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2018 MAATJ Haiku Contest Application

MAATJ (Mid-Atlantic Association of Teachers of Japanese) invites students of Japanese language in the Mid-Atlantic area to enter
their haiku poem for 2018 MAATJ Haiku Contest! Each school may submit a maximum of three Haiku per category. We will
accept your submission only by Email with attachments. The application form is below.

M-0. Elementary 3rd and 4th graders (immersion, FLES or any program)
M-1. Elementary 5th and 6th graders (immersion, FLES or any program)
M-2. Middle School 7th and 8th graders (immersion or any program)
J-1. High School Japanese 1 equivalent (may include 8th graders)
J-2. High School Japanese 2 equivalent
J-3. High School Japanese 3 equivalent
J-4. High School Japanese 4 equivalent
J-5. High School Japanese 5 (or higher) equivalent
C-1 College 100 level
C-2 College 200 (or higher) level
Student's haiku
 Must be original work.
 Must be written in Japanese.
 Must consist of three lines with the syllables of five, seven, and five.*
 Must include a season-referencing word.
 Second vowel of long vowels such as a, i, e, o, or u counts as two syllables.
Example: otoosan 5 syllables, kuuki 3 syllables
 Small "tsu" of double consonants counts as one syllable.
Example: motto 3syllables, yukkuri 4 syllables
 Contracted sounds such as kya, kyu, kyo, etc. count as one syllable.
Example: kisha 2 syllables, ningyoo 4 syllables
Submission Information for Teachers

 No fee for the current MAATJ member’s school. $10 entry fee for non-member’s school.
 Each school may submit three or fewer entries for each category.
 Each school is encouraged to hold an in-school contest.
 Please use one Haiku Submission form per category (up to three students)
 Submitted haiku may be published after receiving permission from the teacher.
 Please use MS Mincho font and fill in all information on the Haiku Submission form.
 In each category, the top three places will be selected and will be awarded with trophies and certificates.
 When a school does not follow the above regulations, the application will be disqualified from the contest.

For any suggestion or questions, please email to yulawless@fcps.edu

*All entries must arrive by Saturday, March 16, 2018*

Haiku Submission Form
School Information

School Name in English:

Teacher's Name:

Teacher's Email:


Student 1 name: (English) (Japanese)


Student 2 name: (English) (Japanese)


Student 3 name: (English) (Japanese)


Please send your entries to: by March 16, 2018

email the entry forms attached to: