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Speech From The Committee

Honorable To Headmasters : Drs. Sibhani

Honorable Teachers And Staff : MTsN Mataraman
Honorable Ladies And Gentleman
And Dear My Friends Who Are Happy

Glory be to Allah, because mercy and God’s guidance him we can meet at
time who are happy this programme Isra wal Mi’raj. May peace be always on
our leader, the nobles human being prophet Muhammad SAW, along with his
family and companions, and all people who follow his teachings and consitently
propagate Islam.

Before, I am a chief of the committee of this program Isra wal Mi’raj. We

also say gratitude to all staff of committee who responsible for the execution of
this program.

But, I am conccius that still mistake. I am as a chief of committee say

pardon and forgive.

May this program can good and may this program at day can consent of
Allah. Amien……

Finally, this program is enough, thank you for your attention and sorry for
all mistakes.

All of good come to Allah and all of mistakes come of myself.