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Human Resource Manager,

Nescom, Islamabad

Subject: Rejoining Application as Assistant Manager (Electronics)

Respect Manager,

It is stated that I Mr. Ahmed your former employee is writing. It is to bring into your kind notice
that I had been working in Nescom as Assistant Manager Electronics (from ---- till -----). I had a
great exposure of working here. I sincerely regret my decision to resign and if I were to be
rehired, I can assure you that I can offer a long-term commitment to the Nescom.

It has come to my knowledge through newspaper that the post for the Assistant Manager
electronics (on which I was designated before resignation) has been reopened. I would like to
mention that my appointment in Nescom was on the basis of Nescom Scholarship. I was
awarded Nescom scholarship for securing 1st position in F.Sc from B.I.S.E Kohat. Nescom funded
my bachelor expenditure which I did from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and
Technology (GIKI). After graduation from GIKI, I joined Nescom.

Respected sir, previously I had to go on an urgent basis abroad (Germany) for higher education.
I got admission in master program in Microsystems engineering in Germany. Due to this reason
I had to resign from the Nescom to continue my higher education. My problem was genuine
and it could not be avoided. It will be an honor for me if you give me the chance to re-join
Nescom. I assure that I will work with the same momentum and would work hard to achieve
the organizational goals. Besides, I had been a part of Nescom and re-joining the organization
would be a source of pleasure.

If you look at my conduct and past experience, you will find my behavior and conduct towards
other employees to be modest and humble. My devotion towards the work was keen and I
worked with passion throughout my entire job span. Kindly, consider my previous performance
that I made during the employment. I assure you that now there would be no interceptions and
I will perform my duties with sincerity, devotion and more commitment.

Sir, you are kindly requested to offer me the designation which was previously entitled to me.I
hope that after reading this letter, I have persuaded you enough to allow me to rejoin the
Nescom. I will be very thankful to you for your kind consideration upon my case. I have also
attached my resume with this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Ahmed Contact: xxxxxxxxxxx