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1. The Japanese rebuild their communities to show their good character after an earthquake.

One thing that

does not describe the Japanese people is this kind of character.
A. Unity (Union, Harmony)
B. Solidarity (Commonality)
C. Superiority over nature

 claiming others to be inferior and yourself to be superior,

 it provides an excuse for dominating,
 gaining privilege,
 taking advantage of the other.
D. Fortitude (Strength, Courage)

2. This replaced the tribute(TRIBUTO a sign of the Filipinos loyalty to the king of Spain.) as a form of taxation
in the Hispanic Philippine colony in 1884.
A. Donativo (Donation)
B. Santotum
C. Diezmosprediales (compulsory payment to the Catholic Church of one tenth of the fruits of
agriculture or animal )
D. Cedula personal
pumalit sa sistemang tributo noong 1884.
18yrs old to be payed to Gobernadorcillo
dokumento ng identipikasyon o pagkakakilanlan, o pambuwis.
Nang mabunyag ang lihim na kilusang Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan na mga anak
ng Bayan, kasabay ng Unang Sigaw sa Balintawak o Unang Sigaw ng Pugad Lawin noong Agosto 24,
abay-sabay na pinunit ng mga Katipunero ang kani-kanilang "Cedula" na sumisimbolo ng kanilang
pagtaliwas sa pamunuan ng Espanya. “LONG LIVED PHILIPPINES”
Teodoro Patino-Fr. Mariano Gil-Juan Ramos (Son of Melchora Aquino)

3. One of the following is more of a political realist (might is right) than a political idealist.
A. Martin Luther King (American civil rights movement)
B. Julius Caesar ( he saw things as they really were and figured out how to capitalize on the real
C. Mahatma Gandhi (INDIAN ACTIVIST)
D. Benigno Aquino (Lakas ng Bayan)

4. It is a kind of mentality that makes Filipino think that imported products are superior to Filipino products
which does not help the country’s economy at all.
A. Spendthrift habits (gastador )
B. Colonial mentality (Brown Skin with white minds)
C. Passivity attitude (do not take action but instead let things happen to them)
D. Luxurious living (maluho)

5. It is an autonomy granted to Filipinos during the Philippine Commonwealth.

A. Full independence B. Freedom in education C. American citizenship
D. Partial independence (Because the grant of full independence would come only "as soon as
a stable government can be established", which was to be determined by the United States
Government itself.)
6. It is a religious monarchy and state observer in the United Nations
A. Kingdom
B. Holy See( influence the decisions and recommendations of the United Nations, to observe their work)
C. Caliphate (a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a leader of the
entire Muslim community)
D. Holy Faith

7. When Christopher Colombus arrived in this place in 1492, he thought he had reached India. He therefore
called the people he found there Indian.
A. The America
Columbus believes that he has reached the East Indies.
B. “New World”
C. Cape of Good Hope South Africa
Bartolomeu Dias
D. India

8. It is participation in governance, including the right to vote and seek public office which is secured within
the citizenry.
A. Socio-civic rights specifically has to do with the government of a city or the duties involved with running a
B. Political rights exercise of the franchise, the holding of public office, and other political activities
C. Right to suffrage (right to vote in public, political elections)
D. Right to due process legal requirement following the exact course of the law

9. On what year did Haiyan or Yolanda, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, devastated
Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines?
A. 2012
B. 2013
C. 1999
D. 2014

10. It describes concentration in thinking as a constant, unbroken line of thought.

A. Disturbance (interruption)
B. Vacillation (uncertain)
C. Focus ( pay particular attention in LET exam)
D. Diffusion (spreading of thoughts)

11. It is the fundamental basis for data gathered in the science of Sociology, Biology, and Physics.
A. Belief (idea, faith,conviction)
B. Logic (reason, judgement)
C. Wisdom (understanding, perception)
D. Observation (inspection, examination)
12. It is a deliberate deception made by advertisers who say “Everybody use Gugo skin whitener and so you
should do the same.”

A. Falsehood or the Big Lie

Conspiracy theorists
alien creatures
their claims are often based on belief more than hard evidence and so they too could be accused of using
The Big Lie.
B. Personal attack attacking the person rather than the ideas.

C. Circular thinking Description: A type of reasoning in which the proposition is supported by the premises,
which is supported by the proposition, creating a circle in reasoning where no useful information is being
shared. This fallacy is often quite humorous.

Logical Form:

X is true because of Y.

Y is true because of X.

D. Bandwagon
As more people come to believe in something, others also "hop on the bandwagon" regardless of the
underlying evidence.

13. Like Biology and Physics, Sociology is scientific because its knowledge is based on:
A. Belief
B. Observation
C. Wisdom
D. Logic

14. What characterizes logical reasoning in thought process?

A. Clarity (clearness)
B. Morality (ethics principles)
C. Speed
D. Reasonable (realistic rational)

15. What do well those people who are for the revival of the classics in social trends?
A. Reformists (reform of an existing system or institution instead of its abolition and replacement)

B. Humanists (belief in the value of man and the humanities and in the revival of ancient learning)
C. Existentialists ( free will, choice, and personal responsibility )
D. Rationalists (regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge)

16. What characterizes good thinkers who desire to understand and search for answers and solutions?
A. Traditionalists the old ways are best

who favors writing letters over sending emails

any new idea sounds like a bad one

B. Mythmakers kasabihan
C. Crowd followers Someone who just goes along with whatever everyone else is doing
D. Innovators introduces new methods, ideas, or products.
17. It is a fallacy or direct deception made by a politician who puts an ugly, unfair, and defamatory label on
people, e.g. “Activists are all terrorists.”
A. Distraction ( turns your attention away from something you want to concentrate on)
B. Rationalization (finding 'good reason' for things that we really know are wrong.)
C. Name-Calling ( links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol.)
D. Loaded Words (strong emotional words to the reader)
18. There are the basic needs, and not simply related items or complimentary foods that compliment man’s
basic needs in society.
A. Bags and shoes
B. Clothing
C. Electricity
D. Food and shelter
19. What shows the kind of thinking which likes to identify an idea or dilemma, wherein thinkers may
engage in such mental activities such as careful observation, recalling, imaging, inquiring, interpreting,
evaluating, classifying, and judging?
A. Doing without knowing
B. Following orders
C. Reflecting think deeply or carefully about. calmly and patiently review our own thoughts PLATO
D. Act on impulse sudden desire to act

20. According to Sociologists, conflicts in society need not to be violent and could be resolved through this
A. Revolution ( replacement of an established government )
B. Negotiation (discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. )
C. Coup d’ etat (violent, and illegal attack of power from a government.)
D. Putsch (an illegal effort to forcibly put an end to the current government. )

21. Which of the following is not one of the three major aspects of scientific social research?
A. Data collection
B. Theory accepted beliefs or organized principles
C. Data analysis
D. Philosophy

22. It is a principle that no one is above the law and the laws must be obeyed by all the constituents.
A. Social justice all people should have equal access to wealth, health, wellbeing, justice and opportunity.
1. B. Rule of majority greater number should exercise greater power.
C. Egalitarian rule equality for all people
D. Rule of law all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law

23. Errors that creep into news reporting and is shown by a newspaper space
A. News stories
B. Erratum error in printing or writing
C. News photos
D. Commentary
24. It is the basis of scientific theory that can be empirical (by experience) and not merely speculative or
A. Authority
B. Tradition
C. Evidence-based to determine which students may need some form of specialized assistance and which
students may be at greater risk of dropping out or struggling academically

D. Logical reason explanation, think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.

25. It characterizes logical reasoning in the thought process.

A. Clarity
B. Reasonableness sound judgment; fairness.
C. Morality
D. Skillful

26. Thinking is a purposeful activity and the unconscious mind can join his thought process which will result
with good ideals?
A. Feelings
B. Instincts
C. Dreams
D. Insights deep understanding of a person
"aha" moment or a "eureka' feeling when a solution to a problem presents itself suddenly.

27. What is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information to increase our understanding of
the phenomena under study?
A. Discover
B. Research
C. Data collection
D. Experiment

28. What is the branch of philosophy that studies the origin, evolution, and structure of the universe,
especially such characteristics as space, time, causality, and freedom?
A. Cynicism
B. Consciencism
C. Cosmology “cosmo” world or the universe.
D. Conceptualism

29. Progressivist and existentialist educators see to it that learners will come out ___________.
A. Informed -essentialist
B. Creative
C. Skillful - pragmatist realist
D. Productive – humanists

30. It is the name for the estimated measurement of the ground motion that occurs during an earthquake
A. Crichter scale
B. Reachter scale
C. Richter scale
D. Homerian scale
31. He was the Greek scholar and librarian of Alexandria who introduced the word geography from the
Greek word which means “earth” and graphos which means “to write”.
A. Aristotle
B. Plato
C. Eratosthenes
D. Socrates

32. The world’s tallest mountain which was formed by the tremendous pressure from the tectonic activity
of the earth’s inner crust.
A. Jaja Peak highest point between the Himalayas and the Andes, and the highest island peak in the world

B. Fuji highest mountain in Japan

C. Kilimanjaro highest mountain in Africa
D. Everest

33. Maps have several advantages over the globe but this is not one of them.
A. They can be folded, carried and stored
B. They give a true picture of one or two features of the earth
C. They are round with true scales
D. They can show the details of the earth’s surface

34. Among the Ancient Greeks this poet is the founder of geography due to his works (Iliad and Odyssey)
which contained much geographical information.
A. Thales solar eclipse, measuring pyramid
B. Aristotle
C. Socrates
D. Homer

35. A sea is a great body of salty water smaller than an ocean, more or less landlocked. Which is a large of
the ocean or sea partly enclosed by land?
A. Canal
B. Strait
C. Lake
D. Gulf

36. It demonstrates interconnectedness between social and environment injustices.

A. Desertification of verdant regions
B. Highly industrialized countries ‘ toxic waste disposed to poorer countries
C. Temperature warming and rise of sea level
D. Extinction of rare animal species

37. He wrote seventeen volumes of books with a wealth of information on classical geography.
A. Aristotle
B. Strabo
C. Homer
D. Ptolemy (ptolemiac system in astronomy)
38. The most violent yet the smallest storm typically only 30 meters in diameter.
A. Typhoon
B. Tornado
C. Cyclone
D. Tsunami

39. An environmental law which requires industries to install anti-pollution devices and bans the use of
A. Greenpeace Act C. Environmental Security Act B. Anti-Pollution Act D. Clean Air Act
40. The term for volcanoes that have not shown any volcanic action for eruption of hundreds of years.
A. Active B. Extinct C. Intermittent D. Dormant
41. What kind of energy source has been explored from volcanic resources?
A. Solar energy B. Crude oil energy C. Natural gas energy D. Geothermal energy
42. What natural disaster can bring havoc to the country’s long coastline twice as long as that of continental
United States?
A. Earthquakes B. Mudslides C. Flooding D. Tidal waves
43. The physical phenomenon which raises the temperature of the earth’s surface through emission of
carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, especially from industrial centers.
A. Atmospheric winds B. Ocean heat C. Global warming D. Hurricane
44. How did the Hispanic conquest affect the physical features of the conquered native Filipinos, especially
in lowland regions?
A. Indian mestizos C. Light-skinned, high-nosed mestizos B. Slit-eyed Chinitos D. Fil-Am half-breeds
45. The greatest Chinese scholar who used mythical figures in his geographical treatises to describe what
was known as the earth?
A. Lao Tzu C. Confucius B. Chan the Great D. Yu the Great
46. Scientists theorize that man evolved from an ancestral hominid which split from the chimpanzee 8
million years ago. What type of specie give rise to the more human appearing species, Homo erectus?
A. Homo erectus B. Homo habilis C. Neanderthal D. Peking Man
47. The Ancient Greeks divided the world into three continents, namely Europe, Asia, and
A. Athens B. Africa C. Troy D. Sparta
48. The world population is growing larger everyday, while the fertile soil of the earth is getting smaller
caused by human practices which do not include
A. Overuse of soil through planting C. Cutting of trees B. Over grazing D. Sustainable agriculture
49. Ocean waves move up and down. But the only thing that moves forward in a wave is
A. Air B. Energy C. Surf D. Wind
50. Which is the major cause of the death of women in childbirth which was estimated at 500,000 each year
as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO)?
A. Lack of good obstetrician C. Poor reproductive health system B. Poor nursing education D. Lack of
51. This Filipino trait would have been a beautiful one if it hadn’t been denuded of nobility by joining the
bandwagon of corrupt officials and politicians.
A. Masinop B. Masunurin C. Pakikiasama D. Magalang
52. What is considered as India’s hindrance to becoming a unified political culture and preventing the
nation’s solid traditions and institutions like those of Greece and Rome?
A. Hinduism B. Regionalism C. Unified political form D. Central rule
53. Of the following, which is not among the major good traits of cultural communities in highland regions?
A. Patience B. Frugality C. Extravagance D. Industry
54. What is the sociological foundation of the Philippine life under the 1987 Constitution?
A. Cultural Heritage B. Arts and Sciences C. Folklore D. Family
55. In whose painting/s was slavery in the Philippines during the Spanish period clearly depicted?
A. Antonio Luna B. Felix Hidalgo C. Juan Luna D. Jose Rizal
56. One instance which shows that culture is cumulative (the new addition to the old for novelties) is the
A. OPM (Original Pilipino Music) C. Pinoy jeepney B. Barong Tagalog and Saya D. Folk dancing
57. What kind of prejudice has been overcome in the Philippines in the inclusion of the Muslim holidays that
has gained national respect aside from the Catholic holidays like Christmas, Lenten Season, etc.?
A. Heterosexualism C. Sexism B. Religious intolerance D. Looksism
58. The most basic right to form a family is
A. Civil right B. Human right C. Religious right D. Legal right
59. It is characterized democracy in Greece.
A. Military rule B. Citizen assemblies C. Aristocracy D. Mob rule
60. The first Mauryan dynasty ruler who unified India’s sub-continent was
A. Gautama B. Ashoka C. Chandragupta D. Alexander
61. What type of anthropologists examine social patterns and practices across cultures, within a special
interest in how people live in particular places and how they organize, govern, and create meaning?
A. Linguistic B. Socio-cultural C. Chemical D. Biological
62. Who is a well-known Chinese thinker whose socio-political philosophy spread into parts of East Asia
A. Marco Polo B. Lao Tzu C. Genghis Khan D. Confucius
63. What Filipino trait is directly opposite the American openness and transparency?
A. Crab mentality B. Hiya C. Fraudulence D. Racial pride
64. What is manifested by the practice of a group of people of different lifestyles, ways of living together,
value system, traditions and beliefs?
A. Confusion in mores C. Condition of culture shock B. Cultural diversity D. Problems in cultural experience
65. The world’s oldest cat dies at 15 years old in 2014 and made it into the Guinness World of Records in
2012 for the world’s oldest Janus cat. Where was the name Janus derived from?
A. A Greek God with three faces C. A Greek God with two faces B. A Roman God with three faces D. A
Roman God with two faces
66. A power given to the President to pardon any aged seriously ill inmates as provided under Article VII
Section 19 of the Constitution which pertains to reprieve, absolute or conditional pardon with or without
parole conditions and commutation of sentence?
A. Social rights C. Executive pardon B. Executive clemency D. Emergency powers
67. Under the law that expands the government science and technology scholarship to encourage more
college students to pursue careers in this field, students are entitled to an annual award for full-time study
equal to the complete financial assistance package offered under this Republic Act.
A. Republic Act 1237 C. Republic Act 10612 B. Republic Act 7687 D. Republic Act 2019
68. The law that established the National Assembly or lower house of Congress in 1907
A. Commonwealth Law C. Jones Law B. Cooper Act D. Tydings-Mcduffie Law
69. Who was dubbed as the “Grand Old Man of Philippine Politics”, being a senator of the country for 24
years – the longest in Philippine history?
A. Benigno Aquino C. Ferdinand Marcos B. Jose P. Laurel D. Lorenzo Tanada
70. The “writ of amparo” grants the fundamental right to ___________
A. Self-defense C. Right to life, liberty, and security B. To be defended by public attorney D. To gather
71. After 18 years of the Ozone disco blaze, 9 person were sentenced for violating of his act or the anti-Graft
and Corrupt Practices Act because they failed to detect structural deficiencies and electrical as well as fire
safety issues that caused the blaze.
A. RA 1013 B. RA 3019 C. RA 2015 D. RA 2143
72. The UN recognizes “right to have a family” but a social program modifies this, departing from the
traditional religious belief to “go and multiply”.
A. Gay rights C. Planned parenthood B. Same gender marriage D. Law against female circumcision
73. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, what is needed by the Philippine against the
reclamation activities of China in the Philippine Seas which threaten our freedom of navigation, cause
irreparable damage to the marine environment and infringe on the firths of other states?
A. Emergency power C. Judicial power B. Military power D. Political power
74. What makes an autocratic government different from a genuinely benevolent authoritarian
A. It decides automatically C. It controls media B. It uses technology D. It is a “one-man rule”
75. Mr. Wang Bo is Korean national. He wants to help the Filipino people by joining the congressional race.
He was neutralized at the age of 21. Can he run for a congressional seat in the Philippines?
A. Yes because he is a citizen B. No because naturalized citizens are disqualified to run for public office C. No
because he is underage and a naturalized citizen D. Yes because he was a naturalized citizen
76. A law that set a full free trade policy abolishing the quota limitations on Philippine exports to the United
A. Bell Trade Act C. Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act B. Underwood-Simmons Act D. Payne-Aldrich Act
77. What civilization took pride in the famous penthouse Hanging Gardens which was identified as one of
the “wonders of the world”?
A. Assyria B. Persia C. Babylonia D. Sumeria
78. The religious institution which is the only living remnant of the Philippine Revolution or 1896 today.
A. Unitarian Church of the Philippines C. Philippine Independent Church B. Roman Catholic Church D. United
Church of the Philippines 79. Which is the fundamental law of the land?
A. The Ten Commandments C. The Civil and Criminal Code B. The Philippine Constitution D. The Bill of Rights
80. A law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1946 granting $800M financial aid to Filipinos for property losses
and $620M government rehabilitation after WWII
A. McArthur Rehabilitation Act C. Cooper Rehabilitation Act B. Tydings Rehabilitation Act D. Bell
Rehabilitation Act
81. Which best describes the Division of Legislature into the Senate and the House of Representatives?
A. Unicameralism C. Bicameralism B. Bipartisanship D. Co-legislative powers
82. The second editor of La Solidaridad with the penname Dolores Mandapat
A. Graciano-Lopez-Jaena C. Marcelo H. del Pilar B. Jose Rizal D. Mariano Ponce
83. He was appointed Field Marshal of the Philippine Army responsible for the defense of the country prior
to the Japanese invasion?
A. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower C. Gen. William Howard Taft B. Gen. Douglas McArthur D. Gen. Carlos P. Romulo
84. A bill becomes a law even if it is not signed by the President after _____ days.
A. 90 days B. 60 days C. 45 days D. 30 days
85. The number of ships that arrived in the Philippines from Mexico during the Galleon Trade
A. Two B. Three C. One D. Five
86. Non-debatable evidence left by Rizal providing his faith in God despite being estranged from his religion:
A. El Filibusterismo C. Refraction paper from strange beliefs B. Mi Ultimo Adios D. Noli Me Tangere
87. The approximate percentage of global electricity output from renewable resources.
A. 1 percent B. 8 percent C. 20 percent D. 23 percent
88. A natural disaster which cannot be caused by shifts in the tectonic plates
A. Avalanche B. Volcanic activity C. Hurricane D. Earthquakes
89. It was news about the discovery of the Katipunan that spread to Manila and nearby suburbs, and Andres
Bonifacio immediately called for a general meeting. Various wings of the Katipunan gathered at the house
of Juan Ramos in August 23, 1896. This signaled the Philippine Rebellion against Spain which was called:
A. Pact of Biak-na-Bato B. Battle of San Juan del Monte C. La Liga Filipina D. Cry of Pugadlawin
90. To help global climate change, and live a more eco-friendly life which is the best practice which uses less
water in washing plates?
A. Recycling water B. Washing by hand C. Using a dishwasher D. Using a pail
91. Whose assassination provided the excuse for Austria-Hungary to ask for Germany’s support in declaring
war against Serbia during World War I?
A. Leo Tolstoy B. Francis Ferdinand of Austria C. Nicole Lenin D. GavrilloPrincep
92. A ruler who follows the axiom “The will of the king is the law of the land”
A. Socialist B. Populist C. Reformist D. Despot
93. They are the rich landowners during the Spain area
A. Cabezas de Barangay B. Gobernadorcillos C. Haciederos D. Encomienderos
94. What is the biggest reason why the Philippines’ political system is so flawed from the time of the datus
to the Spanish encomienda system that has always been a system of patronage, with political power vested
in the hands of a few families?
A. Siblings rivalry B. Indigenous group C. Tribe D. Dynasty
95. It is one of the causes of poverty in the Philippines which is rooted in the human emotion
A. Corruption B. Greed C. Lack of education D. Power politics
96. It was the transition to the new manufacturing processes in the period from 1760 to sometime between
1820 and 1840
A. Green revolution C. Machineries revolution B. Industrial revolution D. Human revolution
97. A law that sets the minimum age of candidates for mayors and councilors
A. Local government code C. Civil service law B. Labor code D. Election code
98. It is the method of providing buyers with information about specific goods, service, and opportunities
with the goal of increasing sales.
A. Journals B. Propaganda C. Advertising D. Bulletins
99. Among the Greeks state, Athens was the most progressive and famous for its statement of which one
was considered the most famous because he drew up a constitution all citizens a voice in the government.
A. Xerxes B. Zoroaster C. Solon D. Cicero
100. It was the goal of Propaganda movement for the Philippine colony as province of Spain.
A. Reformation B. Autonomy C. Assimilation D. Independence
101. In Western Europe, unemployment is described as luxury because of these benefits given to those who
are unemployed for six months
A. Bonus B. Holiday pay C. Unemployed benefits D. Paid travel
102. What is generally traced to a slowdown in the country’s employment problem?
A. Foreign debt B. Imports C. Exports D. Productivity
103. By mid-1980’s, crop yield such as in fell from 4-6% a year to only 2% or less by the late 1980 (FAO
report), when demand for this commodity increased.
A. Population B. Infrastructure C. Food D. Service
104. What program promised more food for every household through planting of vegetable in home
gardens and pots?
A. Angat Filipino Movement C. KilusangKabuhayan at Kaunlaran B. Go Negosyo D. Green revolution
105. By mid-1980’s, the crop yields in India fell from 4-6% a year to only 2% or less by the late 1980’s (FAO
report), what increased its demand?
A. Services B. Infrastructure C. Population D. Food
106. It refers to the ratio of tax collection to gross domestic product (GDP) or the total value of goods and
service produced and paid for within an economy in a given period measures the government’s ability to
shore up tax collection commensurate with the growth of the economy.
A. Tax measure B. Tax remittance C. Tax collection D. Tax effort
107. How can Filipinos overcome weak points in our culture, e.g. credit card over-spending?
A. Use scientific reasoning C. Copy economic models of other nations B. Cultivate positive traits D. Observe
business ethics
10 10 10 10 10
108. This is to equip people in low-income provinces with relevant technical skills and practical know-how
on starting small business as the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and the
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) launched this project.
A. Alternative Learning System C. Mobile Training Laboratories B. Outreach programs D. Distance Learning
109. What correlates best with the right to human dignity?
A. Position and Prestige C. Honor and Reputation B. Family Name D. Celebrity status
110. Graphics communicate message to learners through this dimension materials.
A. Concrete B. Non-photographic C. Subjective D. Realistic
111. In Field Study, parents observed to be caring, but unmindful of their children’s manners at home are
A. Authoritarian B. Permissive C. Authoritative D. Rejecting and neglecting
112. An essay assignment to “write about EDSA revolution” may result in irrelevant and unnecessary piece
of writing, because the assignment is not
A. Important B. Relevant C. General enough D. Properly defined
113. It is the basic on the belief that learning occurs when learns are actively involved in the learning
process and not just possibly receivers of information?
A. Experimental learning C. Collaborative learning B. Constructive teaching D. Conceptual learning
114. What is drawn from this philosophy of learning that prescribes only necessary subjects in basic
A. Existentialism B. Classify C. Essentialism D. Behaviorism
115. Which is a flexible and individual support for children with special needs that are a part of education?
A. Exclusive B. Conclusive C. Inclusive D. Exhaustive
116. Which is the least useful for critical thinking learning?
A. Problem-solving C. Rote recall B. Relating events and people D. Self-made project
117. This aims for outcomes that require student application and creation.
A. Field study method C. Rote memory method B. Project method D. Reflective method
118. Knowing the purpose of research topic, the next step in social research is ______ which clarifies
concepts, e.g. reproductive health, contraceptives, natural birth control, etc.
A. Operationalization C. Conceptualization B. Population sampling D. Data processing
119. Which part of instruction gives due consideration to differences in interest, abilities, and needs of
A. Experiential B. Adaptive C. Experimental D. Remedial
120. The first in social research is to define your purpose and come up with an assumed position or ______,
e.g. Majority of lay Catholic mother agree with their priests on objections to RH bill.
A. Outline B. Rationale C. Question D. Hypothesis
121. It provides educator, teachers, and curriculum makers with framework planning, implementing, and
evaluating curriculum in school.
A. Archeology B. History C. Philosophy D. Anthropology
122. It is a curriculum used in schools wherein we recognize what teachers implement or deliver in the
classroom and schools.
A. Learned B. Written C. Assessed D. Taught
123. It lays the strong foundation of any curriculum. A curriculum planner or specialist, implementer or the
teacher, school heads, evaluator anchors his/her decision making process on this philosophy.
A. Scientific philosophy C. Essential philosophy B. Educational philosophy D. Existential philosophy
124. In history and origin began in the early 19th century with the positivist philosophy of science.
A. Anthropology B. Sociology C. Social science D. Philosophy
125. In teaching Social Studies, teacher Eva focuses on social issues, e.g. poverty, crime, corruption, etc. as
springboard lectures, discussions, discovery activities, etc. how can her lesson design be described?
A. Humanistic design C. Experience-centered design B. Child-centered design D. Problem-centered design
126. What is the practice of creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge
and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing?”
A. Informal design C. Formal design B. Instructional design D. Constructional design
127. Below are the characteristics of constructivist teaching except which one?
A. Activities that are interactive and student-centered C. Environment is democratic B. Learners are not
actively involved D. Teacher-facilitators process learning
128. To identify an idea or dilemma, thinkers may engage in such mental activities as careful observation,
recalling, imaging, inquiring, interpreting, evaluating, classifying, and judging. This shows that thinking is
much like
A. Following orders C. Reflecting B. Act on impulse D. Doing without knowing
129. Filipinization is a gradual or general replacement of Americans by Filipinos in government service. It
was during his term that this was implemented in the Philippines.
A. Frank Murphy C. Francis Curton Harrison B. Leonard Wood D. Henry Ide
130. Teacher Susie is a creative teacher who uses the project method to draw out originality from her
students. She therefore aims for outcomes that require
A. Recall of information C. Critical analysis B. Application and creation D. Perception and comprehension
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131. To improve Sensing Feeling (SF) intelligence, teacher Rica makes certain her students least engage in
too much
A. Cooperative learning C. Character study learning B. Facilitative learning D. Competitive games
132. Which tool is used for assessing student’s academic abilities?
A. Norm-referenced test C. Intelligence test B. Achievement test D. Formative test
133. Flexible and individualized support for children with special needs is part of _______ education
A. Conclusive B. Exclusive C. Inclusive D. Exhaustive
134. In introducing how people in government units work and achieve results, which of the following is the
visual way of charting how work proceeds to achieve outcomes, e.g. in an agriculture agency?
A. Fishbone diagram B. Flow chart C. Tree or stream chart D. Time chart
135. The foundations of this educational movement were created by John Dewey.
A. Naturalism B. Progressivism C. Essentialism D. Perennialism
136. Least-likely used for critical thinking
A. Relating events and people B. Lecture C. Rote recall D. Problem-solving
137. What type of material is used for transfer information from one person to another?
A. Constructional B. Informal C. Formal D. Instructional
138. The role played by assessment that determines the extent objectives of learning
A. Formative B. Placement C. Diagnostic D. Summative
139. Teacher Jill stressed the whole picture of the Philippine Social system and the application of knowledge
from different fields, (history, environment, organization, etc.) to understand what various aspects of
Filipino behavior. What is the point of stressed by teacher Jill?
A. Universalism B. Holism C. Adaptation D. Integration
140. To effectively combine objective and precise assessment of learning, this technique can be employed.
A. Oral recitation C. Subjective evaluation B. Observational performance-based D. Generalized statement
141. The actual democratic transformation of the country commenced within movement resulted in
Ferdinand Marcos exile in 1986 and Corazon Aquino’s assuming the presidency.
A. Government’s power C. Military power B. Prayer power D. People power
142. A teacher shows she knows young learners well by avoiding this
A. Step-by-step directions C. Hands-on experience B. Active learning D. Complex directions
143. Dataless numerical and better adapted for qualitative analysis
A. Annulments C. Single mothers B. Love feeling D. Divorces
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144. They provide the information sources in the internet
A. Hypermedia B. Scanner C. MIDI service D. Worldwide Web
145. Numbers are assigned to quantify variables, assigning degrees or values
A. Scale measurement C. Distance measure B. Index measurement D. Relative intensity measure
146. Teacher Dan wants to show the difference between a unicameral and bicameral system of legislation
and merits/ demerits in both. What visual way of charting is useful?
A. Pareto chart C. Time chart B. Gantt chart D. Comparison and contrast chart
147. Which is a direct measure of competence?
A. Paper-pencil test C. Standardized test B. Performance test D. Personality
148. Along the aim of educating productive citizens, what is stressed by authentic assessment over
traditional assessment methods?
A. Testing of academic skills C. Competencies in real-world tasks B. Body of knowledge and skills D. Holism
in knowledge competencies
149. Among forms of authentic assessment, which uses the collection of student’s reflections on learning?
A. Essay test C. Rubrics B. Journal D. Portfolio
150. Social studies which answer the questions what, where, when, and how are _______
A. Correlation C. Description B. Exploration D. Explanation