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‘In Thy
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Page 3

Comedian Jena Friedman:

We should treat neo-Nazis
the way we treat women
Israeli heavy metal l Jena Friedman is one of those having “a great year.”

band idealizes Plato comic talents who fly under the radar,
despite having an impressive resume
in the industry. She was a writer for
“You can tell how far we’ve slipped
as a country in just the past year by
how it’s no longer okay to joke about
l Orphaned Land’s Kobi Farhi the “Late Show with David Letter- Nazis,” she said. “It’s no longer kosher
may be the first progressive man” and producer for “The Daily … I feel bad for World War II vets who
heavy metal musician to channel Show with Jon Stewart,” and she has couldn’t talk politics at the Thanks-
Plato for musical inspiration. appeared in clips on channels ranging giving table because their grandkids
The Greek philosopher’s semi- from MSNBC to National Geographic. are Nazis. It’s like ‘Grandpa, don’t talk
nal “Allegory of the Cave” served But her profile could be on the rise. about liberating Auschwitz, you’ll up-
as the core of the band’s sixth She developed a special for “Adult set Trevor!’”
studio album, “Unsung Prophets Swim” (Cartoon Network’s adult-ori- Friedman also skewered David
and Dead Messiahs,” released at ented nighttime programming block) Duke, the anti-Semitic former Ku
the end of January and the basis that debuted last weekend, and since Klux Klan leader.
of an upcoming tour in Europe last Thursday, her name has floated “He’s very hard to spot with all
and the United States. through the internet in the wake of a the plastic surgery he’s had,” she
In the 13 new songs, the band standup set she performed on Conan said. “You’d think for a white suprem-
takes a look at the world’s situ- O’Brien’s late-night comedy show. acist he’d be more comfortable in his
ation, criticizing humanity for doing Egypt “with the devils they knew” rather Friedman, 35, who was raised own skin.”
nothing about the dire events taking than face life on their own, Farhi said. in a Conservative Jewish home in Friedman ends the set by suggest-
place around the globe. “It’s one of the biggest problems of Haddonfield, where she had a bat ing that one way to humiliate a Nazi is
“The fact that people today are humanity, being trapped in this dark- mitzvah and went to Hebrew school to subject him to the kinds of harass-
so into gossip and reality TV, it’s like ness,” he said. “It’s a very human behav- through 10th grade, focused mainly ment women face on a daily basis.
drugs that keeps them asleep while ior. People are born in the cave, chained on two subjects in her set: misogyny “If we in America treat Nazis the
bad things are happening,” Farhi said. with their heads against the cave, and and neo-Nazis. way we treat women, at the very
“That’s the concept of the album; it’s a they don’t want to leave the cave. And A couple of minutes into the set, least, they will never become presi-
wake-up call, shaking people up.” Plato realized that all the way back she argues that while it’s tough to be dent,” she said.
It’s not an unusual approach for Farhi then.” a woman right now, neo-Nazis are GABE FRIEDMAN/JTA WIRE SERVICE

and Orphaned Land, whose sound is The album helps fans move out of the
intense and often dark, and with Middle darkness, he said.
Eastern influences woven into nearly all “When you see people going to met- Candlelighting: Friday, Feb. 23, 5:22 p.m.
of their songs. al concerts, it’s like they’re out of their
The band appeals to headbangers caves,” he said. “We based the song on Shabbat ends: Saturday, Feb. 24, 6:22 p.m.
of all stripes, but also attracts fans for characters that exist. I know a Muslim
its messages of honesty and truth, as girl who had problems going to metal PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub-
well as peace and unity. Orphaned Land concerts and Jewish guys who did too, CONTENTS lished weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October,
by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road,
opened for Metallica during that band’s because they always connect metal Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack, NJ and
NOSHES���������������������������������������������������������������4 additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New
2010 Israeli concert and is considered music to Satanic messages. It’s auto- BRIEFLY LOCAL����������������������������������������������16 Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
the premier metal band in Israel. matic judgment. It’s the cave.” ROCKLAND����������������������������������������������������� 22
Subscription price is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are
$45.00, Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
They’re also a band that regularly The album cover also conveys the PURIM���������������������������������������������������������������� 27 The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does
critiques religion and politics, said Farhi, band’s message, showing elements COVER STORY������������������������������������������������ 32 not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid
political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
42, although this time they’re tak- of resistance and Big Brother looking JEWISH WORLD�������������������������������������������� 38 candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or
ing aim at regular people “who stand down on humanity, Farhi said. OPINION����������������������������������������������������������� 42
any employees.

around and do nothing.” “I’m not naive enough to think I can D’VAR TORAH������������������������������������������������ 47
The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolic-
ited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolic-
In a 15-minute video that Farhi made change the world, but if we make a few THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE�������������������48 ited editorial, and graphic material will be treated as uncondition-
ally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and subject
for fans to introduce the album, he talks people think, that’s our contribution,” CROSSWORD PUZZLE��������������������������������48 to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment
about Plato’s allegory and similar tales, he said. CALENDAR������������������������������������������������������49 editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without
written permission from the publisher. © 2018
including the one about the Israelite The band plans on touring the United OBITUARIES���������������������������������������������������� 53
slaves after the Exodus, who told Moses States in May. CLASSIFIEDS��������������������������������������������������54
they would have preferred to remain in JESSICA STEINBERG/TIMES OF ISRAEL REAL ESTATE�������������������������������������������������� 57


Noshes “Israel, the thing you talk about
when you all voted for the same party
but you still want to have an argument.”
— Comedian John Oliver, introducing a segment on “Last Week Tonight”
on the scandals surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu


X marks the spot

in ‘Annihilation’
Natalie, Jennifer (Ian Gomez). Recurring until he was 65. Then he
tackle the sinister characters include Rabbi bought his own Vineyard
“Annihilation” opens Gil (DAVID KRUMHOLTZ, farm and turned it into a
on Friday, February 39) and Mrs. Meadows horticultural showplace.
23. It stars NATALIE (CAMRYN MANHEIM, Shortly before his grand-
PORTMAN, 36, as Lena, 56). The show’s public- father died at 96 in 2011,
a biologist and for- ity makes clear that its Chris took over manage-
mer solider. A series of makers have no desire to ment of the farm. Can-
expeditions enter into disrespect religion and didly, Chris recently said,
a sinister, mysterious, they’ll glide around tough he did so because his
and growing (!) area issues, such as homosexu- restaurant in New York
labeled Area X. The ex- ality. They’ll try to walk had gone belly-up. But
pedition members die the fine line of being both now he’s a success — the
either inside Area X or funny and thought-pro- Natalie Portman A.J. Jacobs David Krumholtz epitome of farm-to-table
shortly after returning. voking. cooking in New York —
Lena’s husband returns I stumbled on a series while farming part time.
from the last expedition review by Mark Hodges, The obits of his grand-
severely injured. Lena an Orthodox Christian father and his mother,
joins a new expedition, priest and religious con- a teacher who died in
hoping that she can find servative. He had seen 2005, describe a tightly
out how and why he was the first few episodes knit family. Even though
injured and thereby help and was very critical. The Chris’s parents divorced,
save his life. JENNIFER gist of his criticism was his mother’s obit men-
JASON LEIGH, 54, co- that a Christian can’t and tions how close she was
stars as Dr. Ventress, a shouldn’t follow “Old to her ex-husband’s
psychologist and the Testament Jewish rules” children by a subsequent
de-facto leader of the because they had been marriage. This all must
all-female expedition. so modified by the ar- be appealing to Schum-
rival of Jesus and subse- Camryn Manheim Amy Schumer Jake Gyllenhaal er. She lived through her
Oy, there’s quent Christian theology. mother’s three failed
a lot not to like I could see that religious tell Chris that the Bible, anyone else will. even though the couple marriages and the col-
“Living Biblically,” a com- Jews might have a simi- read literally, does not has only known each lapse of her father’s
lar criticism — so many empower Chip to go out Schumer other for three months — business when she was
edy/drama, premieres on
CBS on Monday, Febru- of these rules have been, and stone “the sinner.” gets hitched and, yeah, I would have about 10. Despite this,
ary 26, at 9:30. It’s based in effect, modified by A hearing and two wit- I was surprised when been overjoyed if she wed she remained steadfastly
on “The Year of Living rabbinical interpreta- nesses are required by AMY SCHUMER, 36, wed a Jewish guy. loyal to her mother, her
Biblically” (2007), by A.J. tion in the Talmud and the Bible — and subse- chef Chris Fischer, 37, on Fischer is a New York chronically ill father (who
JACOBS, 49, a self-de- elsewhere. In taking quent Jewish commen- February 12 in Malibu, Cal- City chef who recently still is alive), and her two
scribed agnostic Jew who so-called Jewish rules al- tary added other pre- ifornia. It was a very small won a cooking Oscar — siblings. Her father, a
tried to follow the letter ways literally, Chip is not stoning requirements. wedding, presided over a James Beard Award suburban dad, bought a
of the Bible’s rules for an following anything close Hodges points out that by a comedian friend. — for his book, “Beetle- hobby farm when he was
entire year. In the TV se- to normative Judaism Jesus was against the Guests included two of bung Farm Cookbook.” rich. It was sold when
ries, the central character or Christianity. Case in stoning of sinners and Schumer’s best friends: Beetlebung is the name his business collapsed.
is Chip Curry, a Roman point: Chip finds out that so Chip shouldn’t stone actress Jennifer Lawrence of his grandfather’s farm Amy loved the farm and
Catholic who decides to a co-worker is an adul- the sinner. My takeaway: and actor JAKE GYLLEN- on Martha’s Vineyard. bought it back in 2016.
follow the Bible literally terer. He asks his priest most conservative Chris- HAAL, 37. After reading His grandfather was a Farm and family, failure
for one year. He frequent- for advice. The priest tians and Orthodox Jews about Fischer’s back- beloved lifelong Vineyard and then success, are the
ly consults his priest says “the old rule is ston- will not like this program. ground, I realized that the resident who managed a themes of this couple’s
ing.” The priest fails to It remains to be seen if marriage makes sense, prominent Vineyard farm lives. –N.B.

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at

Want to read more noshes? Visit facebook.com/jewishstandard Middleoftheroad1@aol.com


‘Four Seasons Lodge’
Shul in Teaneck will screen documentary on
Holocaust survivors in a Catskill bungalow colony

hey could dance. Oh, could they
Really, they shouldn’t have
been able to. They were Holo-
caust survivors, people who had lived
through hell and seen more and suffered
more and lost more than the rest of us
could begin to imagine seeing and suffer-
ing and losing.
And they were in their what? Eighties?
Nineties? Surviving the Holocaust hadn’t
stopped the aging process. They were old.
But they had energy and life. And also
memories of sadness and unspeakable
horror. And also all the ailments that the
ever-creative human body can inflict on
people who have the temerity to grow old.
All of this — life, sickness, death, joy,
hope, despair, and remarkable gump-
tion, plus some real estate, which is an
unavoidable truth about life in the metro-
politan area — are on display in a surpris-
ingly subtle documentary, “Four Seasons
Lodge,” which will be screened at Con-
gregation Beth Shalom. (See box.)
The film is about a Catskills bungalow
colony whose residents all were Holo-
caust survivors. science-speak into English for the vast Holocaust survivors,
Its director, Andrew Jacobs, will be majority of the rest of us, who also are above, spent many
at the screening, and he will talk about not science guys. summers together
the film and answer questions after it’s “Four Seasons Lodge” was released in at the Four Seasons
shown. 2008. “We filmed it over the course of Lodge in the Catskills.
Mr. Jacobs was not a filmmaker when two summers,” Mr. Jacobs said. “But I dis- New York Times
he made “Four Seasons Lodge,” and covered the place in 2006. I was doing a reporter Andrew
he has not finished another film since, series for the Times then on summer life Jacobs, left, directed
the documentary
although he is working on one now. in the Catskills, and I sort of stumbled on
about their lives.
But he was so taken with the stories at this place.”
the lodge, and so sure that the best way He’d talked his Times editors into the
to tell them was to show them, that he series because he was so fascinated by
decided to tell them on film. the Catskills that he convinced them that
In real life, he’s a New York Times readers would be too. His interest, he
reporter. He lived and worked in China said, went back to his childhood.
from 2008 to 2016; since then he’s “I went up there a lot when I was a kid, leaders of the lodge. And we started talk- sell the place, then reneged on the deci-
worked on international stories, and now driving around in the summer, in the old ing, and I was just smitten by him.” sion and kept it going for another two
he’s a science reporter. “I’m not at all a Borscht Belt, and I had a house up there,” Hymie features prominently in the doc- years before selling it for real. They were
science guy,” he said; that’s a good thing, he said. “The old Borscht Belt is really umentary. The Four Seasons Lodge was a old before the first sale was made, and
however, because he is able to translate fascinating. You see the formerly majestic co-op, and Hymie was both an owner and not surprisingly did not get younger as
crumbling old hotels, and an archipelago the resident manager. He was in charge time passed.
Who: Andrew Jacobs, the director of of bungalow colonies occupied by cha- of maintenance, so in one sequence So Mr. Jacobs knew that he wanted
What: “The Four Seasons Lodge,” will sidim, like some 17th century shtetl. It we viewers get to hear a series of resi- to tell the lodge’s story, and he wrote
talk about the documentary at is the combination of those worlds that dents call, yell, shout, practically yodel, a small piece about it in the Times, but
Where: Congregation Beth Sholom, intrigued me. “Hymie!” “Hymie!!” “HYMIEEEE!!!!” “by then the summer was over, and the
354 Maitland Ave. in Teaneck “The series I wrote was about bunga- It’s charming for us, but it was not at all story ended up being really short, and I
When: On Sunday, March 4, at 7 p.m. low colonies, and someone down the charming for him. wanted to do something more.”
road from the Four Seasons told me, “Hymie told me that this was going to Although he’d never made a movie
How much: It’s free, but reservations
‘You should check up on this one. All the be their last summer,” Mr. Jacobs said. before, “I thought it would be the best
are requested by March 2
residents are Holocaust survivors,’” he This idea — that this would be the lodge’s way to capture them. Not in a book,
For more information and to register:
continued. “So I drove by and pulled up last summer — provides the only plot the because the personalities, the essence of
Go to www.cbsteaneck.org
and met Hymie Abramovitz, one of the documentary has. The residents voted to SEE LODGE PAGE 8


Let us
do the cooking
so that can have the you
fun! Inside
where it's

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Lodge strong. In the film, many of them talk

FROM PAGE 6 about how they searched each other out,
because no one else could understand,
who they are, wouldn’t be compelling in how the shorthand they used did not have
a book. The way they talk, the way they to be fleshed out into lengthy explana-
interact — I didn’t have confidence in my tions, which anyway would be too hard
ability to tell that story in a book. and too painful to make.
“So then I thought that I would try it.” It’s always a mystery, how some people
He met with the legendary documen- survived the Holocaust, and how some of
tary maker Albert Maysles, who had them managed to have good lives later on.
worked with his brother David on such We see these survivors laugh, gossip, bask
movies as “Grey Gardens,” and who con- in the sun, tease each other, and often
tinued to work after his brother’s prema- they seem happy. They all have numbers
ture death in 1987. Mr. Jacobs “pitched tattooed on their arms, and sometimes
him the idea — we thought that he’d be they talk to the camera about some of
perfect, because he was the same age and what they endured. The daytime is fine,
demographic as the people at the lodge” one of them says, but it’s at night that the
— he was Jewish, born in 1926 — “and terror returns.
because we wanted the verite style” that Mr. Jacobs is not the son or grandson of
he and his brother had pioneered. survivors, but he is close to many of them,
“I got him on board,” Mr. Jacobs said. They survived the Holocaust and and he has done a great deal of research
“And I raised some money, and started are facing the indignities of aging, into their lives. “Ultimately, in surviving
going upstate on weekends.” Meanwhile, but still, at the Four Seasons Lodge, the Holocaust, the first component was
he kept his day job. they dance. luck,” he said. “And then there is some-
The documentary includes a lot of thing about survivors, the decisions they
close-ups of faces and a lot of wider Some of them daven, at any rate. “I made. Whether is was their cunning, their
shots of the countryside. It begins with would describe almost all of them as craftiness, their will — once they had the
the survivors closing up their houses in pretty Reform,” Mr. Jacobs said. “Some luck, there was something about them that
Queens. (It’s identifiably Queens, to any- are atheists, with a smattering of Conser- allowed them to be able to survive multi-
one who’s spent any time at all in that vative.” Still, the film shows candle-light- ple death camps…
borough, or knows anything at all about ing (true, they let a photographer film “There are plenty of survivors who
that borough’s bizarre street and house them beginning Shabbat) and havdalah. took a different route,” he said. “Their
numbers.) Then it follows them upstate, “They didn’t have a lot of religiosity,” he lives afterward were stark and bitter. Not
to their own bungalows and the common said. “Most of them were in the camp of that some of the people here weren’t
spaces where they eat and dance and talk where was God? But they didn’t throw it dark and bitter,” he added. “But there
and daven. all out. There was a comfort in the rituals were plenty of survivors who surrounded
Betty and Yankel Elkes  RICK NAHMIAS themselves with non-survivors. There
were plenty who boxed themselves off
of Judaism. You have a sense from them from that experience. But these guys con-
of ‘They wanted to stamp this out, so we sciously chose to be almost exclusively
should keep it going.’ I think there was with other survivors, and who had a real
an attachment to ritual and tradition and gusto for life. No one was sitting in their
history, not so much the faith.” bungalow alone. No one was crippled by
The film shows the countryside, which the trauma. They all had lived through
is rural without being particularly beautiful terrible trauma, but they embraced
— parts of the Catskills absolutely are gor- life with a gusto that helped them get
geous, but not these parts. It shows the bun- through the rest of their lives.
galows, inside and out; the insides have that “And in some ways having a good time
shabby florescent-and-plastic-tablecloth- was a distraction. It distracted them from
and-linoleum-floored look that perfectly the memory that was always hovering. You
defines the time when they were built. don’t want to sit too long, because that’s
Everyone at the bungalow colony is when the demons would creep out.”
a survivor. Most of them left the camps At the start of “Four Seasons Lodge,” a
orphaned and family-less; their friends, heavily made-up singer belts out “Life Is
most of them Holocaust survivors too, a Cabaret.” At the end, “I Will Survive”
Jaime and Tosha Abramowitz as seen in “Four Seasons Lodge,” a film by became their family. The bonds connect- plays over the credits. Both of those
Andrew Jacobs.  MIKE NAGLE ing them are extraordinarily and visibly songs seem particularly appropriate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims

and families of the Parkland, Florida massacre.
Devastation of this magnitude can have an emotional effect on parents and children nationwide.
If you or someone you know needs to speak with a therapist, please call our office at (201) 837-9090.

Visit www.jfcsnnj.org for more information on our services

#MeToo is More Than
a Hashtag...

Understanding, Identifying and

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Thursday evening, March 8, 2018 - International Day of Women

7:30 – 9:00 pm
Congregation Beth Sholom, Teaneck, NJ
For more information and to RSVP, please contact:
Sandra Leshaw 201-837-9090 or sandral@jfcsnnj.org

Maxine Neuhauser and James P. Flynn, both attorneys with Epstein Becker & Green,
P.C.’s Litigation and Labor/Employment Practice, will present an informative workshop in
understanding, identifying and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

The presentation will be followed with a Q&A session with our expert panel, including
Ellen Singer Shell, Founder and President, ERSNY Consulting, LLC, brings 25 years’ of
Human Resources experience both as an in-house Senior level Corporate HR Executive
and as an independent HR consultant. Over the course of her career, Ellen has
fielded allegations of harassment and hostile work environment, conducted internal
investigations, worked with Counsel to make determinations, and delivered a variety of
seminars to address workplace concerns.
Allison Limmer, LCSW, Senior Clinician at Jewish Family & Children’s Services, adept at
providing the emotional support services for those who may have experienced trauma
or anxiety associated with harassment or discrimination.

This program is presented by Jewish Family & Children’s Services, Project Ezrah, and
Women’s Philanthropy of Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.



No more AR-15s
Quickly planned rally in Teaneck shows depths of concern about school shootings

here was something about last
week’s school shootings — that
something was the deaths of
17 people, students and their
teachers, at the hands of a disturbed
19-year-old and his legally bought assault
rifle — that made it hard for Lydia Sul-
tanik of Englewood to do nothing.
She’s not a veteran organizer but she
is a mother — she has three grown sons
— and sitting still just wasn’t an option.
So, late on Friday afternoon, when
she decided that she’d had enough,
she talked to Helen Deutsch — whom
she had just met online, “showing the
power of social media,” Ms. Sultanik
said, and met in person for the first
time on Monday — and the two of them
agreed to organize a rally in Teaneck.
It was just before Shabbat when she
went to work; she scheduled the rally for
President’s Day, so many people were
away, and although the temperature was
reported to be in the low 40s, it felt raw
and miserable out; later it would rain.
But still people came; there weren’t Protestors against gun violence rally at curbside in Teaneck.
a huge number of them, but they
included two children under 7, Teaneck course there are the teachers, who are
Council member Adam Sohn, and a human shields. That is not part of their
mascot — a newly adopted dog named job description.
Sparky. “A spark speaks volumes here,” “Something has to be done.
Ms. Sultanik said. “The rhetoric cannot be just ‘My con-
The rally’s goal, as Ms. Sultanik wrote dolences to you.’ That is not enough.
on Facebook and in the Teaneck shuls “The students who are going to march
listserv, was “No guns and magazines on March 24 are marching for their lives.
of mass destruction to be allowed in the
USA. Better Mental Health Coordination
of Services. Period. Please, no backpacks
and no signs. Let our voices be heard.”
The participants asked people driving
I can’t in all
by to honk in solidarity. Many did. honesty see
The rally was organized so quickly and
in such innocence that there was no per-
another child
mit for it. And there was no problem with die. I remember
that. “There was a police officer there,
who was so nice,” she said. “He told us
Columbine and
not to stand in the street, or too close to Newtown.
the curb, but that was for our own safety,
and it really made sense.
“He just said that if we do it again, get We have a responsibility to them as well.
a permit.” We have to at least have a conversation
Why did she and Ms. Deutsch feel com- going. It is a very complicated issue — it’s
pelled to start a rally? complicated even in my own mind — but
“The impetus was my conscience,” Ms. I do know that my conscience dictated
Sultanik said. “I can’t in all honesty see that it can’t continue like this any more.”
another child die. I remember Colum- Although the Second Amendment
bine and Newtown” — Columbine was guarantees the right to bear arms,
the first mass school shooting, in 1999, “nobody needs an AR-15,” she said. “It’s A demonstrator holds a sign for motorists to read.
when the student murderers killed 13 nowhere on Maslow’s pyramid.” Abra-
people before they turned their guns on ham Maslow was the psychologist who “I saw a quote that said that Parkland,” the rally. “It was perhaps the most civil
themselves, and Newtown was the Con- created the hierarchy of human needs where Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High demonstration I ever attended,” he said.
necticut town where the murderer shot that has physical requirements like food School is, “was one big shiva,” she added. “No one screamed at us. We held signs
his mother, 26 first-graders and teachers, at the bottom and self-actualization at the “That shouldn’t be.” asking for people to honk if they agreed
and then himself in 2012. “And then of top, and guns nowhere. Barry Lichtenberg of Teaneck was at with us, and there was a lot of honking.”


Calling All Artists to
Celebrate Israel at 70
Passionate about art and Israel? Submit your work to
display during our centerwide “Israel at 70” celebration.
Artwork can be paintings, photographs, and mixed
media works that express appreciation for Israel, its
people, and its culture and history. Exhibitors do not
need to be Jewish or JCC members to participate.
Deadline for submissions: Feb 28
Exhibit: April 1-30
Contact Nina Bachrach at nbachrach@jccotp.org.

Israeli Opera Tenor Yevgeni Shapovalov

Comes to the J!
Well known as Israel’s Pavarotti, Shapovalov is an
internationally-acclaimed tenor and virtuoso. His rare
vocal gifts delight audiences worldwide. Join us as he
performs famous operatic pieces and popular songs in
English, Hebrew, Russian and Italian.
Sun, Mar 4, 8 pm, $35/$39

T H U R S DAY, MA R C H 8 Join us for Lavish Lunches

A day of culinary adventure with guest speaker
Michael Ferraro, renowned NYC chef. Begin the
morning with a light breakfast at the home of

Michele & Daniel Ross. Participate in the Mitzvah
lunch where you will bring joy and engage our
seniors, or choose from other luncheon options.
Themes include: Floral Design; Wine & Cheese

LU NCH ES Pairing; Marcia’s Attic, Closter; Aromatherapy;

Cake Pops and more.
Thur, Mar 8, 10:15 am
Register at jccotp.org/lavishlunches

Presenting Sponsor Palisade Jewelers


Celebrating Mimouna with Virtual Tour of The Metropolitan Aquacise for Adults
Yasmin Lindberg Museum of Art WITH MARGARET CHIBOOKIAN

Mimouna is a three-century-old North African WITH MICHAEL NORRIS, PHD Use the natural resistance of water with zero
Jewish celebration held the day after Passover, impact on your joints. Enjoy increased tone,
Egyptian Art: An introduction to the Egyptian
marking the return to eating chametz (leavened strength, stamina, range of motion, and decrease
galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
foods), which are forbidden throughout the your overall stiffness.
that will guide you from the banks of the Nile to
week of Passover. Join us for a hands-on Egypt’s famous tombs and temples. Thursdays, 10:45-11:25 am
workshop and learn how to make the famous NEW! Drop in for members/each session $10 open
Paintings of the Dutch Golden Age: Get to
traditional “Mimouna Sweets.” to the public
know the paintings of Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer,
Tues, Mar 13, 8pm, $30/$35 and Rembrandt.
2 Tuesdays, Mar 13 & 20, 11 am-12:30 pm,
VISIT jccotp.org

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 | jccotp.org

Book magic at the library

Local children’s authors will read their newest works in Teaneck
ABIGAIL KLEIN LEICHMAN Teaneck. Ms. Stiefel is the director of pub-
lic relations at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High
Like word wizards wielding magic wands, School for Girls in Teaneck.
children’s book authors sprinkle a potion After graduating from Stern College
of carefully chosen phrases across a dec- of Women of Yeshiva University, Ms. Sti-
orated canvas to create that delightful efel earned a master’s degree in journal-
enchantment called picture books. ism at NYU. “This was a special program
Four such wizards, all New Jersey resi- focusing on science, health, and envi-
dents, are coming to the Teaneck Pub- ronmental reporting,” she said. “I did
lic Library on February 25 to read their an internship at one of Scholastic’s sci-
newest picture books, highlighting a ence magazines for children, and then
two-hour activity also to include games they offered me a job as assistant editor
and crafts. (Participants who would like at the magazine ‘Science World’ for mid-
to have the authors sign their books may dle school children. I worked there seven
buy them ahead of time at the Curious years and I loved combining science with
Reader in Glen Rock.) educational writing for children.”
Author-illustrator Mike Malbrough Once she st ar ted hav-
of Orange will read “Marigold Bakes ing children and moved to
a Cake” (Philomel); Ariel Bernstein of Teaneck 19 years ago, she
Livingston will read “I Have a Balloon,” decided to become a free-
illustrated by Scott Magoon (Simon and lancer, “and one book led to
Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books); Andria another.” She’s covered topics
Warmflash Rosenbaum of Teaneck will from comets to cows to colos-
read “Trains Don’t Sleep,” illustrated by sal constructions.
Deirdre Gill (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt); Children’s author Chana Stiefel of One unusual title, co-writ-
and Chana Stiefel of Teaneck will read Teaneck. Inset, Ms. Stiefel’s latest is ten with Kent Karoson and
“Daddy Depot” illustrated by Andy Snair “Daddy Depot.” published in 2016, is “Why
(Feiwel & Friends). Can’t Grandma Remember My
Ms. Stiefel, the author of more than 20 things took off from there,” she said. “Now Name?” answering children’s
nonfiction books for kids, about topics I’m writing both fiction and nonfiction.” questions about Alzheimer’s
such as exploding volcanoes and stinky Coming next from Ms. Stiefel are the disease and featuring artwork
castles, got the idea for her first picture nonfiction “Animal Zombies & Other created by kindergartners and
book eight years ago, as she put her Monsters in Nature” (NatGeoKids, August Alzheimer’s patients. All pro-
7-year-old daughter to bed. 2018) now on presale at Amazon, and the ceeds benefit the Fisher Cen-
“She was mad at her father that night, fictional “My Name is Wakawakaloch” the beginning of her name. ter for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.
so I spun a tale about a girl who returns (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019). “This book is really about finding the Coming next is a children’s book about
her father to the ‘daddy store,’” she The latter book, she explains, is about source of your name and carrying on its the building of the Statue of Liberty. After
said. She put the funny tale into manu- a cave girl who is frustrated because no legacy, but it’s fun and funny and relatable that, she plans to fulfill a longtime desire
script form a few years ago and joined one can pronounce her name. Ms. Stiefel to any kids who can’t find their name on a to write a Jewish children’s book.
the Society of Children’s Book Writers knows the feeling well; she experienced keychain in a gift shop,” Ms. Stiefel said. Ms. Stiefel met Ms. Rosenbaum
and Illustrators. the same frustration growing up in North The Stiefel family, including four chil- through their mutual involvement in the
“Through their writing workshops and Miami Beach. Many people had trouble dren who are now 22, 19, 16, and 12 Society of Children’s Book Writers and
conferences I met my agent in 2013, and with the guttural Hebrew letter “chet” at years old, belongs to the Young Israel of Illustrators, from which Ms. Rosenbaum
received a 2008 award for her short story
“The Color of Hope.”
“It’s fun to find someone in your com-
munity who does what you do,” Ms. Sti-
efel said. “We live across town but we’ve
become good friends.”
Ms. Rosenbaum, also a Stern College
graduate, aspired to be a writer since
she was 11 but started out on a career
path in special education. “I have a mas-
ter’s degree from Bank Street College of
Education and taught for several years,
but it just didn’t do it for me so I always

What: Picture-book reading and

signing by four New Jersey children’s
authors, plus crafts and games
Where: Teaneck Public Library,
840 Teaneck Road
When: Sunday, February 25, 2-4 p.m.
Suggested ages: 3 to 7
Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum published “Big Sister, Little Monster” in 2017.


Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

For a totally new look using

came back to writing,” she said. “It’s who I am and
I don’t have a choice but to write.” your furniture or starting anew.
While raising her four children in Fair Lawn —
where the family lived for 20 years before moving to Staging also available
Teaneck over a decade ago — her poetry and short 973-535-9192
stories were published in magazines such as Baby-
bug, Children’s Playmate, Cricket, Ladybug, High-
lights, Spider, and Turtle.
Her first book, “A Grandma like Yours/A Grandpa
Like Yours,” published by the Jewish children’s pub-
lisher Kar-Ben in 2006, was a Sydney Taylor Book
Award Notable of 2007. Also in 2006, she wrote
“Two Sweet Peas,” a 24-page early reader published
by Bebop Books.
It wasn’t until 2015 that Kar-Ben published her
second Jewish-themed book, “Meg Goldberg on
Parade,” about a shy little girl whose imagination
runs wild at New York City’s annual Celebrate
Israel Parade.
Despite having “given up many times” over the
intervening years, she found her stride — and an
agent — and went on to success with “Big Sister, Lit-

I think writers are

I was always the kid
sitting at the adult
table and listening in.
tle Monster” (Scholastic) and “Trains Don’t Sleep,”
both published in 2017.
“The picture book market has never been as dif-
ficult as it is now, especially if you’re not an illus-
trator also,” Ms. Rosenbaum said. “It’s tough to get
shelf space.”
Keep your day job.
She has another book coming out next year with
Apples & Honey Press, an imprint of Behrman House
Earn your MS in Taxation at night.
that brings together authors and illustrators from
North America and Israel. “This is a book I’ve been
dreaming of for 25 or 30 years, about two siblings A One-Year MS in Taxation from Sy Syms School of Business
separated during the Holocaust … and reunited 65
years later,” she said. This innovative, affordable, 30-credit program can be accomplished in one
Based on many true accounts, this work of histori-
cal fiction “is like an introduction to the Holocaust, year, two nights per week, and completes the 150-hr requirement for the
stressing the million and a half children who were CPA exam. Taught at our Midtown campus, this exciting program allows
murdered and the potential that was taken away
from the world,” she said. you to attend classes, study for the CPA exam and advance your career at
She also recently completed “a silly picture book.”
the same time! Keep your day job, while preparing for a better one.
She gets inspiration from everywhere, “something
I overhear someone say, or a something one of my
Apply before the deadline for the fall 2018 term!
kids or grandchildren says to me,” she continued. “I
think writers are eavesdroppers. I was always the kid
sitting at the adult table and listening in.”
At the library, the four authors will read their
books and take questions from kids.
“It will be fun because all four of us write really dif-
Apply Now!
ferent kinds of books,” Ms. Stiefel said. “We’re good
friends and feel that children’s book writers need to www.yu.edu/ms-taxation
support one another, even though it’s a super com-
petitive field professionally.”



climbing Masada was a close second. I enjoyed that as

well, although, in the interests of journalistic integrity,
I have to report that I only made it halfway. I guess if I
had to choose a highlight, in addition to the beautiful bat
mitzvah ceremony, I’d opt for the lively tour of Ir David,
conducted as a bat mitzvah gift by an Israeli cousin who
Proud grandmother doubles as a tour guide. For her part, the bat mitzvah girl
Lois Goldrich stands herself was partial to mud baths.
with her granddaughter One of the constant joys of a visit to Israel is running
Kaylah at the bima of into people you know and not really being too surprised
Har-El in Jerusalem, when you do. It’s not just another tourist destination. It’s a
the day before Kaylah place where you meet others drawn by the same invisible
became bat mitzvah. thread of Jewish commitment and continuity.
One of the more significant results of the trip was the
influence my granddaughter’s bat mitzvah had on an
Israeli family we knew from their years in the United
States. Mainly secular, they were so moved by the warmth
and spirit of the Progressive synagogue that hosted our
FIRST PERSON simcha that they may hold their children’s celebrations in
the same place.
Ironically, I think, we Americans showed something new

Savoring the connection to those Israelis. Their country is not only about clashes
between the charedi and the Women of the Wall. Nor is
secular life the only alternative to Orthodoxy. There are
vibrant places where “average” Israelis can enter into the
Reflections on returning from simchas in Israel tradition in a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere.
A non-Jewish acquaintance challenged me before the
LOIS GOLDRICH On this trip, my daughter — who spent some 10 years liv- trip, asking why we were celebrating the bat mitzvah
ing in Israel — served as our “personal Israeli,” raising her abroad. When I said it was particularly appropriate to hold
Proud doesn’t begin to describe my feelings as I watched my voice when necessary to negotiate prices and scrutinizing a religious ceremony in Jerusalem, she clearly was taken
granddaughter — poised, competent, and radiant —- become food labels to ensure that my grandchildren’s food con- aback. “You’re an American,” she insisted. Yes — I replied,
a bat mitzvah last week at a small shul in Jerusalem. tained no gluten or sesame. Happily, gluten-free visitors and a patriotic one at that. But what does that have to do
And not just any shul— but the one where her father, aunt, can do quite well — even scoring such Israeli standards as with celebrating a religious ceremony in Israel? She didn’t
and uncle had celebrated their own simchas years before. bourekas and malawach. get it. Neither do many Jews.
Pride vied with nostalgia as I recalled these events and the My 10-year-old grandson loved everything we did. Israel is a beautiful country — and a wonderful place to
pivotal role they played in my children’s lives, forging a life- Surprisingly, at least to me, he said his favorite part of vacation — whether for its topographical diversity or its
long connection between my family and the land of Israel. the trip was touching the stones of the Kotel — though religious and historical significance. I am also convinced

‘Earning It’
Joann Lublin of Ridgewood and the Wall Street Journal
talks about the traits of successful businesswomen
ABIGAIL KLEIN LEICHMAN and Campbell Soup. And that makes and professional setbacks not always related
their stories all the more interesting,” to gender, so it became a leadership book on
After interviewing 52 female corporate executives for her Ms. Lublin, a Pulitzer-Prize winning how to overcome obstacles.”
book, “Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing journalist, said. Some of the executives she interviewed
Women at the Top of the Business World,’’ Wall Street A majority of her interviewees had had been fired from previous jobs, had lost
Journal management news editor Joann Lublin of Ridge- children, but Ms. Lublin was sur- spouses, or had battled cancer. Yet they got
wood identified four common leadership traits. prised to discover that the proportion their stride back and became more empa-
She will tell stories about four women, each of whom of working moms was even higher thetic leaders as a result of their difficult expe-

exemplifies one of these traits when the editor and long- among those who became public com- riences, Ms. Lublin said.
time Ridgewood resident speaks at the annual Lunch and pany CEOs. She has given more than 100 talks to cor-
Learn Study Group of the Bergen County section of the She devotes an entire chapter, porations, business schools, and nonprofit
National Council of Jewish Women on March 6 at Temple “Manager Moms are Not Acrobats,” to groups about “Earning It.” One of those talks
Emeth in Teaneck. (See box for details.) busting the myth of the work-life bal- was at Temple Beth Or in Washington Town-
Although Ms. Lublin would not say what those four ance. The working mother, Ms. Lublin Joann Lublin ship; she has been a member of the synagogue
traits are — she’s keeping that for the luncheon — she read- asserts, chooses to be more devoted and its sisterhood since 1990. That was the
ily agreed to share with Jewish Standard readers other to her children or her career at various stages of her life, year she and her husband, Michael, moved to Ridgewood,
insights gleaned from writing her book and from reader because achieving an equal balance between the two is after living in New York for two years. Locally, Ms. Lub-
reactions to it. (It was published by HarperCollins imprint an elusive goal. lin also has spoken also at the Rotary Club of Ridgewood,
Harper Business in October 2016.) She discovered early in her research that women the YWCA of Bergen County’s annual breakfast honoring
“Very few women are at the helm of U.S. companies, yet became better leaders by overcoming obstacles. “The women of valor, the Ridgewood Public Library, and Book-
nearly two-thirds of the women I interviewed are experi- original hunch was that those obstacles only had to do ends in Ridgewood.
enced public company chief executives, well-known cor- with gender bias,” she said. “But it became clear in the Certain patterns have emerged at these talks, she said.
porate leaders at companies such as GM, IBM, DuPont, course of my reporting that these women had personal “Reactions vary depending on how much of the audience


Local ALL CLEAN OUTS Bunny Hain’s Jewelry
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r OUR 60th YEAR

6 Spectacular Pesach Destinations

Kaylah and Micah Goldrich are dwarfed by an
e archway in Jerusalem’s Old City. Arizona Boca Raton Hilton
Biltmore Resort & Club Westchester
that the night air of Jerusalem heals a variety of ail-
ments, though I have no scientific proof to back that
o up. I am thrilled that my grandchildren got a taste of
the Israel experience, seeing signs in the Hebrew they
are learning in school, visiting places they read about
o in the Bible, and drinking the unique chocolate milk
These are memories that will last a lifetime.
• Condé Nast Traveler, 2016 Gold List Top • Gorgeous half-mile stretch of Private • Entire hotel Kosher for Pesach • Only 30
Arizona Resort • 8 heated swimming pools Beach • 2 Championship Golf Courses minutes from New York City • Hotel
• 30 Clay Tennis Courts • 40,000 sq. ft. World beautifully renovated • Spectacular lineup
•7 Tennis Courts • Two 18 hole championship Class Spa • Haute Gourmet Cuisine by the of Scholars-in- Residence • Fantastic
golf courses • Professional Day Camp Waldorf Astoria Resort Chefs • Scholar- entertainment & daily activities
is female. With women, there’s a lot more ‘Oh my • Haute gourmet cuisine by VIP Ram Caterers in-Residence: Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis - Chief • Professional day camp • Exceptional
God; that happened to me,’ but some men also relate • Fantastic Scholar- in-Residence • International Rabbi of England • International Kosher cuisine by Prestige Caterers • ORB Glatt
to these experiences. Kosher Mehadrin (IK) Glatt Kosher Supervision Mehadrin (IK) Glatt Kosher Supervision Kosher Supervision
“For example, recently I was the keynote speaker at
a conference of industrial psychologists in Savannah.
A man born in Tanzania and now living in Vancouver
said he suffers from racial and religious discrimination Four Seasons Grand Hotel PGA National
as a man of color and a Muslim. He asked how to deal Florence Palazzo Della Fonte Resort
with being treated differently.”
Ms. Lublin said that when many men are in the audi-
ence they tend to dominate the question period, but
when there are just a few men present “they either
ask no questions or ask after the women, and do so
She frequently is asked about the so-called Queen
authority treat female subordinates harshly, or do not
Entire La Villa building Kosher for Pesach • Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach • Entire Hotel Kosher for Pesach
• Luxury 5-star resort • Hotel set amidst a • Member of the Leading Hotels Of The • AAA 4-Diamond Resort • All Rooms Have
350,000 sq.ft. botanical garden World • Haute Italian CuisineL•YBeautiful spa, Private Balconies • 5 Tournament-Ready
N ON Courts
What: Annual Lunch and Learn Study Group of the • Gourmet cuisine by Michelen rated Four indoor & outdoor poolsT•OFree daily shuttle Golf Courses • 19 Har TruT Tennis
Bergen County section of the National Council of L IS LIS
• Fantastic Scholars-in-Residence
Seasons chefs • Professional Day Camp to Rome • Professional
I T Day Camp IT
Jewish Women • Scholar- in-Residence: Rabbi Lord WA
• Scholar-In-Residence: Rabbi Yisrael Lau -
• ExceptionalWCuisine by Foremost Ram
When: March 6 at noon; registration deadline is Jonathan Sacks • Glatt Kosher Supervision Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv • Glatt Kosher Caterers • ORB Glatt Kosher Supervision
February 27. by Rabbi G.M. Garelik Supervision by Rabbi G.M. Garelik of Milan
Where: Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor Road,


How much: $18 program admission includes a
buffet lunch catered by Foster Village Deli.
www.leisuretimetours.com 718-528-070 0
For information: Go to www.ncjwbcs.org or call
(201) 385-4847 info@leisurett.com


Briefly Local

Temple Emanu-El of Closter names

four honorees for its celebration
Temple Emanu-El of Closter’s 90th annual cel-
ebration — “Live, Love & Laugh Together” — is
set for March 10. The shul will honor Bonnie


and Corey Notis with the Founders’ award and
Briana and Matthew Holden with the Young
Leadership award. The evening includes a
comedy performance by Elon Gold.
Bonnie and Corey Notis joined Temple Caitlyn Jenner, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Ambassador Ron Dermer, Sean Spicer
Emanu-El when it was time to enroll their chil-
dren in Hebrew school and they walked the
Torahs down Tenafly Road from Englewood to
Caitlyn Jenner chosen for award
Temple Emanu-El’s new home in Closter. They Bonnie and Corey Notis by the World Values Network
created the first mitzvah project walkathon The World Values Network will honor include Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassa-
on the shul grounds for their son’s bar mitz- television personality and Olympic gold dor to the United States; Dennis Prager of
vah class, which raised funds for children with medal-winning decathlete Caitlyn Jenner “The Dennis Prager Show”; former White
cancer in Israel. Bonnie Notis studied Torah at at its sixth annual Champions of Jewish House press secretary Sean Spicer; Pen-
in the Melton School and the Torah Institute Values International awards gala on set for tagon chief spokesperson Dana White;
and joined the shul on its first trip to Israel. March 8 at the Plaza in Manhattan. Rabbi Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.); Dani
The Notises also are longtime members of the Shmuley Boteach is the keynote speaker. Dayan, consul general of Israel, and Adar
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly. Ms. Jenner, a transgender woman and Gandelsman, Miss Universe Israel. Past
Briana and Matthew Holden were married at reality TV star, is a strong supporter of honorees have included Pamela Ander-
Temple Emanu-El in 2007. Briana Holden vol- Israel. She will highlight Israel’s record on son, Senators Cory Booker and Ted Cruz,
unteers at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades and human LGBTQ rights. Israel is one of only Academy Award-winners Sean Penn and
the J. Spencer Smith School, both in Tenafly. 18 nations whose armed forces allow trans Sir Ben Kingsley, Pulitzer Prize-winner
Her parents, Ellen and Shepard Goldfein, are Matthew and Briana Holden people to serve. Brett Stephens, philanthropists Dr. Miriam
longtime members and patrons of Temple The awards gala, now in its sixth year, and Sheldon Adelson, and Newt Gingrich.
Emanu-El and the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. Like her par- celebrates people who honor human For information, call (212) 634-7777,
ents, Briana attended Hebrew school and became a bat mitz- rights and defend the values of democ- email info@Shmuley.com, or go to This-
vah at the shul. Matthew’s family were members of Temple racies like Israel. Other honored guests WorldGala.us.
Emanu-El in Woodcliff Lake, where he attended Hebrew
school and became a bar mitzvah. Matthew, along with other
members of Temple Emanu-El, provided advice in connec-
tion with the planning and construction of Temple Emanu-
El’s promenade level. He has represented the synagogue in
the purchase of property that bordered the synagogue, and in
the sale of Rabbi Emeritus Arthur Hertzberg’s home in Engle-
wood. He serves on the shul board and is engaged in syna- Elon Gold
gogue governance.
Elon Gold is a comedian and actor who has starred in Fox’s “Stacked” and NBC’s “In-
Laws.” He has made 10 appearances on “The Tonight Show” and had a recurring role
on “Bones.” For information, call (201) 750-9997 or go to www.templeemanu-el.com.

JCO to raise funds at luncheon

The Jewish Community Organization of outreach, and social gatherings, it
Northern Bergen County holds its fifth raises much-needed funds for local and
Make-A-Wish luncheon at the Edgewood national charities. It has more than 100
Country Club in River Vale on Friday, members from the Saddle River and
March 2, at 11 a.m. Funds raised will Pascack valleys, including Upper Saddle
enable a local 17-year-old girl with a brain River, Saddle River, Ridgewood, Mont- JCRC meets with Assemblyman Schaer
malformation to go to Dade City’s Wild vale, Woodcliff Lake, River Vale, Ho-Ho-
Things. Kus, Mahwah, and Allendale. To register, The Jewish Community Relations Commit- Schaer is the first Orthodox Jew to serve
The JCO of Northern Bergen County, go to JCONBC.com/upcoming-events, tee of the Jewish Federation of Northern in the New Jersey Legislature.
established in 1992, is a local non- call (201) 481-1999, or email jconorthern- New Jersey held its monthly Legislative The JCRC of the Jewish Federation of
profit based in the Saddle River Val- bergencounty@gmail.com. Advocacy Day on February 14, meeting Northern New Jersey is planning to meet
ley. Through philanthropy, community with Assemblyman and Deputy Speaker with legislators from a single district in its
Gary S. Schaer, a Democrat who repre- catchment area each month. Small groups
sents Legislative District 36. will meet with the legislators face-to-face
Good ideas can become great proposals Pictured at the JCRC meeting, from
left, are Ron Rosensweig; Larry Silver-
to advocate for key issues affecting the
community and the state of New Jersey.
Susan Abbott of ArtsWestchester and how to draft a narrative description that man; Government Relations chair Stan “It was great discussing with Assem-
Kate Mitchell of the Arts Council of Rock- is useful for you, your partners, and Goodman; Howie Kohen; director of the blyman Schaer the Jewish Federation’s
land will present an introductory work- potential funding agencies, and how to Jewish Community Relations Council Ari- top priorities that are of concern for kids,
shop on turning good ideas into great engage supporters, collaborators, and ella Noveck; JCRC chair Bruce Brafman; adults, and seniors,” Ariella Noveck said.
proposals on February 27, at 10 a.m., at your community. The workshop is spon- Assemblyman Schaer; Susan Benkel; Bar- For more information or to attend the
the Nyack Library. sored by Arts Council of Rockland. Regis- bara Selman; Simone Wilker, and Adele March Legislative Advocacy Day, email Ari-
Discussion topics will include how to ter by emailing kate@artscouncilofrock- Goldstein. ella Noveck at AriellaN@jfnnj.org.
create a project timeline and a budget; land.org or by calling (845) 598-9421.


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Briefly Local

; Executive directors and heads from 35 American Jewish day schools.
Members of the new Fair Lawn Hadassah board.

t Orthodox school heads attend

, new group’s first conference Fair Lawn Hadassah installs officers
d Representatives of 35 North Ameri- Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and Gail Black, Hadassah-Northern New Jersey programming Varda Grinspan, recording
r can Orthodox day schools met in Boca Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, and region president, far right, led the instal- secretary Gerry Stein, and membership
m Raton, Fla., earlier this month as part of Yeshiva University high schools. lation ceremony for Fair Lawn Hadassah. retention coordinator Joan Rimberg-Gold-
the first Executive Directors Conference. The conference also featured a session From left are co-president Leslie Felner, farb are not in this photograph.
, The group came together to discuss best focusing on school safety and security. education coordinator Tova Miller, book The group will meet on February 26
- practices and share innovative ways Thanks to the efforts of the Orthodox review coordinator Karen Sapherstein, at 1 p.m. at the Fair Lawn Jewish Center/
to tackle challenges. The conference Union’s Advocacy Center, a conference treasurer Harriet Premselaar, co-vice pres- CBI. Laurie Siegel, director of commu-
was organized by the Torah Educators sponsor, schools have been receiving ident for programming Liz Gelstein, cor- nity programs and services at Jewish Fed-
Network, a newly formed organization more federal and state funds to enhance responding secretary Sima Zilberg, social eration of Northern New Jersey, will be
that serves Jewish educators nationally their security. secretary Jean Cooper, and study group the guest speaker, and there will be light
in ways that their schools cannot do “The program was full and produc- coordinator Gladys Kaplan. Co-president refreshments.
independently. tive and there were so many great take- Esther Rubinstein, co-vice president for
Among the local schools represented aways,” Erik Kessler, executive director
were Ben Porat Yosef, Ma’ayanot Yeshiva of the Moriah School in Englewood, said.
High School for Girls, Moriah School, “It was so useful to be together and make
Torah Academy of Bergen County,
Yeshivat He’Atid, and Yeshivat Noam,
so many new contacts.” Teach NJS visits yeshiva in Ocean
Teach NJS, a nonpartisan orga-
nization advocating govern-
ment funding for nonpublic
schools, held a meet-and-greet
session for state legislators,
students, and parents of Hil-
lel Yeshiva in Ocean Township
last week.
Teach NJS, part of the Ortho-
dox Union and the larger Teach
Advocacy Network, advocates
for government funding in
private religious and secular
schools. This includes helping
parents with tuition assistance.
“We will be working very
hard to make sure schools are
secure and safe,” state Senator
Vin Gopal said after a tour of the
Help in raising Jewish children school, during which he and his
colleagues sat in on a Holocaust
Attending a recent event at the Oran- This year, the Orangetown Jewish Cen- study class and heard from
getown Jewish Center on “How to Man- ter is offering a monthly mental health ini- students and parents about
age, Not Mangle, Relationships with tiative, “Who We are and How We Raise tuition issues. Participants at a recent Schools in Session
Adult Children,” were, seated from Our Children — In a Jewish Context.” In 2018, Teach NJS helped observation.
left, Miriam Suchoff, Carolyn Wodar, Programs continue March 20 and increase funding to nonpublic
and Michelle Moser. Mitch and Helene April 17 at 7:45 p.m. The OJC is at 8 Inde- schools in New Jersey by 18 percent, rep- synagogues, volunteers, local communi-
Levison, Harvey Wodar, Diane and pendence Ave., in Orangeburg, N.Y. For resentating almost $40 million in fund- ties, and the Orthodox Union.
Lenny Goldstein, and Larry Suchoff information, call (845) 359-5920 or go to ing across the state. Teach NJS efforts are Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , g o t o
are standing. www.theojc.org. supported by day schools, federations, teachadvocacy.org.


Inquire ab
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Concord Grape 750 ML*
Malaga 1.5 L
Joyvin White*
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Sports Night of Champions is a touchdown!

Several hundred people wearing their favorite sports a tennis-training facility, received the JCC Emerging
jerseys attended the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Leader award. It was presented by Jeff Kurtz, one of
Tenafly’s first annual Sports Night of Champions on the evening’s MVP sponsors, who spoke about the
February 13. JCC’s appreciation for Gordon’s unique inspiration
The evening featured NY Giants football star Phil and guidance, which has helped many aspiring young
Simms and his son, NBC commentator Chris Simms. athletes in the community.
It was the first in what will be an annual event Barry Zeller, vice president of the JCC board, pre-
to support scholarships at the JCC. The evening sented the Joseph Taub Scholar Athlete award to high
included a dinner, a live auction that yielded $40,000 school seniors Tobias Zypman of Cresskill High School
for four tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, an awards and Alexandra George of Northern Valley Regional High
ceremony honoring community leaders, and scholar- School at Old Tappan. Each received a $3,600 college
ship presentation to high school athletes. scholarship. Four other high school seniors received
Phil Simms, the two-time NFL Super Bowl cham- runner-up and honorable mention scholarships.
pion and MVP in Super Bowl XXI, and Chris Simms, “The night exceeded our expectations,” JoJo
an NBC football commentator, both spoke. Tracy Rubach, who chairs the JCC’s board of directors, said.
Wolfson, a CBS sideline reporter, moderated the “The energy was at an all-time high, and I am pleased Otis and Deborah Birdsong, Barry Zeller, Michael Ray
program, interviewed the father-and-son team, and to announce that we raised nearly $200,000 for schol- Richardson, and JoJo Rubach
asked them questions submitted by the audience. To arships. I’m also proud to share that in the last year
show their support of the JCC’s scholarship advance- alone, the JCC has given out over $1 million in schol-
ment initiative, Phil and Chris Simms personally arship assistance, allowing us to help people in need
donated $5,000. benefit from all the programs we have to offer.”
The evening also celebrated the life and legacy of The evening’s presenting sponsors included Mari-
Joseph Taub, z”l, a former co-owner of the New Jer- lyn Taub and family; Michelle and Scott Tesser and
sey Nets and a founder of Automatic Data Process- family; Alpine Associates; Elle and JoJo Rubach and
ing. A longtime close friend and member of the JCC family, and Jill and Jason Rubach and family. Engle-
family, Mr. Taub received the JCC Lifetime Achieve- wood Hospital and Medical Center was the Hall of
ment award in recognition of the tremendous impact Fame sponsor; Lynne and Charles Klatskin and the
he had on young people who show promise in both Kurtz family were the MVP sponsors; and the Grand
academics and athletics. The award was presented Slam sponsors included the Garden family, Gayle and
by NBA all-star Otis Birdsong and accepted by Taub’s Mel Gerstein and family, the Kaplen Foundation, Marc
wife, Arlene, who talked about her husband’s passion Rubach, Beth and Josh Rubach and family, and Karen
for inspiring young athletes and how he loved provid- and Marc Taub and family.
Judy Gold with Mickey, Sarah, and Steven Taub
ing them with the financial assistance they need to To support scholarships at the JCC, call Alison Hol-
realize their goals. zberg Kenny, the JCC’s development director, at (201)
Gordon A. Uehling, III, the founder of CourtSense, 408-1405, or email her at akenny@jccotp.org.

The Uehling family with Phil and Chris Simms

Matthew, Benay, Joshua, Sarah, Steven, Ira, and

Michael, Alie, Michelle, Carly, and Scott Tesser Shelley Taub

Arlene Taub accepts

the JCC Lifetime
Achievement award for
Joseph Taub Scholar Athlete her husband, Joseph
Chris and Phil Simms with Tracy Wolfson award winners Alexandra George Steve Goldman, Gordon A. Taub z”l, from NBA all-
and Tobias Zypman Uehling III, and Eric Aroesty star Otis Birdsong



In perfect harmony.



Progressive, personalized care.

Experienced, compassionate people.
True, enduring peace of mind.

Learn more about Bergen

County’s only assisted living
memory care center by visiting
HarmonyVillageParamus.com or
calling 551-276-7200.


‘Body and Soul’
Getting jazzed about film festival’s opening theme of Jewish, African American ‘bridges’

Larry Yudelson up and pay attention to the song.”

Mr. Riccardi, 37, never saw Mr. Armstrong, who died in
he opening night of the Rockland Jewish Film 1971, perform.
Festival is April 3. But the first screening is much “When I was 15, I saw the movie ‘“The Glen Miller
sooner — on March 14. Story,’” he said. “I said, this man is great. I started listen-
That’s when “Body and Soul: An American ing to Louis Armstrong and started reading about him. A
Bridge,” an hour-long documentary, screens at the Rock- lot of the biographies of the ‘70s had a narrative that Arm-
land Community College theater. Why so soon? Because strong was a genius as a young man but then he sold out
the theater will be used for the school play soon after. and became popular. I never bought that. I devoted myself
Rockland Community College wanted to co-sponsor to rehabilitating Armstrong’s image.”
“Body and Soul” because the bridge in the film’s title is Mr. Riccardi made the case in his 2011 book, “What a
about the bond between American Jews and African Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s Later
Americans. Years.”
The film uses the history of the song “Body and Soul” “Now I’m writing a book on his middle years that will
to examine the relationships between the two groups that cover ‘Body and Soul’ and all the other pop songs,” he
shaped jazz in the first half of the 20th century. said.
“Body and Soul” was written in 1930. Johnny Green The Louis Armstrong House is open six days a week.
wrote the music. Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, and “The neat thing about it is everything is one hundred
Frank Eyton wrote the words. It became a hit when per- percent original. Armstrong moved there in March, 1943.
formed by African Americans, most strikingly Louis Arm- He fell so in love with the house and neighborhood that he
strong and Billy Holiday. refused to move. It’s kind of an Archie Bunker house. He
Ricky Riccardi, the director of the research collection had a very humble side. He just considered himself a regu-
of the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, will lar guy and wanted to be surrounded by regular guys.”
introduce the film. Mr. Armstrong lived in the house, in Queens, until he
“The first part of the film is the story of Johnny Green, died. When his wife died in 1983, Queens College took
the composer, of Jewish origin,” Mr. Riccardi said. “The it over. “The first thing they did was pack up all his per-
film deals with the intersection between African Ameri- sonal possessions, scrapbooks, sheet music, records,
cans and Jews in this period. Armstrong is sort of the main Riccardi said. “He helped break down the color barrier and reel-to-reel tapes,” Mr. Riccardi said. The archives he
jazz figure.” by performing with two black jazz musicians in 1936. runs at Queens College opened in 1994. In 2003 the Arm-
Armstrong’s association with Jews dated back to his Hawkins was one of the first geniuses of the tenor saxo- strong House, at 34-56 107th St. in the Queens neighbor-
childhood in New Orleans, when he was close with a Jew- phone. His own personal improvisation of ‘Body and Soul’ hood of Corona, opened; it has exhibits, a gift shop, and
ish family. “They gave him work,” Mr. Riccardi said. “He in 1939 became a hit record.” restoration.
delivered coal and worked on their junk wagon. So how important was the song to Louis Armstrong? “It looks like the late 1960s,” Mr. Riccardi said. “People
“They saw his affinity for music. They would encourage “It came during this very fertile period in the late feel they’re walking into a time machine.”
him to sing. They bought him his first cornet. 1920s and early ‘30s, where Okeh Records was starting
“Because of their affinity for him and their encourage- the transition from using Armstrong as a ‘race artist,’
ment, Armstrong wore a star of David for the rest of his playing jazz and blues, and turning him loose toward a
life. His later Jewish manager, Joe Glaser, talked about how pop audience. They started giving Armstrong all the big
he always kept a box of matzah in the house. popular love songs of the day. Armstrong proved to be a
“You can hear some of this in his music. Armstrong is natural-born genius. The way he transformed these songs
attracted to minor-key songs. He almost sounds like a can- put jazz music on the map. He takes these popular songs
tor, really wailing in those minor keys.” and makes personal interpretations. He can change the
The film’s two other main characters are Benny Good- rhythm. He can improvise. The way he approached love
man and Coleman Hawkins. songs is the way jazz musicians still approach love songs
“Goodman was another Jewish jazz musician,” Mr. to this day.
“‘Body and Soul’ came out in fall 1930. Armstrong puts
it on the map. His is the first really definitive jazz treat-
ment. His vocal is passionate. He’s swinging the entire
time. It’s completely different from any other version of
‘Body and Soul’ from the year it was composed. He let
musicians like Bennie Goldman and Coleman Hawkins sit

Save the date

What: Rockland Jewish Film Festival screens “Body
and Soul: An American Bridge”
Where: Rockland Community College, Cultural Arts
Theater, 145 College Road, Suffern
When: Wednesday, March 14, 7:30 p.m.
How much: $14; $12 for seniors and students
Ricky Riccardi Louis Armstrong

22 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018


OU head to deliver Beginning Judaism class at Pearl River shul

annual Stern Lecture Beth Am Temple will offer an “Introduction to Judaism maintain a Jewish home. For people considering conver-
The Community Syna- class” for Jews and non-Jews, beginning on Monday, March sion, the four-month course also will fulfill a requirement
gogue of Monsey and the 5. The 15-week course will be held on Mondays from 7:45 for many rabbis.

L ’ Shana
Stern family invite the to 9:15 p.m. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Participants can buy a Bible at Beth Am for $36. Pre-

L ’ Shana
community to the 21st donor, the class is free, although students are asked to buy registration for the course is required. To register or for
annual Israel and Pearl a hardcover Bible. more information, email rabbidan2018@gmail.com. Light
Stern Memorial Lecture. The course, taught primarily by Rabbi Daniel Pernick of refreshments will be provided during each session.

This year, it will be in mem- Beth Am Temple, will focus on Jewish holidays, life-cycle Beth Am Temple, a Reform synagogue, draws its con-

ory of Lila Stern, who died observances, beliefs, traditions, and related topics. The gregation from throughout Rockland County and north-
in September. The lecture, class presents a learning opportunity for a comprehen- ern Bergen County. It is at 60 East Madison Ave, in Pearl
which includes brunch, is sive overview of Judaism for people who are in interfaith River. For more information, go to www.bethamtemple.
set for Sunday, March 18, at Rabbi Steven Weil relationships, planning to marry a Jew, or preparing to org.
10:15 a.m.
Rabbi Steven Weil, the senior managing director of
the Orthodox Union, will tackle “Are We on the Verge
Of WWIII? — The Shia, the Sunni, the Iran Agreement,
Wishing you a sweetyou
Wishing newa sweet
year. new year.
JCPOA (Russia, China, Germany, France, England and Jamie and Steven Dranow • Larry A. Model • Harvey Schwartz
Gregg Brunwasser Jamie and Steven
• Michael Dranow •General
L. Rosenthal, Larry A.Manager
Model • Harvey Schwartz
the United States) and Israel.”
Gregg Brunwasser • Michael L. Rosenthal, General Manager
Rabbi Weil grew up on a cattle farm in upstate New As your local Dignity Memorial® providers, we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
York and was educated at Kerem B’Yavney and Yeshiva CANDLELIGHTING
As your
We reaffirm our local Dignity
commitment Memorial
of service
to the we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
Jewish community.
We reaffirm our commitment of service to the Jewish community.
University. He was ordained at Elchanan Theological
February 23 .........................................
Hellman-Garlick Memorial 5:22 Chapel
Seminary and concurrently received a master’s in Hellman MemorialHellmanChapels Memorial Chapels Hellman-Garlick Memorial Chapel
March• Spring 2 ................................................
1300 Pleasantville Rd. • Briarcliff 5:30
Manor, NY
business administration from NYU’s Stern School of 15 State Street Valley, NY 10977
15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977 1300 Pleasantville Rd. •10510
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
Business. After pulpit posts in Michigan and Beverly March
845-356-8600 845-356-8600 914-762-5501 5:38
9 ................................................ 914-762-5501
Hills he became chief executive officer of the Orthodox March 16 .............................................. 6:46
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
Union in 2009. Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
The shul is at 89 West Maple Ave. in Monsey. There
will be no solicitation. For more information, call (845) Hellman Memorial Chapels
356-2720 or go to comsyn.org. 15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977
www.jewishmemorialsofrockland.com 845-356-8600
DignityMemorial.com www.hellmanmemorialchapels.com

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apple bk - JEWISH STANDARD - CD-MONEY MARKET - EFF DATE 1-16-18.indd 1 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 4:31:42
1/17/2018 2018 PM 23
Be our Guest! Rockland
The Orangetown Jewish Center

Come hear the Megillah

Wednesday, February 28
Megillah Reading
& Children’s Program

Rabbi Craig Scheff Rabbi Paula Mack Drill Rabbi Ami Hersh
Lloyd Fishman, President Sandy Borowsky, Educational Dir.
The Orangetown Jewish Center
8 Independence Ave. Orangeburg, NY · www.theojc.org 845-359-5920

Wishing the
Jewish community
A scene from “Keep the Change.”

of Rockland a ReelAbilities
Happy Purim Three films put spotlight on special needs
Larry Yudelson Styron.

“It centers on her daughter, who devel-
ome April, Rockland residents oped migraine headaches in her early
Temple Beth Sholom — and wise New Jerseyans who teens,” Ms. Leader said. “It’s an incred-
Come Celebrate With Us! realize that Nanuet is no far- ible film that will appeal to people inter-
228 New Hempstead Rd. · New City, NY ther away than Manhattan and ested in how many people suffer from
845-638-0770 · www.tbsrockland.org cheaper to travel to and park in — will migraines. Four people on the selection
celebrate Jewish films at the Rockland committee suffer from migraines.”
Rabbi Brian Leiken · Cantor Anna Zhar
Jewish Film Festival. “Out of My Head” shows on Thursday,
But before that, in March, another film March 8, at 7:15 p.m.

comes to town, also under the auspices “Scaffolding,” screens on Monday,
of the Rockland JCC. March 12, at 7:15 p.m., is an Israeli film

elcome home... It’s the ReelAbilities festival, designed

to raise awareness of people with dis-
abilities. It’s organized by the Manhattan
with English subtitles.
“It centers on a young man who is

enjoy the possibilities! JCC. Screenings are happening at 32 dif-

a high school student in Israel,” Ms.
Leader said. “He struggles with read-
ferent sites all over Manhattan, the five ing and writing his entire school career.
boroughs, and the greater metropoli- He has behavior issues and meltdown
tan area. And three of those screenings issues. It’s an enormously striking story.”
will be at the Regal theater in Nanuet in The third film is “Keep the Change,”
March. which shows on Tuesday, March 13, at
“They gave us a choice about 50 7:15 p.m.
films,” Micki Leader said. Ms. Leader is “It’s a great film. It’s a feature and it’s
the “chairman emerita” of the Jewish a love story,” Ms. Leader said. “All of the
film festival, and she took a lead role in actors are high functioning people with
bringing ReelAbilities to Rockland. “We autism.”
asked to look at 15.” The film won prizes for Best U.S. Nar-
The three films are: rative Feature and Best New Director at
“Out of My Head,” an exploration of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.
migraine headaches made by Susanna For more information, and to buy tick-
Styron, the daughter of writer William ets, go to jccrockland.org/reelabilities.
Here, at the Esplanade at Palisades, our residents live a healthy,
active lifestyle and are involved in an array of engaging programs.
Come see why we have set the standard for affordable, luxury OR LUNCH
senior living. by appointment Shul open house in Pearl River
Contact us at
n Spacious studio, 1, and 2-bedroom suites : (845) 359
-7870 Beth Am Temple is hosting “Everything important than ever, and this program
n Daily recreation and cultural programs: lectures, events@es email:
planadeatpal You Wanted to Know About Judaism, will give our non-Jewish neighbors
day-trips, movies, crafts and entertainment isades.com
But Didn’t Have the Opportunity to Ask” and community members the chance
n Three Kosher meals served daily in
on Sunday, March 4, at 4:30 p.m. Rabbi to ask whatever questions they want,
our elegant dining room
Daniel Pernick, who has led the shul with the hope that it will lead to better
since 1985, will lead the program. understanding and a more accepting
According to Rabbi Pernick, “Our environment.”
AT PALISADES name, Beth Am means, ‘House of the Beth Am Temple is at 60 East Madison
A Scharf Family Residence... People,’ and we want to fulfill that by Ave. in Pearl River. For information, go
the most trusted name in Senior 640 Oak Tree Road
Care for over fifty years. A LUXURY SENIOR RESIDENCE Palisades, NY 10964 bringing people together. We live in an to www.bethamtemple.org or call (845)
age when understanding others is more 735-5858, ext. 101.
24 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Women’s Purim celebration Family activities in Montebello

The Montebello Jewish Center hosts a chal- with 3- to 13-year-olds on Sunday, March
The JCC of Rockland, Rockland Jewish include Middle Eastern food, music, and
lah baking for families with 4- to 13-year- 25, at 10 a.m. The shul is at 34 Montebello
Family Service, NCJW Rockland, and belly dancing instruction. Bring hotel-
olds on Sunday, March 11, at 10:30 a.m. Road. For information, call (845) 357-2430
Hadassah host Vashti’s Banquet, a Purim sized toiletries to donate to the Center
It will hold a chocolate seder for families or go to www.montebellojc.org.
celebration of women and for women, for Safety and Change. To register, call
on Tuesday, February 27, from 11:30 Donna at (845) 362-4400.
a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at JCC Rockland. It will

This is a date worth remembering

Dr. Anna MacKay-Brandt of the Nathan Wednesday, March 7, at 7:30 p.m. at the
Kline Institute offers a program, “Strat- JCC Rockland, 450 West Nyack Road,
egies for Improving Your Memory,” for in West Nyack. Refreshments will be
the Rockland County section of the served. For more information, go to
National Council of Jewish Women on ncjwrockland.org. Café & Bakery
Observing Shabbat Across America
Congregation Shaarey Israel participates Harmonizers high school choir, and a
in the annual NJOP National Shabbat talk by Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, “Can
Across America and Canada program on You Hear the Jewish Future?” The shul is
Friday, March 9, at 6 p.m. at 18 Montebello Road. For reservations,
The evening includes a service, a call (845)266-6445 or go to www.shaar-
Shabbat meal, songs by the Heschel eyisraelrockland.com.
Come to the Challah Fairy to satisfy all your Purim needs
Nanuet Hebrew Center awards 170 N. Main St., New City, New York
The Nanuet Hebrew Center’s annual Bruce Pollack, and the Rockland Jewish
journal awards ceremony and brunch Family Service. There will be an online (845) 323-4582 · thechallahfairy@gmail.com
reception is planned for Sunday, March journal. For information, call the shul
18, at 9:30 a.m., at the Rockleigh. This office at (845) 708-9181 or email office@ Open Mon-Thurs 6:30-6 · Fri 6:30-4
year’s honorees include Adam Sayer, nanuethc.org. Under the supervision of Rabbi Aron Lankry · Cholov Yisroel

Community Synagogue of Monsey WELCOME CENTER NOW OPEN

and the Stern Family
Cordially Invite You
to Attend the Twenty First Annual

Israel and Pearl Stern The Most Exciting

New Retirement Community
Memorial Lecture Is Coming to Rockland County.
In Blessed Memory of Lila Stern Z”L
Brightview is bringing
Guest Speaker carefree, resort-style living –
Call Cindy to
with no large entrance fee –
Rabbi Steven Weil to Rockland County. schedule your visit.
Senior Managing Director Brightview Lake Tappan offers
access to tri-state shopping,
of the Orthodox Union
culture, entertainment, and
endless on-site opportunities
for a rewarding retirement.

Topic: Are We On The Verge Of WWIII?

The Shia, The Sunni, The Iran Agreement, JCPOA (Russia, China, Reserve your apartment
Germany, France, England and The United States) and Israel. now to enjoy exceptional 61 Hunt Road • Orangeburg, NY 10962
Sunday Morning, March 18th 2018 @ 10:15 AM savings. On the Reservoir
Community Synagogue of Monsey www.BrightviewLakeTappan.com
89 West Maple Avenue · Monsey, New York
Brunch following lecture No Solicitation Independent Living • Assisted Living • Dementia Care

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018 25



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New Union Haggadah and enter Promo Code
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Revised Edition PASSOVER18

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Edited by Rabbi Howard Berman
The Haggadah for the Contemporary Family

leadersguideCD.pdf 1 11/17/14 10:35 AM

This thoughtful update of the beloved 1923 Haggadah

preserves the elegance and beauty of the original version while
Seder Leader's Guide SHARING THE
The Haggadah for the Contemporary Family

making it relevant to 21st Century families.

Seder Leader's Guide
Also available in Large Print!

A Passover Haggadah, Second Revised Edition

Edited by Rabbi Herbert Bronstein
Illustrated by Leonard Baskin
Sharing the Journey: This classic Haggadah has sold over one million copies. Illustrated
with original full-color watercolors by Leonard Baskin, this
The Haggadah for the Haggadah contains a complete Passover home service, an extensive
Contemporary Family song section, and supplemental readings.
Written by Alan Yoffie Also available in Russian!
Illustrations by Mark Podwal
Experience the joy of celebrating A Children’s Haggadah
Passover together with clear Text by Rabbi Howard Bogot and Rabbi Robert Orkand
step-by-step explanations,
Illustrated and designed by Devis Grebu
inspiring readings on the themes
of justice and freedom, and A delightful asset to any seder table—at home, in religious schools
opportunities for discussion. or at community centers. This magical book includes art on every
Songs to sing along are available page, songs, and a vibrant accordion foldout of the seder plate.
through iTunes. A comprehensive
leader’s guide (including 2 The Open Door: A Passover Haggadah
CDs) and a gift edition are Edited by Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell
also available. Art by Ruth Weisberg
Also available as an interactive Includes traditional and innovative blessings, extensive
iBook through iTunes. commentaries and supplemental readings, more than 40 pages
of traditional, newly commissioned music and magnificent full color art. Gender
inclusive language.

Omer: A Counting Omer Cards Omer: A Counting App

by Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar These unique and beautiful cards offer This unique and beautiful app
Introduction by Rabbi A. Brian Stoller an inspirational reading for each day offers an inspirational reading for
of the Omer. The perfect gift for a each day of the Omer. A perfect
A spiritual guide for a personal journey meaningful counting.
through the Omer toward meaningful and companion to Omer: A Counting.
purposeful living. Beautiful and evocative
readings for each day, matched with
the daily Omer blessing, offer a transformative path from
Passover to Shavuot.

Visit us online for Mishkan T’filah, new publications, back-in-print classics, e-books, certificates, and more

For more information and to order, go to ccarpress.org or call 212-972-3636 x241. | CCAR | 355 Lexington Avenue | New York, NY 10017 | ravblog.ccarnet.org



One stop shopping

for all your Purim needs.
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin beams with some of his Israeli grandchildren (and
their parents, too!).
Ready to go and custom
Of time and Purim baskets for every budget.
RABBI SHMUEL GOLDIN — God’s name appears nowhere in the

scroll — a world in which events are for-
urim is in the air, and I find
myself considering what it
will be like to celebrate this
ever bewildering and ultimate outcomes
unerringly unclear.
You will live in a world where charac-
“Make your Purim
sweet again”
festival for the first time as ters will loom larger than life, for better
an Israeli citizen. And, so far, it feels or for worse:
strange… A world of spiteful villains, like Haman,
Because, you see, I’ve always consid- whose hatred knows neither bounds
ered Purim to be the paradigmatic dias- nor reason; a world of cruel, indiffer-
pora festival, with a frightening current ent leaders, like Achashveirosh, whose
running beneath the fun and games. reign is for his own comfort and who
The events that give rise to Purim will allow blood to flow in the streets,
occur at a pivotal time in Jewish his- as long as it does not spill into the pal-
tory, when the Babylonian exile is trans- ace; a world of heroes, like Mordechai,
formed from an exile of force into an who must define the red lines that can
exile of choice. After 70 years of praying be crossed only at the loss of one’s soul;
for, and dreaming of, a return to Zion, and a world of martyrs, like Esther, who
the Babylonian Jews are suddenly con- remains imprisoned in the palace at the
fronted with the reality for which they story’s end, lost to her people who are
have yearned. Persia conquers Babylon, celebrating in the streets.
Cyrus the Great allows for Jewish return So…I can relate to Purim in America,
to Israel, and the exile is potentially at France, Germany, and Poland. But Purim
its end. in Israel is a problem for me. What does
Faced with this new astounding real- this festival have to say to a people who
ity, more than 90 per cent of Babylonian are home? Who finally live in their land?
Jewry votes with its feet. The Jews stay Who miraculously are, after thousands
put. Babylonian comfort trumps the of years, in control of their own des-
imperative of return. tiny? The State of Israel certainly faces
Strikingly, it is roughly at this juncture threats of great magnitude, but they are
that the events of Purim unfold, dra- not diaspora threats. They are not the
matic events through which God seems threats of Purim.
to say: What message will Purim whisper to
If it’s diaspora life you want, it’s dias- me this year, my first year as an Israeli
pora life you will get, in all of its glory. citizen?
You will live in a world of “Vena- I find the answer, perhaps, in one of
haphoch Hu” — a phrase from the Megil- the strangest halachic features of this
lah connoting extreme instability and festival; the talmudic development that
transience — a world where nothing is feels almost like Purim Torah (a parody
stable, where your fate can turn on a of the law).
dime, where the whims of others will Based upon the Megillah’s narra-
define your destiny. tive, the rabbis determine that Purim
You will live in a world where I will be should be celebrated on different days in
hidden, as hidden as I am in the Megillah SEE AIR PAGE 28
201-833-9950 201-928-4100



Air of the conquest of the land under Jewry from this analysis could
FROM PAGE 27 Joshua. According to these rules, not be more clear. While each
different places. Their analysis in the Tal- Shushan would not celebrate like individual community across
mud, which carries practical implications Shushan! the globe and across time con-
to this day, can be roughly broken down • S i m p l e ! S hu sh a n i s a n tributes to the exquisite tapestry
into the following points: exception! of Jewish thought and tradition,
• According to the Megillah, the Jews cel- Isn’t this abundantly strange? the eternal center of Jewish life
ebrate victory over their enemies on the Logic would dictate that if you want remains rooted in the land of
14th day of Adar throughout Persia — with to mark an event that occurred in Israel. Within the scope of the
one exception. In the walled capital city of the city of Shushan, the temporal Jewish journey, “diaspora time,”
Shushan, the battle lasts an extra day. In yardstick for that commemoration like each community that gives
Shushan, therefore, the celebration takes should be based on Shushan. The birth to it, is forever ephem-
place only on the 15th day of Adar. rule should be: any city that was eral. Only “Israel time” remains
• To mark this phenomenon, we will walled at the time of the Purim eternal.
decree that Purim be celebrated through- story, like Shushan, will be consid- And, perhaps, counterintui-
out the world on the 14th day of Adar — ered a “walled city” and will cele- tively, this message of Israel’s
with one exception. In walled cities, Purim brate Purim accordingly. centrality is the perfect mes-
will be celebrated a day later, on the 15th, Why create a yardstick on the sage for my first Israeli Purim,
as a remembrance of the celebration in basis of events that bear no obvi- as well. For I will celebrate this
Shushan. ous relevance to the Purim story? diaspora festival as never before;
• But wait a minute! How shall we define Why force the very city whose deeply appreciative of the Jew-
a walled city? At what historical point must experience you are commemorat- ish journey that has brought me
a city be walled, to be considered a city ing to become an exception to its Rabbi Goldin is surrounded by four more of his Israeli to this moment, but even more
that will celebrate like Shushan. own rule? grandchildren. GOLDIN FAMILY appreciative that my journey
• Simple. We will pick the moment of the There can be, it seems to me, has brought me home.
conquest of Israel under Joshua. Any city only one answer to these ques-
that was walled at that moment of history tions. From the rabbinic perspective, Jew- in the diaspora, will be defined by the con- Shmuel Goldin, who was the senior rabbi at
will be considered a “walled city” and will ish ritual time and experience is gauged by quest of the Land of Israel. There is no Congregation Ahavat Shalom in Englewood
celebrate Purim like Shushan. only one source, the Land of Israel. Even “Shushan time” when it comes to Jewish for 30 years, made aliyah last fall. He now
• But wait a minute! Historically, the date of the Purim festival, the only fes- ritual; there is only “Israel time.” is that shul’s rabbi emeritus and senior
Shushan was not a walled city at the time tival on the Jewish calendar totally rooted The message that emerges for diaspora scholar for Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Bring your children in their favorite

Purim costumes to enjoy carnival
games, inflatables slides and
Join the Fun at the obstacle course, junior bounce and
Rubach Family moon bounce, life-size cartoon
characters, puppet show, cotton

candy, prizes and more.

SUN, FEB 25, 1-4 PM
Carnival opens at 12 noon for families
with children with special needs

Suggested entrance donation:

$1 per person or non-perishable food
item to be donated to the Center for
Food Action.
All ride & game tickets sold on $25
cards for 30 tickets

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVENUE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 | jccotp.org

From Woodcliff Lake and Teaneck, Celebration will mark

hamantaschen and all the goodies new ‘Megillah Esther’
The OU Press and Koren Publishers Jerusalem celebrate
the publication of “Megillat Esther Mesorat Harav — With
Commentary Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Joseph B.
Soloveitchik,” on Tuesday, February 27, at 7:30 p.m. Rabbi
Moshe Genack of Englewood will introduce the program,
and Rabbi Dr. Meir Y. Soloveichik, the great-nephew of


Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, will be the featured speaker.
The celebration will be at Congregation Shearith Israel,
2 West 70th St., in Manhattan. Copies of the book will go
on sale. For more information, call (212) 613-8385 or go to

The co-president of the sisterhood at Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley, Debra
Feiler, along with Lauren Gross and Susan Liebeskind, coordinated this year’s
mishloach manot program at the Woodcliff Lake synagogue. The shul will ship 217
boxes throughout the United States, and deliver 603 baskets to members and friends
in the Pascack and Saddle River valleys. The baskets include cookies, chips, dried
fruit, raisins, bottled water, and hamantaschen.
The sisterhood also supports the needy in the community by giving a monetary
donation to Mazon, a Jewish national nonprofit agency that provides food, help, and
hope to hungry people of all faiths and backgrounds.


The Jewish Center of Teaneck held a pre-Purim youth hamentaschen bake, led by
congregant Lisa Mincis.

Seniors invite costumed guests

to Purim services in Paterson PURIM IS COMING… RCBC

Join seniors at the Federation Apart- The shul is at 510 E. 27th St., corner Shop at the One Stop Shop for your Purim Seudah
ments in Paterson to hear a Megillah of 12th Avenue. For information, go to
reading on Wednesday, February 28, at www.PatersonShul.com or call gabbai
7 p.m. Costumes are encouraged. Jerry Schranz at (908) 581-2972.

Glatt Kosher Caterers

Fair Lawn run to benefit camp Mishloach Manot Baskets,
The sisterhood of the Fair Lawn Jewish Tikvah program, which provides over-
Complete Purim Seudah,
Center/Congregation B’nai Israel hosts night camping for children with spe- Deli Platters, Heros & Much More!
its annual Purim 5K run/1 mile walk on cial needs. The morning will include DJ
Sunday, February 25, at 10 a.m., begin- entertainment, drinks, and snacks. To ANNUAL PURIM/PESACH
ning and ending in the shul parking lot. register, go to RFlanzman@aol.com or WINE & LIQUOR SALE
Race proceeds benefit Camp Ramah’s call (201) 796-5040.
Over 250 Varieties of Fine Wines from Brazil,
California, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Israel
ASL-interpreted service in N.Y. 10% OFF All Wines & Liquors
Town & Village Synagogue in Manhat- refreshments will be served. 20% OFF By the Case, Mix & Match
Not valid on sale items. Valid 2/26/18-4/5/18
tan holds an ASL-sign-language-inter- The shul is at 334 East 14th St.,
preted reading from Megillat Esther and between First and Second avenues. For
Our Reputation For Quality & Kashruth is Our Best Advertisement
a shpiel on Wednesday, February 28, at information, go to www.tandv.org or
6:15 p.m. Costumes are encouraged and (212) 677-0368(V). THE FINEST IN GLATT KOSHER TAKE HOME FOODS
Under Supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County
For all local Purim festivities including carnivals, Megillah readings, and celebra- Go to www.maadan.com for our complete Passover menu
tions, check the Jewish Standard calendar section, starting on page 49, and on
page 19 in About Our Children. 446 Cedar Lane · Teaneck, NJ · 201-692-0192 · Fax 201-692-3656

Ideas for sweet holiday baskets from Royal Wine, Kayco, and Kosher.com
Everyone loves Purim, but some- variety of Extra Creamy Milk handmade Tuscanini Parchment Crackers,
times the shaloch manot (gift Chocolate bars filled with each in a variety of flavors. Beigel Beigel
baskets exchanged with friends either Strawberry crème Pretzels are baked, not fried, for a healthy
and family) can be a little…under- or Vanilla crème and cook- crunch. Then let Haddar Tahini and Zeta
whelming. Instead of the same ol’ ies. U-Bet Chocolate Syrup Cold-Pressed Olive Oil inspire some cre-
same ol’ this year, why not sur- always makes milk and ice ative dips. And Tuscanini’s classic Mari-
prise them with something unique cream more fun — or have a nara and Tomato Sauces make mealtime
— an imaginative mix of sweet and throwback with old-fashioned egg a snap. For a real twist, include some Sea
savory treats to enjoy throughout creams. Someone with a sweet Castle Roasted Seaweed snacks with sea
the festival and beyond. tooth might like Absolutely Glu- salt in your savory baskets.
First, the basket itself doesn’t ten Free Raw Coconut Chews with Speaking of dinner, don’t forget that
have to be dull. Consider something Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs —the company’s coming! Go to Kosher.com for
useful that recipients will want to chews are paleo friendly, vegan, menu ideas, recipes, and tablescapes for
keep, like a pretty recyclable shop- and contain no eggs, dairy, or soy. an unforgettable spread. Try corned beef
ping bag, shower caddy, or flower Even calorie-counters can celebrate spring rolls, beef pizza with tahini drizzle,
pot hand-decorated by the kids. without guilt thanks to Manhattan and tempura cocktail dogs for a meal that’s
Next, the goodies. For a good Chocolates’ Original Chocolate far from average, yet easy to prepare and
time, don’t forget that bottle of Shoe Leather and Dark Chocolate classy enough to impress. These recipes
“something.” Lightly sparkling Shoe Leather, only 50 and 60 calo- won’t keep you chained to the kitchen, so
Bartenura Moscato and White ries each. you’ll have plenty of time for Purim fun.
Champagne are offered in 375 ml. On the savory side, Gefen Kayco is the leading kosher food dis-
bottles by Kedem/Royal Wine. The Roasted Chestnuts are peeled and tributor in America, and can be reached
younger generation will enjoy a variety of Grape — all available in mini-bottles. ready for snacking or cooking. Or build at www.kayco.com. Below is an easy rec-
Kedem juices — such as Concord Grape, Now for the sweets. Elite has the answer your own snack on a crispy foundation ipe from Kosher.com for classic haman-
Sparkling Grape, and Sparkling Peach to every chocoholic’s dream, with a wide with Absolutely Gluten Free Crackers or taschen. Enjoy!

Vanilla bean hamantaschen

Easy treats from la. Add the flour, baking
powder, and salt, and mix
on top of the dough and
roll on top of the parch-
triangle, leaving a small opening in the
center. Pinch the three sides together
Kosher.com until the dough comes ment to roll out the very tightly. Place on the prepared
together. Cover the bowl dough until it is about cookie sheets. Repeat with the re-

MAKES 3 DOZEN with plastic wrap and 1/4-inch thick. Every few maining dough and roll and cut any
DOUGH place in the fridge for rolls, peel back the top dough scraps you have, making sure to
3 large eggs one hour to firm up. parchment and sprinkle sprinkle a little flour under and over the
1 cup sugar Preheat oven to 350 a little more flour on the dough before you roll.
1/2 cup canola or vegetable oil degrees. Line 2 to 3 dough. Bake for 14 to 16 minutes, or until the
seeds of one vanilla bean large cookie sheets with Use a 2- to 3-inch drink- bottoms are lightly browned but the
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract parchment paper or ing glass or round cookie tops are still light. Slide the parchment
3 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for silicone baking mats, or cutter to cut the dough paper onto wire racks to cool. Store in
dusting bake in batches. Divide the dough in into circles. Use a metal flat blade an airtight container at room tempera-
1 teaspoon baking powder half. spatula to lift up the circle and place ture for up to five days or freeze for up
dash salt Take another two pieces of parchment on another spot on the parchment that to three months.
FILLING and sprinkle flour on one; place one has been sprinkled with a little flour.
1 cup raspberry or other jam dough half on top, and then sprinkle a Place about 3/4 to 1 teaspoon jam in Recipe by Paula Shoyer, courtesy of kosher.
In a large bowl, mix together the eggs, little more flour on top of the dough. the center and then fold in the three com, reprinted with permission from “The
sugar, oil, vanilla bean seeds, and vanil- Place the second piece of parchment sides towards the middle to form a
Holiday Kosher Baker” (Sterling 2013).

Pirate? Princess? ‘Wonder Woman’?

DEBORAH FINEBLUM place on March 2, the 15th of Adar, in party in the streets, march in parades, and the 20-year-old from Jerusalem’s Ramat
walled cities like Jerusalem) is a day when show off their costumes at school. For the HaGolan neighborhood answered without
Queen Esther and Uncle Mordechai, King the natives let down their hair, or more adults also comes the injunction to drink hesitation: “Well, it’s the parties.” (Parties
Achashveirosh and that creep Haman. often someone else’s, and assume another to the point where they can’t distinguish tend to overflow into the streets of cities
All of them (and even poor old deposed identity altogether. between “Blessed be Mordechai” from and towns, from Israel’s north spanning all
Queen Vashti) would be flummoxed by the Over at Brurya Costumes on the second “Cursed be Haman.” Meaning, they may the way down to the south.)
sheer volume of lunatic finery donned by floor of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center, all is get a little snookered, too. On the other side of the room, Tzach
Israelis on their holiday. ready for mass insanity. For starters, check (The other holiday commandants Makiri and her husband, Barre, were like-
On it, we mark a somewhat serious out the 67 costumed mannequins — from include hearing the Megillah, or book of wise decked out in his-and-her pirate garb.
chapter in Jewish history, when Haman’s the gruesome to the goofy to the glamor- Esther; sending gifts of food to friends and This was an opportunity for Tzach to get
villainy was a force that nearly wiped out ous — all lined up alongside the shop. neighbors; giving to the poor; and eating a back into costume again — last Purim she
all the Jews of the vast Persian empire in But to be admitted to the store’s inner festive meal.) was dressed as a pregnant woman (the
357 BCE. And he would have succeeded in sanctum, where hundreds of costumes Indeed, Purim is especially beloved by “costume” was convincing, and the baby
his evil plot had Esther and Mordechai’s await, you’d better be prepared to stand Israel’s young adults, who tend to take the daughter who resulted will be decked out
courage — and the unseen hand of God — for a while behind the red velvet rope. holiday as an annual invitation to party on for her first Purim as a yellow chick).
not saved the day at the last moment. Long waits aside, Purim is a unifying a national scale. “This is great, I’m going to But what exactly is it about those
Nowadays, Purim in Israel (this year it’s force in Israel. Religious and secular, Ash- get it,” said Tamar Buzaglo, admiring her pirates?
celebrated from the evening of February kenazi and Sephardi, Likud and Labor, reflection in a pirate costume at Brurya’s. “Pirates are our number-one costume
28 through March 1; Shushan Purim takes rich and poor, young and old come out to When asked about the best part of Purim, for the last 20 years for a reason,” says




The Claims Conference has negotiated liberalizations with the German government.

with subtler wines

The following changes to individual compensation programs are now effective.
• Jewish Holocaust survivors who were persecuted in Iasi, Romania, for at least three months
between August 1941 and August 1944 may be eligible for a monthly pension.
GABRIEL GELLER • Jewish Holocaust survivors who lived in hiding for at least four months, under inhumane
- conditions without access to the outside world, or lived under false identity for at least 4 months
in Nazi-occupied territory and/or in Nazi satellite states, may be eligible for a monthly pension
- Subtle wines on Purim? Sounds a
from the Article 2 or Central or Eastern European Fund.
little strange, no? The Purim feast
requires abundance of responsible • Jews who were residing in Algeria between July 1940 and November 1942, and suffered Nazi
persecution such as restrictions or deprivation of liberty, may be eligible for a one-time payment
a drinking (please do not drive after- from the Hardship Fund.
ward; have a designated driver
Pensions may only be paid to survivors who do not already receive a pension from a German source
accompany you if you are going to (including but not limited to, Article 2 Fund, Central and Eastern European Fund (CEEF), German
friends or family). When drinking Federal Indemnification Law (BEG), Länderhärtefonds, Austrian pension (OFG) or Israeli Ministry of
r big, bold, full-bodied wines one’s Finance) and who meet all other criteria, including the income and asset criteria.
f palate often gets tired quickly, los- In addition, Jewish Nazi victims who were not eligible for a payment from the Hardship Fund because they
, ing the ability of enjoying more had received a prior payment from a German source, such as the BEG (Bundesentschadigungsgesetz)
or a global agreement, may now be eligible for a supplemental payment that represents the difference
s wines after a glass or two. between the amount received from that German source and € 2556.46 the current amount of the
d The solution, I believe, is to Hardship Fund one-time payment.
broaden your horizons. Sure, with the feather, fragrant and restrained with hints Applicants who were a fetus during the time that their mother suffered persecution described above
mitzvah of the feast and drinking to the of lychee, white peach, and rose petals. should also apply. The Claims Conference funds homecare and other welfare services for vulnerable
point one would not be able to tell apart Nadiv is a relatively new winery in the Holocaust survivors according to the criteria of the German Government. There is no cost to apply.
Heirs are not eligible to apply.
- Haman the Persian tyrant from Morde- Judean Hills. They make fruit-forward
To download an application from our website, please go to: www.claimscon.org/apply
d chai the righteous, Purim is one of the wines, showcasing very well the unique
- main “wine holidays”. richness of Israel’s ancient terroir. Start- For more information, contact:
Claims Conference
- We learn from the Book of Esther that ing with the newly released 2016 vintage, P.O. Box 1215, New York, NY 10113 Tel: 646-536-9100
even when God is not intervening as their wines are overseen by veteran wine- Email: info@claimscon.org www.claimscon.org
obviously and publicly as he is with the maker Pierre Miodownick, who for over
The Claims Conference has an Ombudswoman.
ten plagues of Egypt or the splitting of three decades produced some of the best To contact the Office of the Ombudswoman, please email: Ombudsman@claimscon.org
the Red Sea, he nonetheless never aban- kosher wines to ever come out of Europe. or write to The Ombudswoman, P.O. Box 585, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113
dons the Jewish people. To the contrary, Miodownick’s experience, combined with
Haman had plotted to hang Mordechai the Israeli sunshine and soil, have yielded
and eradicate the Jewish People. God the Matan. The Nadiv Matan is a smooth
however turned Haman’s plans upside blend that is medium in body and fea-
down. Haman was hung on the gallows tures an elegant mouth-feel with notes
he had built to hang Mordechai, and of red forest berries, as well as Mediter-
the Jewish People fought back and won ranean herbs.
against the mighty Persian Army. Jezreel Valley has an unusual wine
So here with wine, let’s turn things made from Argaman, a grape variety that
around, as well. Instead of opening the is indigenous to Israel where it was cre-
bottles you have been stashing away ated in the 1970’s, a hybrid of the French-
for special occasions, keep them for the Spanish Carignan and the Portuguese
upcoming Pesach holiday and go for more Sousão. While the previous vintage was a
approachable, somewhat lighter wines. bit on the heavy side, the newly released
I recently had the opportunity to 2016 is more restrained and nuanced,
taste many new and interesting wines. making it even more interesting and pleas-
Herzog Wine Cellars just came out with ant to sip. It truly provides an intriguing
Lineage, a series of high-value wines drinking experience and I highly recom-
that includes a lovely Chardonnay with mend you check it out!
tropical fruit notes and subtle, delicious Mishenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha!
creaminess. When the month of Adar comes in, we
Tabor winery has a lovely, off-dry Mt. shall rejoice! These wines will definitely
Tabor Gewürztraminer that is light as a play their part. Purim Sameyach!

Brurya manager Rami Patimer, whose throw one together from your parents’
parents opened the shop three decades old clothes, dressing up is a way to dra-
ago. (A possible second: “Wonder matize the victory of good over evil, says
Woman,” ever since last year’s hit movie Rabbi Binny Freedman, dean of Orayta,
featured Israeli actress and former Miss a yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Old City. And
Israel, Gal Gadot.) “Pirates are classics,” since we live in fractious times, on Purim
says Patimer. “They’re dark and they’re “it’s about an evil everyone can agree
bad — so we find them fascinating.” on,” he adds. “So the nature of the day
The cost of a typical Brurya costume provides a release.”
hovers around 200 NIS ($57), whereas And, as the masks are donned, explains
a “Wonder Woman” get-up will set you Freedman, Jews are reminded that God
back 349 NIS ($99). At the top of the pric- “masks himself in our lives, but we can
ing heap this year is the leering clown understand that, beneath the illusion,
from another 2017 release: the horror Hashem is always running the world.”
film “Circus Kane.” That costume has an If you are in Israel during Purim, pre-
equally scary price tag: 699 NIS ($198). pare to have reality turned upside down .
But whether you buy a costume or  JNS.ORG



The long road home

Brazilian-American artist’s crypto-Jewish heritage to be on display in Teaneck
JOANNE PALMER academic, a man in his mid-30s with a his- family — he couldn’t eat in other people’s historical terms,” he said. “In 1909. And

tory that stretches back centuries, a Brazil- houses, he didn’t go to church ever, he that branch of the family always empha-
hat is Jewish identity? ian-American, a born Jew who had no idea knew that he, like his parents and aunt sized what it is to be an immigrant, so I
That’s an old question, that he was Jewish, much less what being and uncles and cousins, eventually would grew up with them always telling us that
hackneyed even, hard to Jewish meant, until he dug out that truth, be expected to marry someone who came we are not from Brazil. That we have to live
answer, at times politically someone who could have represented a from his huge extended family. He knew as people who belong somewhere else.”
fraught. It’s got so many answers, depend- historic dead end but instead has become that his family was different, somehow. He Where it was that they belonged, how-
ing on what the question means. Is it reli- a vibrant beginning. His story is both fasci- didn’t know how or why — he just knew ever, was not clear.
gious? Ethnic? Halachic? Tribal? Genetic? nating and ongoing. that his family had odd customs and an “I grew up with stories of the challenges
Does it have to be accepted? Can it be He will present some of that story, in expectation of separation. of immigration — language, culture, tra-
rejected? How far back does it go? How far the form of an art installation called “In He is an immigrant to the United States dition, different values. There always
forward does it stretch? Is it elastic? Thy Tent I Dwell,” as well as other stories — he, his sister, and his parents moved to was the idea that we should not blend in,
What is it? and more artwork, at Temple Emeth from Miami when he was 16 — and so are his par- because we come from somewhere else.
It’s complicated. March 9 to March 11. (See box.) ents. And so were his grandparents. “This Not necessarily somewhere better, but
Jônatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon, Jônatas’s part of his story begins in story is all about immigration,” he said. somewhere different.”
as his name might signify, is a particularly Brasilia, Brazil, in 1981. He grew up in His father’s mother’s family arrived in On his father’s father’s side, the family
complicated person. He’s an artist, an what struck him as an unusually strict Brazil from Spain “not that long ago in “had been in Brazil for many generations

32 Jewish standard FeBrUarY 23, 2018

Cover Story

Grandmother Juraci Esther Chimenes at Great-grandfather Jose Dias da Silva,

her graduation in the 1960s. in the 1940s.

Representing the Carballar family, Jônatas’s

great-grandmother and grand-aunt in 1909.

More Carballars, in the 1940s.

— since the 1600s — yet they never really Catholics, but I grew up with the idea that
adapted,” Jônatas said. “They never really there is one God, and our religion was
became part of the whole. They were being anti-Catholic. Any time that there
always self-marginalized and self-sepa- My grandfather was ostracized. was a Catholic holiday, we would boycott
rated. They had this idea that they could
not mingle with anyone else. They kept to
He did not receive any inheritance it. We didn’t even celebrate Mother’s Day
or Father’s Day, because in Brazil those are
themselves. They only married each other. from his father, because he did not secular holidays. Mother’s Day is about
“They were very aware of their own
not marry within the family. the ultimate mother — the Virgin Mary, the
mother of Jesus.
Their heritage, he said, went back to the her,” Jônatas said. “My grandfather was “We believed in God — we very strongly “This was our practice at home. We
Netherlands. ostracized. He did not receive any inheri- believed in God — but we did not have never celebrated Christmas, but New
His grandfather broke with his family’s tance from his father, because he did not a religion. I can’t even say that I was a Year’s Eve was a big deal. I grew up with
tradition by marrying outside the family — marry within the family.” Still, his grand- default Catholic, because I wasn’t bap- my family saying that it is a big problem
but he married someone with her own fam- father and then his father remained close tized. My family was incredibly spiritual, because we don’t want to be like the
ily traditions, which seemed oddly similar. to the family. but we did not have a religion. Catholics, but we were nothing at all. We
“Once my grandfather married my He grew up in a Catholic culture, but “I have relatives who became Prot- weren’t even atheists.
grandmother, his family did not accept “I was not brought up Catholic,” he said. estants or spiritualists or practicing “I would ask a lot of questions. I’d ask,

Jewish standard FeBrUarY 23, 2018 33

Cover Story

‘Why do we have so many issues with created; they were among the original
the Catholic church? Why?’” But no settlers and landowners, and they had
answers were forthcoming. That just was a great deal of power and money, and
the way it was. the respect that goes along with it. “They
That’s all Jônatas knew until his family were deeply embedded in Brazil,” he
moved to Miami. “I started asking a lot said. “There are some organizations that
of questions,” he said. “I started asking are very much part of Brazil’s revolution-
about our roots, and that’s when I found ary past, like the Freemasons. My family
out that my great grandmother on my was very deep in Freemasonry.
mother’s side had roots in Germany.” “It’s very much like the found-
He became fascinated — perhaps it’s ing fathers of this country,” he said
fair to say obsessed — with researching parenthetically.
his family history. He learned many of Eventually, as seems to happen often
his family’s last names. They all were in large, wealthy families, the patriarch
Portuguese. Why would that be, if his — Jônatas’s great-grandfather — died,
family’s various roots were in Germany and many relationships and financial

Worship in the Tri-State and Amsterdam? What was going on?

“When I turned 18, my parents decided
to talk to me. They said, ‘Look, you are
arrangements began to unravel. Before
then, the family had lived off its own
landholdings and investments, but

Area’s Friendliest Shul asking a lot of questions, so we will tell

you what we know.’ And then they told
me that all our families were Jewish.
eventually “people needed to get jobs,”
Jônatas said. That’s why his parents
went to Brasilia.
Nice place to visit, better place to live “I had no idea. “My great grandfather was a very
A very welcoming Traditional congregation “I grew up in Brazil. I looked like a reg- austere man,” Jônatas said. “He didn’t
ular Brazilian person.” And everything talk much. And he didn’t teach his chil-
• Daily minyanim he knew about Jews was about Ashke- dren the business very well. When they
nazi Jews, not Sephardim. “I just knew needed to get jobs, there was prejudice
• Affordable housing close to the synagogue about the Holocaust,” he said. against them, because the community
“My father explained that Jews in Por- thought they were bad Catholics.”
• A wide range of kosher restaurants and marketplaces tugal had different traditions,” Jônatas What about his mother’s family? They
• Easy access to NYC via private and public transportation said. “He said that his grandfather was
incredibly proud of his heritage. That’s
left Spain, he learned eventually; “one
branch went to Portugual and one to
• Warmest and most beautiful shul you will ever find why he behaved the way he behaved, Brazil, and another one stayed in Spain.”
why he never went to church.” His great-grandmother on his moth-
His father’s father’s family had been er’s side, who lived in a remote Brazilian
FRIDAY NIGHT, MARCH 9TH, 2018 in Brazil since before the country was city, “had 22 kids,” he said. Twenty-two?
Join us for our full weekend including our
magnificent Shabbat Across America dinner
and program
We will be joined for Shabbat by the
Heschel Harmonizers high school choir
Our Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach will speak twice
Friday night: “Can You Hear The Jewish Future?”.
Shabbat Morning: “Reflections from the AIPAC Conference”
Seudah Shlishit:
Join us for a kumsitz with the Heschel Harmonizers
Learn about our unique community and the
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community that cares about a Jewish future for all Jews.
Shabbat Accommodations are available at the
Crowne Plaza Hotel, directly across the street
The first 10 families to register will join us
free of charge for the entire weekend.
For more information or to register call 845-266-6445

18 Montebello Road, Suffern, NY 10901
www.shaareyisraelrockland.com The Pardo family, shown in the late 1930; Jônatas’s paternal
great-grandmother is flanked by his grandmother and grand uncle.

34 Jewish standard FeBrUarY 23, 2018

Cover Story

Really? Yes, Jônatas said. “I believe there were at and executed. He was not alone. “There was a play-
least four sets of twins.” wright from Rio de Janeiro, Antonio Jose Da Silva,
That was not the only remarkable fact about who was caught as a Judaizer and burned to death,
his great-grandmother. Another was that “this and so were hundreds of members of his family,”
woman kept the most authentic fragments of Jônatas said. “Including babies. It didn’t matter
rabbinical 15th-century Judaism in the family, how high your status, the more money you had,
although I didn’t know that at first. No one did.” the easier you could get off the hook, but it didn’t
She came from the Teixeira de Mattos family. always work.
“She said that her family came from Germany. “He was an important playwright. The king of
Originally I thought that she had lost her mind. Portugal pleaded in his favor, but the Inquisition
How could someone with that name come from officers said to the king, ‘There is nothing that you
Germany?” But she was right. can do.’
As he researched, the darkness of the past “The Inquisition officially ended in Brazil in the
started to loom. 1830s. By that time they were no longer burning
In the 1600s, his family had become rich, people, but you could still be charged and be mar-
exporting “dry meats, spices, and unfortunately ginalized for not having purity of blood.
probably even human beings. I don’t doubt that “They were not asking for certificates of purity,
they were involved in the slave trade.” And then but if you came from a known crypto-Jewish back-
they owned land. “That’s how people made an ground — what they would call a New Christian
enormous amount of money. The New World was background — you could be denied certain jobs or
entirely open.” opportunities. That is why most of us relied on fam-
But his family also were victims of the Inquisi- ily businesses, not on jobs. It was not a choice.”
tion in Portugal, which unfolded differently than The more he delved into his family history,
it did in Spain. In Spain, people were given the the more bleak it seemed, the more terror and
choice of conversion or expulsion. In Portugal, death he discovered. “You only find your Jewish-
they had to convert. ness through the anti-Semites’ death sentences
Join Us for an Artist-in-Residence Weekend
Jônatas learned that an ancestor, Manuel Dias against your family,” he said. “It is hard to be a
March 9 to 11, 2018 when Temple Emeth
Da Silva, “had been arrested by the Inquisition as a happy crypto-Jew.”
Judaizer, a New Christian who was caught practic- He also discovered some of the customs common
in collaboration with Kulanu, presents
ing Judaism after the conversion.” He was arrested to crypto-Jewish families. “I came to find that there In the 1950s, four Dias da Silva children glare at the camera.


a performance piece by JÔNATAS

Join Us for an Artist-in-Residence Weekend Kosher Market

March 9 toJoin UswhenforTemple
an Emeth
Jonatas Chimen is a Brazilian- American Symbolist
11, 2018
artist, author, and academic. Join us as we explore the
in collaboration with Kulanu, presents
Artist-in-Residence Weekend
history of the Crypto-Jewish community as seen in his WE DELIVER CHICKEN SPECIAL
stories and artworks. The weekend features five events;
come to MARCH 9 - 11, 2018
a performance piece
one or come to all. by JÔNATAS
Events are free (except for
meals) and open to the public. Of special note is a tent
Temple Emeth in collaboration with Kulanu
installation and exhibit, "In Thy Tent I Dwell" . DELI · APPETIZING · SALADS · COOKED FOODS
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performance piece by
Chimen is a Brazilian- JÔNATAS
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Jewish standard FeBrUarY 23, 2018 35

Nosh Your Way to Cover Story
Better Health
Join us as featured food guru
Shannon Sarna of The Nosher teaches
healthy twists on Passover favorites.
Proceeds will support Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO).
SUNDAY, MARCH 18th at 4:00 P.M.
The Café at Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC
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Donation Levels: Seder Plate: $60 Afikoman: $75 Miriam’s Cup: $100
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RSVP BY MARCH 12th online at hadassah.org/events/northernnjnosh
or send your name, chapter and number of reservations needed Jônatas Chimen inside his installation, “In Thy Tent I Dwell,” which will be on
with a check payable to Hadassah to: Hadassah NNJ display at Temple Emeth in Teaneck.
760 Northfield Ave., Suite 290 / West Orange, NJ 07052
were traditions that had come from frag- or grandparents.”
mented practices,” he said. The Inquisi- They’d do something else too. “Every
tion would arrest people as Judaizers if family also would choose a child to
they “swept the floor toward the center become a priest or a nun.” Often it
of the room instead of out the door.” would be the youngest child. “The first
Why? Because “you can’t just open a child often would have a very Jewish first
door and sweep the dust out in a cryto- name, and the last child would have a
Jewish family. That’s because they had a much more Catholic name. The parents
high reverence for doorposts. When they already had made the decision about
were practicing Jews, they had mezuzot. who would go where.”
When they were forced to remove them But, Jônatas cautioned, “these things
from their doorposts, then the doorposts are not all uniform. There are lots of
themselves became the place of memory layers.”
and of deep respect for Jewish traditions. Jônatas researched, “both in person
The doorpost became a sacred place. and online; there wasn’t much online
“The doorpost itself became a yet but I found a lot of books, and a lot of
mezuzah.” people of similar heritage who had read
Another tradition was that “women the books. I came across people who had
had to go to the river after their periods been doing this research for a long time,
ended, although not seven days after. For and I found distant cousins.”
women who moved away from the river, He also compiled a list of his ancestors
they had to take a rain shower in the first who had been put to death for the crime
rain that falls after your period ends. of being Jewish. That list also included
That’s a typical crypto-Jewish tradition. children.
“Also, you don’t point to the stars. Jônatas earned his undergraduate
That’s because in Portugal, Jewish fam- degree, in Latin American, Caribbean,
ilies would take their young children and Iberian studies, from the University
outside to see when Shabbat was over. of Wisconsin at Madison, and he also
They’d look for the first three stars. holds a masters in fine arts from Florida
“So I grew up hearing that if I were International University. For eight years,
to point to the stars, my fingers would he was the co-editor of an academic jour-
fall off.” nal, the Journal of Spanish, Portuguese,
“There are so many traditions like and Italian Crypto-Jews, and he often
that, and you start to recognize them if lectures in universities and other aca-
you study 15th century Jewish history.” demic settings.
The question of who in the family He also drew closer and closer to the
knew about being Jewish, like so much Jewishness at his core, the undiluted and
of this story, like so much of the reality unrecognized Jewishness he inherited
of crypto-Jewish families, and unlike so from his family.
much of the mythology that has grown “What do you do with the informa-
up about it, is nuanced, Jônatas said. tion?” he said. “Some people find it
The archives in which he did his interesting, and then they move on.
research show that the parents “usually They don’t go into it in as much detail as
would pick the oldest son or daughter to I did. They just move on, knowing that
pass on the information that they were they have Jewish heritage.” Sometimes
Jewish very clearly. They would say, ‘We people follow the fragmented traditions
thejewishstandard.com are Jewish. Don’t forget it.’ They would
pass it on at the deathbed of the parent
of their families while also living as com-
mitted Catholics.

36 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Cover Story

That wasn’t for him. rabbi, Ovadiah Yosef, had endorsed it, Jônatas finally was There is a bed in the middle of it, and there are five lamps.
“Once you go into so much depth, once you see able to be recognized formally as Jewish. Each one is a symbol of 100 years in the diaspora.
the names of the people in your families who died About a decade later, he reported, his parents did the His family has had 500 years of exile, death, dispersion
for being Jewish, I don’t see how you can just move same thing; “they officially returned to Judaism and then — and also success, love, and rebirth. It all shows up in the
on,” Jônatas said. “It wasn’t that long ago — a century they got remarried in a Jewish wedding.” And Jônatas got exhibit.
and a half — when you had people who had a clear married to “a French Jewish girl, and we live a normal main- “The tent is powerful,” Jônatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-
knowledge of their Jewish heritage. My father said that stream Jewish life in Miami. Benayon said.
his grandmother knew, and my mother said that her “We go to shul everywhere, to Ashkenazi, to Sephardi, and
great-grandmother knew very well. we also go to Temple Moses, where the language is Ladino.” Who: Artist Jônatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon
“I realized that I cannot just live the way I used to He also added Benayon to his already long name, as a What: Will present stories, artwork, and an experiential
live.” symbol of his return. installation, “In Thy Tent I Dwell,”
He could have married a Brazilian woman from a And he makes art from his experiences. Some of it is dark When: From Friday, March 9, through Sunday, March 11.
family of which his parents would approve, he said, and heavy, he said. It’s about wandering, feeling homeless,
Where: At Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor Road, in Te-
but because he spent so many years in the United feeling unwanted, feeling rootless. It’s also about history,
States, that did not make sense for him either. and also about the joy of finding himself.
How much: Lunch on Saturday is $10, and brunch on
He set out to return to the Judaism that was in his “The Tent in Which I Dwell is made up of all the docu-
Sunday is $8. Everthing else is free.
blood and bones and heart and head, but his essential ments I had to show to the rabbinical court. And within
Jewishness was not as clear to the outside world. there is a quarantine room, a replica of the one my family More information: To learn what will happen, and when,
go to Emeth’s website, or call (201) 833-1322.
“I told my parents, ‘Look, I don’t see how we can stayed in when they went to Brazil from Spain. I recreated it.
move on like this,’” he recalled. “I said ‘We are part of
this people, of the people of Israel.’ My parents said
that they were too old for it, but that I should do it.”
Eventually, Jônatas met Jews — there is a story in
that too — and began going to shul. But he ran into
problems. Rabbis were willing in practice to accept
him as a Jew — his parents and their parents and their
parents, back through all their lines, were Jewish, he
knew, and his research could prove, so halachically
there was no issue. But the rabbis weren’t willing to
make it official. The documentation Jônatas could pro-
vide wasn’t straightforward enough. They demanded
that he convert, but Jônatas felt strongly that he was
Jewish. They would count him for a minyan, but they M A’ AYA N OT Y E S H I VA H I G H S C H O O L F O R G I R L S I N V I T E S T H E CO M M U N I T Y TO O U R
wouldn’t put it in writing.
“But I would say that my relatives died for being A N NUA L S C H O L A R S H I P D I N N E R
Jewish, so how can I convert? They would tell me that
M OT Z E I S H A B B AT, M A R C H 10 , 2 0 1 8 | 8 : 3 0 PM | CO N G R EG AT I O N KE T E R TO R A H
they appreciate my courage, but they’d say ‘I can’t do
anything for you.’” J O I N U S I N E X PR E S S I N G H A K A R AT H ATOV TO O U R H O N O R E E S
But Jônatas is a fierce researcher, and he knew what
he wanted. “I started reading rabbinical literature
about how to treat Jews who had left for generations
because of genocide or forced conversion,” he said.
Eventually — that’s a word that comes up often in
Jônatas’s story — “I came across a comment from a
Sephardi chief rabbi, Mordechai Eliyahu, who had
been approached on that subject by Shulamit Hal-
evi, an Israeli teacher. She had been approached by
descendants of crypto-Jews and she went to Chief
Rabbi Eliyahu to talk about it.
“She said, ‘What do I tell these people, who are M R. S AU L & M R S . D E E N A K A S ZOV I T Z R A B B I E L I E & D R. M I R I A M B E R M A N
indeed Jews, who have lived in this community for
hundreds of years, who only marry each other — what
do I tell them?’”
Rabbi Eliyahu’s answer included a quote from an
earlier rabbi, “that the issue should be treated with
kindness. They should be praised for coming to
observe the commandments of the Torah.
“What is the ritual to re-establish themselves into
the Jewish mainstream? They have to perform circum-
cision on a man” —and if they’ve been circumcised
already, as Jônatas had been a few years earlier, then
D R. N E E R & M R S . LY N N E V E N-H E N M S . S A M A N T H A KU R
the ritual called hatafat dam, where a drop of blood is PA R E N T S O F T H E Y E A R T E AC H E R O F T H E Y E A R
drawn — “the mikvah, and then they get a certificate,
saying that he or she has returned to his or her ances-
tors’ ways.
“It is sort of like a conversion, but it recognizes the
To make a pledge and reservation, please visit www.maayanot.org/annual-dinner
heritage of the crypto-Jew, and that makes a huge dif- or contact Pam Ennis, Director of Development, at 201-833-4307 ext. 265, ennisp@maayanot.org
ference. It is about being recognized as a Jew who has
returned to his Jewish ways. Someone who has been
lost, but is returning.” Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls
Armed with this new evidence, along with the fact 1650 Palisade Avenue | Teaneck, New Jersey | 07666 | www.maayanot.org
that Rabbi Eliyahu’s predecessor as Sephardi chief

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018 37

Jewish World

Poland’s prime minister distorts Holocaust history

Cnaan Liphshiz technically, but historically unfair in light
of the specific nature of the Nazi persecu-
The row between Poland and Israel about tion of Jews, according to scholars who
the Holocaust reached new heights this have studied the dozens of indictments
week after Poland’s prime minister said brought forward in Israel against Nazi
that the genocide had not only Polish, collaborators.
Ukrainian, and German perpetrators, but Until 1972, dozens of indictments led
Jewish ones as well. to trials in Israel of alleged Jewish collab-
Addressing a new law that criminalizes orators with the Nazis, said Rivka Brot, a
blaming Poland for Nazi crimes, Mateusz fellow at Bar-Ilan University’s Center for
Morawiecki said in an interview last week Jewish and Democratic Law. Brot wrote
that the law’s effects would not be as her doctoral thesis on the prosecution of
sweeping as its critics complain. Jewish collaborators by Jewish tribunals in
“It’s not going to be seen as criminal to transit camps in Europe after World War
say that there were Polish perpetrators, as II, and later in the State of Israel.
there were Jewish perpetrators, as there None of the trials ended with a sentence
were Ukrainian; not only German perpe- longer than 18 months in prison.
trators,” he said. Even before Israel’s establishment, doz-
If his statement was meant to soothe ens of unofficial communal tribunals were
the law’s critics — they include interna- set up to process hundreds of complaints
tional Jewish groups and Israeli Prime Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki Michele Tantussi/Getty Images against alleged Jewish collaborators in
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, in displaced persons camps in Europe, Brot
a rare rebuke of an ally of Israel, called to understand history and a lack of sen- with the Nazis is a new low,” he said. said. Lacking binding legal powers, these
the legislation baseless— then Morawiecki sitivity to the tragedy of our people,” the Jonny Daniels, an influential commem- tribunals could pronounce symbolic guilty
failed spectacularly. Israeli leader said. oration activist in Poland who is friendly sentences, which meant excommunica-
Escalating his rhetoric, Netanyahu Another Israeli leader, President Reuven with Morawiecki, called it a form of Holo- tion for the convicted.
called the remark “outrageous.” Rivlin, offered his contempt for the caust denial. Brot said the offensive element in
“There is a problem here of an inability remark. “Saying that Jews collaborated What Morawiecki said is accurate Morawiecki’s remark is not that he

an evening with Annual Patron of the Arts

Program Premier Speaker Event
Join us for an evening of laughter and
conversation with Alan Alda, seven-time
Emmy & Golden Globe award-winning actor,

director, author, and science advocate, on the
art of improv, the role of empathy, and the
importance of communicating.

VIP $360 Exclusive for Patron of the Arts

Subscribers. Reserved VIP seating, meet
and greet with photo opportunity,
dessert reception
Sunday, April 15, 7 pm Preferred Admission $100 Priority seating

General Admission $50

All attendees will receive Alan’s
latest book, If I Understood You,
Would I Have This Look On My Face?

Visit jccotp.org/alda
INFO: Nina Bachrach, nbachrach@jccotp.org

This event is
supported in part
by The Henry
Photo Credit: Alan Alda
and Marilyn Taub

KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 | 201.569.7900 | jccotp.org
38 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018
Jewish World

mentioned Jews who collaborated with would be subject to mass reprisals if

the Germans, but that he listed them they didn’t.
alongside Polish collaborators. Other Judenrat leaders, however,
“Any comparison between Jewish col- seemed to relish the powers vested in
laborators and Polish ones is false,” she them. Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski of
said. “The Jewish prisoners who collabo- the Lodz ghetto was notorious among
rated did so under the immediate threat them.
of death.” Poles, Brot added, suffered a Moving around the ghetto on a bro-
lot under the Nazis, “but most were not ken-down horse-drawn carriage, Rum-
subjected to the same circumstances as kowski instituted currency bearing his
Jews destined for annihilation.” signature and postage stamps with his
Jewish collaborators included kapos image, earning him the sarcastic nick-
and other functionaries of the internal name “King Chaim.” Infamously, he
power structure that the Nazis forced urged his subjects to hand their chil-
Jews to form in camps and ghettos, Brot dren over to the Germans, who sent
said. Also, some Jews helped the Nazis
track down other Jews living in hiding in
exchange for the collaborators’ freedom
or that of their relatives.
Jews who collaborated inside camps Brot said the
and ghettos often said in their defense
that they did so not to better their own offensive element
situation but to better the lives of other in Morawiecki’s Holocaust survivors protest Poland’s new bill on Holocaust rhetoric in front of
Jews. Eliezer Gribaum, a Polish Jewish
kapo who was accused of mercilessly remark is not that the Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv on February 8. Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP/Getty Images

beating inmates at Birkenau and later he mentioned

was killed in Israel’s War of Indepen-
Jews who

dence, said he accepted the position at APRIL
the request of other Jews who needed collaborated with
protection from an anti-Semitic non-
Jewish kapo, a German criminal. the Germans,
The case of Jews who remained out- but that he
side camps or ghettos by helping the
Nazis hunt down other Jews appears listed them
even murkier. alongside Polish
Notorious among them was Stella
Kubler, who began hunting Jews for collaborators. GUESTS OF HONOR
the Nazis to keep her parents from MARK & SUSAN
being deported and stayed in their ser- them to be murdered. He was beaten to
vice until the war’s end. She and other
Jewish hunters of Jews were given spe-
death at Auschwitz, where he came on
the last transport.
cial papers and even weapons by the Last Tuesday, Polish Foreign Minister BREAKFAST
Gestapo. Some even received a cash Jacek Czaputowicz acknowledged in an RABBINICAL
bonus of 200 marks for every Jew they interview with a Polish newspaper, Dzi- SUPPORTER AWARD
helped deliver.
Some of them, including Rolf Isaa-
ennik Gazeta Prawna, that there were
Polish collaborators, adding that the sit-
ksohn, delivered their own relatives to uation concerning collaboration “was SUNDAY
APRIL 22, 2018
the Nazis — an uncle, in Isaaksohn’s case, extremely complicated.” There were
according to a 1992 Der Spiegel expose cases, he added, where Jews caught 9:30 -11:30 AM
about Jewish hunters of Jews. by the Germans led the Nazis to Poles
Kubler was tried twice for her actions, who were hiding them. (According to CONGREGATION
which resulted in the murders of dozens: one testimony, a woman in the village KETER TORAH
Once by a Soviet tribunal that sentenced of Chociszewo denounced her non-Jew- 600 ROEMER AVENUE MOSHE & DENA
her to 10 years in jail, and then by a West
German one, which convicted her but
ish husband to the Germans to pursue
her love affair with a Jew whom she had
did not sentence her to any additional hidden — and who later was killed by
prison time. She spoke with raw hate Russian troops.) TO MAKE A RESERVATION
about the Jewish people, and until her Although many Jewish collaborators OR TO DONATE: KEYNOTE SPEAKER
death in 1994 was a favorite among pub- were despised by Jews in Israel and WWW.PROJECTSARAH.ORG
lishers of anti-Semitic literature. beyond, comparing them to Polish col- THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE
Members of Judenrats, Jewish councils laborators “is morally and historically INTERNET TO VULNERABLE YOUTH
Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma at Shepard
set up in ghettos that were answerable false also because of the complex spec- THERE IS NO COUVERT Pratt Healthy System in Baltimore MD, Executive Vice-President
to the Germans, constitute yet another trum of collaboration,” Porat said. This FOR THIS EVENT of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
and author of “The Child Survivor”
variant of collaboration. complexity does not apply to Polish col- BABYSITTING AVAILABLE
Dozens of them committed suicide laborators, few of whom were threat- VALET PARKING
to avoid carrying out the Germans’ ened with death if they did not betray or
orders of annihilation against vulnera- turn in Jews.
ble ghetto populations, such as children “The indictment against all of those
and women, Dina Porat, chief historian
for the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum
collaborators may appear similar, but
the context in which they acted is radi-
in Israel, said. Others cooperated with cally different,” Porat said. Stop Abusive Relationships at Home
the Nazis out of fear that the ghetto JTA Wire Service

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018 39

Jewish World

A profile of Washington, D.C., Jews: institutions,” said the survey’s lead author,
Janet Krasner Aronson. “One way to view

Most Democratic and mostly unaffiliated that is that the community offers a lot of
ways for people to participate without
membership. Another way is that the insti-
Ben Sales D.C.-area Jews that the Jewish Federation attend Jewish cultural events. tutions have not kept up with what people
of Greater Washington published this But a smaller-than-average percentage are looking for.”
Jews in and around the nation’s capital do week. Much of the metro D.C. Jewish com- of D.C.-area Jews belong to synagogue. Conducted by the Steinhardt Social
plenty of Jewish things. Many of them just munity travels to Israel and follows the And only a fraction say Judaism is a part of Research Institute and commissioned by
don’t do those things as members of Jew- news there, it found. Its members may their daily life. the Jewish Federation of Greater Washing-
ish institutions. take part in religious services and observe “There’s a lot more program partici- ton, the survey of more than 6,000 respon-
That’s one of the main takeaways from key Jewish cultural rituals more than the pation and synagogue attendance than dents took place from May to August of
a wide-ranging survey of Washington, national average. And its young people there is membership in synagogues and 2017. Aronson’s co-authors are Len Saxe,
Matthew Brookner, and Matthew Boxer.
Here are five of its biggest takeaways.
1. The Washington, D.C., area has nearly


300,000 Jews
The Washington, D.C., metropolitan
area — defined as the District of Colum-

bia and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs
— has seen its Jewish population grow 37
percent over 14 years. In 2003, the area
had 215,000 Jews. As of 2017, it has close
to 300,000.
That number makes it one of the six
largest Jewish communities in the coun-
try, around the same size as the Bay Area’s
(350,000, according to a new study) and
Chicagoland (also close to 300,000). The
Jewish communities in southeast Florida

and Los Angeles both number about half
a million people, according to data in the
Bay Area study, while the New York City
metropolitan area is roughly three times
that size, at 1.5 million.
But D.C. can count on staying power.
AT Although D.C. might have a reputation as
a magnet for 20-somethings in short-term
government and research jobs, 60 percent
of Jews have lived in the area for more than
10 years, and only 22 percent of all Jews
there have any plans to leave.
(Local Jews were surprised to learn that
more Jews now are to be found in north-
ern Virginia, 41 percent, than in suburban
Maryland, 37 percent, or the District, 22
2. D.C. Jews are more Democratic than
American Jews in general
Americans Jews have a longstanding
reputation for voting Democratic. Around
70 percent of Jews voted for President

A Special Barack Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton

in 2016 — the highest numbers among any
religious group. In September, 77 percent

Commemorative Highlighting travel and tourism,

real estate, and new ways to
of Jews said they disapproved of President
Donald Trump’s job performance. Fifty-
four percent of Jews identify as Democrats
keep supporting Israel’s charitable
nationally, while 14 percent nationwide are
and educational institutions and Republicans.
But Jews in the D.C. area are even more
technological advances. Democratic than that. Seventy-two per-

APRIL 13 cent of area Jews identify as Democrats,

while only six percent identify as Republi-
cans. The remaining 22 percent are either
To advertise your ongoing
independent or affiliate with another
commitment to Israel, party. The most Democratic sectors of the
please call 201-837-8818 x 121 Jewish population are 18- to 29-year-olds
DEADLINE APRIL 5 and those older than 65.
PR accepted from advertisers In general, the capital is perhaps the
most Democratic city in the country. In
2016, more than 90 percent of local voters

40 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Jewish World

All Roofing Repairs

Shingles · Flat · Slate
Custom Copper Fabrication
Gutters & Leaders
Pete McDonnell
201 286 8462
Free Estimates • 36 yrs exp
Lic 13VH07259700

The United States Capitol Zach Gibson/Getty Images THE GROSS CENTER FOR
voted for Clinton. In one area, the Jews in and around HOLOCAUST & GENOCIDE STUDIES
3. They’re especially religious — but D.C. stick out — Israel. Two-thirds have
don’t belong to synagogue visited the Jewish state, compared with
The paradox of the D.C. communal 43 percent of Jews nationally. A similarly
study, according to the researchers and higher number has gone on Birthright’s
Gil Preuss, the CEO of the local Jewish free 10-day trips to the country.
federation, is that while Jews in the area Beyond that, more than two-fifths of
observe rituals and go to Jewish pro- Jews in and around D.C. follow Israel
grams at relatively high rates, they’re news at least once a week. A slightly
also relatively unaffiliated with tradi- higher percentage of D.C.-area Jews
tional Jewish institutions. “very much” have an emotional connec-
D.C.-area Jews observe Jewish religious tion to Israel than the equivalent number
rituals at higher rates than Jews nation- nationwide — 34 percent vs. 30 — though Babi Yar and the Holocaust in Ukraine Film Screening: The Other Side of Home
wide — though the numbers are not a slightly higher percentage in the D.C. Dr. Martin Dean, Historical Consultant at Babi (Q&A following the film)
always directly comparable. More than area also says it has no emotional con- Yar Holocaust Memorial Center Naré Mkrtchyan, Producer/Director
half of D.C.-area Jews attended High Holy nection — 14 percent vs. 10 nationally. Ramapo College, Robert A. Scott Student Center, Jointly Presented with the Armenian Students Association
Days services, and 20 percent attend a On the peace process, D.C. Jews lean Alumni Lounges (SC158) Ramapo College, Robert A. Scott Student Center,
service at least monthly, while the equiv- to the left. Two-thirds support a two- THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 7 P.M. Alumni Lounges (SC157-58)
alent numbers nationwide were about state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Film Screening: 1945 (Hungary, 2017; WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 4-6 P.M.
35 and 20 percent, according to the Pew conflict, while only nine percent oppose Directed by Ferenc Török) The Vatican and the Holocaust
Research Center’s 2013 study of Ameri- the idea. Two-thirds also believe either Hungarian (with English subtitles) Professor Stanislao Pugliese,
can Jews. some (44 percent) or all Israeli West In Memoriam John Gunzler Hofstra University, New York
A third of D.C.-area Jews keep some Bank settlements should be dismantled.
Ramapo College, Trustees Pavilion (PAV3) Jointly Presented with the Italian Club of Ramapo College
MONDAY, MARCH 19, 1 P.M. Ramapo College, Trustees Pavilion PAV3)
kind of kosher, as opposed to 22 percent 5. Young people are intermarrying —
of American Jews who say they keep and also staying involved. Human Rights and the Rule of Law SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 10 A.M.
Reed Brody, Human Rights Lawyer, Counsel Coming to America: Victims of the Shoah
kosher in the home. More than 80 per- The intermarriage rate in the D.C. area
for Human Rights Watch, International Crimes and Émigrés From the Former Soviet Union
cent of D.C.-area Jews attend a Passover is about the same as it is nationwide — Prosecutor and Investigator: Consultant on and Middle East
seder, as opposed to 70 percent nation- 44 percent of all Jews are intermarried, International Crimes and Prosecutions Moderated by Dr. Michael Riff, Director of the
wide (and 50 percent in the Bay Area, including about 60 percent of younger Jointly presented with the Law and Society and Gross Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at
according to the new study). Jews. But 61 percent of intermarried cou- Social Work Programs of Ramapo College Ramapo College
But Jews in the D.C. area also affiliate ples in and around D.C. are raising their Ramapo College, Anisfield School of Business (ASB332) Jointly Presented with the Jewish Historical Society
at lower rates than American Jews over- children as Jews, as opposed to about a MONDAY, APRIL 9TH, 1 P.M. of North Jersey
all. Nearly 40 percent of D.C. Jews are third of intermarried couples nationally. From Chess Masters to Clydesdales— Temple Beth Sholom, 40-25 Fair Lawn Avenue,
unaffiliated, compared to 30 percent Young Jews in the area also are staying Holocaust Survivor David Friedmann’s Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410
nationally. Just 27 percent say Judaism is involved in Judaism. While the research- Art Journey TUESDAY, MAY 15, 9 A.M-3 P.M.
part of their daily lives. ers noted that these figures may be Miriam Friedman Morris, Pomona, New York Gumpert Teachers Workshop
Jointly Presented with the Hillel of Ramapo College Film in Teaching about the Holocaust and
Five percent of D.C.-area Jews are slightly high, the study reports that a
In Commemoration of Yom HaShoah Genocide
Orthodox, 21 percent Conservative, and majority have gone to at least one Jew-
(Holocaust Remembrance Day) In cooperation with and supported by the N.J. State
29 percent Reform. Nationally, those ish program this year. That includes a Ramapo College, Robert A. Scott Student Center Commission on Holocaust Education
numbers are 10 percent Orthodox, 18 per- whopping 41 percent who have attended (Alumni Lounges, SC157-58) Ramapo College, Trustees Pavilion
cent Conservative and 36 percent Reform. a program at Sixth and I, a historic syna-
While 31 percent of Jews nationally gogue and program center in the capital. For Information and to request disability-related accommodations
please contact: holgen@ramapo.edu or 201.684.7409
belong to a synagogue, the number is “We have the opportunity to present
slightly lower in the D.C. area, at 26 per- programming, to engage them, to really
cent. And within that number, a fifth connect them to each other and to Jew- All Programs Free and Open to the Public
belong to an independent prayer group ish life,” Preuss said. “Because they’re
or Chabad. A lower percentage of D.C. searching. They’ve already made the SALAMENO SCHOOL
Jews give their kids formal Jewish educa- statement that they care. The question OF HUMANITIES
tion than do Jews nationwide. now is how creative, how open are we, AND GLOBAL STUDIES
4. Most of them have been to Israel and what do we do?” JTA Wire Service 505 Ramapo Valley Rd · Mahwah, NJ

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 23, 2018 41

Ban assault weapons

Will we ever get

I serious about guns?
cannot know what the parents of the 15 stu- Second Amendment, Second Amendment,
dents or two teachers killed at Marjorie Stone- Second Amendment, we are told, as if the Second

man Douglas High School are feeling now. Amendment to the Constitution, which reads, in
But the parents of the 20 children and six its entirety, “A well regulated Militia, being nec- caveat: Do not assume When do we stop dragging out
staff members killed at Sandy Hook in 2012 do. essary to the security of a free State, the right of you know how this col- the Constitution as an excuse for
And so do the parents of students killed at other, the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be umn will end from the allowing weapons designed for
smaller-scale school shootings, and of victims at infringed,” leads inexorably to the bloody slaugh- way it begins. the battlefield to be purchased
malls and movie theaters and nightclubs. ter of innocents. And really, what can we do? It’s That said, let us do the numbers: for the euphemistically called rec-
But I do know what it feels like to be the parent of in the Constitution! In the first 45 days of 2018, there reational use? Does anyone truly
a dead child and dear readers, I desperately hope But the demand that 18th century Americans were 30 mass shootings in the believe its Framers would have
that none of you ever has to know what I know. Ever. have the right to keep and bear arms in order United States (meaning incidents written the Second Amendment
Let me tell you just a little of what it feels like, to assure the health of a well regulated militia in which four or more people were as they did if they could have envi-
although of course words fail. It is black misery. It seems not to have much to do with the right of a shot). Of these, at least seven and sioned the above statistics? Does
is being at the bottom of an airless, lightless, slime- deranged 19-year-old to burst into his old school as many as 18 were “school shoot- anyone believe they would have
lined hole, where you feel that you never will be — from which he’d been expelled because he was ings,” depending done so if they could
able to breathe again, never will be able to see frightening, and because the school had no good on how you define have conceived of
again, never will be clean again, and you can’t way to deal with him, because we haven’t devoted “school shootings.” rapid-fire weapons,
imagine ever caring about any of those things again. many resources to figuring out how to handle lost, Of the seven cases or of high-capacity
It is a feeling of utter hopelessness, of complete damaged, dangerous people like this one — and everyone accepts, ammunition maga-
despair, of the certain knowledge that nothing kill anyone he saw. there were 20 zines, or of “bump
you’ve ever believed was true, that even the most The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, into a deaths (mostly chil- stocks,” which effec-
solid ground you’ve ever walked on was an illu- world without assault weapons. dren) and 33 injuries. tively turn semi-auto-
sion, and that hell, the black slime pit, was just It is safe to say that the Founding Fathers never This includes last matic rifles into fully
beneath it all along, waiting for you. imagined what their words would be twisted to Wednesday’s mass automatic ones?
And then that feeling sometimes turns into red- allow. shooting in Parkland, Shammai When do we stop
hot, blue-hot, melting rage. We as Jews are familiar with the idea of halacha Fla., in which the Engelmayer allowing our politi-
But my daughter, my beloved Shira, died by as coming from Torah laws, but as having been mentally disturbed cians to put the will
accident, at the hands of a careless driver on a changed and adapted, often almost beyond easy teenage shooter shot of the National Rifle
confusing traffic circle. No one wanted her dead. recognition, to fit the circumstances in which the off at least 150 rounds within six Association ahead of the welfare of
My husband and I know that we don’t feel what Jews who lived by them found themselves. To use minutes. America’s citizens of every age?
parents of children dead of disease or substance just an obvious example, the path from not cook- In 2016, the American Journal As for us Jews, when do we
abuse or suicide feel. Each of us has our own spe- ing a kid in its mother’s milk to the elaborate rules of Medicine provided some truly start acknowledging that Jewish
cial and specific and distinct hell. governing kashrut is circuitous, although the goal frightening statistics, based on a law, which puts life above almost
But the deaths of children slaughtered by some- — to fulfill God’s law by eating in a way that accepts study of mortality data from 23 everything else, requires us to
one who wanted them dead? And not even dead that everything we eat comes from somewhere, highly developed nations. Here be in the forefront of any move-
for themselves, because of who they were, but as and that we take the life we need to allow ours to is some of what the AJM reported. ment to keep military-style weap-
bit players in their killers’ own horrific psychodra- continue comes at a real cost, and must be done The United States accounted for ons and accessories out of civilian
mas? As real-life Rosencrantzes and Guildensterns? with respect and intent — is clear. • 82 percent of all firearm deaths; hands, and to prevent anyone who
It is unthinkable. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, similarly, • 90 percent of all firearm deaths is mentally ill, or is an abuser of
There is one advantage that those parents have, underlie all our laws, at least in theory, but with- among women; any kind — spousal, child, or oth-
however. They can take their rage and aim it. out the idea that there is some guiding divine will • 91 percent of all firearm deaths erwise — or who has a history of
There is a real target. They, like the extraordinary behind them. among children up to 14 years old; violence of all other kinds, from
student survivors whose outrage has encouraged To have allowed the Second Amendment to • 92 percent of all firearm deaths owning any kind of gun that has
us all, can work toward change. warp into being seen as the right to keep and bear among youths aged 15 to 24 years. the ability to kill?
They all can work to rid this country of the assault weapons seems to contradict the Declara- As high as these numbers are, they I know what some readers are
scourge of assault weapons. tion of Independence’s demand that each of us become more frightening when we saying about now: “There he goes
Yes, everyone says it can’t be done — but no, Americans is entitled to life, liberty, and the pur- take this statistic into consideration: again spewing his leftist bleeding
actually, it used to be that everyone said that it suit of happiness. The United States has only half the heart liberal hogwash because
can’t be done. There seems, finally, to be some Tell that to the bereaved parents, whose ability population of the other 22 high- he wants to take our guns away.
movement on the issue, although it easily could to pursue happiness ended when their children’s income nations combined. Everyone knows guns do not kill
stall out and certainly it is not worth the price right to life was ended.
those murdered students and teachers and their This is not what our Founding Fathers Shammai Engelmayer is rabbi of Temple Israel Community Center | Congrega-
families and friends have to pay for it. intended. —JP tion Heichal Yisrael in Cliffside Park and Temple Beth El of North Bergen.

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people, people kill people.”

Yes, people do kill people, but
some synagogue volunteers
with police-style handguns in The accountability of leadership

how many people a gun can kill order to protect their commu-
depends on the gun being used. nity’s religious institutions. They hen the Israeli police recommended American media and Congress from the important
A six-bullet revolver can kill six would be trained similarly to the an indictment of Prime Minister work his administration is doing. And Prime Minister
people within minutes before process used by the Community Binyamin Netanyahu for corrup- Netanyahu argued in an address to the nation that the
the shooter has to stop to reload. Security Service, or CSS, which tion, the prime minister imme- Israeli police recommendations to seek an indictment
Compare that to how many peo- has been providing general secu- diately responded to the public that “there will be against him “cast a dark shadow” and “have no place
ple an AR-15 can kill within one rity training to more than 4,000 nothing because there is nothing.” in a democratic state.”
t minute, given that it can fire 40 volunteers in Jewish communi- While a politician brushing off corruption charges Both leaders have claimed that law enforcement’s
r rounds every three seconds. ties throughout the United States, may not be so unordinary, many journalists pointed independent self-investigative power to investigate
r Do not misunderstand. I am including in our area. Given the to Netanyahu’s comments at a Likud convention in the alleged misdeeds of those in power abuses the
not advocating taking away all climate of racist hatred, includ- December. He said then that “there will be recom- democratic system’s ability to retain the confidence of
- guns. There are times when guns ing anti-Semitism, that seems to mendations, so what? Here’s a fact you probably don’t the electorate it represents. The argument is that an
y are needed for protection, and be getting only worse, turning know: over 60 percent of police recommendations are elected government requires the people’s faith in order
even Jewish law would permit to community-based armed vol- thrown out and never result in indictments.” to function, and that investigations into the legitimacy
t owning a gun for that purpose. unteers would seem to be both A comment like this goes further than ignoring of the government only erode that necessary public
- Jewish law requires us to pro- prudent and perhaps even hala- the noise of inquiries and brewing scandal. Here, trust. But an alternative perspective would argue that it
tect ourselves, and also to act chically sound. the prime minister challenged the integrity and is the very vulnerability of governing officials to inves-
to protect others. We are not to To my mind, this is safer the legitimacy of the police establishment and its tigation that ensures their accountability to the public,
stand idly by the blood of our fel- (at least in theory) than hir- investigative process. Before Donald Trump became thereby securing the foundations of the democratic
f lows (see Levitievs 19:16; also, for ing armed strangers whom we president of the United States, it was system. Knowing that the person occu-
, an extensive discussion of how do not know and have to take unusual for a chief executive to chal- pying the seat of power is just as much a
y this verse applies to protecting someone else’s word that they lenge the integrity of an arm of the gov- citizen under the law as everyone else is
- others, see the Babylonian Tal- are suitable. ernment under that executive’s own what democracy is about.
mud tractate Sanhedrin 73a). I have reviewed the plans for authority. President Trump has picked The people are sovereign, and the
- However, Jewish law also this proposed initiative. The out the FBI for special criticism, and government serves at its pleasure.
- would require a strict and effec- volunteers would be local com- the Justice Department leadership for The idea of the ruler being under the
y tive training regimen in the use munity members who know the sanctioning it, because he sees the Rus- law rather than above it, while elemen-
of such weapons, as well as bet- people and institutions they are sia investigation as a cancer that breeds tal to democracy, was a revolutionary
ter safety features, such as those signing up to protect. The CSS unwelcome scandal amid the business idea of the Hebrew Bible. In the book
- found on the “smart guns” on the model works because familiar- of government. Prime Minister Netan- Rabbi Dr. of Deuteronomy, the king is required to
market. This is based on the “law ity, passion for the communi- yahu seems to be following the same David J. Fine keep a copy of the Torah with him and
of the parapet” found in Deuter- ty’s safety, and routine contin- type of response to investigations: to to read it at all times, as his reign is only
f onomy 22:8. Rabbinic decisions ued training with experienced impugn the investigators. Or in sports as secure as his fidelity to God’s com-
make clear that this law is subject instructors help keep the volun- terms: the best defense is a good offense. mands. This religious edict for accountable leadership
to the broadest interpretation teers ready, informed, and inter- Trump’s and Netanyahu’s aggressiveness against is remembered every time a new president is sworn
possible. Thus, in BT Bava Kama ested. In this case, each would-be their own governments’ investigative services is ironic, in upon a Bible when taking the oath of office, an oath
t 15b we are told that this verse is volunteer would be given at least because both came to power in part thanks to the cor- that affirms fidelity to the Constitution.
the source for the rule “that no six months of weapons training ruption scandals faced by rival politicians. Donald In the second book of Samuel, when the prophet
- one should breed a bad dog in before being allowed by the State Trump ran a campaign against his Democratic oppo- Nathan accuses King David of murder, theft, adultery,
- his house, or keep a damaged of New Jersey to carry a gun. nent highlighted by his constant focus on her alleged and coveting, proclaiming: “You are that man!” the
ladder in his house.” I would want to see more than corruption, calling her “Crooked Hillary” and joining king responds humbly with the words: “I have sinned
Maimonides, the Rambam, that, however, before I could in rally chants of “Lock her up!” At the time he praised against the Lord.” David was no more secure in his
f prohibits owning anything “that support such a proposal. I would the actions of the then-director of the FBI for continu- legitimacy than the leaders of our time. He worked
- is inherently dangerous and want these volunteers also to ing to pursue the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s his way up from shepherd to king and afterward faced
f could, in normal circumstances, undergo a rigorous psychologi- use of a private email server — he later fired that direc- many rivals (including his own son). But he submit-
cause a person to die.” (See his cal workup, and a thorough tor, James Comey. Netanyahu, the Likud leader and ted to Nathan’s rebuke, affirming the principles of
Mishneh Torah, The Laws of background check to deter- a former prime minister who opposed the moderate royal accountability and the function of the prophet as
Murder and the Preservation of mine whether there is any hint course of his party leadership in joining with Labor “independent counsel.”
Life, Chapter 11:4.) of domestic abuse or violence, leaders to form the Kadima party, prevailed over his King David had his faults, and the Bible spares
Rabbi Samson Raphael or other issues that would pre- Kadima opponent, Tzipi Livni, in 2009, after the sitting no detail in its indictment. Yet David remains the
g Hirsch says the “parapet” even vent them from being eligible. I Kadima prime minister and former Likud politician model of Jewish leadership, not because of his faults
requires “local civil authorities also would want the synagogue’s Ehud Olmert resigned due to a corruption investiga- but because of his ability to humble himself before
. to intervene to have anything at rabbi to give each volunteer sev- tion. (He later served 16 1/2 months in prison.) rebuke when he could have easily dispensed with
all which might be dangerous eral hours of study in the laws of Neither Donald Trump nor Binyamin Netanyahu Nathan. The lessons of Deuteronomy and 2 Sam-
removed” from a person’s prem- self-defense, unintentional homi- seemed to have any problem with corruption investi- uel on the accountability or leadership are more
ises. (See his commentary on the cide, the sanctity of life, and any gations against their rivals. It is only when the investi- poignant today than ever. Rather than impugning
verse.) other relevant issues, and to then gations are targeted at them or their legitimacy while the integrity of investigations, good government
Is it so terrible, for example, sign a document certifying that they occupy the seat of power that they see a problem. needs to affirm those engaged in the difficult work
for a fingerprint verification the candidate is acceptable to be In the past week President Trump criticized the FBI of internal investigation as guarantors of legitimate
device to be added to a weapon an armed volunteer guard. for failing to prevent the tragic high school shooting leadership, as trustees of the public trust, and as
to prevent it from being used by Frankly, I also would prefer in Florida because it was too focused on investigating servants of truth.
someone other than its owner? that the weapons be visible at all Russian involvement in the election of 2016. And he
How many children would be times, but New Jersey does not responded to the indictment of 13 Russians by say- Dr. David J Fine is the rabbi of Temple Israel and Jewish
protected by that simple safety allow open carry. ing that the Russian government got what it wanted Community Center in Ridgewood and president of the
device—a device even police offi- I hate the whole idea, but I in sparking an investigation that has distracted the New Jersey Rabbinical Assembly.
cers have endorsed but the NRA would hate even more for syna-
opposes? gogues to be turned into shooting
The opinions expressed in this section are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the newspaper’s
That brings me to a controver- galleries the way some churches
editors, publishers, or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
sial proposal making the rounds and schools have been.
locally that would seek to arm Send them to jstandardletters@gmail.com.



God-talk can be happy, happy talk

’m a rabbi. While I feel that my faith in God is or is it to build a safe, secure, nurturing themselves if and how they see God as part
strong, I don’t always know what to say about God sense of the world, one in which they can of their worlds. When God-talk is absent,
and life’s mysteries. begin to make Jewish life a core part of who the possibility of faith is largely closed off.
Like many of you, I’m also a parent. I want my they are? When we talk about God, we’re But when children speak of God, that possi-
boys — and all Jewish children — to have a full Jewish not ‘information providers.’ Rather, we’re bility exists. When a parent doesn’t believe
education. Judaism should speak to everyone’s head, ‘world builders,’ the people who are most in God, why must their child follow suit?
hands, and heart. responsible for the outlook on life our chil- For even if you don’t believe in God,
The head should know: The stories and laws of our dren will develop and carry with them for we the Jews believe in God. Think of the
Torah; how to read Hebrew; the history of the people a lifetime.” (60, 67) Shema: “Listen, Israel, the Lord is our God,
and State of Israel. God is real. To convey that to our chil- Rabbi Alex the Lord is one.” Think of the first of the
The hands should do: Mitzvot like lighting Chanukah dren, God must be part of our conversa- Freedman Ten Commandments: “I am the Lord your
candles and giving tzedakah; acts of chesed like feeding tions. If I hope my sons talk about God, God Who brought you out of Egypt.” Both
the hungry. I’ve got to bring it up first. Here’s an affirm that God is real. Both are corner-
And the heart should feel: Pride in being Jewish; a example: As I walked with my 4-year-old to shul on stones of Jewish education. Not just to be memorized or
strong connection to Israel; faith in God. Friday night, I told him that we go there to pray to God. understood, but believed. And that’s only possible when
So how should I and other parents talk to our kids Our prayers are our conversations with God, when God is part of children’s vocabulary. And that’s only pos-
about God if we’re not sure of all the answers? How we ask God for some things and thank God for other sible when we talk about God in a real way. (Like every
should parents who doubt God’s existence approach this things. I asked my son, “What do you want to ask from other subject, conversations about nuances and chal-
subject with their kids? God? For what do you say, ‘Thank you, God’?” My son lenges are appropriate and important, but only when
The weightiness of this challenge gives me pause. But answered me, “I thank God for all the sharks. And I the child is ready.)
the importance of this conversation pushes me forward. wish God made more sharks.” What would happen if the bulk of the Jewish people
I think about this sacred, timeless task now, as I’ve You see that my son’s world is colored by sharks. stopped believing in God or praying to God? Sadly,
just completed reading “Becoming a Jewish Parent” by They’re in his books, on his TV shows, on his shirts, on we would lose a core part of our identity and become
Daniel Gordis. Though he’s primarily known as a pro- his water bottle. He probably dreams about them too. frighteningly vulnerable. This Shabbat is called Shabbat
lific commentator on issues concerning Israel, he’s also And that’s fine because he’s 4. I’m thrilled by his com- Zachor — Remember — as we remember how our enemy
an American-born rabbi whose first books speak about ment because he’s speaking about God as a real part of Amalek nearly wiped us out after we departed from
Judaism writ large. his real world. A small part, but a real part. This is a start. Egypt. Do you recall the moment when the Israelites
Here is, in my eyes, the book’s best takeaway: Every parent can plant this seed, not just theologians. were suddenly so weak that the Amalekites pounced?
“God-talk is important. God-talk isn’t a matter of I know not every parent has faith in God, for differ- Exodus 17 tells us that Amalek came to battle immedi-
‘teaching’ our children anything in particular. Rather, ent, understandable reasons. I know that these parents ately after the Israelites fought with Moses and won-
God-talk is about making our children comfortable with are as ethical and loving as I hope my wife and I are. dered aloud, “Is God in our midst or not?” (Ex. 17:7).
the word ‘God’ as part of their regular vocabulary... Is But I think these parents too should make God part of The moment the Israelites lost faith in God, they nearly
our job at such moments to give our kids information, their children’s vocabularies and let them decide for lost everything.

They could have been our kids

hey could have been our kids. and make his parents happy.” We were at the end of L’taken, a wonder-
Alyssa Alhadeff was 15 years old, a freshman in Jaime Guttenberg, also was 14 and a ful, inspiring weekend in Washington spon-
high school. She loved to play soccer. She loved freshman. She loved to dance. She loved sored by the Religious Action Center of
to laugh. She had her bat mitzvah a couple of the color orange. Her father called her Reform Judaism. L’taken is the verb form
years ago on Masada. Last summer she attended Camp Cole- the “life of the party.” Her aunt called her of tikkun, as in tikkun olam, repairing the
man, the URJ summer camp in northern Georgia, the south- “intelligent” and “feisty.” She wanted to be world. The weekend was dedicated to the
ern equivalent of Camps Harlam, Eisner, or Crane Lake. a mom and an occupational therapist. Jewish principle that we have the responsi-
“She was one of those children who always had a smile on Meadow Pollack was 18 years old, a bility to do what we can to repair this bro-
her face, just full of love,” Rabbi Shuey Biston of Chabad of senior. She planned to attend Lynn Uni- ken world.
Parkland said. versity in the fall. On Monday she shared Rabbi Jordan This what our teens believe; this is what our
a photo on Facebook of herself with her Millstein teens did. Our Temple Sinai students lobbied
grandmother, Evelyn Silverberg Pollack. on three different issues. Evan Zlotnick, Billie
“Nothing makes me happier than my Singer and Neal Rodin chose to lobby on this
grandma and her smile,” she wrote. issue of gun violence prevention. During their presentation
The only difference They were four Jewish kids who attended a top public Neal told this story:
high school in an affluent suburb of a major city, just like Last year, we all had an extremely scary situation in which
between these kids and ours. The only difference between these kids and ours everyone in our school… believed we were all in grave dan-
ours is that a young is that a young man with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle ger. Our school…was locked down because an unknown per-
showed up at their school last week and killed them. son who could’ve been dangerous for all anyone knew had
man with an AR-15 semi- In an instant their lives were cruelly snuffed out, along entered the building….I happened to be in my stats class
automatic rifle showed up with 14 others, including a young Jewish teacher, Scott Beigel. when we went into lockdown. When Tenafly High School
A society that fails to protect its children is a failed society. goes into lockdown, the students are generally elated to stop
at their school last week You know that. I know that. Our children know that. doing their work. But when the lockdown lasts awhile, peo-
and killed them. The difference between us and our children is that while ple start to get worried. This lockdown went on for a while.
so many of us have thrown up our hands in disgust and Students and faculty started to be concerned. My teacher,
despair, our children have not given up. in fact, said that if we heard gunshots, that she’d help us
Alex Schachter, 14, also was a freshman. He loved to play Just last Monday I sat in Congressman Pascrell’s office out the windows, because we were on the first floor, and
basketball. He played the trombone in the school march- with nine students from Temple Sinai of Bergen County we should run away like the wind…. People were messaging
ing band and won a state championship last year. “A sweet- who attend Tenafly High School. (Bill Pascrell, a Demo- each other frantically that there were police in the hallways,
heart of a kid,” his father said. “He just wanted to do well crat, represents New Jersey’ 9th District in Congress.) indicating that something was clearly amiss.



America’s sick affair with guns

We read about Amalek before Purim, olumbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. poisoned our collective soul.
for Haman was a descendent of Amalek. Pulse Nightclub. Las Vegas. First Baptist American losses? The War Between the States
Megillat Esther, it has been widely noted, Church. Parkland. resulted in approximately 750,000 deaths,
is a book of the Bible that never mentions These words, these places, are now inflicted on us by ourselves. The War to End All
God. But is God entirely absent or merely seared into our collective American memory. They Wars — 120,000 deaths, compared to French
working behind the scenes? At first are the places where insanity has reigned, where casualties of 1.7 million people and English losses
glance it appears that God is nowhere to mass murders have been committed against inno- of about one million combatants and civilians.
be found. But on second thought, there cent civilians, many of whom have been children What about the next war, the one after the
sure are a lot of “coincidences” that in school. war that didn’t end all wars? In Russia, 27 mil-
arranged themselves just so. This is not normal, not in terms of history, nor Eric Weis lion dead, about 14 percent of its entire prewar
Like reading the Megillah, it’s pos- in terms of comparisons with other countries. A population. In London, 40,000 people perished
sible to navigate our world believing debate in America rages about mental health and in eight months of German bombing in 1940-41.
that God is absent. But the Jewish tradi- guns. And so I am about to spout heresy. It isn’t the guns. It isn’t Later in the war, German civilian losses from air raids were
tion teaches otherwise. It unabashedly the NRA. It isn’t politics. It isn’t about individual mental health. massive. Dresden is the most famous example, completely
teaches that God is here, God is near. No, the problem runs much deeper. reduced to ashes. And then came Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
As the prayer Adon Olam concludes, America is in love with firearms. Little kids have played 180,000 deaths in just two days.
“I place my spirit in God’s hand when I cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, for how long? Who In comparison, America has made war with relative impu-
sleep and when I wake. And along with has not experienced a toy gun, a water pistol, a BB rifle, a nity. Civilian deaths, following the Civil War, have been nil.
my spirit, my body. God is with me; I paintball gun or even the real thing? Why are we so attached On 9/11, America finally had an immune reaction to 3,000
shall not be afraid.” to our weapons? The answer is cultural. It is the American deaths. We had been so insulated that this loss redefined
Jewish parents are Jewish educators. If psyche, which has been steeped in shooting, violence, and national consciousness and opened the door to a War on Ter-
we want to build a world in which God is war for more than 250 years. ror. More than $3 trillion has been spent on Middle East wars
a real presence, we’ve got to talk about The pioneers and colonists defended themselves against since the Twin Towers collapsed. Is it any coincidence that the
God and make God part of our kids’ “savages” and the Redcoats. Every patriot, every backwoods- frequency of civilian mass murders and school shootings has
vocabulary. It’s not easy, but it’s crucial. man, and every farmer had his musket. It was simply a matter increased in the same period?
Words build worlds. Indeed, that’s why of survival. This culture was written into our founding docu- The military industrial complex, about which the victor of
the Torah in Genesis says God spoke and ments. The most relevant one is the Second Amendment to the World War II warned, has come to pass. Dwight Eisenhower
the world came into being. God’s words U.S. Constitution, adopted on December 15, 1791. It reads: “A and William Tecumseh Sherman understood this evil all too
created our heads, hands, and heart. Our well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free well.
words open them up. state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be After Sherman’s march to the sea, a scorched-earth policy
infringed.” that broke the South’s will to fight, in 1880 he was famously
Alex Freedman is the associate rabbi at Every male citizen in the formative years of the Republic was quoted as saying, “Some of you young men think that war is
Temple Emanu-El in Closter. expected to participate in his state militia. The dreaded British all glamour and glory, but let me tell you, boys, it is all hell!”
were feared, especially after the fall of their French royal nem- But still we glorify our legions and so war-making becomes
esis in 1789. Keeping a couple of muskets and a uniform handy honorable. And so do weapons.
allowed a state to muster its defenders, when the Continental Meanwhile, more than 30,000 American civilians die each
Army did not exist. year from gun violence. But we don’t recognize that terror.
Following political independence, America continued to These mass murders largely go unfelt. Americans are accus-
enslave Africans. While other slave-trading nations reformed, tomed to using weapons. We simply are numb to this insidious
The lockdown eventually ended after we refused to give up the obscene practice until a continental evil. Even mass shootings in schools result in nothing new, just
a prolonged period of time and normal war tore us apart. An entire generation of violent gun-wielding thoughts and prayers.
schooling resumed. The entire experi- young men came out of the Civil War. They left their battlefields America is sick. Its fever is growing. The only answer is a
ence from beginning to end was terrify- behind and fled from the decimated south into the Wild West of communal nauseous rejection of this evil. Perhaps the 17 vic-
ing. No one should have to experience Billy the Kid, the James Gang, Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, gunsling- tims in Parkland will be a tipping point. One can hope. We
something like this ever. Yet, because ers, and sharpshooters. All became American folk heroes. can remember the words of the prophet Isaiah, “And He shall
there have been so many mass shootings The Gatling gun was invented by an American in 1861. At the judge between the nations, and shall decide for many peo-
and school shootings, we live in a climate same time, and well into the late 19th century, ethnic cleans- ples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and
of fear. All of this is because of the easy ing of an entire continent followed. Colt, Remington, and Win- their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword
access people have to guns. chester became household names. Kids played with toy six against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”
Evan, Billie, Neal — indeed all our kids — shooters. I still have an antique Colt 45 toy revolver that uses
live with this anxiety every day. And they caps, just little rolls of gunpowder that allowed kids to imagine Eric Weis of Wayne, past president of the New Jersey region of the
are taking action. The specific bill they lob- using the real thing. Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, is the treasurer of Mercaz USA,
bied for is called the Background Check Gun culture, the Civil War, the Wild West, a continental geno- the Zionist branch of the Conservative movement. He worked
Completion Act, H.R. 3464. It will close a cide, these are all of the things that defined America into the for Senators Eugene McCarthy and Edmund Muskie, has held
loophole in the background check system. 20th century. Couple all of that with the fact that America has positions in the U.S. National Oceanic Atmospheric and Oceanic
Would this law have prevented what hap- never suffered war losses on home soil comparable to other Administration, and later was involved in the nuclear industry
pened in Parkland? Maybe not. But it might parts of the world. This is a toxic combination, which has for more than four decades.
save another group of teenagers one day.
We need to follow our kids’ lead. After
all, as Evan, Billie, and Neal told the aide
to Congressman Pascrell, it says in the Tal-
mud, “He who takes one life — it is as though
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he has destroyed the universe; and he who
saves one life — it is as though he has saved
the universe.”
How can we do any less?

Jordan Millstein is the rabbi of Temple

Sinai of Bergen County in Tenafly.


Opinion Letters

Be prepared Teaneck’s memorial isn’t necessary

In his op ed, “Moving toward a garden to nurture human
a fair deal from them, and this manifests itself in so many
ways. For example, news items that should be impartially

for ICE visits understanding” (February 2) in support of Teaneck’s pro-

posed Holocaust memorial, Steve Fox tried to answer the
presented are so often presented in a way that makes them
barely disguised “editorials” opposing him. In fact, there

question of why a Holocaust memorial is needed here, is such a continuous drumbeat of anti-Trump stories, true
ince taking office, Presi- since there is already one in New York, the Museum of Jew- ones, half-true ones and outright lies, that the president
dent Donald Trump has ish Heritage. The question was a good one, but it is incom- may eventually be forced to resign.
made good on his campaign plete. In addition to that museum, there are local Holo- Our immigration system is an incredible mess and
promise to boost immigra- caust memorials, monuments, and educational programs urgently in need of reform. But here are some num-
tion law enforcement and compli- in the area’s Jewish schools, synagogues, and JCCs, and bers, among others, Ms. Dermon overlooked. President
ance efforts. The most recent exam- also in Teaneck High School. Holocaust courses are part Obama deported over 2,500,000 illegal immigrants,
ple of this was the coordinated raid of the curriculum in other New Jersey high schools and the more than all of his predecessors from 1892 to 2000
on 7-Eleven stores around the nation. Holocaust Museum in Washington is easily accessible. By combined. And this country accepts more immigrants
On January 10, Immigration and Cus- ignoring these other sources, Mr. Fox avoided answering than any other on earth.
toms Enforcement (“ICE”) officials Michael J. the question regarding the unnecessary duplication that Some of the president’s actions toward women are
stormed approximately a hundred Wildes the Teaneck memorial will be. despicable and inexcusable. Some of his predecessors
7-Eleven stores around the country, In addition to the money being raised to construct also committed acts we consider unacceptable today,
resulting in the arrest of more than it, which will come largely from the Jewish community, and there is no excuse for any of them.
20 people. where will the funds to maintain it over the years come Other assertions by Ms. Dermon are equally unsupport-
These searches were carried out to inspect information col- from? Will that be yet another financial obligation on the able by facts, but what I find particularly offensive is the
lected on the Form I-9. Since November 6, 1986, all employers area’s Jewish community? claim that the president has a great deal in common with
must have a Form I-9 filed for each of their employees, regard- The partnering of the Holocaust and Enslaved Africans Mussolini and Hitler. President Trump was legally elected,
less of the employee’s citizenship. The Form I-9 is a two-page Memorials is a coupling of two different historical events. and I hope that emotionally based degrading comments
document issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Though both are among the many examples of man’s cru- will eventually be replaced with rational thought.
Services to document a new hire’s identity and work authoriza- elty to man, only the Holocaust was intended to be geno- Dr. Norbert Ripp, Teaneck
tion in the United States. Even businesses that are in compliance cide. The enslavement of Africans was not.
with all other United States Immigration Laws might have some The Town Council’s proposed location of the memo- More praise for Trump
deficiencies or discrepancies in their Form I-9s. rials is unfortunate. The likelihood is that they will ruin It is unfortunate that much of what used to be polite dis-
Franchises like 7-Eleven are not the only businesses at risk. the beauty of Teaneck’s municipal green by being obsta- course within our nation, has lowered to the point where
Other managers and business owners should heed the warning cles to its wide, unobstructed views, spoiling its tranquil- those who are anti-Trump will sink to any level to deni-
evidenced by the coordinated and highly publicized sweep that ity, and possibly resulting in the removal of some of its grate actions that either he took or those expressing posi-
President Trump put into action last month. There are many majestic trees. Ahrona Ohring, Teaneck tive views concerning anything he does or did. In this
ways for both an employer — and an employee — to protect instance I am referring to the letter, “No thanks for Mr.
themselves in the event that ICE decides to serve a Notice of And then they came for my children Trump” by Sandy Dermon (February 16). Via the content
Inspection on your workplace. First they came for San Ysidro, Eamond, Stockton, of her letter, I feel that she is a member of the left-wing
First, employers should make sure that that they have a valid Jacksonville, Killeen, Iowa City, Olivehurst, San Fran- crowd that finds fault with much of what President Trump
Form I-9 filed for each of their employees, both past and pres- cisco, Garden City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Atlanta, does, even if it means that one must distort and twist facts
ent. Internal audits are best carried out by a neutral third-party, Fort Worth, Honolulu, Wakefield, Meridian, Red Lake, to fit one’s biases or prejudices.
a task that my law firm has undertaken many times. Mistakes on Goleta and Nickel Mines, and I did not speak out. Without this seemingly anti-President Trump paranoia,
the Form I-9, even honest mistakes (like writing your birth date on Because I was not anti-gun. I don’t think she would have written, “Trump’s interfer-
the wrong line) can have consequences, ranging from civil fines to Then they came for Salt Lake City, Blacksburg, ence in American politics has added yet another burden
imprisonment or fraud charges. Employers could also use E-Verify Omaha, DeKalb, Binghamton, Fort Hood, Huntsville, to any chance for a peaceful resolution to the Middle East
to confirm that their employee has a valid work authorization. Manchester, Tucson, Seal Beach, Oakland, Aurora, Oak crises.” “Trump’s interference”? He, despite the fact that
Second, employers should be trained in the proper completion Creek, Minneapolis, Brookfield, Newton, Santa Monica she appears to despise it, IS the President of the United
of the Form I-9 and should delegate oversight of the filing of these and Washington, D.C., and I did not speak out. Because States. It is his obligation, as President, to “interfere” with
forms to a few select people in order to streamline the process. I was not political. and take part in actions concerning our government both
Having a centralized managerial process will enable you to comply Then they returned to Fort Hood, and came for Isla domestic and foreign.
with ICE inspections without undue stress or organizational woes. Vista, Charleston, Chattanooga, Roseburg, Colorado It seems that the trigger for her diatribe was the urg-
Finally, all businesses should have a plan of action known to Springs, San Bernardino, Orlando, Burlington, Fort Lau- ing of Frisch students to write letters to President Trump
the entire workforce that addresses how to respond to a visit by derdale, Orange County, and Parkland, and I did not speak thanking him for verbally declaring that the government
ICE agents. Compliance with ICE and our nation’s immigration out. Because I was not a liberal. of the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the
laws is key, but that does not mean you have to let ICE agents Then they came for your children, and mine — and it State of Israel.
into the private areas of your workplace without a valid search was too late. Amy Soukas, Wyckoff According to her, “Hebrew day schools have no business
warrant. Clearly marking nonpublic areas with an “employees participating in political action…”, especially an action she
only” sign will help ensure that ICE agents do not overstep their Praise for Trump disagrees with. These students should “not be encouraged
authority or otherwise disrupt your regular business activities. I want to address these remarks in response to Sandra to participate in political issues, especially divisive ones.”
These three simple tasks are the first step to protecting both Dermon’s letter, “No thanks for Mr. Trump” (February 16). What nonsense! How does she define political issues? Can
the employer and his or her employees from any potential con- She objects to the Frisch school’s support of the president she point to any that cannot be considered divisive? Is
flict with ICE. on his declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and that Israel a political issue? According to what she wrote, does
With the surprise 7-Eleven inspections as a lesson, it is Frisch has “no business participating in political action, she object to the participation of any Jewish day school in
imperative that all business owners devote the necessary time especially one that would support a president who has the Salute to Israel Day Parade?
and resources to ensure that they are in compliance with our trampled on every institution in America.” It is true that Students must be made aware of the issues and what
nation’s immigration and employment laws. After all, President religious institutions should refrain from stating their polit- is going on around them. Their information should come
Trump, a longtime critic of chain migration, has shown us that ical preferences; nevertheless this happens, and we mostly from a wide variety of sources. They should be able to dis-
he is not afraid to scrutinize our very favorite chain stores. object to it when the views expressed are not ours. But the cuss the many sides of each issue. If they are able to do
•We appreciate Raquel Wildes’ assistance on this article. claim that President Trump “has trampled on every insti- this, they may be able to resist being led blindly down an
tution in America” is no more than sour grapes by those ideologically fueled path.
Michael J. Wildes of Englewood, a former federal prosecutor in who refuse to accept the outcome of the last election. Her juxtaposition of Trump with Mussolini and Hitler
Brooklyn, is the managing partner of Wildes and Weinberg, P.C. He The president’s supposed assault on the free press is a is nothing short of obscene but fully understood with her
is an adjunct professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law more complicated issue than indicated. By far the greatest political leanings. She is not alone. It is unfortunate that so
in New York and is a former mayor of Englewood. Email him at percentage of the media is violently, if not pathologically, many in and out of our community are so blind.
michael@wildeslaw.com or go to www.wildeslaw.com. opposed to President Trump. The president does not get Howard J. Cohn, New Milford


D’var Torah
Tetzaveh: Illumination and enlightenment
“You shall further instruct the Israelites to bring you clear idea that the oil comes from “beaten olives,” a flashlight to illuminate our search for God
oil of beaten olives for lighting, for kindling a Ner Tamid” a phrase indicating that only the oil and not within us, and as a beacon to see God’s Pres-
 (Exodus 27:20) the pulp of the olive is used in lighting the Ner ence in the world beyond us. Moreover, each

Tamid. Mark continues by suggesting that the of us is commanded to not only see this as
he Ner Tamid of the Bible refers to the continu- light of the Ner Tamid is a metaphor for the a responsibility of “Bnei Yisrael”, the com-
ous fire which symbolized God’s Presence in the light of God within each of us. Just as the Ner munity as a whole, but also, as a personal
portable Tabernacle, and later the First and Sec- Tamid required oil that was separated from obligation. Sforno, the great Italian Jewish
ond Temples in Jerusalem. Since the destruction the pulp of the olive, we each need to sepa- scholar of the 15th century, confirms this
of the Temple in 70 C.E., it has been a custom that a Ner rate out the spirit of God within us from the last challenge, in his commentary on the
Tamid, an Eternal Light, shines in the sanctuary of every pulp that clogs our spiritual veins and arteries Rabbi Neal word “atah” with which our parsha opens.
synagogue. Both the continuing fire that burned in the sanc- preventing the free flow of God’s spirit within Borovitz He notes that this is one of only three places
tuary in Biblical times and the synagogue lamp, which car- us. Mark then asks the question of his readers: Rabbi Emeritus in the Torah narrative on the building of the
Temple Avodat
ries its name today are the symbol of God’s Presence. “What schmutz do you have clogging up your Shalom, River sanctuary where Moses is commanded to do
In looking back upon the many divrei Torah I have writ- spiritual arteries?” Edge, Reform this mitzvah himself, rather than merely del-
ten on this parsha, I found that the most recurring theme As I think about seeking an answer to my egate its fulfillment to others.
for me has been my understanding that the Ner Tamid, brother’s question I am becoming aware that Sforno’s commentary from half a millen-
the Eternal Light, is not only an affirmation of the Pres- the Ner Tamid, which I have always look at as a symbol of nium ago, and my brother’s message after thirty years of
ence of God, but also a confirmation of the presence of a our responsibility to open our communities to the transcen- using Torah as a lamp to light the path to recovery from
Jewish community. If there are not Jews tending to the Ner dent light of God, is also a call to search for the Ner Tamid, addiction for himself and thousands of other Jews, teach me
Tamid, the light will go out. In biblical days someone had the light of God, that is imminent in myself and in every that you and I are Tetzaveh, commanded to not only keep
to bring the oil. In modern times, where electric light bulbs other human being. the Ner Tamid burning by continually recreating Jewish
have replaced olive oil, someone still has to change the The greatness of Torah is that it speaks to each of us as community, but that each of us is personally commanded to
bulb and someone or some community has to pay the elec- individuals to search for the light of God’s Presence, within find the Divine light within us and to use it both as a mirror
tric bill. For me, the emphasis in the opening verse of our myself, while simultaneously commanding we as a commu- to see the beauty of our individual souls, and as a beacon, to
Torah portion has been that “Bnei Yisrael,” referring to we nity to keep the light of God’s Presence burning brightly in brighten the world beyond.
the Jewish people, have a responsibility to promise God our midst. The Ner Tamid is a source of both illumination In a time when our world and our nation are darkened by
that “we will keep the light on for You,” in the words of Tom and enlightenment. Torah is not only a covenant between clouds of social and political upheaval, attempting to eclipse
Bodett’s old Motel 6 commercial. the people and God, but simultaneously a contract between the light of the Divine, when on this Shabbat Zachor we are
Two years ago, Jewish Lights published a book of short every individual, every “me” and God. reminded of the foreboding presence of Haman-like Amale-
divrei Torah by my brother, Rabbi Mark Borovitz, “Find- The challenge for 21st century Judaism is to teach that kites threatening our very existence, the command to light
ing Recovery and Yourself in Torah.” Mark gives the reader there is a powerful truth in the fact that the parsha begins the Ner Tamid here in Parshat Tetzaveh reminds me that as
seven short divrei Torah on each of the 54 weekly parshiot. with “atah,” the singular form of the second person pro- powerless as we often feel to make a difference in our world,
In one of his short drashot on Tetzaveh, my brother quotes noun. “Atah titzvaveh” — you, each of us, is commanded we actually can if we just keep the Light of God shining
the opening verse of our parsha (27:20), and focuses on the to use the Ner Tamid, the light of God’s Presence, as both through, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

faced some uphill battles. After working in San Francisco,

Earning It Chicago, and Washington, D.C., in 1987 she became news
editor of the newspaper’s London bureau and took over
help them climb the corporate ladder. This topic is not as deputy bureau chief in 1988. As a women’s
covered in her book.
“People like Sheryl Sandberg have researched this ‘syn-
Her book, which includes some personal stories, grew
out of an essay she wrote for a Wall Street Journal blog.
organization, we
drome’ and concluded it is greatly exaggerated,” Ms. Lub- Since December 2002, Ms. Lublin has worked with Wall always show great
lin said. “My response to those who question me about
it is that I’m sure there are queen bees out there, but I
Street Journal reporters in the United States and abroad
to conceptualize and organize coverage of management
interest in women who
don’t think that’s the general approach of most senior- and workplace issues. She writes about corporate gover- have shattered the
level women.” In fact, she said, many female executives
are overly eager to mentor less-experienced women, giv-
nance, executive compensation, recruiting, and succes-
sion for the Wall Street Journal’s front page and Business
glass ceiling.
ing up their own precious time to do so. & Finance section. She was a contributing editor to the
If they’re not queen bees, then, how would she charac- Journal’s annual special section on executive pay and still
terize most of her interviewees? “They not only earned it helps coordinate coverage of its yearly CEO pay survey.
but returned it,” Ms. Lublin said. “They are giving back in Before that, she oversaw the weekly Career Journal pages the corporate battlefields, and to learning their leader-
many ways.” and was responsible for career coverage. ship lessons and experiences.”
She has her own impressive history in a male-domi- “As a women’s organization, we always show great The National Council of Jewish Women is a grassroots
nated industry. As one of the first female reporters at the interest in women who have shattered the glass ceiling,” organization of volunteers and advocates who strive
Wall Street Journal, where she began as a summer intern noted Jane Abraham, co-president of Bergen County’s for social justice inspired by Jewish values, focusing on
during college at Northwestern University before earning NCJW section. “We very much look forward to hearing improving the quality of life for women, children, and
her master’s degree in journalism at Stanford in 1971, she stories of women like Ms. Lublin, who have navigated families, and safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.

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The Frazzled Housewife

My sixth sense

ccording to Alexa and many What is that smell? I was standing in
others, there are five senses front of a housewares store. Nothing
— seeing, hearing, touching, smells in there. What could it be? And
smelling, and tasting. Some then, before I knew it, I was standing in
people say they have a “sixth sense.” front of a store called the Bread Boutique
They can tell when something is about and Cafe. That is where the smell was
to happen, they can sense changes in the coming from. It was then that I realized
atmospheric pressure — whatever it is, it what my sixth sense is. I can sense highly
is added to the list of senses. fattening foods from wherever it is that I
Last week, when I was walking around am standing. A foot away, a block a way,
Tenafly, I discovered what my sixth a mile a way — if there is something deli-
sense is. cious and fattening, I am your woman.
I was minding my own That is my gift.
business, using my sense I looked in the window
of sight to look at the differ- and saw that it was, indeed,
ent stores (but not spend- kosher. (Thank good-
ing any money, because ness; otherwise, I would
husband #1’s sixth sense is have had to have put my
frugality…not that there is Groucho Marx disguise on
anything wrong with that). before going in.) I had died
I hadn’t been to this area in and gone to bakery heaven.
a while, so actually there There were babkas with
was a lot of window shop- Banji nutella and white choco-
ping to get done. Ganchrow late in them. Nutella AND
I was using my sense of white chocolate! (Because
hearing to eavesdrop on just one of those two fill-
the conversations around me (nothing ings isn’t delicious enough.) There
Across Down very interesting, except that George’s were chocolate croissants that, literally,
1. Wheelchair-accessible routes 1. Isaac’s replacement reflux is acting up again and they are at melted in my mouth. And carrot cake,
6. Funny actor Simon 2. Fire truck item their wit’s end with the doctor not call- meringues, fresh bread, cookies, donuts,
10. Fine things? 3. Dom’s “Silent Movie” director ing them back. And some woman with a bourekas — COME ON!!!
14. Skating jumps 4. “Not guilty,” e.g.
I asked who the owner was and out
15. It makes Ari into a girl 5. Common Purim costume
16. Sans ice 6. Pan of note came a beautiful and skinny (of course)
17. Free-for-all 7. He died when he heard of the Ark’s Israeli woman, who informed me that
18. Bleacher feature
19. “Good heavens!”
8. High spirits I can sense this little piece of deliciousness had
been open for almost four months. Who
20. City in northern Israel
22. Make like the end of Shabbat
9. Shmutz
10. “I’ll take that as ___” highly fattening knew? “We also have items that are cho-
24. Aviv preceder
25. Guys
11. Common Purim costume
12. Not Tahor
foods from lov Yisrael. Do you know what that is?”
Do I know what that is? I have one kid
28. Screech, e.g.
30. One who celebrates Anzac Day and
13. Fashion
21. Seminary subj.
wherever it who wears only black and white and

observes Tisha B’Av in the winter 23. Be a nagger is that I am another who might never come home
from Shaalavim in Israel. Of course I
32. Chef Lagasse
34. Frenemy of Archie
25. “Steppenwolf” author
26. Drain standing. A foot know what cholov Yisrael is! (I actually
36. Hound’s trail
37. Formally surrender
27. Common Purim costumes
29. What many do on Purim...or another away, a block a don’t really know, but I can only assume
it is an extra special kosher thing…)
38. Brings to a close
41. Tefillin part
title for this puzzle
31. Sonora snooze
way, a mile They have vegan items and gluten free
42. Book before Jeremiah: Abbr.
43. “___ bad moon rising” (CCR lyric)
33. Lion, for one
35. ___ HaChareidis (Congregation of
a way. items and salads to go. They have amaz-
ing smelling La Columbe coffee. (I don’t
44. Observer God-Fearers) drink coffee, but it smelled incredible.)
45. Huge simcha 37. “Shalom!”, to Mario lot of plastic surgery cannot find a pair But let’s go back to those chocolate crois-
46. Had a home-cooked meal 39. Believer of jeans to fit her chubby daughter…ahh, sants. Turns out that Tali, the owner,
47. “Yo, buddy!” 40. Less mashuga
memories). honed her baking skills in school in
49. “Rebel Without ___ ___” 43. Common Purim costume
50. Abraham of “Teen Mom” 45. How kids are taught to learn Shema I was using my sense of touch to not Israel, and now she is sharing them with
52. TV marine Gomer 48. Be a yente touch any door handles just in case the us. Well, with me, because I am think-
54. One part of an NFL game 49. Completely flu bacteria was lurking on the surface. ing of those skinny chicks in Tenafly who
55. What one might do for shalom bayit 50. Marshmallow item I had my gloves on, so if I needed to get only smell the baked goods, not actually
56. Sabbath seat 51. It leads to a chupah
into a store, I was protected. (And the eat them.
58. Auto pioneer 53. Composer Green
60. Letter letters 57. Chaim ___ (birth name of Gene Purell in my bag was a good standby, But who am I to judge? After all, my
62. Is sick Simmons) just in case there was skin-to-surface sixth sense enables me to buy mom
64. Rival of Paris, in literature 59. Hurting contact.) jeans in Chicos, where I will always be
68. Mess up 61. Reyes has the most for a Met: Abbr. I was using my sense of taste to think a size 2….
69. Waze suggestions (Abbr.) 63. Exo. follower
about what my feeble attempt at a D i d I m e n t i o n t h e c h o c o l ate
70. Comet’s path 65. Degree for Jared Kushner
71. Own (up to) 66. ___ Od Milvado healthy lunch of salmon and vegetables croissants?
72. Deer name 67. NBA game extras was going to taste like, as opposed to the
73. Wealth mushroom and onion pizza that I would Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck usually
really like to be having for lunch. doesn’t discuss local businesses, but she
And then there was my sense of smell. is still recovering from the yumminess.
Something smelled really good. Like but- Hope their hamantaschen will be better
The solution to last week’s puzzle is on page 55. ter and sugar and chocolate and heaven. than mine!


Place. (201) 833-0515 or Janet Montroy, pianist,
Friday www.jcot.org. 4 p.m. 354 Maitland Ave.
(201) 833-2620 or www.
FEBRUARY 23 Purim in Emerson: cbsteaneck.org.
Congregation B’nai Israel
hosts a carnival with Hamantaschen in Fair
games, prizes, and food, Lawn: Moms and their
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. children are welcome
Costumes encouraged. to bake hamantaschen
53 Palisade Ave. at Bris Avrohom,
(201) 265-2272 or www. 5 p.m. 30-02 Fair Lawn
bisrael.com. Ave. Reservations,
(201) 791-7200.

Barbara Allen FEBRUARY 26
Shabbat in Closter: JFNNJ in the
Temple Beth El’s spiritual community: The Fair
Shabbat services, led Lawn chapter of Hadassah
by Rabbi David Widzer, meets at the Fair Lawn
feature harpist Barbara Jewish Center/CBI, 1 p.m.
Allen, accompanied At last year’s JCCP/CBT Laurie Siegel, director of
by pianist James carnival. community programs and
Rensink, 7:30 p.m. 221 services at the Jewish
Schraalenburgh Road, Purim in Paramus: Federation of Northern At last year’s JCCOTP carnival.
Closter. (201) 768-5112 or The JCC of Paramus/ New Jersey, is the
www.tbenv.org. Congregation Beth speaker. Refreshments.
Tikvah joins with
Shabbat and Purim Congregation Beth
10-10 Norma Ave.
FEB. The Rubach Family Purim Carnival is at
(201) 873-2476.
the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly
in Teaneck: Temple Tefillah for a carnival
Emeth’s Purim shpiel has with a bouncy castle,
Tuesday from 1 to 4 p.m. Children are encouraged
a James Bond theme, games, lunch, snacks,
after Shabbat services, cotton candy, and FEBRUARY 27
to wear costumes. The carnival includes a
8 p.m. 1666 Windsor prizes, noon-2 p.m. bounce house, slides, inflatable photo booth, games,
Road. (201) 833-1322. Costumes encouraged. Rigged presidential prizes, life-size cartoon characters, face painting,
E. 304 Midland Ave. elections: Dumont prizes, cotton candy, snacks, a DJ, Israeli dancing, a
Saturday (201) 262-7691 or www.
historian Dick Burnon
concludes a two-part Purim puppet show/sing-along at 1:30 and 2:30, and
FEBRUARY 24 lecture, “Four Rigged more. Children with special needs and their families are
Children’s author
Shabbat in Emerson: event: Four local Presidential Elections,” welcome from noon to 1 for games and booths, Purim
at a meeting of REAP
Congregation B’nai children’s authors —
(Retired Executives crafts, and other activities for an hour of fun before the
Ariel Bernstein, Andria
Israel offers an engaging
Warmflash Rosenbaum,
and Professionals) at carnival opens to the public. Seventh- through twelfth-
one-hour Shabbat
morning service , Mike Malbrough, and
the Kaplen JCC on the
Palisades in Tenafly,
graders can receive community service hours for
10:30 a.m., followed by Chana Stiefel — will
10:45 a.m., with “2000 volunteering. 411 E. Clinton Ave. (201) 408-1485. Check
read and sign their
a Torah discussion over
picture books at the
George W. Bush vs. Al local listings for other Purim carnivals and celebrations
lunch. 53 Palisade Ave. Gore and 2016 Donald
(201) 265-2272 or www. Teaneck Public Library,
Trump-Hillary Clinton.
this week and our special Purim section, pages 27 to 31.
bisrael.com. 1-4 p.m. Crafts, games,
411 East Clinton Ave.
and giveaways, as well
(201) 569-7900 or www.
as books for sale. 840 survivors, provided with B. (201) 858-2020 or both with Rabbi Steven
Sunday Teaneck Road.
generous funding from templebay111@gmail.com. Sirbu, and Yiddish,
FEBRUARY 25 the Claims Conference, Mondays at 10:30 a.m.;
Concert in Teaneck: meets at Congregation Jewish university in 1666 Windsor Road.
The annual Curtis Hereld Beth Sholom, Teaneck: In Temple (201) 833-1322 or www.
Purim in Teaneck:
Memorial Concert “Berlin 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Emeth’s “Mini University Emeth.org.
Temple Emeth hosts a
and Beyond – German Kosher lunch and musical of Jewish Studies,”
carnival, with games
Jewish Composers,” is Cantor Ellen Tilem
and prizes, 10 a.m.-noon.
Costumes encouraged.
at Congregation Beth
performance by the
Rishon Trio. 354 Maitland will teach “Rituals and wednesday
1666 Windsor Road.
Sholom. Featuring Dr. Ave. Shari Brodsky, Reasons in Jewish Life,” FEBRUARY 28
Marsha Bryan Edelman, Rishon Trio (201) 837-9090, ext. 237, 7:30 p.m.; Art Lerman
(201) 833-1322.
musicologist and or sharib@jfcsnnj.org. teaches “The Talmud on Networking in Fair
Purim in Teaneck: The conductor; Cantors David Café Europa in Teaneck: Leadership” at 8:40, both Lawn: The Jewish
Jewish Center of Teaneck Perper and Ronit Wolff Café Europa, a social Jewish history in classes through March Business Network meets
has a community carnival Hanan; Shirah Jewish program sponsored Bayonne: Rabbi Cathy 20. Ongoing programs for breakfast at the Ives
with games, inflatables, Community Chorus, part by the Jewish Family Felix leads “Jewish include Torah study, Architecture offices,
snacks, prizes, a raffle, of the Thurnauer School & Children’s Services History in 5 Easy Steps” Saturdays at 9 a.m., and 8:30 a.m. 14-25 Plaza
dancing, and surprises, of Music at the Kaplen of Northern New at Temple Beth Am, also Lunch and Learn, Road, Suite S-3-5. www.
10 a.m.-noon. 70 Sterling JCC on the Palisades; and Jersey for Holocaust 1:30 p.m. 111 Avenue Wednesdays at noon, jbusinessnetwork.net.


Megillah reading at 6:45. Kadin. Refreshments. (845) 357-2430 or
Purim in Woodcliff Shabbat in Emerson:
Lake: Temple Emanuel
Location information,
email teaneck.womens.
60 East Madison Ave.
(845) 735-5858 or www.
Friday  Congregation B’nai
of the Pascack Valley tefillah@gmail.com. bethamtemple.org. MARCH 2 Israel has services Purim in Wyckoff:
begins celebrating with a “Torah Town Temple Beth Rishon
Purim at 4:15 p.m., with a Purim in Closter: Temple Purim in Teaneck: Fundraising lunch in Hall” discussion with holds a Purim carnival
young family (pre-school Emanu-El of Closter Temple Emeth celebrates River Vale: The Jewish Rabbi Debra Orenstein with laser tag, game
through sixth-graders has “Purim Palooza,” Purim with Cantor Community Organization about headlines with truck, games, food, photo
accompanied by an beginning with Megillah Ellen Tilem and Rabbi of Northern Bergen a Jewish perspective, booth, inflatables, arts &
adult) Megillah reading, reading, 6:30 p.m., Steven Sirbu, 7 p.m. County holds its fifth 8 p.m. 53 Palisade Ave. crafts, and face painting,
4:15 p.m., followed and ventriloquist show 1666 Windsor Road. Make-A-Wish luncheon, (201) 265-2272 or www. 11 a.m. 585 Russell
by the shul’s theater for kids, followed (201) 833-1322 or www. to benefit a local bisrael.com. Ave. (201) 891-4466 or
group performance of by a seudah and Emeth.org. 17-year-old with a brain bethrishon.org.
“Frosted,” children’s
dinner (gluten free
carnival at 7:15 with
games and prizes. Purim in Wayne: Temple
malformation, at the
Edgewood Country Club,
Saturday  Passover talk and
on request). Come in Costumes encouraged. Beth Tikvah offers a 11 a.m. Go to JCONBC. MARCH 3 tasting: The Glen Rock
costume and bring a 180 Piermont Road. Megillah reading and com/upcoming-events. Jewish Center sisterhood
box of pasta to use as (201) 750-9997 or Purim shpiel, 7 p.m. hosts “Too Good to
a grogger and then templeemanu-el.com. 950 Preakness Ave. Coffee with rabbi Passover,” a talk and
donate to the food Bring a nonperishable in Hillsdale: Rabbi tasting with chef/author
drive. Traditional adult Joint Purim celebration food item for the Debra Orenstein of Jennifer Abadi. She will
Megillah reading at 7 in Closter: Temple Beth Wayne Food Pantry. Congregation B’nai discuss her new Passover
followed by a light dinner. El of Northern Valley (973) 595-6565 or www. Israel in Emerson cookbook, “Too Good
87 Overlook Drive. and Temple Beth Or in templebethtikvahnj.org. welcomes guests to to Passover: Sephardic
Reservations, (201) 391- Washington Township join her for beverages & Judeo-Arabic Seder
0801. hold the “Shushan Street Purim in Emerson: and conversation Menus and Memories
Purim” celebration at Congregation B’nai at Starbucks, 126 from Africa, Asia and
Purim in Hoboken: Beth El, 6:30-8 p.m. Israel’s annual Purim Broadway in Hillsdale, Europe,” tell stories, and
The United Synagogue Purim story re-enacted spiel, directed by 2:30-3:45 p.m.; as offer sample desserts
of Hoboken has an by clergy and staff of Cantor Lenny Mandel part of CBI’s “Office Gil Troy and charoset from her
abbreviated Megillah both shuls. Sing along and featuring Hebrew Hours” at different travels to Sephardic
reading, entertainment, school students and friendly locations Shabbat in Closter: Gil
to favorite Sesame and Judeo-Arabic
and Purim snacks for Megillah reading, 7 p.m. in the community. Troy — professor, author,
Street songs with Purim communities all over
families with children Refreshments. Costumes (201) 265-2272 or www. presidential historian, and
lyrics. Megillah reading the world, at 11:15 a.m.
5 and younger, 5 p.m.; encouraged. 53 Palisade bisrael.com. political commentator —
and hamentaschen. 221 682 Harristown Road.
program for children Ave. (201) 265-2272 or  is scholar-in-residence at
Schraalenburgh Road. (201) 652-6624 or
6 and older, 6:15; www.bisrael.com. Shabbat/Purim in Temple Emanu-El during
(201) 768-5112 or www. Sisterhood@grjc.org.
and the USH adult Wayne: Temple Beth services that begin at
Purimshpiel, followed Purim in Fair Lawn: Bris Tikvah’s family service 9 a.m. Dessert reception
by complete Megillah Purim in Paterson: Join Avrohom holds a gala and Megillah reading, follows. 180 Piermont
reading, Purim festivities, seniors at the Federation Purim masquerade ball mostly in English, 6 p.m. Road. (201) 750-9997 or
and refreshments Apartments to hear a for adults, 8 p.m., with 950 Preakness Ave. templeemanu-el.com.
at 7. 115 Park Ave. Megillah reading, 7 p.m. Megillah reading, festive (973) 595-6565 or www.
dinner, top shelf bar, templebethtikvahnj.org. Shabbat opera in
(201) 659-4000 or office@ Costumes encouraged.
masquerade, live music, Teaneck: Temple Emeth
hobokensynagogue.org. 510 E. 27th St., corner
and dancing. 30-02 Fair Purim/Shabbat in offers Shabbat services
of 12th Avenue. www.
Purim in Jersey City: Lawn Ave. Reservations, Bayonne: Temple Beth at 10:30 a.m. At 1 p.m., a
PatersonShul.com or call
Congregation Bnai Jacob (201) 791-7200. Am has a Purim pizza film of George Gershwin’s
gabbai Jerry Schranz,
celebrates Purim with dinner, 6 p.m., followed “Porgy and Bess,”
(908) 581-2972.
starring Eric Owens,
a service, pizza, and a
party, 6 p.m. 176 West Purim in Montebello: Thursday  by Megillah reading and
sing-along led by Rabbi Laquita Mitchell, and the Rabbi Daniel
Side Ave. JSchrimmer@ The Montebello Jewish MARCH 1 Cathy Felix at 7. Bring a San Francisco Opera, Pernick
comcast.net or Center hosts “The box of pasta to use as a will be screened, with
(201) 435-5725. Whole Megillah” with Purim for women in grogger and then donate introduction by Mark Learning about Judaism
an ice cream social, Teaneck: The Jewish it to the food pantry. Shapiro, music director in Pearl River: Beth
Purim in Woodcliff 6 p.m., Ma’ariv, costume Center of Teaneck Crazy hats encouraged. of Cecilia Chorus of New Am Temple holds
Lake: Valley Chabad of parade, and Megillah has a women’s Reservations, 111 Avenue York/artistic director a community open
Woodcliff Lake hosts reading at 6:20; and Megillah reading, B. (201) 858-2020 or of Cantori New York. house, “Everything You
“Purim in Disney” at the Purim shpiel at 7:15. by and for women, templebay111@gmail.com. Desserts and beverages. Wanted to Know About
Hilton Woodcliff Lake, Purim carnival, Sunday, 11 a.m. 70 Sterling Place. 1666 Windsor Road. Judaism But Didn’t
6 p.m. Dress as your March 4, 10:30 a.m. (201) 833-0515. (201) 833-1322. Have the Opportunity
favorite Disney character. Costumes encouraged. to Ask,” led by Rabbi
Megillah reading, DJ, Purim in Hoboken: Casino in Hoboken: Daniel Pernick, 4:30 p.m.
34 Montebello Road.
dinner, open bar for Chabad of Hoboken/ United Synagogue of 60 East Madison Ave.
(845) 357-2430 or www.
adults, special dinner Jersey City holds “Purim Hoboken holds its annual (845) 735-5858 or www.
and entertainment for in Britain,” a family event Casino Night fundraiser bethamtemple.org.
kids. 200 Tice Boulevard. Purim in Paramus: at the Multi Service at the Hoboken Elks Club.
(201) 476-0157 or The JCC of Paramus/ Center, 4:45-6:30 p.m., Doors open at 7 p.m., Knitting/book club in
valleychabad.org/purim. Congregation Beth with British-themed gaming starts at 7:30. Teaneck: The sisterhood
Tefillah offers family décor, food, drinks, Proceeds benefit USH of the Jewish Center of
Purim in Cliffside and traditional services entertainment. Megillah and community service Teaneck hosts Knitting
Park: Chabad of Fort led by Rabbis Arthur reading, hamentaschen, organizations, including Night, 7-8 p.m. Afterward,
Lee hosts “Purim in Weiner and Avram and more. 124 Grand St. Cantors Biddelman and the Hoboken Homeless the Leaves of Faith Book
the Chabad Stadium” Kogen and Cantor Sam (201) 386.5222 or www. Mamber Shelter and Hoboken Club will discuss Jorge
at the Palisadium, Weiss, 7 p.m. Festival jewishhoboken.com. Emergency Food Pantry. Luis Borges’ “Aleph
with concession-stand at 8:15 with food, drink, Shabbat in Wyckoff: 1005 Washington and Other Stories,”
dinner, Megillah reading, singing, dancing, live Purim in Fair Lawn: Temple Beth Rishon St. (201) 659-4000, led by Professor Sarah
DJ entertainment at music, and annual raffle. Bris Avrohom holds holds Shabbat Tzavta CasinoNight@ Rindner and Rabbi Daniel
halftime photo booth, Costumes encouraged. “Purim Got Talent” with (together), a semi-annual HobokenSynagogue. Fridman. 70 Sterling
hamantashen, face 304 E. Midland Ave. a children’s Megillah participatory folk-rock org, or www. Place. (201) 833-0515 or
painting, and more, (201) 262-7691. reading and festive buffet service led by Cantors hobokensynagogue.org. jcot.org.
6 p.m. Dress as a dinner, 5 p.m. 30-02 Fair Ilan Mamber and Mark
fan. 700 Palisadium Purim in Pearl River: Lawn Ave. Reservations, Biddelman, with Naomi Sunday 
Drive. Reservations,
Chabadfortlee.com or
Beth Am Temple holds
a festive Purim service
(201) 791-7200 or www.
Rogin, bass guitarist
Mark Kantrowitz, and MARCH 4 Singles
(201) 886-1238. with singing, dancing, Purim. drummer Jimmy Cohen,
Purim for women:
and noisemaking, 7 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Desserts Purim in Montebello:
The Montebello Jewish
Seventh-graders will follow. 585 Russell
Teaneck Women’s Tefillah perform in the Purim Ave. (201) 891-4466 or Center hosts a Purim FEBRUARY 23
has its annual reading of shpiel, “The Little bethrishon.org. carnival, 10:30 a.m.–noon.
Megillat Esther. Ma’ariv Mermaidele” directed Costumes encouraged. Teaneck Shabbaton: The
at 6:25 p.m., followed by by Cantor Marcy 34 Montebello Road. Shidduch Project hosts


its “Roaring Twenties” Ave. Reservations, yjs@ Sundance film festival;
Shabbaton for modern Lss.org. Jamie Schutz, the
Orthodox/machmir film’s co-producer, will
professionals, 25-42,
at Congregation Rinat
Sunday  hold a question-and-
answer session after
Israel. Includes meals FEBRUARY 25 the film. 18 Delaware St.
and lodging, Friday (973) 772-3131 or www.
night oneg with cocktail meetup.com (use group
hour, improv, comedy, name).
trivia, guest speakers,
musical Havdalah.
com or (201) 522-4776. Announce
your events
FEBRUARY 24 We welcome announcements
Lunch and film in of upcoming events. Announce-
Pre-Purim in NYC: Clifton: The North
Jersey Jewish Singles at
ments are free. Accompanying
Lincoln Square
Synagogue’s young the Clifton Jewish Center, photos must be high resolution,
Jewish singles committee 45-60s, meets for a jpg files. Send announcements 2
hosts “Pre-Purim In special lunch, developed
and prepared by Aaron to 3 weeks in advance. Not every
The City” for modern
Orthodox Jewish Toledano and CJC release will be published. Include
singles/professionals, volunteers, followed by a daytime telephone number and
22-32. Doors open, a screening of “Step,” at
noon. The documentary send to: pr@jewishmediagroup.
8:15 p.m.; program at 9:15.
Comedian, open sushi bar, won the Inspirational com • 201-837-8818 x 110
desserts. 180 Amsterdam Filmmaker award at the

Belskie Museum to host showing Treat yourself to Lavish Lunches

of pre-Passover freedom art and support services for seniors
The Belskie Museum of Art and Science in Lavish Lunches, an annual culinary gourmet macaroni and cheese. He is a
Closter hosts a new pre-Passover art show, experience that supports a broad range member of Zagat’s inaugural class of 30
“Freedom, An Artistic Interpretation,” from of programs and services for seniors in Under 30.
March 4 to March 25. An opening reception the community through the Kaplen JCC After the breakfast, participants will
on Sunday, March 4, from 12:30 to 4:30 on the Palisades in Tenafly, is set for attend their choice of lunch, served in
p.m., begins with an awards ceremony until Thursday, March 8. Breakfast will be at local homes and other venues, where
1:30. Local, national, and international art- 10:15, and lunch at 12:15. hosts and hostesses will provide a mem-
ists entered the juried show, accompanying The funds raised through the Lavish orable experience, each with a unique
their work with a three-sentence explana- Lunches allow seniors to age in place theme. Selections include celebrity chef,
tion of how the art expresses the concept and remain socially, mentally, and phys- meditation, floral design, mah jongg,
of freedom. ically connected to the world around and mitzvah lunch.
Sheryl Intrator Urman, an Englewood- them. They support the JCC’s mission to Luncheon hosts and hostesses are Lori
based artist and art educator, is co-curating provide seniors in our community with Capon and Josh Capon; Orly Chen, Orna
the exhibit. “With Pesach approaching, I was a wide range of programs and services, Jackson, Mali Oelsner, Riki Shulman, and

inspired by the passuk from Exodus 6:6: ‘I including a social adult day care for peo- Yifat Yechezkell; Stephanie Cohn and Jil-
will free you from being slaves to them, and ple with Alzheimer’s disease and demen- lian Somberg; Lorin Cook, Kiera Flynn,
I will redeem you with an outstretched arm tia, extensive programming for active Susan Marenoff-Zausner, and Alyzia
and with mighty acts of judgment,’” she said. retirees,; door-to-door transportation in Sands; Robin Epstein; Stacy Esser, Jamie
Ms. Urman has curated many exhibitions, “Freedom-Tribal Response” by wheelchair-accessible vehicles, hearty Corsair, Lori Danziger, and Alisa Messer;
including five at the Belskie as art chair for Fred Spinowitz breakfasts and hot kosher lunches, pro- Marcia’s Attic; Merle Fish; Mindy Lavin
Partnership2gether, a program of the Jew- grams for the arts, lectures and concerts, and Iris Wormser; Dalia Lerner and
ish Federation of Northern New Jersey, from Ms. Urman and Mr. Spinowitz also are discussions on current affairs, exercise, Michelle Marom; Gabrielle Marcus and
2010 to 2015. the founders of an artists’ group called Art sing-alongs and dancing, birthday and Lindsay Skulnik; Eileen Pleva; and Elle
Co-curator Fred Spinowitz of Riverdale, League Defending Israel, which produces holiday celebrations, and intergenera- Rubach and JoJo Rubach.
N.Y., was named an artist in residence by art shows and an online art gallery of work tional programs with nursery school The presenting sponsor is Palisade
Partnership2gether, and he has worked with themes relating to Judaism and Israel. children. Jewelers, which also will also donate a
with Ms. Urman to produce the other Bel- For more information, call (201) 768-0286 The morning will begin with a light portion of sales made by Lavish Lunches
skie shows. Ms. Urman, Mr. Spinowitz, and or go to www.belskiemuseum.com. breakfast at the home of Michele and attendees before March 8 to support the
other participating artists will give talks Daniel Ross and will feature a culinary senior adult programs at JCC.
throughout the show. presentation by Michael Ferraro, the The event committee includes co-
renowned chef/restaurateur of two chairs Lorin Cook and Brandi Rubin,
trendy NYC eateries — Delicatessen and with Shirley Altman, Michel Blum, Orly
macbar. After graduating from the Culi- Chen, Stephanie Cohn, Alissa Epstein,
Magic in Englewood nary Institute of America at 20, Mr. Fer-
raro trained with several chefs, then
Merle Fish, Kiera Flynn, Jenna Gutmann,
Michelle Marom, Jackie Pollack, Michele
Direct from Broadway, Adam Trent, the breakout star of joined NYC’s famed Four Seasons Hotel Ross, Beth Rubach, Jennifer Schiffman,
the world’s best-selling magic show, “The Illusionists,” at its fine-dining restaurant, Fifty Seven Jillian Somberg, and Francie Steiner.
brings his magic and illusion to a 90-minute spectacle Fifty Seven. He was sous chef at the Bilt- For more information or to make
at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood more Room, executive chef at Fresh, reservations, go to jccotp.org/lav-
on Saturday, March 3, at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at took over the kitchen at SoHo’s Delica- ishlunches, call Michal Kleiman at (201)
www.ticketmaster.com, at www.bergenpac.org, or by tessen, and opened a sister restaurant, 408-1412, or email her at mkleiman@
calling bergenPAC’s box office at (201) 227-1030. macbar, which is dedicated solely to jccotp.org.
Adam Trent


Jewish World

For some Balkan Muslims, Jewish ‘false messiah’

inspires an interfaith understanding
CNAAN LIPHSHIZ according to Eliezer Papo, a scholar on Balkan Jewish his-
tory at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.
ULCINJ, MONTENEGRO — Throughout 1988, Jusuf Lika Especially for the secretive Bektashi Shiite sect, Sabbatai
had debilitating migraines and sensory disruptions that Zevi is “an element through which to express their gen-
doctors blamed on the chemicals in the darkroom where uine philo-Semitism, to market themselves to the West,
he had worked. and to some extent also to draw tourism to Ulcinj and the
A man in his twenties in what then still was Yugosla- region,” Papo said. “But I wouldn’t say that Zevi is inte-
via, Lika consulted some of that country’s best medical gral to the religious identity of the region. It’s a recent
experts, but no one could help him. They told him he had addition.”
an irreversible buildup of toxins in his body.
“My world fell apart,” Lika said. “As a young man I heard
I would be a disabled person.” Lika is a Muslim of Albanian
descent who runs a music school that he founded in his
native city, Ulcinj, on the coast near the Montenegro-Alba- Seen by many Jews
nian border.
But then a friend advised him to place a jar of earth from
as a mere historical
what many believe is the Ulcinj gravesite of Sabbatai Zevi footnote, Sabbatai Zevi
in his bedroom. A Turkey-born 17th-century Jewish eccen-
tric, Zevi was regarded by followers as the Messiah — that
nonetheless is a symbol
is, before his conversion under duress to Islam, when he for some Montenegrins
became known among Jews as perhaps the second most
famous false messiah.
and Albanians of their
Two weeks after taking his friend’s advice, Lika was distinct identity as well
cured of his illness, he said during a recent interview in his
office. “I am not a superstitious man,” Lika said. “I don’t
as an interfaith and
know whether I was cured because of this. I’m just telling intercultural bridge to
you what happened.”
Whatever the cause for Lika’s recovery, it reflects the
the West and Judaism.
lasting reverence that some Muslims in Montenegro and
beyond feel for Sabbatai Zevi. Sabbatai is one figure in The place that Lika believes is Sabbatai Zevi’s grave is
a tangle of customs, secrets, and traditional beliefs that owned by the Mani family — a clan of business owners Some Jews thought that Sabbatai Zevi was the
make up a regional identity that is rooted in mysticism, headquartered in Ulcinj’s center. Under the shade of olive messiah — until his forced conversion to Islam.
tolerance, and religious cross-fertilization. and carob trees, the sepulcher is kept closed inside a yard  WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Seen by many Jews as a mere historical footnote, Sabba- that few visitors dare trespass. Lika stays outside as he
tai Zevi nonetheless is “a symbol for some Montenegrins shows a journalist a window looking inside the small sep- texts whose erratic behavior fit the symptoms of a bipo-
and Albanians of their distinct identity as well as an inter- ulcher, which has a dark and carpeted interior. lar personality disorder — was a significant figure. By the
faith and intercultural bridge to the West and Judaism,” In Jewish history, Sabbatai Zevi — a savant in Jewish time of his conversion in 1666, he had developed a huge
following across Europe. It split established communities
like the one in Amsterdam, dividing rabbis and families in
a heated fight for the future of Judaism. Some credit the
spiritual upheaval over the Sabbateans with the develop-
ment of the fervently mystical chasidic movement in the
18th century.
Sabbatai Zevi’s legacy has had a long-lasting effect on
the region as a whole, including on the Dönmeh of Tur-
key — a society of crypto-Jews who for centuries presented
themselves as Muslims but continued to consider them-
selves Jewish, with Sabbatai as their prophet. Today, only a
handful of families that describe themselves as descended
from Dönmeh exist in Turkey, and they still are the subject
of much distrust and many conspiracy theories.
Sabbatai Zevi died in 1676 in Ulcinj, where he had been
exiled by the rulers of the Ottoman Empire for continu-
ing to practice some elements of Judaism after his forced
conversion. This interfaith identity in recent decades has
become increasingly appealing to liberal Muslims in the
region, according to Papo. In 2015, Papo chaired an inter-
national conference about Sabbatai Zevi in Ulcinj. (It was
the first time in the city’s modern history that it hosted a
conference on Judaism, although the nearby city of Budva
annually hosts the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress’ Mahar
conference of Balkan Jewish communities.)
Baba Mondi, the spiritual leader of the Bektashi sect,
calls Sabbatai Zevi a “dervish” — a Farsi word for a deeply
spiritual Muslim (and in some rare cases Jew) who devotes
his life to serving Allah.
Jusuf Lika stands in front of the music school he runs in Ulcinj, Montenegro, on November 8, 2017. CNAAN LIPHSHIZ SEE UNDERSTANDING PAGE 56


Selma Fisher she is survived by sons, Dr. David of River Edge PTA, and longtime Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
Selma Rose Fisher, 90, of New City Kahn (Elizabeth Cole) of Wyckoff, and member of Temple Avodat Shalom Jewish Funeral Directors
died February 19. Colin Kahn (Amiet Goldman) of Mor- in River Edge. Family Owned & managed
Predeceased by her husband of 51 ris Plains, and grandchildren, Eric, Predeceased by her husband, Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community
years, Joseph, in 1998, and siblings, Lydia, Ethan, and Sara.  Eugene (Gene), she is survived by • Serving NJ, NY, FL & • Our Facilities Will Accommodate
Throughout USA Your Family’s Needs
Phyllis and Elliott, she is survived by Donations can be made to the children, Michelle Tauberman of • Prepaid & Preneed Planning • Handicap Accessibility From
children, Craig (Phyllis), and Susan Center for Food Action, Englewood. Massachusetts and Richard (Amelie), • Graveside Services Large Parking Area
Ballinger (Bob); grandchildren, Jer- Arrangements were by Robert of Maryland; grandchildren, Jackie Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
emy (Christine), Lauren, and Heather, Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Paramus. and Lexi, and nephew, Lawrence Jordan E. Schoem – Funeral Director - NJ Lic. 5146
and great-grandson, Daniel. Marks (Ann). Conveniently Located
W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652
Contributions can be sent to the Seth Rosenthal Donations can be made to Temple
201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
Alzheimer’s Association. Arrange- Seth Rosenthal, 31, of Wood-Ridge Avodat Shalom or to the Michael
ments were by Robert Schoem’s died February 17. J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s
Menorah Chapel, Paramus. He graduated Fair Lawn High
School in 2005 and was an avid
Research. Arrangements were by
Louis Suburban Chapel, Fair Lawn.
The Christopher Family
Eva Kahn gamer and athlete. serving the Jewish community
Eva Kahn, 92, of Englewood, formerly
of Baltimore, died February 12.
Predeceased by his father, Richard,
and his brother, Evan, he is survived
since 1900
Born in Germany, she came to the
U.S. from South Africa. She was a
by his mother Loren, and aunts,
uncles, cousins, and friends.
are prepared
Paterson Monument Co.
clinical social worker and director of Donations can be made to Par- Paterson, NJ 07502 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
with information provided
professional services at Jewish Family ents Helping Parents, www.phpny. 317 Totowa Ave. 681 Rt. 23 S.
973-942-0727 Fax 973-942-2537 973-835-0394 Fax 973-835-0395
Services of Northern New Jersey in org. Arrangements were by Robert by funeral homes.
TOLL FREE 800-675-0727
Wayne and had a private psychother- Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Paramus. Correcting errors www.patersonmonument.com
apy practice before retiring. She was
an award-winning nature photog- Margo Tauberman is the
rapher, with her work published in Margo Tauberman, née Mayer, 201-791-0015 800-525-3834
books and newspapers and exhibited 88, formerly of River Edge, died LOUIS SUBURBAN CHAPEL, INC.
at many locations. February 19.
of the
Exclusive Jewish Funeral Chapel
Predeceased by her husband of 34 She was a court administrator for funeral home. Sensitive to Needs of the Jewish Community for Over 50 Years
years, Dr. Eric, and later by her part- River Edge, a Bergen County Court • Serving NJ, NY, FL & Israel
ner, John Randall “Randy” Gritzan, House volunteer, past president • Graveside services at all NJ & NY cemeteries
• Prepaid funerals and all medicaid funeral benefits honored
“Always within a family’s financial means”
Funerals thronged for Parkland students 13-01 Broadway (Route 4 West) · Fair Lawn, NJ
Richard Louis - Manager George Louis - Founder
Soon after the killings ended, the more than 400 mourners who came in an emotional interview with CNN NJ Lic. No. 3088 1924-1996
funerals began. to remember the 14-year-old, accord- the day before had begged Presi-
On Wednesday, February 14, Niko- ing to the Sun-Sentinel. dent Trump to take action to prevent
las Cruz used a AR-15 to kill 17 people Mourners spilled onto the sidewalk future mass shootings — urged Alyssa’s
at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High of Star of David Memorial Gardens friends to stay in close touch.
School in Parkland, Florida. Cemetery and Funeral Chapel in North “I would have taken a bullet for her
On Friday, February 16, two days Lauderdale. They included fellow stu- myself,” she said at the funeral, accord- Established 1902
later, mourners packed a Jewish dents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas ing to the Sun-Sentinel.
memorial chapel in North Lauderdale High School. Later that day, more than 1,000 Headstones, Duplicate Markers and Cemetery Lettering
for the funeral of Alyssa Alhadeff. According to the Sun-Sentinel, they mourners gathered for Meadow Pol- With Personalized and Top Quality Service
Alyssa’s was the first funeral. remembered Alyssa as an excellent lack’s funeral. She was 18 when she Please call 1-800-675-5624
“Honor her legacy with positive student and athlete who had wanted was murdered. www.kochmonument.com
actions and be her voice,” Rabbi Shuey to go to law school. “You killed my kid. ‘My kid is dead’
Biston of the Chabad of Parkland told Her mother, Lori Alhadeff — who SEE FUNERALS PAGE 55 76 Johnson Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601

We continue to be Jewish family managed,

A Traditional Jewish Experience knowing that caring people provide caring service.

Pre-Planning Specialists • Graveside and Chapel Services GUTTERMAN AND MUSICANT

Barry Wien - NJ Lic. No. 2885 WIEN & WIEN, INC. MEMORIAL CHAPELS
Frank Patti, Jr. - NJ Lic. No. 4169 800-322-0533
Arthur Musicant - NJ Lic. No. 2544 402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Frank Patti, Sr. Director - NJ Lic. No. 2693 ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
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327 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
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(201) 837-8818
Houses For Sale Situations Wanted Situations Wanted Help Wanted
A responsible woman looking to
care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re- CHHA looking for live-in job, 24/7,
HOUSE for SALE liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref-
by owner in Teaneck
must see!
erences. Waiting for your call 347-
over 9 yrs experience, excellent
references. Companionship, per- School Nurse – Part-time*
Totally renovated 3BR Tudor, sonal care, physical assistance
and more. Beatrice 908-590-6641 Candidate demonstrates knowledge and understanding of child growth and development,
open floor plan. 629K
Call Ninette at AIDE available to do elder care. wellness education, community health and social service resources, and current health issues.
201-621-3480 Warm, loving, caring, experienced, CHHA looking for position as Com-
reliable, excellent references. Live- panion. Live-out, FT; or nights and
Exhibits enthusiasm and possesses interpersonal skills to relate to students, parents, faculty,
in or out. 201-668-7946 weekends. Exper ienced. staff, administration, community, and health and social service agencies. School nurse
Drives/own car. Speaks English.
Antiques Pauline Cleghorne 862-704-9718
experience preferred, as well as experience and enjoyment working with children pre-school
through middle school. *(Hours are 7:45 AM - 4:15 PM two days a week, including Tuesdays)
CHHA to care for elderly. Live-in or
We pay cash for live-out. Pleasant! 12 years experi-
ence! References! Drives/own car!
• Treatment of students and faculty for illnesses and first aid
Antique Furniture • Administration of medications
• Assist with maintaining health and immunization records

Modern Furniture
CHHA with many years experience • Input and maintaining students medications
will care for elderly. Live-in/live-out,
flexible hours. Reliable, speaks • Communication with parents and faculty

Modern Art English, drives own car. 314-484-

7344 Qualifications
• Current New Jersey license as a registered professional nurse (RN)
Paintings CHHA/CNA with 12yrs experience,
excellent references, FT, day or
• Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider
• Epi-pen trained
Bronzes ❖ Silver
night. Drives own car, available for
errands, appointments. Barbara • Effective oral and written communication skills
347-326-3248, 201-952-0578
• Commitment to confidentiality and professional ethics.
Chinese Porcelain & Art EXCEPTIONAL CAREGIVER with
lots of experience looking for live-
• Proven track record in school nursing
• Ability to use electronic equipment for word processing, data management, information
Men’s & Women’s Watches out position. Familiar with Jewish
customs, knowledge of all “things”
medical, great personality; believes
retrieval, visual and audio presentations, and telecommunications.
• Ability to manage and complete multiple tasks under pressure and maintain a positive
Top Dollar for any kind of in enhancing your loved one’s
quality of life. 917-306-0782. For
references call Barbara 201-638-
attitude and sense of humor.

Jewelry, including costume

• Ability to work independently and as member of a team.
women/men available 24/7 to care Please send cover letter and resume to rshemesh@ssdsbergen.org. Please include Part-time
School Nurse in the subject line.

ANS A
for elderly. Cook, clean, drive;
starting at $10/hour. 201-814-4412

Cleaning Service Handyman Roofing

Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals - Homes, Apartments, Offices- Your Neighbor with Tools ROOFING · SIDING

15 years experience, excellent Home Improvements & Handyman ROOFING
Call Us! Shabbas
Affordable rates! Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates Free Roof
Izabela 973-572-7031 Over 20 Years Experience Estimates CO. Repairs
201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224 Adam 201-675-0816 INC.
amark2@hotmail.com · NJ Lic. #13VH05023300
Instagram: yourneighborwithtools
201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET
Home Improvements
Car Service

Antiques Wanted of the

Home Repair Service
Carpentry Painting
PICCA Masonry
Est. 1955
Waterproofing · Steps A PLUS
Walls · Tile · Repairs Limo & Car Service
Lic #13vh00258800 The most reliable and efficient service
Basements Paving/Masonry
Bathrooms Drains/Pumps 201-967-9295 at all times for your transporation needs.
Plumbing Maintenence Our professional and courteous team works together for you.
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors
Plumbing Serving the Tri-State Area, New York and Bergen County
• Oil Paintings • Silver General Repairs

NO JOB IS TOO SMALL APL Plumbing & Heating LLC EWR $39 • LGA $42 • JFK $59
• Bronzes • Porcelain 24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates
Complete Kitchen &
Bath Remodeling
Tolls, parking, wlt, stops & tps are not included • Extra $7 Airport Pickup
Prices subject to change without prior notice. Price varies by locations.
Fuel surcharge may add up to 10% · Additional charge may be applied to credit card payment
1-201-530-1873 Boilers · Hot Water Heaters · Leaks
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture EMERGENCY SERVICE
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
201-641-5500 • 888-990-TAXI (8294)
Visit us online at: www.apluslimo1.com E-mail: apluslimo@earthlink.net
• Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Antiques 201-358-1700 · Lic. #12285

• Tiffany Items • Chandeliers

Sterling Associates Auctions Electrical/Plumbing/Home Repairs


Sculpture • Paintings • Porcelain • Silver Electrical
Tyler Antiques Jewelry • Furniture • Etc.
• Established by Bubbe in 1940! • TOP CASH PRICES PAID and
201-768-1140 • www.antiquenj.com All Home
tylerantiquesny@aol.com info@antiquenj.com
70 Herbert Avenue, Closter, N.J. 07642 Repairs


Funerals On Sunday, hundreds of family, friends, school shooting on television at the time, program to “help other students experience
students and colleagues attended the she said during the funeral. the joys of music” as well as fund increased
goes through my head all day and all funeral of teacher Scott Beigel at Temple The funerals for Jamie Guttenberg and security at schools.
night. I keep hearing it over and over,” her Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida, last Sunday, Alex Schachter, both freshman, were held Mourners at Jamie Guttenberg’s funeral
father Andrew Pollack said at the funeral at and it was live-streamed on the synagogue’s on Sunday as well. They were moved to a wore orange ribbons in her memory, which
Temple K’ol Tikvah. Florida Governor Rick website. Fort Lauderdale hotel to accommodate stood out against their black mourning
Scott and U.S. Representatives Ted Deutch Mr. Beigel, 35, a geography teacher and more than a thousand mourners, accord- clothes, according to the Miami Herald.
and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were cross-country coach at the school, saved ing to reports. Orange was her favorite color.
among the mourners, the Florida Sun-Sen- students’ lives by opening his classroom Alex, 14, had been member of his school’s In his eulogy, Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan tried
tinel reported. “I have always been able to door and ushering the students in. He was marching band. His funeral was closed to to answer the question of where God was
protect my family. Our kids should be safe shot while closing the door behind them. media. The Miami Herald reported that during the attack. He said: “God is in the
but my princess wasn’t safe.” He reportedly told his fiancée, Gwen Gos- remembrances there “focused on his love teachers who protected them. God is in the
Rabbi Bradd Boxman called on the sler, who he met at Pennsylvania’s Camp for movies, his humor and his passion for first responders who went in that day. God
mourners to do an act of kindness in Mead- Starlight when they both worked as counsel- the high school’s marching band, in which is in the police who raced to the school, and
ow’s memory. “We must carry Meadow’s ors seven years ago, that if he ever was the he played trombone,” as well as the secret God is in the families who waited.… God is
love forward and not let it die in a pine victim of a school shooting that she would ingredients in his special smoothie. in the people, all over the world, who sent
wood box,” Boxman said, according to the not talk about the “hero stuff.” They had The teen’s family set up a GoFundMe condolences.” JTA WIRE SERVICE

Associated Press. been watching news coverage of a similar page in his memory to fund a scholarship

Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is

on page 48.

“ Being hungry affects your

appearance, how you act.
When I’m hungry, I’m not in the “
mood for anything.

To advertise call
201-837-8818 Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy
organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and
backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

Help us end hunger. Please donate today.

Jewish Music with an Edge
Ari Greene · 201-837-6158

10850 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles CA 90024

Get results! Advertise on (800) 813-0557 | mazon.org
this page. 201-837-8818
Jewish World


“He is a dervish to Jews and he is a dervish to Muslims,

and a bridge for our sister religions to meet on,” added
Baba Mondi, who is based in Albania. He works at the
world center of his liberal sect, a magnificent domed
structure in Tirana that has 12 arches and jade-colored
interior walls.

Elements of the Bektashi

tradition and faith may
have played a role in
the rescue of hundreds
of Jews during the
Holocaust in Albania and
Montenegro, a rare case
of popular defiance of
the Nazi occupation.
Elements of the Bektashi tradition and faith may have The back of the fortress in Ulcinj where some scholars believe Sabbatai Zevi is buried. CNAAN LIPHSHIZ

played a role in the rescue of hundreds of Jews during the

Holocaust in Albania and Montenegro, a rare case of popu- Alma Mani, a woman in her 20s, was the only member said. Sabbatai Zevi’s followers also wrote that he is buried
lar defiance of the Nazi occupation. of the family who agreed to talk to JTA. Rolling her eyes “adjacent to the sea,” whereas the Mani gravesite is more
Whereas Sabbatai Zevi is a well-known and popular fig- when asked about the sepulcher, she insisted the grave than a mile away from the beach.
ure in Ulcinj, there is some dispute about exactly where he inside is not Sabbatai Zevi’s but of “some ancient ances- Papo’s research has led him to an alternative location
is buried in this drab and chaotic city, which has a beauti- tor.” She declined to say anything about the family’s origin for Sabbatai Zevi’s grave, near the seaside fortress where
ful beachfront and few hotels. or pose for a photograph. Sabbatai lived out his final years and where he likely had
Many locals believe Sabbatai Zevi’s remains rest inside Papo, the Ben-Gurion University historian, also doubts his study.
the sepulcher owned by the Mani family — whom some that Sabbatai Zevi is buried inside the sepulcher. The fortress’ tower has a work space that archaeolo-
locals, including Lika, believe are themselves Jewish Followers of Sabbatai Zevi wrote that he did not want to gists now use to prepare exhibits from the site. Mysteri-
because of their relative wealth and their name, which is be buried in a Muslim cemetery. But he could not be bur- ously, that space has two niches, one featuring two Stars
common among Turkish Jews. ied in a Jewish one either, because of his conversion, Papo of David and another adorned with a painting of a snake
descending from a tree.
Whereas Stars of David commonly were
used in Islamic decorations, the snake
painting is much stronger indication of
Sabbatai Zevi’s connection to the place.
It corresponds with Sabbatai’s unique
interpretation of the story of the Garden
of Eden in the Book of Genesis, Papo said.
“The followers of Zevi who became Mus-
lims believed the messiah is destined to
help us off the tree of knowledge of good
and evil and onto the tree of life,” Papo
said. In Judaism and early Christianity,
he added, there are strong ties between
the snake and the concept of messiah.
Additionally, Sabbatai Zevi’s followers
called him “Ilan” — Hebrew for tree. Seen
together, these elements reinforce the
hypothesis that the snake painting is “a
distinct Sabbatai Zevi symbol,” Papo said.
The same symbol features on head-
stones of Zevi followers in Istanbul.
As for Sabbatai Zevi’s burial place, Papo
traces it to a hill near the fortress.
Fittingly for the resting place of a man
who personifies the concept of interfaith
influences, the hill is sandwiched between
what used to be a mosque and a church
with a Christian cemetery.
“If you ask me, that’s where this Jew is
An archaeologist works in a room in Ulcinj, Montenegro, that is widely believed to have been Sabbatai Zevi’s study. CNAAN LIPHSHIZ buried,” Papo said. JTA WIRE SERVICE


 Real Estate & Business

For Sale or Rent by Owner

FORT LEE – THE COLONY 914 Columbus Drive, Teaneck

A FABULOUS LIFESTYLE AWAITS YOU Best offer over $700,000 or $4,400 month rent
8,740 sq ft. 4 BR, 3.5 Bath side hall colonial on large corner lot.
24 hour concierge • Valet parking • Movie theater 3 blocks from Country Club’s Young Israel. Large LR. Formal
State of the art health club with indoor and outdoor pools dining room. Eat-in kitchen with granite counters, stainless
appliances, and glass doors to XL deck and back property.
Close to everything • And more 1/2 basketball court. Fenced in yard. Den with gas fireplace.
Spacious bedrooms with large closets. Finished basement
■ 2 BR 2.5 Baths on the most sought after J line. Full with office, full bath, and plenty of storage. Oversize attached
2 car garage. Sophisticated security and sprinkler. Central air.
river and Manhattan views. Low floor. $499,000 Call Rona 917-885-9745
Allan Dorfman
201-461-6764 Eve SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25
201-970-4118 Cell
201-585-8080 Office
Rabbi Eytan Finer, right, with Alan Stahler, one of Realtorallan@yahoo.com
the project’s investors

Ramat Givat Zeev Let Us Finance Your

earns rabbi’s praise
for homes and park House Purchase
• Direct lender
Ramat Givat Zeev recently hosted Rabbi Eytan Finer,
spiritual leader of the White Shul in Far Rockaway.
• 2 to 3 day approval
After hearing that many people from his commu- • Closings within 30 days
nity had purchased properties in Ramat Givat Zeev,
he decided to take a firsthand look at the luxurious
• Northern NJ Appraisers
neighborhood. • FHA loans w/55% debt ratio
Rabbi Finer was extremely impressed with the
quality of the neighborhood, lauding the beauty of
• Credit scores as low as 580 486 Beverly Rd. $319,000 12 PM – 2 PM
the new homes and parks. He voiced his desire to Convenient Loc. Pretty 3 Bdrm, 2 Full Bth Col. 1 Bdrm on 1st Flr. Liv
see a forum of rabbis band together to provide the Rm, Kit, Din Rm. 130’ Deep Prop. H/W Oak Flrs. Gar.
spiritual guidance for the neighborhood. He empha- 181 Copley Ave. $539,000 1 PM – 3 PM
sized the importance of having strong spiritual lead- Fabulous Parklike Prop - 281’ Deep. Great for Entertaining. LR/
ership, which provides the foundation for the com- Stained Glass Windows + Fplc, Den, True Banquet DR open to Skylit
munity’s well-being. With that in mind he promised Fam Rm + Brkfst Rm/Deck overlooking Priv Park, Ofc. 2 Full Bths.
Chestnut Woodwork, Oak Flrs. Room to Exp.
to help guide the founding of the Ramat Givat Zeev’s
institutions. Larry DeNike Daniel M. Shlufman 759 Cottage Pl. $574,900 1 PM – 4 PM
Chish Nofei Israel was thrilled to welcome such an President Managing Director Spacious 3/4 Bdrm, 2.5 Bth Bi-Lev. Quiet Cul-de-sac. Lg Liv Rm
MLO #6706 open to Formal DR, Mod Eat in Kit. Tiled Fam Rm, Deck. C/A/C,
important leader of American Jewry to their project MLO #58058
ladclassic@aol.com dshlufman@classicllc.com Sprinklers, Portable Generator, 2 Car Gar. Room to Expand.
and praised Rabbi Finer for his supportive stance
on the growing numbers of Jews making aliya from
Classic Mortgage, LLC
Serving NY, NJ & CT
25 E. Spring Valley Ave., Ste 100, Maywood, NJ t TEANECK t
201-368-3140 MLS Exclusive. Enchanted English Tudor. Beautifully Updated &
www.classicmortgagellc.com #31149 Decorated. Tiled Foyer, LR/Fplc+Stained Glass Wins, Form DR, Grnt
Cntrd Kit/Brkfst Rm, Fin Bsmnt. Super Master Ensuite+Sit Rm. Gar.
Jewish Standard More than 412,000 likes. For Our Full Inventory including
Details & Pictures, Visit our Website
daily newsletter! Like us on Facebook. www.RussoRealEstate.com

Visit www.thejewishstandard.com facebook.com/jewishstandard (201) 837-8800

and click on




s  Real Estate & Business

Considering weight loss surgery?

SELLING YOUR HOME? Valley Hospital has the team
Free informational program in Paramus
The Valley Hospital’s Center for Obesity after surgery. The Valley Hospital’s Cen-
Surgery is offering a free program titled ter for Obesity Surgery offers the latest
“All About Obesity Surgery” on Thurs- techniques in weight-loss surgery.
day, March 8, at 6 p.m., in the hospi- At the center, a comprehensive team
tal’s Dorothy B. Kraft Center, 15 Essex of specialists carefully evaluates each
Road, Paramus. The program will be patient for the most appropriate surgi-
presented by bariatric surgeon Melissa cal option. After surgery, the team pro-
Bagloo, M.D., of Valley Medical Group, vides the care and support the patient
or another center practitioner. needs to maintain weight loss and
Discussed will be the definition of adhere to a new lifestyle.
obesity, the criteria for weight loss To reserve a space for one of the pre-
surgery, the procedures that are avail- sentations, please call (800)-825-5391
able and their expected results, and life

Jimmy J
Call Susan Laskin Today
To Make Your Next Move A Successful One!
BergenCountyRealEstateSource.com Cell: 201-615-5353

the Junk Man

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NVE-3490 1Q Mug Mortgage Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3454 Fall Mortgage Ad 5x6.5 1/24/18 11:15 AM Page 1
Basements •Baseme
Attics • Garages • Fire Damage
Construction Debris • Hoarding Specialists
Warm up to our sweet mortgage rates. WE RECYCLE
201-661-4940 - 4940 2
We do not transport solid or hazardous waste
We d


2.800 %
Rate 3.250 %
Rate 3.875 %

2.893% APR* 3.301% APR* 3.922% APR*

Choose from a variety of mortgage options and rates at NVE.

Finding the right mortgage to fit your needs should be quick, easy and
painless — exactly what you’ll find when you work with our Mortgage
Specialist at NVE. Plus, our decision makers are local — paving the way
to a smooth and hassle-free process from start to finish.
87 201
400 Highview Road
Call today at 201-816-2800, ext. 1233, Rarely do you see an estate of this grandeur on the east hill of Englewood enter the market. An
or apply online at nvebank.com impeccable renovation in keeping with old world charm. 10,000 sq. ft., 7 bedrooms, 8 full and
1 half bath, all brick, slate roof, copper gutters, four fireplaces and stained glass windows. The
chef ’s kitchen is complete with a custom 12 ft. stainless steel serving island. A 50 ft. loggia with
cathedral ceilings is your entryway into the crown jewel for any family. An Anderson professional
squash/basketball court and full gym. The home also features a 10,000-bottle commercial
temperature controlled wine cellar and a 4-car garage. The property is highlighted by specimen
NMLS #733094 landscaping and a spectacular pool located in the center of the estate.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is accurate as of 1/28/18 and may vary based on loan amounts. Loans are for
1-4 family New Jersey owner-occupied properties only. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. The
7-year loan at the stated APR would have 84 monthly payments of $13.12 per thousand borrowed based on a 20% THE KOLSKY TEAM
down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $500,000. The 15-year loan at the stated APR would have 180 973-277-1640 (CELL)
monthly payments of $7.03 per thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts
up to $500,000. The 25-year loan at the stated APR would have 300 monthly payments of $5.21 per thousand
201-944-6583 (DIRECT)
borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $500,000. Payments do not include Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable. The actual payment obligation will be greater. Property
insurance is required. Other rates and terms are available. Subject to credit approval. 375 Park Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Bergenfield I Closter I Cresskill I Englewood I Hillsdale I Leonia I New Milford I Teaneck I Tenafly 201-461-5000


Are you or a loved one a
Holocaust Survivor?

Jewish Family & Children’s Services, through generous funding from

Jewish Federation of North America, can now assist Holocaust Survivors with
the cost of home health aides while in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

• For 90% of the survivors we assist, their home health aides

are their primary caretakers.
• When survivors need to be placed out of the home
temporarily, they lose their connection to the person who has
become their day-to-day lifeline.
• This causes disorientation, decreased communication,
agitation, and anxiety as they are not cared for in the way in
which they are accustomed.

Our survivors deserve to be cared for with dignity and consideration.

We are proud to be able to offer this bridge funding to cover to the cost of
personal care services during hospital or rehab stays.

For information on this program or other services for Holocaust Survivors including:

Café Europa, Shabbat meal delivery, home assessments, dental assistance and care management,
please call (201)837-9090 or email PattyS@JFCSNNJ.org.

17-10 River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ 1485 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, NJ 1 Pike Dr, Wayne, NJ


Sunday February 25, 2018 Only

is your
The first 250 shoppers who bring their children,
ages 13 and under, will receive an Elite
mishloach manot box, while supplies last.

Reisman’s 2 pack
Manamim 7 oz
Kedem 6.3 oz
Snack Factory 1 oz Paskesz 1.05 oz
Manamit 20 gr

Hamentashen Wafers Mini Concord Mini Pretzel Noshkes Chocolate

Chocolate, Hazelnut,
or Vanilla
Grape Juice Crisps Assorted Covered Wafers

5 5/$
5 89¢EA 4/$
3 4/$
1 10/$
Osem 1 oz
Paskesz 1.4 oz
Drizzilicious 10 pack Kitov 0.5 oz
Lieber’s 0.8 oz
Popinsanity 6 oz

Bamba Checkers Snack Pack Lite Corn Cotton Candy Gift Box
Snack Bag Corn or Rice Only Smores or Cinnamon Pops Assorted

89¢EA 3/$
4 7
$ 99
1 2/$
1 9
$ 99
Simon Fischer 10.5 oz
Simon Fischer 18 oz
Paskesz 1.25 oz
Manamim 3.5 oz
Paskesz 5 oz
Lieber’s 4 pack

Apricot Butter Prune Butter Mini Silhouettes Wafer Rolls Chocolate Apple Juice
Assorted Chocolate or Hazelnut Only Covered Mint Boxes

4 3
$ 99
3 5/$
5 2/$
4 3/$
Kliks 2.64 oz
Laffy Taffy 145 ct
Mike & Ikes 0.78 oz Laffy Taffy 0.81 oz
Osem 1.23 oz
Blooms 1 oz

Chocolate Jumbo Tubs Boxes or Bags

Ropes Bissli Corn Chips
Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Original or BBQ Only

3 8
$ 99
1 5/$
1 5/$
2 3/$
Lieber’s 1-1.75 oz
Achva 25 gr
Elite 0.9 oz
Lior 7 oz
Mentos 37.5 gr
Paskesz 3.5 oz

or Paskesz Halva Snacks Sugar Free Wafers Candy Rolls Sour Sticks
Mini or Twisted Vanilla or Marble Only Gum Chocolate or Lemon Only Assorted Assorted
Marshmallows Spearmint, Peppermint,
Tuti Fruity, or Bazooka Only

2 5/$
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Lieber’s 12 gr
Happiness 0.5 oz
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Hello Kitty Happiness 1.66 oz
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Skates Lolly Pops Assorted Sports Bottle Big Dipper Oodles

Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted

1 5/$
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SALES EFFECTIVE 2/25/18-3/2/18
While Supplies Last. No Rain Checks. We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities.