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7/8 ELA

Lesson Title: The Culture of Cliques

Date and Class: October 26th, 2017
Outcomes Addressed:
(Essential questions/lesson purpose) (The student will be able to…)
 What is a clique?
 What type of cliques are there within schools that you can think of?
1.2.3 Combine Ideas
2.1 Prior Knowledge
3.1.3 Contribute to Group Inquiry
5.2.2 Work in Groups
Materials Required:
 PowerPoint
 11 x 17 poster paper
 Clique information sheet
 Art supplies ie.) markers, pencil crayons
 Ela journals
Teaching and Learning Activities: (Time allotments noted)
(activating, acquiring, applying) (ICT considered) (variety of strategies/activities; active thinking; questioning)
Activate: (15 minutes) Using PowerPoint discuss as a class what a clique is. Have students activate their
prior knowledge and come up with some examples. Then have them explain what defines that particular
group of people. Using the Venn diagram have students describe different characteristics that make the
Socs and the Greasers unique - also ask what similarities they share.
Acquire: (30 minutes) Using what students have learned about cliques have them gather in their group
of four. By thinking, pairing and sharing students will work together to create their own clique. Be sure
to explain Steps to Creating your own Clique worksheet and the importance of answering all questions
(One worksheet per group) . Once students begin to collaborate walk around the room and discuss,
make sure they have a clear understanding and have brainstormed before starting their poster
Apply: (15 minutes) Once every group has finished students will be given the opportunity to present
their clique to the class. Before finishing the lesson have students reflect on the activity in their ELA
journals – ask “How do the people we associate ourselves with throughout our lives shape us into who
we are?”
Differentiation of Instruction:
(adaptations) (cultural diversity) (grouping)
 Intrapersonal – group discussion, problem solving, working in a group
 Visual / Spatial– students will follow the lesson on PowerPoint, will create posters using
pictures, shapes, and drawings
 Verbal & Linguistic: Students will be given the opportunity to answer questions orally and
discuss ideas within their group
 Prior to the lesson create groups of 4 – have students who are at a higher level work together
with those who struggle and have a hard time staying on task
Opportunity for Assessment:
(as, of, for learning) (exemplars/closure) (pre-assessment; variety; check for understanding; provides feedback)
As – Class discussion surrounding cliques, what are they, what are some examples
Of- Students will be put into groups and asked to work together to create their own clique – they must
fill in the ‘Steps to creating your own clique” worksheet before starting on their poster
For- Posters and presentations! Once everyone has completed their poster each group will present their
clique to the class. Students must include how their group worked together to create their clique as well
as share an explanation for each choice. Using a rubric mark the overall delivery of the presentation and
reflect back on how the group worked together – Did students make compromises? Were they creative?
Were all students opinions taken into consideration? Did each student take on an active role?

Cross-Curricular/Real World Connections:

 Thinking and reasoning
 Problem- solving techniques
 Working with others
 Health – social / emotional wellbeing