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University of St.

La Salle
Integrated School
Bacolod City


Summative Assessment Matrix
THIRD Quarterly Assessment
SY 2017-2018



Levels of Learning Correct Answer

Test Item Scoring
Assessment Competencies w/ Justification
KNOWLEDGE Understanding the 1. The son who approached his father and ask for his share of the B–
property, in the story “A Forgiving Father”. 1 point
A. Eldest Son
B. Younger Son
C. Middle Son
D. Step Son

2. The calamity that broke out in the land which made the son to A–
work in the pig farm in the story “A Forgiving Father”
A. Famine
B. Flood
C. Typhoon
D. Landslide

1 point

3. The job the younger son wanted to do when he went back to his
father’s house in the story “A Forgiving Father” C–
A. soldier
B. chef
C. servant
D. gardener
1 point
4. The word which means our heartfelt sorrow for sin.
A. satisfaction D–
Understanding the B. confraternity
meaning of Contrition, C. penance
Penance, and D. Contrition
5. The word which means the act of making up or repairing the
damage caused by our sin. C–
A. satisfaction
B. confraternity
C. penance
D. Contrition 1 point

6. The word which means a brotherhood; a community of men or

women gathered together for a religious purpose. B–
A. satisfaction
B. confraternity
C. penance
D. Contrition
Understanding the
Sacrament of Penace 7. The sacrament which emphasizes the whole process of going back 1 point
to God, including contrition, repentance and satisfaction which a C–
penitent enters into both personal and spiritual member of the church.
A. Sacrament of Baptism
B. Sacrament of the Eucharist
C. Sacrament of Penance
D. Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

8. The sacrament that heals in a special way. It also brings Christ’s

compassionate loving healing to bear on those suffering serious
sickness. D–
A. Sacrament of Reconciliation
B. Sacrament of the Eucharist
C. Sacrament of Baptism 1 point
D. Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

9. In the story “The Power to Forgive” what did Jesus give to Peter?
A. Keys to the kingdom of heaven
B. Keys of the God’s treasures in heaven A–
C. Keys of the gate in heaven
D. keys of new life 1 point

10. The people whom the apostles were afraid of, for they might also
crucify them, in the story “The Power to Forgive”
A. Galileans
B. Samaritans
C. Jews 1 point
D. Hebrews

11. The greetings Jesus often used his apostles in the story “The
Power to Forgive”.
A. Shalom! A–
B. Aloha!
C. Greeting of Peace! 1 point
D. Peace be with you!

12. It marks the end of the church’s year or calendar of the Church.
A. Advent
B. Christ the King B–
Understanding the C. Pentecost
liturgical Year D. Christmas

13. It is known as the Calendar of the Church

A. Chinese Calendar
B. Gregorian Calendar C–
C. Liturgical Calendar 1 point
D. Zodiac Sign Calendar
14. It marks the end of the Christmas season
A. Feast of the Epiphany Three Kings
B. Feast of the Christ the King A–
C. Feast of the Lord’s Baptism
D. Feast of the Assumption
1 point
15. It refers to the another name of Jesus which means “God is with
A. Lord B–
B. Emmanuel
Define the word C. Messiah
Emmanuel D. Rabbi 1 point

16. The word which means “with-you-on-the-way”

A. healing
B. viaticum B–
C. absolution
Define the word D. confraternity
17. We have to do several things to restore our physical health, we 1 point
must also take important steps so that we will be healed and become
spiritually healthy again. How can you become spiritually healthy? B–
A. Go to confession because it is compulsory in our school
Understanding the B. Participate actively in the Mass and receive Jesus in the
meaning and Eucharist
importance of the C. Pray every day and sin also every day
Sacrament of D. Eat healthy food. 1 point
Reconciliation 18. Jesus is merciful. He is always waiting for us to approach Him in
the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The following statements are
showing proper approach to Jesus EXCEPT ONE D–
A. I must think that some sins are too light or small that they
need to be confessed
B. I must not think that some sins are too big or grave that God
will never forgive me.
C. I must make a promise not to sin again
D. There is no use of going to confession because I’m just
human and not perfect
1 point
19. In the sacrament of Reconciliation, we are asking for God’s
forgiveness. What should be our best attitude in order to attain God’s
forgiveness? D–
A. “We need not be afraid to sin again and again. We can get 1 point
God’s forgiveness. Anytime."
B. “I will never, never, forgive you as long as I live!”
C. “Afraid! Who me? I’m not afraid to commit sin. I donate to
the church generously
D. “Forgive me, Lord! I will make it up by doing a good deed
every day.”
1 point
20. Jesus reveals the New and Eternal Covenant – the covenant of
love. Jesus fulfils this covenant by liberating us from us sin through D–
his body and blood. How can you fulfil the covenant of love?
A. Making fun of my sickly and frail classmate.
B. Making fun of special children and mimic their behaviour
C. Makes faces every time my teacher reprimands me for doing
Identify the value of mischief 1 point
forgiveness. D. Hear mass every Sunday to show that I am holy

21. God continues to show his mercy and forgiveness through the
sacrament of forgiving sins. Which of the statements below expresses B –
forgiveness and conversion?
A. “You always see everything I do, especially my mistakes.”
B. “Father will love to read this sorry card that I am making”
C. “Okay, I’ll forgive you if you lend me your CD.”
D. “I will just say sorry to my teacher so that she will not 1 point
confiscate my cellphone “

22. How can you say that you have forgiven the person who has hurt
you? The following affirmations express forgiveness EXCEPT ONE. D–
A. It is necessary to forgive because God is forgiveness
B. Forgiveness must be endless
C. Forgiveness should be complete and total
D. Forgiveness can forgive but cannot forget

23. Jesus comes as a healer. The Lord heals a person physically for
the good of his soul. The sacrament of anointing of the sick also
gives a sick person spiritual strength to hope in God. How does A– 1 point
anointing of the sick affect our life and faith EXCEPT ONE?
Understanding the A. The whole man is brought to health
meaning, importance B. It encourages trust in God
and value of the C. It gives strength to resist the temptations of the evil one and
Sacrament of anxiety about death
Anointing D. It gives life everlasting
1 point
24. How will you show that you are true to the word “Go and sin no
more” after confession?
A. Shooting at birds with a slingshot D–
B. Speak vulgar words always
C. Copying answers
D. Pick up piece of papers scattered on the floor 1 point

25. How can we take care of the gift God gives us – the gift of his
Kingdom, the gift of His salvation?
A. Pray if needed B–
B. Stay away from occasion of sin
C. Study the bible and form new religion
D. Put your dirty thoughts into action

26. The King who ordered the killing of all infants below two years 1 point
old during the time of Jesus.
A. King Baltazar D–
B. King Ramey
C. King Pilate
D. King Herod
Identify the leader that
order the killings of 27. Jesus showed compassion towards the sick, we, his followers are
the innocents expected to do the same. How can we show compassion for the sick?
The following statements are showing compassion EXCEPT ONE. D–
A. Pray with them and for them, leading them to lift their
suffering to Jesus.
B. Help those who humbly admit their sins before God and ask
forgiveness for sins committed
C. Accompany them in their suffering by offering words of
comfort and encouragement
D. Provide financial assistance if we have the means to do so
with corresponding interest 1 point
28. Jesus asks each one of us to carry Hi caring and comforting
people who are sick and suffering. How will you show your care for
A. Being impatient to my grandparents, knowing that in their old C–
age they are no longer as strong and as clear minded as they
used to be.
B. Being inconsiderate to a friend who may be suffering because
of physical illness or other kinds of problem.
C. Take over some of the household chores when our house help 1 point
is sick
D. Leaving a sibling who gets hurt

29. Why must we obey the law of God?

A. To show to God that we love Him
B. So that we will not be punished
C. Because they are important A– 1 point
D. Show others that we are good

30. How can you show that you make a good confession? The
following shows good confession EXCEPT ONE.
A. I have a firm purpose not to sin again
B. I will tell only my small sins to the preist B–
C. I will do the penance given to me
D. I will examine my conscience as well 1 point

A BROKEN LAMP. Read the selection.

Today is Jack’ birthday. His parents have given him a soccer ball.
Since his parents were out, he decided to try it out in the living room.
But at the second kick the ball went too high and the ceiling lamp
broke into a hundred pieces.
Jack was afraid and thought, “I was lucky o one saw me.” He hid the
ball in his cabinet and sat down to study. When his parents come
back, they asked, “What happened to the lamp?” “I don’t know” says
Jack, “perhaps the bulb explode with the heat”
1 point
After a few days, Jack felt uneasy. I am a coward. “He thought.
Finally, he decided to be brave and to tell his parents the truth, even
if he was going to be punished.

31. If you are Jack will you do the same? 1 point

A. NO, because for sure mom will get mad at me
B. Yes, because that is what being said in the fifth C–
C. Yes, because I have to tell the truth so that I will not hurt God
D. Yes, because I have to show them I am brave
1 point
32. How will we know Jesus and his teachings in order to follow
A. Listening to radio drama C–
B. Watching cartoon network
C. Attending catechism and Sunday Mass
D. Going to the beach for a vacation 1 point

33. Jesus word is powerful because it is the word of God. How will
you express that you believe in the power of God? Choose one that
A. Invoke the Holy Spirit in everything that I do
B. Resist temptation every day of my life 1 point
C. Hear mass faithfully
D. Learn the secrets of magic and apply in my life

34-36. How can you bring healing in the given situations?

34. You overhear your mother and older brother arguing loudly. Your
brother threatens to leave home if he doesn’t get his way. What will 1 point
you do? C–
A. I will tell my brother don’t mind mother, she will just calm
B. I will tell my mom, punish him because he is bad
C. I will talk to my brother that he should obey our parents
D. I will talk to mom, and say its ok if brother will leave the
house because that will lessen the problem 1 point
35. Your classmate Denise has a friend who is not rich as your other
classmate. One day, you see some of your friends ignoring Denise
and laughing about her behind her back. How will you respond? C–
A. “I will just let them do it”
B. “ It’s not my concern because my life is ok.” 1 point
C. “I will talk to my friends and make them understand that we
should treat each other equally”
D. ” I will tell them to stop it or else I will shout at them”

36. Some grade 5 students are making fun of Mang Ruben, the
handicapped janitor who is always nice and friendly to you. Mang 1 point
Ruben still smiles even though the students tease him and litter all D–
over the hall.
A. “I will join them because it’s fun”
B. “I will look at Mang Ruben and smile because he is smiling at
C. “I will report them to the police”
D. “I will help Mang Ruben and report my schoolmates to the 1 point
teacher or principal

37. The healing episodes in the Gospel of John showed two important
attributes of God: God is powerful and God is merciful. The
following story show that God is powerful and merciful EXCEPT C–
ONE 1 point
Identify the mercy A. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead
and power of Jesus B. Jesus makes the deaf hear
shown in his miracles C. Jesus resurrected from the dead
D. Jesus died on the cross for the Israelites

38. How will you show that you are sincere in asking forgiveness?
A. Returned lost things which I find to their rightful owners
B. Replaced the things which I have destroyed or dishonesty B–
C. Spend my time, money, clothes and school items excessively
D. Responsible in fulfilling’s my home chores and school task
39. This refers to the Church season of four weeks before the coming
of our savior, Jesus Christ
A. Christmas B– 1 point
B. Advent
Know and understand C. Lent
the meaning of D. Ordinary Time
Liturgical season
40. The place where the friends of Jesus, Mary, Martha and Lazarus
live, in the story “Jesus shows the Power of God”
A. Jerusalem D-
B. Samaria
C. Jericho
D. Bethany

Levels of Learning Correct Answer

Test Item Scoring
Assessment Competencies w/ Justification
1. To know and 1. You have learned in your CLE 5 the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 10 pts.
Appreciate the Through this sacrament, how will you prepare yourself to be worthy Answers may vary
importance off the in receiving Jesus in the Holy Communion?
Sacrament of

2.Create a comic strip 2. A woman in a critical condition receives Sacrament of Anointing

explaining in the of the Sick. After receiving the sacrament she was not healed
dialogue the e physically. If you are in the situation what will be you do? How can
importance of the you tell the real healing happens to you after receiving the Sacrament
Sacrament of the of the Anointing of the Sick? Make 6 boxes comic strip with a
Anointing of the Sick dialogue. Use your coloring materials and be creative.
10 pts.

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