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the most expensive

* atlx


JAMES TOWI,{ iPer room per rttghtl

Best West Motel $135 Oak Tree Motel $SS

Sleep lnn Cabins
$105 Cozy $eO
Rainbow Motel $gS Lake View tnn $SO
Box A is bigger than Box B. The Best'West Motel is more expensive than I

the Sleep Inn.


Box A is bigger than all the other boxes. The Best'West Motel is more expensive than
the other morels in town.

Box A is the biggest box. The Best West Motel is the most expensive


motel in town.

Bigger / older ,/ rnore expensive, etc. are comparatiue forms (--+ Unit 88).
Biggest ,z oldest / rnost expensive, etc. are superlatiue forms.

The superlative form is -est (oldest) or rnost. . . (most expensive).

Short words (ol"d,/cheap/nice, etc.) + the -est:
old +
the oldest cheap + the cheapest nice -r the nicest
but good + the best bad -* the worst
For spelling see Appendix 5. big + the biggest hot --+ the hottest
ending in -y (easy,zheavy, etc.) + the -iest:
easy+ the easiest heavy + the heaviest pretty + the prettiest
Long words (careful,/expensive,/interesting, etc.) + the rnost . . . :
careful --* the most careful inferesting --+ the most interesting

saytheoldest .../ themostexpensive ..., etc. (withthe):
, € The church is very old. It's the oldest building in the town.
(: it is older than all the other buildings)
€ is the longest river in the world?
€ Money is important, but it isn't the most important thing in life.
ffi Excuse me, where is the nearest bank?

You can use the oldest ,z the best ,/ the most expensive, etc. without a noun:
# Ken is a good playeE but he isn'r the best on the team.
(the best : the best player)

You can use superlative + I've ever.. / you've ever..., etc.:

€ The movie was very bad. t think it's the worst movie I,ve ever seen.
ffi What is the most unusual thing you've ever done?

present perfect + ever + Unit 16 older / more expensive

- Units 88-89
Exercises uNrr9l
91.1 Write sentences with comparatives (older, etc.) and superlatives (fhe oldest, etc.).


$ ¿\= ¡*fÉ¡@ (ttO)

4 ¡s b¡gger rhan
A ¡s the biaaest'.
D ¡s the smal/est'

A long,/short
B-B (C/A) C is A.
c c (D) D is
D D (B) B is
fn 24.
(D/c) D



91.2 Complete the sentences. Use a superlative (the otdesl etc.).

1. This building is very old. Ir's the o/dest bu¡/d¡ng in rown.
2. It was a very happy day. It was of my life.
3. It's a very good movie. It's I've ever seen.
4. She's a very popular singer. She's in the country.
5. It was a very bad mistake. It was I've ever made.
6. It's a very pretty city. It's I've ever seen.
7. It was a very cold day. It was ofthe year.
8. He's a very boring person. He's I've ever met.
91.3 Write sentences with a superlative (the longesl etc.). Choose from the boxes.

sfdü€r Alaska high + river Africa South America

Everest the Nile large country state a,ts+rctia- the world
Brazil Jupiter long rnountain planet the United States the solar system
1. Svdnev is t'he /arsesf citv in Austro/ia.
2. Everest

5. more money than C but not as Alaska is the largest state in
much as A. or . . . but less the United States.
(money) than A. The Nile is the longest rrver
6. harder than A but not as hard in Africa. / in the wor1d.
as B.
Jupiter is the largest planet in
the solar system.
2. as big as mine. / as my room.
3. get up as early as you. / as you
did. 92.',.
4. didn'r play as well as us. / as we 2. enough chairs
d id. 3. enough paint
5. haven't been here as long as 4. enough wind
6. isn't as nervous as her. / as
she is-
2. isn't big enough.
3. long enough.
90.3 4. isn't strong enough.
2. as 6. than
3. than 92.3
7. as
3. o1d enough
4. than 8. than
4. enough time
5. as
5. big enough
90.4 6. eat enough
2. on the same street as Laura. 7. enough space
3. at the same time as Andy. B. tired enough
4. car is the same color as 9. practice enough
uNtT 91 2. sharp enough to cut
3. warm enough to go
2. longer than 4. enough bread to make
the longest. 5. well enough to win
the shortest. 6. enough time to read
3. is younger than C.
UN¡T 93
C is the oidesr.
B is the youngest. 93.1
4. D is more expensive than A. 2. too heavy
C rs the most expensive. 3. too low
A is rhe cheapest. 4. too fast
5. A is berter than C. 5. too big
A is the best. 6. too crowded
D is the worst. 93.2
3. enough
2. the happiest day 4. too many
3. the best movie 5. too
4. the most popular singer 6. enough
5. the worst mistake 7. too much
6. the prettiest city 8. enough
7. the coldest day
9. too
10. too many
8. the most boring person
11. too much
2. is the highest mountain in the 93.3
world. 3. too far.
3.-6. 4. 's/istoo expensive.
Brazil is the largest country in 5. 's not / isn't big enough.
South America. 6. was too difficult.