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University of Gujrat

New Campus, Hafiz Hayat, Gujrat

Course Title : Operations Research II

Course Code : MATH- 415
Instructor : Ms. Sidra Haroon
1) Hamdy A. Taha, Operations Research- An
Recommended Books : Introduction, Macmillan publishing Company Inc.,
New York 1987.
1) B.E Gillett, Introduction to operations Research, Tata
McGraw Hill publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi.
2) F.S Hillier & G.J.Liebraman, Operations Research
Reference Books:
CBS Publishers and Distributers, New Delhi, 1974.
3) C.M Harvey, Operations research, North Holland,
New Delhi, 1979.
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Course Objectives

 Understand the major capabilities and limitations of deterministic operations

research modeling as applied to problems Understand the reasons why the
applicable algorithms work, and the effects on the computed solutions of
variations in the data or in the assumptions underlying the models.
 Be able to communicate the results of the modeling process to users who are not
operations research specialists.

Course Contents

Shortest-Rout Algorithms for Cyclic Networks.Maximal-flow Problem.Matrix Definition

of LP Problem. Revised Simplex Method.Bounded Variables.Decomposition
Algorithm.Parametric Linear Programming.
Applications of Integer Programming. Cutting-Plane Algorithms. Branch-And-Bound
Method. Zero-one Implicit Enumerations. Elements of Dynamic Programming.
Problem of Dimensionality. Solution of Linear Programmesby Dynamic Programming.
Week-wise Breakup

Week Topics
1 Shortest-Rout Algorithms for Cyclic Networks
2 Maximal-flow Problem
3 Matrix Definition of LP Problem.
4 Revised Simplex Method
5 Bounded Variables
6 Decomposition Algorithm.Parametric Linear Programming.
7 Parametric Linear Programming
8 Mid term
9 Applications of Integer Programming
10 Cutting-Plane Algorithms
11 Branch-And-Bound Method.
12 Zero-one Implicit Enumerations
13 Elements of Dynamic Programming
14 Problem of Dimensionality
15 Solution of Linear Programmesby Dynamic Programming.
16 presentations