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2/21/2018 SAP FICO Cutover Activities: SAP FICO Cutover Activities

SAP FICO Cutover Activities

SAP Implementation :

SAP Implementation can broadly classified into 5 Steps. These activates well ever of in SAP Environment.
Cutover Activities or Master Data Uploading Strategies Depending upon the when we are going live. As per
that, you have to give the information to your core team. If you goling live at the middle you have to upload
the all P&L Account items and B/S Items. If you going live at the financial year start, you have to only
Upload the B/S Items. Activities for Golive:

1) Project Preparation
2) Business Blueprint
3) Realization Phase
4) Final Preparation
5) Go Live.
Here I would like to discuss about Cutover Activities. Which is one of the critical activity under Final

Some time we ll have a pre-production client so, all cut over activities is going to handle into pre-

Cut Over Activities:

A) Pre – Go Live activities

1. Master data Load into Production system
1. G/L Master Upload
2. Vendor Master Upload
3. Customer Master Upload
4. Cost Element Upload
5. Assets Upload
6. Activity Types upload
7. Cost Center Upload
8. Profit Center Upload

B) Upload balance data into system

1. G/L Balances Thru F-02
2. Customer Balances through F-22
3. Customer Advances F-29
3. Vendor Balances through F-43
5.Vendor Advances through F-48

C) Uploading Activities in Controlling :

1.Execute the allocation cycles within cost center accounting
2. Update planned activity
3. Calculate Activity prices
4. Stock upload
1) Finished goods: The standard prices are first uploaded through MR21 or through an
ABAP program which also uses MR21. The stock quantities are uploaded using
movement type 561 through an ABAP program which calls transaction MB1C.
2) Raw Material, packing Material, stores and spare parts: The quantities and values are
uploaded at the same time using an ABAP program which calls transaction MB1C.
5. Execute product costing run / Mark and Release the cost estimate

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2/21/2018 SAP FICO Cutover Activities: SAP FICO Cutover Activities

The product costing run will be executed for all semi-finished and finished materials in
the system using transaction code CK40N. This should be run after all the BOM and
Master recipe are uploaded.
The product cost finalization takes a long time and should begin well in advance before
the go live date. Normally the product costing run has to be executed again and again (3-4
times) since data needs to be corrected and costs have to be compared with the existing
legacy cost.
After the stock is uploaded into the system, the standard cost estimate will be marked and
released into the material master using transaction code CK40N.

D) Upload of Asset Master Record :

. Asset Master and value upload
1. The upload of asset master and values through AS91
2 Transfer Asset balance into profit center
3 Remove the GL codes for asset from 3KEH table
4 Update the FI entry for asset through transaction OASV

E). Upload General Ledger account balances

a) To close the Accounts in normal accounting up to a period, take balances in SAP instead of
taking transactional data.

b) Create 5 Dummy Accounts

i) G/L Clearing Account

ii) Vendor clearing Account

iii) Customers clearing Account

iv) Asset clearing Account

v) Stock taking Account

(It can be under any Account group – we create under liabilities)

Once we upload all balances the above 5 accounts should be zero – If any values are there in the
account – the data take over is wrong.
We shall not enter day to day data in production client before taking the balances.

a) G/L Clearing A/C Dr 1200000

To Equity share capital 500000
To Vendor Clearing 100000
To Asset clearing 200000
To Sales 400000

b) Asset clearing A/C Dr 300000

Customer clearing A/C Dr 200000

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2/21/2018 SAP FICO Cutover Activities: SAP FICO Cutover Activities

Cash A/C Dr 250000

Stock taking A/C Dr 100000
Raw material consumption A/C Dr 350000
To G/L Clearing A/C 1200000

G/L Clearing balance = 0

c) Vendor clearing A/C Dr 100000

To party x – 1 20000
To party x – 2 70000
To party x – 3 30000

d) Party A/C – A – Bill No: 1 80000

Party A/C – A – Bill No: 2 180000
To Customer clearing A/C 200000

Now customer A/C becomes 0 (zero)

For Assets:

i) To make fixed assets – Plant & Machinery G/L Account and accumulated depreciation – Plant &
Machinery G/L Accounts as non reconciliation A/Cs and pass
40 Plant & Machinery A/C Dr 300000
50 Accumulated depreciation P&M 200000
50 Asset clearing 100000

ii) Go to ‘AS92’ and take over each sub asset wise gross block and accumulated depreciation – It will not
update G/L, since we removed assets reconciliation type in G/L Masters.

iii) To make fixed assets plant & machinery G/L Account and accumulated depreciation plant & machinery
G/L A/C as reconciliation A/C in customization.

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