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G4— FALLING HEAD PERMEABILITY TEST Specimen height, Specimen diameter, Cross-sectional area, Sk ON Specimen volume, Mass of mould Mass of mould + wet specimen Specimen mass, M = Specimen bulk unit weight, y» = = Internal diameter of tube i Tube cross-sectional area,a sf RESULTS 2 Initial Final i ab ®) Testo, | {ime | reading, ty | reading, ip | = 23026 Ge losso ly, a mm mm mm/s 1 2 3 4 Average 32|Page Identify the type of soil that has been tested by comparing your permeability test results with the values of permeability, k in Table G4 in the laboratory manual. State the range of k values of the identified soil type. QUESTION A soil cylinder with a diameter and height of 75 mm and 150 mm, respectively, was placed in a falling head permeameter mould. The initial head in the 5 mm internal diameter standpipe was 1200 mm. Determine the volume of water collected (ml) in a 30 minutes variable head permeability test if the coefficient of permeability of the soil was 2.15 x 104 mm/s.