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Paragraph Writing: The Basics  

Name: ____________________ Date: February 5th, 2018

What is a paragraph? 
● A paragraph is a collection of sentences about​ ​1 TOPIC.  
○ This means a paragraph has a​ ​TOPIC SENTENCE​ ​to tell the reader what the
paragraph will be about.
○ This topic sentence is a ​STATEMENT OR OPINION. 
● A paragraph U​ SUALLY​ has 3-5 sentences.
● A paragraph is​ ​INDENTED​.
● A paragraph has​ ​1-3 SUPPORTING DETAILS​ ​that back-up the supporting sentence.
● A paragraph has a C ​ ONCLUDING SENTENCE​.

Opinion Paragraphs Remember Their OREOS! 

What is an opinion? An opinion is a belief, judgement, or way of thinking
about something.

● Tell your readers ​how​ you feel about something.
● This is your “topic sentence” or “thesis statement”.

● Tell your readers ​why​ you you feel that way.

● Give your readers 1-3 examples of why you feel that way.
● Use details!

● Re-state your original opinion.
● Tell your readers one more time about your opinion or feeling.
● This tells the reader that this paragraph is over! It is your concluding sentence.
Opinion Sentence Starters 
● I prefer…
● I think…
● I believe…
● I feel…
● In my opinion…
● The best/worst thing about…
● Everyone should…..
● The greatest/worst part about ….
Transition Words 
● Transition words are used to link sentences and paragraphs together smoothly so there
is no breaks or abrupt jumps between 2 ideas.
● Moves your writing from one idea to another
● Transition words make your writing sound better!

  To begin with  
First Detail  To start 
For example 
Middle Details   Additionally  
In addition 
As well as 
Last Detail  Lastly 

  In conclusion 
Concluding Sentence   To summarize 
In the end