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1. What does this development consist of?

MAJU Kuala Lumpur is a ‘Loft Apartment’ Residence, standing on a wide range of retail
offerings and leisure amenities in a high security environment. There are 4,200 units of loft
apartment & 12 units of Penthouses, set in seven 29-storey towers(SKY).

2. What is the unit selling price?

Ranging from RM 590,000 – to RM 617,000. With the higher units commanding a higher
price, increment of RM1,00 per level.

3. What is the price per square feet?

Price per square feet starts from RM 669.

4. Where is the location?

This development is located at Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur, between the KL-Seremban Highway
and BESRAYA Expressways.

5. Who is the developer?

ASMDKL, which is a subsidiary of MAJU GROUP.

6. What type of title land use?

It is a commercial land title, but it is a mixed development consisting of commercial and
residential component.

7. What kind of development?

A mixed development that consists of commercial retails and residential apartments.

8. Leasehold or Freehold?
A 99-years leasehold.

9. The 99 years of leasehold starts when?

99 years period will begin upon vacant possession.

10. When will the project be ready?

The project will be completed by end of 2021

11. Is this a Green development?

Although we are not aiming for green certification, we have elements of green technology
such as automated waste disposal, recycling points, and a rain-water harvesting system.

As a project, we wanted to focus more on the Transport Oriented Development side rather
than Green.

12. Who is the architect?

ArkitekL2C Associates Sdn Bhd (L2CA) - a local KL firm who also designed Kota Damansara.
13. Who is the landscape architect?
Hoda Design Landscape Architect, also a local firm who designed Treez in Bukit Jalil and Petalz
in Old Klang Road.

14. How many units are in each tower (SKY)?

Average 600 units per tower(SKY)

Sky ONE – 673 units (24 units/ floor)

Sky TWO – 618 units (22 units/ floor)
Sky THREE – 562 units (20 units/ floor)
Sky FOUR – 674 units (24 units/ floor)
Sky FIVE – 618 units (22 units/ floor)
Sky SIX – 562 units (20 units/ floor)
Sky SEVEN – 505 units (18 units/ floor)

15. What is the distance from one Tower to another?

Sky ONE to Sky TWO – 26 metres

Sky TWO to Sky THREE – 26 metres
Sky THREE to Sky FOUR – 35 metres
Sky FOUR to Sky FIVE – 26 metres
Sky FIVE to Sky SIX – 26 metres
Sky SIX to Sky SEVEN – 26 metres

16. What is the height of the building?

69 storeys

17. How many units sold so far?

Currently allocated units for SKY 5 almost 97% sold and SKY 6 almost 83% sold. Other SKY
towers will become available once SKY 6 reached 95%.

18. What type of security is provided?

MAJU KL provides a 5 tier security system:
● Auxiliary Police
● Indoor Panic Button in each unit
● Access Card for lobby, car park and elevator
● CCTV Surveillance around the common areas
● Regulatory-approved grill & fire rated door with unique single key system

19. Will such a big development creates traffic congestion in the area?
We have worked with a traffic consultant to study the impact on traffic and to ensure
minimal congestion. We will be building a dedicated traffic interchange to improve the
traffic flow.

20. Will the MRT, KTM, and interchange be ready together with the development?
Yes, we are on track.
21. Where does the dedicated MRT station lead to?
From Sungai Buloh Station to Putrajaya via Banda Malaysia and KLCC.

22. Will there be a link bridge provided?

Yes, there will be link bridges from the development to the KTM and MRT stations.

23. What are the facilities provided and where?

The facilities will be located on Level 8. List as below:
Facilities Quantity
1 Prayer Rooms 1
2 Multi-Purpose Hall 1
3 Kindergarten & Child care centre 1
4 Reading Room 1
5 Activities Room 1
6 Yoga Zone & Deck 1
7 Reflexology Path 1
8 Jogging Track 1
9 Chess Play Zone 1
10 Children Playground 1
11 Viewing Deck 1
12 Gazebo 1
13 Pergola Area 1
14 Nature Trail 1
15 Landscape Garden with turf & Benches 1
16 Garden pavilion 1
17 Spice & Herbs Garden 1
18 BBQ Area 1
19 Terrace Plaza for functions/events 1
20 Outdoor Theatre Zone 1
21 Podium Stage 1
22 Sun Deck 1
23 Fitness Stations (Outdoor Gym) 1
24 Fitness Centre (Indoor Gym) 1
25 Shower & Changing Room 1
26 Roller Park 1
27 Skates Park 1
28 Bike Park 1
24. Is car parking provided?
Yes, there are 6 parking levels for residents.
We have designed an innovative car park rental scheme for MAJU Kuala Lumpur.
Each unit will have its own dedicated car-park bay to rent, and for the sole exclusive use of
the owner. This bay will be in direct proximity to the unit.
Of course, if the owner does not need a parking bay, then they do not have to take up the
scheme. The choice is entirely theirs.
The residents’ car park has been specifically designed with the urban professional in mind – it
is smart, well-lit, and very secure. Its look and feel will be on a par with an IKEA car park.

25. Can I purchase a parking bay?

Parking bays can only be rented and at only RM150 per month (or RM250 for tandem
parking), the car park bay is extremely affordable - at less than RM5 per day.
The RM150 per month is locked in until 2028.
Our rental scheme is smart, economical, and flexible
If pressed on why they can’t buy.
To put this into perspective, we calculate the purchase of an equivalent Kuala Lumpur
parking bay would cost the buyer approximately RM38K. It would take you over 21 years of
renting using our scheme to reach that amount!
By using a mortgage loan calculator, we can see that standard monthly fees on a purchased
carpark in Kuala Lumpur would be RM 186.94 / month (RM 38,000 @ 4.25% p/a for 30
Also, ownership would likely entail further maintenance charges from the JMB.

Other high-end housing developments also have car park rental only. These include…..

26. Are there any restrictions of renting how many carparks per unit?
Each unit will have one dedicated car-park bay to rent, or a tandem bay, if available. Additional
car bay rental subject to availability.

27. When does the carpark renting payment start (for the bay)?
Shortly before the owner moves in.

28. How many carpark bays provided for residential and at what level?
6 carpark levels for residents.

29. Can residents sub-let their parking bay?


30. How many carpark bays provided for commercial and at what level?
3 carpark levels for commercial purposes.
- 2 basements & Ground Floor.

31. Is there any motorcycle bay for this development?

Yes, there will be over 1,500 bays for motorcycles.
32. Why is no swimming pool as part of the facilities?
With the wide variety of facilities, we are offering such as the multi-purpose sports arena,
the outdoor gymnasium, the kids center, the prayer rooms and the landscaped garden we
felt that the addition of a swimming pool was not essential.

33. How many high-speed lifts provided for each tower?

6 high speed lifts provided for each tower, including 1 service lift.

34. Who is the Building Management?

Soon to be agreed. A number of reputable agencies are under consideration.

35. How much is the maintenance fee?

RM 0.33 per square ft, at approximately RM 290.00 monthly. This pays for the upkeep of the
3 acres of communal areas, linking bridge, the high speed lifts, the vacuum system, the 28
leisure facilities, Homeowner Management System (Apps) and most importantly, the
Security, our own auxiliary police force.

36. Will the developer bear the maintenance charges for the unsold units?
Of course.

37. What will happen if the developer cannot complete on time?

We do not foresee this happening.
If pressed...
There would of course be compensation for late delivery which stated in the SPA.

38. Any future development over the site of Maju KL?

There are currently no future developments, however, there have been discussions on the
possibility of building a school, a mosque and football pitch.

39. What are the unique selling points of this development?
● The double-storey loft apartment concept
● Transit oriented development
● The dedicated traffic interchanges
● The attractive financing scheme, ‘Own It Now’.
● A 1 million square ft shopping mall

40. What would the estimated rental rate be?

Based on current prices, the estimated rental rate is between RM 1,800 to RM 2,200

41. What would the yield from a unit be?

The yield is forecasted at 3-4%.

42. What is the target market for this development?

Target market would be young professional, newly-wed couples, baby boomers buying for
children, and middle-income group under 40 years old.

43. When will other towers be launched?

Following the success of Sky 6, Sky 5 has been open for sale since Feb 2017 and we have
secure 97% of Sales to date. Sky 4 is likely to open around end of Quarter 3 2017 or earlier.

44. What is the take up rate for Sky 5 and Sky 6, which was launched in March 2016?
To date we have sold almost 97% of Sky 5 & 83% of Sky 6 allocated units.

45. Do you think the pricing of this development is competitive enough to draw buyers’
Location is the main selling point. It’s within KL and has a KL address, surrounded by
excellent road access from the North South Highway to MRR2, KESAS, BESRAYA and Bukit
Jalil Highway. It is also virtually connected to every inch of KL, PJ & Selangor due to our
dedicated ramp that has been built into the development. Secondly is public transportation.
We have a link bridge to the new MRT & KTM stations and a dedicated feeder bus station
within the development. Besides that, each unit comes with free electrical items by
Panasonic. For all that, we think RM 590,000 is a very attractive and competitive price.

46. What is the designated station for MRT?

MRT Line 2 (Sg Buloh- Serdang – Putrajaya lane) designated station is Maju Kuala Lumpur.

47. What is the designated station for KTM?

Likely to be Maju Kuala Lumpur.

48. Who will be the anchor tenants for retail?

Soon to be agreed. A number of reputable anchor tenants are under consideration.

49. Is the Commercial space open for purchase?

No, we are not looking for purchasers for our commercial units.

50. What is the size of the unit?
882 square ft – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

51. How high is the ceiling?

22 feet (bare floor to ceiling slab)

52. What is the size of lower floor

Around 592 square ft

53. What is the size of upper floor?

Around 290 square ft

54. What is the bedroom size?

Bedroom 1- 102 sf
Bedroom 2 – 82 sf
Bedroom 3 - 70 sf

55. How many bathrooms are in every unit?

2 bathrooms in every unit. A master bathroom and a shared bathroom on the upper floor.

56. What are the bathroom fittings?

Both bathrooms are equipped with a Panasonic Safety Point Shower with Jet Pump, a glass
shower screen, seated bidet, porcelain basin and fully tiled walls.

57. What are the list of electrical items provided?

Electrical Items provided by Panasonic:
● 40-inch LCD LED TV
● 4 split-type Air Conditioner units
● A 2-door refrigerator
● Built-in Oven
● A built-in microwave
● Top loading, fully automatic Washing Machine
● Water heater with jet pump
● Double-burner electric hob with hood
58. Material specifications? (i.e.: cabinet & tiles)
Frame Reinforced Concrete Structure
Staircase and finishes Reinforced concrete staircase complete with finishes, hand
railings and all necessary fittings

External walls Common brick wall

Reinforced concrete shear wall

Internal Wall and Partitions Common brick wall with reinforced concrete shear wall

Windows Laminated powder coated aluminum frame tempered glass

window/fixed panels

Doors and Ironmongery Fire rated door at entrances

Metal frame flush door to toilets
Timber sliding door
Metal frame timber flush door
Powder coated aluminum door with 6mm thick glass panel
Mesh door at entrances
Local range standard ironmongery

Internal Wall Finishes Plaster and paint

Homogenous tile

Internal Floor Finishes Vinyl flooring

Ceramic tile to wet area

Internal Ceiling Finishes Paint

External finishes Plaster and paint

Sanitary fittings Quality range sanitary fittings

59. Can I do full renovation i.e. put additional room upstairs?

Yes, subject to management’s approval based on the structural plan.

60. Looking at the show unit, can the upgrade cost be part of the purchase price?
No, upgrades are an optional extra.

61. Who should I refer to for any electrical items’ defect?

A Panasonic representative. Details provided in the warranty card

62. What if my furniture fittings break? Is there a warranty?

Fittings have a one-year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

63. What is the warranty period for the appliances?

12 months upon taking ownership.
64. How many electrical points?
There are 16 power points and 11 lighting points.

Electrical installations
Lighting Point c/w lighting switch 11 units
13A Power Point c/w20A switch 16 units
13A Kitchen Hood Point c/w 20A switch 1 unit
13A Microwave Point c/w 20A switch 1 unit
13A Sink Grinder Point c/w 20A switch 1 unit
15A Cooker Point c/w 20A switch 1 unit
15A Oven Point c/w 20A switch 1 unit
Water Heater Point c/w 20A switch 2 units
Air Conditioner Point c/w 20A switch 4 units
TV Point Socket 1 unit
Door Bell Point c/w push button 1 unit
Panic Button c/w push button 1 unit
Distribution Board (60A SPN) 1 unit
Sub-main cable from riser to DB 1 unit

65. What if I need help to clean the ceiling?

Management can provide contractors’ details.

66. Where do I throw my garbage?

Each floor has an “Automated Vacuum Waste Collection System” Garbage chute making dry
waste disposal very easy.
Wet waste is recommended to be disposed of by using the waste crusher system located in
the sink.

67. How many rubbish chute per floor?

1 rubbish chute is available on every floor, close to the lift.

68. Where will the automated vacuum waste be discharged?

The system vacuums and transports garbage in a fully sealed underground system directly to
a central collection point. It is efficient, odorless, hygienic and convenient.

69. Where is the water tank located?

The main water tank is located on the 8th floor.

70. How many access card provided per unit?


71. What is the speed of the lift?

It is a high-speed lift.

72. Will residents share lifts with the commercial side?

No. Residential and commercial lifts are separated
73. How does the Own It Now work?
Pay RM 2,000 legal fees to get your preferred unit and sign SPA immediately. Your 10% first
payment will be spread over 42 months and payable to the developer thus no commitment
is being made with banks yet – no interest charged. First year installment fees are at RM
1,000 monthly, Second year at RM 1,500 monthly while balance third and a half year is at
RM 2,000 monthly. Loan application to be made at the 36th month.

74. What kind of income is needed to get a loan for this development?
Approximately 3 times monthly loan payment to ensure you are eligible to own a unit and to
get the loan approved.

75. Can I sell higher than my locked price after 3 years?

Yes, you can. Any price differences shall be transacted separately form original SPA.

76. How does the scheme benefit the seasonal buyers?

From an investment point of view, buyers will be able to lock the unit at the price of RM
590,000 and make a profit by selling it at a higher price in future.

77. Who are the panel bankers?

We have 7 panel bankers: Maybank, RHB, UOB, Hong Leong, CIMB, Public Bank, and Bank

78. When can I sign SPA?


79. When do I start to pay the installment?

One month upon signing the SPA

80. What is the payment method for installment fees?

Cash, cheque or bank transfer.

81. How does the cancellation process work within the period of 42 months?
Developer must be notified upon purchaser’s request. Unit needs to be transferred to a new
buyer, in order to get the refund on the installment fees already paid.

82. What are the requirements for request of cancellation?

Cancellation form, proof of payment, booking form and receipt.

83. When do I start applying for bank loan?

At any time, but we would advise you to do this by the 36th month of your installment fee
payment period

84. What if my loan is rejected and I am unable to continue with this scheme?
Before you reach this point, we are here to advise and help to ensure your credit rating is
good enough to receive a bank loan. Within the 42-month period, you are also able to
transfer your unit to another party for the small administrative fee of RM500.
85. What are the charges for unit transferal fees?
RM 500 transferal fee is charged when transferring unit to another buyer.

86. How many times can transfer of unit ownership can be made?
There is no limit

87. What will happen if I want to cancel the SPA after the period of 42 months?
The SPA cannot be cancelled after the 42-month period, however, before you reached that
point, we are here to advise and help to ensure your credit rating is good enough to receive
a bank loan.

88. What will happen if I die?

The SPA and responsibility would be transferred to your immediate next-of-kin, unless your
‘will’ specifies otherwise.

89. Is the development bound under HDA? If so, how can we make a sub-sale before vacant
possession (VP)?
Our development follows HDA regulations, but we have been granted some exemptions
which allows for sub-sale pre-VP.

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