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H.D.P.E. pipes conforms to IS-4984, H.D.P.E. pipes are best preferred for potable water supply, irrigation
schemes, chemicals and edibles transportation, effluent collection and disposal system, submarine and
underwater pipe lines, hydro transport system, gas/compressed air system etc..
H.D.P.E. pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features
1• High corrosion resistance, resulting into a longer life.
2• High impact strength.
3• Extremely light weight and hence easy to handle.
4• High flexibility.
5• High abrasion resistance.
6• Excellent water hammer characteristics, helps sustaining surges.
7• Excellent flow characteristics leading to significant energy saving.
8• No exfiltration and infiltration, helps maintaining the quality of fluid being conveyed.
9• No trenches needed, resulting into easy and economical installation.
10• High UV resistance.
11• High resistance to scaling and biological build up.
12• High chemical resistance, absolutely inert to any pH value.
13• Virtually maintenance free.


1• In petrochemical, paper, dye, paint, cement and other chemical industries for disposal of chemical
effluent and waste.
2• Oil and milk transportation in industries and dairies
3• Discharge of radioactive waste
4• Acid and Slurries transportation
5• Compressed gas supply at mines and construction sites
6• External & internal drainage and sewage
7• Salt water handling

1• Water supply for irrigation in fields
2• Drip irrigation scheme
3• Sprinkler irrigation
4• Insecticide spraying
5• Drawing water from pump set for distribution
6• Most suitable for submersible pumps and jet pumps.
1• For potable water supply in rural and urban areas,

1• Telecommunication cable ducting
2• Bio-gas, coal gas & natural gas distribution lines for domestic and industrial use.
3• Air conditioner ducting
4• Submarine delivery system

Salient Features

Strong and Durable

H.D.P.E. Pipes are strong, resilient and impact resistant.
Light Weight
Are easy in handling, transportation & installation, even on difficult terrain
Length as Required
Are available in straight as well as coil lengths, so less joints & couplers needed.
Better Flow Characteristic
There is no deposit formation, so diameter of pipe remains the same and hence better flow.
Hygienic & Odorless
There is no contamination as the pipes are resistant to -
1• Scale formation
2• Chemical formation
3• Biological formation

Energy Saving
Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence the power consumption is on lower
Leak Proof
Are leak proof due to close dimensional tolerance & precision designing and joining.
Chemical Resistance
Are totally inert to all the chemicals.

Are reasonably priced and long lasting. These pipes have better flow characteristics so a small diameter
pipe can be used.
Long Lasting
Are in fact 10 times longer lasting than GI or Rubber pipe. These pipes are free from rusting, weathering &
abrasion therefore are an investment for a life time.
Maintenance Free
Have no breakage and are unaffected by environmental stress.
HDPE pipes are flexible and can be GI pipes are available in 6 m length.
coiled. User gets single pipe as per his Threading is required to join pipes
requirements. Hence no/ less joints. which is laborious, expensive and time
Coils are available in different lengths. consuming.
Wide range from 20mm to 630mm sizes
Size and Pressure Limited range compared to HDPE pipes.
with 2.5 to 16 kg/cm² pressure rating.
Possesses excellent corrosion resistance Corrodes faster specially in water
to water, acids & alkalies. submergence.
Smooth surface offers very low frictional Offers resistance to flow due to less
Internal Surface resistance. Resistance to encrustation/ smoother surface which gets worse due
abrasion. to corrosion over a period of time.
Can take curvature up to a radius 25 No flexibility. Can be used in straight
times the pipe dia. hence can be coiled. length.
It is approx. 4 to 5 times lighter then GI Heavier than HDPE pipe, so it is costly is
Weight pipes for applications like suction & transportation, installation &
delivery pipes. manpower.
Virtually maintenance free. The joints Requires maintenance frequently. Life is
Maintenance & Life
are 100% leakproof. Have a long life. not more than five years.
Easy, as no special equipments are
Cumbersome. Chainpully required apart
required. Submersible pump can be
Installation from holding clamps. Takes almost 5 to
installed in 1 hour time for depth more
8 hours depth of 80m to 100m.
than 80m to 100m.
Unit cost of HDPE PIPE is Lower Than GI Unit cost of GI PIPE is Higher Than HDPE