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1. Personal Details

A. Name & Address (Phone No)

B. Gender Male Female Others

C. Age

D. Educational Level High School Higher Secondary Bachelors Masters

E. Occupation

F. Monthly Income Below 10000 10000 – 20000 20000 – 30000

30000- 40000 Above 40000

2. Do you own a car? Yes No

3. Which brand of car do you own?

Volkswagen Polo Volkswagen Vento Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Jetta

4. Since how many years do you own a Volkswagen car?

0 – 1 years 1 – 2 years 2 to 4 years 4 to 10 years More than 10 years

5. How well you know about Volkswagen Models?

Very likely Somewhat likely Not at all

6. What are the additional features that will be required in Volkswagen car?

Reduce price More Mileage Style Others

7. How do you know about the models of Volkswagen?

Electronic Media Newspaper & Magazines Friends & Relatives Dealers

8. Which car is the most interesting in Volkswagen models?

Polo Vento Jetta Passat Beetle

9. Where you offered a test drive?

Yes, offered and taken Yes, offered but not taken No, not offered

10. How would you rate the thoroughness of your test drive?

Excellent Very good Good Poor Very poor

11. Did you buy or lease your new car?

Bought Leased

12. What are the factors that you consider while purchasing a new Volkswagen car?

Price Mileage Pickup Looks and style

13. How satisfied were you with the process used to determine the trade in value?

Highly Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

14. With whom at the dealership did you primarily discuss your vehicles financing agreements?

Finance Insurance Business Office person Sales person others

15. How would you rate the dealership staff that you bought or leased the vehicle from?

Very good Good Average Bad Very bad

16. How many times did you contact the dealership to try to resolve your problems?

0 1 2 3 4

17. Has the problem been resolved?

Yes No No and I do not think it will be resolved

18. How satisfied are you with the actions taken by the dealership to resolve your problems?

Highly Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied

19. Do you think with the current features and performances will Volkswagen be able to compete

with other brand cars in the market?

Yea No

20. We would appreciate your completing the following information to help us classify you


Sex Male Female

Age Under 25 25 – 34 35 – 44

45 – 54 55 – 64 65 Above