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CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________

Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________Tue 4/11____________________

Standards 7.EE.3
(CCSS, NGSS, WIDA, etc.)
Data Students have successfully
What data do you have to support created expressions and
aspects of lesson? rudimentarily evaluated them.
Objective(s) for this Lesson Sw evaluate real life expressions

Prerequisite Knowledge How to create expression rules

Using problem solving techniques
Potential Misconceptions or Not being thorough in what each
Procedural Mistakes word or variable actually is
Struggles with inverse operations
What questions can I ask to Which one depends on the
check my students’ other?
understanding of the lesson If the rocket was in the ari for
objectives and outcomes? ____ seconds how many one
Questions should represent all levels second pieces is that?
of cognitive demand.
Resources PowerPoint, worksheet
● Texts
● Technology
● Manipulatives
● Vocabulary
Engagement Outcome(s): Sw create an
10 minutes expression to describe a real-
● Warm-Up life situation
● Essential Question
● Opening Activity Activity/Assignment: Do Now.
Students will watch a video of a
rocket launching and then be
given information on the rocket.
The students will be asked to
create an expression (should be
able to do this) and to evaluate
for a certain time (new skill).

- All students will have
the expression
CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________Tue 4/11____________________

describing the rocket

Exploration Outcome(s): Sw evaluate
15 minutes expressions
● What cooperative learning
strategies are used? Activity/Assignment: Students
● How will you model concepts for will take notes on how to
evaluate the do now problem
● What questions will uncover
student misconceptions? and complete a sample

Grouping: indep

- All students will identify
where to substitute in
the time from the you try
Explanation Outcome(s): Sw create an
10 minutes expression from a real life
● How are misconceptions being problem
addressed and cleared? Sw evaluate a real-life
● How will students explain
● What strategies and tools will I
use to help students actively Activity/Assignment: You do
formulate new vocabulary? problem on a boat traveling at a
constant speed.

Grouping: student selected


- All students will have the
correct answer for the
Elaboration Outcome(s): Sw evaluate
25 minutes expressions fo real life
● What questions can be asked to problems
help students apply knowledge
and skills to new situations?
Activity/Assignment: Students
● What new experiences will I
CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science Departments Date __________Tue 4/11____________________

provide for students to expand will take notes on the extension

their understanding and connect aspect of the lesson (evaluating
to real-world situations?
using inverse operations). The
rest of the time will be used
working with a partner to begin
the worksheet.

Grouping: student selected


Evaluation Outcome(s): Sw evaluate

6 minutes expressions
● How will it be determine that the
students have attained the Activity/Assignment: Exit ticket
learning objectives?
on a car traveling at a constant
● How will students’ work identify
needs and be used to inform
future instructional decisions? Grouping: independent

- All students will
successful solve the first
problem on basic
evaluation (no inverse
Homework Finish Worksheet

Differentiation None Section

How will you differentiate for different
subgroups (Honors, General
Education, SPED, ESOL, etc.)?
Section Section