ^ «ijf^, a splint of bamboo

bound on the edge of any braided work, a species of flower.

^^^l, 5. ;&'T'f^ ^15^, iflC^Tl, the shaft or handle of a spear, a

small bundle of fire wood, it^^^, a lighted bundle.

<P^i^, 5. :g^f^tc=T C^<n TTS, any disagreeable sound.
^•7^, s. f^'x^TTJ, C^X'^'^ "^rtf^, twenty; v. to hoe, to dig with a hoe.
^f^fi?, s. ^f^n;, ^t^T^, a bad custom, an evil habit.

=^fel, a. ^f?f?n, ^:9r:5 '^.^R <?r^1,

chronic disease, a twentieth part, worth twenty rupees.

^ ^^tt^ C^rrsn, having a

^^^, 5. viii%5d- srr^ 5fTl ^TTt, S^M<II ^TK, a species of fish bird,

a wind that blows up stream.

^^^klft, s, ^<^ ^:g^ "S^Tsj, the name of one of the leading
hindoo religious establishments of Assam.

^51% ^^t%, V. ^T-s^ ^n><r ]%^^i; clf^ C^f^ C^lc:^I^I, to nestle

close to another.

^^i:<r:a, s. ^^J-srfT^^^ ^^^ ^i%, the famous battle field of Kooroo

^55T>^ ^^1^, s. c^^ T^^ "STrfsf ^KiSfT^'R, a slight pain in the

breast or bowels.

^^51, 5. ^^]%?rl, ^Tf^ Iw, milk slightly curdled; a. curdled.

<RJ'5f, a. c^<rl ^'si', 'SH'Sfi^, ^f^Z, uncomely, deformed, ill favoured.

^^rj%, 5. vilf^Vf ^T^, C#7T^ sin?, an instrument of music, the

screech of an owl.
<PT5/^, s. ^-s^f^, ^?T, ^ftl? ^qTI, craft, cunning, intrigue, hypocrisy.

^5'fe, a. ^^fe F^T^tfif, R'v^i^, crafty, cunning, deceitful.

^^, 5. <3t«Tl ^I%?r, a loose native jacket.

stupid, crafty, subtle; a bad

51^ mi, a. Tr^mi, C^<n tf^ fwi^i, s.

adviser, rogue.

^, s. ^^t?, <?5J'5f, a tortoise,

^''^^t^, Wf\ ^fTT^^ ^fel ^^TT^. the second of the

s. fl[^J
ten incarnations of Vishnoo in the shape of a

^fi{, s. J\7^ sms^ ^t^, a species of fish.

^^, 5. CittS, ^T$r^\^, family, race, tribe, lineage, caste.


^sjRsiT, 5. »rf3 ^, ?o^ fe?1, the religious riles and observances

peculiar to any particular caste.

< SW<»ffri ^T^, V. "^•«n5 ^if^ t5T C^psn, to gargle.

^^l-^rrJC, 5. W^Hfj^, C^l 1%^, ^T5T3, an evil omen or sign ; a.

inauspicious, unlucky, ominous.

^J^'^lf^, a. c^f^ c^^rj^T^ '^^^ ^"Jlf^^, ominous of evil.

<P^ C^ITTI, 5. ^^ C^llA, the tutelar cieily of a particular caste.

T^jf^ral, o. 7T5f ^finn, of good lineage or descent, of good family.

^6lfy{5T, 5. f^ ^5f<f ifsrs ^T^, ?w^ 3Fraf ^5tf^, conduct by

which the honor of a tribe, family or class is advanced.

5«n, 5. ^t^ 5T^9T Jr?1 <>fT3, TT^f^ c^^, a fan for winnowing grain,
the hood of a snake.

^TTarPr, 5. ^?TTvn7, ^V^ STTV^ f^rf^T. conduct contrary to the

rules of caste, a terra of abuse.

^«1IE>4^L^. ^"9 WJJTT •rnr, ^^ •nfrJC ^^n^r, ihc name of a power-

ful demon, name of a mountain.
^^\b\A, 5. c^^tf'T^ WTMT, ^W', the customs of a caste or family.

^CTT^t 5. '^\f\K srars ^nrn, one contemptable among bis people.

^fir* 9* «4f^>r 99n &4I^, ^^^!^' ^''^ Indian cuckoo, a coolie,

^t^, a. ^inr ^1 inu, of high descent, noble, honorable, of a good

family, belonging to the highest caste of Brahmuns.

J^nn, fl. irrs ^Wf^in, ^f^?!, relating to cante.

^, 5. ft»ij :rci5 »ni5 firn? ^£*v fir^f , ?t«t ^^ tTi, »?f73 ^^^ viift^

f^^, one of the seven hindtio continents, name of one of

the sons of Ram, a species of sacred grass used in peli-
gious ceremonies aud sacrifices.

J'W* i' t^^TTR, ^, STJfsr, fSrrr^f^f, happiness, welfare, safety, good

fortune, prosperity.

^jrf^T, a. ^-siT^, ^^?n^, ijf^, prosperous, happy, fortunate, lucky,

^^<, a. j^^^, c^ 9ifn. ^;rT»in, Cl^tV, displeased, dissatisfied^

discontented, reluctant, piqued, unwilling.

^^TT^R, s. <P*i<i.44 ^1*1 •<, a mat made of the kuh or sacred grass-
^^n^, 3. ir*Jt m^, ^*Jlf T[^t5! ^ 7{ ^^, audacity, impudence,
boldness, presumption.

frrfert^, «. K^ikf^, ^ ^r^?1, audacious, presumptious.

^f^j 5. 7\^ C^TI, a spoon shaped vessel used in religious ceremonies-
^J5^t?, $. W^na, C<?1 51^, ^5^, an evil disposition, a corrupt
nature, depravity.

^M> ^-
^J^ ^^> ^o,^»,'
^^^ "^^® -Q^ '^^ Kuli or Indian cuckoo.
•^^, 5. ^R^ SlT'^TS Qf<Pl ^rNWl ^9f, ^0? ^.1%5f, the yolk of an egg,
the saffron flower.

^^ "^1^^^ ^* "^^ ^Cm'^ :<riT:cTr'SIl, the colour of the saffron flower.

<;i'^f^1, a. '<*^'^ H'^i^, warm, tepid.

^^^^.^^, s. TIUiR <^T^ Tf^, the noise of prolonged coughing.

C^^^, a. Cr;<r^ fe[T^, C^^ ;§;^^ how many.

<r?Ii^<T^€, «• "^C^^ofu, several persons or thiiigs.

C^^ C^^, s. C<^\t:^\, ^^^ srlT, the yelping of a dog.

<<tj^tu">3 1 C^^l, 5. Cirr^l ^'5^', a species of snake.

C$^, s. ^fk, C^K'^, a tender leaf or shoot*, pron. any body,

(with a negative) no one, nobody.

•C^:^, s. M^ 5rr5, ^f^t^ C^C^T^ sit^, C^qTR, a groan.

C^^^, ^
V. C^'^A ^^, C^^^n^^ to groan, to moan, to grunt.

C^^R, a. ^*f5 <it^, C^^, 'ICWTf^, bent, bowed, curved.

C^C<t>lo||, 5. Wjt ^ ^J^felX 5rr5, C^C^r^l C^^fk, a groan, a moan,

C^C^TC^U^, flf/. Cfe{»l(.>i^t^, C^tC^ £t^tC^ ot^ ^R1, barely, after

some sort or manner, at the utmost stretch of one's strength.

C^C^TI, a. ct^, €t^ C^^, ^3^^"^, ^9^ ^T^ fWl, t\^^ 1^'W^,
crooked, bent •, s. a crab, a joint of bamboo attached to
the sides of small boats to support the covers or roof.

C^t;^»'Hl5', V. C^^t^T^, fs^ •^mt*', to curve, to bend.

C^C<S>T^1 C<i^jkf fi' C»'^iX¥l, cf^C^i%, curved, crooked, bent.

C^C^t^l C^T^^I, s, ^5lTi^ ^Si^ CPrTcTl, dfc^W Sltfe^ (y{\v\\, a

royal sedan used only by the kings of Assam.

<^^'^C^t^1 f^^l, s. viifV< 1%^, a poisonous reptile, the scorpion.

C^]?:, 5. "fet^ ^fen ^tfeflX'5 t'WI ^^ ct^l ^^ oblique stripes

in the border of a cloth.

C^^1, a. ^-sfcFl^f^rfeil, "Sif^c^^^, unripe, raw, uncultivated, stupid.

C^S"!^ <tf%, 5. ^Tl% C?f^^ ^^ ^Tt^, a name of the Goddess Kali.

c4^ (AV^, s. C^^tt *5rm ^^ ^^, <r^^ ^i^<rl C^mi, any-

thing that may be eaten raw or unripe j a. of ungovern-

able temper.
C^^^lJTT^, a. ^fe:^^ ^Tt^, ^;irrcc7S ^;^1i obstinate, self-willed,

one who refuses to listen to others.

C^fs, s. (T^Fl ^^^, ^ftfi;, a colour, a pair of shears or scissors.

C^'fW\t a- Wf '^ cl;C<I><l, <*ri?I, out of square, oblique, slanting.

C^^, 5. ^fv 2=m, sn03 <ir?n f^rrvr C*ft^ ^It^T, the earth worm.
ci\^, 5. f*t^rT^CiTi^ 5R1 cM^5rr1%, a babe, an infant
C^53r^, s. C^Psfl CST^ 5nf^, mud thrown up by the earth worm.

C^^Tjf^m, s. ^3W:Trsr fkUf^, the piles or hemorrhoids.

C^'5^^, s. C^^ fAUfi] ^ft^ 'TT^f, S[r1^*f, a species of snake

resembling the ground worm.

C7FC5^1, a. va-<r*r^, sWrt^Wl, half-ripe, half-cooked.

C^TJfJkf s. C5C^«n, www* a species of flying insect,

rf^, 5. ^T^rfifl fj^f^l ^ ^<f^^, a species of tree of light

yellow colour.

C^^jyRTl, a. ^«r9i9f ^T^rftm Z^, ligbt yellow.

C^'cftf^r, a species of prickly shrub, a Marwari trader.

C^?T75T, s, ft*ft3 ^STT^ ^W ^ ^•fiw, a species of coarse 'grass.

C9T\, «• ct^, vOTrf^T^, VTf?i aslant, sloping, oblique, one sided.

C^JftC^ft, a- cf^Tcift, fC^ffTsrt'Kf^, turning this way and that,

glancing to and fro.

C^TtS^ i S' d^TS^^ *iWf»nil 5^^, squint eye, squinting.

d4\b9^^ a. ci9] JPf^ ^f^, »iff?f»nn 51(f^, squint eyed,

rfft C^(3rf*f, *. ftfsf f^^rfen ^nc tlJ(.<»roi, a small long necked

earthcm jar.

C^9, s. **r^*i»4, <iM4 ^»W»T^, an ear ornament.

C^<4», 5. f3R v«if^W^ ^pil^ ^, a species of esculent root.

C^\C^f\t $. ^JFC"^ ^••r *n^ fRTTI STTT, the cry of a dog when beaten.

C^^'I^Ffen, a, 5T?f? ^«rrc^ ••rf ^f^ vW, ft^ft^ vr^, teasing,

vexatious, annoying, troublesome.

t.*ui>^lc<?C^, a. C%1 ^^^ CSti^^ ?C^, having the smell of raw

fish or meat.

C^C^, s. c?P5l ST© ^rf? C5rCTr^U^ ;FWf, the noise made by the
teeth when eating hard or unripe fruit.

C^C5?, s. i«lf^ <^^ *ft3 C^lTsn ?f5 «ilf^*<f, a species of tree the
leaves of which arc sometimes used for feeding silk worms.
122 <^^

(S?R:5==mr^^^, 5- wr?^ S^^tt C^^t^ C-^m ^, the swaying the

body as under a heavy load or from diseased limbs.

C^%^S?n, a. C^i^ ^trs^< C^NiKl ^U 7P^, ^^ WS], C^ZW^),

hard to break with the teeth^ peevish, fretful.

c^ji^c^rsn, 5. f<r^1%c^r5n, <rc^c^ cwp\ ^fk ^^1, scolding,

finding fault.

irritable, peevish, cross, fretful, snappish.

C^^^CSiC^^, 5. C^^1 ^rnj, ^7( stT^, crossness, angry speech.

C^^^1 m^, s. <r^^ 5ni5, a sharp angry way of speaking.

C^C^, or. ^1^ ^r^I «r^1, lean, thin in flesh.

C^K^ ^^5 5. J\fk^ H^, a porcupine, a hedgehog.

C<fi(.'^^l , s. ^srrfen CJttC^Tsn, disagreeable odour of animals or of

urine or of the body unbathed, any rank smell.

C^^C^C^^rhsn, s. -sTTR C^Ttt]% ^iH^, -^frf^ C^Wl ^^1, the act of

roiling or rendering turbid by stirring up the dregs &:c.

C^^<rf^, 5. C^crf^, C^TC^f^, some, a part, a portion.

C4> 4>*i ^ t C^, ad. ^if^i, ^Ic^^T5, lacking but a little, narrowly, barely.

C^pfsrn, ad. C^m yj^, ^^tf^, when ?

C<&lNi<rl«, ad. C^rti^ Tf^TTCTl, (with a negative) never, at no period.

C<>f^^M1, ad. ??t^lP<l, C^C^ ^^^^ifS, sometimes, at some time.

C^v^, 5. ^^ ^^ CTpFf ^, the ninth planet.

C^^f a. c<^'^L<\4i, C^^^<rf^, few, a little.

C^Clf^, a. f%^^, C^C^^rfiT, how much? how manyj

C^Vt^^cT, 5. srrf^ ^^rt«?, the pineapple plant.

C^Ct1%, s. ^fz^ ^'JtW ^5 >ilf^5:f ^^1^, a species of fragrant

flower, a bird.

C<5Urferl, 5. ^^^ ^ottC^ t^ 91^, ^<it1 f^^, the reading the

same thing over and over, repetition.

c<P(.xSl, a. C?PtC^, C^^^C^f^, some.

C^Tfi^, s. f^^ ^""t^, 1%5f c**!^, a shrine of Hiwo.

C^RIT^^, s. C^^^ ^-^ 1W1, 5T5tt cte ^rrf^f ^f^ §[^1, the

sound of a constant dropping of rain or crying of a child.

C<>»iC<pr^^|, a. ^Tc^^ ^siffT^^ ^^<r^ fff 'i^Wl, continuous, applied
to rain or any continuous sound of dropping.
C<P»ic<p»if^, 5. c=T^1 c^T^Tf^^ 5T^t^ ^tf% ^i^f a continual crying.
C^ 123

C^?^, 9. C*rtC^ V^1, ort^ J^^, fruit bored by insects, a mistake

in weaving or platting.

C?P^ fff^, s. CTir^ 5T?^9n, ^^rti; C<rtF5 C*^t^» a mistake made in

weaving or braiding, so that the proper figure or regular

order attempted is not preserved, a mistake in speaking.

C9f^, a. c^U C*fTCT, C^T^ fwc^, which way?

C9f7{% a. viicntC^S? C^ilCWI Cff[U^S, no way whatever.
C<gf^<l, a. C*IWMI 5PTC5T, somewhere, in some way.
C^^, ad. 1% ^«T, C^^^f^, how, in what condition, in what way.
CTPL^t^, ad. f^ Wl'^y t% ^*f, how, by what means.

C^CS^, CWI ^^) ^C^rsi, vfl^nwfOT, bad, disagreeable.


CTPC^mt^, ad. C^K^ ^*f, C9K^ ^^TTC^n:^, somehow, in some way.

C^Hfen, a- /Sms ^jfaf^ C=rr«R1, C*^(.*mt ^, nervous, irritable.
CT5»«fft, V. "vm^ if^ClS ^"sn, to whimper, to whine.

C??f, 5. vljfTTVf sf^, a tree producing a gum used in calking boats.

C^, 5.
f^J, ^fkfk, fsrfvftT? ^ CffTwrnytT ^^? ijt ^55, a fault,
^ a stigma, the north and south poles.
C9^, s. C*nf, a two pronged contrivance made of two bamboos,
used in raising timbers, or supporting a heavy body.

C^^t^W* «• ^in? ZK\ '•TTJR, a ft5, C^fC^T^^, a cushioned seat.

used only by the king and bis nobles^ a person without
house, friends or means of nippoit.
C^^TT^nft, 5. ^^ ^iTtS f9[f^ C^rt^ ''^^ ''^» * •'•"^ <>^ opium.
c<P <!(.<?< f^, 5. -imtt* ^»lft vW, loquacity, idle talk, palaver.
C^ZX^Fzffi v» v^^^xt «t^, ?«ft^ to talk, 10 prate, to be loquacious.

C^??l^T^, s. ^^^ *f^, oifw ^X5 ?rr^f«^ *f^, a species of land

animal that has scales like a fish.

C^'^C^^, \ s. ^ferr? ffl ^1(^4 JRlf «^ creaking sound.

co4j:^|^Rn, a. ^^, rW4>{, hard, dry, wiiiiout moisture.

C^f^tBTT, 5. If5 ^a^ ^5^ C^ ^Tl> a bantering about the price
of anything.
C^PTOI^, s. cf<Ptctft ccr«n, TT^f ^aitfif^ ^ff%, a tortuous motion,

as of a snake.

C^^laj^lfci, a. if^rt1%, ^5:^, boastful, independent, self willed.

C<P4»r^<f[^ a. c^fCTtC^ ft^, 1^5 «n^, bored by insects, faulty.
124 c<K'^

C^^^, 5. Pf^t^ 'oTifw^ C<5'^^ferl ^^5 a creaking sound.

C^^'5, s. C§lt^T5 srrsrs ^<?^ti; 1%^ %^, a pain in the joints, a

cramp, a spasmodic affection of some part of the body.

C<?C<r5<n, a. ct^, ^¥1, c"^r^?rl, slanting, oblique.

C^C^]%, a. vij^ ^^rf^<rl, half tamed..

C<3»U<il5 5. C^CTTJT. ^T>8 ^ "^R^ C^, hire, rent.

C<PC^!^1, s. c<?(.<|cn1, *Tt^f% "I%C5FPT» a well known vegetable.

C^C^c^^, 5. JJTf C^f^<rl C^V^i a hundred legged worm.

C^CTt^, 5. "^^ C^rt^l CsfT^ ^f^'<r, a species of insect, an excres-

cence on a tree caused by the boring of an insect.

C^fe^RTWf^, s. :^^ C5^1%, »rtr.^ fs!n:^, sport, play; ad. slowly, surely.

c^cTc^c^f^, s. ^T^^ irt^, ^9f ^1% cmc^r^i ^'4i, ^^t^, the

cawing of crows, words without meaning, idle talk.

C^^LT^, s. C^S^], ^^ ^5^ ^1T^1, a person of offensive habits; a.

untidy, unclean, foolish, stupid.

C^Z^t, ad. fif.?r, why ? for what reason ?

C^Cri\<1, s. ^Jl m^r^, C^iily the involving one's self in difficulty.

C^ctTT^, ^ ' 5. ^•if, ^1^5^, distress, suffering, affliction.

C^rf^:^, a. CcTlTP^ ^ITS ^t1% 9t^, f^Sf m§ C^f^ ^ttfwl stT^^,

indigent, dependent on others.

C<?"?c^, a. f^ TTcPtOT, i% C^^, why? wherefore?

(T^^T, ac?. ^51^^, Sim, only, merely, simply.

C<?l1%<n, s. vj^l ^B^H, \5ltlPi-4, an ascetic, a religious recluse,

a disciple of shri Honkor head of the Maha Puruliia sect.

C^iTt^, s. ^Pff^i^, C^t^, ITT^^, menial service, any low occupation.

(T^atft, a. 75^-^, ^^ 5Tft1%<n, not mellow or friable, exhausted by

cultivation as applied to land.

C^'^i s. "^<r f1%, the hair of the head.

C^^TC^, s. ^m ^cf?^ CS[rftt 5f^ ^^, a tress of hair, a ringlet.

c<i>3l< , 5. •?i»rr^ 'sftft^ 5rn§l^ 5r^,f%, the stamen of a flower.

C^Tff^, «., 1^^^^ ^C^ -yfcTJR^ ^ <it^, shaggy, having a mane.
C^T^^, 5. f^ , a name of Vishnoo.

C<P^, «. ^STc^-st f^, feJT t^C^ c^9f1, astringent, harsh to the taste.

C^C^, ) «. CW^ «?7i1j astringent, bitterish, harsh tasted.

C^g 135

C^C^jsn^, ) V' ItT^V^, >J^ s^'fTt^, to loiter in doing or obeying.

C^C5^, ad. C^t^ ^l^t«^, ^«^, whither? to what place?

t^, V. to say, to speak, to tell, to declare.

t^'S^I", 5. <#, C5*Uf. ^*f^, «i grutlge, secret ill will, hate.

t^s?rj7T, 5. fJT?^ ^^^1 ^f^, f^^*lf^, the fabled abode of Iliwo.

C^rsr^, 5. ^51?, ^.-s[ %Sy a king's son, a prince.

C^^, s. ^^ ^1-51^ C^*T^l^ CSTC^n^T^ ifC^ 5f^, «fT^ v^^f, the

gathering logetiier of the ends or sides of a shoulder cloth
to receive anything, a caste or division of people.

C^ C<rr^, a, l^fe (XPsri, shrunken, contracted, drawn together.

C"<«l5lt, V. c^T^ ••f i^, ^-sfl^, to gather in folds, to plait.

WT^, a. ^yj% f^ srT^![, destitute of fingers.

C^1% s. ^^ T[f% CR1 ^m ^BXt, a fort, a fortification.

OT^ ^
5. cit? ^ ^w, sniR ^rp 71 c^TTsr^t ^sr, smtf^r,

C^T^^ '
honey comb, a fruit or seed io two or more lubes, a

tender sprout, a shoot.

C<5T5Vt^, 5. WW^Jf, lit Wfir, CVOTV-^fl, contention, discord.

C'^nOC-^rft, a, ^\if[l9 ^*f^, «mt35F f^m, half ripened, half cooked.

C^|«CVi9, 5. ^«I^ ^1^, 2tr5^. the early dawo.

C^n^T^, V, C^ [w^^ t , ?rrc^ ^fk»
\ to leaze, to importune, to entreat.

the rapid flowing of water as from a spout or a break in an

embankment, a purging from the bowels.

C^lpPi^, 5. ^1^ 5TTt, the Indian cuckoo.

C^1C55TO, a. .^1*1*4, ^^, ftf^, emaciated, lean, shrivelled.

C^J?1, 5. icrs ^f^ ^BTTWj^ OrTC^t^ '•rrt <ir^, a disease of the

toes and fingers caused by the contraction of the muscles.
C*i5!C*t5, 5. c*1CC>4l C9TC5?, ^iJt^, the gathering up in clusters,

or binding in bundles or separate tresses.

C^f^^ft, s. ^^r^?n ^5fl C*1T5P *f5T, a species of wild silk worm.

c<PluL<i>r<|, 5. c^3f1 sflf^, a species of tree and its fruit.

C^^, s. c^ftC^^, Ofpif, 9^^-^ spl, a hollow in a tree, a cave.

C^t^t m^ s. 51^ ^t^ vfif^, a species of fruit.

C^»>Tt^5f^, s. ^HTiil 7\^ c^^Rl sijR5f, a species of the egg plant.

C^B, r. v£|3i c=i^, if^ f^l^, ten million, a crore.

C^C^t^l, s. ^f%Sf TR 9ff^ Tl^, a species of bamboo.

C^ltl, s. 3Ff^ 7^ C<1^f5T, a small room, an apartment.
<.<J»lik<>l^i, 5. C'^i^rl^T C<rf^Tl%, separate sections or apartments.
C^^TSi s. 1?^ CTt^f, a disease of the eye.

c^l<S5j<, s. ^Rr^ilii, a prison for criminals before trial,

C^T^^rf^, 5. (TTT^ ^-5^^ frflt^ W^ ^$ SIR, ^ SIR, fjCTt^t^

^cnttl^ l7rc^I^^ a oraall kind of bead.
C^tOfl, 5. f^Tc=T ^tT! ^""s^ ^1%5f, a hornet.
C^lwnsn, a. "^^ fst^:? (^^"^ ^U^TiCSTT^, angry visaged, frowning,
dark, cloudy.

C^t^, 5. 5^, C^'W, srf^^ CTtSfl, C^t^ ;§R, a corner; pj-on. the

interrogative who?
(P?fT^ C^T^, pron. c^ CTf-ftT) T^^f?^ CTt^fl, who or which of several

persons or things.

C<I>MlC<>lR, ad. "^fwr^f^, cornerwise, diagonally.

C<&i(.mj pron. C^Q, <si^]Q, some, some one, any one, when used
with a negative particle it signifies no one, nol>ody.

C<l>lWl "^W^j ad. C^i%?rt«, ^wrf^fS, (with negative) never, at no time.

C^IX^ C<i>l(.»{|, ad. Pf^ vi)^, several, a few.
C^TU^Rl, pron. f^f^^ ^T®>n ^^^, some one, somebody.
C^T^, s. fsTj- srtlfl, "^CiWl, a rough model, an outline.

C^T^, 5. c^tFlj, C^tc^l, a bundle of sticks, reeds or sugar cane.

C^^WrSil, V. f^ 5Tt^ ^^^1, ^li^rt ^^ ^^U to fashion, to model,

to shape, to reduce to proper size.

C^r^, s. cigst^, <r^, anger, rage.

C^T'STtc^, a. <r^tc^, angry, cross, wrathful.

C^tf^^rs, a. -ftr^T^, CFtR^, wrathful, furious, raging.

C^T^, s. C^9r,^rpR C^K, ^ 5R1, a rapid motion, a blow.

C^S^W, s. c^j; ^1 R?r ^FR, a perpendicular support to a partition.
C<mTt, V. tt^^ ^ilTC^ f<^^, ^r^tftc^ STCI, to strike, to beat, to

hammer, to flog.

C^T^tf 1%, ad. ^^n^R, <^C<m, a^rni^r^r, quickly, rapidly, swiftly.

C^HTc?, a, ^fir, ^f^, •ftf^TTWl, C^l%, strong, skillful, swift.

C^PTsts?, a. iWl, 1%?, ^«{fen, soft, gentle, tender, mild.

C5t5[?f ^T^?T, s. Sfri^f^l ^^, mft CStC^mi ^T^?r, a kind of

rice that is eaten without cookincr.

C7?t® 127

C^FtTrC5TT2l, a. C^W^ ^s^» softened ; s. the act of softeniog.

C^IWIHI, s. irn 'Sifw<^ ^fe, '5ft5f% f?rc>r^, a species of pumpkin.

(??T^, s. C^ItflfT, srtf^ •JriTI ^51^ fklTfP], crr^r, a hoe, disease in general.

C^Sft^^rtt, V. C^C^ 9m, C%^f^ ^^^fW^ Jrrs, to croak, to rumble,

to utter a low harsh sound as a frog, or the bowels.
C^^l, i. Ttfsf ^5T5, C^tC^C^ -^W, a heavy load carried by poles
on men's shoulders; a. hoed, dug over.

C^ftTT?", V. C*lC4C^ -iRi^, to dig.

C^^R, 5. iT^STsn^ *n3, C^PT^'lsr, the Koran.

C4ilC<I*, 5. C3FT^, TTSJ «I"ram^ ^T5 *i**ir4 (OTW, a legal attach-

ment of property.

(.<j»lc.^l<p|, 8. i{\fi^b\^ C-^rtfll, a ladle made of the cocoanut shell.

C*lL<I*ir^, 5. <^1 Tin i[Tf^, C^im^l 5*f^ JTlft, a dense uneven

jungle, undulating ground.

C*lC<l2l^*f5» O' ^'•f 5T*rf, ^ffTPWl, uneven, undulating.

C^C^WI, a. •ij^^rftr, *fTf*!Trt, only partially cleaned from the husk.

C^PTC^p'r^d^, s. C*f^ srrjrf?r, C^^f^rr inr, a croaking, rumbling.

C^nfT^, s. c^T^W, ^ff^, «(m«4 in3, the noise of a crowd of people.

c^ t ciTi ^, 5. ^n^ ^«nfTr sc^tmi ^rt;? m, c^r?^ fRft^n t^, an

implement for gathering up and spreading grain to dry.

c^rr^T, 8. c^m ecBVs\ c9[\Wf C5*n '•nfsr* fw?i sTTif ^tri in, a
barbed spear, a sort of bamboo fish trap.

C^ »if8,
l 5. ftr5?T ^rfir in^ C<#? ^^r "Sl^f, the bclly part of a fish.

C9W[\, 5. C3jfp!, ^f^ ^n^R *m, the lap, applied also to the hip or

side on which the natives carry children.

C*l«!l{f«1, 8. ^C^ fw!^ ^14^1^140 ^n, a mutual embracing.
C*!*1l^«1, 5. ^t^, C^lft«T, a tumultuous noise.
CU^V, ad. CTT^, cvr^, ^T^nTi said, spoken, uttered; 5. a crow.

cm^^^, s. s^RI f<^ ^if CM-I^tt f>i(.lll^ l *fTf^, 15«r, a decoction.

C^STft", 5. iMni ^ 5?F, the corners of the mouth.

C^jTCSTT^, s. >f ^1% 5^srf^, Flf^e ^FTC^T ^^1 t^ «r^, haziness.

C^TT, «. frfr, ^y^, ^3^1, nearness, proximity, side, edge ; a. near,

close, at hand.

C<ii|>14*'i>l, 5. Rhfj ^ the trimming otf of an edge of anything,

C^^l, 5. <2[®t^ Bl^^ft^, a sacrificial vessel.

C^t$, 5. a^ *ff3^, C>il^<f^, a horoscope.

128 fe^
<:^f^ic=T, ) s. Vf-yf) *^fki^, contention^ disturbance, strife.

C<^^, s. ^5^, ^^, CifSTtt^, a spectacle, show, fun, sport.

C^yfen, a. ^J?^WT«7, CSiC^r^yl, jocose, sportive playful.

C^^frf, s. CSft^, <il^ *Jf9|^ ^T^T. the- moon, the rays of the moon,
an astronomical book of the Hindoo.

C^V§^^ 5. 5^t?f ^- 5r9[7{^ cs^rt^ tw^^ fsfC ^f^, a breast jewel worn
by Vishnu at the churning of the ocean.

l^'fR, s. ^^, fk^'^, f^r^^'Tfl, weeping, crying, lamentation, wailing.

I^ST, s. 9\fi;, 4^^ '^W "^^ "il^Ttvf, order, succession, a series.

^^^i%<55 o. T^JC^I ;£^C^ in order, in succession ; ad. consecutively.

'SpC?! ;^^, ad. v[\c^ "^(ttW, ^5^?tT, gradually, successively.

Tgrt-, s. fwl, a purchase.

f^l f^^1j» C^^^^, ^'"^W ?!r^, trade, commerce.

:^^tfk^^, s.

:^fk, s. ^^^r^ 1%f^ ^i^lX vii^^, the third part of a cowry.

f^NSl, s. C^f^rrft, fet^, C^f^, ?:1%, play, a game, wantonness,

f^, a. ^^?W1, f^ ^^R,^i"rr<R, black or a dark blue; s. Krishna.

fe^'s^<r, 5. vH^^ ^-m, cm^ -^tft C^t^ ^^, the wane of the

moon, the fortnight of the moon's decrease.

f^, a. ^TI, ^^ ^Rl^ made, done, performed.
f^9rj, s. ^«^^^ ?R1, ^I^t^f CcT^sn, gratitude, thankfulness
|:^g^.i§f^^ s. ^^^"5, i^Tl^ C^T^, the joining the hands in supplication.

fdp*/l<i, s. *i<i W ^t^ G^

I ^CTTSl, SfST, the universal destroyer,

Jom the fabled regent of death.

f^t(^, a. f^^ ^^^ ^if Tfi r^jic?, successful, prosperous.

fe1%^, s. 1%f^ ^•«U^, the third of the stellar mansions, the


f^f^il, •) a. ^1^^, ^§t^, ^^»^ ^^, feigned, counterfeit, alloyed,

f^fi'sr, S artificial.

f^5^, a. f%f«f^^ fW^^ '^-^T? ^^f^ C^^5r<[1, miserly, penurious.

f^'!^, s ^5j^, ^^^, ftm, grace, mercy, favor, good will.

fe^'flfj'f^, S' s^tit^ CFT^I, ^^"^ ^^1, a gracious look, a look of

favor or of pity.

1^-5^11^1%, s. fe^^Jit^^, f^'5>fif^^^ the sea of mercy.

f^-s^^, a. WW^^, ^^;(15I5", merciful, gracious.

f^vftcT, a. ^t<rrc=T^ ^<rt^, ^r^fWt^T, pitiful, merciful^ gracious.

"U) 129

f^HtJR, s. ^F^rJR, "51^^^ ^3fi^, the mercy scat.

f^f^, s. C<^t^, C*fcT, C^5, a worm, a maggot, an earth-worm.

fen, 5. ?Rir, 7^, 3J?mT, ;§rr9r§f^fJ ^f? ^, an act, a deed, a

work, the performance of a religious rite or ceremony,

f^, a. f<R, C^^=T1, lean, thin, wasted, emaciated.

fe>T^, ^ 5. C-affer^, i^cTT^, '5'^, a cultivator, a farmer, a

f^f^^, J husbandman, a peasant. ^

fepi, 5. c^ffe ^f^, cultivation, agriculture, husbandry, tillage.

:Sp^, a. f^OTl, ^l^n>4; fn^r^i^^nn^l, cruel, pitiless, hard-hearted.

C4FI»I, s. Mfi ¥T^ ^I^, ^% C^^rr^ tVS *i1%f^, a measure of

distance equal to four tliousand cubits or nearly nine furlongs.

Ca^'<f, s. -ftTSf, c^*f, anger, wraih, fury, rage.

CFR» 5. C^rll, vSjTi ^<7, ten millions, a crorc
3Pt^, ^ a^<l» > Btsf^J^, gt^,
weariness, languor.

JfPS^^, a. ^^sf^^,sr?t^in[C^T^, C^E^^rftin, weary, languid.

fiy^, 5. ^*^'^'T^, fi *t*^ ft^ ft^i neuter, a hermaphrodite,

QpT, 5. ^ J-^r, BTtm, 'JTf^, distress, afBictiou, sufTering.

Cjpnrnr^, a. j-^f ft^^, afflicting, distressing.

^tT3, ad. ?rrf575, C«f^9l4l, ^Iflftl, sometimes.

^tvr, 5. -&JftR ftcarmi ftf^, a decoction.

••f, ••f^tJC, ^rW^, ^pT, the aspirate kh, sounded uniformly like kh,

as in the compound word brickhous::. It is ofton incorrectly pro-

nounced like A; the sky, the atmosphere.

•«rt^, 5. •^fjt', 'BW^^ ^I^<t 55^> wasting, wearing away by attrition.

^9, 5. Z^ CBT^, C^^lt^?, excessive hunger or desire.

a. ^fWl> ^fWI» TT<fPf, voracious, gluttonous, covetous;
5, a glutton, a gormandizer, avariciousncss.

•5^1^, 5. ^®3T, ^Rj ^, ^<? ^^« ^m, fiendish, devilish; s. the

name of a demon.

•}f5?1. s, ft^ Iwf, {^^^A C^^, a fixed or appointed time.

^^<f?, V, -i^ ^nft, ^© <ft^, to turn summerset.

•Jf ^^^, s. -5^ C-^rr^n, ^ ^t^mt ^^r^, a tumbling over, taming

summerset; a, turned topsy turvy, inverted.

•4<1, a. ^rst fs^n, 9rtn, f^fir C^nc^rsil <fTt5T, topped, having the

end cut or broken off; s. a species of narrow mouthed basket.

17 •
130 ^tm

4^t^^, a. ^%f 55 <^if mutilated, cropped, lacking the top 01 end.

^fen, s. fS^S^ smr^ CHI^lfcl, a species of fish.

<r^®1a a. •«r'>rsf1, ^^i^s? ^w^J ir^,.^unaccustomed to, unpracticed.

•if^^j s. ^-^nc^, 1%<lT ^T^^, contention^ a species of tree.

•5r^5[^^5 ad. <t5^'5t^, "^StRs ^TC^nftt^j confasedly, hurriedly.

•4r<tvW<&l"?, V. v\4\v\r^ ^^, C^'JlH^fVf ^f%, to do quickly or con-

fusedlv^ to start suddenly.

«r <l^4^<&4 t^, \ ad. ^T^ ^R cmC5l^lt<>, in a bungling confused

<r^ ^^3 } manner, rashly, without caution.

<?g^^, ad. "Sl^l^t^, C<:'?rf^, (iii::7!5C^^, rapidly, quickly, suddenly.

<^^t5r^f^, s. ^rtv5 ^ft sitf^ ^]^'^ 5^51, the act of smiting on the

cheek with a clenched fist.

•iW*^^, s. ip5T ^ft", -^liirT^j^^ contention, quarrelsome speech.

•^r^"^, s. <r ^^ the letter <\, or its sound.

•5tOT1, 5. 'oTt^rSil, <t^^1, ^3R^t^, a little wanting, not perfect.

•sr^, s. CW\^, C^i^;, finger, wrath, sharpness.

•iT^tc^, a. -^^ qT^, Clptf<f, C^-sf^, angry, wrathful, cross.

•if^^, s, ^Si%5 ^^1, C-^Tsi fra, a footstep, or impression of the foot.

*^tUW\, a. 9f5^, ^f^C^ t<F(.«>(<i>l, trampled under foot, trodden,

•ftt^l^, V. 9t^%, ^ft^C"^ C^T^tl%, to trample, to mix by treading.

<t5 "^f^^ ^ ^51( Rfel, an itching irritating sensation, as from a

mote in the eye, annoyance, irritation.

<rF<n5 ?K^, ad. =^1^ <^f^ C^lC^l^l"^^ ^;^1 ^ C^Pt^l, ^t^ PfC^

5^^, doing or saying things without regard to consequences.

<^<r^t?", V. •^^C^T^Tl, to itch, to annoy, to irritate.

•sn^^rfelj «• ^Tl% (M^ ^?n, rough, hard, uneven to the touch.

•TO^t^, ad. <r^C«*tTf^, <r^^ liff^t^, quickly, expertly.

•5J151, «. ^3rf^^, ^ftilU^ C^C^l^, full, not deficient, mixed by treading.

•iff^, V. 9r^1%, C^klf%, to tread, to mix by treading, to trample.

•*rfWtl, s. liic^l C^tt^ 3=isr|o1 ^1, the act of clearing or cutting

away entirely, cropping the top and branches.

<f^ C<rh5I1, s. vfic^ C*«i^<t> C<rt^1, eating every thing set before

one, eating to the full.

<r;§i1%, s. •51^31%, ^rt"^ f^ feff^j an itching sensation.

«r§i1, a. ^^^ ^^f^^ Jf^^C^C^^, imperfect, half

«^ 131

•^i^^, a. sr^ ferni C^ ^1, fastidious, notional, particular.

'^r^^srjTs, 5. <r«f7 cm^. sec, •4r®t%.

•^T"^^, a. <rsff^ ^ITI, scratching slightly.

•'fUf^, ^ s. ^Ofj ^f%'<f, ^tf^tf^ ^f?", a musical instrument,

'^^f^^, $ a species of bird.
•^r'^'orfef, s. fm, ^Ftt, ^ ^^ €j<r5n, a Uight of steps.

^D^-^rf^l, a. ^^PU, ^, dry, hard.

"•f^^r^, 5. CJRrc^C*fTI, ^r^Hs, doing or giving rehiclanlly,

•^^, 5. ^TT^f^ ^5^, ^f^^n, serving, doing, rendering religious hom.igc*
<S?f5", V. TEic^ W.1H X9 «t^, to urge, to command again and again.

<:'i, s. C5l«r<f, C5S, BT^, St^T^i ^^, a portion, a piece/ a frag-

roeut, a division, a section, chapter.

<«l <rn, ad. C^-^m C^<?, piece by piece, in pieces, with ^f%,

€d cut into pieces, to divide into portions.

'•rtasj, J. «l5^, jpf arr«rt, Clt^, removal of a difficulty, refutation,

the expiation or removal of sin.

^rw% 5. ^rf5 r^fsf ^WV «^, catting up, destroying utterly.

^r^l, a. spl, C5Mrr\i removed, expiated, refuted; s. Hhc king's sword.

<f*JT^, 0. <tM^, to destroy, to remove, to expiate.

f^%^ ^f?V ^J, a bond, a writing, a promissory note.

<ri[, s. flF,

<r^, a. 'srTC^fR ^vncrt C'flrmi. %T^ aC4l'*JI, self convicted,

condemned by one's own words, anable to reply.

<[ni, s. ^5i^'^ffY5» '•ffx?!, ftrefSr, absence, interruption, cessation

from asual work, rest, stoppage.

'^f^^R, »• h<vt \ t , CSWVB9f srt, (with a negative,) without cessation.

<f^nrft, 5. ^W* tTt^ <^ Cffrdh^, finJT«t^ ^, gathering to-

gether from all sources, summing up accounts, a ledger.

<fen, a. <f^ C^mi, ^1. 3^ri* ^ absent, minus, deficient.

^•^rf^, ad, <t^bP ^^Jc^fT^, speaking rapidly.

^^fifWir, s. iKWHr, ^^"WJT, bustle, haste, hurry.

*«ltfl<l«^, s. ^ er^ri ^rft, ^m^lt^, a vessel with feet.

<^, ajjix. «ir<<iro^'«r^j<r Ji^, 5r*F^ <fi^3 c«rT^ ^t:?^ c*fis»?il^1 vs^,

C^fWW ^ ^r5^ ^1^, an affix, generally applied to any

thing spread out or extended, as ^i>R <^, i. e. a cloth.
<5(c^, a. ^nW^C^, a'PFCmc^, C^ftC^-sf^, all, the whole.
irwr, ad, ^n st^, Gn;?^«r C?r^9f, <l\^ ^n^, one by one, severally.
132 <r<^

•^W a. ^^ <Rn, C^W, dug, boed; s. llie act of digging or hoeing'.

•ftTR, 5. 5fn5, «rf%, ^^rr^ -s^x^z c^t^ ^c^, sr^c^^ .ii-ftrr^^ ^^t^>
a quarry, a mine, a burrow;> a hole.

•^rf^«^1, 5. c^t<r^ C^<r? ^^1, the act of cutting into pieces.

<r|7Ri, acl <rT[^^ in^, ^s^c?^ c^f%, a little while.

<fr»(<l>4, 5. ft;4<i4, ^f^^ifpf 3^ C^n^, an engraver, a sculptor.

<f^?n, ^
s. C?rtCHl<fciyi ^*rtfc ^-s^ ^f^, a kind of cloth

•*i"ferl -5?t'5f^, } worn double.

<f5{C5Tt^, s. ^X5 ^srrlir^ ^It^ C-li^l, ^ Ccrt^, the gathering to-
gether of fish &c. in shoals, frequenting a place of resort.

<rc^^, a. ^Ibit, C^rTri?'c^, 5T^Tf5T, the whole.

<C»< <?(.«, ad. C<r9rc^, f'f^'yRrj, ^sivf-^fCJ, instantly, immediately.

<C5rr^^ 5. C5it^7~ TTiZTi'^ <f^, the causing to be dug or hoed.

<t^^, s. Rfspi, hTcT^I' C^, C'ilC^T^, a moment, an instant.

<rf%^ s. <r^1, Vt^ fo;<^Cnl^l <1 5n# C^rtF^n ^5, a spud, a small
implement used ia weeding or loosening the earth about plants.

<ri%?U s. C^5f1 c^'^f v-Rlj, 5rt^f v<jf^'<r, a disease of the hands and
feet, a species cf i-nalie.

•4tf%?1 <5fer1, a. '^oS^^^f ^siu"::^, viyl<&<l ^^, small, inferior, mean.

^i3'«T?f, a a:cment, the twinlding of an eye, a minute.

•*rc^<t»-5, ad. <rc^^\i?- NL^olR'i<ts^? t%Cvi<^, in a moment.

<rc^f%<n, a. RfsTrWl, '^c^'^ fiffen, brief, evanescent.

•^T'ffsi^l, s.fk<U ^T^, an engagement of one year,


•^r^l, a. fr^s^ ft ^cr ^^, divided, portioned off.

<f^6^i, s. ^tf^ f^f ^^ ^^, c^ryrc^ ^

lfTt% c^^rrwi, c^m^ ^
C^tc^ ^^ C^'vd* dividing land into portions by paths, looping

skeins of thread together, questioning and cross questioning.

producing every alternate year, hiring land for one year.

<r^, s. ^(\W^, C^'^Vh irr^^, a cover, a lid.

•ftr^-^r^t, ad. W^ <l^t^, very quickly.

<t*f^'5t, a. Qi^<>/14<>, ^R"^j without presence of mind, unsteady.

•it^tTTt"^ ad. •sf^TTt", f^ff^^, immediately, instantly.

<r*fi, «• ^§rrcT3 1wi, srm^ ft cTt^ ^<^ #t^ Ji^^t^ ^^^ gt^t^fs

^tf^ f^^^, refined, freed from drossy s. refining metals.

« 133

•5f*n C^\^, s. m5T3 fR?1 C^^, fk^^ Cr^, refined gold.

^P^, V. BH^rS fw, '^f^ ^r#, £r^t^»r5 ?tfi f^rrft, to rcfme metals,

to cut down a tree or forest leaving nothing remaining,

to sojourn temporarily, to pass a night.

<ff*f^^, S' ^^P^r^ ifC^ ^TCTC^ f^5r^ ^fTl, C^f^^l, groping, feeling

about for something in the dark, searching by feeling.

"^ff^nn, s. '5'^f^, <rf*f?1 *f<1, sojourning in the house of another

in the hope of marriage or gain, passing a night.

••ff^nrrt, V. C^a?<rTt^ ^mzOf lT5tf<r, C^i&^tt, to feel about for

something unseen.

"•ff-pf?! *fTi, «. ^^f^ *rft «w, c*rr<»f *!4 5 ^srtj^ t^r «w, see, ••rf^.
'<«i^, i. "^rqr ^C? <rM TrT?!, ^^ Btsf, belonging to a relay; s.

luting for a person at different stages, lying in wait.

**fC*fT^, 5. fk%T9 9C4l«(l> causing to be refined or freed from alloy.

<^, 5. cf3 i ^5 t fti ^ifinr irny, ^frf^rs c-trrw^ sin?, a deep heavy
sound as of a gong or of anything dropped into deep water.
•«r^, 5. ^^ ff^p ^rrfinr ^W^* ^^\ "cws of war or any important
event, general intelligence.

<f^SPTT, 5. "^if^T, <49<44> doing anything confusedly, without

order or exactness.

<(%![, a. ••rsl, ft^, ^r^, exact, true, complete, neither more nor less.

<^^, s. c^7[ 'snfinr trfrs ercstT^n C^rsn "tr^, a bamboo grooved

to receive the lower edge of a reed or bamboo wall or

^tfr-^nrr^, v. jt^JT ^*f^ ^rrftr T^ ^PTI, to make a rustling sound

as of new cloth.

••rsHffro, fl» ••rsT<3; ^'tfl^ ^, rustling, as of silk cloth when rubbed.

<r3r^, a. ^'•fsn, c^v ijri, thickened, turned from a fluid to a solid
state, loppered, coagulated, clotted.

yeast, leaven, figuratively used to mean hypocrisy.

•'Hr, s. ^J^, w c«?1^1, ^Tl^, diminution, attrition, wearing away,
••nr^?^, a. -tf?, ••rr^v «£^ mlftalt^^ !R.^^> utterly wasted.
<c, s. 5^, c^9r,

dysentery, swiftness, briltlencss,

*ft^ ^ ami, ^sRi f^i$, M5i^ c^-sr,

parchedness, a cutaneous
disease) a. quick, dry, brittle, parched.
134 «rfk

<^f^^^, s. 511% ^TR ^\t fzw] ^^^ ^^, clearing out afresh
an opening that has been closed up.
•«r^^, ad. c^T^rtt C^^T^, f3OT, •^TTC'^.^Tt^, quickly, hastily, speedily.

•^W^tt, V. ^R -sff-s ^5111% c^f^ 5^:^ ;^1, ^i7(^ f-^t<6 3Fr^

^^_, to make a rustling noise, to rustle.

•*r^<rR<n, «. ^^^^t^, ^^^fel, very dry, parched.

•^^c^ffl, s. c^^ftc^f^f ^^1, c^rs^rtx <R1, •^r^'^tT^, ^^tt^<rl, the act of

hastening, hurrying, expediting, with t<^, rapidly, hastily.

•^J^-jf, s. If^TTT^ C^S^li; C^V^ f^ "^C^T^j the horn of the rhinoceros.

•*r^, s. ^<r, '<^ 535^^1, expenditure, expense, cost.
•if^^^l, 5. Pf5?1 ^t^ ^1 ^t^, <:i?t^1, a temporary prop or support.

<t^f5, a. ^jt, 45^1-5^1 ^R", prodigal; s. the coarse portion of

anything that remains after sifting.

<^f5?;, a. ^^l-iit^, fsif^ C^iU^rT^I,. coarse, not pulverised.

•^^5R, » ad. c^^t^f^, ci^rr^ :^^, c^^rtC^Rf, quickly, the doing a

•^^fj^, ) thing quickly, used as a noun and an adverb.

<r^, s. wft^, •sfTff^, a sandal.

•^f^;?R, ^ s. «Tl^'<n^f^, 5J^^R"R, C5Q ^TT^R, tossing about in

<r^5^f^, ) distress, restlessness, uneasiness whether of mind or body.

•*tC5Rl, s. ^Sli^ fkWy "^W ^^^, scorching heat; a. scorched, parched.

<^}TC^^, 5. ^^C^psri, ^f<^ TP^1, tossing about, restlessness.

^r^^Tl, s. C^T^T'5 ^JT[ tvx^^, a curry comb,

<^f%, s. "R^Tlt^^fil Tit<?^ the leaves of vegetables cooked very dry.

•^^1% ^t^, 5. 'PjT^ ^Tf% "mk 'scrI, ^ft 5R1, <c^c5 ^ft ^51,
going and returning quickly, going round and round in anger.

<rft%i^, s. CSQ <^^1, ^^^RT^, grumbling, fretting, complaining.

•^j%<n, 5. C^KTI "J-iTR, rasf C^tC^MI, broken, rough.

<^t^, V. <n5 STFcTi t^ ^f'^tt, -SK^ TTC^ 3Fi^ -s^jtf^ C5i^, to bleach,

to expel the alkaline qualities of new cloth, to urinate


-^^t^, a. ^'i^ G{\Z^V^\ fk^ srtf, <il^rt^ ^^^^^1. without moisture,

dry, parched, expert, quick, active.

•ir^t1%, s. <^j^Tf?T, '^^^fk C^^-rsn ^?t^, the dry season*

^r^rf^, s. ^1^ ^tf^ c^mi tr^^ ^ttll, a small bamboo basket

used for rinsing rice.

4f^, s. ^s-'t %r^ TPt^, firewood, fuel of all kinds.

•srft^l, a. <r^ vt^, <f^ C^lit f^l, having a cuinucoud disease.

•fttf^^fen, ». -^f^ ^ ^rr^, a wood cutter.

-otf-^m, 5. c-if^^ ttf^ TT] c^fT^ ^?f, 5T^ ?irrf^, ^jsfi ^rf^ vin ^ft:,

a grass tootli pick, a roasting spit, a spire of dry grass to

which the eggs of the silk worm is attached.

•Jff^^srit?", 5. ^f?i>f ^sff% ^?ri ^. the Indian Jessamine.

•arf^^Jn finr), *. T^TTS fTf% ^^ ^^, putting upon a spit for roasting.

<f^^] ^^IP?T, s. *I? ^^tfsT, a small chisel.

<r^, s. iV^ ^TTW^ ^^ ^^ C^TI ^Jf^i a pickle made of the
tender shoots of tho bamboo.

<fR f^nn, 5. SRI xrr^ cstt^, Vrt? 1\^IT^, burning a dead body.
•atRinf^, s. ^'i^ snfe, t^f snffi', chalk.

<f^l9T, 5. W^ R^T?, ^ S<pfij, wrangling, angry dispote.

<r^^, a. ^^ «^ HKK ftsn, <R fi^ ^^. ••rc^f ^^, hare-lipped,
seasoned with alkali.

<^^ C^CIf^H, 5. J^rtSvi C^CW?r, a thorny species of (he egg plant.

<C^ifn, a. ^f^, C5W m« «1^, <rfTO,. having the dy«cmery,
a cutancoud disease called khor,
<fc^vm, s. cTT^ viifbf, trrc^c^r ^^s^^, <tt ?^ w, < . •
<>t tho
urinary organs, bleaching or expelling the ul . ;

•«ru^l^^, a. "trc^ftfl, C^^TTW, f^'«f|i:"«nn, very quick, swift.

••rcl^, a. ^mwT f^, tfc^rrj^, c^pr^m, c^isnt ^fiw vpp, expert,

active, quick at work.

<r^, r. viiT) 'VT^'ift ten tliousaud niillioDS.

•r^ f^'tr^, a. 'Brf^ ••f^[t^ CVT'sn, ••rcrW?- expert, speaking rapidly.

<rjj«n, 5. ^^»1, »iift^ ?freT;| 11:51, a watermelon.
•ftf?!, s. ••rffff, CITR, a drill for sowing seeds.
•dfsn?, s. *fTf^^ C5t^ ^lJI«5l«i»*< ^*» ^TT'S, C^TSTtW 5f^, ^^, tl)C

noise of agitated water, a tumult, a hubbub.

•sTi^^R, s. ^51^ 5TSt1, *fTf^^ ^n?, a roaring tumultuous sound, a

sudden moving of waters to and fro.

^^T-tf^, 5. "Inf^^ ^T^, *rtft? ^c1<k6i srns, the sound of loud laughter
or of agitated water.

•dfrr-jfrff^, 5. "Ij^ ^ ^^^T *rrf^ W9, C*f^ ^rsrf^, the noise of

loud laughter or of agitated water, rumbling of the lx>wels.

^^ Onn, 5. C^n^ ^, trenching, preparing ground for sowing in drill...

130 ^
"^^T^fl, s. "S^-s^f, «itt?5, a layer, a fold of cloth^ a story or floor of
a house, a succession of things one above another.

'3>r^'^, 5. ^^-^t?, CZZ-^, ^'^y C'?;c«T*nt, the whole (collectively.)

the entire assemblage of parts.

•^r^fs^fj <tmf^, )
ad. ^^r^?rl, ©'t^^^M, «tt^ 9tt^, divided into

•if^f^ln, i layers, layor upon layer.

<9rsr, s. ^1^, ^«P5 ^pr^ ^"R, €t^^ ^tC^t^, starch, sizing.

^Tc^f^Tcnft, V. ^^"it^, -sflf^lS C^T^Tf% C^t^^l, to rinse in water, to

slighJy agitate water.

<wi\\ ^^Tt%, V. ^"sm 7[^ ^^ft u^n ^1, ^•5rinU'5r=7 crT^i, to

dry into a hard consistence.

•^?i1, s. 2t^^7r5 ^Tli "5^ ^f^, ¥1^ ^rfer^ sran ^f^, a temporary cook-
ing p'ace, guests or lodgers, a threshing floor, (generally

the ground,) used also for spreading grain to dry.

•ifcTt^^l, a. ^<t FT'^t^j, ^f Tt^, uneven, undulating.

<1%, 5. CcTR, ^t^ C^t^, a furrow or drill in which seed is sown,

« a place of resort or rest.

•i'XfiT^, a- '^f^ '^'^) ^t^1%?rl, absence, loss, deprivation, cessation.

<f%^;^, s. f\'^ 5rtl> ^fk^, a species of fish.

<i%t^j S' ^fe^ ^Tfi^ C5vT c-J^f^ f*l^, oil cake, the mass of com-
pressed seed that remains after the oil has been extracted.

"ftt^^, a. C^W^f '^^y ^^t?; CM^ ^R" ^^1, shrewd, observing, of

great observation and experience.

<^^, a. R5|;^ c^ic^r^i, ^^15 c^tlM C^t^, rough to the touch,

harsh, not smooth.

^51"^, 5. v^^l^ *1^1, <fft '^Tl, breaking or dropping off as the

leaves or fruit of a tree, caving off as a bank.

^ftiTl, «. <r€ ^"^1, -il^t^ -^1, ^^ C^t?f -^fk'<, caving, falling

off; s. a disease of cattle by which the flesh sloughs off.

'5t^tt?rl, a. sf^fi^r!, <^, C^^C^ C^TC^^I, stiff, rigid, inflex-

ible, starched.

^^, a, <rft c:§rP«I1, ^c^ <5f^1, caved off, loosened, broken away.

^f%, V, ^Ttt ^S^rtc^ -s^l^ ^5^, to loosen, to cause to fall off, to

cut away as a stream does a bank.

<f^, s. C$W, f^^WTC^^I, ^^ «111^ «^5rt^ in, an abscess, a pus-

tule, a boil, the itch, a general name for cutaneous diseases.
^rr^ i3

^Q^, V a. <f^ ^Tscri, Iiavinnr wart?, bl.jtchcs, or any eruptive disease.

•dt^rTl CS^I^, 5. 5^ C^^^, a toad.

<C^T^, «• ^C^p5i1, CfTUWrc^Psll, caused to be loosened, c:ivcd oflT.

^Vi^, V. CBTU^ ^^, fsifvi, to eat, to fit.

*»rrGf^, 5. c^fi^ 5Pf, ^W^T, eatables, food in general.

<is'tf, 5. "5^^ ^r^ ^fjfTs c^^JTr^^ f^s'cT ^sR ^®Tf3, ^srr^ sm

5Tr^ C^psrii an officer of the king's liouschold who accom-
panies the dead body of the kiqg to the Ganges to see

that the necessary ceremonies are performed; a spy.

'•tr^?, 5. C^rpFT^, ^V5 <(^] ilXJ 9J, t bamboo instrument for

digging holes.

'^rr^.^;, s. ^ppi| ij[*M CT[^i the mucous discharge from the nose.
^rf^, 5. (^^» 'BTtf^, the fufk or parting of the legs, a crotch.

^n, 5. C^fr^f, ^ ^^ fn^\^^ ^ iff^^ C-ifr^^ ^^, a notch or

mortise for the support or joining of tiro pieces of timber.

^tw <it, vTwnr <nt n^, cm^] t^f^r

tK w. c-^rrc^t c^rc^t <tt
CVt^; to fit two pieces of timber together.

^fm <rfir, v. ^rft ^rfir ^c^rrsn, ^f-^ '^J^ «:^r«i, to siuir, to

cram, to drive or ram dowa with violence.

^Tf<, o. ;nv 5§ flX^m. c;^ ^ Vitf9 m^, a woman having

a short or mutilated nose, a beast havini; the tail mutilated,

^tft «^f^, J. ¥5 ^OWI ^smr^f^nn «^l^, a short veil.

'^ifir Ctrnsn, 5. T^TTT ^n^ C"«fr«n ^, a temporary place of rest

and refreshment for the king on a journey.

^TT^, 5. ^Tfir 5f^ orrsn, a palankeen used by kings and priests.

^^f^, 5. f3R JifVf, <rsnn, a species of coarse grass or reed.

^ns^, 5. ^rsras^, ^Wf, Tfjy revenue, ground rent, tribute.

<Tsnft», 5. ^ ^Alf«, ^rtW «iir«f> a treasurer, a cash keeper.

'•JT^^, 5.
<f^ fr^fr f^CfT, the date tree and its fruit.

'•rt^, s. <>fTC5r^, ^V^ "^ cisn ^r^n, a bedstead.

'^f^f^, s. ^r^^ ^rt%c ^ft^ «T«ti ^m, ^r^ 'srwrc^r C5n^jr<r ^srs
yi Tl f^C^W^ ^PT, service whether of god or man, special

efforts to obtain a desired good through another person.

'^ri^RfTR, s- -^r^R ^?rr^, C5m^ ^ fkmfR «ft^, a favorite attend-

ant, one who has the confidence and esteem of another.

138 ^if^

•4|f^^, a. f^?fT'^, 'SV^ SfTi, f^5?, true^ certain, final, unalterable.

•^rr^t'Nt^, ad. fk^^tt^i f^iTT^t^, truly, certainly, unalterably,

^rif^, V. C^'Stv\ ^tST ^ft[, •*rr^f^ 5fnf, to serve, to work for vvageg,

to curry favor by officious civilities.

•ftfrf^ «Ji^, V. -PT^ *i(.ril*iC5^ ^c^ 5^"^^ •^"T^fsT ^^ir^lTj to labour

earnestly and unr(.n5ittingly to obtain another's favor.

•Sff^^, a. fpT^ICcTl ^^ \^^^ *^^5 5T5fjir^ of mediuur size.

<1T5, s. -sffsi, f^^'Jf^ '^ilA <7f% "^R, a farm, a distant cultivation.

•4rrl%, s. OTi^ ^-s^ ^rfpR ^i^ ^^ ^"^^i^^^ ^^^^ cuttiugis of goid^
silver, or any of the metals.

^rtf^-firjl, s. 7f^ ^^ ^"^'l^j <rf%<n "^rsf^, small cuttings or pieces*

<lCil^M, s. <rtT^ ^^t^ ^^^^> belonging to a farm, a lai)orer on a khat

<\W1, \ s. C-^mi 5?[5T5T, ^srmi^, "^r^ ^^1 C^^f^, food of all

<iirr ^^n^f^t* ^ kinds; a. edible, esculent, good for food.

•ftTt^, s. -ftR, C^T<r^, C^, ^, a piece, an individual thing, generally

applied to anything spread out or extended,

•^t^ <rr^, ad. ^5t:^ ^^T^, -^riT -^t^, «tT^ <Tr^, f^^f%, here an<l

there, one here and another there, with ^R", to scatter about.

•^UoIl<<p, ad. Tf"*fJT 5rt7(, •*rf7( c^s^, a few, as many as three or four.

•ftrtf^, V. ^tns ^f^, C^tC^C^ I?T^ ^R, to dig, to hoe.

•^TR^, \ s. ^sic^'Pi'' ^flrr, f^f5[7f^ 'ili:^f^5['R C^1%, a little, a moment,

•inf^<t>i|t^, .»
a brief period of time.

•^rtf^fftj ^' •^I'tRj c=d^<lft F[^ ^f^, to dig up jungle land and

bring under thorough cultivation,

•^n^f^, 1 s. spS -^^^l CS'i^, ^^^ ^l"?^, a noose, a loop.

<rTpff1%^^, s. •irpff?!^ C^n^ C^5t[>^.^, a bunch of several skeins

of thread looped together,

•fttt^, 5. 'fl^H '^'^ fell, ^^ C5t^, •^^, a lying in wait, an

ambush, an ambuscade, a story of a house, a layer or

division of things placed one above another, a cascade.

<M f^, V. ^ft: '^'^ Iwl, C^fsn CctT^, to lie in wait.

•^''I'^i, s. 7^ srlft, a large spear.

•^Tl's^, s. <rcnt^f?n C^f^, W^ <rT*Tl^, <5?Tt%5Jl t^, the spleen, a tile.

•^tf*T, s. 'Sjf^ C5«, <rc^'5ft*5r5=T'5^j a division in a string of beads

of different colours ; several layers or divisions.

'onm 139

<:t7^, s. -^dltm, ^ ^srmf^. ^^^ <t«*^1, a glutlon, a gormandizer.

•ar.sr, s. c^rr^ sri, ®M, C^^^I^, a coagulated mass, several layers

adhering together, an envelope,
<isrf5, 5. vii^ ©tf^ CcTT<F, the Kampti or Shan race.

^Tsrfz ?1. 5. ft'^^rt^in ?1, <mf5^ ^srs, a long knife, a Kampti sword.

•imr^jfr, v. i C^l'm^ t%C5 ^rrft, to stand fixed and uu-

<rr^*^ iff^, ) moved, to set down the fool determinedly.

•»ri^>^, a. c^^ C^rrni, •«m5n, coagulated, thickened, clotted.

•^rismft, V. c?fT^ <Tt «r51, to adhere, to stick, to change from a

liquid to a solid state.

•irifa", s. 7^?, ^ni^, f^USt SR, the breast, the heart, the mind.
•»r:f^l^, a,
Jg >5I^, 'irf^:^, f*r5 ^n ^^ ^"l, courageous, bold.
-ar^;f5, r. "JiCsil^ ^irR '<rR, to gnp. to clutch, to grasp.

•«rT::i:5, s. -^ srtft irn, ^ns^ 5sr«r^ CWt^, a grip, a grasp, as

much as can be grasped in the hand at once.

•»llcail5l <tC3lTC^, ad. ^ij ^ft^, handful by handful.

an alkali obtained from iho ashes of ihe plantain and

other trees, food seasoned with the above, gunpowder.

<r^ ^Tftl V. ^Jf^ C5r^ f[^ ^rft^ ^<r, to e.xlract alkali &c.
trr^fif, J. m^ m^fir ^Tfir, vegetables, a side dish.
<r^f^, 5. irr^ nfsj, 5lt^ JlC^mi <TTf^, lye, alkali.
<fr^f^ >i31. 5. <r^fi( 5^, '•TT? ^Crmi *rT^, a vessel used in

obtaining lye from ashes, a leach.

<Tft 75 cvTsn, a. JT^^T? 7W1, T3r5 t^F^^f cnm yf^, cyi^ CT*ni^?1,
habituated, not forgetting an injury, holding a grudge.

•^Tt^yTT, a. f^4><i<, speechless, put to silence.

<r:^rr?, 5. ^f^, CST^, ifTfcr *R1 J(VS, a public prostitute, a term

of gross abuse.
<r^, 5. 7f^^, <^lt4 ^7R, a bracelet.
-^t^P^l, 5. ^?n ?FTvf^ A^to", ••fi^ twi. a kind of red cotton cloth,

an iron handle and chain for securing a box or chest

<rTC^ 5fTl, a. ^^ ^T^ ^^rrfirs i^ if^, ^<(.:il^l , mildewed, rusty,

time worn, weather beaten.

•«rm, s. -^J^ 9113, ••rrtir, srT« 5I*f^ "trf, C<]^, a gulf or bay, a
deep ditch or pit, a deep hollow, ravine or defile.
140 f^rf5

•^Tc^ -pf^l, a. -^f^ (MX^, C^rfiltt Ggft^l, ^fri cm^1, (Jiininislied,

settled down, reduced.

<rf|%^ a. ^1, ^W^, 3Fr^T'?l^ ^crr-sf^t^ ^^ -s^^^ empty, void
blank; s. the outer section of the plantain tree, used for
presenting the offerings at funeral ceremonies.

<rtc?, 5. srm C^i^l tlX ^viR^ ^5^5: ^rf^flS^ 'sft;^, a small basket

for holding fish, sliaped like a water jar.

<f?c7C'5^1, a. •ifttcn^ W.-^ C^'^, having a belly shaped like the alxjve.

•irrCcTTR, s. <r^f5^ ^R -s^f^fpr cstr^ ^f1 c^r^ ;j^, a coarse potash.

•ifT?^, s. C<rr^, C^tSt^ ^^1, the act of eating.
'^VX'^i s. W Cvn"^, W^, •^t«7, a broad deep excavation or trench.

<rW^, s. ^^-^, 7^, ^T^fel, wasting, destruction, with ^1%, to

destroy utterly or lay waste.

a placedestituteofrunning water, a sparsely populated place.

•^t^TtSiJ, 5. F^ 9t\^f the inhabitants of the above place.
•Crft, 5. ^R ^^1 ;§i^, ^ 9f^^ ^S?Tm, CPfl^TII, a castrated animal,

a gelding, the sprout of a tree that has been cut.

•^tft W, s. 7^^) 9f5^ ?mTf% «^m^, C^t^ CJT^I, the sprouting

out afresh after cutting.

f<^j%^, V. fifk^ sn^j, -^ict^' ttf^ 9r^% f^s^Rm't, to giggle,

to titter, to laugh boisterously.

Rf^F^5Tl1%, s. C5fsrt1%, ^^, Tt^f^, sport, fun, frolic.

"Nf^r^^, s. ^o=T'5ft^ -f^, the act of laughing gently.

f<r^J<ri?T^, V. ^'^f^ ^(^ cifcwfk fw<n, "^^i^'^m •fiiw ^^i^ to speak

in a cross, surly or snappish manner.

f5j'^f<lfW<rl, a. ^ri's^X^'Sl^ %^, C^^^C^i;^R<rl, cross, surly, irritable.

f<15, s. ^^"5 srs^ CTT^l, C-ftlF, dirt, filth, the excrements of cattle*

"N'^fil'^f^, V. 9U RSfRSit^, to feel an uneasy prickling sensation,

f-3i5R, s. C9\L-^7m, Citm^f^, a filthy place.

f**!"!^:, «• ^tf^^n, Ml f^t ^^, lM^J^fcn?1, small and spare, the

puny one in a family of children or brood of animals.

f<l1%^1^ V. Tfl^ C^C^TTSitt^, •{fe'^lC^, to cut slightly, imperceptibly

or without pain.

Rf^ft/s. STK ^r^ ^Tt% mf^^rt^ fent^ ^TM^, a dish com-

posed of rice, ghee, pulse and spices cooked together.
the noise made by boats striking against each ot licr.

f<ilif^iin, ^
«. sr5r5T?rg, ^ 2^'^ ^,J^'^ <J\^Un, having an

f^flT-sf, > honorable name or title, osleniatious, showy, pretentious.

f-oiT]^, 5. IfJ^fgi, •onrti^, fTsr^f, show, display, ostentation.

RilJ, s. f^fSy f2rf>fl%, >f5f^, ^ir'3?T, the earth.

f«ri^vff%, 5. f^r^-s^ff^, TTg^l, ^*ff%, a king, a sovereign.

f^R, a. f^^, STJf^ ^l^f^F^l, C^^3ri, dried up, lean, tiiin in flesh.

R^*(D>il, a. J[VK ^1^ 9f^, fks^, emaciated, wasted away.

f-of^lt", V. f^^t"^, ^\7[ VW^ ^tfir ^T^, to grow thin or emaciated.

f<f^, affix. KljV 'T^, ^R ^PfT^ <Tr5^ C5IT^ ^51 ^ ^JSTtt, W^il,

ftfllMj CUTSf^far, an affix of place or quantity^ meaning

here, there, yonder, some, a few.

offiz. %\tf ^J5J*I| ^srJT? 'W, ^itc*, here, used also as

f<fC^, J an affix of time and place.

H?l5itf«m,%T, 5. 1x\fn fl^^^^T, ferr^fTf^^fV, mutual hate.

f<5fcn?1, a. fl^^>T^, ^^fhn,f5l^f>f, haling, wishing evil toothers.

f^rsTTt^, ^ 5. vif5, »r^C5TTsfl »3n, f>ir31<^, «Proi, fame, celebrity.

^/rfj, ^ rumour, report.

f^r?r2T, 5. f5\Ji1, WTC^rw, CJtl, ^rfrs f^, hatred, malice, spile.

f<r^, 5. jT^Kf, ^*ai 4hf^, to, milk.

f<^, 5. vfTNx ^C«Tr^ ^^ t^, a milch cow or buffalo.

f<:^, s. f<*^l, ff^^ «5T^ cfTFI, C^r^s?, the act of milking.

f<n[ ^r^rr, ». fv^ 'Usff, Jf<l '^J* *'*® "**'^ ocean, according to
hindoo cosmogony the second of the seten circular oceans.

RfTt, V. sfrf<^ C5r5i, srrf^f f^c^psn, arm, to milk.

f^fr^, 5. f<i%^, ^5Wf*nn 'Rif, any low ringing sound.

f^?Tf«ri^f^, 5. <1Tf^ 1^ srrs, a low rippling sound of water.

f<^N», a. viic^ "trfCS 'aiC^^ 55rm ^W, ^5IC^^ *t5Jf>nn ^, ancient,

remaining in one place for many generations.

fir^n, 5. ^fl-pfl^, •if^, 1tt1» a single leaf of a tree or paper.

f^ifM, s, c<i!«ii< C5Z^i^ 'i\9l^, a flat kind of nail used in joining

two pieces of wood together.

f-9ri%l7p y^rr^, s. C^^ i^ f^^> a window.
Rc?^^, 5. f5rj% si^l, smt^ jr?1, nailing or fastening with nails.

<^rt, r. ;<r^;^ C^T^^ ^fl^, 'Till^, to feed, to attach, to fasten.

142 '^^

•»r^^i, a. c^VSR -^C^T^I, CWW firc^t^l, G^CJtr^!, fed, fastened «S:c.

<:^5i^, 5. <r?fW^, f^^, "i^^' doubt, mistrust, hesitation.

•J^l, a. ^9fl f^ii], ^R C^^, "^^rTl \|5P5i broken to pieces.

<^f^, s. ^1*1^/1, 5fi7if^, hesitation, doubt, apprehension, mistrust.

-^fk, V. ^RC^ sil^ ^t5f^, f^^r^, . ^SiTR, ^^1%, to scratch or

loosen the ground, to stir up, to investigate a matter.

4f5, 5. f^j%, c4ri5 STTR, to pierce, to stab, to punch.

•5i{>k)j>|^, V. t%lf5Ti%^ <^ ^R f^ R^^l, 10 idle away time in

mere pretence of doing, or in mere preliminaries.

•5fJ>^, ad. ^^^ ^?I'5l-, c^rc^ ^C^, very little, slowly.

<5^ ^fjC, s, •^^^^ft", ^^1 ^^{15 R'^ fiT^^I, spending much time
in accomplishing little.

<^Tft", ad. cTT^^t^ 3Fi^?^, slowly, gently, with a low voice.

«^5R<l1, a. cir^, ^^ 7j^, mfcif^ f^W^ ^<P1 ^15r, small, insig-

nificant, mean, diminutive.
•ilfe V. ^TlT'^f, S?r^ ^^, ^^1 ^R, to beg, to ask for, to desire.

<j%<n, a. C^Wr^ ^Tf^[% ^1 5fl% ^^1 ^:s, like unto, in size and
shape of foot, or in gait.

^•^f^fH: «. ^^^^ W^ '^'V, ^Z^W^]^fk ^^1, mutually picking,

biting or devouring each other, contentious, quarrelsome.

^"^, s. ^T^ ^rfff^ i;^, "SRC 5T^ 5ff1 ^^1, a post, a pillar.

4^ STTIr, v. 4^ ^ifs f^.sn ^^% 1%^ mil;, to place a pillar or post

in order to mark a boundary.

•|i^, V. cITC1;(R C^f^ ^TR ^ ^T^, citm, t%3 ^n, to peck^ to

pick up with the hill, to spring or strike at as a snake in

biting or a fish at a hook; s. a small stake, fault finding.

-^ C<rT^, a. ^T*^ 4^ "^^ ^^' ^^ ^ ^^^ C^:r^, capable

of providing for ones self, applied to a young child or bird.

<fefin?n, s. ^ttrtc^ ^ms in, a player on a kind of small cymbal.

4f^irtcT, 5. 7{^ lA^, a small cymbal.

to peck, to pick a quarrel, to read hesitatingly,

^f^t^fu, s. <mr\'^ ^T^R, ctt^Usrrsil, Ti^ f^\W, wrangling.

*^»^^' s. CvRt^R, <r?3, ^^ 5^^ ^T^, a piece, a bit, a slice, a shred.

<^^|-5M^:^, s. ^m^ C^-^r^, <m <^, ^^ ^I^, ^-^f^^ a very small

piece or bit; a. very small.

<^ Mi
•4n|f^?ri, a. :ri ^Tf<^ ^Ct^lS ^^sjs^^f ^^'5 ^^'f^» ^^^^ nicked

or notched, as the edge of an instrument.

<fW, 5. 5T^?f^ ^f^l, refuse of broken rice or other grain.

•artf-^ftfr^, 5. ^?f?r^^S7, •^TTf^rf^, f^^f^, consternation, perplexity, anxiety*

•«rjjnri, a. -^nR ^wr^, ^^^ ^^, ^f^^ ^f^^l. -ar^J, very small.

minute, little or slender.

-if^?^!"^, ^ s. ^^ f^^l, f>frvr5rf^,f5%f5(,B^,-5n^T?1, fear, con-

•srt^ o^ift, i sternation suspicion, uncertainty.

•»r If, a. ^$^, ^^ ^W, ^r^f, ^f^^., small, little, minute.

< JC^ft^, 5. #ftc5Vf^, ^f^«fTf^, ^"51, the discharge of urine.

<nn, 5. W1, CSnP, <fr^^ sr C^rsil. hunger, appetite.

•Jnft^^, a. ^>fr54', C«r^ 5t«n, s^C^f^l, hungry.

"•TlV^. «. l^fV^, '•rw C-^rW, CB;^ 5i?n, an hungered,
'trj? inn, a. T^ ?isn, ^^, C5» "^ffl^^l. maimed, wounded, muiiiate*!.

•^J^f^,' o- ^s^^RTl, CTI^rB <tR CCr«ri, very dry, crumbling,

^f5[, 1. ^ ^rftSI, C<R1 ftfC, one who maims or wounds, a

woman who stammers in her speech.

•dj"^, a, f^i%, packed closely without interstices.

<iv/f<?0{, 5. <ir I>r^, •^'J^, the refuse of pounde<l rice.

'•m^, 8, -wi ?if^, tr^fir ^r1%c3r sifTint c5-*f^ ^n ^^r ^p^, tiie

act of pounding beating or bruising.

••[J'JRI, 8, ^STOrrffT "tW 1^ %I»T. a small muriar for pounding and

mixing together betelnut, pan, lime Ate. for a quid.
•«pn, a, fjw WTflf 5fC5rCT SRH, C^ «1<n, bemen with cluhs or
stones, smitten, struck, pounded; s. the act of beating dtc.

•«r^f*rT^, V. ^^ f5f5-5 ^R^^ ?i9r, r^s; r^r^i, to strike against,

to bump, to collide.

<'nl5n^, J. "^^1 inft ^m, C^^ ^ffpsn, cramp in the stomach,

striking against, coming into collision, butting as sheep.
"•jf^f, V. ^^ T\ C5c*[^ -^^t^ -^r-w, f^ffe, snf^, trtr, ^5?^, ^^d^,
to beat, to pound, to bruise, to press any thing into a vessel
to its utmost capacity; ad. strongly, greatly, tightly, quickly.
•^fwr-^f^, a. c^^lc^Hs f5cfif?if^, striking back and forth, bumping
against each other.

•^'«r«n, a. ^ff^ 4f^f55t c^fC^rrsil, src^^ ^ ftsc^f^n, beaten, struck.

144 f?4rc^

•«r^51"'5rp5f5-i, n. f^rS^, ^^^f^tn, slippery, mudJy.

•^•s^ft:, 5. 5f5 C-^M C-^'r^tf^, a small dark room.

y^j^y V. ^f^<r ^sn^mc^ at^ ^f^ ^t^s f^^ srrf^ ^m, to press

in the toes when walking in a slippery place.

"HTzf^, s. ^Tf^^1%, 5ft^ ^T^?T ^rf^ "^^1 ^£, a foot pestle or

mortar in which grain is pounded.

^p, s. ^fs^ ^tf^ C^r<l^ ^ -^ ^1|% C^TC'sTt^l <?TI. a bundle

bound in a cloth at the two ends forming a bag.

^rsf sr^i, s. -^c^c^ ^t:^ ^ct "^u'^i st^i, ^"sts ^c^c^ ^fjf ^if?^
»$t>!l, butting, as sheep or cattle.

«^, 5. ^^^, "^ "^^^l 1513, a razor.

^^•^Ijfen, a. ^:rit ^9n ^^, ^iir;-^ -< r?^ f^l%^1 ^T1515 ^^^n, ready
to crumble at the touch, light and empty like chaff.

"i^^^fj^, s. ^j^i^iT, "^c ^C^T5T1 f^5?, ^.R'< Iflr^T^, a stone on

which razors are sharpened, a hone, a strop.

^51, s. t^ -Jt^^ C^^^ ^<r, f^l -5^^^ Ct^, WWl^-^, the hoof of
cattle, the feet of furniture, a junior paternal uncle.

^Ct^, V. ^pCTC^C "^"^ "^1% ^"^1, to shave with a razor.

*^R. s. ^KlC^r^s^ ^"511^^^, CvTiT:^?^ ^tf^, CvT^R, the wife of a junior

paternal uncle, a small oval dish ; a. lame.

^^'^, s. ti^^ (njc^to^i yfrfi, ittf^ ti> ^tf^ sm c^c^r^ 3T?ri, thin

splints of bamboo, used in making boat covers &lc.

yttrT-^if^, )
s- ^'^^<T^^ ^1^ ^f^y a wife's younger brother or

^r^^Titfi?» S sister.

«*rri*5r?rt^, v. <5f rf^^ ^15 ^Cl ^1 CSft^ftS ^^ ^^, to make a splash-

in(T or rippling sound as of fish passmg through the water.

'^1,%, v. C-^i^^R f^l t% ^r^ ^^1, to hollow out, to mortise.

*^f%<11, s. C^Iic^ 1%^\ <:iFt8^1, one who plays on a drum called khoiiL

*5mi^^^, s. -stthR Cgft^^l ^Tl^, a splashing or rippling sound.

•5i^^i^tt'» V. •ftf^^T^, to spend time in trifling, to loiter.

c-ifs, s. #T^^ srrc^i v£i^f?f ?T^, t?T3 ^tcsui: ^if< fei. irr^ c^^>
a throw, a cast, a crossing over; e.g. throwing a shuttle,

casting a net, crossing a stream in a boat.

C<t<J>l'5r^, s. 'ift^^, a bamboo implement for digging holes.

fl-^r^T^, s. ^^ vSCcTT^I ^^, phlegm.

€*aI^S?rl, a. M\<st,<ii>fv\ir\, difacult, perplexing.
C-dff^ 145

C-^r^^C^f^, s. -fete! TT^^ ^PR SITT, <r?[t^ t^t<r ^15, the cry
of a monkey or jackal, boisterous laughter.

C'^tz'J^^, s. ^"SZ ^r^ '<rTl <^^^i ^ ^f^<f, a bird snare, a species of tree.

CsTc^^^lt^fn, a, c^tz^^ «tT:51- 1^1%^, 15»^^ <tf^ ^^, like the

leaf of the khenkeru tree, a mode of dressing the hair,

C-^STTc^f^, 5. fert: ^l^ *T?rTfif "^^l, f^^, making sport of a

person, Jeering, bantering, deriding.

r. C'ifi'^ ^pA", fsi^r^ ^^t^ 5??Trf%, f^«rf% ^rt^. to

C^fcw^iir^. ( niake sport of, to joke, to jest, to jeer, to mock.

C^ZTC, 5. ^*fCgj^1, C^^ ^tW, f*f^, a fiend, an imp, an imaginary
malignant demon, supposed to de&troy little chihlrcn.

C'^TT^f^St s. ^nn ^rf¥, m^\ ^tfa, magic, sleighi of hand.

C'^zf<, s. c-JfZ^lC sn^f^, f^\l^i feminine of the above word.

C<vf, 5. ^^44 sniS, the cry of a dog.

C'<H^[.'^t5^f^, V. f<\f<3fft', Z€^ ^f^ ^^l* <« snarl, to snap, to

cry out as a dog, applied U) contentious angry persons.

C-^^, a. CT5n, ^snw, fs?5, low, mean, vile.

C'*r^'*r5l^, f «r^, importunity, teasing, sharp cutting speech, re-

peated dunning for a debt.

C"«rR<riW1, a. ^1^ ifcit «!^. -^5^, gritty, rough, teasing, annoying.

C-sr^Srp, s. ^*;1<C^ *f5W ^ C^fir ^ri. needless delay, spending
tinsc on mere preliminaries.
C<f5!«4, i. TTCT t* ^W, C^^C^^f^, annoyance, irritation.
c-jf^mfsi, «. c<r5c<5ft ^w, t9 t» c^3»r? erc^rpon, the causing
irritation or annoyance, vexing with importunity.
C*9fC5^, d, J^Z^ C^f^<Si ^^ ^ C^r'STl, cutting or speaking rashly.
C^TC^^, *. ^91^ vSmnC »R1, ^A•9ff^ ^15^ f^tTI «in. a lad, a

boy of ten or twelve years of agn.

c-^roj^i^, V. ••r^ ^c^ ^^, c^^r^rs ^r^ finn, to siaab, to cut

suddenly, to give a quick tart reply. .


c-ifk^r^, 5. ^mn ^n, ^^*f ^<*m5 im^ ^^'^ m^ ^^; ^>»ffgiing

about the price of an article or in making a bargain.

C'«rc^\WC^\, s. C^C?l^, >ilM>Ii^M, ^^'.'^TTl, dispute, wrangling.

C-^^, \ s. T^JU ^R1, «t«rt^, fopf^, TJTT, a cultivation, a field, a

C'^fl, ^ farm, the crop of standing grain.

146 c^rsfi

C-^f^?^, .•^.
C<^fz ?P^IIT^^, f:^y{^, ^tcm^l ^1, a cultivator, a
farmer, a husbandman, a peasant.

C-d^ 5. CW:S, '^^\^, fl59f <irt^, C'STT^T-.-Q field, a sacred place, a place of

pilgrimage, a fabulous fiend supposed to destroy children.

C'^'^il^, s. C^^'^1^, C^r^^ ? ^T^ ^1 ^^^9 a fabled family of demons.

C-iffz?, s. C'^fi,?, ^rs ^fc<f, one of the four principal hindoo castes.

C^, 5. C^^t^, C^ft^, TT<r, T5¥l:, sorrow, distress, penitence, regret.

C^tW^-^fWiil, «• ^f^'^f C^T^T"f^, besmeared, bedaubed.

C*^C5IW, 5. Cftft^^ ^^, ^STicT^'^^T^, light work of a domestic kind, chores.
C^rtfl, 5. C-^fr (TSfT^, dt^l ^f1, «T^, C^C?f (TSft^l, the act of driving,
chasing away or expelling; preceded by <r^, it means to

hasten; followed by 5nf%, to run after.

Cirwl C'f>tfw, ad, 5^^t^f^, a^rTC^I%, pursuing in turn, rapidly, quickly.

C**lTrl%» ^- C^^^i "^'f^ <^^i^ ^^1' *o roil, to stir up, to muddle.

CitfWi V. Tf^ ^i%, ttn'jr Si"K"^^ c^f% ^si^l ^ Cl^T^I, to drive away, to

pursue; with "sr^, to rush towards, to advance.

C-^fpf^, o. Pff<^, f^l%^, C^'^^c^, distressed, grieved, sorrowful.

driven off, expelled, banished, chased away.

C^y s. ^^J^, R^f^ ^^, C^f^, «T^, a fixed time or period.

C<^^C^, ad. siiirc^(.<5», C^^CS, fe^n:^, in a moment, quickly.

C«5rf5T, s. %«Tft", f^p^l, ^^"^5 a taunt, a jeer, a joke.

C<tf^ ^n, 5. ^'h'^tJU" ^^1, C<r;grif^ <^'<T!, taunting, jeering.

C^^l^, s. <C^^^, ^TfT^", fl^^I<5, a moment of time.

C<C^T^C^, ad. ^i4iMC<l>, ^TC^^C^, ^l^T^'S, in a moment of time:

C-^r^;^, ) ^- C^tC^j C<t*^R5^T^, some one, several, some.

c<^, s. r«r<r!^, ^C'ifgf, vfiv?!i% c^^ ^f% ^ssr^^ ific-it^, ji^^, a?

grudge, secret ill a\m11, hate, going and returning once,

one time, once.

C<r«frc«^f^, o. f^"5T5CTfl[^f^, feeling mutual ill will, discordant.

C^ff^SWl, s. ^^i;c^ ^tf^S ^TC?T f^^1, feeling about, searching.

C-^"^ C"5rc% ad. "^^ ^T^¥, TTSn;^, again and again, repeatedly.

C^^], s. ^ v£)T!, -s^^f ort^^, ^^ ^^1^ ^5fr^, forgiveness, par-

don, remission, forbearance.

C<5TtC?!fsni s. ^f^ '<fTO ^ ^fe^ ^Tlj, power to pardon or to punish.

!<in 147

C-^r^Ii^^, ) n. c^rsn ^T1 ^«tS^, C-^sit^t^, ^r^f^, forbearing,

C-aTsTT^T^, J forgiving, ready to pardon, gracious, lenient, patient.

C'Ti'sr, V. wr^ C!fT^ »ilf^? Tf^;, to pardon, to forgive, to remit.

C-sf ?, 5. Sifi^ "^ ^srrfiR" ^[^1^ fj.^, thatch, dry grass, straw.

C-^r^f^, 5. c<f5 «r^i ^I^, ^"1^^ ^^^ a jungle where thatch grows.

C^rciJ^, «. ^^1, coarse and short thread.


C-«r:^5, a. r^, 'HsliJTJ, C?^Cl?r, low, vile, mean, filthy, untidy.

C-drc^^^TC^fC^'K, a. ^15^ f^fpJn FST^, offensive in smell like urine.

c-afiT, 5. ?[«nar f^jp^ fe^Pi ^^^ l^'<rifT5 srr^i?^ ^^, ^^ <TPfi ^srrfif

*Q?[?n z^, a class, i division of the people set apart

by the king for some particular work ; a game, a piny.

CifPT ^j^, 5. a^T^n, onirf^ ^RTI, ^^ <nn, play, sport, a game of chance.
C-^f^IC^rjfU 5. FT^r *fl^ ^!fw<C C'^r.'T ^^n, playing a game of chance.
C-ar.^C^iT^:^, cu/. <Wil ?pft, C?^^ ^C^, ^^, Joudly, boisler-

ously, vociferously.

C^f^^fiTT^, p. ^^ "Irfl?, to laugh boisterously.

C^ffRI, 5. «Rrt ^Sfsn ^»5, playthings, toys.


<frf^ ^ar ^^fir

c^!5c<^S, "'Bw^f ^>8"5rti^ orrsn,

^ niS^ srre, a pleasure boat.
c<uiaifS^, confused,
mixed, thrown together in disorder, half washed, roiled.

C^^l^ s. TW Of^nf^, play, sport, amusement.

c-^fj^, r. 4?rl^, omrsi ^ft, c<5r5 «fT«n5 c^rcri, ^«n ctft srr^, to

play, to sport; a. expert at play or games, far seeing.

C-^rf^rorfsT, s. irc 9tft1, §?m^«pl cfsri, ^srftnc^lf^, confusion, per-

plexity, uncertainty.

C-ifsrsn, a. 4)C9 CiT^rc^, C^ftr, belonging to a khcl or class, playful.

C<rc?T<TI^, a. J^^ffff, ^sn^l^cnr, every, each.
C-^rc^fT^n, «. C'«f5T ^ifl, Onnf^ ^ri, engaged in play, sporting dtc.

C<r«j1, a. «fTf^ f??1, C^t^, «fT3C C^r«n, crossed, passed over.

C'ifsTfsT, s, c<S finn «rT?T, a cast net or one thrown by hand.
«J^ ^T^^ ^^ C^, (5^ C^^ ^^^ ^^^^ China, the Chinese.
<:tr^, s.

C-^r^iiJjfVfTn, a. 7^^, xrc^ ^jrrTj^ 9^., having a cough.

C-^r^^fel, 5. P51 5[T^^, JUTRT 5rr^5, a common labourer who lives
at the house of another.
C'^rc^^, a. CrlCT^, C^CSpn, unclean, untidy, slovenly.
C^C^ C<:^. :..
7^]fk <if^ Tf^, the noise of continuous coughing.
t-^^rf^, 5. ^9n^;rr5, chalk.
us cMK'm

t<r?1, s. Bli; ^^1^1 ^t^^, <«jNi>l!. a labourer who works for food

and clothes, a labourer.

t<tZ, s. ^£|f^?r W9fT '^ft, a tree held? sacred by the hindoos.

C'Jrt^, a. crriR ^^1, fkf^ <5^i, fnMr5tvT f^U: IWl, eaten, fitted,

joined or matched, crossed over a stream.

C^TT^TTC^T^l, 5. 7[\Ti?i-, f^^ :^p[^ cohabiting, living together.

C<rT^!i.<l^o^l, s. 2iZe^, (TStgRj manner of living, eating and drinking.
c<iwt-5]t-, 5. ^^ti:^^ ^^^5 ^wi ^t:^ w.^ cm^'^ W^, fighting or

devouring each other, eating together.

C^lt^, 5. "^^j 3^5J C-ifr^tf^, a corner, a recess.

C"Cr^, s. <1^4 ^T5 ^nrl TRJS?!, a small bamboo trap for catching fish,

c<rT^ ^^1, 5. 511^ ^fert^ c-^rT^i '?r5i, '^iZ^ ^rw -^Ti, setting
the above, figuratively the hone of obtaining anything.
CftViV^W,, S' ^\7(t, ^5(17T^, 4fni. ^<r5 -^r^^ ^r^, fear, doubt,,

hesitation in reading or repeating anything.

cJlF/ 5. c^gfiWI snfe^ 1%cl, ^t^ 51^1, a stab, a thrust.

C*5iFR '^'fk, s. STi^^ <f^ f5f¥T^ cTC^^I ^^% a bamboo stake

used in turning dead bodies when burning.
C"lrtFf^ pr^T^, s. c^ ^TC^i<l C^T^5 a griping pain in the bowels.
C<ny^, s. ^f^^t^ ^^t^T, cSf^ ^JiT, difficult, requiring close applicr*tion.

C-dri^Tl? a. "^^i, ttivJ T5C^r^5 stirred, loosened, investigated.

cSt^I, a. ^^ sr^l, c<ftl? ^ITl, C^STiW ^f^C^ cfe ^^i, pierced,

punched, thrust through.
c-ftTiFi SRI, 5. ^t?TO c<rc^x<r mn ^^i, ^rci? _srrc^ ^^ <:^, c^nm ^a1,
inserting thatch to repair a roof, piercing, thrustiryg &c.
C^TR, V. ^srTR, ^z^^ -pf^i CsfT^ift, f^"^ -^t ^4^\ <^ Wr>
to stir up, to loosen, to open out.

C-^tCFRI, s. C^j%, ^<ylr{^ FH?r1 ^1^ fs^^ C<ft^, the fastenings

or ends of the waist cloth.

C-JtC^i^, s, ^^l, C'^'i^iR C'HUM^^^^, du^ ^(<n, digging or scratch-

ing the ground, as fowls.

-C<ff^ ir^^ «. cftCi;!:^ ^K^TI, C-St^, bitten, pecked.

C<rr^1%, s. C^fifXf^, "^"^ 1%5"^^ ^T'?f, a room, an apartment.

C'^rir^'^ OrTClt !^1, a. ?:^t<P ^'?n ^^l, broken, defaced, battered, dinted.

C^rtC'irt'^^, V. c^-j^Ti^ C'SnC'^te ^l, to stammer from anger or

an impediment in speech.
to make a low ru>lling sound.
C'ftrt5C^r5f^, V. ^t-^r^^, C^^ll^am^,
space pass-
^-r--^ 5. ^f^ ^J[r^ f^^, ^r^^ ^^. a f'^ot print, the

ed over by the foot in walking or running.

^^, walk, to go aff)ot.
c-3fTif ^fC V. <nt ai^, ^rn? ^r.-R, to

one who lives on alms.

n, s. WT^ TPn, ^R?^ fym^ ^^. <^^n?: ^^l, having the

range of a flock, as a bull or ram.

C-^ITr;, 5. ^9n,Wi-UI ^^, ^ ^<rl, begging, desiring; a. oskrd for,

requested in marriage.

ing for a girl and placing on her the usual ornamenis.

C'»f:'n:««rrTfrt, r. ^?i*f *fTf^ "Ef^c-g- <r7f^ arrF-.i, to roil, to stir

up, to make mudd;.

c^mrr^, >. cmirrfsr c«r-«Tr^i mm, c^rr^ sifci *fTM, c^m, muddi-
ness, turbid ness, foulness.

C-5r.7i, «. V«n ^s'c^ C^rrc-trnsTrt C?»T«1, C^^ftin'^ CZVsn, stam-

mering; 5. a stammerer, a stutterer.
<:-9r:c^, jjron. C<r:^, C^Jl^, some one, some body.

C<ri*t, 5. <rf^, ^SHf-^r, C^, a shoulder or notch cut in one limber

to hidd another, the notches in a stick used as a ladder,

anger or secret revenge.

C^TMf^, »• ^^ •tfis >iTi, pressing in the toes io walking with

care not to slip.

c^.-j^f^ 'tfTs. V. Bf^ ?(:'«fc^ ^rrciTT^ srTf< ^n» 'm^ ^C9 ^t7 <r^,
to stand one's ground, to make a stand, to press down the
toes and guard one's self from slipping.

C<r*n, 5. 'uf^ C^n^r^ ^^, a bunch of hair bound i.. .i ivawi on the
crown or behind the head, a crest.

C^rr^ ??in, s. ^-Jf »i^, ^^o ^"^ C?nB ^sn, the looking with an evil
eye on the things of others, supposed to be attended with evil

to the latter.

<:< H, >. ^^ •*rTcT, ^54iJ*l1 Hvi, a shallow pit, a cavity.

C-*::^ CcTRsn, s. t^ C^ir^n, if^ ^fifvil ^Sft CS^Vsn, the understanding
of an affair, the act of burrowing, making a place of resort.
C-^rr^l, a. Crfc^<ri, C^TTI, lame, crippled, unsound in liml).
loO %|
C-^l^r^, V. C'JTC^fef?", ^tcT^ C<tli ^f^'^ C^t^5r^, to limp, to

walk lame, to halt.

CiltC^iW, s. sr^i, C'^rr?. C5fl^?, a cavity, a hollow in a trc^e, a fissure-

CsrtC^r?', s. CFt'^f^ ^ti^, a slip Ivnot.

C^ltc?, 5. ^^UtT 1%C7T5f, ^?r «T|^rr5 «tt:r, a kind of drum, a dish

extemporized from ihe stalk of the plantain, a hoUowj

f.'»r\^f^, 5. 7S^ it^^ iWi 1%^1, a hollowing out, a mortise.

C-^t^, 5. -STtf^^ <Tt:s^ ^?ri CWt-^JX, ^1^ ^r^tel Tn§: ei %^, a bit

of broken earthen vessel, blasted or immature grain, an

empty cocoon, mortising or hollowing out.

C^W^f^, s. 5[ti^"5'5^T^^^'^^^\F'^'"f^, pieces of broken earthen vessel.

C-iitcrr^^ffwl, s. fsm sp 1wl f^l, a kind of pastry.

C^tcTl <2C5Tt^1, a. il<jjci1, dir:^ ;TT^f^<ri C^^% empty, having nothing.

C«ilT^:rt^, s, ^^, ^t^ 9ff^, ^^tfJr^, the particulars from first to

last; with cn^TI, doubt, indecision, perplexity.

C^n^l, s. Jiv^-if^ C^tn, ^Wl, C«flft5l 51^1, a splice, lengthened by &c.
or\ 5. C-^rt^, <It^, 7^^ C^t^ RuiJi, a kind of small basket.
C<^C<t, ad. c^-c5\ <r*C^, -pfTf^ 7[^^ ^?1, pouring rapidly.
<r5, .f. TTI, ^1 TT!, a cut, a wound, a hurt.

•Sirs f^'9lT5, a. ?[6^ "ill c^^n, covered with wounds, sorely v/ounded.
•5lTf^, s. ^'ip, ^9f^]^^ TC^ 7^, injury, loss, hurt, damnge.
-^rjTT, s. f^r^TTf, ^srf^ ^^9^ ^rp?T, a period of four minutes, also a
moment of time, an instant.

^jf»i<*, a. •ftfdf%?1, ^I«?f^f?rl, brief^ evanescent, momentary.

M", ^^<r, ^^.'fJl'^, INp, the letter g^. It has uniformly the hard
sound as in gun.
^tf^, s, ^5^» ^^T^, a refuge, protection, a place of safety.

^f^, a. ^rtft Q]-?5l, <[tf^'% (TTt^Tl, ^rri^ CTt^r, knotty, having joints,

stinted in growth; s. a disease of the joints.

^51, a. f%i%^5ff%^:r^^:^C^, siezedby the neck and thrust violently.

^ferfl'^ V. 1%fw^ 5fj% CFi% fk*^, to sieze by the neck and thrust.

5fTp, s. ^^:^"5, c^, pride, scorn, disdain, haughtiness,

fer^, a. ctos?, ^n^ proud, scornful, haughty,

^flwr^ffe, s. c^^;:^ C^C^f^, "Jfl^^t^fsi-, mutual scorn, estrangement.

^nn, s. ^t^|%?r!, ^r?'5 ^^, a villager; a. belonging to a village.
9f^, s» vfl1^<f ^^ ®^, a rhinoceros.

?f^fi^<n, a. Ihrc^ if^l, f^ ;5t^^ C^^l, havinfr a hirgc neck.

?i"?:rr, 5. ^^ ^«rrlTf C^^rrsn C^n ^, a fold, an enclosure, a pen.

^rn, 5. CZr^ -ftl^WR :pt:5 f?<n ^IT, a bamboo placed under a
partition to prevent rotting.

^ ^Pft, V, ^^^f 5p^, spf ^^^1, to indulge in pride, arrogance &c.

?r^T, 5, sf^TT, the letter sf, or any character representing its sound,
?:sR, 5. ^srr^Jtr^, '^i*^*
^^® ^^y* ^'^^ firmament, space.

^fstTf ;[!S^, 5. WI4kl3Fi xri^f, the circle of the heavens.

^^R1, 5. ^T^ ^"^ ^ifJ f^CfT, a small musical instrument of bamboo.

sfyr^n, 5. 'srr^fsT ^^r^l C^sf ^f^, a disease of the fingers.

?ft?f, 5. 'srrc^il vFtSfl^nn^ •fjB ^It^? JICv^, a title or address of

persons of rank among the A horns.
^nn, 5. «rfff<f<ir ?rffir, the riFer Ganges, said in the Hindoo shasters
to run in three streams, viz, the heavenly Ganges, the earthly
Ganges, and the Ganges of the lower regions.
stirtl»ft?1, o, ¥8Wfi^, finfw, ^ffl, sparkling, glistening, clear, white.

^3f15f?, s. f^?^ vii^f ^!?r, literally the holder of the Ganges, a name
of Iliwo, given because he is said to have held the Ganges
a thousand years in the matted hair of his head.

?r5, 5. f^^, ^l^jlP Tps, a tree, applied to things long and slender.
y^^.''-^, the act of trampling under
<. ^rrBs,'^, ^f^:^ <r5^, foot.

si^cn, c. •r^^l, ^K^t C^TU ^\ trampled under foot, trodden down.

SKJf^, r. >Br<CC4 <5f9, to tread, to trample.

vrsf^r, 5. ^)sf^, 9Ufk, a woodland, a forest, a thicket.

ft^, 5. ^Tf^CViT5n'PfTi,fir*n^fT<r,fa3rtT ^Tt,a candlestick, copulation.

ifST^, t;. ftc^^^, C^TfH ^SR fWTft^ 'trsft ftin, to weed out, to
fix a valuation in case of loss or injury and miko it over.

?fM^,>i. ^^T, ^FT^R, WT, stout, large, heavy.

^1%, s. sjfJvrM, 9fC5 t^irs C<rt^, paddy in the straw.

5r%«4t4i, 5. JfpR ^5Tlff'C C^rr^n "Crr^, a granary for unthrc?lic(J ^^rniri,

^cyr^, a. t^^Tsn, ^rsft finr, thinned or weeded out.

^:Mwf^, s. ST53 ^ft^ -sm ^r^, ^fy^n, f^C^l^sit^, one who can
climb ; v. to cause to be weeded,
^f^, 5. trf^/.tj^^fi?!, 5rrf% T\ c^<[ ^, an elephant, a yard, a yard
measure, a roasting spit.

"ff^^rkn, a. vS^^fen, ^^, -inisrc^fl^SI, firm, stiiT/decided.

'ffS^rf^, a. fsf^ ?f»R, VifliT C-^rrsr, ^rfl^^ ?T,% ^c1, having an

elephant's slow and measure^ gait, slow paced.



c-y-:^, C9fri:^r5n 5rtl%

an elephant's tusk, ivory.

Car^ a stately gait.

^:w^, s. ^i^ srsn ^rs '^:'^, ^mlf^ ^8Cc^t^1, sprouting, a general

term for whatever sprouts and grows out of the earth.

srsiirfT!. s. Ti1l5 Wv^ CCl^l "^sH, a very large pearl fabulously

said to be produced in the head of an elephant.

^rSr^TI, -i
a- Tlfs ^JPi, f^^ ^rfs1%^1, ij^%f5=.<n, "iTu^sr^, having

^rs^!%<rl, ) an elephant shaped head; s. a hornless cow, a bad

omen, a term of abuse.
sfSi^rl, «• ^»?r^ sr^l, nailed, fastened with nails, pegs &:.c.

SfMf«n^, a. C\5^1t ^^ C^T^1, youthful, fresh.

STSil, a, Sft^ C^^1, ^^ ^f^ S"^^, sprouted, germinated.

^mtC^ltSl^, s. C^rc^r f^fsfk Wfi ^^, MUff^ sr^, thunder, bellowing,

a rumbling of the bowels.

^TSjT^T, 5. CiTT^ ^t, a nail, a tack, a peg.

srifij%, 5. (tSTC^T^I, ^'f^, ^Sif^ 5[^, a sprout, a twig; v. to nail.

^j%, t'. ^t^ 5if^,^f^ ^i:^^, to sprout, to germinate, to shoot forth,

St1%^, s. ^ItW^, ^^ "tlf^, ^ Tj^T; the name of a fabulous elephant.

9fi%rg '^'^^, s. Tr1% C^SR ^; 'J5, a person of great si^e and strength.

STC^T^I, s. •'tCwl^l, ^fetii f*Tin, causing to sprout.

^'-T^, a. \5l^, ^^, fere, thick, close together, packed.

^3, 5. 9R?r, ^t^T^ "5^5^, the goitre, the cheek bone, the cheek.

^r^C^rts?, » s. c^tci^^, ^cn-^r., a tumult, an uproar, a mob, an

^TSCVil'Tf, i insurrection, a mutiny.

'^'i^, s. ^^f, ""ojij^vi;!^, W^, pride, arrogance, ostentation.

M"^T%, a- fei^, ^sr^TCtf^, arrogant, boastful, obstreperous.^

^'tsl^^l, 5. "^ ^4], W^tj%, arrogant, boastful or deliant language.

•^r'Sl, 5. FTf^ ^<[1, Fft^l, ^1, four, four cowries, counting by fours.

^^f^, s. «i^:5 -^^^ ^T^ ^^:5 Tfr^TTT^ ^J^ C^T^xl ^fw, a river in

hindoostan famous for the Halogram or sacred stone found

in it which is worshipped as the representation of Vishnoo.

^971, s. N»li[?imi ^T5<: i;cn^i:5 ^f^ -s^tR Sst;, a handful of water

held in the palm of the hand to wash the mouth.

srs, a. C^W, ^, ^^^, <^iVf^, past, gone, transpired j s. natural

disposition, manner of doing.

^i^l«i, s. C5T^ 7{^f ^ '^^, time gone by, the past.

^m^, r. C7n'<rr?", s^^rf^, ^-sf^ ^f^, to make over, to deposit.

^Ttir5, 5. ^31^ c*i^l, WT^ t?t sT^, intercourse, coming and going.
^fz, s. 9^^, "^^^t ^IW*'* ^nrij 'jf^j motion, progress, condition
in life^ a means of deliverance, fate, final condition, the

attainment of eternal bliss after death.

'i^ft^, s. ip^i, 3(1, ^-Kf^, order, succession, manner, means of doing.
^fliC^, \ ad. IRTC^, ifijf, (f^C4C?, somehow, eomo way, by some
^ft^csr, i means.
^I^srf^, s. ^5^8, ^^151 COT ^ret-e, a good or bad disposition ns mani-
fested by the actions.

^Rrf^, a.* srfs ^f^, molionlew, helpless, without relief.

^C^ srC3, ad, ^l^iK^, ^^fir, ^irs m«, exactly, carefully.
^CTnsn, a. CTTCMtsil, ^*R ?R1, deposited, made over, delivered up.
Wr^f ^rr^, 5. 'orpr'R'S ^ W<9 irT3 ^^ ^^ csn^^, speech in-

terrupted by sobs or extreme joy.

^f?^, 5. str<f, an ass, a donkey.

^w^, a, c^f\, ^?r*n, ifsn. ^Tf% c iuM f<ift« finn Jf f»ren, dilatory,

slow, a cloth spread under a saddle or elephant's guddy.

sm^, a. ^I^, inf^ 9t^, fat, plump, fleshy.

^I^fTI ^nr^, s. c^t'tf? ori'^r?, c^nnnil, a chunk, a shon thick piece.

^nn, J. ^5U ftcPi, fGTS^ ITTM f<t&» a mace, a club, the back of

the sitol fish.

5PmR, i. ^M^ C^f^ ^WT? ^mr, fw^r^ ^^ 5^» the name of


a king of Assam, a name of Khrishua the bearer of a club.

^finn^, ». Wt^^ CT^ ^ ifl^ fvffec^ H^, to beat with the back
of a kuife or sword or the lower part of the hand.
^rfrR5^, s. -5^ (?nc^t5n ^^, citC^WI, prose writing, prose.

<r<^, a. ^^S^ C^rc^t^, IFTfV, srft^, srl%?, fiSf^-, heavy, weighty,

momentous, serious, sad.

^fvr^TfiT, a. ^PR «t«, sedate, sober, staid, grave.

9pfcn, \ s. yjfjl, c^(%i jjt<I CSiVsn, evening, sunset.

Wfii C^Nt^, s. TP¥\ vflfTjv, a flower that blossoms at evening.

154 stH

5t?d"fl=I C^f^l, s. ^f^f^ ^^, ?f*£f%, towards evening, dusk, twilight.

9f^, 5. ^, 2W^, ^^^5 1%^t^, a genus, a class, a multitude.

i[^r^, 5. CW\fzf^9 ^T^ ^f^K, a fo^rtunc teller, an astrologer, a

calculator of nativities,

9l7(9r^, s. -5^^ "JR;^ ^tfe^ <i»r)^<p*(l$. .C§it^ ;^, a reverberation, a

concussion of sound.

9|7n%, s. C^S^I, 9(TR1, f^?;^, a numbering, reckoning; with ^f^j;,

to count, to number, to reckon.

?r^T^5 5. ^r^, 'jf^f^, C5^<r, arithmetic, a calculation, a number,

^s^ft, s. f^l ^9 *JtC^T^, a ringleader, a name of Gonesh.

^^, a. C^T^TI, ^^, 5[^, reckoned, counted, esteemed.

^fs^T^liT, «• ^•Rl ^^» 5T^ <!1 5117(7 ^Cl> reckoned, counted, esteem-
ed ; with a negative regardless of fear or favour.

StT^HoHj s. ^l[], |%11, '5 3 ^iCJ C^r^iri^ ^^], secret conversation

about the probabilities of some rumour or event.

'i\% V. 9RiT ^R, Crif^r, CJrr^Tt, stTR, to count, to add up, to

enumerate, to calculate, to esteem, to account.

^rf^^1, s. C^jgl, ^iB", a harlot.

^TO, s. %R"^, C^<r ^^^1, C^Tf%^ ^1%5 ^T^^ ^R, enumerated,

counted; s. the title of a treatise on astrology, arithmetic.

5fC5^,, s. f^iir 'Pf:^, 1%f5rfjT Tl^T^, the elephant headed deity, Gonesh.

^f^^, 5. "^t^^l 91^^, brimstone, sulphur.

^rw^^^, s- ^^W^, ^"i^ '5^^ ^Tf%^ ^c^ ^<?l ^>ff% ^^, musk.
9f^5^^, s. ;§7Tf5 "5^^, ^'jfl I?-"^^, a kind of sandal wood or perfume.

^f^CTc^, s. ^'jff^ C5cT, ^srr^^ ^Ht, perfume in general.

^^^3T, 5. ^tR ^^, myrrh.

^^, s. ^-s^C^^lil^ ^^"5 9fliR, a demigod, the fabled choristers of
the hindoo heaven.

9f^f^, s. "W:'^^"^, 'itW^'^ t%C^Tl, fem. of the above, the female

dancers or courtesans of the hindoo heaven.

9t^^^^, s. C^K^l^ ^T^ ^f^'<, the Sassafras tree, the timber of

which is much used for boats,

^r^, a. 9liTf%, C^'Ot c^ «^9t1, £t^t^, numerable, calculable.

^-5^, s. ^ii*4\-^, ^-^, ^^«f^ <?9l1, C<i\^f an idle tale_, vain boasting,

idle talk, mere chitchat.

9t^^f^?1, «.[IiK;^ ^iC^ ^^, ^^J^ ^^t TT-^, burning, raging.


sr^ 155

9f*f5fvff^, s. stfi?t?lfii, a burning sensation as in fever.

^«t1, a. t%^ ^^1, ^5^ B^, considered, thought over or reflected upon.
9f<>lf?, V. 5rr*f fpr» ^^tR^^, sr-^sft, to swell or sprout seed previous

to sowing, to be reserved or sullenly silent.

^*fTM'f*f, s. TTtc^T! PfC^T 9r^ ^;j1, a mutual estrangement.

?tf*f, r. r<5W5m ^rrft, 5t^rc7, to ihiuk, to consider; a. boastful, proud.

?rfMf*f©, ». f5T%, ^^rf^r, ^t^nr^ 15\t, fez^^ ^R, to think over,

to revolve in the mind, to look at on all sides.

^r*^, «. ^^^if^, CstKWW, disdainful, scornful, reserved.

'Jtmin^f^f, a. C^cvmi CiTCilfl^r, cto?1 C^C^C, disdainful, estranged.

^<fr^1, a. ?n*ffinn, ^>n^^^, swollen, sprouted, reserved, secret

?fm^, 5. ^errs^, 5f ^tf^ ^^ft^t^r ncfrai ^ ^*nt T^qh], an

instigator, aider or abettor of crime.
sm^, 5. snsi «Tri, 5jf^5 «1^, a n»a'e child.

ifiT, 5. ^hSrrsT, ^sn^, TJB, au intimation, a hint, a perception, an in-

distinct idea or conception, apprehension.

^5i?ffirin, «. «)ft^ ^^y «7^^, chcerlcda, gloomy, dismal.

sr;R, 5. C<r« ^1, <rr^. isnr, fa C^r^, the act of going, motion,

march, progress, coition.

iHRt^^, s. cwrcn ^BTO. intercourse, going and coming.

'»?5I^, s. fr<r^ C<l«<l 'i^f a stamping, the sound of heavy footsteps.

9fjn, a. «^, ft^> ^sr^siR ^fTl, thought over, reflected upon, im-

agined, conceived in the mind.

^nrtf^, s. ^t vflfw, an ornamental tree, ( gmclina arboria.

?f|^, ». ^r^, f^ni, '«i'4vm ^ft, to think, to reflect, to conceive of.

'iTsrj, ^ft^ 5^^, accessible, practicable, attainable, passable.


sf^^, 5. f%lR, ^^T, "T^S^fj^, an enclosed and sheltered place.

^r^^i ) «. ^ft^, Ifj ^'^ ^^Q, deep, profound, grave, sober,
^r^, ) stern.

^t?1» 5. fz^ ^^ f^C^i^, a city in Behar, a place of pilgrimage.

51^, s. 5fl^, 5f^f^, ^^ ^*f, ^l>Jil4 ^^, a sleeper or support of a

superstructure, a wall, a breast work, a fort, a stronghold.

sf^^, a. <F^, tvs^

trodden down ;
^ s.
fwin ^rft, c^c^^l^sn
the treadles of a loom, a trap.
^srrfif sr^i f^f^i,

SRRP, V. "ir^iTP, C%fb, to trample, to tread down.

^•^r^i 5. ^^ V]'^^ <rt^, a trench about a fortiCcation.
lo6 ?lf^

^f^tifl, 5. 9f^ ^•sfi CcTt^j a cow keeper.

^^^^r^, s. C^c^r^srfi^ 7^, -sftf^ ^s^^ ^^^ a roar, as of a (cm-

pest or of falling \rater. 7
^5f^U s. Cv^] ;|t^ ^STif^R: Wi% <^'V, a worker in metals.

^^, 5. -sTif^ ^^ tt^ R'W^I '^, a piece of bamboo of sev-

eral joints, used for carrying water.
9f<T:;§rp5Jl, 5. t'Sl^J{ 7^, ^5f c^rporl, the sexual embrace, copulation.
^ra«?, .5. 1%I% \Ft^^ C??t^ ^f5f, 9f5T?f«3, the goitre.
^?^"R^5 s. ^^ f^, a deadly poison.

^t^, 5. f^f^ i?t<^ ^sitf^, t^^ -pft:^, steep, precipitous ; s. a bank.

^fit, w. C?fr^t, 5^^, ^"^^j c|5l%, ^tt, to gather together,

to heap up, to pile up.

^<i<?i^, s, 9Rt^ Wtf^, ^r^T^ '^\^y the side of a bank or steep place.
^^tf%, 5. ^srfif^^^ ^tfsr, *tf%, owner, proprietor, keeper, head.
^?^^, a. C^rf^tC^rf^, ;?^?n f^f^^n, whole, entire, unbroken rice.
^<k, 5. ^SHR; ^TPT, WT, as much rice or other food as may be
pressed together by the fingers for a mouthful, swallowing.

mussulman or follower of Mahommed, an ox that wont

work, paddy that remains unparched over strong heat.

^fferl 'srtcT, s. "^^1 W]«=T v£iR5f, a species of sweet potato.

9ffe^, ^ s. -R^l, CW\ CTtcTt, C^65l iWl, rebuke, reproof, repre-

sfft^l, \ hension; with ^f%, to upbraid, to reproach, to chide.

^^, s. c^n, C<^, 5[^ a cow or ox, a simpleton.

^^^1, s. Jit^ ^f^^, a species of fish.

^f^'srl sfcTl, a. <^ ^e?, >€^<pt^1 ^5?, sullen, morose, surly.

^\F, ) s. «^ri%Tt^, ^^J^ ^^> in hindoo mythology the bird

9f^r3, / and vehicle of Vishnoo, being something between a man

and a bird, and regarded as the regent of birds.

5f^^^f<r, s. 9f5i; C^r5I1 ^^^1, 9f^Q, ^i^ ^f^'<, a vegetable fun-

gus on plants or trees, the vehicle of Vishnoo.
5f^7^^r^, a. cm^tcmt ^^ ^^^r C^t^, aff<r^ C^t^r^l, ordered
out of sight, detestable, hateful to the sight.

9ft^, s. STi^ ^1^'<, a species of fish.

9ft^^, s. ^^ v5c=ra <?fTl ?f^, 9Ra;f^j the moveable supports of a

floor in the bottom of a boat.
?fw KV

gathered together, licaped, piled.

src^r^l, a. C5fir^3n, PfC^rrsn,

sr?ffel, a. ^9Rft: ^, •errt t<r JT^F^ ^1 f^f^ C^rsil, boisterous,

roaring, satisfied and strengthened by eating.

9flf^, 5. csm^ 'i^, ^ vStf^, thunder, tumuli, roaring or bellowing.

'itm, a. 9m\ an:"5r7pvf ^sn, thundering, roaring, bellowing, growling.

vffsT, w. «ttfa, ITtf ^fV, to roar, to tiiundcr, to rumble, to rage, to scold.
^TS, 5. ^rr^, <ft5T, a care, an excavation, a pit.

«1T, s. ^r^rnr, ^*f, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, scorn.

^f^9 a, 'ST^vrf^, ^r*f, arrogant, haughty, scornful.

^f^m, o. OT ^R1, ^sr^rrf?', proud, vain-glorious, haughty.

snir, a foetus, embryo or unborn child, the belly, 4hc womb,

the spatha of a plant, the inside, the middle.

M^VlT^, 5. C*f^ C^Vsn, «rTf%f5r C^ran, conception, pregnancy.

^J^TCT^fl* 5. C<1^ CTWt absceas, a disease of the bowels.

^rB*(\^, 5. V^jl^, sp^ ;rfe C^[t^, a miscarriage, an abortion.

"it^kPs, a. ^ CKV^ lis, ^ •{f^W, ^\ ^^f'nn. pregnant, with child.
'iVBP^, J. JR4f ^n^, 351 "*ll>i^, the secrets of the mind.

^5:, s, tT^,iffTf5Pf^,firfB^,^«f,?rW51, likeness, similarity, resemblance.

^^Rt s. sf^T^ C^, ^P5 ^9\J CK5, the price paid for making or
repairing brazen or metal vessels.

S1X1, a. f^ ^ f^flft ^^, Jiwl z\ firiv^ ^T\, censured, forged.

STl¥5, a, f^M^, ftf^, Jfsrf^, dfpWtVT «m, tf«r, despicable,

handsome, comely, bcautilul.

^IWI C<r«n, a. MTf^I ^t ^, treated with scurrility and abuse.

^C^T^, s. «C<I>«(1 ^ JfCWT^n, forging, working in metals.

^fT, 5. ?rt, f^ftf, C^, the neck.

<m^rs, s. ^^^, frsfir ^8f3r Ci^^l, the goitre.

ifST^, 5. ^5!5f^, Vaf^A *f^ C3TC?r»n, /i/. fastened to the neck, i. c.

involvement in difficulty.

^s^^lWl, a. ^rpR TtTS, ^ *f^, speaking in the throat, hoarse.

9r^n:5*n, s. ftfw C5*n, C^^ C^*n ar^, throttling or strangling.

9r^5^, 5. S^, 9f^^ >8'pr^ ^sf, 7{T^ feuni ^, the upper part of

the neck, the prow of a boat.

^>f|, s.
^J^T^ JrpST?" f%SR >G'5f5 ^R1 ^ft^, the beam in whicii

the screw of a sugar mill revolves.

158 ifrl%

•yTrl^t-i^rr^, s. ^7\^^v\, <?f^^ ^f^ f^l>fk, the dewlap of cattle.

•rr^-pf^jl, 5. t%^ <?-k^ ^^^t^, a nock ornament v/ora by women.

^•JiC<!<lI, s. 9tv{i5 C^T^rl ^Ttfsf, a disease of the neck.

^^iilfT^, a. ^«fe C^*^1, ^TC^I <ilf%^, having a stripe around the

neck ; s. a species of parrot;

5frnrl, 5. 'S^rg'^ ^tC^tWlci, one who manages the prow of a boat.

^cT^^l^, s. ^fc^C Jpsf, ^rf CT^f<[, the sound of hemming or hawk-

ing from the tiiroat.

9rcTC^U5?Tl, s. f^r^-5 c^t^ C^t^, a disease of the throat.

9fc=rc'^'^^1, a. f^f^ C*^rsil ^^^ '<f^1^ •ftTM^^I, a ciioking or

strangling, caused by some obstruction in the throat.

^fSTTC^ft's^, s. ^»n 1%^, -s^tsi^ ^^, 5ic^ 5ic^ ^T«^1, holding secret

^f^<rr^, V. 9ticn srrf^, to toss food into the mouth.

^f^<rt^l%, s. sftfsT 'sf^T'sfR, mutual abuse.

^5:^1, a. ^-^fl^t^tt^ 9f5i1, ^*Jp 9f5Tl, self sown, self produced.
^5^, a. ^fir ^tf^j M"ft^, "RR^^, impervious, thick s. a forest. ;

^^^, s. iff^^ 'srfi;'^^ ^W' a cave, a deep valley, a secluded arbor.

^^R", 5. 1%cif, C^y[\, delay, procrastination.

5tfer, a. 9rl%<r, ^f'efTi, deep, grave, profound.

^fcrtj%, a. M"5f^f%, j%"^ "^^r^^ slow in answering deciding or doing.

^vg, s. 5|;5r, a village.

^T^^fen, a. 9fT??[ ^sifen, ^r?^ <^Tff*f f^^:m, belonging to or

holdincT an office in a village.

^'ts^rft;^, s. ^n^ ^]m^ C^C^^^ ^C^ ^tsi <?T! fe?1, the ^cA;a/a

of a village.

^S'^Tl, 5. ^fril"^ STlii^ 2i"<t^ <1 ^<rj srt^, the head man of a village.

^rT]% fwl, a. (r|i% fwl, ^tf^ ^»C^^, pressed down. .

Ifl^c^, s. C^CsTi^l, ^f^^f^, a bundle; «, short and thick, chunked.

^f^, s. CW^^ '^:w^ C^t^l, ^tW, a joint of the body, a knot, a fasten-
ing; V. to knit, to knot, to string, to gather, to arrange.

^[t5, s. if^, <t5T, a cave, a hole, an excavation, a cavity.

^n1%j s. ^-s^f^^ ^^, a knot made in tying the two ends of a cloth

Itif%?t^, s.
class of evil spirits.
f^t^tl?^ f^iWl, ^ \5i^5ff^5n; an imaginary inferior
9fN;(, s. Slf^ ^tflf ^vM, liiiiiliiig, knotliug or siringiiig together,

orderly arrangement.

?rn5", *. ^ C^rilirrTI, u l.irge boil or abscess.

Ihft, s. ^^^r, ^rK^FT-^r^, ^<f^^ wr^rs ^it t^ fpnn ^5ti«r^ ^ui, a

cart, a wheel carriage, a headless trunk, the rows of


thread woven into the ends of a cloth.

^ | »»l'?<g C<!T^l, a barred or checkered cloth having coarse

threads interwoven at regular intervals throughout.

IfTftwfsT, s. <^f^, ^5r ZTin ^tS^ C<rr51, a large mortar for pound-

ing out rice or paddy.

TfT^F, 5. VPCZ1J{ cm^l, a pillow.

^r^ f^f?^«t, 5. srr^P^ oni^, a pillow case.

9fT<PM^, 5. sfr^<r "STI, the embroidered end of a round pillow.

f\KK\» *• ^f^fiRTI 5jrf^ sflfiWi a mountain tribe of Assam.

MtCTrc<m, 5' ^rft ^afW, a kind of large metal dish.

$t?fil?l, 5. 5tTr5 «f^, ^til^, a villager; a. belonging to a vilbgc.

$n. 5. Tf^'T, Clf^, the body.

^^, 5. sn^f^p sf^, fircir, ^ffif 71 sn^^^, a cow, each one per-
sonally; V. to sing, to chant, to repeat from memory.
^rtc^n^, a, ^^f^, ^g[f<571, fiwr, finn, separate, distinct.

M^t^*ftT5, a. gJC^TC^, «C^ WW, 2rf5¥C3T, each, every one, severally*

^fttr^l, a. ^SrfV ^«nn irnj^, beardless.

^ ^^, a. ^t4^» *!(.*! •HRl. ^fffWW^, frenzied, insubordinate.

wages paid to a singer ; proclaiming the good or evil of others.

«r;f«nc, $. \%^, f^^, tir, milk.

STTftnrf^, fl. TOjft, ^ «rtf<r<C SC^r^an, milch, giving milk plentifully,

sfTW V«n, 5. SR3 ^rrf-yr ^W ^^, ^nr ^^, the secret tlioughis,

^i«^ Itri, 5. *fi^^ ^^iTd f^ fejw, f%c^nn ctt^t ^fts c^n^i

73 frow, a scarf of fine silk.

] ^tfl'iX s. ^f^ ®^ *ft3, a kind of water jar, a pitcher.

^i^ff^ 5R1, s. C^n:^ ^3^ *^ ^^f' ''^ '^^"'» courage derived

from the sense of support or protection.
'i Tfstf^, s. 7^ ^fItsT ^fe, a species of grass-hopper.

f^r^C^I^, a. f^^I?^ C*f^,«:<1^^ilong-bcllicd like the above insect.

!r>o ^*f

'Jtl ^'^i i- fei '5'5, C<5t5i ^cR, one's own house, an adjoining house

^t^®, 5. ^^y\^k '^.f^^* 1W^ ^jfe^ ^C^ ^JTf^ C^t^, a glandular swelling,

sr^, 5. 9T>^* f%*rt^ smtfcT, -i^ftrsC ^trj^ ^-PlX, ^V^y t%^^, a tender
sprout, gauze; a. inner, secret.

sffU'^f^^^ 5. 9fn§J^ <r<15l, ^t^ (f^l, a pickle of bamboo sprouts.

5tt§ff^, s. Csr^I'^ ?r§R, thunder, any rumbling sound,

^^trflf, w. 9flf% ^r^, to thunder, to rumble, to roar.

^rfst ^pft, 5. \5tn ^1%, C^rCfr ^fS! ^^, ^^^St W^:, a roar-
ing, as of a tempest or of an angry' person.

^tfsi ^1» s. ^U-, 5it^-^ ^I^J^ 5T^ 3^^ Tpif, an intimation, a low
murmur of voices,
^f^ 'SiXK, s. CFT^l^rtn ^^^^1 '*\M\ 5Jt^, sprouted pulse from which
a kind of food is prepared.

sH ClfT^, a. ^^1, W^ C^fWi, sufficient to satisfy the desire.

^ife^, 5. 9r^ "PRJ f^CTfJT, a perfume for anointing the body.

^fTPfST, a. 3v5^, cvri^, Pfyfl, lazy, inactive, sluggish, mopish.

^n Fti% C^t^, s. ^rr^J^l C^t^, f^^t^ C^^r^l, affirming positively.

•^im, 5. v(\:^ jvr§, ftf^ ^^W5 -^1 ^srrjR, ^tr ^^ ^, ^r^^

^Jc^^t^ C^T^, the king's seat, an elephant's pad or howdah,
the back of a knife, daw^ &,e. the lower edge of the hand.

vrtf^l, 5. \FT^^ C^t^l, ?R # ^sr ^R1, ability to help, giving

the mind to any work.
"?ft J-^rft", V. ^•if c^rpsil, c<l>6?r< C*ft^1, to regret, to be sorry or
vexed with one's self.

^^, s. 9nvt%, ^if^, an ass, a donkey.

^tt'<f, 5. ^r^^5 ^-^ C^fetf^ C^^ ^t^ ^f^, crushed bamboo or

reeds braided for a floor or platform.

"^fltSfl^, -5. ^^ ?r.^1^ bathing or washing the body in water.

'^rt^, 5. f^Tj;, singing, a song, vocal music ; w^ith ^1%, to sing, to chant.
^IR^I, 5. ^TR ^^ CctT^, ciiT^I C?fr^, a chorister, one who sings
and plays on an instrument.
^T^f^c?!^, 5. ^'<p^rrnt, W^^, musk.
^T^f^f^^l, s. J^^ri^ ^ ^f^sf, lemon grass.
^T1%, s. ^Ti^ C«*rt^, W9fj% c-i^r^ viif?:5f, a species of bug.
'«ft*f, s. ^^, f^;5l ^^ d^i «ftCc^ ^^1 rjivf^ heat, warmth, heat
from formentaiion or pressure of damp substances.
^r«t 5^yn, a. ?frc<^ YHI, ^*f Sf^, heated by fermentation.

?rmi?, 5. r,-5::?pf^, ^^ns, a grown up girl; a. grown up.

9r:^^ ^Ic=T, i. C^:<isr^ <PT^, C^V^^ ^^T^, the age of puberty.

^rrs^C^S, 5. TS^T^ *Jv5 ^rt ^Tflf^ frc^IlJlT «i respectful title used in

addressing the wives of the sons or brothers of the king.

?n ^^5T, «. -5p("57F, ^ ^5Tf^, pregnant.

^Tf^, a. srrfBiTTvT, ^^IS, 55f^, wealthy, great.

«f1 BTf<r, a. ill ^rsf^, ^ *^f>I?1, WF?f3, corpulent, pregnant.
^r^, s. C?rT^4[ C-CBf, fyf^ vS^«1l wrfV^ feTn, the pace of a horse,
the headman of several mountain tribes of Assam.
str^«9fr^, 5. ^f^ <fry. a bracelet worn by men.
^ 1^> ^' ^ ^^^* ^^ arc^rCTC^S ^s?1, to stretch, to yawn.
M'lCsrrsI, 5. sfl C^I^, ^ JTFI, a towel, a napkin, a handkerchief.
%^<t^, 5. ^liTV, sr:^ ^irin, ^f^sr^, a singer, a chanter.
^r: iifi, 5. c^^nr ^«3 C^rt^* ^ sra, 5'W frc^W, a sacred verse of the
Kig Veda, generally repeated mentally, and considered by
the brahmins too sacred to be repeated in the hearing of
persons not wearing the sacred thread.

?rT«T, 5. ^fc^tt^, 5^ T^i ^«r» fv5Tr^, vuc^fsr ^f«nn^ c-ftrsn, the

check, a little, a mouthful.

?fTW ^wn, 5. ur^ srm, Jr:5 *fin Wl •uf'W, a bamboo fish trap.

sn?^ SfTl, ». ^'•r^ ^IL«C4 fJT C^rpsn, potting food into the mouth.

srrf^, 5. f^'sn sirs, cmnn c^rnsn jits, abusive iiM.n!i"p.

m^fil, 5. ZTI, ^['P^, a hog, swine.

^ifijipn, s. c«lci[5J ^ «rft^, JW? ^W, »f"»rf% ^W, indifferent in

regard to others, wealthy, opulent.

fsrsfsfyr^, r. ft^ft^lt, STTO, ?(^R1, <\ ^5^, to feel a sharp

cutting pain in the bowels, to be impatient, to teaze.

fsrs, s. 'i\m, ^.TTI, a hymn, a song.

fVns ^JTJ, *. C^psrl C^r^n, chanting and playing on instruments.
f^Tl, s, 3Tt3l vij^i^f ^nr, a celebrated hindoo poem.
fW, s. fsnn, C^tT^^, si5Wi^, c»tf^, the anus.
f^f^fir, 5. Tj^r^ftT, a disease of the anus.

f^T^rsf, a. ^T3r^, bare, naked.

f^Tf^, «. 4C^ cTCsr C^rnsn C?rr^, those who pat and drink together.
f^rfj f^, s. friend?, relations, kindred.

1C2 'st^

f?ff^, s. "sf^^S, "5&Tf^, 'SlfV^I^, a mountain, an owner, a husband.

f^ff^J)^, s. ^tfsi, a huaband.

i%f^^) s- ^^^^ *TTI ^f^, a loud report as of anything falling heavily.

f^ff^JT^ «6i. f^lf^flt, fe-J, a^rc^, immediately, quickly.

f^fnrt^j s. f^5^, sr^]%, husband, head, proprietor, owner.

f?ff^i^f^, s. 1%^^^ t^fk^ a wife, the mistress of the house.

f?ff^R, s. OTTR srrs, C^^ 5Tt^, a rumbling or rolling sound.

f^fk, s. ^3K;^^^ ^1^, •^ C(?tl<>4 Ciff^, the noise of a multitude.

fsHsfi, s. B¥^l, ^5n^1?f^, ^^^^ C^i^l, the public worship of God.

f^'tSR", ^. fc{$?i^ CrTT^^ c^t\ ^^1 ^<r, ^t^ "51^, a P^-'^ce of worship.

f^rfir, r. <rtt, '?ft7T ^R, to swallow.

f5rl%'si", s. C^1^, l?T^f^, a case or cover of skin or cloth.

f^f^^ SITI, a. j^T^f^W^, covered; s. the act of covering &,c.

^, 5. f^l, 57cT, C?fi^?:, dung, filth.

^^1, 5. ^^(1, vJlxsTJc?, the betelnut.

^^I<t.'i?1, s, ^5TC5TT«? W^, the office of betelnut cutter to a priest.

^^5rr<r, s. iHf^^ ^lT;i|N4 sr^ril, a fragrant seed eaten with the betelnut.
^r^rf, 5. ^ 9f^ ^f<r<rl, a herdsman, a milkman.
'it^nf^, s. csrr^^, cmfMf^, a milkmaid.
^^, .*?.
C9ftr5f^, ^^ feTTTf, a reptile of the lizzard tribe.

^J5ii%, V. <r^ ^f^, \5tf^ ftf, f^IX, to roar, to bellow, to rumble-

V. "^1%, C<fj5l snf^-, to thrust into, as a stake into the ground.
^^fWI, a. C9t\^ Q^ ^^^' having a mustache.
^^U?1, 5. C^TI>^ 75:^] ITT^, a complainant.
^1^, V. c?<n W^, JR ^f^, to spoil, to remove, to put away.
^1%, 5. ^^-sfH? ^iV^ CliT^, ^T^f% (T^'PSII, a bunch containing
twenty leaves of the pa?i; with t'>r, to go away, to depart.

^FSTI, a. -^^ 7^^^ fi{51^ <^, 7{'^ 7^], taken away, removed.
^;;f^^, ad. Ji^t^, briefly.

^f^<n, «. ^^t^ C^T^, in a word, brief.

9rf^, 5. f%;§?, ^^ ^B, seed, fruit.

^' vSWl^I, 5. ^tt ^S^ctT^, ^^^ CTt^f, the small pox.

^'f^t^, s. ^P«^ vi|f^5f, a species of flower.

^iU<rI, a. N6j<^ri*if^ ^1^<n, a. single, one.

^«^, 5. 9^ ^^, the shooting of clay balls with the bow.

9^ #^"15^, s. -^tf^ '<i-t;^^ %'^\r\, a granary for unwinnowed grain.

9pi 103

^5, a. Sf^, "^Sf^tJl, socrct, concealed, abstruse.

Sl^fsftff^, s. sr^ SffWl, f5^f^» SR3 «lf?- <ir^, reflection, impression.

sfif stf rt, V. 'Otjrsn^ T1 f^ffV?rrt 11^51, t%^1 ^^, to feel an impression
or conviction.

spfpT, s. ^T^ ^inf^ 1^f^ C5l*1l4 ^5> ^^t^, C^^]^^ ^^, a

button, a storehouse, a warehouse, a magazine.

sr%1, a. <rfinil, CifPT ^^, f^l^^TS, or evil report, infamous.

^, 5. f^ji, ^<i^Fr5, 'TSTs, TW T5?; "5^, »mi^ ':irT'*r, ^t^, ^^twi

/Sif^, ?^TS ^ C?^"^, a quality, a property, an attribute, a

virtue, power, effect, knowledge; the three properties of

matter, as Sotwo or principle of existence or truth, the

Rojo or thai of passion, and Tomo that of darkness and

ignorance; a strand of a rope, the track rope of a U^at; pre-

ceedcd by a numeral it signifies fold, as 5T^ fR, four fold.

M^ ^Ttsf, s. 9^ C^r«n, <R C^r«n, praise, eulogy, pancgyrir

sp^^, a, ^^f^W^, ?Fi1t?17«, %*nyTfl, improYing, advantageous,

profitable, effectual, beneficial.

SRSR, ^ 5. wsn^, 3Pi^ »n?, ^^I^^fSr, the humming of bccfl, a

^;T^f^, i low murmuring sound.

«R ^^f^, 5. SThT ^, IfWJl, ^*f ^IJt,

natural .ju.n.i* >i iiethcr good
or had, virtues or defects as shown by the conduct.

^ft, s. *fTrr^ ^WJ, <r^ft, » loop in the end of a rope or string.

?R^, s. 45i^*li firrr, reflection, thought, consideration, solicitude.

st^f^, 5. ^Tf^, ft^f^, concern, an.xicty, solicitude.

?RTr!Tl, 5. r>4l4 ip ^W *|fvr, Khrishna's life written by Shrce

^<rfTJ, a- MW ^^"1^,^71%, virtuous, talented, accomplished, (feminine.)

MjS[?r5, «. MW^4», <fT^r5, accomplished, estimable, talented, skillful
M^f^iHr, s. ST^n ^ST^", the ocean of good qualities or goodness.

^, 5. «tf^ CM^, CTT^ ^^1T5 3=^^ TT^, reflecting upon, wire.

^m^lJl, 5. ^ ^^n, ^[^T^ ^ f^nri, one ubo inserts the gold or

silver border; a, having such a border.

^T^S^, s. f^ CTR ^*fT SRI ^PC^, a maker of wire.
ipr^^, s. T^ sv^ i?r^, the mine of goodness.
^^T^^, s. ^s^ 1%^, ^Stf^ ?5Tf^ C5r^, arrnnirinir the thou'rhts in

order, revolving in mind.

1G4 ^n[

^^T^, s. ^tc^ (T^l ^-tf^t^ '^'K^t^, virtues and defects.

^t^Tl, s. f§? ^ ^TCiT, ^^sicT^T^ ^tf^n; -^^1 c^C^rmi, the porsf)n

who pulls wire; a. ornameiHed with gold or silver wire.

^ ^Il%, V. ^ifk C^TWI, ^^ ^1^ f^<n, ?RTWf^,

draw out
to speak out
definitely, to reassure, to declare, to

^r^rt^^fe, s, "sp ^^, -^1^ C^iTl '5TO '^^'^l, a relation of the good

or bad qualities of any one.

M^tJJ^Pf, s. ^^1%^, ^^ ^'^^, praise, adoration.

?R1 '^^], s. ^«T<^ ^?f^ ^^r<C C^Te pRTl, the parallel lines in a

gold or silver border.

^, V. ^TR, "^fTf ^^ f^^i^, ^r^^ ^t^?fR, to think, to reflect; a.

possessed of good qualities; s. a species of paddy.

W^-^, V. ^5jvf JTtt, Pf^fjnit mu W^, ^^^ ^^^ ^I^ ^f4", to

make a confused clattering noise, as in running.

W^f^, a. W^^Wl^iitl, ^fOTt:, very, excessively.

'^^, «. ^^^ ^^^9 ^^^"1^ secret, in disguise, incog.

Wl'^, ad. ^-s^ ^TC?,' ^T^gRTl^, covertly, secretly, privately,

^"^j «. C'»fT'5^^, •»t^Ci;, ^?r§Rl ^1"^, secret, private, concealed.

^^C^^T, s. "S^C^JT, ^-sf^ C^, a disguise, a mask, hypocrisy, coverlness.

^^C?rf3T, 5. ^tei[r^|T[, <ic2^>6|l, one who wears a mask, an actor, a

player, a hypocrite.

^5[<»t^[f^, 5. 5T5i9t5i 7p^, ^TT^R, a roaring rumbling sound.

^tsCtf, ad. C^?fi^, <R^^, quickly, without delay, speedily.

^^R, 5. JTtl's^ C*5rT^t^ d?!^^ ^, a species of tree famous as a spe-

cific for the bite of snakes.


^^,5. ?^1,'5t?ffl:^r5T^Cl ^J^i^^'^J^, raw sugar, molasses treacle."

^^1, 5. ;§ftc^ ^rf^ fw?1 f^^ %f^ ^Tf?f, T?/, ^R, the sinking
weights attached to a net.
'ijfk, s. "^, ^STifW", ^^, "fe^, ^5^, ^ic:"^ ^5 fl^, the root or be-
ginning, the first cause or source, the trunk of a tree, any
powdered substance, the stern of a ship or boat, proximity.

^fk ^?11, s. ^ ^?n, ^t^f^, ^t]% ^i'^n, cause, origin, the root.
^r<i<r.<|^, 5. ^srl M^5=r^ ^R, the flour of parched rice.

^f^ ^1%, s. ;tT^^ ^R:t C<rf^Tj%, the stern division of a ship or boat.
^^?fF, 5. -^^ ^it, ^rrf%, ^ft- ^•^, the root, owner, fir=t cause.
^f?]5T5TR, s. f^ ^f% ^rn ^T^^ ^^ 7[^ ft^lR ;§il, a fine sieve.
^rf^vf^^l, s. J\^ 5T^ f*f«1^, a species of small ant.

^^^^, V. C^<[ srrf^, cTtof?', to kick, to st:un|) wil!i the foot.

^tlT^r, >•. TTT^^ '?rj% ^^1, ^aVr^, ^T*3Tf^, a helmsman, steersman,

sr^, 5. f^'»rj^, ^ ^-^TC^^, a religious teacher, a spiritual guide.

^T^t;^, a. 2^]'^, 7?, great, heavy, important.

sr^^^T^^r, a. ^^ <>f^, ^^ f^cerrsrns ^ ^*irr^ c^v^ f.^T^,

reduced to pulp or jelly as from over ripeness or from beating.

?t5TSt5if^, s. sr-stsf^tr^r, an inward burning sensation.

St?I^?f;^, V. Sfr*f ^^U to feel an inward burning sensation.
M5!sji%nn, a. ^3rt^ *f^, jItbt, fully ripe.

mf^, s. i^fi^ nrmrs iflClfC^ ^rnnrtST f^nn Sff^, an ornamental

loop or tassel belonging to a sedan or jf'pi.

^?5T5P, s. Jif?^ IP5T, a species of flower.

^f*fin, a. c^rWT^t ^5]^ 44M>II, like a rose, rose coloured.

WT^, ac/. ^5rf3 'TiTBt^, *fTC^ HU^, plentifully, as 'much as possililc.

SfSTTT, 5. T?n:i ^f^J^f, a species of flower.

5Tf5T, 5. f^^ ^^ ^, ^ns C9m vftr, a^ ball, a pill, a bullet; v.

to mix, to dissolve in water.

^r^"^1, 5. 9^ :r?i, shooting or causing to be shot, diasolving in water.

^jfa^l^, V. fi^ mf^, to shoot.

^ST, 5. c^vf, $f«f«t«ff5r, close, confined, pent up, wiihoul air.

^vnf ZW^, s. OTT'*^ IRS 9f*f^pff^ *rr, want of veniilution and lighc«
^fT, s. ^t 5>jsn t;7, fro
the ignis fatuus, supposed by the
f^, «Tv vD^ OTf^^^
^ >R9[?pr crrc?^,
3e to be an evil

spirit, that points out where money i^ buried.

^^?^ ^rs, 5. T^ (XtU^nw ^e, a large canoe.
^1, s, '.[^j, *n^rT5 srrr, a cave, a cavern, a grotto.
MJtJTTT, 5. C-tTPPir, ^ft^'k, sn?r5T7, the anus.
C9R, s. 5^1^ ^^, «nft «(^ ^rr^ CVfti, the umbilical

cord of young birds, the umbilical vessels of plants.

csr^, s. ii^Ti WS] C*fmTf%, a buffalo male calf.

C^R^f^, 5. ^J^f^ ^, ^ C^-^^^, to snarl, to show the teeth.

C^mc^nnt, v. ^^^ r^r^ CT^nn ?R-f, to feel pain from a thorn.
arsi, a. cf5l, C^cnl, pressed, shoved, pushed.

m^, s. c^C^W, W] ^>1^<^ ;rr?r5 C^ftorr^ ^rsh, the poi.-ited end

of an instrument that is inserted in a handle.
166 ?fTl%

C^«ff^, a. T5t^, \^^ ^t^l ^Tt%j thick, dense^ (as forest or ]jiingle.)

C^fcSfTl, s. C^C^^l SThS, CSfTC^"^! ^Tt^, angry retort, cutting \*ords.

C^fc^rTl, a. C1?C^^ qI"^, ^^1 ^^^1,. inactive^ torpid, stationary.

C^rc^c^l C9fC^I%, a. dc^^l C^C^R, ^m srrc^C^ ?T5r^, mutually dis-

pleased, speaking in an angry fault finding manner.

cyfC^^Tjl, a. c^d^m 5(^1, ^^^I, f^i% C^rc^mi, hard and unripe,

applied to fruits, boils, &c. ineffectual.
C^, -i s. ci5^, cs[m\-^, (75^, lees, dregs, sediment.

C^nrc^fiWl, G. a[TfC5rR-<n, ^C*!^^1, roiled, turbid, inactive, stupid-

CifCTff^, s. :^^ c^«^ CKJf, scum, refuse.
€9fC5:fsrl, s. N^:^, cc^tf Cc^ferl, thick, blocked out, indolent.

C^C^TC^T^I, a. :rn5 ^?fl, ^TTR «n5fr^ srtl^, hoarseness, a heavy voice.

C9pn, G. ^tc^t^srt^ ^^^^ ^TC^srsi, nasal, speaking through the nose.
C5ff^, «. ^c=it^ s^-ns ^^^ fe^Tn, a woman who speaks do. do.
C5fW, s. C^rtW, 5fW, odor, smeJl, fragrance.

C?r^fiT, s. >ii|%5C W-?fi%<r1, C^rr^, an insect of offensive smell.

C51irrf% ^tj%, s. snf^^t^ ^RSJ, a species of paddy.

C5fCWcTl, a. fkr^cn^l, disagreeable, hateful.

CJRt^, s. Ft^^, ^5[ <I5'51 wT^Tj menial, slave, a term of abuse.

C^f<nft, 5. 5T<ff^, ?fT3^5a-, C5fic^T^ ^sr, menial service.

cold, chilly; s. aloud report as of thunder orheavy artillery.

<:'»RC'»f^l^, V. ^"'jRT*', to roar, to make a loud noise.

C^r^C-JtRUl ^rs, s.
;$^"f ^ m^, f^f^^ crif^r c;§?T^1 ^rn;, a wheezing.

•C^Rtt, 2?. Ttrrt, ^^ ?R C^ <?n1%i:^« C^f^ mU to pile up, to offer,

to urge the acceptance of a thing not asked for.

C^C^^f^, ?. C<r?I1 ^l"^, H^fk, a place for refuse and filth.

^9n:c«^?rc^8, «• •^rit t^ ^^^ c^^, gluttonous, eating to excess

so as to feel a sense of weariness and loathing.

C^CC^^I ^tWicT, 5. ^fk^ -^ ^T^^rtc?, a species of small betel.

^^fC^-^^, a. Pfsr, «^^t«^f^, \FJ^, thick, dense, as forest or jungle,

<:9fC^^f^, 5. ^it ^Tf%, C^rc^gi^f^, a dense, jungle.

<9fC^, a. ^CcT^^, vflf^Sf ^^Sft^, indolent-, s. a species of paddy.

C^fC^I, «. C^f^tc^, ®j^ ^|^'<f. stout, pot-bellied ; s. a species of pole cat.

C?fC^|%, s. csf^f^j a corpulent girl or woman, a term of abuse.

am lot

C^i^^Tl, rt. 5tcit^ •J^^^^n, half-dried.

C?r?R:^t^?1, a. f^nc^ ^-^l^f ^iTf), -k ®^ irc^, over ripe, rotten, putrid.

C5f5n, a. *t51, f^^JI C^T^I, rotten, decayed, putrid.

CSft%, r. vff%, to rot, to decay, to putrify.
C^CS^*t1, a. sri-cf 5^?ri, C55f^ <trf ^in^l, heated from fermentation.
C9fC2TT3l, s. CM"r«^^«^ »£lf5ISf 7R 5n^, causing to rot, a species of bean,
t^, r. fT^m ^f^, to go.
t^r^sr, V. ?r^ ^f^ Tpf^, t?f vftf^, to go continuously.
t-rr^iir, ad. ^T^'St C^PTS, *n^, finally, lastly.

OTCTfmi^, V. ^ c^c^n^ ^f^ ^f^ ^5^, <rc?fc^ c^snt csrmi, to

make a buzzing sound.

C^V^, s. C«T8f, TT^^ ^^ -^Jf^, a stake, a peg, a pio,

C«fT«^f5^, #. Ijsr^srf^,
^J^^ ^^» roaring sound as of beasts.

C9rT«1, a. 9\f9 C^rrsil, C*flT, T^^ f^J^^I, stuck into the grcmnd,
half buried, bent down, bowed over.

C$t«1 C<t^, a. ^mt^ \<t^ ^f^l, of downward look, downcast.

C^Hn snft, ». ifz CVTT^I, cil-S srift C^^, to partly bury in the

ground, as setting out a plant or sticking a stake.

C^^f^, 5. ufT^C f>l?f^, tying, stringing, arranging in rows.

C«n^» fl. csn^ fwrtii 9f^C?r «f^, braided, platted, strung logclhor.

Cfh^, s. <^5^^ «*1^ ^'^t^ ^fW C^m, a muslacl^e.

C§Wr^, a. c«fW tW TT^^i having a muMa^if^

C9rm» a. 7fn, a fair complexion, white, Euro^

C^in f5«TTfe, 5. ^N^nfw CRI, European or while soldiers.

CSfTTr^, 5. t^^, orjYI, SJ^, ire7»^, a Hindoo name for God; a

gooroo or religious teacher, the head of a religious sect.

csf fUf^T, s. cwf^y ^'ihi Clff^ ^f^, ir^^^ b:®!, a goddess, the wife
of a gooroo.

C^T^f^, *. 5Tf^ "srf^Tn ^lC^i:i ^rrfr^?1, S^rrfif f^^W, a title given

by the Assam kings to certain families of royal descent.

C^, 5. ^^, ^>»f ^S?^, an ox, a cow, a stupid fellow.

C^tTsn, 5. sn^ ^^, *n^ ^n, singing, chanting, reading.
C^rrsTi^, r. ^|7( ^^I^, to cause to read, re))eat or sing.

CsrpsiM, a. ^ai^^lf^-, ^vD ^^^, haughty, self conceited, obstinate,

CSfT^^, a. c^m, ^^ ff^, vile, filthy, unclean.
csn^^t^, s. C^^5pf^, ^^J{ ^^, ^^fi?, a filthy place.
C^t2?:i<rf^,l 5. C5n^1^^ ^'iWl, ^rm^lItS, the wife of the nhovc.
C^M^^I, s. (iif^if ^3=fnj ^1^, a kind of medicinal seed.

CSft^^l, s. 9t^^ 4t1, the hoof of cattle.

C^t^n, s. ^if^C srtSf^ W ^rrsT, C^rt^, low jungle where water standi?.

C^Ti-'Jn ^5Tl, •'5. C^tC^ ^^Tf^ ^?T«i- vSCcTTsn, a rumor, a slight intimation,
the talking over uny matter of mere rumor.

C^nx^fM, s. "^1^ Rr^s^n 'iif<'<r "^^j a grass of which mats are made.

CJlTWl, s. sni; ^c^t^ ^^^* having an iiTipediment in the speech,

C^K^T^I, a. •sr^ic'T, ^l^fl" C^rrC'STr^lr angry, cross, reserved.

C^IF, s. C^^^ ^rT <?t5^^ pTT, 51^5, Sft^f ^rpT ^n ^ferl^ C^t^l, the

muscles of the lower part of the leg; flesh, meat; a bunch

of grass or green grain ; a tuft of grass.

C^fT^C^rrsn, s. Sf t^ ^Trt^ £f^^ ^l^^ ^^t^ f^fli, a ceremony per-'

formed at the beginning of transplanting paddy. ''^

CStt^, 5. 5T<PHt^1, f^rc^^t^, w^, a law suit, a petition; anything

perceptible by the senses.

C^"iF^i'»f5fi:, s. -siT^Ff^ C?ftM ^Vi mutual litigation.

CVfl^l, s. ^ffe"R ^ft, a bunch of grass or grain for transplanting.

C^flFf^^, s. 9\^ "^f^T?!!, a herdsman, a cowherd.

C^rt^C^rrif <K'^, ad. -^tte:^ C^^tt a^rrt C^r^, steadily going
forward regardless of anything.

C^filiC^tTSft^, V. 9iliR, <r^ ^R", to rage, to be furious.

C^tf^n^, 5. ^?Tfv§i^, Gflf^^l, the palate.

c^rKsft^^^K^t^t^ c^]'^> s. ^^^Tc^i c?n>Tt, i;?it5? ^.^ c^fT^S to

walk in an abstracted manner.

C^fKlT^.^, V' C?fC^^1 5i:f^, to cause to roar.

C5fi^, s. ^^, ^*T, <il^', ^^ifl ^ (TJC^ 91^1, <^'^, seed, fruit, one

tiling, a whole; a. unbroken, entire.

C^rf^^^l, «. «^'»f ^Tlj^CsTT^, ^^^Tl, gathered together, summed up.

C^fi^ ^t^, «. ^C^ ^5!^, knowing nothing, lit. like a log of wood.

C^f^ "^rf^, »• cT9f •srft', ^(r^ ^C^t"^, to gather together, to assemble.

CJtt^ ^^, s. ^U^] ^5i^1, ST"^, a fool, an idiot, like a beast.

C^ff^C^Ti^, «• ^^1 ^^1? one by one, scattered, dispersed.

C^T^, ^f1, a. -itf^ 5jf1, ^i^ 5CC bearing fruit, fruitful,

C^!^ ^1, «. ^R 5j^1, v5i^ 5i^1j hardened, congealed, solidified.

CMT^I, «. ;?^^H "^^W", undivided, whole, entire, unbroken.


cm ifio

collect, to gather up, to assemble.

C^rt^^^rt, s. €^1 MS?r, parched rice.

f:^f^:5TC"<r^, ) a. tV5in^, W^M^, some, several, a few.

C^rtC^, a. ^^5^^'^.'^, ^t^, unbroken, whole, entire.

CilU^, ) 5. CTC^^, 'Sl^c^^, ^r«^ ^f^lt, the whole.

Csrrc^Hf, a. CT?rtft ^^, f«r?. precipitous, steep.

C^rrc^^l, «. 5C*fT^, %1 ^1 ^ ^J\y gathered, collected.
C^fTCQrr^Pj^n, a. c^»TC^C?: vf^, ^surc^r^ ^rsn, sad, sober, displeased.
CTftS, 5. ?r\1, ^srrft" f^T, a family, a clan, lineage, race, pedigree.

C^tRT:^"^*^, r. c^r^^ 'mrtT ^ST^^tir ^c^ c*l*n, lo mutter, to grumble.

C^fiir.^r^', s. v«^ •{ftfj 3n¥, the name of a rircr, the Godavcry.

Csnv, 5. ^TR:r, frtif ^W^ crrvi C^rsf, »ll repute, a bad name,
the elephantiasis or swelled leg.

CTfPfl, a. ^&f< ^rw^ crnsr, having the elephantiasis.

C?ft^, s. ^^?nTf<in irsi «r5, ^aWf, • solitary male buffalo; a. soli-

tary, unsubdued.
CSft^^, «^. •^^t TTfsf irnn , ^Pft, to ask for, to request.

C^IWI«I1, a, tfJiB ^^, C<rW, srfP, oUainiP^' • asking, askod for.

C^r^, 5. 9r5, ITR, scent) smell, odor

CSft^f, *. st3ir?T, Sfff^f5l, a herdsman, a miikman, a cow-keeper. .

C?fT^?r^, 5. ^I^ IWI ^^, "SJ^ ^^, a wooden cow erected for
sacriBcial purposes, hence 6g. a stupid person, a dunce.
CSfivR, r. sty, •(wm, ^StVT^, unknown, unrcvealed, secret

C^*ffe, a. ^SpPm, sryfr T^^ »l<n, «r*lT, concealable, uii.u

may or ought to be concealed.

C?n<TTC?fM, a. c^mcsrn, •^rfOTi', ^^5^, much, abundant.

C^rr^rm, 5. ^mr^, CStrrv^P, fy«^ <il^ ^n^, a herdsman, a dairy-
man, an epithet of Krishnoo.
csrrf*f, ) 5. c^n-*^ frf^, csrrf^^i, csnf^r, q^erm^i f3, wife of the
C^f*ff^, ' above, a female cowherd, a milkmaid.

C^rf^^^iir, ^^ C?rrf^R?rT^^ ^\^, ftF^, lord of the gupu, Krishnoo.

CStr^, 5. C^ t%^, C?rT5[^, cowdung, manure.
CSTT^^-iff^, 5. ^P? an^, dry cowdung.
170 C9fT^

CSft^^^l, s. ffcsfUn C*fT^, an insect of the beetle species.

C?ft^^'^, 5. fs» 'ff^Z f^W^ ^ZHZ^ W^fw.^, llie fabled mountain

that Khrishnoo held on the -end of his finger to shelter the
milkmen and maids of Brindabon in a tempest.

C^flTt^, o. ?"^ CWl, C5TCT^, ^4>lfi(ciV bad, contemptible, worthless.

C^TTf^^, 5^.
"fe^^ Ji^^ ^^, a name of Krishnoo.
C^ft^^^R, s. ^K'^ Cifr^T^ ^Jlf5f<T c=T^1 >i}JT5f, a species of vine

used as an antidote to the bite of snakes.

C^ftsi^fM, 5. lilR^f 5ft^, <rt^T ff^ f^C^P^, maize, Indian corn.

C9flT[ TfT'H", 5. ni>ilci TTf-si" vi}|%%r, a species of poisonotrs serpents

C^W, a. CjTTC^^ ^^^, 511%^ ^ dingy? soiled, sullitjd,. dusky.

CfTM^j V. CT>IC5r l>Tf% C^TT^I, to be overcast with clouds.

C^fTC^rt^lj a. C^fin, f^^) faded, tarnished, soiled.

C9fTC5rt^, a. C^fT^n^ C^l^% overcast, darkened, cloudy.

C^ft^, s. 9TfV, '^tf^, the foot, the base, foundation or beginning.

C?fT^, 5. cnlfo]-, ^^WT, a kick, a stroke of the foot.

C9ft^ C<rT^, a. ^^^{^ fpR -sTlf^ ^lf?T -stf^ 9^, Pf^T C^^l, buried
in mud and water, amassed.

c^mc-yrrot, V. c^TT^^fUR 7\-^ ^^1, cm^^^i'?, C^^ SI^I, to roar

to rumble, to mutter.
C*>fTTr^, V. «TTf^l5 ^tp5 t^, to submerge, to put under mud and Wcjter.

C^rnctf^? «• ^fr^i belonging to the root or larger end 3 5. the blunt

end of a thing, the tree near the root.

c^tu^mi, s. ^f^^ '^r^ ^[ft, -s^rf^ ^tht^j ^f^ ^i c^^^t c«rt^i,

the heel; a. placed under mud and water.

C^lr^t^, a. ^^ It, "fer W, C^ftC^s^, precipitous, steep, perpeHdicular.

C^rt^^l, s. "S^STfwi ^^t^ 9m 5^ ^fi^^, a bright yellow pigment.-

C^TKrr^f^, 5. ^JT^ C^C^rt^K"^ SRly stamping with the foot.

C^tCTT^j s- C9fC^^, ^c? CWV^f ^R ^^, submerged in water, soggy.

C^rRlc^, 5. 9f^f<r?Il «nTl C?rT^ <i5 ^tS T>^1, ^S ^<^f^, a curse,.

a curse of cowboys employed for the purpose, they being

considered especial favourites of Krishnoo.

C^rT«n, a. -sfTR Tw CUM ^^1, ^^ C^^l "Sr^, mixed or dissolved itt

water; s. a merchant's shop, a storehouse, a granary.

Cit^^, s. TF^ ^Tzr, a rose.

C^fTcTTf^t ®t^, 5. C^I^*t^ ini^^ ^fk^ ^^ WP'9 the rose apple.
5f^ 171

Cfrmrsi, s. Wi^, ^f'^9 ^Tl, a servant, a slave.

C9rr5^rf^, 5. cr rf»T, ^rf^, ^^^rf^, the female of the above.

csrrc^rrsn, 5. cm^n, 1%^ -^puivs], je ^drm, causing to dissolve;

a. dissolved, mixed .

CSflc^il*, 5. t^%, fi»^^ ^^ )sf^t the paradise of Krishnoo.

C^i^, ? 5. ^\^, viic^ ^31^^, ?rnf^, Jineage, deKcent, family, cJan,

C^rrf^, S race.

Cirmf^, s. CW^T], VT^WR, sp?, a god, a religious teacher, the liead

of a religious sect.

<:?rif3^7l, s. srsi ^fVf, a species of vine.

csrr^rfsr, s. ^PTT €C«1^1, cvrmrt, «Tfrf^^I?, lord of the Veds, a

title given to brahmins as teachers of the Veds.
CitlTTf^", 5. C«rT5^, fsTWiR, StT^» » request, making known a desire.

€?nTrl%, t. sf^ ^W1 "^i a house or shed fur cattle.

TT? ^1% fVI vn C^J^fir, the fourth incarnation of Boodh,

now worshipped by the Burmese and Buddhists geoeraJly.
C<ft^rf«T, a. ^T^^ft, proud, haughty.

^fft^, 5. ^r^rfW, ^3ri 1^f«1 ^^, of fair eomplexton, pale red.

csft?rs. s. zi\7n, ^Hff, majesty, glory, greatoess, adoration, honor.

C^ftr^rf^T, a. irftimjv, KNJ^I, g<orioa% majestic.

CsflTTW, a. 7«n, ^^f?, ^*f^, white bodied, fair.

csftft, 5. ^ifi, WT^ ^^^m cymrf^, a name of Darga.

^t s. ^ta, *ff«f, a book, a writing, a volume.

^TR, 5. if«n, the act of bringing together, compiling, arranging.

^fr* s- ^1^, »rfw, CirTTlf » joiot, a knot.

^^, a. f^^n, ^<>nr wrfirs *fri, swallowed, eclipsed, seized, invol-

ved in some erU,

^, 5. ^^wTfw, a planet.

5^^, 5. ^ ^'V «p5r, c?Tt3n, 5^ -JJlfV ST?rt FVI, an eclipse,

a seizure, an acceptance.

5^, 5. CS9 ^T« <1^ arr«r, the dysentery.

^firf^, a. 5r5 «^sn, worthy of being received, accepted or regarded.

^^«l^* ) ^'
!t^^ v5\.HtL*i ^Tfi C^t'J *|jn, propitiatory offerings to
5f^»^, i the planets.

5^*ff5, 5. ^, the sun.

172 ^f^

<5t^f*f^, s. ^^ <^ f«fTl, 5^^ ^1^1 W'^^ sickness supposed to be

caused by the adverse inflaence of a planet.

^ ^tf?, 5. -yf^ ^TC^ ^^ ^^^il;, designed to propitiate the planets.

-jnr, s. IrtS, a village.

rural, rustic.
^tfil, a. ^t^frnlll, pertaining to a village,
act of swallowing a mouthful.
7m, s. ^rrr^, C^rmi, a mouthful, the

*?rt^^, s. Crft^^rrc^, c^iz^, one who takes or receives.

reception, an acceptance, a seizure,
^rt^, s. ^mw^, C^^, a

fabled monster of the deep, any large fish or marine animal.

<?i-m-, a. ^r^ ^JX^ c^?n, acceptable, worthy of acceptance or belief.

fVr^, s. sST-H, ®^, C®^ ^T^t^

"511^, STi?", heat, warmth, June and July,
f^^c^, s. ^ST ^cT, ;§f^ ^c?, the hot season.

1%^, s. "ir^, a house, a habitation.

f^ftfi[, 5. t"5l|^, ^fwrf^f^, the mistress of a house.

f^5^, s. Ti^ ^f^l'^, t%ft^^, the master or owner of a house.

fyr^1%j ) «• fstXlX^ ^fir, doing the duties of a householder; i.e.

f^f^"3Tfi[, ^ not an ascetic^ s. a person who has a house and family.

<JTf^, 5. "^^f^, f511, (Tit^, depreciation, depression, dejection.

"51, JT^'^, the aspirate of the letter ^, pronounced like, §--A in log-house.

5[>1«1, s. ^C^^ srfig^ ^fk t^^ '^^fiT ^ ^^tc=f <!5-^1, hindrance or

annoyance from constant calls and interruptions.

^RUTcT ^tfff^ T?"<51 ^ cf^l^^ <S*1^5 <ir^ ^^r C^:<^, a jug,

a waterpot, a sacrificial vessel, the protuberance on the
snout of the crocodile, the prominent part of the throat.

€f^, 5. ir?T 'sTt^ ^f^'<, a small metal v/ater vessel.

§i^^1, s. f^f^ ^tSR ^<r (AfiK^ ^1 "^^j the prominent part of the
throat or adam's apple.

•§f^?1, a. W^7{, C^W^y C^¥1, ^Pd ^^ ^tif R ^1%^ C^t^, wicked,

artful, cunning, bad, wary.

^f^?1 P!^^, 5. ^fk'k^ Tf^ 5(1^, a species of fish, so called from its

caution in biting at the hook.

^fert^, s. Jif^'i^ ;§i?i"5 ^^, an alligator.

"S'ft?!^ s. viiRsj 5^1^, a kind of fish.

T-^, \ s. TO, c5tc5!^, TTJR, STtSR, friction, allrilion, llie rubbing

^^fj^, ) of one body against another.

^ri, a. 9TT^ srf^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ e^^r^% rubbed, anointed, oiled.

wrt", f. TT^'^ ^^T^, ctrc5T^i^, to cause to anoint or rub.

^ft. V. ^1 :snf^, mf¥, (TS^ ^tflf ^ f^, to rub, to anoint, to oil.

fke f^fws ^^f^, mutually rubbing, acting with hesitation.

Tr5!5l ^ifl, 5. an:#t51, -W srsn, ^vn ^fgc-J «^Tf^ t^ ^iW, striking

or dashing against, speaking discouneciedly or hesitatingly.

Tf^^^C^, ad. ^ff «n5 C^;^ C^^ns ^^, at ooce, rashly, without
thought or consideration.

^r^^T^, ad. T'irfK^'f, C7Csrn5C«T, iS^rs. qaickly, ironiediately.

yr^'^, 5. "^ ^, the letter, tt or any character that represents that letter.

^W1, s. ^JZ^ in5 ^m Wf a bamboo fish trap.

TTO^^, a. c*n^ ^rr^f^ ^T*f, »wrt ^jk^v ircf «r^ ^*r5, iuimm-
continual or a burning heal.

"^^^ ^C^, ad. ^trt^ fjfk C7T!CE»l^ll9 doing or saying things with-
out regard to consequences inconsiderately.

^r5nt, ad. c^sfftc?^, 155 T5 ^CiT, <iuickly, at once.

^fl^^, 5. CTCTTI^ T^f fzw^, 9\Jn, '<^, a rattling or rumbling.

"^^(5?% a. ;j4t<? il^, loose, tumbling about ready lo fall, tottering.

W^, s. 7^ f^rcpf, the sound of anything falling into a deep place.

ir^^T^N, 5. c^ bttT^ I'r vf^ csrcr, ^I^J^ro?!, the noise of things
striking against each other, tumbling about in disorder.

H^, s. ^srtlT;?, OfK^] ftwi t^ ^, the act of bringing together,

acquiring, earning, happening, occurring.

TI^, s. ^«iif <n Ji"J>:if "^j an event, an occurrence, an accident.

TT^^, 5. >c»i|«^<?i?T, C^rwrfT t?! ^V^9 shaking, pulling about.

^, a. t^ ^H f^tV C^I^SJV ^41, ^n^'sT ^W, happened, occurred,

acquired, gained.

Wi^, r. f^f^ ^f^, ^<F5C¥, to cause, to effect, to occasion.

Tl^, a. \^^, C^rr^ C<rMn, S^TTSS,^, thick, dense, crowded, close,

near, inspissated; 5. thickness, solidity, density.
IRf^f^:^, s. -^irs ^t^ CSTT^n T^ ^rr? ^f^>f, the house sparrow.
^R^ftr, 5. viim ^rrf^ finn ^rrrt^ ^*f^, ^fiw^ Tan ^T5tI%?i, -5-

^T C^rsn ^«i^ ^f??f, a kind of colored silk cloth.

i74 Ti;g[1

^RTt, V, vst^ 7^, C^^r6^f^t?P, ^tC^ ^tr^ ^tfe to thicken, to set

close together, to frequently come or do any thin nr,

•5rf^, 5. srtF 5:m tt^:^ ^TfcT^ vH^ ;§f^ a bamboo fish trap.

511^, ad. ffer, ^tC^ ^TC"^, quickly, repeatedly, frequently.

WJ{ "^rc^, «i. C^f^il C^fiT'i], ^T^'^'R, repeatedly, frequently.

JlC^^fn?, «^- C^f?T^ '5fnf, :.gain and again, often.

•jrc^rPsil, a- \5T^ ^^5 "^R^^ ^Tl, thickened, pressed together, coagu-

lated, curdled, congealed; s. the act of thickening &c.
5r^, 5. ?^T^:^ ^FJ l%C7i^ "^fIt, Pf^ \B"T^, a bell, a clock, an hour.
'ST'^t^C^, ad. "^I^^^t^, C^ttC^^, at once, quickly, suddenly.

^^f^r^t Tp^], s. xsrr^f <Tl^ C^C^t^srrt^ ^fsr^^rtt ^rl, the running

about heedlessly.

TT^flSf, s. c^srrt: ^^f^ ^r^, the noise of anything falling suddenly.

JT's^T^, ad. c<5fn5CcTt", -^-sT^I^, suddenly, immediately.

5rf«f?rT^, V. 7^fZT[Xt, to give a blow, to strike, to slash.

^rsrST-"^, 5. ^?=T^, C^rfSTTs?, confusion, tumult.

W^rsrtt', V. ii^r^rsr "^^ ^f^, CB\^\^R. ^^1 ^r^, to make a loud noise

like that of striking large cymbals together.

5rsrl, s. -^rr^ SCc^rrsn, ^4^1% C^t^, sweating, perspiring.
TTSITT, tj. TTtsi ^fcnyl"?, to cause to perspire.

•5R-, 5. t%^, Q[^i ^, -pff^zj-tc^, a house, dwelling, home, family.

srt^^, a person who manages the concerns of another's

household or estate, a steward.

^^JRfiT, s. frsf^^ 7]^, cs^^l ^tfW"?: 51^, the sound of snoring, a

rumbling, roaring creaking sound as of wheels in motion.

"51^1%, a. TT^ C^^l Bi^, C^rr^i^, remaining in or about a


"^T-^f??!, i house, tame.

^n; f^^C^?, \ ad. TJZ'^ TtTC^, £rf^ TTC^, at every house.

^^^, the breaking up of a family by death or family

disputes, the breaking down of a house.

^^1, s. c^^, ^T-^n, ^]w ^5rr1%3 fen li^^ c^r, c^^^ ^m irt^?,
a cooking place, a bamboo curb or frame serving as a well,
a honey comb.
lETl^ 175

TI^T^^, ad. f^ f^TSf TRtc^, each one'a own liousr, to every liouse.

^i^Wp, a. 2i[f^<fft *W, ^ f^f^f^ ^fj. 5irf^ ^^mi, fallen or

pitched over from a height.

Vft, 5. ^2^ -stRirT^ ^n sra? ^-^j a clock, a watch, an hour.

Tlf?r^, :>••
fijf^, t^f^, the mistress of a house.
ilU*\^ \ s. -^^f^ C-^T^jCf rc^I^r^ ^^, friction, rubbing, filing, polishing.

SI^^, a. "51^^, TR^ Cv\r^, ^rc*TPr, belonging to a house, home-

made or produced at liouie, one's own.

^^^Tj%, a, XT^ f^fBJnt^, ^^C Wa[ Z^ ^n, like to one's own,

working for anotlier as for cue's self.

Tllj, HC^, ad. Jjfr ^C^, each houje, from house to Ijouse.

^^ *^C^, ad. Jic^ Z[C9, at home and abroad, in one's own family

and out of it.

trCTPsnT, 5. ^*firr^^?r, ^ZTC[^, the whole household.

ITC^T^rrf^ a. fST^f^, ^S^nf^, having a family.
TF9T], 5. fTTf^^fn* abuse, abusive language, reproach.
^rcrrt, r. snf^ *f^^, ft***! ^^I^, to cause to abuae or rcpioach.

HI, 5. <r5 ^nfif ti^ ^ »isn, ^rtl ^^ tun tff, a wound, a sore.

mark or point, to run to io a race, a leader, a bird used

as a decoy to ensnare other birds; a. chief, principal.

m'tJ^riyi, s. sr<fR, ^nr^, u chief, ihc head man of a village.

"SETlft, V. C^^lm":^ ^f^, to stir alK)ut, to mix by stirring.

K^, s. Z^, st^ ^rrfWvii C'^TTWI fa^, meadow or pasture, ginsa, grazing.
"St^, 5. TrT?[ ^r^ ^I^, 73(f^, a place where grass grows, a pasture.
^Tf^, s. "fit^ *ftfl], a grass cutter.

^^f^, s. sr;sr.>, f^T^r^r ^ cmi^I*n ^9«[, a waicr jar.

^^^M'fOT, a. ^fsm, «ri3 ^*T^ ^f5?lt3y Z%\ ^ C9Jmi, a term

applied to the manner of winding a cloth about the body.
TnfVr, 5. wm^, C^FT^^ ^^ WT ^^^t^ nR *frlT, a place of refuge,
a place where the necessaries of life are abundant.

TTtrr^, s. ^fv( "^ISiTrT, an small tinkling ornament.

xrf^, 5. t:^^ *rr5 (Xr^l ^ *tlf^ ^srI ^r^, a ferry, a landing place,
a flight of steps leading down to the water.

HT^ TSJX^Vy s. JRJ^rs STpp TO*f^ ^V, a child bereaved of both par-
ents in infancy.
170 f^
srrf^, s. Vf]% ^^^, ^1% fkf^ C^^tf^, a fault, a crime, an ofTence.

•5ri# C<rr^l, a. ^srrcs^^ ^^rrc^ Witz -^i^l, ^1, condemned by one's

own words or actions, conquered.

Tit© cnsfi, a- ^''^^tSif c^'JII. f^5 c'i^, faulty, criminal.

THt^, ) 5. -^Tt^ ^r^tf^, ^ftC^mi'^, a ferryman.

•5rt5, s. ^lU^T C<riT:«? vHU^^^K^ <tlf^ ^irlj ^tsrt^, ^, a flourisl?

or blast with musical instruments, a blow, a hurt, murder.

TTTsf^, s. ^^U^ ^1, ^^R <^1 1?^, fk^V^ ^ ^<1, one who strilies

or destroys, a murderer ;
preceded by flflt^, treacherous,
destroying confidence.

TTIT^, s. "^rrs 51^1, ^^^, the act of striking cutting or killing.

TTTfr, V. '^^ ^^, ^«ni:^ ^Wr^ <?f^, to strike, to hurt, to kill, to


Tr Ul<t>iJ^^, s. ^^ ^1:51, ^5Tt^R, ^STpI-sf -^x^^ ^SC^^, a slight

rumor, uncertain information.

TTT^r, s. ^ irr-si", ;§?^, ^^"^ ^Ic^T^I ^T^ -^ftfTT, perspiration.

irTsr ^Ici, 5. m^ ^tf^j If^ <?Tf%5 the hot season, summer.

TTUrf^, s. Stiivisi c^^l "51^ C^t^, the prickly heat.

"SrlfsT, w. Ut^ ^85^"f^ ^^fsT t<, to sweat, to perspire.

5n<;, 5. Stc=ilf^, fMw? the nape of the neck.

5It^ C5rti:^U1, s. f^1% CiiUuT^, f^f^ -s^fc^t^, the act of wringing

the neck.

wounded, covered with sores; s. the act of wounding.

'rrTf^iW!, s. 9rTl% ^Tl, ^sr^f^ ^'V>, abuse, reproach, defamation.

1%^, s. fkn, "ST<< ^TiSf^ C^*1T[»T ^9f, clarified butter, ghee, vulgarly
used for the brains also.

f%ltf^^^, V. Ct^A cTTf^ ^^ ^^l, to reverberate, to make a sound

as of thincrs striking tocrether.

nf^fV^f^, s. f%^ 1%^ 71^, ^^^5 C^^^ ^:^r, reverberation, confu-

sion, hubbub.
fklf^'^, s. Cira: ^tt^ viii:<j% ^^ 7^, any sudden sound, as clap

of thunder.

1%#Tl, a. ^§<rl, <rt(%'^ C^^^, f§, short, dwarfed.

fiTTT, s. f^^iJ f^^f^^, aversion, hate, antipathy, dislike.

?fT^ 177

f5I^5!5n. a. C^K^^ C^i, Gff^C^T fJT^ 5l?r, ^^"K, f^^'^. Ugly,

baleful, detestable.

f5RT^, V. f%^ ^r^, to hate, to detest.

fviul^l , a. "fe ^^, hated, disliked, detested,

fer^, 5. ^qfinn ^f5 vil.''T<r, a species of wild fruit-

ful, s. .fjfr<r 5T3T5- ^j^, 1^» ^^ ^^» ^t^ ^T^» a large round

seed used as marbles in play, a wheel, the kncepan, a

bird's gizzard.

fTrsTtCifyn, 5. fwi Q^>tmi a favorite play in which ghilas arc used.

tWi:\5rr«nn, a. X^t snsrs ^^CT *r. ^r^ ^rm crr^n, alternately

deep and shallow, the sudden deepening of water in a river.

fvi fl^l^l^ i. «il1%>f T^lftnn T^p 1S^, a species of wild duck.

IFJF,?, V. Ta^W 5nfi»ilC7[ atrcTW* ^ST'PT^ P.^tfV, to insert or thrust

into an orifice, to pcnclraie. lo search carefully,

^f^, V. C^TZP^nft, ^[rs ^T«n^, to gouge out, to dig out with the

finger or nails.

\?^» "• ^'"» C<«C5ym ti^ «W, bowed, bent over, crooked.
^srr^C? ftnr, thrusting with the finger,
^^(D^ AI, 5. C<rT51 ^rrft

as when calling attention dLC.

"P^ft, 5. #0^^ f%3T^ cqpr, C^rc^RTOr f^tft, the hair inside the

nostrils; v. to stir up, to mix.

ijl^, J. in^tf?P C3Ti1, a mare.

WJT, 5. T^ ^^^9 * small bell.

Tsmi, 5. *151 OT1, C<n 'a(lft4 ^Tl, a small bit, a particle, a mite.
T9ff^[;5«n, 5. ^^T^«n, a quilt or covering made of old pieces of
cloth stitched together.

IFJ^ J. ^WTFt^, ftrfif ^r«1 ^^ CTtsf, the asthma.

"^r^nn, a. "^15^5 ^pftnn, asthmatic.

Tj^^^, 1 a. ^FWl^ CSrT'«r^, mfsr, ^ ^^ 7^ 5^ ^^, well pro-
la i?Jjfi>^, / portioned, comely.

Tl^^S^"' ^' ^f^*l^j ^^i small and short, well proportioned.

^, 5. Tsrtt tt^ 5f^ C^rt^, ^5r?ff^, ft^ «r^, a small destruc-
tive insect that bores timber &.c. a. broken, defaced, bored.
TTT^^f^, s. vp{ (KPsn ^ft, the dust made by the above insect.
^=Rn, a. ^^ c^rrsn, ^T5 ^ft ^srrt^ -^ t^ ft^ <w, ftj vr^i,
pierced, bored, defaced, disgraced, crippled.

^ -t

^^srt^r^, s. JfTflC^ ^-^1 -sr^^, ^1;rT^ w^^, ^;n^ ^, an

uncertain report, vague rumor.

^^1, s. m^^l^-^ ^^^1 ^«iW!, ^.^i; -R^l Wr^ 4f^^. the name
of one of the wives of Juggernath, an ornamented cord

worn about the loins.

5R;5^C<i~^, «. "^jMc^^ ^^5 uored by insects.

5I«f5lf«f^1, a. ^ft^ CmW'^}) C^rT^TT, extreme, very, generally ap-

plied to darkness as 5r*f^f^<:1 ^WR, dense darkness.

-Jlf^, o. ^t1% ^T1^^ C^ CcTf^l, ct<?1, "5^ C^fTCSTT^I, curving in-

ward as of a road or river, deep set, as eyes in the head.

5F«:{Tf^, ad. ac-JthSH ^^^^ suddenly, immediately.

v*5r, 5. "^^ 9tit inf^ ^^^ c^irs?^, ^^ csT-^^ Mb^ ^rit o^V
enveloping the head and body with a cloth; some distant sound.

Ti'Si^, s. C^r«rf^, f^^l, ^f<^ ^^"^^ sleep, drowsiness, a kind of cloth.

sr^rR, 5. ^r<f^, f^f%fr, abstractedness, being lost in thought,

^srrt, V. ^, C^-s^f^TTTT^, 5R irtf^ <ir^l, to sleep, to be abstracted

or lost in thought.

"51^, s. ^^^TfTi?!^, Tt^T^, ^^^7^ ^^ ^FRTf, the asthma, a distant sound.

Tl^^f^, ad. C59ff^tc?r, ^^, ^Ji;<r^^5, quickly, immediately.

^^^ferl, a. "^"^C^r 5f^5 asthmatic.

^^^, ad. 51*3 "515', f^R^1^, C^^U, suddenly, unexpectedly.

^^^r^f^j 5. Irtj% "^tlT CfitW!^ 3T<Pf, any rolling rumbling sound.

U^, 5. "iH^fel 9fi%, *fr<P, "i^f^ W^, W^, C^^, a circuity a "whirl-

ing, the motion of a body on its axis or center; a. circui-

touSj round about, indirect.

^^f^^» a- ^^ ^^T^, C^TT^^T, circuitous, round, circular.

"Sr^ft", V. C^^% «fr^ 1? crftirft', to wind around, to twist, to whirl,

to turn about; with ^^1, to bring back, to turn back.

T^l^ ^1^1^, V. TT'R'sff^, ciS<rl^ ^?t^^, to turn from a straight

line, to wind or turn in a course or passage, to go in a

zig zag course,

^ft, V. ^^1% ^ -sfT^ #, ciisn Z\ 9pf, to turn back, to revolve, to move

round a center; s. a garment worn by females, a gown.
"^fel, s. ^^fff^ ^t^H ^C^ ^5^, a cloth used as a temporary
musquito curtain.

^^^1, G. 'SC^C^mi, ^rr^ t^TTl, ^rr^^^^l, turned, altered, reformed.

TJ^I^, s. 5^f^. 5^1"3R ^551^ t^ F?f1, '^^ftS C^rsn *ft3I f5rc^T^,

a wheel, a joint of bamboo used as a socket in which a

mat door revolves; a hooka or apparatus for smoking.

TTT, a. Ttif^ «lf^, ^,%, whirling, turning, revolving.

J^^IfT, 5. TT^f^ ^T?-, ^ivrirt%, a whirlwind.

JJ^ITnjt^, a. ^^t^ "^f^ i^f^, whirling, rapidly revolving.

Wl, s. "sfji c-ilT ^TfR^ 5f*n, ?fi^TfTf ^l^^ Sfflr, the chaff or dust

of grain, anything light and worthless.

^Iv, J. ^ ^rrfir *ffV «r^ itr^, t^^ ^*nn if ^t^, c^^ ^f%,
fil^fll'*, a place of mud and water where buffaloes and other
animals wallow, a harbor; v. to stir up, to make muddy,
C5rCi s. K^T? v^wfar 5T3 wrHf ^^n ?y^. an arm's length of thread

in spinning.

C^, 5. sifsr^ 'tftn, WXi, f^, a division in a string of beads, a fault.

C^5T9T, 1 4. 'smr^, ^f^, vflCV ^^rc^ W:^(t9 VW, annoyance,
cS^Wfsj, J trouble, importanity.

CWTf^f, r. 'ttf^, ^srtirf^ 5jf>, to tease, to worry by importunity.

cfn, 5. str^C^ *^ C^<I I U "SM 0«fr»T ^CWnsi, the simultaneous stri-

king of musical instraments.

rf^ft, 5. SRR *iil54 f^fif»«C^ ^tn I'F, the death rattle.

cJ^ft", V. fvsfwc^ 3^ ^fV» f^^t?f ^ ^srf^ £f^PT •<94l» to rattle

in the throat as when dying; to speak indefinitely.

cH-^, 5. vijfbf tfR, wheat.
*. "RRt^ ^ ^fW^t *t^ ^nit, C«(C4lCffUl ^n, a reluc-

tance to do or to give, hesitation, indecision.

C^C^, 5. -T^fl, -rs^ C<r5n, Wi* OTPT, an obstacle, a hindrance,

a fault; speaking in a cautious manner.

arc^pfen:^?^, a. c•»fC^^W^^, ^Fft^t»f ^, difficult to do or to perform,

perplexing, trying.

CVIC*1>I, a. c^rn, f^ v\9t], bad, hateful, despicable.

CV]C.*"5l C^rsn, fl. '^lU^ Vrt^ ^^ ^ro, passed around from

place to place and rejected.


^c^ C55TOT ^^ vrc^rW, one stroke, one bite.

viic^ C.^lw'J, ^f^TT^, cut or bitten at once.

Orc^l^, a. cvilC^I^i liT^, ^^51 ^1^, troublesome, difficult.

ar?f, 5. ^^^ c^^r^, ^^^ C^lft^ ^tl, the yelp of a dog.

180 C^"T^

an;5?p5i1, s. CJtnsi^R sr^-l, vm) ^feli^ csrc^rr^, the act of snarl-

mg, growling, lolling.

c^^, V. ?r^ f ^^ ^t1%^ 1mi ^f%tt c^fcTtt ^^, to loll, to

to thrust out the tongue, as a dog, from heat or exertion.

C^r^r^, a. C<rc^\aTC^^, ^^^ts? ^^, (lifRcult, perplexing.

OrC^^, s. ^t^ ^Tl, ^TtT sr^, finding, obtaining, the striking

toorether as of musical instruments.

C^, J
5. CjIWi 5rf%, the settlings, lees, dregs, roiled water.

C5ITfc:5rt^?1j a. C"5!»rarfwl, C^WR, srfsT^, roiled, mixed with impurities.

Ctr^tj%, V. C^t5i ^f<, C^r^1 ^R, to roil, to stir up, to make muddy.
CtlC^I^, o. C^W\ ?FTl, C<I*C^^, mudd}', roiled.

C^C5^t%, V. C^C^fl:?, <rfb, ^tcn"?^ f^TR", to make muddy by tread-

ing, to search carefully.

cfe, a. <r^, ci"^ ^C^^, much, many, abundant.

C^^X^f^, 5. ?M^fe]^. 7^, the sound of wheezing or of snoring.
C^IWt^, V. VSf^ ^;§ft^, C^-s^rf^ ^t^ ^S^tt, to wheeze, to snore.

C^r^^rlWl, a. ^t^ «f25l, C^t^ C^^ C§rr^, over ripe, suppurated,

of thick consistence.
CtjcTf^, 5. CSnrf^, ^5»r5 's?f^1 C^T^, the settlings, dregs.

C^Tcit^, V. 5f^ sjtf^ ^4rl, to strut, to walk with aiTected dignity.

^\ Ji^, the sound of fluids shaken in a vessel.

^5rf^, 1 s. fftftf^, ^t^Tl, "fe^t^, wife, a housewife.

tid<4l<&, V. ^^R", ^ferr^, to cut, to slash, to hack, to knock.

C^i^l, s. ^\15 t<? ^SRl, ^tC^£C^ C^'5f| sftf% ^^, a hollow made by
digging or scooping out.

C§t^^fg=T, s. c§T^1 C^^fel, 5c=T -Pttt Wtfer "R<n, scooping

out handful by handful by steakh.

c€t^TC^r^, ad. Oc^tFl <rrC5rfl5, handful by handful.

cltU^^I 5ITI, 5. ^r^ ^^mu5 C<fm ^^, a thrust with the finger.
C3"l'5l7 s. C^F^, a horse.

ctRl C^^, 5. c^t^l <:f<r?1, ^f^, a horse keeper, a groom.

OT^I m??, s. oft^l ^:fn ^r^, C^rt^l ^^, a horse stable.

cSt^^, «. C^rri^^, ^Tf^, C^<?#?n, puzzling, difficult, abstruse.
Ort^ sjt^^, a* ^ Bf-^t^*. ^f^X^ fe,^, inconvenient, intricate*

C^TC^5, )
s. ^9iVS "^iV^ isi^ri, fs^ ci^n, the committing an offence

cyiC<»iT?1, i in .speaking, a fault, misdemeanor.

CVJl(.*l'i>1, a. c<!7rl, "fe^ ^^, mean, small.

C^lU^^f^, s. «?iT^r^, "^S^R, ^:5»i ^r^, a filthy place^ a labyrinth,

an intricate place, entanglement.

ctik<»l^ ^^5fR, 5. %^^ G(5\t. ^^, acting without regard to

C^^, 5. t^R ^, C^rc«Tt\, a very deep place in a river.

on^n, 5. -JTrf^ »ttIm srrs ^i*i^* "K^* ^^^ ^^^ ^^ artcsrtv,

hoarseness; a deep plac6 where shoals of fish &c. are found.

CST^^rt^n, a. ^\fs\ 5>6|f«i CWr^l, «rt^ to, broken, old, shamelew.

C^'Wt s. ^tti4 fwn>m *^f^ ^wn ^r^, a wild beast little known but
said to be black and to resemble the tiger.

worldly illusion, a dilemma, a gordian knot.

sp^rf^? 7TW> &n indiMolublo bond, the matrimonial tie.

CirTC^W, 1 a, 7T97, Ti^^i large, stout.

C^^, 5. rfnn, a horse.

(Xr^Cin^, 5. <TT!^ ^srrl^ f*f?T;i JT^, the noise of swallowing liquids.

C^u^ 5. C^TI, irVT ^PTI, the act of churning, stirring or agitating.

on^, s. f<^5?n, f«f51 ^ sriin ^4, a monar, any instrument for

grinding substances.

CVll'ilP, 5 051^ siTft, a pestle.

cm^, a. f^^l* ?r^ ^R1, ground in a moriar, rubbcfl, stirred up.

CTTtrrf^, a. C5T^ ^, C9\^^, mixed with sediment, roiled, filthy.

arr*T, 5. s]^«J;3 ^^, ^f«T, l[^t3 carTC^rt^ lltt, a secluded place, the
socket of the eye, a place difficult of ingress or egress.

C5rT«tTTl, a- ^ v£|^^, ^ Wl'^ftyi^* C^ #?rl, CTC^ ^^» en-

shrouded, closed in on all sides, overshadowed, gloomy.

cxn^n, a. C^f^TS C*llCSII^1, ^^ IT, sunken, deep.

C^^ftS^^, a. (^FTicsrPsrl S^^l, sunken eyed or deep set in the head.

ort^^ a. ^ ^it W<> , ^ 51^, ^, ^rft^, v£jwr55i7r, terrible, dreadful,

horrible, formidable, dark, gloomy; with •JTT^, to bend, to curve.

162 fr,-^

CETt^'^rt^l, a. ct^l C^j^1, C^tTI'irt^, bent, curved, bowed.

C^TT'^C^T^T^, V. c^mirrs VSf^ <5i1^, Ol^R^ 1%]% ^^^, to snore,

to purr as a cat. -^

C^^3T, «. ^ ^«?R^, "^f^ ^•jy^M, very large; ad. exceedingly.

CSrT^fvf^, s. ^ <fC^^
^<rT"JT^ fiil^, C5i^, a stern angry look.
CH.^^lV, «. ^®<rtJ^^ "^ifW'f^f terrible in shape or aspect.

<r5rtl[i^, V CT[?<^^, rs^i^, to bend, to curve, to turn about.

C^rTvT, 5. 5iT<r^ CcTt^l Iw 9fTf<lT^ ^?JR, ^r:i^, buttermilk, a siix-

ture of buttermilk and water.

C^cT^f5!<n, a. ^^^ <^'^1, over ripe.

C^rt^R, s. 9tl[ C5r|cTI ^^^ '^iX^, a trough, a vat, a boat-shaped

vessel into which hot syrrup is poured after boiling.

CTTicTl, a. ?^|^ ^Tl^ c^?j1, c^T^TC"^ 1^1% ^f^, rotten, muddy.
arTC^T\, 5. t^T^ \ri%, It ^TS, a deep place in a river.

C^^, s. yj^, 5g-|^, dtt^, ^^rr«7 SjlflJ, a sound, a cry, a proclama-

tion, aloud muttering sound as of thunder.
C^l^^, s. c^fl^ t^Sin, gf^TST^, one who proclaims or publishes a
matter, a public crier, a preacher.

OIi^RI, s. ^T^z^X^ w:'^W, ^Rv ST^tiT ^^1 ^^n, a proclamstion,

a public statement, a sermon.

C^P\], s. c^TTRl ^^1, ^Tsr^ ^^ ^f^, -pt^^ 5^ feTpi, the act of

proclaiming &,c. a shaster of the 31aha Puruhia sect.
CUT CW{, 1 s. ^ ^R, powerful, strong, violent.

C^tc^ir ^C^, <z. "^^^^^ ^Rt^, C^tC^C^, strong, violently, powerfully.

"^t^. 5. c^i^, "^Xb ^t\, fragrance, smell, perfume^ with ^f^, to smell.

^Rf^<r, s. ^r^, the sense of smell.

1%^, 5. f<;\g, butter.

TrI, 5. 1%^, f^^fiRl, hate, hatred, ill will.


vS^R, the nasal ng, usually expressed by the compound character

^ ng, (s and 9r, ) equivalent to win wink ox ng in -sing. In cases

where this letter requires the mark (^) underneath, it is written \.

It never begins an Assamese word, as is often the case in the Sing-

pho and other dialects; and is seldom used except when compound-
ed with another letter.
59 189

5^<r, 5^, 5Csrr&,F^, this letter corresponds with the English 5. Pla-

ced before a noun it is used as a numeral prefix, meaning si:;; as

5, z\ six hundred; 5 Yf%, six twenties; ^ c^f:^ ^i ^^1, .six things.

5^, a. 5^, 5C?t:^, ^T^, six.

an adversary, Satan, the devil or prince of darkness.

5^ C?f<n, 5. 5i\3i^, 1^1 SR, ^f^^IT 9^, doubt, mistrust, suspi-

cion, lack of confidence.

S^, 5. ^sr^^T'S ^t", ^51^ C^rrsn, sudden terror, fright.

59 V/71, 5. »^ ^#s«i ^ ••rft' t^C Vf9l, the being pt^frified with fear.

59, a. ^'t^ C<T^1, frightened, startled, terror stricken.

5f9, V. 5 9 *rrt', ^ "tfi^, to be terror stricken, to be overpow-

ered by fear.

55, G. 'T^rnar, fTS^, 55 tft, %^, even, level, smooth j s. long strips

of bamboo strung together.

S5«T, a. 5?P5T, »WR, ^f9*ff5, smooth, level, sincere, guileless.

551, a, 7Fl*f TTl^ ^T1^ f^Z^ 9?1, smoothed, evened; s. the act
of smoothing with a plane, adz or other instrument.

S5T^, 5. C^T^ ^fv, ^, long strips of split bamboo strung together.

5<11, 5. 5^1. ^fffw^'I vflf^, » tree bearing fragrant yellow flowers.

59C!, a. ^^ 0591, ^S ^BTTI, "^JTirl^, grown up» beautiful, ruddy, fair.

fcn, 5. fsc^rnsit f*fWl ^f^r, l^), sr:^, a pcilicoat, a shadow.

W\ ^pen, s. i]jn ^ft, 55?" *l39n, a picture carat upon the side
of a wall or sheet, a panorama.

5?n snn, s. (M<t\ C^rcirO, W«T«ft9 C^^n, a mere glance, a p.irii.il view.
%ti^* s. 5rsT^, ^f5 fsHf 9\ft, an outcast, the lowest of the
mixed tribes, born from a 500(/r/i father and brahmin mother.
59, s. ?fT9?" \T^ T^, ^^ ^^rcn, ^*1^ «fn, the embroidered
end of a pillow, a kind of basket.

595^ 9C^» (id. ^5 C*tl^'.^, "^Pi-n"?, very juicy, very sweet, ex-
ceedingly, very.

595t9?1, a. flffeT9f^ ^, ^5rt% CTT^Jl^f ^ ^TR^ ^8*^1, bright,

glittering, shining, delicious, exquisite, pleasurable.

^9fl?n, a. ZTC^ ^f5?i, 59ift^ *Tf^^^, fsf^ C^'^>, six yards io

length; holding three seers dry measure.

KS4 5^1

^T^jf:^ <lt, V. ^r^ -erit C^-sff^ -s^^l §^, to start in sleep, to

twitch, to make a sudden motion of the body from alarm.

TJ^^^T^t^j V. ^TJiTTl^, f%!fc=^f%, to b44rst suddenly forth as a a flash
of lightning, to glitter, to sparkle.

IJ^JlIWI:, a. t%j%<5R ^1, ^^cT, bright, shining, sparkling.

^^r:, s. 9tT5 <?t^ 5r^R?r1 f^, '^W, a round spot or figure on the
body, ( as on a snake, ) a circle, a wheel.

IPfV, s. ^iift ^^ri^ sr^l '^f'^m, the butterfly produced from the
chrysalides of the silk worm.

•5^f^, .s.
^f^ ^r^ ^ftr<^ <^"]%cnl, ^;sj>, t%c?n, the female of the
above; a wheel.

^^5=1, N s. '^]Z^ ^ "Jtr^RlTl •f^'Clj a slice, a round thin bit of

^^cTf, I anything.

blotches or slight swellings in patches covering the body.

IJ^^cTl C^, s. vfit^Jf cf^U: m's^, an acid fruit.

^??f?5?n, a. C^L^f^ 5r_^<[R?n ^1 ^•^'rir^rl, round and thin.

^^^fsTTrfs", V. -sft^^.t^ C^i<^ C^<^t^ ^f^, -sfsfelt, to cut in

round thin slices.

1^^, a. "511% f^% ^^1, Priili <*c<!^% CTit^Tf Cl>p5n, -pfTp^ ^T?P,

^t^f^ "srf^^ ^"^^^^ C^l"? refined, strained, filtered, tasted;

s. the seed vessel of the water lily; the signet of a ring.

^^ft", V. C^Ti^i^ C^i^t^ f^^'iNS? <*<l^, M^RC"^ ^Tf^', to cause to

refine, to taste or to strain.

.l^"i^=^, o. ^cnt<? C^.IW^U, ^^T^^, having only a partial view or

a mere glance.
^^1 CSft^l,
a. fiti (MVs[],

falling off in scales.

F^ ^1^ ^tv5 ^ Hfm «ilC^^, flaked

^^i5I<Ii1, a. ^^^^ CW^I], "^pn^f^ C^cTl, dusky, obscure, applied to

the evening, twilight.

U^^Jt^, s. "5 ^^, the letter "5.

^^T^^^^t"^, 5. ^C^l ^.H^l ^^t^ C^ C^t^, (with a negative) not

saying anything either good or bad of a person.

rest, cessation, alternation, as from rainy to fair weather

or from sickness to health.
53F1 185

5f<5, s. TO fH^I sfiRif, Sltfen, ^^ ^PR ^f^ ^tf^ ^ffit^ ^^

^ ^t<F] ^^, a chair, a place where a sentry is stationed.

pfwr^T s. <t?: 1^ ^i"^* ^I'f^, "^f^^^, ^ guard, a watchman.

tpf f^l, s. '5r?, -Ifl c^^ f<>r^ fe'PFf, a stool, a bench.

^ferpSf, a. "41s 5f^U vf^JH 5^r^^, ^i^rr, relating to a sentry..

55, 5. c^3, af^, WWrfsf?, fj0, ^^ tf^ ^liR"< IftS, the eye-

sight, a knot or part of a tree where a branch shoots out,

the protuberant bud of a plant.

^pn, a. 55 5ir^, ^!^ ^t^ iva ^t^, hatin^r eyes, knotty.

^^^^rs, 5. 1?^^ C^K f4C*i*l, a disease of the eye.

555^, a. 7{7f 3T^, very small.

^J *fWft^, 5. <rC3rC5r
5J ^Pfft «f^, a surly UxA of tiisplpasurc.
ij<* c^^'iKi, *. c^;* uR^ii, vf4[4 a Grf<^ Grrsnn, f<f?feri, looking
with envy on the prosperity of another; a. envious.

^5^ <*fTf^, 5. ^^ OTif CTTS^, a tear, tears.

5^ srf^, 5. 5^ *f^f*T, 5^ TV, the pupil of the eye.

^ CTT^, tf. ^ ^'^t ^ «lir*^"4 SR CBjrsn, ^ srifl, fascinated,

charmed, entranced by the sight.

^ i^stl, a. ^Wl^, "31%

^f^» pleasing to the eye, bcaulifu!
PC^fTsn, s. ^(5, ^IBT C^, «W«ff^ 5T%51 »i|fT<f, a fen.., ..

species of rice that is eaten uncooked.

W5ft»n, «• ^® ^ft ^ft^ C^PSRI, unable to rise or move about.

1535, 5. ^1 ftcpjj, «irft< ftwi, M^, 1^991, ft^J? ^Tv5^ ^5f3» the dis-

cus or weapon of Vishnoo, a circle, a wheel, tho convolu-

tions in tho IIalogram*or sacred stone of the Hindoos.

cy<tiT5i 5. "Rfir TMI, 5t^ *fn, Vj<ftyl «ff^, revolving round a
center or on an axis, a whirl.

5:5^f^, s. 5jP ^T53 ^t^, fJTB, Vishnoo the wieldcr of the discus.
5^7T^, 5. |:r^ ftlWI blt'*C»(.*l>i|| ^rt^ »ilfw, the ruddy goose

( anas casarea ) called the Brahmani duck, said to have re-

ceived the curse of Ram, not to produce more than two

young in twelve years.

l^^^:Tf, s. ir^ ^r^ ^ ^^tt

wheel made to revolve by the ignition of gunpowder.
JRI ••rrn ^rftj fe^, a bamboo

-iPpFT^, I a, i?3ir5 faf^i, ^;5^f;^, circular, round, of the ahnpu

./'if^fr, ' of a wheel or discus.
5<rj, s, -$W, 15^, C^rt^, the organ of vision^ sight.

^-^fJC^t^, a. '5W^^\'5^, ^^^ C^^n, C^R"^ «t^1, within seeing dis-

tance, s. an object of sighu^

^•i^-pft^S, s. ^^ -^nn, l?f fWl, fastening the eye upon, looking.

^•dlTsfk, s. ^^^ Cc^l^5^, tears.

15911, s. vilf^^ ^R ^J^ Y'^P^^ ^"^^^ a flying insect of offensive smell.

^^n C5tl.^t^1, «. C^lWl^ (:W~^?"i^, S[tC^ irUSf, sometimes, seklom,-

at intervals, here and there, now and then.

^^, 5. C^rt'^Tl ^^1 f^?n ^f%l ^^1, C^5f, false hair.

FQ^RTTl, a. C^^C^ ^^1 ^ ^?n, '5^^, easily broken, brittle, frail.

^'^m, a. ^sr^-tf^, Ti^:^?, "^^f^?!, sincere, honest, without hypocrisy.

^^t«f, s. CFT^ 'SitlT^ #lf^ ^T.l^l, (fk^?Tt^ ^^1 ^-s^, the

facing of a garment.

^'^, s. si^t^l^ C^t^l t<?[c7l, t^R ^5^^ ^5T C^"^5rl ^Tl%, sackcloth,
a sandbar.

^V^> ^' ^i^^^> ^1^ ^^ '^TTf^ 3T^, ^'i?>''5f^, a flapping,

floundering as a fish out of water, a crackling rustling sound.

F?ytt^, V' ^^"^'^l^, C^S-fttf^, ^^J?^Tt, to flounder, to pop.

^^^^ft<r!, a. ^5T^5Tft ^^t, C^S^tf^ ^f1, fluttering, hopping about.

^^-pf^^, s. ^?T -s^^, ^T|% ^t^'t W^l, the early dawn, day-break.

^^^^, V. '5t(^^f5 ^t%, 5:f<r<p^t^, to flounder, to hop about, to

struggle as in the agony of death.

F'^JpSiTl^ a. CSe^fk ^J^l, restless, uneasy, bopping about, bustling.

^^, a. -^t cm^, C^^lt ^^1 ^ C^f^1, ^^^ ^f?f 4Tt% H^l ^^h
C^Ci{] ^T^ «11^^ C^?'^^! ^f^(^ 5^ TOt^^ six, wound
about, girt, cleared, cleaned ; an affix denoting anything flat

or extended, as -sft^J t"^, f^ F^, a board &;C.

'^'^Xtf V, ^\X.^T^ ^ft ^^, 9f?r ^f^, to be proud or conceited.

^T^ 1?^, s. <|<^ ^^ ^srr^ f^CW, a bamboo seat, a sitting mat.

^^^T^, s. <T1F fe^1, *ft5 C5tcTl, the weight of five rupees or two
ounces avoirdupois, the sixteenth part of a seer.

'5^\'^^, a. ^jca^Tc^, "^sTi 55=T, i^^lc^ CFC's^r^^C'!^, long and thin; s. a slit.

F©^^, 5. ]5tt^ sr^, f^ft 1^^, sprinkling, sowing broadcast.

^fe^S^, s. ^C^ TO^ ^^^, Pl^tf^ft, to sprinkle or dash water
on each other.
Ffb, s. ^^ 7it5, 1^1^ ^^ '^^5 ^^^ name of a shasler^ Doorga.
M 187

F5, s. ^n?7i irtij, 7J^7[ 2t^ srm, the twelfih month, corresponding

to part of March and April.

F5, a- '^jfh'sr, vTSTf^nn, subject to, dependent.

;?'5TO^, V. fir5Xt ^^ C<5t^1, C^nT-^STT^, to talk at random, to prate.

55^fi;?1, a. fku]^. ^-5X^ C^\^\, 5JT^, C5«ij.<f?i^^'l, garulous, cunninir.

I^Zr^lT^, a. 5T5n5j<^, ^rf^ ^^ C^^, C^^TTI^^rr^rf, deceitful,

talking regardless of truth.

FT^, 5. mf^, 'STK^n^ ^>R, ^^, independence; with 7^^, a

period of peace and tranquility.

PTl, s. <I^ wt:^:r^ <fnff, '•rnd^ 1^, an earthern leach for making lye.

^fz, 5. -<^r^ «<1T5 <^«fTf5tt^ #?n ^FTlJf fe'm, a beam, a support

of a roof or any superstructure.

^fiir^, s. iijf^^f sr5, a species of tree.

^^, a. ^^ «R!, C^IPI> shrewdness, cunning, sharpness.

F^^tf^T, a. c^wrrfiT, Tfinr^, cunning, shrewd.

^^, a- "^^ CW^, the fourth.

l^^^i s, CAM4 Mft ItR, f^f^if Re*!*!, the fourth day of a lunar -

month, a certain festival.

5^gTf3T, a. t5VT, Mft *5rfir^ RT, the fourteenth.

5^ifl^, 5. 5^ t5VT ft^, f%^ filWI, the fourteenth day of a

lunar month.

Fi^fTPT, 5. Ftf^r fJFf, citfw^, the four cardinal poiots.

5^<fTJf, a. Mfts 'JFT'l, C5tcsnr, all sides, all around.

5^^sfi 5. Ifjfi ^vf, vt^J, OTKr, the four objects of human pursuit,
said to be sensual enjoyment, wealth, virtue, and fmal beatitude.
l?"5^1^'vl> o. S[fk Bffr?!, rrft ^f^nH, relating to the four principal
castes; the four principal colors, white, black, blue and red.

^"^^JSf, a. ^rf^ ^fen, f^JC '^^ ^^> four armed, as VislmDo.

F^C^Tft, a. 5Tft Ff^P?1, quadrangular, four cornered.

^^^iif, a. Sf^ C^fWl four footed, quadruped.

53r, s. Ml^, an umbrella.

F^^, s. ^BTI, Mf^ ^L< «1, a king; ( /i7. ) the carrier of an umbrella.

^^^^> S' ^®1 ^^, ^4l«, the subversion of dominion, loss of empire.
5F^, a. f^pvt^, sff^^ •«rt^ ^Rfl, despicable, universally despised.

F^, 5. f^«R ^,5Ii5 si^ 9$ fvi(.*i*i, a waste or desert place; a rope

used to frighten iish into a net.

388 T5f5

i?»i<9i, ff. c<sfC^ «5f1, brittle, easily broken.

^«f^1, a. ^ C^T^j C'*ri% K^ ^i^, fallow, lying waste; generally

applied to land left unsowed-^aftcr ploughing or without a crop.

worrying, fretting, irritationj storming about;

0^r<9 s. ^f^Tirij ^"fen, a sentry, a guard, a watch.

^^, s. ClSt^, 9f^ verse, poetry, poetic measure, shape, symmetry,
^'tr^, 5. ^fi<J>!^' ^1^, sandal wood, several other kinds of fragrant
wood are thus called.

F^TRl, 5. ^lifl /^T? q]^ ^J^i '5'^t^9 a species of parrot.

I?^JT^5t'si"j s. Wf^'s^, vS-J^lXS "^T^l <?t'^?, an awning, a canopy.
^55t^, a. C^^C^i^l, ^^^, 7:\-e ^^Tf^ ^f^ C^TWl, broken and flat-

tened out, squat.

6"iT6fi^', 5. -^e ^?n <rCif^ ^rtW, to flatten out.

(>-^iv.<ll'5, V, ^Tl%" Cs^f^l?", ^"itTlWf^, to break down, to strip off.

^^, s. STTE? ^flf^, C^^ C«n ^ I, a species of fish; a. flat, as roof ^-c.

^f^r?rf^, V. C'dt^^ l m ^*fi^ <rTl%, to tear apart, to open out, as

cotton preparatory to spinning.

^^, s. C^^^, ^^ Fi<?f5{ e^^ -stT^ 1WPI, a chest, a box.

l>^^[ 1, s. cTi^ -pf^, ^^^1, shame, mortification; a. mortified &c.

w^fir, a. fi(U] Xoi cTi^ -pfTl, mortified by the exposure of one's

own misdeeds.

K^irtwr^, s. F^lM^^ v8«^T5 ^^ ^<^5 a canopy, an awning.

F^, 5. CSiX^, ^^^5 the moon.

^^^T^^ 5. ^fv^ ^^^ ^J^tl ^, ^tl&t^ GfTR c£i<F :5;§it^ ^n^, a pre-
cious stone, the chrysolite, the name of an Assam king.

F^'>ti<^, s. f2|i%f%^ §1 15^^ *T^1, an eclipse of the moon.

l>T^if\^, 5. FC^t^^j an awning, a canopy.
ijT^^^irR, a. F^p^ WC^ "^^PT ST**!"? moon-faced, beautiful as the moon.
F^RT^, s. ^ST^TPT^ <R> 'STT'^r^:^ ^S'^WJ C ) '^^ ^^C^^- "fe-JT, the

nasal character, (" ).

F^tS&T, s. F^^ C^ <1 5^^, the lunar orb, the moon's disc.

^^^, s. CSiX^f ^, M^k*^, "R^^HJ, the moon, the queen of night.

bs^sjf^f, a. (rgftTTiT^, "^r*^, moon-faced, beautiful as the moon.

^^14, s. ^fk'4 f^fw^ ^»{5T^1<, a kind of necklace.
M^^^, s. CSil'^i'^, CSit^^ -^iT^i moonlight, moonshine.
W 189

Sr^tflT?, *. C^T^ 6C5rr^, o^ £(^rr:?J, the rising of the moon.

C^f?*^, ^ s. fviirt^: ^1% l?f*f C^TrSfT^ 5.<w, the noise of sucking

5^«ff^, / or of drawing liquids into the mouth.

I?^5«fr^, V. 5*fJ5*f ^i-tf ^^fft ^r^, to make a sound wiih the lips

as when sucking or eating.

^^t^lTl* a, •i-i:, ^5^, sr^rt^TC^ C^V^, full to the brim.

^^'f^Fl, -V
a. *i^< ^nn? T^tf<^'" "ii^^ ^t3 ^«1^ <»iTr?f^^ ^TjM
^"H^r^i^, ? ^«{^» CVv3t5P3i, living in common at the house of an-

^ other for food and clothes or in hope of marriage or gain.

H'sW, s. C\5i'»r^, ^•JfTOI T>1^, a clod, a clump or shapeless mass.

5i^rt, V. c#mt^, 1S1^< ^f^, ^m^, to bow, to bend the head,

to lower, to let down.

5<^TT5<»fT, fl. C^^f^GSr*^, ^<r?rT7'«r^, in clods or pieces.

5*fft«^, 5. 5t*tf?r wn, ^r<1^ sr^i the act of clapping the hands,

knocking or rapping at a door.

5^f1%7ri^, V, M*R srrfTt vT^fftrarfi^, to clap the hands, to knock,
to rap at a door for admittance.
5vfi, a. ?risf9i^, csri^ C<r«n, ;frr53 srrl, ^^C C5T«n, assembled,
collected together, printed, pressed.

P«11^, r. CSfitl^, ^«t*^«n^, 'sn^Jtr ^C^IIWI, to draw, to collect to-

geiher, to approach, to print, to press, to stamp; with ^rtfi?,

to cut close to the ground.

^<t!'«ri^, 5. *f r«r '^ftfir ^'»r?r 5*n sri^ "S^, a priming office.

F:<^nsn, a. cnrc^r^, si^rsrcsn^, ^rrvn ^n^is ^-ini sRi, caused

1 > be gathered together, pressed, printed or stamjKjd.

S>t^, ) 5. ^T^m <^ Ito?^, ;ct^ CTSltsi mf<f ^R1 ^TJ, a subpoena
^fen, '
or writ, commanding presence in court
5f^, 5. c^^fi zj/V, *nR[ 5*5? ftcTj^, a picture, a metrical measure,

^f^nsnr, ». ?rT^ TrRr, ^ c*l<lt, to strike with an oar or hoc or

with the paw as a tiger.

^f^S'sn, s, ^^ C*!(.<5l^l, \|t^ SRI, striking with an oar or hoc &c.

^'S\^9 s, ^^S,.^f^, fPS^f disposition, quality, temper.
5^r^, 5. ^*^U f«l4i*r^, <d%, ^5T3T, a flash, a glance, a twinkling,
a starting back from fear; with <rT^, to start back &c.
^^^, s. ^K5] "srr^f^ OfSTl ^ 1 ^4 c®t<r, a measure j as much as
can be embraced by the hand with the fingers extended.
15^l%5, a. T^fe;, %5t^ C-^rt^, ^^ ^ C*^^, startled, smitten

with sudden fear.

^ir^bilM, 5.
^^ Wtfw^ IM^^ C^^pC^ 's^tf^ C^ir^, heartburn,
a disorder of the stomach caused by bile or acidity.

W^, 5. ^T^^ CUC^^ 3t^^, a scourge, an instrument of punishment

used by the Assam Kings.
CsnFTlfl:, V, TJ^tC^ *rTR, to strike with the above instrument, to scourge.

^^4i<r-l4, 5. c?fr«r?t?^ flora's, f^^rt", astonishment, surprise, amaze-

ment; a. wonderful, surprising, astonishing.

om^ ^^, a. ^5i\s<r.i^ ^^, ^SR^, astonished, surprised, amazed.

51^ -s^, a summons or official notice to appear in court.

CTTI, s, "S^v^XC^ C^lxft: "JJ^'^^, 5T*T, a skin, a tanned hide, leather.

^^1 51^, s. C^rf^ ^^, ^^^^a^l, "R^rf^ t^ C^'^^ ^, skinned over,

( as a healed wound or sore. )

CVlf^ill, a> ^5rt^:5 (Xr^, ^Tf^ CSrr^, rt t^Tl%<n, done in six

months, six months old, six hikis in weight or ralue.

"^^ c^l srt^, V r><i ^, a dealer in lime, a tanner, a shoemaker.

^^( 4^ ^ 5. f

15^ a. >e^^» ^^.1^, near, close at hand.

^?T^1, s. -^Itrl" ^<?rc^^ 5R cmc<HlNiil «il^«^ C5rr^, a class in the

days of the Assam Kings exempted from service and tribute.

^w*r^, ) 5. S^, ^^ff^ ^ -ilR^j, a species of yellow flower, the

^7^, ) raichelia champaca.

^f ^ f5Tc7, s. csn 'SfT^^ ^^n t^ vilR5f, loadstone.

^^]%, V. ^^ ^^ ^i", ^^R", 3Tir^ t^, to receive in charge, to

preserve v/ith care, to keep in safety.

^^, s. ^f?f ^Ci;U^ *»fT5r$ ijn, a slap on the cheek.

^^^, s. ^9^ ^T^tT, heaven, the firmament.

F^9f ^V.t 5. ^IT'STTS C^'Tsil, a stroke of lightning, a thunderbolt.

^tty s. TTtii^ ^r^ '^Jk ^w^ «^^^ ^tft: f^?n ^t^^ -^^ft^ ^ ^m<n
ft^, the flooring of the two ends of a boat beyond the

cover on which the boat is worked.

TS^fed, s. ^5>rl, FlR *ftFl, an anna.

^^7{, s. ^«fV, ^^, a foot, the feet, used figuratively for favor, protection.

^^^rj, ) s. ^:g;^ ^ft ic;^ ^Ttf^, ^m^iW^, -^^^ W^^ the water

^^^it^, •'
in which a brahmin or gooroo's foot has been washed.
IPCSl, «• ^t^> ^^9 ^'^t shame, labor, fatigue.

5^1, ) if- ^<5nt 5T^rai -Kf^ C5l(.<i»l<1 ^.TT^ C®t^, the drfxng up
^f^, J of a sore and falling off of the scab.

15^^, s. ^-ifC^ ^^ft C<T^1, C^'\'^\ the act of 8uc!^ing or drawing

into the mouth as fluids.

5T51 :i^1, s. ^R ?rrft ^m, C^C<[r^, suction, sticking, adhering.

"^^fk} »• ^<fC^ l^fV, ^rf^ ^f^, to suck in with the mouth, to

adhere by suction, to slick fast.

5^1, a. 7S^], "^fK^y ^«;X C^sr ^\Sf exceeding in length, more than;
5. a royal barge, a pleasure boat.

bird; 0. to slap, to exceed, to drive to pasture, to feed.

^TT^r C5TW1, 5. ?j?Fft ofJi tJRj ^rl% cpT'sn ^, sfg sk, 5f^?i,
a spy, a secret informer, an emissary.

b<lb4^ a. &61l&ei, *^^ WiTS, moveable and inimo?able, i. e, the world.

5fX, J. 5^rs C^ 3Ilft ^ Prfsf, ^ft, a setting pole used in pro-

pelling boats; V. to exceed, to pa^s beyond a line or limit.

cft^, s. ^^rs, f^ftf, C^iM^i f^W^, natural dbpoaitioo, manner,

description, history.

^f^, 5. ^'^ ^^ C^t^ *n-?> 5^TT^ C^T^, a wash-bowl or basin,

a spy, a secret informer.

^^, J. €T5 "STirif T^l 31I&^ *frT, an earthen cooking vessel.

"59^, a, ^7^, TSJ, f^ut, true, real, exact, not imaginary or fictitious.

|?$C*f, ad, I^C?, JiCST, ^^4C^ truly, certainly, in like manner.

^^'T^ s. ^f^W«^, 'STf^f^T^, gofer nment

^5»Tf^, a. ^R^CT-uT, ^^a W--^ 5T1 ^r>^rtT^ ^T^ft?, ^tsT^fOT, re-

lating to government, public, common to all.

^1% ». ^t 5T?(i, ^^r^ ••pn c<r3n, i^f^ cwmr^ jr^, a choking,

strangling, the noise of any thing being dragged.

^iT?n, a. f^-^^y fkV^ «91, dry, juiceless, dried up in cooking.

5M^^, *. C^Vi^T ^<\ ^S^, 2r^t6 ^^1, '^<TU ^V, making

others a subject of conversation, meddling dtc.

W^, «. ^nsi ^T^ ^m^'Sl £tKT^ ^^, ^srfV^r^, an overseer, a head-

man, a chief, a chieftain.

5>f1, 5. 'cnf^. fsff^, 51^?, jv, reverence, love, respect.

^Jft^W^, 5. ^fs? ^^1, circumcision.


5D2 R%
IS^: s. Sf^'^^sn, ^\f^, ^flrt^, ^, a stratagem, a de?ice, trick, pre-
tence, artifice, fraud, forgery; a. easy to do.

t*<5u'i], s. '^Tfo]"^, SR «1T55T, unsteady, unstable, volatile.

^5T^T, «• 5?Tl^?T, ^l?t®ns, having intercourse.

F^TiT, 5. ?n5^ fT^^ TTTm C^^tTTs? Bt^, the joining cr soft part

between the upper and lower shell of the turtle.

T?7I^^ -sftl^, s. ^S^i3f ^[7{, <-r4 ^R, shallow water.

^c^rif, 5. "^yt ^f>f, ^rf%<raj, intrigue, trickery.

^5T]^ ^C^, a^. ^c<5 C^f?Ti} ^if^ fel, ^-s^f^ TfCT ^9n, poored forth
at once or abundantly, of silvery whiteness.

poured out to overfiowing, of one even surface o? expanse,

silver-coloured, applied to water and to fish.

l?«?rf%, c. ^rfl, ST^sl, F?Tf%, in common use, current, popular.

&?5^, s. £t<r^^, SfsR, '^t^JT, walk, conduct, custom, habitual practice.

F^RI, s. F=7 ^Tl, ^tf^ 1%<r!, deception, trickery.

5^, a. 5«^ C^t^, 91TR :^TI, #lf% fw^, C^rj^ 7^<i^ -sft^^ C^?r-
I5t^ ^f^TCcT ^vil ^?®Tt, current, in common use, moved_, trick-

ed, deceived; as an affix, as ^t^ ^oTl, (a bamboo.)

TF^rf", V. 2f<3rt,*sfsR ^^^, 3|5rr^ ^^, UHf-IU FC^rmi:, to cause
to move or to do, to superintend, to manage, to sift.

t>cilt>ci, a. ciTt^ ^511^, ^aili^lsiTi;, F^rn;, ^«T <?T^, going and coming,
having intercourse, in common use, current, in slits or strips.

^cTf^, s. T^Jk fy.C^^mi, C^Tt^ Cir^"^, the act of deceiving, mis-

guiding, duping, tricking.

^^m, «. fin?!^!^ 5rrl% ^cJm, ^fR? 1%«^7 tempting, misleading.

^fir, V. srl% ^, 'sn^, <tfe[ ^JT^ ^^, to act, to go, to pursue

a particular course of conduct; a. chip, a small bit of wood.

^f^, a. "^c^ C^T^, 15^, moved, agitated, gone, current, customary.

^1%^, s. "sf^i, £it^ ^1%^ ^5?- c^^Tii; Ff ii ^!?f^ c^?<n, ^Pf-
fen, xi^f^ylj impaired sight that generally comes at

about forty years of age; a. dim-sighted, immature, not ripe.

'Fi%^1 ^m, fl. ^Wfen^^^Ff^ ^n^!^ ^^^\ C^rr^, dim-sighted.

^^, s. ^tT^ C^t^n, ^f'^Tf, a handful of water for rinsing the mouth.

WCm ^C^, ad. ^C41C^ ^ ^^TC^,- C^^ton §^^<r, hy artifice or by

- £treni|tb. hv anv me?.ns whatever, somehow.

5Tt^ 193

5C5it*rTt^, ) a- TJ5T^dt, ^5rt ftfM^ t^ ^, volatile, talkative,

5C»Tte«lt, ^ garulous, speaking without regard to truth.

5?T2^, 5. yT5T?T, 3^^ ^TI, a child of four or five years of age.

^f%, a, Jm^'^:, ^fki ^Tl>J?r^, CSrr^^St^, rich, wealthy, opulent.

5^ 1t?1, s. ^^t1 t^, fet ^srW Of<^^1, finding out a secret by

flattery or false promises, the holding out false inducements.
"5^^, 5. ^nn, ^ 9(73, a thickly settled place, a village.

5^fel, ) 5. ^^^ «r?Pl ^\^, a villager, an inhabitant of a thick-

l>^4»^1, ' ly settled place.

5^^, a. ^f^t»T 5»I, 'RR tt^, level, passable, easy of access^

5^5Tl>i^cfj|, 5. b^^\^, ^rftrj?^!, %1^ •Ttt^, fraud, imposition.

^^, rt. ^IRI, ^, ftcsTfsri, unlearned, unpdishcd, rustic.

5^Tt, ». ^rt 5t^ ^fir, <tf5T^fft, to till, to plough, to cultivate.

to cultivate, to till; s. a signature, t sign, a mark.

^ft5, 5. CHt^ C5V^^9 a groom, a horse keeper.

5Ci^T^, a. 5t^ ?FT1, "IW C^W, . tilled, cultivated.

M^, ». CiffV, IPR ^flr, BV, to see, to lookj i. ashes.

^ftRj, ». ftW!>m ^fir, ^sf f[ft 5r?, to carefully observe.

irrrti, «. 5Tft, rtPw C^, four.

M'lsil^fl^, a. ^5^, M^ :Tt© ^T^ C^ ^^, worthless, as ashes dtc

^r?^^, a, Vfil ^4fCTCt C^WT^ ^p^» fierce, cross or surly looking.

5r^T3r, «. «rT^^ 2tt^ w^ ^ft^t»!?irt otpbti c«r»r *flfer, a class

appointed by the Assam Kings as public executioners.
5T^|vr, 5. C^I?: C^, t»Rr vW ^, a military camp, a barrack.

M^, s. ^?5|C», ITPiR STT^ rice, husked rice.

^t^ ^;j'«n, ». nRpl^i^ ^ ^rt^l 5f ^1, the loss of means of

support or the loss of life.

^T%iT SRI, 5. f^f<4t? ^, without a living or means of support.

^sf^, 5. C-^rc^C^ ^^ C^mi, the giving a coating of grass, thatching.

-§1, s. iw "^t^i T^ 5(*fTl, a shadow, a shade, darkness, obscurity.

^T^, 5. ^ .^51 ^s^; 5TC5R, a carpenter's adz.

iVsf^, s. ^51^ "feft C^t^, equivocation, speaking without strict

regard to truth.

"Stf^, V. fwsv\ ^f^, St5^ sitft, to shave, to hew, to smooth.

5TC^T^» ^ ^^ 5^ ^3, ^T5, a carpenter's adz.

194 5T'^

5 l^i<&C^, a(^. ^51^^^, C^?fC^, at once, suddenly.

^ttf, s. ^, cst^, the moon.

Stm, s- ^, fs^ Sfra, FT^ f^rf^, 5^ shade, a shadow, a type.

M^, s. ^^, ^^, ^5rf2R[ ^^I^ ^t^ ^®1 15^, a potter's wheel, a
circle, a discus.

15t<?ft?5^, a. f^, 'Si7<'^'4» Cirf^f^tvl ^5T, neat, tidy, particular

as to personal appearance, beautiful.

^ \
^t^T^, s, C5^) <r^, "5^ «ft^ ^ ^^TT^, one who tastes, a person
appointed to taste of the King's food, a strainer.

Fi^^^, 5. C^f-ps^ '5f|JT( Tr{% «t^, a whirlpool, an eddy.

^l<p<, s. C^cT ^isr ^"^ 5rt^, a servant, a hired domestic.

Ft^ft, 5. CA^ts? ^^ J?T5r, domestic service, business, employment.

5t^i%<n, a, l^T^f^ W^], relating to service, doing service.

^^1%^ s. l^fi=i<n, f'^^ ^«?i^rT^, a flat circular body, a small

round gold neck ornament worn by females.

Frf%, V. C^'<^i\W Vtf, 2^'^'i ^^ SfCcTP^Tl «fT:5, ^, ^^T^ ^T^ ^\^,

^t"^^ ">»4ll^<. ^^^^ ^^% to taste, to strain or filter; s.

a lamp, the signet of a ring, an ornament of flowers.

1^11% CFt^, s. C^rt^srlW C^i^l, C5CeTl% C5^^, testing by the taste.

Frf% «1in, s. ^^R^S ^^f^rtt^ ^^«i C^^1» the inserting round

fiorured flowers into the border of a cloth.

Ftt^ ^C^^, 5. ^m <^^^ TT^, a species of bird, the barta-

velle or red-legged partridge.

^9!^, 5. Fl-yf, ^1 ^?f, a he-goat.

^T?ri%, s. ^rft1% Fi^rf^, a she-goat.

^it^, ad. i%5jTf^, ^7[5T1, ;§;TC-4l, probably, perhaps, possibly.

^r^, s. W^, *fl^© '^rt^ ^t^, a platform, a scaffolding, a stage,

yt^ "^R, s. Ff^^ ^-s^R^ 3^1 "51^5 a house with a raised floor.

FTwf^^ s. i^\-^p^ ^srtfTR- ^s^^^ ^^ <mf*i?i F^T^f f^c^;^, a

royal canopy.

FT^iTis', 5. ^^"5 ^t^ ^^ CcTt^, men who prepare the king's food,

rrf^, s STtfy" ^ilf ^f^^i -s^fl^, a contrivance for carrying earth

(Sec. on the shoulders of two men.

Ft1%5T, ^ s. f^cr^ V^i; cTC^I'mi fi;R t^f^Dl '^S, FtC^ft, a bayo-
FT]%f^, 3 net.

FfC^R, s. ^;{f^1 c^sfl 5ft^ ^ft^, an acid esculent plant.

CZm mfV, ^^ >i>5i1 ^t^fsf ^srrfiF Itfj^ ^;^ Jivn, a side
blou'jsubmerging, covering, overshadowing; a small quantity,

a sprinkling, an innplement for stirring treacle; a stick

on which turmeric &c. are strung at the ceremony of
washing cattle.

^f^, n. *f|t%'<f 9^ ^<^, a kind of silk cloth, satin.

5Ttf5r, 5. C*5rtf^, C««rr5n ^'S ^/^frif, atn- kind of cane work, a kind
of sauce, chulney.

^f^SRl, 5. pr^ 5151, ^f< <tTl. ^ftfi^vi) v5«T f^S^, the act of sub-
merging, filling to overflowing, covering; a. submerged &c.
M5, v. <TTf^ 5©?rt, ?^*f^ 5l15 JHft, ^rf^, vfPC ttT^, oj^t sf ft
Z\ ^rtfWi to splash, to dash, to give a side blow, to envelope

or hide from sight aa a vine does a tree, to submerge, to

girt, to wind round and round.
5t©Tf (&, s. lfTO?R, tetW^T^, to toss about as when in distress.

^10 «iTi, s. F©«^, csTOJc^ c^yn arT!» ^*nc m6 Jrri» the act

of splashing or dashing water, striking with the tail, tossing

the end of a cloth over the shoulder.

5T^, 5. ^t^JTI Z\ ^"•f ?<n, hope, eipeclation, distinction or deference.

^Ti^ 5W?1, «. «Wn 3T9n, ^< ^<l» not having respect of persona.

MT^, 5. <^ erm, 5T^, a scholar, a pupil, a learner.

MlS^^nf^T, 5. ^f^lPlTf^t 5Wnf*r, a school-house, or place of instruction.

5tf^9 5. 53, an umbrella.

5T^5^ft, a- IT^Tlft, craftiness J a. artful, sly, roguish.

5Tir» 5. ir^ WCt^r f*nrTiW Ttf^, throwing up milk after nursing.

FPnCy 5. C5C9T9f ^^T?, a shoulder cloth, a sheet.

5Tl^, ». f^nm^ ^{Wft, to eject from the stomach, as nursing infants.

5T^ ^1, s. Bt^ ^5n?J*f ^^, filching, purloining, keeping back &.c.

gR gj, s. gtfJTS ^f^ f5rC5W, the name of a sage, and author of a

work compiled from various other works.

l?t*R, 5. 5^, csrt^ csfTCWr^n ^n^ »ilf^, the moon, a species of
esculent plant.

CP^ff^, 5. ffsu ^ «fel ^fJ^Tf^ C^T^, a loop used for the feet in

climbing trees.

^^ TJ^j a. cgt^^ irc^ ig^-^r, moon-faced, beautiful as the moon.


196 Mf^

Stpfr, V. ^ '5Xt, <M 1^, ^^ ^^, to roam about in search of,

to lie in wait for as a beast of prey; s. silver.

'51^9 s, ^-if^^ ^, a stamp, a die, a.press a block for printing clo;b.

^<1^^, s. #5roT CFT^TIj a long native coat.

woman who lives with a man unmarried.

M*f sr5l, s. Ft^ 1^?1» <Jilt>v&

;t^, the act of stamping, pressing, or
printing; a. pressed, printed, stamped.

FT<^, a. "ip, e'^f C^rtL^T^n, i^iCviU sr^ ^r^, low, short, of small

stature, a clapping of hands, a blow with the open hand.

Ft«^^t^, V. Fr<t5 <5ft[, CTTsrf^, ^{^Tt^, to bend down, to bov/, to lower.

^^ sri#, ^ TH^fett^ C^r^srl v«}1% ^ ^^ ^, an island,

high table land, raw ailk dra'.vn out from the cocoon ready

for twisting, a clapping, a bending of the body.

^sT^, 5. ^«>f<r C^rhsn, ^®n c^l-^ly ^J^u^T ^, the act of stooping

down, lowering anything.

^-sftf^, a. «11^^* U^iJ^ C^T^, ^ ^^, concealed, suppressed,

hidden, kept back clandestinely.

l^f^, r. 7I115^5 sitf^, C^^T?t^ ^srrft, ^^IT t^, to print, to stamp;

Vi^ith ^rtf^ to come near, to approach.

51^ ^"^ fe^ ^t^ ^rrf^, a stamp, an impression, a mark

a stroke with a hoe or oar; with ^Tl to seize, to clutch;
with sitf^, to stamp, to print, to press, to row, to hoe.

^K. ^% ^' ^xt^^<: '^^ ^^1 ®n^ ^n#^ w^ ^T# ^i^TR ^^1, mf^
^^, the levelling of uneven places made by the plough,
cutting the ground with a stroke of the hoe.

5t?l%¥t^j «• "^1^5^ ^ir*{< ^fTlj C<9rft <I»R4 -sW, "^rr ^^, dexterous,
expert, adroit, apt, quick, nimble.

FT^ t^?rl, s. Ft^ 51^, f^lMt^ ^«n 5fTl> the affixing a stamp or seal,

charging with a crime without proper proof.

^t^, s. ^ixTt^j ^^^ ^srrjir c^rt^ <ri"^ to", soap.

t»kl"^>> tn^er;. ^m c^c^| siTlJ, ^^, ^Tc^^n STt^, a word expressing

approbation ; well done ! bravo

Ml%, s. ^^t^ ^fe a key.

FT^^, f- b'LV^A C^^ C???R, a whip, a scourge.
^W9 ^Tfl, 5. MT^ C^TTsn, a class who in the days of the Assam
Kings inflicted punishment by scourging.

S^zi, 5. sr5 ^f^, vflC^ e^n^ viii:^ C^T^l ^^ C^sf ^f^, a tree

valuable for timber, succession, order, the produce of one

season, a crop, a stage of a disease.

Ft^ 55^T?T, 5. ^T^ ^^ ^?^, the of the above tree.


gisi :i>^^ 1, s. -JTrFt? W5^ ^P3TT*ft^¥l ^T^^ C«tl^ Jlf?^, a species

of caterpillar.

5plfj(, s. c^^ 77^ ^»fT5 ^ I?^, T, the cream or thick part

that rises to the surface of liquids.

pmf^ srrft, »• c»rpi ^rs^ >8*it5 ^^ ^rrfw, ^t ^if^, w^ srtft, to

rise to the surface as cream on milk, to scab over, as a soxe.

^7R[, 5. cSl^4 , a or whisk made of the tail of the Yak or Tartar cow.

5T5lft, 5. f^^fk *rB[, the Tartar cow.

irpjy, s. »w ^«1 frow, a epoon.

FforT^, J. ^ *9fttf, %<>fCinm, a spirit, t ghost, an apparition.
MT, a- ^ifW, ^, fn? ^rrf^Ol iVl ^fff frftt C«ft^, sufficient,
abundant, excessive ; s. pasturage, plenty, overplus.

PT^^n^, ». ^Kr^T, C9rT«^i 5^fe, ^«rr5 ^••r ^ri. ruin, destruction, com-
plete alienation of friendship, extinction.

^1T^ C*rP«ri, s. C*!l*4[ f*m '^3;«l<t ^*rrt C*n^1, the receiving of

slight assistance from another.
5t? C<TT^, a. ^St^ CT^ fift cn^, filled, satisHnd, finding abun-

dance of pasturage or food.

5Tftr, V. ^TTl^r, ^crfw t^[« *flfiri Mfir C^t^i urt^, to exceed, to go

beyond, to leave, to abandon ; a. four.

Ftf^8 'FM, ac/. g^Hfi, C5ti^, l^tcvn TTC^T, on all sides, all around.

5"Ur(^, J. ^Rfen ^J5?1 Tf^,

a species of wild esculent vegetable.
^Tc^^, affix, -pf^fV ^5Ra? 3Fnf, ^50^ jj-vT <Tr53 c§rrsf ^c?t t?^ ^«Tt,
fifvil^, C^fmMC^;^, a particle or affix meaning several, a few.

£>lL<salc.4, ad. <i«ilt<?, CirW5 ^S^ft^J^, more than a given measure.

FtC^^itt^, 5. viif^ ^IRj, a stringed instrument, a violin.

FTCT^TfTft, 5. ok4W*fk ^W\d^, a player on the above instrument.

FIST, 5. W, ^t^fir, ^^ ?1 ^f^ c^^l TT^^ C^-flf^, the skin, the
bark of a tree, the husk or covwiug of a aut; a roof.
108 ^f^

rr^r^-pn", *. <f%iJ (?Rl^ ^ ^f^ "^^7^3 a shawl, generally ap-

plied to Cashmere shawls.

^«ff ^Sffr, s, TR:k vS«t^"5 F^CT C^TRRI ^5lf^ ^ vilf^if, a medi-

cinal plant.

Ftc^Tf^^", a. ^f5 ^"^T!, f^^T>5n, very poor, utterly destitute.

^M^rfsi C<rT3i1, 5. ?f<<m:^1 ^sR ^T^ W'^ 'Sl^, the act of oppress-

ing the poor, filching or extorting from the needy.

Fr?rf=r, s, 51^ ^ f>f^T'5Tf^ "safw ^^ ^STl ^trs, a sieve.

l^rsffpf^, s. (TTt^ ^^ f^^l, a hroad plank with feet, used for sleeping.

^TciT^, s. j^j *1"C^T^1, ^f^'f f^CSTJT, an invoice, a bill of lading,

a list of articles or letters despatched.

5Tf5T, V. 5T?iR sitR, ^rorm^ ^^rs c<rmi ?f^^ i5t5i, ^5f%i ir, to

winnow, to sift; 5. the bark of certain trees chewed with

betelnut, a roof with one side.

5t1^ mf^, V. -^5^1 ^t^R c^^ff^, Ff?r^1%5 ^Zt^ ^f^, to investigate,

to search, to ventilate, to winnow, to sift, to pick out.

"^tf^! 5if^, 5. ^"^Itir C^^ CTicil, C<?^ CSIrfl, the act of strutting, spread-

ing out the tail as a peacock.

Ft^T, s. ^ilR^f WW\ ^"^j a kind of red twilled cloth.

l>l^T^?n, a. 71^ ^W CFTsiTf^j small, young, applied to children of

two or three years of age.

M?«T, «. ^^1^.?I1, ^5^1, ^f^<rij slanting, oblique.

^r^, 5. ^1^5j- ^r^-^ <fh5, 1%f^ t^ C©!^, ^T^ C^T^I TTi C^tn, tea,

the tree or the manufactured leaf; a. profitable, mellowed,

made ready for seed.

^^, 15^51 ^^, the temporary abandonment of a work.

Ft^ s. •:s?Q^

^"l^r^, s. "^C^Tsn ^, ^T^ ^tf%, a cultivation, a tea garden.

^RC^tt^, «. ^i^^^rran, 5Ti^ CJtt^, ^^^R C^TT^, ^^ 511, pro-

fitable, advantageous.

5T^f1, s. Fl^ <^rT^ CSTi^l ^Sl ^^ ^tir, manipulation &c. of tea.

Fi^H, 5. ^\^rm ^fr 2t^i^ csrr^^ snc^C^ ^r^, a title of honor

addressed to Europeans and other respectable persons.

iSlfk, s. ^R^ "^fz ^^ CHV^, a species of small insect.

Hf^R, a. ^9f^ ^^T-pf Ti^^, a very little, a part.

^ifkfk C^rrsil, 5. c^t^^ -fen^^^ ^ilc^^lSt^^TR cm^, pilfering

or abetracting a small quantity.

ft, interj. f^'WT^ srtl5,ft:^ ^R1, fST, an exclamation of Contempt &.c.
if^fs^, «. C^t^f^ ^"^f^ STl^, tho chirping of young birds.

f^fs^^. V. fuT^ ^^ ^^, to chirp as young birds.

ft"^, ^ *• viillt^, fVsfj ^^, ?;<Ii!^ 31^ ^PTI, a scream, a yell,

fiiT^fift ] a loud cry.

f^^iI^T^, V. ^^T^ *1^^, ITT^ ?R:i^, to cause to scream or roar.

f5?R, ^ ». ^^i^ ffiU, ^T^^ lilt ??-l7r, f^fcjin"?, Cv>, '

^ i

ft*?ft ^••ffi, ) 5ff^, to scream, to cry aloud, to ycil, to roar.

f5in, a. ^?ft5T 3!3J t^ CJTPsn ^ ifTSl J^, tapering, contracted in

the middle.

ft^, J. rt ^f^W^ C3fW^ T?]P, f5^^ SfTT, the groin, the screech
of the sika or musk-rat.

ft^^t^, r. tWlt^ irn, to screech, as the mosk-rat.

r&*r&ft?l, a, ^^id^, f^t§ft?1, M^5^3r, shining, gbssy, sleek.

fu^, a, 1^«^1, C^JC^, f%f«13r, tough, tenacious, tight, stingy.

f^;^^, a. ^^^, ^^, *ip, beautiful, excellent, nice, fine, sleek, fat.

^^5^59, ad. ^v\ ^C<tf fsT^ ^^, nicely, handsomely.

fs^mt, V. '^n^* Tit, ^T«T 5|^r<l, f^ ^ ^^? ^ftr. to clear away,

to put in order, to beautify, to uiake smooth, even or glossy.
ft^C^]^, a. ft^^ ^T\, «T€ CTP«n, Blffl ^Tl, cleared, put in order.
f^fif^f '• ^WfftprW ^T«T, firrtl»l, i glance, a mo-

mentary view, a twinkle, glitter.

iR^fji^lt, V. Iw^fk^, T^T^ft fttfvi^, to twinkle, to glitter,

ft^r^l, 5. <r^ '5rt1^ «rr5 ^t^lir ^W 6^, ^W ^^fsr, a tick, a

small insect tliat infests animals, a species of skin-louse,

ft^, «. ^'^^ f^fwi ^ftV CSfTC^PRI 9m, a species of musk-rat

that makes a screeching sound, whence its name.

f5^5*Jt1, s, to, ^<pf5, 55 ••rmt^T C^m C^fTsn, disgust, dislike.

ft*1^^1, a. ft^T^ CiSrrsniS C^rrc^T^rU ^innir, ^m, ( lit ) anything

passed over by the sika rat; t. e. having a bad odor or nameu

ft^lrn^fi?, 5. viif^if 3frr*f, a species of snake.

1%^"^, s. <^ ^it 'Hf^ ^ f^^rr, hunting; with ^.

a hunter.
to hunt.

fWTfiir, s. fr^r^ ^Hr ^^l, ^rt^f, a sportsman,

tWPP'K, 4. ^MTf5( ?p*f, stamped coin.
f^f^, a. f^^ f^^, ^t^ ^U ^^tt^» a very liule; ad. stint-

cdly doinij, giviogj eating 6lc.

2G0 f^
f^t:^!^, s. if^ ^-ifT S-^tl, a pinch, a nip.

1%^f^, t\ f^C^rr^ sjtf^, ij^ ^G-sn:^ f^f^, to pinch, to nip.

f^^n, «. C^T^ ^Tl^ CWTC^K^ C^^, -broken, cleft, parted asunder.

1%^n^^, a. '^lc{^ CvSt<r^ (Xl^1, broken in pieces, shattered,

f^f^ <f^, «. 'if^ 'T^l' ^cf??I 3=1^1, parted and fallen off, scaled off.

f^^i S' r^*<j^M CW^^ -il^ ^il? re'P^I, a race of people in Hindustan.

1W!, a. <!* ^^1, fl??n, C^U^F^<^5 ^^% broken, parted, divided,

ftfe t;. f^f^, C5T9I ^1^ C^R^^r^ <3 ^1%, C^ ^fi to break,

to part asunder.

fy^, $. T5?T^ rr^r 5ITI vilR^ ^<^flf^ ^M^, printed calico, chintz.

9tU C^il-^, fef^^R, an itching sensation.

f^^f^R, s. <r5i,%,

f^^f^^tt, V. -feifwft, -^mf^ C«tr^ 5r^, to itch.

t5^, 5. isiis^i, C5^^, \'s^^ ^t^^ -f^fpi^n •sr^i, #^r^ c\?t<^, the

act of sprinkling, a splint, a slice, a long strip of cloth

or land, a mark, a stain.

JT^t^l^, 5. ftt^ra: 3R: ^, shot, buckshot.

fr^Tlr^ ^^, a- IR^^t^ ^T^ ^"Jf ^5R1, divided into strips.

fy^t1t<n5 s. ^1^ vS^-'ik^ci ^t^ 1^<n, innoculation, vaccination.

•ft^Tf^, V, 5rrf% ''^f^, ^5tf^ srtf^, l?!^?!!^, to sprinkle."

f5% s. -s^, <^i^i, C^<n, a note, a letter.

t^0<&M, 5. WR; C^t^ *nlR ^ifw, rain driven into the house

by the wind.

f^i^, s. Fcft '4^1 ;5r?, c^c^TO^ 1wi ^T^, ^^fk «W, c^rr^
<flf^, a bird-trap, a strip of bent bamboo used as a
support to the covering of a boat, an insect.

ft i^, V. ^K, -sftR ^Ttif vfi>tt^ '^ ^-m ^^ '^m, to bound

in or drive in, as drops of rain.

1%f^<vT, s. ;a^cn<n ^vft^rr^^ -srf^r fif^ c<r^ ^ri, ^ z^rsn

^1% ^PTl, 51^ C<rc?, a kind of rafHing, casting lots, lottery.

;f5?ST5f, s. f5^t«^, c^f^5[i; 5Hrr^ ^^, a species of melon.

1T5, s. SR, ^n^, the thoughts, feelings and affections.

fs^^^S^, s. ^ -sTTS^^, 'srW ^5^, confidently hoping, expect-

ing, anticipating.

frsfe, t'. ^'^^v\ ^t^