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Bom EBT Ab DbT Ab AbT DbT Ab FT Bm? 10 ATiT Db7 Ab BbmT EST Db7 AbT DbT AT FT Bbm7 EbT Ab BbmT ET Ab Db7 Ab Ermer merernnnemnns —————S—ieer Joe Farrell SPAIN Joe Farrell was born in Chicago Heights, Iinois on December 16, 1937 to a ‘musical family and died in Los Angeles on January 10, 1986, He took up the clarinet at the age af eleven, inspired by a stack of Benny Goodman records. By 16, Farrell was playing tenor saxophone in Chicago. He was influenced by Charlie Parker, Join Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Stan Getz, the latter being particularly important to Farrell for his cool-jazz style. He received his degree ‘in Musie Edueatior in 1969 from the University of Iinois. Farrell moved to New York where he worked with musicians such as ‘Maynard Ferguson and Slide Hampton and spent three years with the Thad ‘Jones-Mel Lewis band. He was a first-rate studio musician and went on to make ‘many recordings with both jazz and pop musicians. However, he is probably best known for his work during the early "70s with Chick Corea and Corea’s group, Return To Forever. ‘Spain is one of Farrell's finest flute solos and was recorded while he was with Return To Forever. His style illustrates how the tasteful use of chromaticism can maintain interest ina solo. Notice how he uses the descending chromatic scale to create tension and ambiguity: a $ Another favorite device of Farrell's was the use of arpeggios. Sometimes diatonic and simple: Gmayt ig at other times, the arpeggios are transformed or disguised. Here, for example, by using grace notes and syncopation: Ent a His playing was at times motivic. For example, here's the motive early in the solo: Gmajt and here itis again later, though this time transposed and altered to fita different, harmony: I 12 Agar Spain Chick Corea J =136 Gmnajz7 EmT AT Dmaj7 Gmajt anit Copyright © 197 by Ltha Music All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission BT Gmaj7 Em AT FAT 7 7 7 * Generally, harmonies are produced by averblowing a lower note- usualy a fifth below the harmonie, i. overblown F = @, 4 aviwt Bm7 BT Gmaj7 ce Fat Bmt BT atysot 15