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Boeseii Exhibition

Inspires Comment
The person who has been most
outstanding at GSCW recen<(ly is'
Dr. Paul J. Boe- Nov. 7. 1945
Georgia State College for Women, Milledgeville, Ga. Vol. XXI. No. 3.
sen, Associate
Professor of Lat-
in. The entire
campus is view-
Seniors Hold Broadway Hit
ing and com-
menting on Dr.
Boesen's display
Annuai Dance Presented Here
To the Hheme music of "Moon- College Theatre presents (jhe
of photographs in
light and Roses," the Seniors and Broadway hit, Junior Miss, on
the gallery of
their da.'.>^s danced through tfieir November %h and 8th, at 8':30
tie Pine Arts
"party of the year." o'clock in Russell Auditorium.
building, and the
On November 30 in '-he College Junior Miss is a frolicsomd
exhibition has received mention
comedy which deals with the
in newspapers throughout the Gym, the seniors, their dai-|es,'
and about 30 faculty members •.trials and tribulations of plump,
lovable Judy Graves, a typical
Dr. Boesen studied Latin all attended. FoUlowing '(h^ general thirteen-year-old, whose prob-
Crdghton Universi'>>y, Peabody, theme, "Moonligh/i and Roses^' lems land pranks are shared by
and Vanderbilt, where he receiv- the gym was decorated to repre- her miscliievous li.ttle friend,
ed his Ph.D.; but his in'.terest in sent an old colonial plantation, Fufl'y Adams.
photography began in World War the bandstand was built like 'the
Lois, the sophisticated sister of
I when he bought a small $2.00 porch of an old Colonial home,,
sixlleen, with numerous and va.
camera that came complelle with (he ceiling was draped with moss
ried boyfriends, is not h sympa-
film. His first picture was a snap and red roses, the stately arch-
thy with '^jhe troubles of Judy—
shot of his home. I!t was eight way, under which the. lead-out
an opinion shared by their par-
years ago, two years after he was held was also draped in moss
en.'s, Gnace and Harry. The plot
came tb QSCW, that Dr. Boesen and roses.
centers around the ecapades of
decided to take his hobby seri- The music was provided by
Judy, involving her long lost Un-
ously. Using books from the col- the Robins Field Orchestra. Ser-
cle Willis, who returns after an
lege library and small cameras, vice men from Dublin Naval
absence of dlen years.
he si'tudied and practiced. He has Base, Cochran Field, Camp Gor-
experimented with printing ''.tech- don and Robin's Field were in- GSOW girls, who have been
named members of the casit are:
niques; Iftie use of various screens viled. V
Rachel MtfCreai^Junior Miss
an'd infra red film, and has used Lucille Finney had charge of
Marian- Barber—Josephine
a Fothy Derby camera, a 4x5 the whole affair. Iris Young
Virginia Bradford — Fuffy
a Fothy Derby camera, a 4x6 was chairman of the committees.
Corona View Camera, and a 3 1-4 The committees for the dance and
by 4 1-4 speed Graflex. their chairmen were: RefreShL
Although he is a native of Iowa ments, _ Jo Bell;
Bowers, Nineteen Year Oid Pianist,
Barbara Harrison—Ellen Curtia
Pa!;f Ingle—Grace Graves
Ann Mainor—Hilda
Dr. Boesen says he wen') into Jeanne Culpepper and "Tee"
photography, "because I hate to Roughten; Lead-out, Lucia Bone To Appear In Concert November 14 Joyce Edmonds—Lois
Mr. P. J. Farr of the Navial'
see so much mai'Isrial going to and Gloria Hamilton; Invitation, Jonathan Bowers, nineteen year old concert pianist, from Ordnance Depot, will portray J.
waste around here.'' He has Gerielle Brewer and Mary Stubbs;
CbytcDrf Georgia, will play here Novlmber 14th before be-^ B. Curtis; Mr. Jimmy Salter, for-
photographed students arcKitec- Clean-up, Elizabeth King; Dates,
ginning a concert tour on the 151h. merly in the U.' S. Navy, and a
ture, and servants at GSCW. Frances Withrow.
Bowers has studied under Mo- hero of the famous "Wasp," and
riz Rosenthal, the only living pu- now employed at llhe A&P Store,
Annual Barn pil of Lisz\ and his Town Hlall will play Willis Reynolds; Mr. E.
Catherine Lutlier Elected debut in New Yorlc City) Oc'lober B. Sammons, manager of Walter
Dance Kov. 10 23, l£U3, received many favora- Thomas, Jewelers, will play Harry
bl3 commen'(3 from New Yorlc'? Graves; Gene Farmer, of the Air
To Preside Over Freshmen The college gymnasium will be leading critics.
transformed into a general store
Corps, will appear las Tommy
Marian Bauer of Musical Lead- Avbuckle; Bill Noah will play 'l|he
Catherine Lutlier and' Virginia on Saturday evening, November er Magazine, wrote, "The young role of Henry.
Aiken have been eleol'ed presir al]-round of Jesup HigK, was 10, when the Foll^ Club sponsors G.M.C. Cadets appearing in
dent and vice-president of the .prjsident of the Senior Class, the Annual Barn Dance. boy seemed thoroughly al) home,
playing with sparkling technique, the cast are:
Foeshman Clas of 1945-46, as a edvlior of the school paper, and Everyone will come dressed in Dan Ma'!|thews—Burlow Adams
result; of the eltction and runov- a member of the Inernational eitner blue jeans or gingham colorful Hone and feeling, and his Lynn' Huffman—Albert Kunody
ers hels Wednesday and Friday Quill and Scroll Society. Virginia dresses. A refreshment booth, pearly scale, fluent arpeggio, li- Bill Flake—Merrill Feurback
qui'l finger technique were all to
Ailitn is from Vienna, Ga.,where at which can "be obtained dough- Eugene Stone—Haskell Cum-
iihe good."
she alltended Vienna High, and nuts land sweet apple cider, will mings"
was a member of the Beta Club. be sat up in the little gymnasium. For his appearance here, Mr.
Bowers has chosen the following George Echols—Western Union
Jean Bessent, an alumna of The program for the evening program: Boy
Warwick High, was valedictorian will include specialty numbers. !•
Cadet Sitraub—Sterling Brown
of ;(he senior class. Mary JIane Dwight Humphries and Billy French Suite No. 5 in G Major—
Sumner, from Sylvester, was sal- Schweitzer, two hillbilly perform- B('ach
High. rs from Augusta, will entertain
utatorian of Sylvesller
Claryce SutHon js from Bruns- wiiih the guitar and accordion.
wick, where she was a graduate Mose Willon, chief coolc in the
Aviation Course
of Glynn Academy. She was Tea Room, will present a tap
president of llhe Senior Class and dcince. A novelty song, "Chioe,"
a D.A.R. Citizenship Award will biti rendered by several of the
Bauree Open To Students
Loure GSCW is unique in being one
winner. Bellty Metthtws is from students. Gigue of the few colleges in the South
Wrens, where she attended Wrens It is hoped that a hjllbilly band to offer flying lessons to its stu-
High School. may be secured to provide music Sonata in B ' Minor—Liszit den^^te.
or the dancing. in. Many of -the girls have already
Betty O'Neil, president of Folic March—ProkofiefE
Granddaughters Club Club, is general chairman of the
taken trial flights and o'.ftiers are
Sui!le Pour le Piano, Prelude- to take 'tlhem, pending permission
Invites New Members dance, and other committee chair- Debussy from their parents.
Anyone who wishes to become nan include: IV. A teni',|ative list of girls who
CATHERINE LUTHER a'member of the Granddaughters Publicity, Carlene Brisendine; Scherzo No. 2 B Flat Minor— plan to take flying lessons in-
of last week. Other officers Clulb, .and has riot yet been signed etreshmenits, Angella Stone; Cl.'opin cludes: Frances Hicks, Doris
chosen for the year are: secre- up,' is',cordially invited to do so. lecoirations, Merle Chason and Helton, Tommde Walls, Melba
tory, Jean Bessenli; treasurer, iViargaret Marchman; mimeo- Shelnutl'l, Mary Elizabeth Brant-
The next meeting will be held graphing, Dot Thompson. Miss
Mary Jane Sumner;. Representa-
tive '.to Student Council, Claryce
Sutton; and Representailliye to
on Thursday evening, November Alethea Whitney is sponsor for
B, at 6:15 in the Alumnae office. the Folk Club, and Claire Morris BOOK WEEK ley, Frances Lawson, and Marie
Instruction will be given at '''Ihe
Judiciary. , ,. . .The only refluirement for mem- is' pianist, . '
Caitlherine Luther is from Jes- bership is that a girl's mother or • The Barn Dance will be held
up, GQ. • She ••was chosen •best-" grandmother has attended GSCW. from 7:30 until 9':30.' •' '"
Nov» 11-11 Milledgeville Airport. One course
credit will be given'Ito each girl
who secures her^ private licehse.
The World Bowen's "Yankee From Olympus" Dr. wynn, Super-Sleuth, Colleds Old iTImeWas... THE COLONNADE

The COLONNADE This Week Depids Story Of Oliver W. Holmes Books, Cards, Canes, Quotations
Time was when—in 1*937—
in some classes and other inlier-
Member of Associated Collegiate Press Chhinese communists charge
The roots of a giant oak reaches deep into the soil, a n d the
"Keyhole Ki-Vy" of the Colonnade
staff, was rejoicing over mope Rule To Speak At ested groulps.
•lie United States with interven- You didn't know 'we h a d a "Crime Doctor" on campus, did keyholes to snoop around in the He will be a guest in the home
Published every other week during the school year except
during holidays and examination periods by the students
tion in their war against Chun- roots of a great m a n lie firmly embedded in the years. By the
king government. They say Am- standards with which w e generally measure greatness, Jusiic©
you? He's a personal friend of J. Edgar Hooytr, and h a s been
collecting crime statistics for m a n y years—ever since h e began
new Beeson dormi':tory. One night
a few of the present s'taff thumb-
Current Affairs of Rev. and Mrs. John S. Mc-
Mullen during his stay here, and
erican arms are being used Oliver Wendell Holmes was a great man. ed through'some of '(he torn,' yel- Dr. WiUiam Rule, Medical the Wesbninster Fellowship , js
of the Georgia State College for Women, MilledgeviUe, reading detective stories, in fact. This is strictly off the record,
againsit them—a charge which low—well, a deep cream—pages Missionary to Africa, will be on planning a dinner in his honor.
Georgia. Subscription price, $1.00 per year. Entered as His roo.b were strong, made up but he a n d his wife have done a bit of aclaial and successful
Chunking denies. of our pviblication as it was our campus for <two days soon,
second class mail matter, October 30, 1928, in the post of solid ipeople; his Calvinist was always an adventure. sleuthing themselves. under spnsorship, of the Presby-
grandfather, Abid Holmes, who He spoke from a vast source when most of us were just begin-
oMce, MilledgevfJe, Ga., under the Act of March 3. 1873. Anotlier strilce is tying up bus loved challenge looked as if he of knowledge and his words were ning ladolescence. terians.
transportation, throughout Ihe loved it; .Ihe remarkable women words of wisdom, full of faith for the gjrls llo write them and
We chose part of one we Dr. Rule was born in Knox-
middle and northeastern Usited who were his grandmothers, and and hope. he'll compile and publish them.
Editorial Staff States. Dr. Wynn, a native of Henry thoughit of interest.
vil.'.e, Tenn. and attended pub-
great-grandmoiiher Holmes, who .."Yankee From Olympus" is an lic schools there, AJ "Davison
June Jones Morgan Editor-in-Chief Coun'iy, Ga., received his AB "LAUREL LAKE TAKES PLACE
Betty Bartlett Associate Editor took her "llablet to church on Sun- effort to bring Jusliice Oliver OF LAKE BLANK" College he was active in the cam-
The prosecution of war crimi- day morninngs back in 1686,"~and Wendell Holmes but of legal lierms degree at Emory University. He
Nell Daniel Managing Editor has studied all the University of "Lake Blank was duly named pus life, was a member of the
nals continues in Gtrmany. The "wrote :af fer" the minister so she into human terms. Miss Bowen SlUdenit "Volunteer Group, " and
Catherine Leathers , .News Editor commission will be ready by No- could bring his sermon? home to has succeeded admirably in pre- ] Tennessee, University of Chicago, 'and christened Laurel Lake by
voluntered for service on the
Helen Matthews Feature Editor i^ember 22 to try another large discuss with family and friends. seniing a real-life picture of Columbia and Peabody College. the s^Hidents and a committee of
foreign field during his junior
group of war criminals. Gradu- He came to Milledgeville from faculty and students Friday morn,
Jo Shivers A.rt Editor Holmes with his failings as well year. He took his medical train-
ally the list to be tried is growing Of all (he entertaining people as his greatness, it is said •'.Ihe ;the Slate Teachers College at ing. The S!i\udem;s chose Dake
ing all the University of Penn-
Dorothy Mainor Exchange Editor shorter, who were the background for Holmes men did not stand sltill, I Murfreesboro. Here he was Dean Wells almosy unanimously, but Dr.
Martha Giles ' Typist Justice Holmes, his father, Oliver, they grew. From the roolfe of the of the College of Arts and Sci- Wells called a halt and sljlaunch sylvania Medical School, served
Editorial Assistants: Joyce Arrington, Betty Benning, Ellen Shoe rationing has ended. Last Sr. is one of Uhe most engaging. pa.st, Wendell Holmes' life springs ences from 1927 Ito 1933, and Sub- ly refused to let (things be named ^'^ internship at Bryn Mawr Hos-
Guin, Mildred, Johnson, Betty Jones, Edith Lewis, Mary week taie OPA annouced ~ that This flve-foot-five professor" of a monument in our coun^-try's his- director of the Division of Gen. for him while he is yet inhabiting ^j^^^ ^^^ s^^^^^ o^e year as res-
coupons would no longer be re- anatomy is known to lliousands tory of great men. era! Extension from 1935 to 1944. the earth. The second Choice of iden.i surgeon at the Pennsylvania
Cobb, Helen Matthews, Mary' Patricia Ridley, Gwendo- Slate Hospital.
I required of .a purchaser of shoits. as the "Aultocrat of the Break- His iiravels have taken him ite students and of the committee
lyn Ritch, Betty Rivers, Margaret Stovall, Dawn Sykes. thrugh all the Southern Stailles, was Lake Laurel. In 1940, Dr. Rule wenll to the
Sugar ra'fioning continues. fa.'t-Table." Born in Massachu-
Dr. James C. Bonner Faculty Advisor Mexico, Cuba, Waly, France,
set'fe in the same year as Abra- "The situdents indicated their Belgian Congo. His work on
Germany, and Switzerland. How- DR. WM. C. RULE
ham Lincoln was born among the choices ©bout the name of the the field h-as been outstanding.

Jamie Bagvr.-ii
Business Staff ,
Business Manager 'Oscar' Disrupts
new set'flers beyond the western'
ridge, he grew up in a period of
Bills In Congress ever, fortunately, for the Jessies,
he has always rellurned to GSC
Lnke during chapel period Fri- He is one of several young mis- Dr. Rule possesses much valua-
days. The names submilfted in- sionaries being sen:i out at pres- ble land interesting information
our country Ijhat was both alive cluded Lake Bonita, Lake Re- ent by the Foreign Mission Board about the "dark" continent. Sign
Virginia Cox
Ann E. Davis
Assistant Business Manager
Circulation Manager Calm Of Terrell C and vigorous. For Air Academies This unusual hobby can be ad-
, ded to all those o'ter varied in-
treat, T^e Pines, Lake Gasi'.fcico- of ';ihe Presbyterian church to up in the "Y" apartment, and
wa, Lakt Wellindew, Lake Hia» I visit various college campuses. bring your own questions with
Realizing the impor'lace of the One of the many incentives to THE MOST HONORED
Business Assistants: Ivee G. Adams, Peggy Ball, Dorothy (orests and to a long list of de- watha, and Iftie Clayhoue. He comes to us from Agnes Scotit
By BETTY EIDSON elements "brpughC^ togehter ^ youths ito pursue the study of
Cooper, ^Martha Ann Dunn, Clara Mae Hall, Catherine grees and honors htat follow Dr. W A T C H O N THE j College, and upon leaving Mil- you on Thursdiay night.
Since 'Mondaiy night our dormi. make Justice Holmes, Miss Math- "Although the lake has been ledgeville, he will go to the Uni-
aviaition education h^as been William T, Wynn's name in sev-
Luther, Audrey Mobley. ^(ory has been definitely typed as er! ne Bowen, author of Yankee
torough;^ about by the strong pos- eral different volumes of "Who's CAMPUS called .'<he Lake for a long time versity of Alabama at
The Current Affairs group nad
Tusca- as its speaker on November 1, Dr.
haunted. Yes, Terrell C can now From Olympus, devo'tes the en- now, it will be a major tragedy loosa.
sibility of the establishment of Who." A member of .fne GSCW Morgan. His timely topic was
boast of a ghost. Oscar, we tire first part of her book to his if the new name doesn''! stick.
A Problem Of Progress have named him, seems (to have ances":(ry.
iUniited fiitaftes Military and Na-
val air acdemies. Two bills call-
English Department since 1925,
Dr. Wynn is well known as an Laurel Lake is not an ordinary While here he will speak in "Russia: Aggrssive or Coopera-

picked the oddst times i\o appear. When the reader is at first in- in? for their erection have lal- place, and it would be a gross in- chapel, November 9th, also talk
educator, lecturer, and au'!ihor in
The education situation in the State of Georgia is one Oscar is nodt a docile sort of per- (roduced to Oliver Wendell j us rice to the" place to call it by
England and America.
which is of utmost importance and interest to most df son. He has been called down' Holmes, Jr., Iftiere is no sudden ready been introduced in Con- an ordinary name, like the Lake."
the girls who' attend GSCW, a n d especially to 'tho'se who many times about his • antics,-"BtT.! realization tliat here is a person gress. The PchooLs would be Among his other unique pas„ I
What say you, Jessie; do you
he proceeds merrily on his way. who will command his love and patl(;rned affer Arinanolis and times are coUeeing walking
are planning to teach in Georgia schools.
M. D. Collins* sate superintendent of schools, h a s stated
Evidenifly, h© has a naive and resped'l. But as the pages of Wpt Point, with er?dua'tes re-
yet impious type of humor, con- Holmes' life unlolds there is no ceiving officers ratings.
canes, place cards, definilfions of ,
^education,' and old books. He j
IHE WORID'S MOST HONORED WATCH agree with •iftieir choice?
that $12,000,000 is needed to pay teacher's salaries a n d to siding mainly ,of slamming doors question of his remarkable per- has seventeen walking canes, i
Any siipposition 'fhat only a which represent travel and vari- | WINNER OF 10 THURSDAY AND FRIDAY
help local communities in building and improvement pro- <\o the dismay of his victims. So sonality iftiat thrills you because few persons—youngsters or adults
fous bits of experitnce in Europe,
grams. He velieves that the unwillingness of teachers to far he has proveked no such Sis- jf its forcefulness, sincerity and —are aualifiitd to learn 'b fly
astrous occurance as causing a en'(husiasm.
"Mexico, and America, He has WORLD'S FAIR See That New Stock
accept positions in smaller towns in Georgia is due to lack <vere dispelled by recent experi- been saving his place cards for a
c l teaching facilities. He also things that m a n y people
scream, but, we'must admit, he To Wendell Holmes, learning ' "^^^'^^ GRAND PRIZES, of Stationery at
period of over 26 years. He has
has almost caused a few nervous PICTURE
who might teach are unwilling to do so because of a low hundreds of definitions of educa. 2 8 GOLD MEDALS
breakdowns. '
salary scale in the teaching profession. We fear that nles Oscar mends
tion and his library, one of 1(he
laigest private one in Ijhe coun-
The situation in colleges and universities is apparent- his ways there will be a grievous
ly not as drastic a s that of elementary a n d secondary occurance, -It is amentable, but
try, contains over 4,000 books. FOR ACCURACY THAN STORE
His specia]|''(y is old English
schools. However, Dr. Goodrich White of Emory Univer- true, that few of the inhabitants Grammars, and he has one which ANY OTHER TIMEPIECE
of Terrell c oare to be awakened was used by an English studtn''i
sity, asserts that a great outlay of money is necessary now
at one in tht morning by slam, in 1820. .Many of his books were 1 SATURDAY—TWO FEATURES
to insure Georgia's future educational status. ming doors and the sound of a' loiaoi locaoi
autographed and personally pre-
Let u s hope that when the general assembly meets in- pencil scrai'chng a ipaper with no sen^led to him by the authors.
January, steps will b e taken which will make for the better- Sign of the writer.
ment cf Georgia's educational program. This is a problem Osdar make his real debut .'have been t^ublished, include two
which demands atlention. It is a problem which has too Monday night. Before then' we i ^'grammars, a .Southern Litera-^ture,
long been neglected. had had some inkling of a ghost,
but no proof. We sometimes
a Georg'a Literaljre, and a GSCW
^Book of Verse. He edited the

wonder tht circumstances which *'las'( named in 1934, and intends I OEROl — - n o B a o i I

The Best Investment caused him to become a wander-

ing ghost, but mostly Q wonder
to do another this year. He says

It is the little thing which counts. The small gesture, how to removt Oscar from the
premises of Terrell C. NOW OPEN AND EEADY TO SERVE
the. unobtrusive act of kindness, the houghtful considera- NE W •W A Y —AND—
i^i9n of others these a r e the things which come under ROY ROGERS in
We Specialize in ALL YOU "lESSIES"
the heading of courtesy. Five Girls Named It
Courtesy h a s been observed on the GSCW campus
To Honor Group Dying and Dry
more lately than usual. There are still a few spots on the FREE TO THE FIRST 500 GIRLS!
campus, though, where a little consideration, for the oiiher
Five students have been named Cleaning A BEAUTIFUL 8x10 PHOTO OF
to Phoenix honorary scholastic
fellow would help to ease a difficult situation. fraternity, in elections for the H. A. Snyder, Mgr. VANOHNSON
For instance, chapel is.still not as quiet as it should be. fall quar.ler. Those students are
Hard a s it might be for some people to sit still for half an Janet Fowler, Gloria Hamilton,
hour, most of the noise in chapel is entirely unnecessary. Beatrice McCormack, Elizabeth
Shreve and Mary Siiubbs.
In the post office, too, courtesy would htlp keep the door-
Virginia Bnozel and M|arirjj!i For Service That's For Those Late Sunday Morning
w a y s clear and uncongested. An observance of the sug-
Bessent had been named jn the
gestions made b y 'the president of the student b o d y last
elections of spring, 1945.
^Always Dependable Breakfasts—Come by
week would surely reduce that mountainous problem to a Phoenix faculty commi'ltee for
molehill. ; • 1945-46 includes: Miss Dolores
Artaois, Dr. Clyde Keeler, Dr. ® ESQUim, INC., UI4S
Count On
Asidt from these few discrepancies; GSCW is doing re-
markably well in its courtesy progrcw^. Lets try to makie Manchester, Dr. Stokes, Dr. Hoy'
Taylor, Dr. Rosa Lee WalVton,
Reprinted txom the July iiiu* «( Biquire
**Utive you been waitmn !' E. E. BELL'S Sam's Southern Kikhen
it perfect. j
-nd Dr. William Wynn.

THE COLONNADE Burton Presides Over
Fellowship Begins H'est-cepas
The . Colonnade plans to give

What'cha Know Rec Calendar

Jackie Burlon has been chosen
president of the Clara W. Hass- Hew Programyou in this column {(he pronunci-, ^
ation (d the names of aulfiors,
look Home Economics Club for Miss Virginia Hood, Program writers, actors, artists, musicians,
As a result of the tryou'lfc held the year. Chairman of the Westminster and teachers, in addition lio every
At the "Y" meeting Monday
since the beginning of the ilfhe Other officers selected are: Fellowship Council, announced a day words. For example:
Hi3Lih!;i, the question, "Do you think
term, the following girls have Catherine Bi'^ick, first vice-pres- new program idea for ihe Fall The name of the ice-sfcatfing
the United States should have
been elected into the skill clubs, ident; Evelyn Warren, second Retreat of '<he Fellowship, which movie star, Sonja Henie, ryhmes
compulsory miliiiury training "
sponsored by the Rec: vice- president; Betty SC^apleton, is being carried out now wi'lfti with ;a favori'.ls children's story,
was discussed. Jessies' opin-
Penguin Club: third vice-president, Mary Halli- increasing interest on lihe part Henny Penny, and the novelist.
ions vary, and here's proof.
Jane Clark, Betty CuUen, Ma- day, secretory; Bunnie Brown, of the students. Miss W»lla Cather should be call-
Anne Tippins, Sop^.:
rise Basset'.i and Norma Dennis. treasurer; Ann Pittard, publicity The Prtsbyterians have been ed so as to rhyme with lather...
I think vi^e should because we
can never tell what is going to Foils Club: chairman; Camilla Nelms, social divided into 'llwo groups, each If you have %o boys friends
happen I would ha'lle to see Lazelle Chronister, " Rebecca chairman- Miss Roasline ivey is g'*oup selecting their own leader, who graduated from Georgia
my man gone for a whole year, Dye, and Hazel Middletown. fcvcul'ly sponsor. and 'llhe leaders chosen were Tech,' you would call them alum-
though. Tumbling Club; A new cluib division of interest Misses Gussie Fraser and Ruby ni; lum as in Lum and Abner and
Joyce Edmunds, Junior: Joanne Kemp, Marilyn Watt, groups lias been organized into Simpson, The program idea, ni as in night. One boy friend
No mai[|ter how many atomic Elearfbr S(ewart, Hallie Cook, four fields. Faculty advisors which began October 14th, will would be-an alumnuS; as in fuss.
bombs or rocket ships a country Ernestine Harrison, Margaret have been selec'fed to aid each continue unMl the Christmas hol- When reading Hendrik Van
has, the fooi^ soldier will have his Living^ban, Wynelle Watkins, group with its^ipprogram. They idays. Loon's books, remember 'ftiat
job to do. I am in favor of Eleanor Kennington, Agnes Moye, are: personality and grooming. Miss Fraser is in charge of the Loon is pronounced loan; Van like
compulsory military Itraining. Adele Rogers, Es'.telle Elliott, Miss Bonnie Dale Sansom; fields programs a;t 'the present, and af- Van Johnson.
Gen<eva Causby, Junior: Norma Dennis, Sue Waldrop, Ann of home economics, Miss Clara ter four Sundays she will be suc- What do you call your Alma
It is hard for me to rnake ijp Malcom, Carolyn Brewton, W. Hasslock; handicraft, Miss ceeded by Miss Simpson. Each Mater? She should be called^
my mind. If '.<he program could Grayce Kennimer, Ssra Tate, Bet- Rosaline Ivey; die'tetics, Mrs. of the <\wo leaders, virith the help Alma like the name of your girl
be worked out so that boys would ty Jones, Harriet Wille'.it, Harriet Linwood Smith. of Miss Hood, and the Student friend and Mater should rhyme-^
not have to leave school, I am Ha-len, Jean Kleber, and Irfca Secrotiary, carefully plan the pro- wi'.iii later. Thus you speak of it,
W'all. Remember, in order for s'.|u- grams, using vital topics and as bu'i' when you sing the Alma Mater
for it. The R.O.T.C. program
Tennis Club: dents to receive credit* for Rec
could be expanded to include all
'Martha Kelly, Jo Shivers, Betty Acljlviity Points, these points must wide a range of girls as possi- the A's become broad and al is
high schools. ble. as malt» and in Mater, \he ma
Mai!tthews, Mildred Cann, Margar- turned in by Friday of the week
"Coxie" Davis, Senior: These programs are held each becomes like marsh.
et Cox, Skeets Bunford,and Vir- in which they are earned. The
Compulsory mili'iary training Sunday evening a'.i the Presby-
•^inia Ailcen. sheet on which the report is made
would defeat 'the purpose of terian C;hurch at 6:30. The group
peace and 'jhe world charter, mus* be signed by one of the per-
The following is a schedule of not giviing lihe programs for the
therefore, I do not approve of the the meetings of ^(he Rec Boar"Es sons whose name appears on the month wiU be entepilained by \h.e
plan. '^? Skill Cluibs: Rec Bulletin Board on tlie firsU
other group sometime during
Gloria, Helton, Soph: Penguin Club: Monday, 7:00
floor of the gymnasium.
llhe month at a social or supper CLEANERS
I am all for it! Folk Club: Tuesday, 6:15 at the church. —NONE BETTER-
IDot Thompson, Junior: Modern Dance Club: Tuesday, The group having the larger TWO DAY SERVICE ON
:From ,a physical standpoint, the
plim is a good one faoll is, 1 I Tumbling Club: Thursday, 7:00 s.aizzo number of poin'te by t^e €n3' of
two months will be enter'.lained

think '.(here should be la Univer- Tennis Club: Tuesday, 4:15 at s Chris'lmias-Supper

sal Physical Fitness Program, so Executive Board: Wednesday,
that "(he women of tomorrow will 4:15 aoiAHSs snoaxHnoo am
he prepared as well as the men
General Board: First Wednes- aOOi ONIIdNai A0IN3
•of tomorrow. 5
day," 6:15
Betty Daubs, Senior: jeoiioji s,iuapn»s
If the United Sta'tes can work
the plan m with high school
Flay Nighi;(: 'Saturday, 7:30
According to Agnes Moye, vol-
or college training, I am in favor ley ball manager, class tourna-
of it. I do not 'tiink a person ments in i',(his intramural will be-
should be made to leave school gin on Thursday, November 8,
during peace "lime for military and the finals will be played off [fs Nearer- Where You Go V/hen You Want
training.- the final
It's Better—
—It's Cheaper the Best
Go To Whether It's
PIGGLY - WIGGLY Donuts - Coolcies - Calces - Pies
1IIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIMIMIMI iiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiimrm


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