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Total Machining Solutions for the
Wind Power Industry
Wind Power is a green technology that will potentially
change the World’s future energy requirements.
TaeguTec is working at the forefront of this industry
supporting wind turbine manufacturers to make a
greener future for us all.
How the Wind Turbine works


of wind

B A Rotor Hub
B Blades

C Main Shaft

D Gearbox
Green Metalworking Solutions for E Generator
the Wind Power Industry
TaeguTec contributes to the supply of green energy through
its vast experience and specialized technology that enables
wind turbine producers to efficiently and productively manufacture
machined components for wind turbines.
Providing optimized machining solutions and cutting tools to the
world’s leading turbine manufacturers, TaeguTec is involved
in producing the main parts of wind power generation and equipment.
TaeguTec delivers remarkable cutting tools and production solutions
that are utilized in the manufacture of Tower Flanges, Main Shafts,
Bearing Housings and Hubs as well as all the peripheral components.
TaeguTec provides total tooling solutions for heavy turning,
milling and drilling to improve productivity and cut the cost of
production with its machining specialists that will fulfil your

Main Parts
machining demands.

Hub Main Tower Gear Main Bearing Additional

Frame Flange Shaft Housing Components

Hub Main Frame
Mo mical
Highly Productive Milling Solutions Tailor Made Cutters Milling Solutions
Double sided Hexagonal Inserts with 12 cutting edges increase TaeguTec manufactures tailor made cutters that can
productivity with its fine pitch cutter that is designed to deliver deliver higher productivity and efficiency considering
high feed rates as well as economic benefits from having machine power & work piece shape
12 cutting edges.


High Feed Drilling Solutions Drilling Solutions

Double Productivity with Combination Drill



 Total Machining Solutions for the Wind Power Industry 

Tower Flange Gear
Heavy Turning Solutions Drilling Solutions Heavy Turning,
TaeguTec has developed suitable inserts with chip breakers Grooving,
and special coatings for each individual workpiece
cutting condition that can reduce cutting force and extend tool life
Gear Cutting, CNMM 19,25 HY SNMM 19,25 HY CNMM 19,25 HT SNMM 19,25 HT

and realize the stable working & cutting conditions. Drilling & Reaming Solutions
Double the holes,
Double the

CNMM 19,25 HY SNMM 19,25 HY

CNMM 19,25 HT SNMM 19,25 HT

 Total Machining Solutions for the Wind Power Industry 

Main Shaft Bearing Housing
Heavy Rough & Drilling Solutions Milling Solutions Boring Solutions
Finish Turning Solutions Double sided hexagonal inserts with
12 cutting edges increases productivity and
reduces cost with its fine pitch cutter design for ng for ing
i gh
that generates high feed rates as well as Fin Rou
economic cost benefits.


0 2 4 6 8 10
CNMM 19,25 HT CNMM 19,25 HY

0 2 4 6 8 10

RCMX 25,32

 Total Machining Solutions for the Wind Power Industry 

Wind Power
Components Image Source: Courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Moment Plate Pin Boss Cylinder Eye Coupling Plate Hydraulic Holder Blade Hydraulic Block

10 Total Machining Solutions for the Wind Power Industry 11

Total Machining Solutions for the Wind Power Industry

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