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Top 10 Reasons to Move from

AutoCAD to Autodesk Inventor 2008

® ® ™

Add the Power of 3D

1. DWG™ TrueConnect
Take advantage of the industry’s most DWG-compatible 3D design
with the Company software and stay ahead of the competition by adding the power of
3D with the company that brought you 2D. Only Inventor provides
That Brought You 2D direct read and write of DWG files without translators while
maintaining full associativity to the 3D design data.
Autodesk® Inventor™
software products are the Inventor drawings saved as DWG files provide view, plot, and
best choice for AutoCAD ® measure capability with exceptional visual fidelity for improved
software users who want to sharing of manufacturing information. Save valuable time opening
AutoCAD designs in Inventor. DWG TrueConnect enables users to
add the power of 3D without
combine views generated from 3D part and assembly designs with
compromising investments in
AutoCAD data, such as schematics and plant layouts, and update
2D design data and AutoCAD old 2D drawings by inserting views of new 3D designs to reduce the
technical expertise. The cost of upgrading existing equipment.
Autodesk Inventor product
line provides a comprehensive
and integrated set of design 2. Functional Design
With Inventor Software, engineers can focus on the functional
tools for 3D design and
requirements of a design before committing to creating the model
documentation, creating geometry that supports the design intent. Inventor software
routed systems, and validating captures the functional requirements of a design to drive the
designs. As the creators of creation of 3D models, enabling engineers to build parts and
AutoCAD software, Autodesk assemblies based on real-world design input, such as load, speed,
understands the design or power. With a workflow driven by functional design, engineers
process and created Inventor can rapidly build digital prototypes that validate design functions
and catch errors before they reach the manufacturing floor. The
to make the process of adding
result: accelerated design cycles and higher-quality designs.
3D as easy as possible.

Only Inventor lets users read

and write native DWG™ files 3. Automatic Drawing Views
Dramatically reduce drafting time by automatically creating
without translators, giving
AutoCAD users the freedom front, side, ISO, detail, section, and auxiliary views of parts
and assemblies from the model. Quickly annotate drawings
to easily share and reuse both
by retrieving the dimension information directly from the
AutoCAD DWG files and design. Generate item numbers and part lists automatically,
3D design data with other and complete the drawing using a robust set of dimension,
Autodesk® manufacturing annotation, and 2D symbols with full support for technical
applications and their users. drawing standards, including ANSI, BSI, DIN, GB, GOST, ISO,
It even includes powerful and JIS.
data management software
and AutoCAD® Mechanical
software so designers always
4. Automatic Drawing Updates
Change it once, change it everywhere. Inventor associates
have the latest version of
drawing views to the original components so a change made
AutoCAD. to any part or assembly is automatically reflected in all
associated drawing sheets. For example, with the intuitive 3D
Create better products,
grips functionality designers can quickly make changes to a
manage the design process, model, and all related drawing views update automatically.
and share data with the
extended design team with
Autodesk Inventor.
5. Digital Prototyping
Building physical prototypes is expensive and time consuming.
By creating a 3D model with Inventor, designers can create and
test a complete virtual prototype, helping to ensure that all parts
The best choice for fit correctly before committing to manufacturing. Inventor also
AutoCAD users. includes tools to detect interference and other design errors,
reducing or eliminating the need for physical prototypes while
delivering better products at a reduced cost.
6. Bill of Materials
Create automated and associative part lists and BOMs that are
specifically developed for manufacturing and that automatically
update as the design changes. Included is support for multiple parts
lists per drawing, collapsible assemblies, automatic recognition of
standard parts, and customizable options so features can be revised
to match current company practices. Change a design once and
updates ripple through the entire drawing to keep everyone on
schedule, reducing costly stops in production from incorrect part
counting, identification, and ordering. Export or link BOM data
to manufacturing resource planning (MRP), enterprise resource
planning (ERP), or data management systems such as Autodesk®
Productstream® software.

7. Technical Documentation
With drawing views users can quickly create assembly drawings
and exploded assembly views for use in training manuals and
manufacturing instructions. In the Inventor presentation
environment designers can easily create compelling animated
sequences for use in training videos, assembly instructions, and
sales presentations, helping them visually communicate their
design intent.

8. Pipe and Cable Routing

Autodesk® Inventor™ Professional software provides the power
to quickly and accurately add routed systems, tube and pipe runs,
or cables and wiring harnesses to 3D designs. Routed designs
automatically comply with user-defined design rules to reduce
errors and save time. And just as with all Inventor files, the
assembly drawings automatically update whenever the routing
model is modified.

9. Stress Analysis and Simulation

Create better quality parts and avoid field failures by using the
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) functionality in Autodesk Inventor
Professional to determine the stresses and deflections under load.
Use FEA to optimize part strength and reduce material costs without
compromising performance. 

The Dynamic Simulation functionality in Autodesk Inventor

Professional extends the benefit of your digital prototype enabling
you to predict the forces and accelerations experienced by each part
in the assembly under real world conditions with time-varying loads,
friction characteristics and dynamic components such as springs
and dampers.

10. State-of-the-Art Rendering

Autodesk® Inventor™ Studio provides state-of-art rendering
and animation tools within the Inventor design environment.
Use Inventor Studio to quickly and easily create high-quality
photorealistic renderings and animations that improve
communication with customers and other decision makers.

Now Is the Time

Now is the time to take a look at Autodesk Inventor software
and add the power of 3D at your own pace with the most trusted
resource for leveraging and safeguarding your DWG data. Inventor
is not only the leader in bringing innovative capabilities to the
manufacturing market, but is also the best-selling 3D design
software, having outsold all competitors six years running.

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Digital Prototyping image courtesy of Prensa Jundiaí, Brazil