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ANUL ŞCOLAR 2010-2011

Profesor: Rusu Viorica

Disciplina: Limba engleză
Manual: Smart, Ministerul Educatiei si Cercetarii
Ore pe saptamana: 2
Şcoala: Şcoala cu Clasele I-VIII Nr. 1 Bicaz Chei

UNIT 1 Revision; My World – TIMP ALOCAT: 3 + 7 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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Revision 1.1 Listening Textbook 3 + 7 Oral, Written
My World Writing Blackboard evaluation
1.2 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 Home, Sweet Home Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Full Agenda 2.1 Integration of skills Individual work
L3 The More We Are Together Group work
L4 Round Up 2.2 Reading Pair work
Group work – discuss about your “world” –
Family 2.3 family, hobbies, favourite school subjects,
Degrees of comparison friends
Adjectives 3.1 Put the definitions in two columns – for
Tense Simple 4.2 Grammar exercise – put the adjectives in the
Cardinal Numbers (21-100) right order
School subjects; weather and Describe the rooms in a house and the furniture
seasons; sports; fairy tales Pair work - Answer the questions, check with
Children and their surrounding your partner and report to the class
world: leisure activities, rooms, Write about what you do on weekends – daily
furniture (rev), children about routines
themselves (sports, family and Agreeing and disagreeing exercises – SO DO I;
family relationships), jobs REALLY? I DON’T
Agreeing and disagreeing True or false exercise
Making/Accepting/Declining an Fill in exercise
invitation – WOULD YOU Game – That’s not true!
LIKE TO…./I’D LOVE TO/ I’M Reading
REALLY SORRY BUT… Make sentences
Present Tense Simple Grammar exercise – using The Present Tense
Present Tense Continuous Simple and Continuous
Ask questions
Pair work – invite your partner to a party/event
Word meaning checking
Reading – a poem: The Spider and the Fly
Act it out

Communication – discuss on the poem

Put the words in the right order to make up
Conversation – using the cards, say what the
characters usually do and what they are doing
Match the pictures with the prepositions in the
Game – SO DO I

UNIT 2 Readers Make Leaders – TIMP ALOCAT: 9 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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2.2 Listening Textbook 9 Oral, Written
Readers Make Leaders Writing Blackboard evaluation
4.1 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 A Book for Everybody Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Mysteries Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L3 Book Reviews Group work
L4 Round Up Read the poem, The Land of Story-Books, then Pair work
answer the questions
Culture and civilization – short Match the pictures with the titles and paragraphs
stories; the fantastic world; fairy Copy in your notebooks – types of literature
tale characters (rev) Listen then fill in with the correct missing words
Past Tense Simple (rev) – regular Identify the past forms of the verbs in the text
and irregular verbs – affirmative, Put the verbs in the brackets into the Past Tense
negative and interrogative form Use the clues to make sentences
Paste Tense Continuous Identify the odd element
Adverbials of time – LAST, Text reading
AGO Continue the dialogue using the clues
Adverbial of manner; sequence Grammar exercise – join the words to form
words sentences, using The Past Tense Continuous
Relative pronouns – WHO, Pair work – guess about what your partner was
WHICH, THAT doing at a certain moment yesterday
Giving directions/instructions, Write sentences about what your friends were
describing a series of events, doing the last time you saw them
telling a story Listen and answer to the questions
Put the verbs into the Past Tense Continuous or
Past Tense Simple/ Present Continuous or Present
Conversation – discuss with the class what you
were doing when something happened
Group work – discuss why people write, who
reads, what forms of writing
Fill in the grid – suggestions for purpose and
possible audience
Read and select the correct answer – using the
sequence words
Put the instructions in the logical order with the
sequence words
Discussion – book review
Fill in the blanks – using the relative pronouns
Join each pair of sente3nces – using the relative
Read the conversation. Continue the conversation
Group work – You have to convince your partners
to come to your favourite holiday places
Fill in exercise – literature characters
Conversation – discuss about a story, asking as
many questions as you can
Match the author with the title and the hero
Identify the subject of each fragment
Match the halves of the sentences
Game – write smth, fold the paper, then pass it,
and so on
Discussion – review some books
Draw a book cover

UNIT 3 Customs and Traditions – TIMP ALOCAT: 6 ore
Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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1.2 Listening Textbook 6 Oral, Written
Customs and Traditions Writing Blackboard evaluation
2.1 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 Season’s Greetings Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Holidays 2.2 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L3 The Union Jack Group work
L4 Round Up 3.1 Group work – Match the two sets of phrases Pair work
Write a Christmas card to a family member
Children about themselves – 4.1 Read the text and observe the ways of asking
nationality; the surrounding for help, offering help, and refusing help.
world – recreative activities; Look at the pictures, then say what the
Culture and civilization: short characters have done to prepare Christmas,
stories, customs and traditions; using The Present Perfect Simple
ordinal numbers (31-100; 1-30 - Pair work – say what the characters have done
revision); Past Tense Simple – or have not done ( using ALREADY and YET)
irregular verbs Read the text then fill in the chart with the
information required
Look at the statements then decide which is true
and which is false
Group work – ask and answer the questions
using the ordinal numerals
Fill in exercise – using the ordinal numerals
Discussion – Romanian and English traditions
Match the Romanian words with their correct
explanation in English
Pair work - using Present Perfect vs. Past Tense
Choose the correct form of the verb ( Past Tense
Simple or Present Perfect)
Read the text, then complete the sentences with
the right information
Group work – ask questions and answer them
using Present Perfect with EVER
Read the paragraphs and decide if the
statements are true or false
Complete the sentences using SINCE and FOR
Look at the images in the book and complete
with the suitable names
In pairs, ask questions and accept/refuse
Read the text and correct the words
Rephrasing exercise – with the Present Perfect
Ask questions using EVER
Put the verbs in the Present Perfect tense using
In pairs, ask questions using ALREADY and
Complete the sentences using SINCE and FOR
Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect
or in the Past tense
Find the mistakes in the sentences, explain why
they occurred and write the correct forms

UNIT 4 Green; Round Up (Look Back 1) – TIMP ALOCAT: 9 + 2 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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1.2 Think and name at least five things that are Textbook 9 + 2 Oral, Written
Green green; then discuss about environment and Blackboard evaluation
1.2 pollution Notebook Observation
L1 Too Much Waste Read the text then decide if the statements are Pictures Homework
L2 Animal Lovers 2.2 true or false Individual work Portfolio
L3 A Peaceful War Put the verbs in the brackets in the right form Group work
L4 Round Up 2.3 (using Present Perfect Continuous) Pair work
Match the two columns – what people have
Look Back 1 3.1 been doing and the effects of their actions
Debate – which are your favourite animals?
Children about the surrounding 4.2 Why?
world – environment, pollution; Fill in the grid – with animals and the reasons
animals and environmentalist people kil them
movement; Present Perfect In groups, decide if you are for or against the
Continuous; tag-questions; statements about the fur industry
Read the sentences with the right intonation –
tag questions
Complete the sentences using the right tag
Look at the pictures and describe what they
suggest to you

In pairs, decide which methods of protest are

inefficient, efficient or unacceptable
Discussion – express your own opinion
concerning the protests
Read the text and decide which sentences
describe a completed action in the past with a
result in the present and which refer to an
incomplete one
Make sentences using Present Perfect Simple
and Present Perfect Continuous
Animal Quiz
Read the sentences and correct the mistakes
Solve the crossword puzzle
Put the verbs in the brackets in the right tense
Put the pictures in the logical order, then tell the
Match the head sentences with the rest of the
Identify the flags
Match the names to form book titles

UNIT 5 Health –TIMP ALOCAT: 8 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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Health 1.2 Listening Textbook Oral, Written
Writing Blackboard 8 evaluation
L1 Well Get Soon! 2.2 Reading Notebook Observation
L2 Help! Speaking Pictures Homework
L3 Bad Habits 2.3 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L4 Round Up Group work
Discussion – try and guess the message of the Pair work
Children about themselves – image
health condition, parts of the Listen and repeat ( stress exercise)
body and clothes (revision); Choose the correct grammatical form
sports; Degrees of comparison – Discussion – the definition of health and the
irregular adjectives; adverbial of state of being well
manner Fill in exercise – using should or shouldn’t
Would better/should… Pair work – Practice the dialogue and take turn
Imperative in giving advice
Verbs with double object Pair work and role play (doctor and patient)
If clause (I) Group work – ask questions and give as many
Similes examples as you can
Word order Fill in exercise – using specific vocabulary
Giving/following instructions (illnesses and health)
Describing conditions, actions, Fill in exercise (using the adjectives in the
and consequences correct form)
Look at the images and imagine the dialogue
Discussion – imagine what happened at the
Put the words in the right order
Role play – make emergency calls
Dialogue – ask for help I different situations
Fill in the dialogue with the missing words
(parts of the body)
Pair work – patient and doctor
Fill in the blanks with the right number
Put the lines in the correct order to match the
Choose the correct sentence (Conditional type
Pair work – ask your colleague what would be
the consequences of certain actions
Find out which are the actions of your future
well-intended actions
Read the text and discuss (bad habits and family
Group work – discuss on different activities
Choose the activities that are part of your daily
Discussion – how you will feel if you get a poor
mark because you haven’t done your homework
Pair work – ask your partner to describe a
situation when he felt
Read the instructions of two different
medicines. Which one would you take?
Group work – look at the image and try to
imagine what happened
Write six sentences – what should you do to be
healthy and what you shouldn’t do

UNIT 6 Communication –TIMP ALOCAT: 8 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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2.1 Listening Textbook Oral, Written
Communication Writing Blackboard 8 evaluation
3.2 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 Say Something Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Sincerely Yours 4.1 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L3 Thank You for Calling Group work
L4 Round Up Read the messages, look at the pictures and Pair work
decide who says what, then compare your
Children and their surrounding answers with your deskmate
world – mail, phone calls Group work – choose one sentence and try to
(revision); Past Tense-revision; say it without speaking
Countable and uncountable In pairs, decide what means of communication
nouns could be used at various times in history. Then
Adjectives read the text and see if you were right
Quantifiers Discussion – imagine you are in the year 2096
Understanding and expressing and write three paragraphs about how
attitudes and emotions communication was developed over the past
Means of communications; 100 years
telephoning; letter writing Group work – imagine you were shipwrecked
formulas on a desert island and you managed to rescue
several things; decide which ones you don’t
need, which things you need to survive, which
equipment you need to send S.O.S. messages
Put the fragments together to form the letter
again then copy it in your notebook
Decide which statements are true and which are
Choose the right form of the verb ( with
uncountable nouns)
Fill in exercise (using quantifiers)
Match the two halves of the proverbs and try to
find their Romanian equivalents
Read the text and imagine what happened
(work in pairs)
Read the questions, then listen to the text and
answer them
Listen to the text again and decide if the
sentences are true or false
Look at the drawing and imagine the story
Read the text and put the words in the grid
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate
Continue the story and put the actions in the
right order
Role play- act the telephone conversation
Write words related to communication using the
Pronounce the words correctly, then copy them
in the notebook and mark the stresses syllable
Read the text and correct the mistakes
Read the secret message, then write a secret
message for your classmates
Correct the letter and write it again

UNIT 7 People and Places –TIMP ALOCAT: 7 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
specifice ore
1.1 Listening Textbook 7 Oral, Written
People and Places Writing Blackboard evaluation
1.2 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 I Never Forget a Place Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Personal Profiles 2.2 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L3 The Joys of Travel Group work
L4 Round Up 2.3 Look at the picture and in groups decide on Pair work
possible answers to the questions. Make a grid
3.2 and write your answers in it
Children about themselves – Answer the questions
nationality, moral and physical 4.2 Match the people in the pictures with the cities,
qualities; family – habits and then say what countries they represent
hobbies; means of transport; Fill in the blanks with the missing word
capitals; jobs; accommodation (nationalities)
Culture and civilization – short Make up more sentences about people or things
stories, customs and traditions; that are representative for other nationalities
adjectives expressing nationality; Look at the map of the world and say what
Compound adjectives; Past countries people come from
Tense Continuous – revision; Group the adjectives according to the colour of
adverbial of manner. the people’s clothes (in a grid)
WOULD LIKE TO Listen and clap your hands to mark the stressed
syllables in each word
Pair work – ask your partner if she/he has
visited the same countries. If he/she answers
“Yes”, ask when
Pair work – First try to find the right answer in
the box, then talk to your partner to find out if
you were right
Prepare a set of questions you want to ask Tom
Group work – put together all the information
you have about Tom Cruise.
Role play – a Student plays TC, the other ask
Read the personal profile, then say which
sentences are true and which are false. Correct
the false ones.
Transform the sentences using compound
Look at the person in the photograph, then use
your imagination to write a “personal profile”
of this person.
Play a game – on qualities
Write a personal profile for somebody you
know and admire
Correct the letter
Listen to the dialogue and follow the directions
on the map
Match directions with pictures
Look at the map, choose a place you want to
visit and ask your partner to tell you how to get
Group work – imagine you are in London and
plan your sightseeing tour yourselves
Pair work – Find the adjective in the text
referring to location, food, accommodation,
atmosphere and complete the chart
Read the text again, then read the statements
and decide if they are true, false, or if you don’t
Find the odd word
Pair work – think a place you both know. One
of you must write down the positive things, the
other will mention the negative ones
Complete the postcard
Write down a telephone conversation (you
suggest him/her a sightseeing tour)
Play a game – nationalites
Fill in the blanks (using adjectives)
Pair work - Look at the adverts and write a few
sentences about a place in your town/village in
the same way
Play a game – with actions

UNIT 8 Household Items –TIMP ALOCAT: 7 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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2.1 Listening Textbook Oral, Written
Household Items Writing Blackboard 7 evaluation
2.2 Reading Notebook Observation
L1 What Is It for? Speaking Pictures Homework
L2 Gardening 2.3 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
L3 Housekeeping Is so Easy Group work
Round Up 3.1 Pair work



UNIT Round Up and Evaluation (Look Back 2) – TIMP ALOCAT: 4 + 2 ore

Detalieri de conţinut Competenţe Activităţi de învăţare Resurse Nr. Evaluare
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Look Back 2 1.1 Listening Textbook 4 + 2 Oral, Written
Writing Blackboard evaluation
1.2 Reading Notebook Observation
Speaking Pictures Homework
2.1 Integration of skills Individual work Portfolio
Group work
2.2 Pair work