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Luke 19:12-27 – Parable of the Talents

Those who can be trusted with little will be trusted with much.

What we do in this life matters!


 Who are the characters?

 V. 13 – The country belongs to the king/noblemen.
 He gives $ to the 10 workers.
o This $ wasn’t theirs to begin with, it was given.

 What’s distinctive between the workers?

 V. 16 – 1st worker
 V. 18 - 2nd worker
 V.20 – another worker
o Then they were given cities. It’s not a bad deal to work for this nobleman!


 V. 14 – Christian life struggle – complaining, we don’t want you to rule over us!

 V. 20 – What about the other 7 workers?

 Are the 7 workers left out of the story to resemble us? Is it a holy or complete
o Maybe the other 7 workers are to learn from the first 3?

 3rd worker – Why do some people believe God is harsh and some don’t?
 Everything was a gift. Not even the pounds/talents were theirs, let alone the cities
which were not necessarily deserved.

 What’s different about the 3rd worker?

o His attitude!

 V. 21 – The Master did deposit! “Here you go!”

o But the worker thinks, “Why should I make money for you why I’m the one
doing the work?” …Well who gave you the means to do that work in the first
Luke 19:12-27 – Parable of the Talents
 V. 22 – If you thought it was harsh, then why didn’t you do something?
o The worker is judged by his own attitude

 V. 24 – What do you think about when the talent was taken from him and given to
the person who has 10 talents?
o Will we strive to multiply the talents our Master has entrusted us with or will
we get discouraged and look onto others in envy, “Why does (s)he have it all?
Why does (s)he get to do/have that and I don’t?”

 I’m given this pound/talent. I’m not to be concerned with anyone else’s
o The 2nd worker didn’t compare his 5 cities to the 1st’s 10 cities.

 V. 17 – We all want to be known, appreciated, and loved. Even Jesus needed to hear,
Luke 3:22. How much more do we need to hear this?
o All the workers are given what they never deserve, yet what they do with
what they’re given matters.

 V. 26 – How can a person have something taken away if he has nothing?

o Our life was given!

 Who do the characters in this story represent?

o The Master, the 1st, 2nd, another worker, and the other 7 not specifically
 V. 13, 15 – When the nobleman returns = When Jesus comes back/heaven.


 Do we live as if Jesus is king? Does he rule our lives?

 What do we think of God? Do we think he’s harsh?
o The harshness that actually happens is based on the worker’s view of it!


 It isn’t about gaining as many cities as possible. Anything is more than what’s
 Any city is more than what’s imagined. Nothing is deserved and it’s all in abundance.