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Kindergarten Lesson Plan: African-American Music

1. SWBAT Identify artifacts (building structures and materials, works of art representative
of cultures, fossils, pottery, tools, clothing, musical instruments)
2. SWBAT Describe how groups need to make decisions and how those decisions are made
in families and classrooms
3. SWBAT Identify primary and secondary sources (diaries, letters, people, interviews,
journals and photos)
4. SWBAT Identify library and media resources (videos, electronic resources, periodicals
and books)

Lesson Outline:
Time What? How?
5 min Introduction What kind of music do you like listening to?
What kind of music do we listen to in class?
Answer: we do listen to hip-hop music in class!
Definition of Hip-hop music: music that started with African
Americans in the inner-city (hood), in hip-hop music you’ll hear
rapping and DJing.
Does anyone know what kind of music Kansas City is known
Answer: Kansas City is known for Jazz Music.
Has anyone ever heard of the vine district or 18 th and Vine?
Answer: that’s where a lot of jazz music and musicians still play
their music.
Definition of Jazz Music: music that also started with African
Americans. Jazz musicians are known for their solos that they
make up on the spot, kind of like if we make up a song or a rap.
Jazz music is also known for a pattern where an instrument or
voice plays and then another instrument or voice responds.

10 min Teacher Modeling Play Jazz Music – Count Bassie Kansas City
Ask: How do you like jazz music? How did it make you feel?
Play Hip Hop Music – The Game- How We Do
Ask: How do you like hip-hop music? How did it make you
Ask: What were the similarities and differences between Jazz
and Hip-Hop music?
5 min Turn and Talk Instruct: Students put a finger on your nose when both you and
your partner have had the opportunity to share.
Prompt: Students turn and talk with a partner about the music
they liked best.
Model: The music I prefer to listen to is…because…
Kindergarten Lesson Plan: African-American Music


15 min Independent Prompt: Students when I call your name please come get your
Practice folder and writing paper, pencil cup and crayons and quietly
find a seat where you can be successful. It’s a voice level 0 in 5,
4, 3, 2, 1, begin calling names
Distribute: writing folders and kindergarten writing paper with
Teacher is: Playing jazz music, circulating around the room
providing guidance, assistance, praise, and encouragement.

 Allow students to draw and label a picture instead of
writing a sentence.
 Provide an example of a labeled picture.

 Prompt students to write: after listening to jazz and hip-
hop music I prefer…. Because it made me feel/ignited.
 Additional: Students could write about where they
enjoy listening to music, what they like to do when
listening to music.
5 min Closing Circle Explicit Direction: Students when I say go, please carefully push
in your chairs, put your writing folders away, grab one unifix
cube from the U-shaped table and begin a single-file line at the
black chair. Go!
Place Music T-Chart on the carpet. (Jazz vs Hip-Hop)
Prompt: Students when I call your name please place your
unifix cube under the music you prefer to listen to. Call names.
End: Alright students when you get back from specials we will
count how many unifix cubes are on each side and then make a
bar graph to represent our findings. Great work today scholars
have fun is specials!