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Every Load. ISL

European Automotive Engines 280-400PS

Cummins ISLe is a highly flexible power choice
with a light weight, compact size and fuel efficient
8.9 litre configuration. With a weight up to 150kg
lighter than competitive engines, operators benefit
from high performance, strong acceleration and
Whether your requirement is for an engine to
lower operating costs, all with the reliability and
meet Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4 or Euro 5
durability expected from Cummins.
emissions, whether you are operating in Europe,
The ISLe has been designed with heavy duty Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, Brazil or
structural strength, and incorporates design India, there is an ISLe for you. And it comes
features which are normally associated with packed with all the latest design features.
larger Cummins engines. An enhanced camshaft
The ISLe provides equipment manufacturers
and roller cam followers, a viscous damper and
with a cost effective engine that has a power to
high capacity lube system enable Cummins to
weight ratio that few can match. Backed by the
maintain high durability and reliability with a high
renowned reliability and durability of Cummins
power to weight ratio. Weighing in at just over
engines, it is the engine for every load!
700kg, the ISLe offers significant benefits for
payload critical and high bulk volume Ratings
operations. With unrivalled levels of torque for EMISSIONS POWER RANGE RATED SPEED PEAK TORQUE
an engine of this size, the ISLe provides the PS (KW) RPM NM (LB-FT)
flexible power solution for premium rigid trucks, EURO 2 350 (257) 2100 1550 (1143)
lightweight tractor units, heavy duty buses and EURO 3 280-350 (210-257) 2100 1550 (1143)
coaches and specialist vehicle applications.
EURO 4 280-400 (210-294) 2100 1700 (1260)
Strong accelerating ability also makes the ISLe
EURO 5 280-400 (210-294) 2100 1700 (1260)
an ideal choice for armoured fighting vehicles.

Lower maintenance costs are achievable, Specifications

thanks to a combination of long service intervals ISLe ISLe
and a simpler design. Minimal maintenance (TRUCK /COACH) (BUS)
intervention is required, valve set checks are POWER (PS) 400 340
way beyond industry standard intervals, while PEAK TORQUE (NM) 1700 1500
fuel injectors require no scheduled inspection. GOVERNED SPEED (RPM) 2100 2100
The auto-tensioning fan drive belt requires only
visual inspection.
As European emissions regulations are adopted OIL SYSTEM CAPACITY (LITRES) 27.6 27.6
around the world, ISLe engines have been
DRY WEIGHT (KG) 706 706
developed to offer the same product
enhancements, wherever they operate.



Emissions Technology



Features and Benefits I Wastegated Turbocharger – developed by

Cummins Turbo Technologies to provide
To achieve so much performance, the Cummins
excellent performance across the rpm range
ISLe comes equipped with leading edge
as well as improved response through higher
technology, giving key operational benefits.
low-end torque.
I Premium Engineering – cylinder block with
I Latest Engine Filtration – class leading oil
integrated fluid lines, high strength tensile
and fuel filtration systems developed by
steel forged crankshaft, high durability
Cummins Filtration for exceptional engine
pistons and special surface finish mid-stop
cylinder liners support the overhaul durability
goal of 850,000km. I High Power – available up to 340ps for bus

applications and 400ps for truck and coach
Electronic Integration and protection – industry
applications, giving it the highest power to
standard datalink accepts inputs from all
weight ratio in its class.
powertrain components including electronic
transmissions, ABS brakes and ASR anti-slip. I High Torque – with up to 1500Nm for bus
Creates a seamless flow of information applications and 1700Nm for truck and coach
shared along a high speed network. applications for excellent responsiveness.

I Electronic Protection – Sensors throughout I Emissions Technology – meets Euro 4 and

the engine continually send data back to the Euro 5 requirements using Selective Catalytic
ECM for self diagnosis and protection. Rapid Reduction (S.C.R.) exhaust aftertreatment
diagnostics and data downloading are technology developed by Cummins Emission
available, helping to ensure maximum Solutions. This integrated system provides
uptime for vehicles. significant reductions in fuel consumption

and extended service intervals.
Electronic Control Module (ECM) – has a
higher processing capacity than the previous I Global Design – the engines are available
model. It maintains an optimum balance in specifications that meet Euro 2, Euro 3,
between load demands, fuel-efficiency and Euro 4, Euro 5 and EEV emissions.
emissions control. It is designed to be isolated
I Global Support – backed by the widest
from detrimental thermal and vibration
loading for extreme reliability and durability. network in the industry, with over 5,000
service outlets worldwide. Contact your local
I High Pressure Common Rail system – works customer assistance centre for technical
at higher pressure and provides more precise support, details on cumminsengines.com
control of the combustion process. Capable
of generating up to 1600 bar injection
pressures for refined and rapid power delivery,
reduced noise, and improved cold start.
Cummins has always been a pioneer in product development. Cummins Ltd.
Thus specifications may change without notice. Yarm Road, Darlington
Illustrations may include optional equipment. Co. Durham

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