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Address of CGS of ARM to the Congress of USA

Representatives of the Congress of USA had an opportunity to hear for the first time from a CGS
of ARM about the efforts that Republic of Macedonia does in the area of defense for full
membership in the Euro Atlantic structures, the security challenges in the region as well as for
the importance of the support in this area that is enabled by the strategic partnership with the
These topics were included in the address of Lieutenant General Metodija Velichkovski who
together with the Commander of the National Guard of Vermont, Major General Steven Cray,
had an address to the congressmen from the federal states of the USA: Michigan, Vermont,
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Mississippi in the Congress of USA yesterday.
“The demonstrated practice in the contemporary surroundings is that there is no country that can
face all security challenges on its own. Hence, there is no other alternative for Republic of
Macedonia for the Euro Atlantic integrations. From the first day of the independence of Republic
of Macedonia, the Macedonian political and military leadership are unanimous about the vision
that the Macedonian national security must be built within the collective security. We invest in
that process, support it and we will be dedicated to stay on that course” said the Lieutenant
General Velichkovski.
Among the rest in his address to the representatives of the Congress is presented the current
reality from the security area in Republic of Macedonia and the countries from the region, which
is shaped by the threats that come through the complexity of the migration crises and the other
security challenges such as terrorism, crime, cyber hazards, natural disasters and other current
security issues which overstep the state borders and which refer to all countries equally.
This points the necessity of mutual action and the new conceptuality in the collective security.
After the speech, during the meeting with the Congressmen, the positive results from the
cooperation so far between ARM and the Armed Forces of USA, through the partnership
program for cooperation that Republic of Macedonia has with the National Guard of Vermont
were discussed.
The Congressmen stressed the continuous support of USA in strengthening of the defensive
capacities and increasing the combat readiness in order to achieve full interoperability of ARM
with the armies of the NATO members.
The Lieutenant General Velichkovski mentioned the gained benefits and experiences from the
common participation of ARM members with the colleagues from the Armed Forces of USA in
the peacekeeping missions and international military exercises.
During the visit, the delegation of ARM realized several separate meetings with the
Congressmen where was discussed the necessity for further support of Republic of Macedonia
and ARM in achieving the aspirations for full membership of Republic of Macedonia in the
NATO Alliance.