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LeT’s Talk warGames Issue 1 January 2017

Issue 1

January 2017

BoLT aCTioN mordHeim Blood Bowl frosTGrave & more inside

our firsT issue


Welcome one and all to the first ever issue of Let’s Talk Wargames. A lot of work has gone into bringing you this fine issue of our brand new magazine. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into this magazine, and that’s just while writing this.

This First Issue is dedicated to showcasing what is to come in the future, and feature a number of Articles, Tutorials and Reviews to let you all know what we are all about. This issue is “lighter” than future issues at just 40 pages, but from Issue 2 onwards it will be full to bursting with about 60 pages of content.

As this is our first issue, we would ask something from you, the reader. Please once you’ve read through the magazine please get in touch with us (see page ?? for details) and let us know what you think. This is the only way in which we can improve the quality of the magazine, and bring you guys exactly what you want to see.

Also get in touch if you have a Tutorial, Review or Battle Report that you would like to see in “Print”, we are always looking for fantastic content, and together we can make this magazine even greater.

We would like to thank all of the following companies who helped us get this first issue out (even if it comes later than originally expected) without you, LTW would be a small internet blog, that stuggled to upload content each week. In no particular order we thank; The Army Painter, The Airbrush Company, Warlord Games, Kromlech, Red Dragon Gaming, Warcolours, Anvil Industry, Amera Plastic Mouldings, Game Plus Products, Too Fat Lardies, Gamer’s Grass, Aradia Miniatures, Deep Cut Studios, Offensive Miniatures, Modelmates, Playmats.EU, Second Thunder, Tunnies Terrain, Tablescape, Dead Earth Games, Customeeple, Art of War Studios, Spiral Arm Studio, and Pyrkol. Apologies if I have missed any of you off this list.

Copyright Information Avilable at www.letstalkwargames/copyright

Information Avilable at www.letstalkwargames/copyright Editor In Chief Jack Baker, Associate Editor/ Marketing

Editor In Chief

Jack Baker,

Associate Editor/ Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Turner,

Graphic Designer by

Angelos Design

Additional Contributors

Matt Taylor

Liz Baker

Proof Readers

Matt Taylor

Painting Supplies by:

The Army Painter The Airbrush Company Warcolours Windsor & Newton

Terrain Supplied By:

Red Dragon Gaming Amera Plastic Mouldings Customeeple Tunnies Terrain

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4 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames


08 5 Ways to be a better roleplayer

We whizz through 5 simple, but effective tips, to make you an exemperally RPG’er

10 Blood Bowl Review

Hi there Sports Fans, Blood Bowl is back and we are excited, how excited you ask? Check out our review to find out

14 Alternative Blood Bowl

A list of our 4 favourite miniature ranges perfect for representing your favourite Races on the pitch.

16 Frostgrave Warband Building 101

5 quick tips on building a Frostgrave Warband for Campaign Play

18 Bolt Action: Band of Brothers


We review this great 2nd Edition starter set

from Warlord Games

22 A Quick Word On

A Quick word puts 4 different products through the ringer to see what they’re like

24 Two Guys, One League and the

City of the Damned

Follows the Journey of Jack and Matt, as they embark on a new adventure through the city of Mordheim

30 How To Keep Your Brushes In Top


Keep those brushes clean and on point with this handy guide.

BEWARE MONSTERS!!! Kingdom Death: Monster breaks out in glory with over $12m on Kickstarter Kickstarter


Kingdom Death:

Monster breaks out in glory with over $12m on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a fantastic tool for any Game Designer, who wants to see their game go from inception to the shelves of shops. Over the past years we have seen a plethora of companies and individuals bringing games, miniatures and rule sets out with the help of us all, as a collective. Recent years have also seen some games smash targets and raise millions for their companies, namely games such as Guildball and Kingdom Death: Monster. The later has recently had a new campaign on Kickstarter to bring Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 to the masses. At what can I say, they absolutely smashed it out of the park, raising over $12m with the help of over 19,000 people chip- ping in to making this the highest funded game on Kickstarter to date. All I can say is congratulations to the Kingdom Death guys, and I look forward to seeing this game’s release.

WELCOME TO THE UNDERHIVE This piece of news has probably got me the most excited,


This piece of news has probably got me the most excited, Necromunda is coming to a computer near you. This game is being made by the same guys who brought us Mordheim: City Of The Damned, and for a bit more info I will pass you on to Yves Bordeleau, General Manager at Rogue Factor;

“After a successful first collaboration on Mordheim: City of the Damned, released on PC and consoles, Focus Home Interactive and Rogue Factor today proudly announce a new partnership with Games Workshop to begin development of Necromunda:

Underhive Wars, the adaptation of cult classic tabletop game Necromunda, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Necromunda: Underhive Wars is a turn-based tactical RPG. Rival gangs of ruthless warriors are locked in an endless war for control of the Underhive, a gigantic warren of derelict factories, rusted metal husks, and forgotten technologies. Anarchy, vio- lence, betrayal and death rule this hellish place, long forsaken by any semblance of civilization.

6 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

“Rogue Factor’s collaboration with Focus and Games Workshop is a story of trust, hard work, and true passion for the Warhammer Universe. Our adventure began by building the foundations of Mordheim: City of the Damned Early Access. Regarded as a highly successful and well-executed endeavour, the Early Access of Mordheim: City of the Damned gathered a vast number of passionate gamers that helped foster an amazing community and improved many aspects of the game. After a strong launch on PC and consoles, and an incredible experience with many les- sons learned, the way was paved for our next step in conquering the tactical RPG genre: Necromunda: Underhive Wars.”

All I can add to this is that their version of Mordheim brought me many hours of joy, and still has me engaged after all this time, the only thing that could potentially get me to put it aside is another fantastic Games Workshop adaption.

Check out necromunda-underhivewars.com for more Info

WANNA GO TO THE OTHERSIDE Wyrd Games show off the Otherside as Kick- start is


Wyrd Games show off the Otherside as Kick- start is in full swing

Wyrd Games have a penchant for weird and wonderful miniatures, and Malifaux is

definitely a game I would claim to be in my top-5 games I’ve ever played. So when

I heard that they were bringing out a new game, based in the same universe, I was

pretty psyched. I was even more excited when Wyrd started showing off miniatures, and released a preview video on Youtube. While Malifaux takes place “through the breach” in

Malifaux, The Otherside is based Earthside, and will (to start off with) feature 4 factions battling it out for control, including The King’s Empire, which features The King’s Hand (featured above) a massive heavy hitter which sits atop a 120mm base (no that wasn’t

a typo.) This game is once again based around a “Fate Deck” and each “unit” has a stat

card reminiscent of those in Malifaux. As I write this the Kickstarter has just over 24 hours to go and is at 360% of it’s target, so we will definitely be seeing this later this year. Check out www.wyrd-games.net for more information



Roleplaying is a fantastic outlet in my eyes. It allows you to escape reality, become a superstar, and take out your frustration on goblins and dragons and more. But there are often times when we aren’t always the best of players, and with a few simple adjustments we can become paragons of Roleplaying excellence.

we can become paragons of Roleplaying excellence. 1. Know Your Sheet When it comes to roleplaying

1. Know Your Sheet

When it comes to roleplaying your Character Sheet is your bible, well kind of. It is the only solid information that you have on your character, and there are some key pieces of information that you should try to memorize including your most used Weapon Stats, your attack bonuses, your Armour class etc. When all of the players know these bits of informa- tion it can really speed up a session. Obviously there are some pieces of information that will slip your mind, and that’s ok. After all we are all only human.


Know The Game

This follows on from my first point, but knowing the key rules of the most used game mechanics will

help you along the way. While learning every rule for

a game is a mammoth task, and probably shouldn’t

be attempted (I’m looking at you Pathfinder, with all your expansion books) selecting a few of the most used rules such as combat, and spell casting etc will

help you along the way to becoming an RPG expert.

If every now and then you learn a new mechanic off

by heart, you will very quickly know the game back to front.

off by heart, you will very quickly know the game back to front. 8 • Let’s

8 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames


Invest in the Game

If I had a pound for every time someone wasn’t paying full attention during someone else’s turn, I would have enough money to fund LTW for the rest of time. Respect is a key component to a happy roleplaying group, and if you don’t show them the respect they deserve, then you shouldn’t expect it in return. Stay engaged; you should know what your teammates are doing at all times. Sessions will run a lot smoother if you and all other players if you are all attentive and ready for anything at any given moment.

all attentive and ready for anything at any given moment. 4. Respect The DM Dungeon Masters/Game


Respect The DM

Dungeon Masters/Game Masters put a lot of their own free time and effort into creating fun, engaging adventures and campaigns for you and your group. In game terms they are god, and what they say goes, try not to question their judgement, and if you think they have missed something, or got a rule wrong then wait until after the session and bring it up privately. By all means don’t call them out in the middle of a game, and potentially embarrassing the DM and partially de-railing the session.


The Rule of Wil

This happens to be my favourite key point for this article, and comes from a tweet made by the ever amusing Wil Wheaton on twitter. Simply put by the man himself “Don’t be a dick!” This is always true, but fits fantastically in RPGs. Every player is a single entity within a team, and they control their own character. If they want to pull a less than tacti- cally sound move, then by all let them do it, and have your character there to respond to the fallout. Don’t start judging the character and the player, and trying to talk them out of their decision, it’s their experience too, and they are playing through their character, and like in real life, someone will do something that possibly irks you, but unfortunately you just have to deal with it.

So there we have it, 5 simple ways to become a better roleplayer. Hopefully you will have found at least a couple of these helpful. Feel free to get in touch if you think we’ve missed a key point.


BLOOD BOWL REVIEW BY MATT TAYLOR Blood Bowl is back! I’m just going to say



Blood Bowl is back! I’m just going to say

that again, and let it sink in

is back! Everybody’s favourite Fantasy Football game is back and raring to go in a brand new season. Build your teams, Grab your Block Dice and let’s play some Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl

The Miniatures

In the Blood Bowl box you will find two complete teams, the Orcs and the Humans. Each teams has two sprues of miniatures with 6 variations of minia- tures (for a total of 12 minis per team) I like this as it means that each model is only actually repeated once, leading to a bit more variation. Each sprue is cast in a

10 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

coloured plastic; Green for the Orcs and Blue for the Humans. This is a clever tac- tic from GW as it allows ‘Board Gamers” to get into Blood Bowl, without having to assemble, prime and paint their minia- tures. This is something that has carried over from GW’s over “Board Games” such as Space Hulk. All of the included minia- tures are designed to be push-fit, so do not need to be glued together to play. I did use a small bit of glue on our set, as I intended to paint up the miniatures. The miniatures are well designed that when you push-fit them together, there is actually a surprising absence of many obviously visible joins (more so with the Orcs.) The miniatures themselves are beautiful, and really bring an updated look to both the Orcs and Humans. Every

sculpt captures the essence of the two races, with a “modern” fantasy look. For any of those who have played either of the Blood Bowl video games will recognise these looks. Every miniature captures a completely different dynamic, with a miniature like the Black Orcs looking like they are mid Block, or either Thrower looking like they are winding up for a long ball, and my personal favou- rite; the Human Catcher, who captures the essence of a man making a last ditch effort to get his finger tips on the ball.

Each miniature is highly detailed, and the sculpts show off everything from Armour to cloth to even shoe laces and rivits have beautiful detailing. One of the last things on the sprue is

balls, and markers. Each team has two standard balls, 2 balls with pegs (for inserting

balls, and markers. Each team has two standard balls, 2 balls with pegs (for inserting into bases), 2 “trophy” styles markers for keeping tracking of Turn and Re-Rolls, and finally a pair of Team themed Coins, for flipping for first turn. While these are an added little extra, they feature the same high detail as the rest of the sprue, and who doesn’t love a “Squig” ball.

The last thing I will mention about the

miniatures are the bases, while not the most interesting thing to mention in

a review, these 32mm bases include

a small hole in each for slotting the

“pegged” ball into to. I like this little touch as it allows you to more easily keep track of the ball carrier, without just balancing the ball on the base.

Gaming Accessories

Aside from the miniatures we get a few fantastic gaming accessories that make

the whole Blood Bowl experience that bit easier. First of with have the Range Ruler used for determining the throw distance, this is cast in the same hard plastic as the rest of the GW range, and comes in two parts, which can be slotted together. We then have two “scatter” gauges, one for scattering in general, and the second for determining how the ball comes back in once it goes out of bounds. These templates are made from the same high quality plastic as the range ruler, and are packed full of fantasy style detailed sculpted in. I am a massive fan of these three templates, as it would of been so simple for GW to just include a few card templates, that would need replacing in a few years. The inclusion of these plastic ones instead really make it feel like you are getting your monies worth with this set.

Last but not least we have the Dice. Each team gets 3 Block Dice, two 6-sided dice, an eight side Dice, and finally a sixteen

Blood Bowl has always been a love of mine , what isn’t to love about a more violent, fantasy version of American football, especially one set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting. I’ll be genuinely happy if the same care and attention is taken with any of the other Specialist Games that Games Workshop decide to update and re-release. Well done GW!!

-Jack Baker


sided dice. Like the rest of the set, the Orc player gets green dice, and the Human player gets Blue. These dice seem fine, and are easily read while playing, I would say that a little more difference between the Block dice and the Standard dice would have been nice, this would have stopped the times I ended up rolling a D6

Orcs. This will really allow you to change up your games without the monotony of using the same board every time sneak it. The detailing on the board is impeccable, and features little patches of debris such as broken armour or a squashed Goblin. It feels pretty durable, and folds to 1/6 size for storage.

well as 4 “Star Player” cards (Star Players miniatures not included), as well as some “Special Play” cards, which I will explain

in just a minute. All of these cards are of

equal quality to what you would expect, and feature a high quality finish.

And finally we have two jam packed


block, only to then realize and have to

Reference Sheets, full of every little

grab a different dice.

Next up we have the Dugouts, which again feature a Human side, and an Orc

Next up we have the game cards. The

detail you need on the fly, such as Weather, Kick-Off and Injury tables, and

The Card Contigent

side. These Dugouts have everything you


plethora of other key information. An

One thing that always impresses me with Games Workshop boxed games, is the

start with the pitch itself, which features

need to keep track of the game, with an area for reserves, KO’d players, “dead” players, as well as Score, Turn and Re-roll

invaluable tool for anyone just getting into the game, and the fact that you get one for each player is a god send.

quality of the card stock components. In BB there are quite a few with the Pitch,

trackers. This is made of the same high quality card as you would expect from

The Rules

two Dugout and finally a handful of Stat cards covering each type of player. I will

not only the grassy “Human” side, but also


deck features a Stat card for each type

Finally we have the rules themselves. The softback rules supplement included takes you through the basics of Blood Bowl,


brilliant wasteland style side for the

of player (4 for Orcs, 4 for Humans), as

some additional “Advanced rules”, how

4 for Humans), as some additional “Advanced rules”, how 12 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine •

12 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

to build a team, some BB fluff as well as how to build your miniatures,

to build a team, some BB fluff as well as how to build your miniatures, as well as

all available in the Deathzone Season 1 Expansion, with Teams not feature in

were slightly diluted rules, I cannot say that I didn’t have fun playing the game,


handy little painting guide. The rules

either the Rulebook or Deathzone being

because I definitely did, it took me back

are laid out in a simple to learn manner which takes you through some example plays, before introducing the next rule.

found in the free “Teams of Legend” PDF found on the BB Website.

to 15 years ago in minutes, and reminded me of my youth. Especially when I “killed” six of our Editor Jack’s Orcs in the first

But how does the game actually play

One addition to this version of the game is the “Special Play” cards. This is a deck

half of our first game alone. For the Board gamer this is access to a piece


hear you ask? Well Blood Bowl has

of cards that each player can draw from,

of gaming royalty, and to the miniature

always been a game of risk and reward, and it is definitely still that, those of you that have played previous editions of the game will not find it difficult to

which add extra random elements into the game to achieve added hijinks. While they were a fun addition for the odd game, I wouldn’t constantly use them,

gamer this is a game to bring you many hours of joy. I would definitely recom- mend this to any gamer, especially when purchased with the Deathzone Season 1

step straight back in, because very little has changed, this is a great idea from GW

and if I did run a league, I would prob- ably ignore them, just to make the league


because if it aint broke

The rules that

more manageable.








come with the game however do seem





slightly water downed, with the omission

Final Thoughts

for £15.


of Inducements, League play and other available teams. I fully understand this, as at the end of the day, Blood Bowl is aimed at the Board Gamer, as well as the

This box contains everything you need to get started with Blood Bowl in one handy bundle. The Miniatures are beautiful, the

For More Information Visit www.games-workshop.com www.bloodbowl.com


Miniature Gamer, and you don’t want to overwhelm half your audience. I will add that the omissions I have mentioned are

pitch and dugouts look great and you can play straight out of the box. In terms of the game itself, even though I felt they



4 COMPANIES TO GET FANTASTIC MINIATURES FOR Blood Bowl is back for a new season! Like

Blood Bowl is back for a new season! Like many across the globe this has got us guys at LTW rather excited, as we all look to build new teams ready for a new league (Coming to our YouTune soon.) As of yet 3 new teams (Humans, Orcs and Skaven) have been released, with a third announced and sneak peaks show (Dwarves) but what if you want to play a different team that has “No Models”? We run down 5 of our favourite companies that sell miniatures that are perfect for Blood Bowl. All we can do now is wish you luck in the Season ahead. Let’s get to it sports fans!

you luck in the Season ahead. Let’s get to it sports fans! BLACK SCORPION MINIATURES UK


UK based Black Scorpion do a range of resin miniatures that would be perfect for the majority of the currently playable Blood Bowl Teams (through new Rulebook, Deathzone or Teams of Legend PDF). Can be purchased as blisters of between 1-4 miniatures or as a whole team. They also have a number of bigger minia- tures such as Ogres, Trolls and Treemen if you want to go down that route. Also included in the range are a selection of Star Players to adding that little bit extra to your team for League Play. In terms of cost, Black Scorpion offers fantastic value for money with a whole team for just £22, and Single Players starting at £4 and “Big Guys” starting at £8 (All prices without S&H.) This makes them slightly pricier than GW current offering (£2 more than the new Skaven Team) but these miniatures do have oodles of details, check out LTW Issue 2 for a review of the Dwarf Lineman Set



Meiko Miniatures like Black Scorpion have quite a sizable range of Metal Miniatures covering the majority of Teams available in Blood Bowl (And some fantastic Pop Culture character), including an awesome Ogre Team (Might have to get myself an early Xmas Present.) They do come in at quite a bit more expensive then the current GW teams, with Teams coming in around the €75 mark (£63 At time of writing) with a few cheaper option, and some for closer to €100. One of the beautiful thing about the Mieko Range is that everything is available separately, so if you just wanted that extra special Star Player, or wanted your Thrower to stand out even more, then that is an option.

Mieko Miniatures are currently only Available from http://www.comixininos. com/

14 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

are currently only Available from http://www.comixininos. com/ 14 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames
GASPEZ ARTS One of the biggest ranges I found on my travels came from Italian


One of the biggest ranges I found on my travels came from Italian firm Gaspez Arts. Boy o’ boy do they do a shedload of great fantasy football miniatures, covering every team that you could ever want to take. There are also a number of alternate teams for a few factions such as Orcs, with Plain Old Orcs, German WW2 Orcs and Pig Orcs for example. These metal football teams start around the €55 mark, and contain around 15 miniatures, giving you everything you need and more.



Following on from the biggest range I saw is one of the smallest,

but at the same time probably one of my favourite. Iron Golems do

a single race for Fantasy Football, which is Dwarves. The standard

team looks absolutely fantastic, but the “deathroller” alternative is absolutely breathtaking (Makes me want to play Dwarves in our upcoming league) I will say that this team of Metal Dwarves will set you back a pretty penny or two, €74.95 for a team of 12 miniatures which includes 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 2 Slayers and 6 Blockers. The Slayerdozer (Pictured Right) will set you back a further €14.95, so for just under €90 (Just over £75 at time of writing) you get a full team,

with a “Deathroller” and a couple of reserve players, who ever said Perfection was cheap!


who ever said Perfection was cheap! www.irongolems.com THE BEST OF THE REST So there we have


So there we have our favourite four companies for Blood Bowl “Alternatives.” While we have only listed 4 companies, there are definitely a whole host of other great companies that could have been on this list. I wont go into too much detail on these, but the only resource you need to find the rest is the fantastic NAF community, under the Resources page, which has links to at least a further 25 companies (Advanced Warning: some links are broken) that all do suitably deadly miniatures for everyone’s favourite combat fantasy football game.

In terms of Blood Bowl, we here at LTW have once again fallen in love with the game, and will be launching a new League,

with a number of games released a month on our upcoming YouTube Channel, and a monthly team update from every player here in the magazine. On that note I’m going to leave you with your thoughts and try and decide which team to play (Those Iron Golem Dwarves are screaming to me)! Watch this space for the first game of the new season.

WARBAND BUILDING 101 Frostgrave is an interesting game, its relative lack of back- ground information,


Frostgrave is an interesting game, its relative lack of back- ground information, allows every Frostgrave gamer to play in anyway they like, with whatever 28mm miniatures they like, and be within the confines of possibility in the universe. The game features balance because everyone is recruiting from the exact same pool of possible mercenaries. But what should you spend your 500gc on? This is especially important when play- ing through a campaign, as your initial selection will affect you until you can start to earn some dough. We are going to take you through some tips on how to get your Wizard’s money’s worth when selecting a warband.

For this article, let’s assume you have already picked spells for your Wizard, I didn’t want to spend too much focus on Wizard choices, because with such scope, you should pick a wizard that suits you personally.

16 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

1. The Wizard, and I

Wizarding choices are one of the single biggest decisions when

it comes to construct a warband. So it is always best to do it

right. But is there a right way to create a wizard? Well no, not really. That may sound confusing, but Wizards in Frostgrave can be literally anything you want them to be, I wont go into Wizard

Design here, a possibility for the future perhaps. What I will say

is that your Wizard can be the single most important decision

you make, especially in campaign play, so put a bit of time, and research and create one you are truly happy with.

2. Always Hire An Apprentice

An apprentice is a bit of a double edged sword, you are paying

a massive 200gc for a feeble version of your Wizard, that isn’t

quite as good at casting spells (some at a massive -6), but 200gc

is an investment in campaigns, because there has been nothing more frustrating than losing your

is an investment in campaigns, because there has been nothing

more frustrating than losing your Wizard, and not having an Apprentice to step up and take his place. Having that realiza-

tion that you must start from scratch will have you pulling out your hair in clumps. The Apprentice does become more useful as campaigns move forward, and they scale in advancements along with your Wizard, so they wont always be that bad. Give them

a Magic Item, and they can become extremely useful to your

warband. Obviously their key use is being the only way to get more spell casting in a game, of which they do extremely well.

2. Build A Solid Foundation

One of the key points I always follow when hiring a warband is

to build a solid foundation before I starting buying the fun stuff.

While Knights, Templars and Barbarians are a lot of fun, having a starting warband with only five members will make it extremely difficult for you to win (which I proved in a recent Demo Game). To begin with at least, try to aim for at least say 7-8 models in your warband, this way you wont immediately be on the “acti- vational” back-foot. Remember a 100GC Knight isn’t five times better than a 20gc Thug.

3. Do I Go Ranged?

Ranged weapons are a weird one for me in Frostgrave. Sometimes they are worth a lot more than their weight in gold, and others I find them somewhat lacking. This is most definitely down to one key reason, terrain. If you are going to be playing game on a table jam packed full of dense and blocking terrain, then your ranged weapons are going to struggle. If I am going into a campaign and think that ranged weapons might have an

effect, then I take a pair of Archers, they are a versatile way of getting ranged attacks and at just 50gc a pop shouldn’t break the bank too much.

4. Go On Treat Yourself

Now while I spoke previously about building a solid founda- tion, there is definitely a time and a place to go big, and treat yourself with one of the more expensive troops available. While you should probably avoid the top end of the scale, there are a number of good option available in that 50-100gc bracket, try adding one of them for a little added flavour, or pick something to strengthen a weakness, for example if you’ve got a warband of low strength guys, maybe add a Barbarian, if you’ve got a load of low armour guys maybe add a Knight.

5. The Rule of Cool

My final tip is to potentially ignore everything you have just read and build a warband you think is cool, you may also have a few cool models you want to base your warband around and that can dictate how the rest of your warband looks. While planning a warband this method can yield results, as long as you don’t sink too many points into just a few models. If you merge the Rule of Cool, with a Solid Foundation, then you should definitely get results.

For more Information on Frostgrave please visit www.ospreygames.com

Bolt Action: Band of Brothers Review My wargaming life started about 15 years ago and

Bolt Action: Band of Brothers Review

My wargaming life started about 15 years ago and in that time I have stayed in the warm youthful embrace of Sci-Fi and Fantasy games, where you battle it out with these epic over ani- mated characters. I had never, even once, dabbled into historical wargaming, and I found that weird. To give a bit of insight into my life, WW2 is a fascination of mine, especially the beautifully crafted tanks of that era, but for years I wasn’t aware of any rule- set that did the period enough justice, and stayed in my ignorant bliss of high fantasy and the far flung future.

Many years went by and a number of rulesets came along, one of which was Bolt Action from Warlord Games. At the time I had a little play around with it, but at the time was under an avalanche of different games that got in the way. More time passed and I got the opportunity to review the new “Band of Brothers” 2nd Edition Starter Set for Bolt, so I cleared my schedule, locked the door and here we are. The only question left to ask is does Band of Brothers follow orders? Or does it run for the hills.

18 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

What’s In The Box The first thing that everyone will notice with this starter set is just how much stuff Warlord have crammed in the box, you get 9 Sprues of miniatures, 2 Sprues of Templates and Markers, A fan- tastic Modular Terrain piece, 10 Order Dice, x Standard D6, a “Get Started” guide, A Card Reference Sheet and last, but by no means least, a reduced sized copy of the Full 2nd Edition Rulebook. That’s a lot of awesome for just one box.

The Miniatures

This box contains a mammoth 37 miniatures, including 36 infantry and an armoured vehicle. For the Germans you get 2 sprues from the Grenadier kit giving you 12 German soldiers. I enjoyed putting this kit together, as it does allow you a fair bit of scope as to what you can build. For the 6 bodies that come on each spure, you have 11 heads and 15 weapons, including Rifles, SMGs, Assault Rifles and of course it wouldn’t be German

without a couple of Panzerfausts. You also get 2 MG42s per sprue, which can help you make a truly deadly unit. This is a kit that generally comes with weapons un attached, so a bit of care and attention is needed so that you don’t end up with “floaty arm.” Because of the amount of scope you can really build your Germans anyway you want, whether that be 2 squads of 6, 2 of 5 and a command section, or just 1 squad of 10 and a command section to name just a few ways. Obviously if this is your first foray into Bolt Action, you should probably follow the example in the “Get Started” guide, so that you have the basis of a legal force straight off the bat.

Next up with have the SdKfz 251/10 Half Track, which could also be built into the more standard SdKfz 251/1, with a slight amount of conversion (and using a spare MG from the Grenadier sprue). This kit comes across three sprues, 2 for the main half- track, and a third with the PAK 36 and Gunner. The instructions are pretty straight forward and the kit went together without any real hassle at all. Don’t be surprised when you have pieces left over thought, as you have two different internal benches and some passengers which wont be used if you make the ‘10 variant. The kit looks fantastic, and has some fantastic detailing both externally on the hull and the track section, and internally in the crew compartment. All in all a fantastic kit.

as you see fit. In terms of weapons options, there isn’t as much to do with the Airborne as the Germans, but generally that’s how the Airborne rolled. On the sprue you do get a number of Rifles and SMG’s as well as an LMG on each sprue. This can be used to add some suppression control to each squad. In this starter set you do also get a single 60mm base, so you could turn one of the MG’s and 3 guys into an MMG team. You also get some fantastic accessories on the sprue such as ammo pouches, bandoliers, entrenching tools and a pigeon, yes you read that right. On the sprue we get a fair few heads, some helmeted, some helmeted with netting, and some great heads with mohawks. The combination of heads, accessories and weapons can really give each and every member of your Airborne force a fair bit of character, it really is that “Easy” (I had to make one Band of Brothers reference didnt I?) The only thing I would have done differently is possible including at least one “specialist” weapon, whether that be a Bazooka, a Sniper Rifle or an Anti-Tank rifle, but the omission of these items, wont make me buy any less Airborne in the future.

Warlord Games have a pedigree of producing some of the best, if not the best 28mm WW2 miniatures out there, and this box is definitely no exception.

The Rules

I decided early on that I would be saving the “best” till last, and that is what I have done, lastly we have the plastic American Airborne. We get 4 sprues of Airborne, with 6 on each for a total of 24 Airborne. Again like the German infantry there is a recom- mended build, however you could build 2 squads of 6, a com- mand section of say 2 and then you still have 15 guys to build

The Rulebook that comes in this Starter set is a fantastic full colour A5 Paperback version of the full rulebook. This is a great little touch, as I do find that sometimes these “mini” rulebooks are sometimes a bit diluted, either missing some advanced rules or missing a wealth of fluff. This is not that case with

or missing a wealth of fluff. This is not that case with this rulebook, and you

this rulebook, and you do get every single page featured in the hardback rulebook, just at a more bag-friendly size. The Rulebook has everything you need to become fully trained in Bolt Action, and goes through both the basic rules, the advance rules, as well as how to construct your armies, as well as basic army lists for the US, British, Soviets, Chinese and last but not least the Germans. These Army lists offer you everything you need to create a basic army, and will allow you to create basic forces for those factions. These army lists don’t quite go into the same detail as each of the “Armies of” range of books, but still do a good job, and will allow you to cover a lot of areas without needing any additional purchases. Most of the missing units, are still somewhat represented, instead of having 3 different types of elite infantry for example, the rulebook lists include 1 type, but does list what else you could use these rules to represent. This is a fantastic as it does allow you to expand your forces straight off the bat.

The book features 12 interesting and varied Scenarios broken down into 2 equally sized cat-

The book features 12 interesting and varied Scenarios broken down into 2 equally sized cat- egories; Pitched Battle and “Attacker-Defender.” As the name suggest the “Pitched Battle” sce- narios all feature two forces who have both turned up at the same point, at the same time, ready for a fight. The book itself is very well laid out and features photography showing off a wealth of great looking miniatures from the range, as well as some incredible illustration from Peter Dennis among others. My one critisism of the rulebook, and this may not be the case of the full size edition, is that the left column starts a touch to close to the binding in some areas. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me however, as the rest of the Rulebook out weighs this one niggle.

as the rest of the Rulebook out weighs this one niggle. Asides from the Rulebook we

Asides from the Rulebook we also get an A4 “Get Started” guide which will take you through your first game of Bolt Action. This handy little guide gives you some background information on the units included, a suggestion on how to build the included infantry, as well as a turn-by-turn look into how Bolt Action works. This approach makes it very easy to get into the game, and after reading through, and maybe playing along with the book, you will be ready for your first real game of Bolt Action. Printed on the back is also a BA Reference Sheet which condenses every little bit of information you will need into an A4 sheet (A second Reference Sheet is also included in the box, this time a card version, so you and a friend can have one each while playing.

The Accessories

Now with a lot of starter sets out there, once you have passed the Miniatures and the rulebook you have reach the end of the journey. This is definitely not the case with Band of Brothers, and we still have plenty more to look at. The first of these items is one that has caused great controversy in the world of Bolt Action, The HE Template. I am quite a fan, especially in game, with HE now make sense, that each person under a template essentially only getting hit once, this stops those situations where a single person team gets hit 18 times (a really lucky 3D6 roll I know) from a single shot of a weapon. More importantly how can you hate a template that looks a lot like BB8. Also on this sprue you get a number of little tokens for representing in game effects such as Turret Jam and Hidden Deployment among other things, they even look like little

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dog tags which is just wonderful different. On another sprue we have 12 Pin Markers,

dog tags which is just wonderful


On another sprue we have 12 Pin Markers, these 2 part markers look like a little explosion, and have embossed number and can

The Farmhouse

Parting Words

be turned to show the number of Pins a unit has on it. This leads to a less cluttered table compared to other ways of keeping track of pins such as chits or, more confusingly, dice. Looking like little explosions also add another cinematic feeling level to the game, which adds to the beauty of Bolt Action.

Starter sets can be a tough nut to crack, you have to include enough to get a decent starter game in, you have to dilute the rules slightly to get people into the game, but keep the set use- ful to those same people once they have advanced. You also get a lot more praise if you don’t dumb down your models (push fit I’m looking at you.)

The last thing in the box is the Ruined Farmhouse, this great little modular terrain piece really can be built in a number of different ways, including a number of very ruined buildings, or less slightly more intact buildings. While it wont be covering too much of the table, and more terrain will be a definite purchase in the future, its inclusion is a nice addition, and gets you started along the way to have a table with terrain. You can buy these

These are all boxes that Warlord Games have definitely ticked, and I am happy to say that Band of Brothers is probably one of the best starter sets that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The miniatures are high quality, the game has a clean rule set, and you do get everything you need in a single box. For the RRP of just £70, you and a friend can get into one of the best WW2 on the market today.

individually and you can even get a set of 3 boxed together for even more possibilities. I have heard some reports that in some versions of Band of Brothers you instead get the Ruined Building Terrain piece. While this was not the case in my set, some out there may be

For More Information Visit www.warlordgames.com

may be For More Information Visit www.warlordgames.com Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • www.letstalkwargames.com
THE KRAMPUS For anyone who knows the full story of Christmas, will know that all


For anyone who knows the full story of Christmas, will know that all of the nice kids got presents from Santa, while all the naughty kids got visited by his evil counterpart The Krampus, a half-goat, half-demon creature who punishes (and most probably scares) misbehaving children. This Krampus specifically is a fantastic 75mm resin cast dis- play miniature from Aradia Miniatures.

The Krampus comes as a multi-part miniature, and went together with very little trouble at all. A few areas around the sack needing filling, but nothing too extreme. This model has some beautiful detailing throughout the model, especially around the face, torso and specifically the fur on the lower legs. My one issue with this miniature is that a few of the pieces are extremely thin, namely the Staff and a piece of chain hanging from the arm, I had to take extreme care when assembling and painting not to snap these pieces. Obviously this is a display piece, so this wont be a problem once its built and painted as you wont be handling it as much as you would a gaming piece.

Aradia Miniatures, sculptor Joaquib Palacios and concept artist Stefano Moroni have done a fantastic job with The Krampus, and have captured the demonic look and feel of this Christmas monster. The Krampus retails at €50 and can be purchase directly from Aradia


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22 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames PLAYMATS.EU 2D TERRAIN Terrain is a necessary part


Terrain is a necessary part of any wargame, if you have ever tried playing 40K without it, you will know just what I mean. and having a full 6x4 tables worth of terrain is a fantastic

thing, but unfortunately all of that cool terrain has to have stor- age space, and that much terrain needs a fair amount of it. What if terrain could take up no room at all? Playmats.EU has

a rather ingenious product that offers just that, 2 dimensional

terrain, that can easily be stored. For this review we got hold of the Crude Rocks/Severe Terrain set. One thing you will notice about the 2D terrain is just how little room it takes up, I stacked the 3 pieces that come in the set, and it clocked in

at less than 1/4 of a inch tall, if you had tons of this stuff you could store a large tables worth in a relatively small box. The pieces are made from a thin, mousemat style material, allowing flexibility, and does allow these to be rolled up, if you are so inclined. If you do roll them up, the material settles back to flat relatively quickly once unrolled, At least it does after a bit of time. The print on the pieces is high quality, and

it was easy to identify each piece even at a distance, as to what it was.

These are definitely designed for someone who wants quick and easy terrain, which takes up very little room, while still looking fantastic, obviously a little bit of imagination is needed to make the battle field shine, but this product is definitely for the practical gamer. They would also work really well for something like D&D or Pathfinder, where 3D isn’t a must at all. And they’re practically giving it away at the price of €8.


COG’ O TWO X-WING TOKEN SET Many a game these days have conditions, effects and


Many a game these days have conditions, effects and statuses that need keeping track of, and some games feature too many to keep track of simply with a pen and paper. This is where Tokens come in extremely useful, popping a token next to a miniature to show there current status, makes it easy for you and your opponent to keep track of everything on the table. One such game is X-Wing, which comes provided with numerous card board tokens to use in the game. While these card board tokens work beautifully, they are just cardboard, and over time they deteriorate and become unusable. This is where Cog’ O Two comes in, offer- ing some rather swish acrylic tokens that replace your cardboard ones. We got hold of the Premium Set 2, which includes 4 Ion, 8 Focus, 8 Evade, 4 Critical, 8 Stress, 1 R2 F2, 1 Expose, 1 Marksmen, 6 pairs of Target Locks and 22 Shield Tokens. This selection will definitely get you started, and while you may need to buy a few other individual tokens for some specific ships and abilities(Which they also manufacture), these will cover what you need 95% of the time. The tokens themselves are laser cut from coloured acrylic, and the detail is crisp, and the token feels and looks of the highest quality. All of the tokens are of similar size to their cardboard counterparts, except for the Target Locks, which are considerably smaller, while this will be favoured by many, I must say I am not the biggest fan, but this is only a small niggle, in an otherwise fantastic product. This is a product for any and all X-Wing player, and I am happy to recommend this product. And for the price of just £20 they’re an absolute steal.


the price of just £20 they’re an absolute steal. -Matt- HOBBYZONE PAINT RACK Most hobbyists out


Most hobbyists out there will have a lot of paint, I mean

a real lot of paint, and I have seem many different ways

of storing paint. I’ve seen drawers filled with paint, tool boxes, or even specially designed foam cases, but a lot of these methods cause your paint to be away, and not easily to hand. That’s where paint racks come into the fold, and in this case, specifically the Paint Rack from Hobbyzone. For this review we took a look at the 26mm version, designed for Vallejo style dropper bottles. The paint rack is made of a very stylish 3mm MDF and comes in a white finish. The rack comes in 8 pieces and went together very well, with a just a touch of PVA glue on the joints, once dry the paint rack feels pretty solid and seems up to the task of holding my paints with giv- ing out and collapsing. The paint rack will hold a total of a total of 54 paints and the 26mm will hold paints from companies including;


The Army Painter

• Warcolours

AK Interactive

In terms of price the PaintRack from Hobbyzone is an absolute steal at just £7.45, and for this price there is no real competition. I would whole heartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick, easy and elegant solution to storing their paint.

- Elizabeth-

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In the next few months you will be seeing some awesome content from everyone’s favourite discon- tinued game, Mordheim. Matt and myself will be tak- ing part in an open league, and to do it in true style, we have both decided to create completely brand new Warbands. Now when I say brand new, I mean

Matt: In my time in wargaming I have only ever real- ly played about 4-5 games of Mordheim. As I got into wargaming the support for Mordheim was winding down, and as a teenager, I didn’t want to fork out my hard earned pocket money on an unsupported game. That is a decision that I have always regretted, and

it in two different ways, firstly we must choose a warband that we haven’t played before, and second- ly we cannot use our current collection of models, we will be creating these new Warbands from Sprue to table, at which point, you will see them in Battle Reports while the League is running. For the league we are strictly keeping to Warbands and Hired Sword printed in any Games Workshop publication. We did consider using “Home Brew” warbands but found while they were interesting and exciting, some of them were very unbalanced, especially against the original Warbands present in the Rulebook. So as we gather our Warband sheets, and scour the internet

on a number of occasions I have been lucky enough to play some games using borrowed Warbands, always seems to be Empire for some reason. When Jack approached me and spoke to me about this article, I jumped at the opportunity, and started sifting through the numerous warband army lists trying to come to some sort of decision on which one to start. I quickly narrowed it down to two simi- lar warbands; Tomb Guardians or The Undead. The few games I have played were losses, and both of them came down to having a shocker when it came to Morale, so a force that not only has the potential to ignore Psychology, but also causes Fear could be

for Mordheim Info, join us for a journey into the City


real game changer for me. After a good think about

of the Damned.


I settled on The Undead, I very much liked the idea

In this issue we are going to be taking you through our choice of Warband, our reasons and our starting forces, this will be followed by a completed build in Issue 2, and the finished painted models in Issue 3. Check our Social Media regularly to see sneak peaks and updates of both our progress in between issues.

of having this pompous uncaring Vampire, who used Dregs and the Undead as expendable “meat shields” to obtain his goals, it just seemed very fitting. There is also such a wealth of miniatures available for the undead, especially models to represent my Vampire, including more human looking models, more feral looking ones, and both male and female options.

When it came to come up with a shopping list of models, I realized that I could save a lot of time and money by looking towards the Flesh Eater Courts Start Collecting! box set. This way I would obtain

a fair amount of Ghouls, a Ghoul King (which could

make a fantastic feral looking Vampire) as well as a

mounted Vampire Lord (with a bit of conversion could easily become my Vampire on foot.) It also gives me

a fair few extras (I’ve also wanted a Zombie Dragon

after all.) I also want to include at least a couple of Dregs in my list, which could easily be made from the Frostgrave Cultists sprue, which I have a couple of spares lying around. This same sprue could also be used to make a pretty convincing lowly Necromancer.

With some ideas on what I could build out of these

kits, I grabbed the Army list and started noting down

a few ideas on what I wanted, and how I wanted my

Warband to play. For my Vampire I decided to armour

it to the teeth so that he can run forward go crazy

with his sword and not die early on. I armed him with

Heavy Armour, a Shield and A sword, bringing him in

at 175pts, but boasting a 4+ save, the inability to be Knocked Out, immunity to poison, and causes Fear. I’m really hoping for the investment he can take a beating without going down. In terms of other heroes

I included 3 Dregs; 1 with Sword/Dagger combo, 1

with a 2h weapon, and a final one with just a Dagger (I had exactly 20pts spare.) This was a dual ploy, firstly to boost the number of heroes I possessed and secondly for thematic reasons of having a few downtrodden lackeys working for my Vampire. These

heroes came to a total of 260gc, leaving me with 240 left for henchman, I played around with the idea of having a mixture of the 4 available troop types, but

I couldn’t help but like the idea of a mass of bodies

to shield the Vampire from harm, so I saw no other suitable option than 6 Ghouls. They take my gold total to 500 gold, and complete my force. Some of you

will notice my lack of a Necromancer, which is inten- tional, I would much rather take “meat shields” for my Vampire before I have had a chance to “level up” him up. Once I have got a few games under my belt

I will look at bringing a Necromancer into the fold,

and possibly some Dire Wolves to add a bit of mobil- ity. Now that’s enough from me, see you next month when hopefully I will have my new Warband built, so

I can crack on with getting them painted.

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my new Warband built, so I can crack on with getting them painted. 26 • Let’s
my new Warband built, so I can crack on with getting them painted. 26 • Let’s
Jack- Unlike Matt I am on the opposite side of the coin, and I have
Jack- Unlike Matt I am on the opposite side of the coin, and I have

Jack- Unlike Matt I am on the opposite side of the coin, and I have played an absolute ton of Mordheim in my time, and worked my way through quite a few of the available Warband options. This article has come at a great time for me, as I recently discovered a number of kits from my youth that I hadn’t ever built, including the 300th Issue White Dwarf, an older Josef Bugman model, some Slayers and a box of Dwarf Warriors from a few editions ago. So who would I be to deny this sign from the Dwarven deity. Dwarves always appeal to me in any fantasy setting (I’m Duardin in AOS, a Dwarf Barbarian in my Pathfinder group and Gimli is most definitely my favourite LOTR character)

and I could definitely go for the idea of a band of intrepid Dwarves risking life and limb to keep the Wyrdstone out of the hands of Humans, Elves, and the more evil entities that walk the streets of Mordheim at night. I must admit that when it came to picking a force I did have a bit of insider knowledge on other peoples list. When I say that I do not mean that I knew the entirety of their list, I just knew the faction and that some people planned on bringing some “monsters” so I decided to actu- ally start my list with a Slayer, I went with 2 Dwarf Axes, as I felt the combination of the extra attack and immunity to psychology would be a fantastic way of putting a stop

to monsters

Undead warband, and the Psychology thing will be an added bonus there. Next up I took the needed Dwarf Noble and armed him with a 2h Weapon, Heavy Armour and a Helmet. I wanted a hard hitting Noble, who at the same time wasn’t fragile. That gave me a total spend so far of 225 gold, leaving 275 to spend on Henchman. One of the inherent problems with the Dward Army List, is that the henchman can get expensive very quickly, especially with Clansmen costing 40gc base. This would be I would only be able to fit about 4 of them in my list, I made the decision to go with a lesser troop in the form of Beardlings. I armed 2 with Crossbows, 3 with Axe, Helmet and Shield, and then 1 final Beardling with just an Axe

and Helmet. This gives me 8 models total, and comes in at exactly 500 gold, the Helmets were a must for me, as that extra 4+ save to turn Knocked Out results into Stunned results, really makes the Dwarves survivable, which can allow me to concentrate on kicking butt.

I was also aware that Matt was doing an

Now to get everything built up and painted, check back next month where Matt and I will be showing off our built warbands, and possible have a friendly little game against one another, only in the pages of Let’s Talk Wargames Issue 2. See you next month for more adventures in the City of The Damned.



COMPETITION TIME This celebrate our first issue we are giving away two prizes this month. One

This celebrate our first issue we are giving away two prizes this month. One lucky winner will be walking away with an Age of Sigmar Start Collecting! set of their choice, and a Second winner will be walking away with a Warhammer 40k Start Collecting! set of their choice.

For you chance to win, all you have to do is visit www.letstalkwargames.com, and go to the Contact Us Section. Enter you details and answer the following question to be entered into the draw.

Why Should We Pick You As A Winner?

You can also enter by Following us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page, and sending us the answer via Direct Message. You can enter once using each method for a total of 3 entries.

Competition Ends February 20th, Winners will be picked & contacted on during the following week.

Full T&C can be found at www.letstalkwargames.com/terms-and-conditions

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New Range of Warpaints Voidshield Blue Years in the making and by strong demand from

New Range of Warpaints

Voidshield Blue

Years in the making and by strong demand from hobbyists and painters all over the World, The Army Painter finally announces The Complete Wargaming range of Warpaints ready for release in February 2017.

range of Warpaints ready for release in February 2017. The Complete Wargaming Warpaints range: The final

The Complete Wargaming Warpaints range:

The final range offers 124 different colours – in a 126 paints rack (with space for double Matt Black and Quick-shade Strong Tone Wash). It consists of:

96 Acrylics 8 Metallics 11 Washes 9 Effects Paints

The new and complete Wargaming Warpaints range will be available individually in stores Worldwide in February 2017, but the full range can be purchased in a complete and limited

edition giant set available in December


In stores:

February 2017

Matt Necromancer Hardened Dark Cultist Field Black Cloak Carapace Stone Robe Grey WP1101 WP1443 WP1430
Wash Mixing
Matt Varnish
Plate Mail
Studio McVey
Studio McVey
“After a life-times painting, I tend to mix and match the paints I use to
“After a life-times painting, I tend to mix and
match the paints I use to get the best from
different ranges - basic colours from one range, washes
from another and metallics from a third.
Washes are quick and effective.
The Metallics are the best out there - very fine
metallic flake so you won’t get that sparkle effect
that ruins so many range’s metallic colours.
The great thing about The Army Painter Warpaints range
is that the have done that work for you! The basic colours
are great - super smooth application, wonderful opacity
and fantastic blending properties and the Quickshade
Mike McVey
Thoroughly recommended”


There is only really 3 ways to get paint onto a miniature; Spray Can, Airbrush and the good old fashioned Paint Brush, with the paint brush being most painters number 1 tool. Never has the phrase ‘Look after your tools, and they will look after you’ been more appropriate. If you let your brushes deteriorate, you will struggle to finish with a model you are happy with, and if you do somehow manage it, I’m sure expletives featured heavily. We are going to dive in a have a look at some advice on how to keep your brushes at their best, and make your life as a mini painter as easy as possible.

Some of the advice I am going to give will come across as obvious, but I witness these ‘Golden Rules’ being broken everyday. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to keep your brushes in top condition.

As a side note I would like to give a bit of purchasing advice about brushes, which will make these tips go that little bit further. When buying paint brushes, go for quality rather than quantity. Having 15+ brushes is a nice bonus, but if they aren’t high quality, you will find yourself replacing them often. Having 5-6 high quality brushes will allow you to get a number of painting tasks done, without breaking the bank. Go for quality brushes such as those from The Army Painter, Games Workshop, P3 or Windsor & Newton’s Series 7 range.

Keep It Clean

One of the best ways of keeping your brushes clean, and with a sharp point, is to not let it get dirty. Now that may sound a bit silly but bear with me. When you use your brush, make sure that no more than 50% of the bristles are covered in paint, if paint gets into the base of the brush, and specifically the Ferule (Holds the bristles together) you will notice that your brushes will start to separate, and if that paint dries, then your brush becomes a lot harder to use. One way of making sure that this doesn’t happen is to make sure you are always using the right brush for the task, if you are base coating a miniature, step away from your detail brush. This helps you keep to this 50% rule, while still having enough paint on the brush to do what you need to do.

having enough paint on the brush to do what you need to do. 30 • Let’s

30 • Let’s Talk Wargames Magazine • @talkwargames

Accidents Happen

Accident, we often find that certain paints and pigments need a bit more attention to fully remove. This is where brush soap comes to save the day. There are a few brands out there, but my personal favourite is Master’s Brush Soap. Just damp your brush, lather up using a bit of this soap, and be amazed at how much colour comes out of your bristles. If you are using Sable brushes, then once you have cleaned the brush fully work up a clear lather on the bristles. This will help keep the bristles nice and healthy (just remember to give it a rinse the next time you use it.)

Take a Break

When you are painting for an extended period of time (10-20 minutes) with the same colour, make sure to give your brush a quick rinse. Doing this periodically will stop paint drying in the bristles and ruining your brush. It also will make cleaning your brush between colours a bit easier. On a slight side note, it’ll also help you achieve smoother layers while

Swish and Flick

When it comes to washing your brush at the end of each colour, give the brush a thorough swish around in your water, and then slow drag your brush up the side of your cup/glass/receptacle of choice, and twist the brush to a point. This works in a similar way to ringing out a mop, and will allow you to get more paint out of the bristles.

and will allow you to get more paint out of the bristles. Even Bigger Accidents Happen!

Even Bigger Accidents Happen!

Sometime we all have that moment in life when we have to suddenly have to leave our workstation, and a brush ends up less than clean, or we find that some paint has some how ended up drying somewhere inside the bristles. Before you throw that brush away, let’s try and bring it back to life (It is almost Halloween after all.) What we need to try and save these brushes is something that will break down the dried acrylic paint, but something that won’t ruin the brush. You’ve got a few ready made brush restorers, I person- ally use a little bit of Airbrush Cleaner in a shot glass to wet my bristles and slowly twist and wipe. You could also use something like Nail Varnish Remover, but do take care as some will cause bristle loss. Once you’ve got the dried paint (or at least the majority) off then go back to and give it a thorough clean with Brush Soap.

go back to and give it a thorough clean with Brush Soap. Treat Them Right Brush

Treat Them Right

Brush storage will massively contribute to the overall state of the state of your brushes. Storing them upside down without a sleeve over the bristles (which I have inadvertently done a few times) will mean you will have some very bendy brushes, which will need to be replaced on a much more regular basis. Appropriate storage can be as simple as a mug, or a specific stand such as this one from Sphere Products, but as long as you make sure that all brushes are stored bristle up, you should get along just fine. One other important consid- eration is brush sleeves, these little bits of plastic stop anything getting to the bristles while the brush is stored, and also protect your brush if you did acci- dentally pop your brush bristles down. I will say take care with these sleeves, as they are surprisingly easy to misplace.

So there we have it, 6 tips on keeping your brushes fighting fit. I hope you guys have found something useful in this, and as always if you have any questions, or just want to say hi, get in contact via either Facebook, Twitter or our Contact Page








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