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Year : 3B Date : 22.2.

Subject : English Day : Thursday

Theme : World of Topic : Unit 5 Uniquely Me

Time : Duration : 60 minutes
Number of : Level of proficiency : Average

Lesson Summary

Content standard Learning standard

1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary 1.1.1 Able to listen and respond to stimulus
schooling, pupils willbe able to given with guidance:
pronounce words and speak confidently (f) voice sounds
with the correct stress, rhythm and (g) oral blending and segmenting
1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite
rhymes, tongue twisters and sing songs.

1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate
schooling, pupils will be able to understand understanding of oral texts by:
and respond to oral texts in a variety of b) answering simple Wh-Questions

Behavioural Objectives
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to :

Focus skill : Listening and Speaking

Integrated skills : Reading, Writing
Thinking skills : Recall, Apply
Teaching aids : Textbook, projector, laptop, interactive board
Moral values : Appreciate others, love yourself

Stages Teaching and learning procedures Remarks

Set induction 1. Teacher asks pupils to recite the jazz chant Teaching aid :-
(5 minutes) named Uniquely Me.
2. Teacher asks pupils to think of their own Educational Emphasis:
uniqueness and share it with other friends.
Bloom taxonomy:
3. After that, pupils are required to write their Remember. Pupils
uniqueness into the exercise book. remember the instruction
given by teacher.

Activity 1 1. Teachers explain to pupils that they are Teaching aids:

(15 minutes) special even they are physically challenged.
2. Teacher explains the meaning of physically Educational Emphasis:
3. Teacher asks pupils to share about the things Bloom taxonomy:
that they cannot do.
4. Teacher advises pupils to treat everyone well
especially those who are physically
5. Pupils are asked to share how they treat
people who are disabled by giving them some
Activity 2 1. Teacher carries out listening activity with Teaching aids:
(20 minutes) pupils. Workbook page 19
2. Pupils are asked to write the correct sequence
after listening to the sentences read by Educational Emphasis:
3. Teacher discusses the correct sequences with Bloom taxonomy:
the pupils.
4. After that, teacher teaches words with the
grapheme /oy/ such as ‘joy’, ‘soy’, ‘enjoy’ and
so on.
5. Pupils asked to read the short paragraph that
contains words with grapheme /oy/.

Activity 3 1. Teacher carries out another listening activity Teaching aids:

(15 minutes) with pupils.
2. Teacher reads the words randomly and pupils Educational Emphasis:
need to match the numbers with the correct
words. Bloom taxonomy:
3. Pupils are asked to write the answers in the
space provided.
4. Teacher discusses the correct answers with
Closure 1. Teacher recalls the lesson by asking pupils Bloom taxonomy:
(5 minutes) what they have learnt in the lesson. Recalling
2. Teacher instils moral values in the lesson
which are appreciating other people and love Moral values: