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Last update: 9/14/07 19:28 Basil Time. Added a note for Room 16.

Just a few notes:

- You cannot lead the PQ more than 3 times each day. You CAN switch around leade
rs to do the PQ more, however.
- Zakum can only be summoned at channel 3... Why? Most people say the GM's can h
ave more control over one Zakum channel, other than 19.
- Movement skills and equips don't work in Stages 1 and 2. (Darn it xD)
- You can only go to the Zakum Altar 2 times a day.
Table of Contents
On a second note, the Table of Contents might not work properly under Apple's br
owser Safari, as demonstrated on my Macbook. >.< Take caution.
On a THIRD note, since I am resubmitting this, the links might not work until I
can edit this after it has been submitted.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Fighting Zakum


- Lvl 50 and over

- If you don't have much HP, you will need a spearman with maxed HB to provide y
ou with enough HP to get through the monsters in Dead Mine
- Have gotten permission from your 3rd job instructor (talk to the NPC according
to your class in El Nath)
Some other guides say that you need at least 3 people, but that is entirely not
true. I have attempted a few solos, and getting pretty close with around 20 docu
ments and all 7 keys. It is possible to solo, but very hard to do, assuming you
try to get all 30 documents and 7 keys.
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- At least 3 people.
- Bring a good amount of HP and MP pots - maybe around 100 or so each.
- Lvl 50 parties should consist of a Spearman and a Cleric. The last slot can be
opened to anyone else.
- High leveled parties can consist of any class.
- If you have a Dead Mine scroll, use it. It will save you a LOT of pots since y
ou will have to get past Werewolves, White Pangs, and Lycanthropes to get to the
Dead Mine. Otherwise, be ready to try to avoid those monsters, and a few more,
including Cerebes and Bains. Bains do around 1.5k touch damage, so if you're a t
hief or bowman, get your spearman to cast HB.
- Even better, I usually walk in the lava instead of through Bains, since every
1 or 2 seconds you take around 200 damage in there.
After a few good minutes of good ol' pot burning, you should arrive at the Door
of Zakum. Talk to Adobis, the NPC that should be there, and initiate stage 1 of
the ZPQ. You have to do the stages in order, and after completing all of them, y
ou can finally fight Zakum (which is obviously not recommended if you're below l
evel 100.)
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Stage 1

Your objective is to find 30 documents and 7 keys in a 30 minute time limit, in

many different rooms.
It is BEST that you plan out a strategy before starting the PQ.
To get the documents, hit ONLY the rocks with a regular swing or stab. There is
an exception in one room, however, as a document is in a chest.
To get the keys, hit BOTH chests and rocks.
There are 2 extra documents that you can completely ignore, as you don't need th
em. Unless someone disconnects with 2 documents in possession, of course.
Approximate times for completing the stage
Now, with a well organized 3 man party, it should take 20 or more minutes to com
plete this stage.
4 or more man parties can take up to 20, and even 10 minutes, if well planned ou
If you wander around randomly, you will take the entire 30 minutes, even with a
6 man party.
The main map, labeled~
Document and key locations
Documents can be found in these rooms: (Room - # of docs)
1-1 - 1
1-2 - 1
2-1 - 1
3-1 - 1
3-2 - 2
4-2 - 1
5-1 - 1
6-1 - 1
7-1 - 1
7-2 - 2
8-1 - 2
9-1 - 1
9-2 - 2
10-1 - 1
10-2 - 2
11-1 - 1
12-1 - 1
13-1 - 2
14-1 - 1
15-1 - 1
16-4 - 1
16-5 - 1 (in the chest)
16-6 - 1
Main area - 3
While keys can be found in these rooms and what they're in:
4-2 (rock)
9-2 (chest)
11-1 (chest)
14-1 (chest)
16-2 (chest)
16-3 (chest)
16-5 (rock)
Chests can have very sly traps, such as summoning monsters and transporting you
back to the main stage.
Back to Stage 1
Strategies for completing this stage
- Keep the mini-map to the setting with the map name. It comes in really useful,
especially if you're lost.
- There are 2 methods to keep track of the rooms cleared. There's what my friend
calls the "Track" method where you start the PQ and spam every minute or so or
whenever someone gets a room "123456789101112131415(235)" and when someone calls
the room number they get, you wipe it out from the numbers of rooms you listed
out. So for example, you start with "123456789101112131415(235)" and someone get
s room 4. So you spam again with "12356789101112131415(235)" - notice how the 4
is gone. And you just repeat that until all rooms are done. The (235) represent
the Area 16 rooms with keys. The other strategy is listed on the bottom.
- In a 3 person party, my party's strategy is to let each person take one platfo
rm (one gets bottom, one gets the 2 in the middle, one gets the top) and then do
Area 16 together.
- In a 4 person party, the strategy my party used was the same as a 3 person par
ty, only this time the leader grabs the keys and does Area 16 while the rest do
the other rooms.
- In a 5 or 6 person party, the strategy is the same as the ones above, but you
have more people to help you.
- Be sure to immediately notify the leader whenever you get a document or key.
- Ignore the document in 16-5 as there are too many chests to find it.
- It is also best that everyone meets at 16-5 to hand over the documents and key
s to the leader, who will proceed to getting the Fire Ore. Everyone else should
leave and wait next to Aura in the main room.
- I'd go to 16-4 and 16-6 for docs since there aren't many rocks there.
- Avoid hitting chests in all rooms without keys.
- To get to area 16, travel through rooms 7 and 10.
- It is not recommended to go to 16-5 before getting 29 documents and 6 keys, as
it is the trickiest of the rooms.
I've gotten a PM saying that one of Hidden-Street's guides say to go through eit
her rooms 11, 4, 1, 3, or 8. These are either incorrect or outdated. So if you f
ollow HS's guide keep this in mind. Thanks TrashFairy for notifying me.
After getting all 7 keys
The leader must go to 16-5 and drop them in front of the big chest around the bo
ttom of the map. A Fire Ore should drop, and the leader should pick that up and
return to the main area.
The leader should receive all 30 documents and the Fire Ore by this point. If he
has these items, he should talk to Aura and complete the stage.
Exit through the portal next to Aura.
This has been an issue for my party once. If the leader leaves first, others who
are still in the mine will not get the prize and EXP.
Reward: 20000 exp, a Piece of Fire Ore, and 5 Dead Mine scrolls
If you have a shop, you're quite in for some good fortune, as DM scrolls go for
100k each... Well in Bera, yes.
A section on SOLOING stage 1.
Yes, as I mentioned earlier, it is possible to solo this stage, but very hard to
do. It is practically impossible to get all documents and keys without smugglin
But did I mention that you can just collect the keys?
Yes, you can just collect the keys and think, "Screw the documents." But you won
't get any meso profit since you don't get DM scrolls.
Your rewards will be:
- Soloing with only keys: 12000 EXP
- Soloing with keys and docs: 15000 EXP and 5 DM scrolls
- Partying with only keys: 15000 EXP
- Partying with keys and docs: 20000 EXP and 5 DM scrolls
Stage 2

Just a simple jump quest, except it's a huge pot burner. If you fall into the la
va, you have to walk back to the entrance and start all over again. And that lav
a deals 2xx damage a second, so it completely murders pots.
There are Jr. Effys you can kill here, but be aware that they explode upon death
, so be careful.
Talk to Amon if you want to quit this stage.
Approximate times for completing the stage
If you're a good jumper, 2-5 minutes at least.
If you're bad, you can take almost an entire day. I know a few people that took
around 7 or 8 hours.
It took me around an hour or so, but I guess I got lucky in the second part.
Strategies for completing the stage
- Bring loads of pots. At least 500 of whatever HP pots you use. For mages, brin
g like a few hundred MP pots and 100 or 200 HP pots. Clerics might only need MP
pots as they have Heal.
- As with every other jump quest, have good timing and be patient.
- Part 2 is much harder and larger than Part 1. It's much better if you just try
and get a quick scan across the map - I just proceeded through the JQ as normal
, or you can walk all the way to the right using the lava, but that's a huge pot
burner, so I wouldn't recommend it.
- It is best to jump right on top of the Jr. Effys and proceed as normal, as jum
ping on them won't knock you back that much.
- If you're on a rope that has any obstacles such as rocks, poison, fire, etc. a
nd if there are any ropes behind you, just hold the Up button. At most times you
'll be knocked back onto the rope behind you, and if you hold Up, you'll automat
ically grab that rope and you won't have to start over.
- Some ropes have what I call "safe areas" where you climb up to the highest poi
nt of a rope where a rock is falling on, but you won't get hit by the rock.
You will get the Breath of Lava and 15000 EXP or so for completing this stage.
Stage 3

You need to collect 30 Zombie's Lost Golden Teeth, which can be found by killing
Minor Zombie in the 4 Dead Mine maps.
The teeth droprate is crappy, so it'll take maybe around 30 minutes to an hour,
sometimes less, sometimes more.
Even worse, the Minor Zombie spawn is crap.
Good news is that Minor Zombies deal less damage to you, so it won't be very pot
You will get 5 Eye of Fire that is used to summon Zakum.
Fighting Zakum

Now go to channel 3 because for some reason Zakum can only be summoned on that c
hannel, call up a buncha people for a Zakum Run, and drop that Eye of Fire in th
e center of the altar... then get pwned in 1 hit.
Enjoy seeing a huge storm of lightning, fire, and ice. And huge mobs of what loo
ks like Mayan statues or something like that.
Oh, excuse me for my horrible jokes. o_o Time to get serious.
- 3 Orb of Fire to summon Zakum
- A priest and a DK to actually allow thieves and bowmen to survive
- At least 10 people to enter the altar
- Level 100 or higher
- Carry around 200 Elixirs or Ginseng roots, I believe.
So here are the stats for all 3 Zakums:
Zakum 1
66,000,000 HP/30,000 MP
ATK 980
M.ATK 530
DEF 1,000
M.DEF 1,100
Avoid 12
Zakum 2
88,000,000 HP/35,000 MP
ATK 1040
M.ATK 550
DEF 1,100
M.DEF 1,300
Avoid 14
Zakum 3
110,000,000 HP/40,000 MP
ATK 1,080
M.ATK 570
EXP 7,000,000
DEF 1,200
M.DEF 1,500
Avoid 16
From the info I've collected, each run should take an average of 45 minutes to a
n hour and 30 I believe. It could take less, it could take more. Depends mostly
on the power of your party members.
Drops: Our beloved Zakum Helmet 1, and other lvl 90+ drops, and a crapload of me
Credits! (Gotta remember this.)

Henesys Zakum PQ guide

BasilMarket Bosses stats
A PQ guide I followed before I made this one.
You guys.
Google xD
And a few PMs.
And my guild for the... err... rather... constant ZPQs.
And the fact that the Basil List of Frequent 1st Stage ZPQ'ers showed me that it
got deleted. >_> Thanks guys.
Thanks for reading, hope this helps.
Please comment or PM me if you have any suggestions, corrections, or feedback. A
lso accepting hate mail. o.O