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Teacher resume

Introducing the Job of an Elementary Teacher

An elementary teacher is a crucial element of society whose job it is to turn the young
minds of today into leaders of tomorrow. It is a steady and stable profession
unaffected by recessions and downturns and commands deep respect and gives
immense fulfillment.

Key Responsibilities

An elementary teacher works with young children and helps them to learn concepts in
various subjects as well as to apply these concepts in various practical problems. In
order to achieve this goal, elementary teachers use plays, props or other teaching aides
to explain abstract concepts, solve small problems and develop critical thinking
processes in children. At the same time, they encourage collaboration in solving
problems by having students work in groups for tasks and discussions. They use
stories and games involving rhyming and acting to develop children's language and
vocabulary. They strive to improve students' social skills and to introduce them to
various scientific and mathematical concepts. They use a relatively unstructured
approach including small group lessons, one-to-one interactions and learning through
various creative activities like art, dance and music. Elementary school teachers
normally instruct one class in several subjects, but sometimes may teach one special
subject also.

To become a good elementary teacher, one must have patience with children, a
thorough understanding of child psychology, general knowledge of various subjects,
the ability to explain abstract concepts to young minds and lots of enthusiasm,
creativity and energy.

Level of Education Required

Elementary school teachers need to have a bachelor's degree. They must also
complete an approved teacher-training program by earning a specified number of
subject and education credits in addition to practical training (student teaching). Some
states require elementary school teachers to earn a master's degree within a specified

All 50 United States and the District of Columbia require public school teachers to be
licensed. These licenses are generally issued by state boards or departments of
education. The process of licensing requires the candidate to pass an exam
demonstrating competence in basic teaching skills and proficiency in their subject
area. Thus the career of elementary school teacher requires an extensive educational
background and training.

Career Path
A candidate having proper education and training can often join an elementary school
as an assistant teacher. With experience they move to teacher, lead teacher and
subsequently further up the ladder. By acquiring additional qualifications, they may
move from the elementary school to higher schools and even colleges. Many may get
additional training and become school administrators, guidance counselors, librarians
etc. Thus, the career as a teacher is highly mobile and one can keep learning and
moving up the ladder throughout one's career.

Employment in elementary school teaching is slated to grow at the average pace for
all occupations, which is a characteristic of a stable career. Job opportunities have
been projected as good to excellent. A career in teaching is widely regarded as a
recession proof career as demand for good education never declines regardless of the
economic climate.


When discussing the Elementary Teacher Resume the career of an elementary school
teacher is immensely rewarding and fulfilling. One requires a good educational
background and proper training to enter this career. It is a highly mobile career
offering lifelong prospects for growth and development. It is a recession proof career
that remains relatively unaffected by the economic conditions.