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Sales executive resume sample

Creating your executive resume can be a daunting and challenging endeavor. It is

important to collect and prioritize all the segments of your professional career and
academic background, and you need to also display this info in a compelling and
visually attractive format.

Looking at sample executive resumes of executive candidates, or at least important

parts of the resume can assist you to factor the best options for resume layout and

One major aspect of successful and powerful resume writing is the manner in which
you present your career focus. Any employment recruiter will let you know that
companies only hire individuals who are driven and focused on the potential job
which is being offered. It is necessary to have your executive resume to display a
story of the potential candidate that you are the only solution to the problems this
company is facing, and you want to let them know in a bold manner.

Below is one sample executive resume segment for an executive seeking a top
marketing or sales position.

Senior Sales Marketing Executive

National Consumer Products * Marketing Campaign Management * Sales Forecasting

As you can see from this example, that the sample resume portrays the initial focus as
well as three individual areas of expertise. By focusing on this information in the
beginning of the resume, it heightens the interest of the employer and helps to
encourage the continued reading of the resume.

Another challenge posed is to thoroughly demonstrate why you are the best candidate
for the potential job. This can be accomplished best by thoroughly describing the
previous circumstances why your actions and accomplishments created a positive
situation for your employer. See the following executive resume snippet, where the
candidate uses powerful bullet points.

Large Furniture Company, Inc., Sacramento, CA

Vice President of Sales

January 2006 to Present

* Secured exclusive arrangement with the China Factory Company for top product
selection and highest quality, leading to a 4% increase in annual retail sales.

* Marketing campaigns developed resulted in Award of Sales (2008) by the American

Marketing Association for their Furniture Products Division.
Notice that the personal pronoun, "I" is not listed. Whenever possible, ensure you
make statements which do not include phrases like "I accomplished that" or "I did
this." You don't want your resume to sound self promoting but rather more factual.

The last approach is to show a segment which uses a CAR approach, or challenge,
action, and results. This methodology allows you to convey a powerful story of
success in a small amount of words. See the following example.

Large Furniture Company, Inc., Sacramento, CA

Vice President of Sales

January 2006 to Present

Challenge: Faced four years of declining market saturation for furniture products
aimed at the 30 to 50 year old market.

Action: Negotiated better product placement with five major retailers known for
substantial patronage by demographic.

Result: Increased sales by 6% annually, contributing to profitability by over


Maintaining the best resume is only a portion of a successful executive resume.

Creating a better format for the reader and giving them an incentive to read through
your entire resume will ensure success to your job hunt.

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