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India – Social Studies

Elbow Valley Elementary

Megan Axford
India Lesson Overview
Monday Tuesday/Wednesday Thursday
3D (1:00-2:00) 3D (1:00-2:00) 3D (10:45-11:45)
3G (2:00-3:00) 3G (1:00-2:00) 3G (1:00-2:00)
Week 1 Introduction to India – Geography of India Geography of India
(Feb 26- Where is India in relation
Mar 2) to Canada? Subject Matter: Subject matter:
Climate in India (Hot and Geographic areas of
Subject matter: Dry Season, Hot and Wet India (Himalayan
Introduction to India Season, Cool and Dry mountains, Thar
through pre-assessment as Season) Desert, Jungle,
well as locating where Plains, Rivers)
India is in the world Activity:
-Reading and Discussion Activity:
Activity: about 3 seasons and -Guided Reading
-KWL Chart Associated Drawings for -Mini Map
-Where in the World each season -Group Discussion
Worksheet -environmental issues in -Video:
India discussion http://goo.gl/osKwRC
-sticky note -sticky note
-conversation Assessment: Assessment:
-KWL chart (pre- -conversation -conversation
assessment) -drawings worksheet -mini map
-sticky note -sticky note
Outcome 3.1.3
Outcome 3.1.3
Outcome 3.1.3
Week 2 Geography of India Map of India Project Map of India
(Mar 5- Project
9) Subject matter: Geographic The students will create a
areas of India (Plains and map that shows the main The students will
Plateau) geographic regions discussed create a map that
in class (as they did for Peru shows the main
Activity: and the Ukraine) geographic regions
-recap of last class discussed in class (as
- info about the plains and Assessment: they did for Peru and
plateau in India -conversation the Ukraine)
-start map project -observation
-map project Assessment:
Assessment: -conversation
-conversation Assess 3.1.3 -observation
-mini map -map project
-sticky note
Assess 3.1.3
Outcome 3.1.3
Week 3 Goods and History/Religion/Important Traditions
(Mar 12- Services/Transportation People
16) Subject matter:
Subject matter: Subject matter: Clothing and Dance
The students will explore -How did India become the
the main industries and country it is today? Activity:
exports of India. How do -What religions are practiced -showing traditional
people get around in India? in India? What languages are Indian costumes
What does their daily life spoken? (grade 3 storage
look like? -Who are the leaders in room)
India? How do they make -trying Indian dances
Activity: decisions? Who was -making henna
-Group Discussion Gandhi? Who was Mother designs
-Video of Robotics Teresa? -sticky note
Industry with associated
worksheet. Activity:
http://safeshare.tv/x/lHn- -Read pg 6-17 in India Assessment:
Efi21Uw Subcontinent -observation
-Video -Fill in the Blank Worksheet -conversation
https://www.youtube.com/ -Reading (by the Teacher -sticky note
watch?v=zAWYHpgs3_o about these religions)
-Group Discussion and -Making a pie Chart to
Debrief about the various symbolize the four main
forms of Transportation in religions in India
India (brainstorm on the -sticky note
board) -Picture book Video on Outcome 3.1.1
-sticky note Gandhi (Link Below)
-Mini Bio on Mother Teresa
Assessment: (Link Below)
-conversation -Associated Gandhi and
-pros and cons list Mother Teresa Worksheets
-sticky note
Outcome 3.1.2/3.1.4 -conversation
-fill in the blank
-sticky note
-pie chart worksheet

Outcome 3.1.2

Week 4 Important Places Celebrations Food and

(Mar 19- Celebration of
23) Subject matter: What is Taj Subject matter: What kind of Diwali
Mahal? Why is it a celebrations occur in India?
UNESCO site? Subject matter: What
Activity: kind of celebrations
Activity: -students will learn briefly occur in India? What
-Direct Instruction about about many celebrations in kind of food is
Taj Mahal India, specifically Diwali special to Indian
-Taj Mahal art project -the teacher will read “The culture?
(watercolour) (Idea Below) Story of Diwali”
-sticky note -reflection on the story Activity:
-The students will
Assessment: Assessment: participate in their
-conversation -conversation own Diwali
-art project -reflection celebration.
-sticky note -sticky note
Assess 3.1.1
Outcome 3.1.1 -conversation
Outcome 3.1.1, 3.1.2 and -observation
3.2 concepts. -sticky note

Outcome 3.1.1
Week 5 Creating the Board Game Creating the Board Game Finishing Touches
(Mar 26- of the Board Game
30) The students will show The students will show their
their knowledge about knowledge about India and The students will
India and its culture, its culture, through creating a show their knowledge
through creating a board board game featuring about India and its
game featuring different different aspects of Indian culture, through
aspects of Indian culture. culture. creating a board game
featuring different
Assess all outcomes Assess all outcomes aspects of Indian

The students will get

half the time to play
the board game.

Assess all outcomes

Additional Activities still to be scheduled:

 Presentation by two students mothers
 Presentation by Michelle Douglas (Grade 3 teacher)
Unit Assessment Plan

Conversation – All Outcomes (Throughout the Unit)

o Conversation will be used as a form of assessment for this unit, as in Elementary,
teachers can have a lot of insight on conversation with the students about a particular
topic within Social Studies.
Anecdotal Notes – All Outcomes (Throughout the Unit)
o Anecdotal Notes will be used as a form of assessment as they allow specific evidence of
student learning behavior recorded at the time, or directly after the lesson. It allows for
specific feedback about a student’s growth.
Worksheets and Additional In-Class Activities – All Outcomes (Throughout the Unit)
o The worksheets and additional in-class activities will be used for assessment of student
learning through all outcomes, but specifically, 3.1.1. The teacher will gain insight on
student’s appreciation of a different culture through in-class learning opportunities.
Sticky Note – All Outcomes (Throughout the Unit)
o The students will fill out a sticky note exit slip at the end of every social class, writing
one of two things to remember in order to help them create the India Board Game Project
(see below). The teacher will also use the information from the sticky note to assess
student learning throughout the term.
Diwali Book Reflection – Outcome 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 (Week 4)
o The students will write a reflection after reading the book about the celebration of Diwali
compared to celebrations within Canada. The students will reflect on the celebration and
provide in-depths thoughts about their culture.
Map Project (like Peru and Ukraine) – Outcome 3.1.3 (Week 2)
o The map will allow students to use prior knowledge and skills from when they created
their Peru and Ukraine map, and use their Rubric to see which areas they could improve
for their India map. This assessment allows students to demonstrate their understanding
in a way that is already familiar to them about the geography of India. The teacher will
use the same Rubric from the Peru and Ukraine Map Project.
Board Game – All Outcomes (End of Unit)
o The students will create a board game to demonstrate their knowledges and
understanding of the life and culture of India. This will give students a chance to show
their learning through a fun and engaging final culminating task. The students will use
their sticky notes to help them create this final project.