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Film Analysis on My Cousin Vinny

The story is about the trial of two college students accused of murder, Billy Gambini
and Stan Rothenstein, with Vincent LaGuardia Gambini (Vinny) as their defense attorney. The
film depicts the unconventional and often humorous but ingenious methods of Vinny in
proving the innocence of the two.

The courtroom scenes are the best ones in the film. In a way, it gave us law students
the view of what is to come after passing the bar. The film contains a close depiction of a real
courtroom trial - the strict judge, menacing opposing lawyer, unsatisfied clients and unreliable
witnesses. Argumentation skills are truly needed in our chosen profession and Vinny proved
that it is attainable regardless if the lawyer is a neophyte or experienced. One just need to
analyze things, in this case the facts, and their relation to one another whether it is logical or
not. Knowledge of the law is also important, however it will come secondary if what is at stake
is the client’s innocence will be based on circumstantial evidence.

I learned that in arguing, an analytical and resourceful mind can save the case. Vinny’s

argumentation and improvisation skills helped a lot in proving the innocence of Billy and Stan.
A lawyer must be a fast thinker especially when it comes to the facts of the case. He must not
be swayed of whatever is presented to him but must be able to dig deeper and look for the
subtext, hypertext or context of the evidence, facts or law and use it for the benefit of his case
or argument. In handling a case, a lawyer must be committed to the cause of his clients and
not be rattled by the hounding of the opposing attorney in and out of the court or the
harassment of the judge. His commitment to his client’s cause must be so concrete that under
any circumstances, be it an impossibility of getting a polished suit or wearing a ridiculous one,
you appear for your client and argue for them.

The message of the film is that hard work and analytical thinking beat experience.
Formalities of law is just a percentage of the case. The big portion of how a case will fare
depends a lot on the analytical thinking of the lawyer, which is his ability to refocus and stretch
the view of the judge or jury on the facts surrounding the case. Another is that in legal
profession, respect is earned by the way of a lawyer’s hard work. In this case, Vinny, though a

six-time bar exam taker and was frequently charged with contempt due to his unorthodox
tactics, was able to get the respect of the whole of the courtroom. Rightly, nothing is
impossible to achieve with hard work.