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Welcome to 2018 TEFL teachers.

As usual we all have to be on guard against the

many skimmers, scammers, and employee exploiters which make up the three big 3

categories of those who join our blacklist every year. The list was getting smaller

year by year but this year we saw the explosion of many new alias names for the old

veteran scammers like the notorious Rebecca Tang (affectionately known as the The

Wicked Witch Of The East) who now calls herself by many different names

depending on whom she is speaking (She is either now Rosie, Ruby, or Rose Tang)

and her old China ESL scam company gave birth to 14 different alias companies

listed below. In reality just 8 people account for 90% of the TEFL scams in China

but these 8 people are cunning chameleons always changing their company names.

But while the cat and mouse charades continue and the China Scam Patrol exposes

the name games, we urge you all just to ask 7 basic questions to any potential

employer and/or job agents, FAOs, or TEFL recruiters you come across. And within

10 minutes of asking these questions by phone or email, you will know if you are

dealing with honest or dishonest players in China. Here are the seven questions to

ask and they are based on the graphic on page 5 below which is taken from the

monthly newsletter of China Scam Patrol;



You will not find a quicker nor cheaper way to do due diligence in China (it’s free!).

Those who dance around the questions or try to bash China Scam Patrol are those

listed below on this blacklist or probably in que for investigation. Those who can

provide the requested information straight away are the real deal IF you take the time

to verify what they tell you!

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This listing below is in no special order and is just a listing. If you want to know WHY

they are on this list then visit our master blacklist at

http://www.ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org and read the links. Reasons they are

on this list are usually a combination of the following;

 Promoting or hiring unqualified teachers

 Lying about mandatory China Teacher Requirements (Z Visa & Uni Degrees)

 Stealing deposits

 Extorting teachers for release letters

 Salary skimming

 Misrepresentation and Deliberate Non-Disclosure

 No Business License or SAFEA Registration

 Selling fake diplomas, black visas,or phony TEFL certificates

 Fabricating and posting fake job ads for non-existent jobs

 Fronting for identity thieves

 Forum Fishing

 Holding Passports

 Snitching on fake teachers they recruited for reward moneys

 Baiting & Switching jobs on teachers after they arrive in China

 Deliberately pushing an illegal contract

 Impersonating an FAO, University, or Government official

 Sexual Harrasment

 Blackmail or Graymail

 Non-Payment of last paycheck or bonus moneys

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China job scams take many shapes and forms and come in assorted flavors. Here

are the top 20 most popular scammers in China today with their signature MOs…



To avoid 95% of China Job Scams avoid using agents and find your own SAFEA

registered employer with the fewest complaints. Just follow this guide here in the

OP link and you will earn 20% - 50% more by eliminating a broker chain.



To be sure there still are some honest head hunters in China but they work for

licensed agencies like Hays, Mercer, Marsh, etc. They have real offices with

dozens of employees. Those that exist only in cyberspace with (or without) a

website and business license should be avoided. Many are identity thieves. Read

this before you send out a single resume for a China job


Now that you see the minefield in front of you in China, here is your map of mines

to avoid unless you like costly and unpleasant surprises. Remember , China does

not have a BBB, FTC, and their FBI (Public Security Bureasu or PSB) really don’t

care much about transient foreigners getting ripped off. In fact, some of them are

amused by it all. They openly call expat fraud victims “dumb idiots” and joke about

the victims in Chinese. But if a victim is a local just watch them swarm!

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Never forget the 90% rule about expat employment in China…
“90% of China’s employers are honest, fair, and ethical, but 90%
of the China job agents and recruiters are not!”
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Here are the blacklisted bad apples of China’s TEFL trade
( In no special order)

Yuri Khlystov aka Sergei Khlystov Rebecca Tang

Helen Chen aka “Hangzhou Helen” Rosie Tang
Hampson English Ruby Tang
Focus Education Rose Tang
Danny Chen Ou Wen aka Owen
Laowai Career Center Getin2China
Gi2C Go Abroad China
Wiseway Global Education Beijing Wiseway Co.
Beijing Wiseway Consulting CUCAS
Wiseway International Education China ESL
New Life ESL Foreign HR
ForeignerHR.com BeijingTeach.com
Golden Bridge Education Golden Bridge Visa
Golden Bridge ESL Panda Visa
Echinacities.com Sinocities.com
ChinaExpat.cn ChinaExpat.cn.com
U.S. Art & Design Youth Academy of Dance
Ray Yi Tong Tong aka Terry
UFIEC aka UFEIC Aston English
Disney English (Chengdu) EZ English
David Valley Derek Yazwa
New World ESL Best Learning
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Beile Training Center ForeignExpats.com
Wan Jia Education China – Uni
Golden Bridge English Beijing Chi-West
East-West Education China HR
George Xu Elizabeth Schliebitz
TheBeijinger.com OnlineTEFL.com
i-to-i.com TEFLNetwork.com
Good Teachers Union GT Teachers
ChinaGlobalConnections.com Kaplan English
Shane English Jian Zhang
Sun Zhi Zhong aka Kevin Sun Joyce Chang
Carl He aka Karl He Holy Global Education
Mayflower International Mayflower Education
Spotlight International Education Bao Li aka Amanda
Erica Lau aka Erika Lau Erica Liu aka Erika Liu
Lake Education Lake International
Lake English Center Stanford English
Qianshi Education Bossa
Bossa International EZ Kids
EZ Kids English Bi-Lingo China
China Bi-Lingo ESLInsider.com
TEFLNewbie.com ESL Insider
You Tube Joey Nikic Pedrag aka Nicci
Guo Bin aka Guo Bing Boshi Education

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Happy English Fun Time English
Yankee English Beijing English Center
English Starshine Best English Center
Elite English Jane Li aka June Li
Morgan English Yanshan English Center
Magnusson Bret Van Zeller
Brett Van Zeller Bret Von Zeller
Brett Von Zeller Johnny Wang
Summer Li Fanny Feng
New Century English Eric Winder
Peter Zheng Amy Zhang
4 Seasons English Lucas Lang

BTW… From time to time you will see someone online bashing
the CFTU and making some false allegations (never any evidence
or proof provided) in an effort to smear or discredit our volunteer
group now operating 8 years in China. Keep in mind the source of
those comments usually dome from people exposed on this list. If
you have any doubts, read these two links…



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Keith Curran Nigel Gao
Bobby Liu English Express
CRCC Internships English Plus
Bobby Chen Vince Li
Nancy Goldberg Nancy Goldstein
Sabrina Song Victory English Center
Cambridge English Center Native English School
American English Academy Five Flags English
Duke English Noble Language Center
Franklin English Institute Franklin English School
English Immersion Center English Now!
Cui Carter aka Carter Cui Study Abroad English
National English Academy Henry Hu
Lisa Li aka Lisa Liu David Ho
Wuhan Language Institute Quick English
Hangzhou English Exchange U.S. English Exchange
Shanghai English Exchange 3 Trees English
Jiangsu English Exchange English Monkey
Express English 4 You Enjoy English
American Dream English Goldentran
Sammy Shan Allison Chen
Most English Center BestEnglish.com
Gold Door English Lucky English
Red Dragin English Academy Asian English Academy

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You may find this hard to believe but 80% of the employment
contracts foreign expats are asked to sign in China are illegal
according to China Labor laws. They actually ask you to sign a
contract that forfeits your 15 employee rights and privacy
guaranteed by law in China. Do not sign the first contract you
are given, even if you are told “Everyone signs this standard
contract.” That is horse manure friends. Read these links and
ARE NOT EXPLOITED or used as a “marketing monkey”.


Here’s a sample of a bad but very common contract:

Sample of a contract we suggest you use:

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Thomas Jefferson English New Day English
Vivian Li Nelson Nankai
English Universe Center Walsh English Academy
Rob Becker aka Peter Becker Worlda
World of English English4U.cn
English Scholars Marco Polo English
Silk Wu aka Satin Wu Great Wall English
ESLCafe.com Dave Sperling
Best Western English London Bridge English
Tang Guan ChinaHR
America Culture English Fast English School
United Nations English Center Royal English
Modern English Center Ling Lu aka Lisa Lu
Lilly Wei aka Lily Wei New Age English
First English Excel English Center
Diamond English Charlie Chen
First Leap Dalian English Academy
Buckingham English Center Haida
York English China English Express
Your Dream English Jiang Jing Jing
Heavens Gate English Read-N-Write English
Columbia English House English4You.cn
Talk English Today Jane Zhang
Sunny Days English Global English Centers

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If not, do NOT sign any contract or even speak with a recruiter
until you know how you can be used and abused and how to
protect yourself from this exploitation. Here are your 15 basic
employee rights:

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Do you know the official China Foreign Teacher
Requirements for 2018? Here they are as your own
Embassy and Chinese Consulate and http://SAFEA.gov.cn
will confirm for you…

1) Applicant must be a native English speaker holding a current

passport from U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, or
South Africa.
2) Applicant must be between 22-55 years of age when arriving
to China without any disease.
3) Applicant must have a verifiable bachelor or post graduate
degree from an accredited university
4) Applicant must have a Z visa in their passport before teaching
a single lesson
5) Applicant must have a certified police certificate proving you
have no criminal record of any convictions
6) Applicant must have 2 years previous teaching experience


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Did you also know that the Chinese government arrested and
deported almost 4,000 fake foreign teachers in 2017 for using
fake diplomas, phony TEFL certificates and/or for working
without a real Z visa? See and scroll here:

You have now reviewed one-third of our 2018 China TEFL

blacklist. If you are a CFTU member you already received all 39
pages by email. If you are not a member, scroll down to the
bottom of page 15 and click on the last link. Best wishes for the
new year of the Dog for you and your loved ones. May your stay in
China be safe, fun, and healthy! Please accept our surprise gift
for 2018 as a fellow TEFL teacher (Free Global WIFI Access and
a free VPN that actually works in China). Only 4 VPNs actually
work in China so read this here before you buy one!


And here is something to help you earn 20% - 50% more in salary
as a full-time qualified TEFL teacher in China.
nfo_for_320_china_tefl_esl_teacher/ (Click on the OP Link)

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The last link below will give you the rest of our blacklist from our
website. But before you leave, we suggest you bookmark and
read these links here when you have time so you can learn the
truth about China expat salaries. In 2017 the average veteran
TEFL teacher in China earned a monthly average of 18,000 rmb.
Only newbie teachers earn less than 15,000 per month due to
their own ignorance. The more you learn the more you earn!
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