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Constructs Excellent Good Needs Significant

Evaluated improvement errors

Length of the Paragraph has 12 Paragraph has 11- Paragraph has 8-6 Paragraph has 5
paragraph (5%) sentences (5 points) 9 sentences (4-3 sentences (2 points) or fewer
points) sentences
(1- 0 points)
Topic sentence Topic sentence Topic sentence Paragraph has a topic No topic
(10 %) introduces a well- includes the main sentence but the main sentence.. (3- 0)
developed main idea. idea. (9-8 points) idea is not clear. (7-4
(10 points) points)

Supporting Supporting sentences Many of the Many supporting Almost all the
sentences clearly develop the supporting sentences are not supporting
(20 %) topic and include sentences develop related to the topic sentences are not
many details. the topic with sentence. related to the
(20—19 points ) some details. (15-8 points) topic sentence.
(18-16 points) (7-0 points)
Concluding The concluding The concluding The concluding No concluding
sentence (10%) sentence clearly re- sentence mostly sentence does not re- sentence (3-0)
states the main idea re-states the main state the main idea
(10 points) idea (9-8 points (7-4 points )

Sentence Sentences use Most sentences Several sentences do Many sentences

Structure correct grammar. All use correct not use correct are incorrect.
+ Verb subjects and verbs grammar. Most grammar. Many Almost all of the
agreement agree. subjects and subject and object subjects and
(20 %) (20-19 points) verbs agree. verb errors. (15-8 objects do not
(18-16 points) points) agree. (7-0
Simple present Simple present tense Simple present Simple present tense In almost all
tense (10%) is used correctly to tense is mostly is used incorrectly in sentences the
write about free time used correctly. (9- many sentences (7-4 simple present
activities. (10 points) 8 points) points) tense is used
incorrectly. (3-0
Format, No errors in Paragraph format, There are many cases Almost in all
punctuation, paragraph formatting, capitalization, and in which paragraph cases, paragraph
and capitalization and punctuation are formatting, formatting,
capitalization punctuation. mostly correct. capitalization and capitalization and
(10%) (10 points) (9-8 points) punctuation are not punctuation are
used correctly used incorrectly.
(6-4 points) (3-0 points)
Vocabulary Paragraph uses a lot Paragraph uses Paragraph is missing Paragraph does
(15%) of Unit 2 vocabulary. some Unit 2 important Unit 2 not use Unit 2
All words are used vocabulary. vocabulary. Some vocabulary or
correctly. (15-14 Almost all words vocabulary is used uses words
points) are used correctly. incorrectly. (11-7 incorrectly. (6-0
(13 -12 points) points) points)