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Jeffrey M. Bauer 423 Eagle Circle Casselberry, Fl. 32707 February 7, 2018 Honorable Rick Scott, Governor State of Florida Dear Governor Scott, ‘The famous baseball player, Lou Gehrig, once stated, "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. And | might have been given a bad! break, but I’ve got an awful lotto live for”. This quote resonates with me on so many levels. My journey to this moment has been a mixture of triumph, pain, sadness and now, resolution. My health issues began in December, 2015 with my first minor stroke. | was hospitalized and in in- patient rehabilitation for over a month, | came home in late January, 2016 and resumed my duties as a school board member, while completing out-patient rehabilitation. My second, and more severe stroke occurred in June, 2016 and led to another hospitalization and in-patient rehab stay. | came hore in mid-August, 2016. Once released, | resumed full duties as an active school board member and worked around a required surgery in December. In March, 2017, | suffered a brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized for several weeks and then sent to in-patient rehabilitation, The school board clerk was informed of my situation on May 17, 2017 by written email that included a doctor's letter. During my time in in-patient rehabilitation, I suffered a serious blood clot that required surgery and a 2 month hospital stay. Once released from the hospital, ! again went back to a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility where | remain to this day. | was told by my doctors that recovery is possible and it is my goal to return home, This process is not going as quickly as |, or my doctor's, had hoped and more recovery time is necessary. At this time, | am unable to fulfil my duties as an active school board member. Unfortunately, the time it will take for me to regain strength will potentially exceed my school board term, It is due to these circumstances that | hereby offer my resignation from the District 1 seat of the Seminole County Schoolboard. It has been my honor to serve the citizens and especially the children of Seminole County. On a mote personal note, | thank my father, Frederick Bauer and my three sisters, who have not only endured the pain and burden of my illness, but also, deep invasions into their personal lives as private citizens by the press. The hurtful and untrue statements and insinuations directed at me and my family have added hardship to an already stressful and trying time, I thank the members of the Seminole County School Board including Tina Calderone, Karen Almond, ‘Abby Sanchez, Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin, board clerk Jill Mahramus and school board attorney Serita Beamon, Their visits and phone calls of encouragement have carried me through the rough times, ‘To the citizen’s of Seminole County, it has been an honor to serve at your behest. Its my fervent wish that the Seminole County School Board will continue to act in a way that my departed mother always guided her life with, “is itin the best interest of the child”? Sincerphy, y, J L Neffyrrteeer