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General Themes in 2018

New Legend content management system (Umbraco) extensions

Document management
Online continuous courses and sports courses extensions
Customer management membership, wizards and multiple subscriptions extensions
API single sign on, membership and bookings extensions
Native app integration extensions
Reporting extensions
Accounting and tax enhancements
Deduplication improvements to merge duplicates extensions


GDPR final extensions Q1
Brief Your Market Q1
Weekly direct debit functionality Q1
Strike rules online Q1
Refund management returning credits to the original card Q1
Refunding tickets Q1
Extended accounting process (accruals) Q1
Booking API and app integration Q2
Document management Q2
Online continuous courses Q2
Third party booking (ODI) Q2
Access control enhancements to improve ACM integration Q2
Payment plans and stored credit card tokens Q2
Responsive and multilingual Q2
Room booking online Q2
Membership enhancements (modular membership packages) Pick-and-Mix Q2/3
Credit accounts and online credit Q3
Improved organisation management (create and edit online and in Back Office) H2
Subject to change without notice

Membership functions added into customer management, freezing, linked memberships and services H2
Equipment hire H2
Geographic search H2
Automated cancellation, credit and notifications (site closure/inclement weather) H2
Merging duplicate accounts H2
Inventory items with multiple general ledger codes H2
After school care and holiday clubs Q4/Q1 2019
Online booking improvements (search, family bookings) Q4/Q1 2019
Kiosk extensions (classes purchase and or joining) Q4/Q1 2019
Discounts and pricing changes, surcharges, time-based discounting, enrolment, sibling half price etc Q4/Q1 2019