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Unit Rubric (See Learning Experience 8)

4 3 2 1
Exceeding Satisfactory Developing Not achieving

Participation Student was always Student engaged Student participated with Student was disruptive with
highly engaged with with most, to all, activities but required sporadic
activities. Minimal activities. Minimal constant supervision. engagement. Required
supervision required. supervision constant supervision.

Effort Student showed great Student showed Student showed some Student did not try to engage
enthusiasm and good enthusiasm enthusiasm, but effort with topics.
consistent effort for and effort for topic. was sporadic.

Group Work Student consistently Student Student participated in Student required constant
Skills contributed in group contributed in group collaborations but supervision to participate in
work, sharing ideas Group work. required encouragement groups. Had trouble sharing
and respecting others Mostly shared to contribute ideas and ideas and minimal
input. tasks and ideas. apply listening skills. contribution.
listening skills.

Making – Student made Student made Student made basic Student created visual art
Visual art considered decisions informed choices choices when creating pieces with little consideration
when creating art when creating visual art pieces. Visual to visual art design elements
pieces. Visual design visual art design elements and and principles.
elements and pieces. Visual principles explored at
principles explored in design elements low level.
depth. and principles
experimented with.

Responding Student showed in- Student showed Student showed minimal Student showed no interest in
– Visual Arts depth reflection in interest in visual interest in visual art visual art stimulus and did not
response to visual art art stimulus, with stimulus with little or no reflect.
stimulus. some reflection. reflection.

Making – Student understood Student Student understood Student created dance

Dance Arts and explored in depth understood and some concepts of the sequences with incidental
all elements of dance experimented with elements of dance and reference to elements of
when creating dance most elements of applied them in creating dance.
sequences. Clearly dance, applying dance sequences.
communicate ideas. them when
creating dance

Responding Student responded to Student made Student required Student did not enjoy
– Dance Arts dance stimulus with strong efforts at assistance to interpret responding to dance.
clear understanding of understanding artistic meaning of dance Interpretive abilities still
meaning and intent. artistic meaning of sequences. Showed developing, struggled with
Student showed great dance stimulus. some appreciation of artistic meaning of dance
enjoyment with dance Enjoyed dance dance stimulus. sequences. Did not enjoy.
stimulus. stimulus.

English Student successfully Student connected Student required Student required prompting to
made connections with with Literature and prompting to connect connect Literature with
Literature. shared personal Literature with personal personal experiences and had
Student succinctly reflections using a experiences. Limited trouble finding relevant
shared relevant variety of use of vocabulary and vocabulary to express
information using a vocabulary and social tools. Handwriting themselves, social
wide range of social tools, sometimes clear, conventions of turn taking and
vocabulary and social Handwriting mostly inconsistent sizing and listening required constant
tools. Handwriting clear, mostly joins. monitoring. Handwriting
clearly formed, consistent sizing, inconsistent, hard to interpret,
consistently sized and letters joined with little or ineffectual joins
joined correctly. correctly most