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ct S Message Fro aT sent: sysynon «535830 te ‘Sct, Jo peo @cpsedu) atson@ eps. Subject Englewood ‘Attachments: Englewood Coma Man Srategy Janice and John, please find attached! | thought sentitearer; however there is Mo enidence that left my home ‘computa, Subsequent am informed that there wil be CAC meeting Fridyi/6/17. tis the cae, seria that we accelerate: ‘Tae One on One mestngs with members ofthe CAC pir to Fido. ‘Mest with Key Stake Helder prior to Friday ‘Execute a plan to set the agenda forthe CAC mesting Friday Ensure that if theres adeision made bythe CACitis consistent wth: 2. Developing a Comprehensive School Improvement Pan fr Englewood: ». Caling fora New Hi School in Englewood because the Chinese have already spoke publically that thereisto bea new High Schoo built on the South Side shouldbe ult within their community (China Town). AS understand ithey are seking 2 meeting the Mayor. «Accordingly its time forthe stakeholders of Englewood to unite to ensure that anew High School to bulton the South Side its built in Englewood, Nothin shor of nity will workin Englewood Favor! Note: 1am prepare to spend the next 3 days assisting in organizing. Please call Obviously | drafted the attached prior to learning ofthe up coming mesting ofthe CAC 1+ Toassist core/key members ofthe CAC nthe preparation of daft set of resotion tobe considered during the Fiday CAC; ‘Assist in developing a media strategy to amply the delsons ofthe Friday CAC meeting ‘Assist in developing a community based process which results ina Englewood Comprehensive Plan for School Improvement: + Assist in negotiating wits the Chinese community wit respect other interests, From: Sat lobe nanan cpeada) sent: 1272/2016 3.0023 Pet te Frank Co (reac : ‘Ab gay oseph (lesen eps. Kenn Ei (isp Subject Fd: Englewood OC Statepc an ‘Aachments: Englewood CAC Seatepe Plan FINAL} doot ‘Good Morning Presfent Clark, after meeting with Dr Finney lastnight the goal fr englewood wil be toute the ‘community action eounel there as a base for community engagement and have a stategc launch utising ther groupe _25a frontline stakeholder in the community. Ao, the englewood ca has strategic plan that was writen in 2011, please view. Thanks sot Sot Ovrecto of oer Relations Intergoverenta fas & Carer Reltions Board of Eatin of the Gy of Cage Cte of te oar |1 North sarbom, Sute 350 773-553-1663 Office | A Celt al acts eds mentions coming togethers a beeinnine: Keeping oorthers Prose: Working together Soca. Henry Ford Forwarded message ——~ From: lackson, Janice skiacksont@cps.0d> ‘ate: Thy, Dec 2, 2016 38835 PM Subject: Fd: Englewood CAC Srategi ian To: Forrest Claypool (Ce: John Scott FYI, Goals ae on page 3-4 Janice K, Jackson, EAD Chie Education Officer Chicago Public Schools ***Please excuse typos. I'm yping onthe go.