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2/18/2018 Job Training Programs Available Statewide

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Job Training Programs

Available Statewide
By JAY HEDGES, Director
Illinois Department of Commerce and
Community Affairs

A variety of job training programs are available to meet the needs

of businesses and individuals in Illinois. These programs seek to
establish a balance between the demand for and supply of trained
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2/18/2018 Job Training Programs Available Statewide

workers in Illinois communities. One such program is the federally

funded Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Program. The program
is administered at the state level by the Illinois Department of
Commerce and Community Affairs.

The JTPA Program, created through federal legislation enacted in

1982, prepares eligible persons, including those who face severe
barriers to employment, to become productive members of the
labor force. Businesses, as well as individuals, benefit from JTPA
which provides for direct private sector involvement in the
development of locally administered programs.

Twenty-six Service Delivery Areas operate JTPA programs at the

local level in Illinois. A Private Industry Council oversees planning
for the operation of each local job training program. The council is
comprised of local business leaders who make up at least 51% of
its members. Whenever possible, half of these business members
are from small business. Representatives from education, labor,
rehabilitation agencies, not-for-profit social service organizations,
economic development agencies, and the public employment
service constitute the balance of the council. Appointments to the
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2/18/2018 Job Training Programs Available Statewide

Private Industry Council are made by the chief elected official(s)

from individuals that are nominated.

Each local JTPA Program is administered according to the Service

Delivery Area's job training plan. The plan specifies the type of
training to be provided to youth and adults based on labor needs of
area business and industry. The job training plan must receive
approval by the chief elected official(s) as well as the Private
Industry Council.

The Job Training Partnership Act Program is operated year-round

and provides a wide range of training activities to prepare income-
eligible persons for employment. The employment fields are as
diverse as law enforcement, nursing, security, clerical, data
processing, and construction trades. Training programs include, but
are not limited to, employer specific on-the-job training; academic
and vocational classroom training; remedial education and basic
skills training; and job search assistance.

The JTPA Program also focuses on the training and employment

needs of targeted population groups such as youth, older workers,
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2/18/2018 Job Training Programs Available Statewide

and individuals who have lost their jobs due to plant lay offs or
closings. For example, in addition to the ongoing JTPA Program,
there is a special summer program that addresses the employment
and training needs of youth. Funds are also targeted to provide
specialized training to older individuals through a JTPA older
workers program.

Another program component, the Dislocated Workers Program,

assists workers who have been, or have received notice they are
about to be, laid off due to a permanent closing of a plant or
facility. These are workers who are unlikely to be able to return to
their previous industry or occupation and have little prospect for
local employment or re-employment. Twenty-two dislocated
worker centers and programs have been established throughout
Illinois to provide comprehensive training programs.

The Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA) is

responsible for the overall implementation of Illinois' Job Training
Partnership Act Program. The department applies for and receives
federal JTPA funds on behalf of the state and then distributes funds
to local program operators. It also monitors programs to assure
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2/18/2018 Job Training Programs Available Statewide

compliance with provisions of the Act and to help ensure the

quality of job training programs administered statewide. In addition
to its oversight responsibility, DCCA regularly assists JTPA
program operators by providing ongoing guidance and technical

For more information on your locally administered Job Training

Partnership Act Program, contact the Department of Commerce and
Community Affairs' Division of Job Training Programs at 217/785-
6006; the department's Division of Marketing at 217/782-6861 or
312/917-6649; or the local Private Industry Council within your
Service Delivery Area. �

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