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The Safety Scoop

Internal Safety Newsletter by Fergal Kelly, Corporate Safety Manager

February 2018 edition

SAFETY DEPARTMENT HAPPY TO SEE Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in

THE END OF EXCEL work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of
Since 1 January 2018 all projects have been using the our contributions to safety management that
safety reporting platform - SAFER. Various sources have determines whether the people we work with live or
described the system as beneficial, particularly as there is die”
no longer a requirement for Excel. Allegedly the Safety Sir Brian Appleton after the incident in Piper Alpha, UK in which
Team in the Hague had a private celebration at an unknown 167 persons died further to an explosion on an oil rig
location somewhere in Holland to celebrate the demise of
December 2017 AWARD WINNER
The Corporate Safety Office released the following statement;
‘’Although this is a great initiative, two main requirements must be
in place to make it work, that feedback is received at all times as
to how the system can improve as certainly it is not perfect and is
a work in progress, plus the quality of the inputting will reflect the
quality of the outputs, SISO...’’

ANNUAL SAFETY The Winner of the Safety Scoop Dingbat challenge was Mr. Muthupandian
Rajendran from TIII in the Africa pictured above with the project team.
REPORT FINALLY Congratulations!! (He received a substantial cash sum……)


The Safety Department has expressed relief
that the annual safety report 2017 has COMMITTEE
finally been released for. For further MEETING
information please click on the link below. GAINING
Annual OH&S Report 2017
On 20 February, the
SAFETY TV ON THE WAY first Safety Committee
The Safety Department in conjunction with PR / Marketing has Meeting of 2018 took
come up with an initiative to further improve communication for place at head office.
HSS Matters.
A quarterly broadcast is currently being finalised and will be available for Insider information reveals that the meeting was generally positive
all of our staff globally – watch this space. with concrete actions taking place – although there were some
remarks that the urgency could be better!


Sources within the HSS Department One reportable incident has occurred since The Safety
have informed that a dedicated st
January 1 . The unfortunate occurrence took
campaign has been initiated globally
to improve supervisor awareness
place on our TIII project in Tanzania. recently requested
Thankfully the IP is fine and suffered no all readers of the
and competence.
serious injuries. The incident occurred during SCOOP to provide
Some of the actions include Supervisor the transportation and placing of pallets of some feedback to the editor on how we
involvement in training, review of the can improve the publication. The response
performance of supervisors. A glass.
was excellent with one person within the
spokesman from the department has The Safety Department released the following; organisation providing feedback.
stated that the results of the campaign
will be published in the Q1 2018 report. ‘’Similar to all incidents, this was preventable, we If there are additional comments and / or
need to continue focusing on the planning aspects individuals are interested in writing an article,
The Campaign requirements were of our works and ensure that our methodologies please send the content to;
issued to all Areas in early January, are applicable to the activities we undertake and s.department@baminternational.com
2018. subsequently, our workers and supervisors are
aware of the requirements’ SAFETY NUGGETS

A job Performer is a supervisor,

WHO IS WHERE – SOME OF OUR SAFETY TEAM formally appointed, responsible and
James Ackerman Moin, Costa Rica Kamda Sunggara Tanjung Jetty, Jakarta
empowered to manage safety aspects in
his work area
Hugo Monteiro Colon, Panama OTHER
MIDDLE EAST Fergal Kelly Hague / Dubai A Prestart Briefing must be completed
Jessica Rigley Area HSS Manager - Robbert Van Dam Hague on a daily basis and / or prior to any
Kevin Whiteman CT4, Dubai AFRICA new activity taking place. It is led by the
Pat Organ Saqr Port, UAE Joymon Stellas TIII, Tanzania supervisor who must have received
Mark Laverack Museum of the Future, Dubai Deepak Senapati Freetown,Sierra Leone training on how to complete the
Keith Finnegan Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi template.
February Challenge – THE BEST FEEDBACK
The winner of the January quiz was Didit
Prasetyadi, an engineer based in Indonesia. For the month of February we are completing a different kind of challenge. The HSS
Congratulations. Department requests all readers to submit the following so we can continue to
improve and take on board suggestions from our readers. The top entry will receive a
prize plus all submittals will be reviewed and where applicable, will be implemented.

Answers to the January quiz are all 1. What can be improved and what is working with the Safety
contained within the BMS and the
company Operational Controls 

Entry Details for Best Feedback

Challenge; 2. Where can we improve in terms of the Annual Report – is it
readable, applicable etc.?
Name -

Project / Office -

Position -
3. Any ideas / innovations that we could implement within the
Please forward entries to
prior to the 5th March, 2018

The invention of the first Hula Hoop Bill had an argument with the Safety Advisor at Inadvertently, Roy dooms the entire earth to annihilation when, in
was quickly followed by steel toe the Plant and reminded him he had being doing an attempt to be friendly he seizes their leader by the head and
capped boots the job for 5 years shakes vigorously - Be aware of the culture wherever you work!

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