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Lubricating system, description

The lube oil system is a forced-feed circulation system with lube oil cooler and lube oil filter arranged in a
full flow circuit.

The lube oil pump is a rotary pump integrated with the front cover. The inner rotor is seated on and driven
by a crankshaft drive.
A pressure regulating valve is mounted in the cylinder block. Lubricating oil is delivered by the oil pump
through the oil cooler to the oil filter and on to the main oil gallery.
Oil exiting the oil cooler is regulated by the pressure regulating valve before entering the oil filter or main
The oil filter is mounted on the oil cooler housing, which is located on the engine block's right side. From
the filter, the oil flows into the main distribution channel that supplies oil to the engine's crankshaft,
camshaft, and rocker arms via tappets and push rods, as well as the turbocharger.
The engine is also equipped with piston cooling nozzles that spray oil on the pistons' undersides to
maintain a stable operating temperature.

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Figure 1
Lubricating system

1 Oil tray 7 Crankshaft bearing

2 Intake pipe 8 Con rod bearing
3 Lube oil pump 9 Camshaft bearing
3.1 Safety valve 10 Line to injection nozzle
4 Lube oil cooler 11 Injection nozzle for piston cooling

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4.1 Return shutoff valve 12 Tappet with rocker arm pulse lubrication
4.2 By-pass valve 13 Push rod, oil supply for rocker arm
4.3 By-pass valve oil filter 14 Rocker arm
4.4 Pressure control valve 15 Return line to oil tray
5 Exchangeable lube oil filter 16 Lube oil line to exhaust turbocharger
6 Main oil pipe 17 Exhaust turbocharger
6a IEGR Solenoid â€â€> on/off 18 Return line from exhaust turbocharger

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