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TO: Friends of Hagedorn

FROM: Brock McCleary, President

Date: February 22, 2018
RE: Key Poll Findings—Minnesota Congressional District 1 Republican Primary Survey


Jim Hagedorn reaches an impressive

Favorable Unfavorable Heard of, no opinion Never heard of 81% name recognition and is viewed
56 favorably by a substantial majority of
likely voters. Jim maintains a strong
50 44 majority favorability rating among
40 both women (58%) and men (53%) as
25 well as with both self-identified Very
Conservative (58%) and Somewhat
20 15 13 15 Conservative voters (61%).
10 7
By comparison, Carla Nelson is a
relative unknown. A plurality of likely
Jim Hagedorn Carla Nelson
voters say they have never heard of
her (44%).


Jim Hagedorn earns a majority of the vote in a Republican primary match-up against Carla Nelson. He
effectively translates his favorability from his image to the ballot. Hagedorn maintains a lead across all
five media markets in the district (Minneapolis: 55-12%, Rochester: 47-36%, Mankato: 70-6%, LaCrosse: 40-
19%, Sioux Falls: 60-24%). He is the clear choice of Conservative voters (Very Conservative: 60-16%,
Somewhat: 56-19%). Hagedorn’s ballot score improves further among high-propensity primary voters (57-
28%). Both women (53-16%) and men (55-25%) choose Hagedorn.

Q: If the Republican primary election for Congress

were held today, which of the following candidates
would you vote for: Jim Hagedorn OR Carla Nelson?

25 Hagedorn
54 Undecided

METHODOLOGY: The sample size for the survey is 412 likely Republican Primary voters in Minnesota Congressional District 1 and the margin of error is
+/-4.8%. Responses were gathered via landline and mobile phone interviews conducted by live callers at a professional call center. The survey was
conducted February 19 – 20, 2018 by Harper Polling. The total percentages of responses may not equal 100% due to rounding.

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Harrisburg, PA 17101