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Weather Briefing

For the Midlands and Central

Savannah River Area

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Disclaimer: The information contained within this briefing is time sensitive.

Always refer to our website at weather.gov/cae for the latest information.

Weather Forecast
Forecast Office
Office Presentation Created
Columbia, SC 2/21/2018 11:18 AM
 Patchy dense fog possible again Thursday morning
 Record or near record high heat today through Saturday
 Cold front to push through early next week

 Our radar is down for maintenance. We hope to bring it

back up Thursday but it may be down through Friday.
Current Conditions

High pressure
offshore will allow
for warm moist
flow into the
Friday Weather Map

Ridging to the east will

keep the majority of
showers in the
Upstate through
Friday. Although may
be a few isolated
showers each day.
7 Day Temperature Forecast

Records 81° 81° 82° 82° 83°

Columbia, SC
Saturday Morning Sunday Morning

Monday Morning Tuesday Morning

Cold Front moves into the region early next week bringing showers to the area
6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

Despite the cold front passage temperatures are expected to remain above normal (although not to the same extreme)
Aviation Highlights
 Early morning fog possible over the next several days. Fog may
be dense in areas on Thursday.

Fire Weather Highlights

 No Concerns Expected
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